Create Your Dream Cast: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


One of my favorite reads of 2009 was Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games.  The novel follows Katniss Everdeen, a strong willed 16-year old girl, who is forced to take part in a nationally televised fight-to-the-death survival competition against 23 other teenagers in the post-apocalyptic fictional nation of Panem.  From page 1, The Hunger Games is the quintessential page turner.  It transports you into another world and keeps you there, long after you’ve completed the book.

Collins does not discriminate, and there is something here for all ages, sexes, and book preferences: a bunch of knock-down drag-out, surprisingly gory, fights for the action buffs, a romantic triangle for the lovers, political intrigue for the Tom Clancy and David Baldacci inclined, a futuristic otherworld for the fantasy and sci fi geeks, adolescent angst for the teens, dry humor for the comedy lovers, and tons of thinly veiled pop culture references and digs at reality television for entertainment addicts.

The Hunger Games is actually the first novel of a trilogy series.  Its also-excellent sequel, Catching Fire, is already a bestseller.  The third book of the series, Mockingjay is due out August 24, 2010.  However, the novel is already available for pre-order on Amazon.  (Only $8.50 for a hardcover!  Way cheap!)

When I learned that Lionsgate Entertainment had purchased the film rights to The Hunger Games, and the Suzanne Collins, herself, was hired to write the script, I was excited and highly intrigued.  This book has surefire blockbuster written all over it!  The news got me to thinking about who they were going to cast for the major roles in this film — and, more importantly, who I would cast if I were making this film . . .

So, without further adieu, here are my casting pics for Lionsgate Entertainment’s adaptation of The Hunger Games:

Katniss Everdeen

My pick: Ellen Page

Why?  Although technically a bit older than Katniss (aren’t they all?), Page has the physical look of the character, as well as Katniss’ tough exterior and inner vulnerability.  She also brings to the table a recognizable name that will inevitably bring big box office bucks to the film.  Page definitely has the acting chops for this complex and meaty role.  Plus, if the X Men films, Whip It, and the ultra-dark indie film Hard Candy are any indication, she also possesses the strength and deft to pull off some fairly hardcore stunts, which may be necessary, given the action aspects of this novel.

Peeta Mellark

My pick: Sterling Knight

Why?  Like Page, Knight definitely looks the part here.  As the attractive and inherently likeable boy-next-door type, who may or may not be completely trust worthy, the actor who plays Peeta must appear both sweet and a tad sly.  I think Knight has what it takes to be both.  Best known for his role as Chad Dylan Cooper in Disney Channel’s tween sitcom Sonny with a Chance, Knight has already shown himself capable of playing the male lead in a love/hate type relationship.  I think he and Ellen Page would play off one another well, with respect to the romance aspects of this tale.  

As far as action scenes, I’m not sure whether Knight has what it takes, as I’ve never seen him act in any particularly physical roles.   Then again, Peeta always struck me as kind of a wimp (sorry girls).  So, athleticism may not be entirely necessary here . . .

Gale Hawthorne

My pick: Taylor Lautner


Why?  This one may be a bit of a stretch, seeing as Lautner is such a big name in Hollywood now, and Gale’s role in The Hunger Games is a relatively small one.  (Gale plays a much bigger part in The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, however).  And yet, I can’t help but think Lautner was made for this role!  Dark complextion, killer abs, physical prowess, the ability to brood and pine over unrequited love, all the while being all-manly / hunting stuff . . . who could ask for a better Gale than Lautner?  Plus, we all know how much Taylor loves his love triangles . . .

Haymitch Abernathy

My pick: James Gandolfini

Why?  Yeah, I know, this is also a bit of wishful thinking on my part . . .  But I LOVE my Gandolfini!  Plus, I think he would be awesome as this gruff and hard-drinking, yet wise and loyal, former Games winner and mentor to Katniss and Peeta.  And, it’s my cast, dammit!  So, I’ll hire who I want!

