The Good, The Bad, and The Zombies – A Vampire Diaries Recap of “Fool Me Once”

There must be something in the water in TV Land this week. On Tuesday’s episode of Lost, there was much talk of “zombies.” Actually, the Lost zombies were not exactly of the “eat brains” variety.  Rather, they fell more into the “spiritually empty” realm of zombie-ism.  But they were zombies, nonetheless.

“On second thought . . . eating brains would be a really good way to reduce my carb intake.”

The “zombies” in tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, however, were a bit more literal-minded. These entombed undead bloodsuckers certainly looked the part, with their vacant stares, cob-webbed attire, and skin falling-offy faces.

“Fool Me Once” was not exactly The Vampire Diaries’ prettiest episode, nor its strongest. There was a lot of bad and ugly here, and not all of it included Katherine’s decrepit, centuries-old, friends.  But there were definitely some highpoints to this, the last episode of the series, before it goes  on a month-long hiatus. So, without further adieu, let us separate the dead from the undead, shall we?

“Living” it Up in Motel Vampire

The episode begins with Elena waking up in a shabby motel room, to find vigilant Vampire Ben McKittrick holding her captive.  Or, at least, he would be vigilant, if he wasn’t fast asleep. A frightened Elena tiptoes toward the door. As you watch her, you just know Hot Bartender Vamp is going to jump out, give her a scare, and prevent her from leaving (the “fake escape,” is, after all, the oldest trick in the horror movie book).

When Ben does jump out for the obligatory scare, he tries to compel Elena to stay captive, by using that mind bendy thing they showed in the trailer. Of course, that ended up being a tease. Elena is still wearing her vervain necklace at the time, and, therefore, is immune to his “charms.”

Creepy Stalker Vamp Anna then jumps out and scolds Ben for his stupidity.  And, I have to say, given that they used such a hot actor to play Ben, I was a bit disappointed with the blandness of his two-episode character arc. (Stefan literally torched Hot Bartender Vamp at the end of this episode, so I’m pretty sure he’s gone for good.) Granted, The Vampire Diaries already has its share of sexy and brooding bad boys, but I think Ben had the potential to be more than Anna’s bumbling sidekick.

“I coulda been a contendah!”

Anyway, after suffering through what was officially the worst date ever, Bonnie is stuck slumming it in Motel De Vamp too. As it turns out, Vampire Anna has decided to use Elena and Bonnie as bait to get the Grinimore from Stefan.  (Is it just me, or is Elena used as “bait” in every single episode?)

With the help of Bonnie’s Witchy Grandma, Stefan finds the motel where Elena and Bonnie are being held captive, and rescues them by performing the heroic act of . . . wait for it . . . opening the window shades. Yeah, apparently, unlike Stefan, Damon, and Anna, D-list Vampire Ben not only cannot venture out doors during daylight, he cannot experience any sunlight whatsoever.

Back safe and sound at Witchy Grandma’s house, the Scooby Gang decides to help Damon to open the tomb, if only to get Creepy Stalker Vampire and her various D-list minions off their back. There is one problem with this.  After having been betrayed by the Scooby Gang in the last episode, Damon basically hates their guts . . . Elena offers to take one for the team, and reestablish with Damon the trust that has been broken between them.

“WOO HOO! YIPPEE! An Elena and Damon scene! I knew there was a reason I watched this show . . .”

It’s Just a Matter of Trust and Fashion Facilitation

One of the worst things about being single (for me anyway), is that there is no one there to help you unzip your dresses and secure the clasps on your bracelets and necklaces. Clearly, Elena Gilbert will never have this problem. In what was, of course, my favorite scene of the evening. Elena comes to Damon with her tail between her legs, ready to grovel.

Elena recognizes that Damon was more hurt by Elena’s betrayal at the cemetery last week than Stefan’s, due to the special connection these two have with one another. “You and I have something,” Elena explains, using as evidence the fact that Damon chose not to compel her when the two went down to Georgia together a couple of episodes ago.

“Who says, I didn’t,” challenges Damon, who gets some glee at seeing Elena flinch at his remark.

In a bold move to earn his respect and trust, Elena removes her vervain necklace, allowing Damon total control over her. Touched by the gesture, Damon moves toward her and takes the necklace. However, instead of tossing it away, he gently reattaches it to Elena’s neck. “I didn’t compel you in Atlanta, because we were having fun.  And I wanted it to be real.  I am trusting you.  Don’t make me regret it,” whispers Damon in Elena’s ear.