Effie Trinket

My pick: Kristin Chenoweth

Why?  Chenoweth has the sophisticated look, chirpy ebullience, and high-pitched (at-times grating) speaking voice to pull off District 12’s well-meaning, but slightly haughty, PR representative, Effie Trinket.  I’ll cast her in this role on one condition . . .  she MUST sing at least once during the film!


My pick: Adam Lambert

Why?  Lambert has the guy-liner, fashion sense, natural flamboyance, and addiction to hair dye necessary to pull off Katniss’ personal stylist for the Games.  Granted, I’m not really sure Lambert has any acting experience (unless you count those daytime talk show interviews).  However, Cinna never struck me as a particularly complex role.  So, I think Adam could pull it off.  Plus, those American Idol fans would go wild!

Primrose Everdeen

My pick? Elle Fanning (Dakota’s little sister)

Why?  Honestly, I don’t have much to say here.  The role calls for a fair-haired and cherubic pre-teen to play Katniss’ little sister.  I am pretty sure there is actually a law in Hollywood that states that whenever a role like this is created, a Fanning must be cast in it.  So, here we are . . .

Mrs. Everdeen

My pick: Toni Collette

Why?  The role calls for someone who is believable as the slightly unstable and depressive herbalist mother of both dark-haired tomboy, Katniss, and girly blonde, Primrose.  I think Collette fits in quite nicely here . . .

Well, there you have it.  Now, it’s your turn.  Hop on to that casting couch (no pun intended), and pick your favorites.  Who knows?  Lionsgate Entertainment just might be listening . . .


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55 responses to “Create Your Dream Cast: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

  1. Amazon Annie

    Wow…great blog. I read Hunger Games, and as a “much older” adult, I agree wholeheartedly with your feelings about the book. I never expected to enjoy a book that was aimed at teens. However, it was truly a page turner. I’m excited to hear they are turning it into a movie. Where do you find these things out? Your cast was really right on! And although, as you say, “It’s your cast, dammit!”, is one that we can only dream about. I doubt whether actors of their popularity and clout would do this movie. And if they did, I think the money they get these days would make the movie too expensive to make. But we can dream can’t we. My only problem is now that you picked the cast….every one in the real cast will probably be second choice to me. I vote for YOU to be casting director. Thanks for an great blog.

    • Thanks for stopping in Amazon Annie! I truly appreciate your always kind words.

      You know, given the success of The Hunger Games series, and the box office bounty created by both the Harry Potter and Twilight series, I’m figuring that Lionsgate very well MIGHT shell out the big bucks for a high caliber cast here. I think it would certainly pay off in the end, particularly if this ended up being a three-film series.

      And, hey, they got Tom Hanks to play Robert Langdon in the Dan Brown book-to-movie adaptations, and Matt Damon to play Jason Bourne. Both actors are Oscar winners with super high salary requirements. So, who knows? 🙂

  2. EJ

    Great cast! Ellen Page is a good actress, considering she really did a good job in Juno (love that movie!). I am hoping that whoever they pick for the role won’t disappoint the audience. After reading the book, can’t help but have very high expectations of the movie.

    The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite

    • Thanks for visiting my blog, EJ! Is that your fansite, that you linked to below your post? It’s very impressive, not to mention, super informative! I’m lucky if I could load pictures on here, without screwing things up. 🙂

      I’m definitely going to bookmark your site, so that I can stay up to date on all my Hunger Games info. I too hope the upcoming film lives up to my high expectations.

      I really enjoyed reading your other casting choices for Katniss Everdeen. Have you given any thought to who you’d like to see in some of the other roles?

  3. mary

    omg this is very random but i totally imagined taylor lautner as Gale when i was reading the book!

    • Hi Mary!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I guess great minds think alike :). Taylor Lautner’s physical characteristics match the ones attributed to Gale in the novel to a T. He is around the right age too. Who knows? Maybe we will be right!

  4. karissa

    hey can i be rue i will be the perfect thing for he i am her age 12 so i want play the part of her

    • Hi Karissa,

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I’m sure you would make a great Rue! If I had any control over the ACTUAL casting for the movie, you would definitely be my first choice! Perhaps you should send your headshot over to Lionsgate Films. You never know! Good luck!

  5. esta mt fixe pessoal. adoro o sterling knight.
    eu amo-o. ele é tao giro.!!! 😀 🙂 :p 😦 😥
    amote sterling knight!!! :-* keria beijarte!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Melissa! I agree. Sterling Knight is a really talented actor! I thought he did an excellent job in the Disney film Starstruck. I also really like him as Chad Dylan Cooper on Sonny with a Chance. His chemistry with Demi Lovato is amazing. I really hope they cast him in this movie, as I think he would be perfect for the role of Peeta.

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  7. Amaster

    I think the people who you would cast are great for the part!! Who knows, they might read this!!? It’d be a great movie.
    P.S. My school Library are doing the Book Awards at the moment and I’m doing it. I have read 3 of the others. I really like one called Dot.Robot and I want that to win….but now I’m not sure!! I’ve just got to Part 2 and it’s really good!!! I can’t wait to find out what happens next and I think it will be some really good competition for Dot.Robot!!!! XD Great site/blog by the way.

    • Hi Amaster! Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog! I really appreciate it.

      I’ve loved The Hunger Games series so far. (Both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire were excellent, in my opinion. Although, I thought The Hunger Games was just a smidge better than Catching Fire.) I can’t wait for the third installment of the series, Mockingjay, to appear in bookstores! Of course, I’m also very eager to find out who Lionsgate ends up casting for the film. I’m hoping they take my advice . . . 🙂

      I think it’s really great that your school is doing a Book Awards, and that you get to be in charge! So much power! Very cool. I’ve actually never read the Dot.Robot series. However, I did some research on it just now, and it looks great! I’ll definitely check it out!

      Thanks again for stopping by, and good luck with your contest!

  8. SuperManSarah

    Wow! First off, I didn’t even know they were making a movie OR when the next book was coming out so I love you for those two little titbits 😛

    Second of all, I think I read to quickly to properly picture books in my head but reading this now I have to agree – I agree with your entire list! 😀 (Not to mention I have a soft spot for Sterling Knight 😉 ha ha.)

    Thank you for your insights on both points. And I’m now off the reread The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and I’m going to take the time to imagine your entire cast! (Though I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I just replace Ellen Page with myself… though only in my head of course. :P)

    • Hi SuperMan Sarah! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m so glad you liked my “casting pics!” I am also thrilled that I could provide you with information about Mockingjay!

      Rereading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire is a great idea! I may actually do the same thing this summer. This way, I will have all my facts down, come August, when Mockingjay is released.

      I’m really excited for the third installment. We finally get to see District 13! We finally get to find out who Katniss chooses! I’ll be sad when the series ends (Maybe Ms. Collins will write a spinoff of some sort . . . here’s hoping). However, I am just dying to know how it all ends!

      And I would be more than happy to “cast” you in the role of Katniss, for purposes of this blog, at least. 🙂 If you scroll down on the comments, you can see, that I already “cast” a reader in the role of Rue. A few more roles, and we can stage our own production! 😉

      I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more updates regarding the upcoming Hunger Games movie. And I’ll try to post them as I find them. Thanks again, for your kind words!

  9. emily

    omg i love your cast choices. It seems like you have really put some thought and effort in. I love your choice for Peeta, Prim and Mrs Everdeen, although i thought that maybe josh hurtcherton should play gale. do you know him? he is pretty unknown.
    also i was thinking more of a lucy hale to play Katniss. She was on priviliged and is also unknown, and in my opinion she looks a bit younger than ellen.
    but they’re just my opinions. one again, great work and lets just hope the movies are as good as the book

    • Hi Emily! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind words.