Wow . . . Please excuse me for a moment, while I wipe the drool off my keyboard . . .

The Lamest Party Ever

“Hey, what do you say we play a rollicking game of bingo when we get home?”

Remember shows like The O.C., where there was a party in every episode, and at every party there was at least one fight and one drug overdose? I do, and for that reason, I was massively disappointed by “Duke’s Cemetery Party.” After all, we had all the makings for a truly awesome party here.

For starters, it was at a cemetery filled with vampires.  Second, Tyler was there! And he likes to beat everyone up! Third, Jeremy was there! And he used to like to get wasted ALL THE TIME! Finally, new couple Matt and Caroline were there! Surely, I can count on them for some heavy petting and steamy necking.

What did I get instead? Tyler lecturing Jeremy about how he used to “be cool.” Jeremy moping around in the corner, mooning over Anna.  Sure, Vampire Ben ended up punching Jeremy’s lights out.  But it wasn’t nearly as much fun to watch as you would think.

And how about our hot new love couple: Matt and Caroline? Did they spend the episode heating up the screen with their newfound passion for one another? Not exactly. Instead, they made “Speeches” to each other and had in-depth philosophical conversations about how to make their relationship work. I  felt as though I had inadvertently changed channels away from my hot and sexy teen drama and, had instead found a talk show starring him . . .

This couple showed a lot of promise with their adorably sexy “car kiss” at the end of last weeks episode. However, the fact that they are already psychoanalyzing one another during the second week of their relationship, doesn’t bode well for them . . . AT ALL!

In Other, More Exciting, News . . .

Back at the tomb, Bonnie and her Grandma successfully complete the spell that will open the gates to Vampireland. Damon enters the tomb with Elena, who is accompanying him as, you guessed it, bait. You see, Damon fears that, without Elena, the witches will burn the tomb down with him still inside it. And we soon find out, that’s exactly what Granny plans to do.

When Vampire Anna rushes in after Damon to retrieve her Mommy, Grandma explains to Bonnie that the spell they cast will allow anyone to enter the tomb, but only humans, like Elena, to exit. While Damon is searching for Katherine, Anna finds her now Crypt Keeper-esque Mommy and tries to feed Elena to her. Elena screams out, causing Stefan to run to her rescue.

Now that a vampire they actually like is stuck in the tomb, Bonnie and Grandma are forced to open it for real. When they do, Anna and her mother rush out, as do Stefan and Elena. Unfortunately, an increasingly frantic Damon is still inside searching for Katherine.  Stefan returns to the tomb and drags a reluctant Damon out seconds before it closes.

Anna confesses to a heartbroken Damon that she always knew Katherine wasn’t in that tomb. Apparently, Anna had run into Katherine a few years back, and the latter seemed to have no intention of finding Damon again.  In a surprisingly sweet scene, Stefan returns home with Damon to comfort him over his heartbreak.

The Vampire Diaries = Ageist?

Back at La Casa de Bonnie, Grandma isn’t looking so hot. It seems that this evening of staying up late and casting spells has taken its toll on her.  When Bonnie leaves the room to get her grandmother tea, she returns to find her dead.

This really dusts my doilies! After all, Grandma was the only sensible non-vampire adult in the whole show (unless you count Jenna and Alaric, which I don’t). Not only was she smart, but she was tough as nails. After all, she beat the crap out of Damon using only her mind!Am I supposed to believe that a hardcore witch like this would meet her demise as a result of merely muttering a few words in Latin? Come on The Vampire Diaries, don’t you realize that old people can be fun? Haven’t you ever seen The Golden Girls?

. . or that awesome Snickers Superbowl commercial starring Betty White?

But I digress.  After a few heart-wrenching moments of mourning dear old Grandma, we return to the infamous tomb, which turns out to be not-so-much closed, as a zombie-esque decrepit dude finds out when he merely pushes lightly on the door . . .

Personally, I would have liked to see all the zombies emerge and do The Thriller dance here, because that would have been awesome.  But no such luck . . .

Well, there you have it folks . . . See you on March 25th!