      You’re right, I think Lucy Hale would be a great choice for Katniss! She definitely shares Katniss’ physical characteristics and looks about the right age. I loved her in the show, Privileged! (They really canceled that one WAY too quickly in my opinion. Great show!) Plus, given her recent casting in the series “Pretty Little Liars” it seems like Ms. Hale is poised to become a real star in the next couple of years . . .

      Sure, many of the roles in which Lucy has starred so far have been a good deal less “edgy” than the Katniss character. (So far, her parts have tended more toward the “sweet and girly” side.) However, based on what I have seen of her acting skills, I have no doubt she would be able to pull a role like this off.

      I’m actually not too familiar with Josh Hutcherson’s work. However, I looked him up on IMDB, and he definitely seems to have the physical characteristics and an age-appropriate look for Gale. In some ways, both your casting pics in these roles are more likely to be used than mine, based purely on the stars’ respective availability and cost (Lautner and Page are SUPER expensive to hire, I’m sure! :))

      Thanks again for your insightful comments. Like you, I am very excited for this movie, and hope it lives up to the high bar set by The Hunger Games book!

  10. emily

    oops i ment josh hutcherson, my bad

    • No worries, I got ya! 😉 You can check out my full response to your comment below. Thanks again for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it.

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  12. j~me

    I’m liking Victoria Justice for Katniss… She has more olive undertones to her skin.

    • Hey Jamie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      Victoria Justice – great pick! You are absolutely right! She definitely matches the physical description of Katniss that Collins provides in the book. Plus, her recent starring turn in the TV Series, Victorious, has shown she has both the acting chops to carry a film, and the “star power” necessary to bring big box office bucks.

      It will be really interesting to see who Lionsgate actually ends up casting. Thank you again for your awesome input!

  13. safarilover123

    VICTORIA JUSTICE could be okay, but I really just want unknown people.

    Tristan Wilds: Thresh
    Courtney Yates: Mrs. Everdeen

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Safarilover123!

      I can definitely see the appeal in casting unknowns for a film like this. After all, most of the Harry Potter cast was also “unknown” when the franchise began, and look how well that turned out. The challenge would be whether the Hunger Games series, in and of itself, is popular enough (like the Potter series definitely was) to get millions of people to go see the movie, even if they don’t recognize any of the faces in it. It certainly seems popular enough, but who knows?

      Interesting casting choices, safarilover! I think Tristan Wilds is a great actor. He just seems so . . . nice. The Thresh character was so huge, intimidating, and mean looking . . . but ended up having a good heart. What would you think about Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side) in the role?

      Courtney Yates – that’s the girl from Survivor right? They’d probably have to age her features a bit, to make her believable as the mother of a 17-year old. But that could work . . .

  14. Morgan Olizarevitch

    NO!!! Someone unknown should play everybody!!! I know it will be a lot of work but still!!! It will make the movie SSSSOOOOOOO much better!!!!!!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Morgan! You are definitely not alone in thinking that The Hunger Games should be cast with all unknown actors. (See safarilover123’s comment above).

      And there is definitely something to be said for giving new young actors a chance to shine and to build their careers. Actors like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Taylor Lautner, all really started their careers as unknowns cast in movies based on popular young adult books.

      There is definitely a good chance that the producers at Lionsgate will end up going this route. For one thing, it will make the movie much cheaper to produce. (Casting unknowns = paying out lower salaries to the actors).

      But still, having been such a big fan of the series, it was a lot of fun for me to try and come up with a list of actors and actresses I admired, who I thought would do justice to these characters that I loved so much. I guess we will have to wait and see, won’t we? 🙂

  15. safarilover123

    I could totally see the guy from the Blindside in that role!! I didn’t even think about that but now that you mentioned it that sounds awesome!!

    Yeah, Courtney was on two seasons of survivor, she looked a little older in the last one but they would still have to make her look older.

  16. rachel

    i dont want taylor but other than that i love it. maybe another choice for katniss…..

    • Hi Rachel!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words! Have you checked out Entertainment Weekly’s casting suggestions for the trilogy?

      I liked some of their choices for Katniss, particularly Alexandra Daddario (who starred in the “Percy Jackson” film). She’s quite a bit older than the character, in real life. However, I think she has the right look, and a very young face.

      There are casting suggestions for Peeta, Gale, Effie, and Haymitch in the article as well. I’m eager to see what everybody thinks:

      P.S. I heard Gary Ross is in talks to direct the film. Here is a brief bio on him:

      Thanks again for your comment! I can’t wait to see who they actually end up casting in all these roles!

  17. Sabrina

    Hey, I was just thinking about your cast choices, and I think they are all perfect!! Except for one thing.. I think that Taylor would be too muscular for Gale. And Peeta (Sterling) would look like a total whimp next to him. Haha. I think Sterling Knight would be a great choice for Peeta, and Taylor for Gale, but if one has to go, I think it should be Taylor. Oh and also, Haymitch wasn’t a chubby (no offense). I always pictured Hugh Laurie or someone along those lines haha. :-]

    • Hey Sabrina! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m so glad you like most of my casting choices!

      I’ve seen Hugh Laurie suggested for the part of Haymitch before, and think he would be an excellent choice! I’ve also seen Robert Downey Jr. suggested for that role. And, while I think he might be a bit too attractive to be believable as Haymitch, I think he would also do the role justice.

      I can’t wait to see if any of our casting picks end up being correct! 🙂

  18. Cherie

    Love your cast and would make only one addition… Abigail Breslin as Rue. She has the sweet, cherubic face and delicate frame, as well as the ability to undercut this with a little edge and an adventurous streak, as seen in Zombieland as the bad ass Little Rock. Remember how in the book Rue reminded Katniss of Prim, but later realised that Rue had a survival instinct and willingness to fight that Prim, who hated hunting, would never have? Thanks so much for introducing me to the books!

    Would love to share my in-depth thoughts about the trilogy with you! So much to chew over, discuss and analyse. Email if you would like to indulge in some book geekery!

    • Oooh! I am so glad you enjoyed the trilogy, Cherie! The Hunger Games remains my favorite of the three novels, but I loved the other two as well. (I had some issues with the Mockingjay ending, however, which I will definitely share with you via e-mail.) Suzanne Collins is just so insanely talented, I can’t stand it. 🙂

      Ooh, I think Abigail Breslin would make a fantastic Rue! Good choice! I heart her! She has just the right mixture of spunk and sweetness for the role.

      While we are on the topic though, here’s a question for you, regarding Rue and Thresh. Now I read Hunger Games about a year ago, so my memory might be a bit foggy. But I seem to recall something about the character descriptions of Rue and Thresh that would lead me to think they might be African American. I don’t remember the exact passage that suggested this, but, whatever it was, it had me picturing Rue and Thresh as black, in my head. You’ve read the first book more recently than I have. So, I wonder if you recall reading anything like that?

      Ooh . . . I can’t wait to discuss the rest of the novels with you . . . and to see who you would cast as Finnick, from the later books. Maybe we could somehow rope Ian Somerhalder or Paul Wesley into playing that role. Both are age appropriate. Paul looks a bit closer to the image I had in my head while reading. However, Finnick’s personality was definitely more Damon-esque than Stefan-y, particularly in Book 2. 😉

  19. Renee

    I agree with everything EXCEPT Katniss. In the book, Katniss makes it obvious that she and Gale look VERY similar and could pass for siblings. I agree with Taylor Lautner, but Katniss needs to be more …ethnic, I guess? Well, maybe not necessarily. But certainly darker and with sharper features like Lautner. Ellen Page doesn’t look like she can pass for Lautner’s sister IMO.

    And Rue must be black. I’m not particular with race or anything as long as they match the general character descriptions, but Rue is pretty much described as an African-American. I’d be really really annoyed if they just white-wash this entire film!