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4 responses to “The Good, The Bad, and The Zombies – A Vampire Diaries Recap of “Fool Me Once”

  1. imaginarymen

    Ummm..I’m pretty sure it’s not back until March 25th which (pun intended) KILLS ME bc I love this show so much I want to marry it and have it’s little Vampire Diary TV Babies.

    I totally loved this ep and I’m sure it wasn’t *entirely* due just to the lack of Aunt Jenna. It was because, 1. Damon was awesome and 2. It had me yelling “WTF?!?!” and “Noooooo” a lot, oh and crying. Yup, I’m the sucker feeling bad for poor, pining Damon and dead Grandma.

    “D-list Vampire Ben” Hee! Now I’m sad he’s gone bc I want to call him that! So that twist about Katherine I did not see coming at ALL. Nor did I fully grasp how quickly I would ‘ship a Damon/Elena pairing until that sexy ass necklace scene. Wow. I like Stefan just fine (they balance his dudley do-righting quite nicely with his torching vamps and bludgeoning them to death in cafeterias), but the D/E chemistry is kinda crazy hot.

    I can’t wait to see where this will go with a Spurned/Bitter/Pining/Sad Damon and Elena with her hugs and “we have a connection” and non-vervain wearing encounters with the Bad Salvatore brother.

    Do you think Jeremy lied about “not remembering anything”? And that Tyler guy – I *totally* forgot he even existed! Ha!

    Another great recap. I needed to blow off some VDLove after that episode and the horror of knowing I have to wait over a month to see it again. The entire season is sucking up DVR space bc I refuse to delete any eps!

  2. Yep, I totally screwed up on VD’s comeback date. Wishful thinking on my part, I guess . . . 🙂

    I too was pretty excited about the “Katherine is ‘alive and well'” plot twist. You know what this means, don’t you? The obligatory episode where Katherine returns to town in secret, poses as Elena, and then proceeds to seduce BOTH Damon and Stefan (hot, hot, hot!) and kill teens, is on its way. It’s going to be AWESOME!

    I have to admit that I am a complete Damon and Elena shipper. If you haven’t noticed, I am a total sucker for unrequited love, love/hate chemistry, and brooding bad boys a.k.a D-bags capable of being tamed by the right woman. Stefan’s and Elena’s relationship is just a bit too functional for my own screwed up psyche. (This, among other things, is probably why I am still single).

    I giggled during that scene where Jeremy did the BING search for “vampires” for two reasons: (1) it reminded me of that strange BING commercial where the girl and her vampire boyfriend search for local restaurants; and (2) it reminded me of the part in Twilight (book and movie) where Bella does the same internet search (except she probably used Google).

    It’s possible that Jeremy became wise to something amiss in Mystic Falls from reading his relative’s diary. Then, it was confirmed when he saw Creepy Stalker Vampire Anna’s MAJORLY dark circles, wrinkles, and eye bags, when they were making out during this episode.

    If you do happen to go through VD withdrawal this month, there is always L.J. Smith’s book series of the same name. Aside from the character names and a few minor plot points, the books are almost completely different from the show (which means you won’t have to worry too much about spoilers). However, they are fast reads and overall an enjoyable guilty pleasure.

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  4. imaginarymen

    “If you haven’t noticed, I am a total sucker for unrequited love, love/hate chemistry, and brooding bad boys a.k.a D-bags capable of being tamed by the right woman. ”

    Heh. You are my people ;-> (also do you watch “Friday Night Lights”? Bc if not, have I got a boy for you!)

    I also TOTALLY thought of Bella/Twilight and the search engine with Jeremy! What if Damon’s “mindf*ck” to make him forget Vicky wears off?? Also? Jeremy is super cute. I’m just sayin’.

    You can totally see Elena is seeing Damon in this new light – I think Stefan may be seeing that she’s changing her opinion on him – bc of the way he watched when she gave Damon that hug. I hear whatsherface and Somerhalder are dating in real life. Which may account for the major chemistry. It worked for Josh and Katie so why not!

    I bought the first VD book awhile back but I work in a library and bring books home ALL the time then don’t read ANYTHING bc I’m frickin’ on-line all the time – but it is on my reading shelf!

    I suppose to fill the giant gaping hole that is life without Vampire Diaries for 6 weeks I could just watch the 14 eps on the DVR. Or search YouTube for more “Shirtless Salvatore Brothers” clips and Damon/Elena shipper vids.

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