    • Hi Renee! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

      You bring up a good point about Katniss and Gale both being tan skinned in appearance. Someone who commented here suggested Victoria Justice for the role of Katniss. I think she definitely has the look you are describing, though I’ve never really seen her in a serious role.

      In terms of acting, I definitely think Nina Dobrev could pull off a role like this. (I ADORE HER!) She also has the right coloring for the role, although she may be a bit too tall and beautiful for it. (Katniss’s tomboyish beauty always struck me as more understated).

      And I agree with you about Rue (and Thresh for that matter). I definitely got the impression, based on their descriptions in the novel, that both were African American. Since Panem seemed to encompass all of North America, it would be a shame if casting for the film didn’t reflect that same diversity.

      Thank you again for giving me some food for thought. I can’t wait to see who they actually end up casting!

  20. Hunger Games #1 Fan

    i really want to be prim…like REALLY bad:) haha but shes my favorite character and i feel like we’re kinda alike

    • Hi Hunger Games #1 Fan! (I love your screenname, by the way.) Prim was such a great character in the first Hunger Games. She was definitely one of my favorites. So, if you are anything like her, you must be a pretty cool girl. 🙂

      I haven’t heard anything about casting calls for the film yet. But when they do come up, you should definitely try out for Prim. There’s a good chance they will be casting a newcomer in that role. And it certainly can’t hurt, right? 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Good luck with the audition. 😉

  21. Vamp92

    Omg I really hope they get Adam lambert to play Cinna! He did musical theater before he was on idol so he does have some acting abillity! He even said on twitter after reading the books that he would play the character!

    • Hey Vamp92! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the awesome intel! I had no clue that Adam Lambert had acting ambitions! Now I’m even more convinced that he’d be perfect for this role!

      It looks like they have finally completed the script for Hunger Games, and begun casting for the film. So, I suspect all of our casting questions will be answered really soon . . . I can’t wait!

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  23. Primrose

    I was just wondering how you felt about Harrison Ford playing Haymitch. That “sweetheart” phrase Haymitch uses was a Han Solo specialty in the Star Wars Saga. I think he’s got a nice mean streak and he just seems like the Hunger Games type–Indiana Jones?

    Also, I think an unknown should be used for Katniss, and maybe even for Gale. Too much star power is like Valentine’s Day–overwhelming and expensive. There are great choices.

    Question–how much of a singing voice should Katniss have? (I’m wondering because I want to audition–singing is one of my strong points.) The book suggested that Katniss had a bit of talent with music, therefore shouldn’t she have some degree of singing prowress? And finally, yes, Rue should be played by an African-American. I think all of the names in the book are generic to the point where anyone could pull them off. Agree/disagree?

    • Hi Primrose! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Wow, Harrison Ford! I never considered him for the role before. But, now that you mention it, I think he would make an excellent Haymitch!

      In some of his more recent films, particularly the romantic comedy “Morning Glory,” Ford has shown himself capable of pulling off a guy with a gruff exterior and mushy interior, who exhibits keen intelligence, and a sharp and biting wit. 🙂 He also physically has the right “look” for the part.

      You bring up a really good point about Katniss’ singing voice. After all, it was the beauty and innocence of that voice that first caused Peeta to fall head-over-heels in love with Katniss in the first place. While I don’t think, singing would necessarily be a must for the role (They could always have the actress lip synch.), it would certainly help make the portrayal more authentic.

      Ideally, Katniss’ voice would be simple, soft, and elegant, as opposed to loud, over-dramatic, or over produced. Katniss would have no formal voice training. So, she would not sound like a famous recording artist, but rather, like a girl who’s voice is naturally beautiful, and almost bird-like in tenor.

      I also agree with you that having TOO many BIG NAME actors and actresses in a film can distract from the main story. However, having one or two wouldn’t be so bad, would it? 😉

      I think it’s awesome that you are auditioning for the role of Katniss! Best of luck to you! I’m sure you will do an excellent job, as you seem to have a really in-depth handle on the character and the story . . . Courage and intelligence are fairly essential to the role of Katniss. And you obviously have both in spades! 🙂

  24. i think thats just me that jodelle ferland should play katniss just me

    • Hi tadpoleeee! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Jodelle was excellent as Bree Tanner in Eclipse. Plus, she definitely has the right look for Katniss. I too think she would make a great choice. Good thinking! 🙂

  25. brooke

    im sorry but i completely disagree with sterling knight, hes just pop disney fictional celebrity who does not posess the amount of talant and skill to play peeta. and personally i didnt imagine peeta as him. i would really be upest if he was casted because then the movie would be garenteed crap. i could see ellen page though, however, shes not tall enough or long enough hair. i didnt really picture her as katniss when i was reading it. i COMPLETELY agree with who you chose from prim, but i am 112 percent against taylor laughtner. hes hot and he does sort of fit the role of gale but if he was gale then this would be the next twilight. i loved twilight (books) but now whenever you hear about it all you think is a group of 12 year old girls wearing team jacob tshirts and giggling everytime they hear the world sparkle or vampire. sorry.

    and i think that alec baldwin should play haymitch! i totally pictured him.

    • Hi Brooke! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’ve noticed my choices for Peeta and Gale have been pretty controversial to a lot of folks who have read this post, so you are definitely not alone there. I can also see how casting Taylor in Hunger Games might have the unintended effect of distracting viewers, as most people who have seen the Twilight series will have trouble seeing him as anyone but Jacob. And yet, the characters of Gale and Jacob DO share a lot of similarities, both in physical appearance, and character traits.

      Regardless of who they cast, if the script is a good one (which I suspect it will be, considering that Suzanne Collins herself is writing it), I can’t imagine this film EVER being complete crap. 🙂 That’s just my opinion, of course. Granted, I can’t imagine Hunger Games the movie will be as good as the book. (The film versions of these types of books almost never are.) And yet, even if the movie is only 75% as good as the book, that will still make it a pretty amazing film. 🙂

      I love your idea of Alec Baldwin as Haymitch. Haymitch is such a meaty role, and it would be great to see an A-list star take it on! (Others on this board, have suggested Robert Downey Jr., who I would like in the role as well. Though they’d definitely have to ugly his pretty face up a bit. ;))

  26. jen

    Actually, Adam has had acting experience. He was in the National Tour and Los Angeles casts of the musical Wicked, as an ensemble member and understudy for one of the leads.

    • Thanks so much for the scoop, Jen! I had no clue Adam Lambert had acting on his resume! Now I’m even more convinced that he would be the perfect Cinna! 🙂

  27. Annie

    I really like your choices 🙂 I also suggest Victoria Justice for Katniss since she can be serious and isn’t a gigundo star 🙂 Plus, she’s the right age and has the right looks. 🙂

    • Hi Annie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I agree with you that Victoria Justice could have made an excellent Katniss. She definitely looks the way Katniss is described in the book (thin, petite, dark eyed with long dark hair, olive complected, and is Age Appropriate). She can even SING like Katniss! 🙂 Speaking of Nickelodeon stars, I also think Miranda Cosgrove would be appropriate to play the female lead in this film, for many of the same reasons Victoria Justice would be a good fit.

      I’m curious to hear what you think of the stars that were ultimately cast as Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Gale (Liam Hemsworth) in this upcoming film. You can check out there pictures and bios, by linking through the IMDB page here:

      Admittedly, my initial reaction was to be kind of skeptical of the choices. None of the actors really “look” how I pictured these characters in the story. However, Suzanne Collins personally OK’d all of them herself, so I am trying to keep an open mind. 🙂

  28. Annie

    *nod nod* Yeah. I think they’ll do OK…I’m waiting to see who they cast as the other characters though! 😀

  29. When I read the Hunger Games, I read it straight through the night, from 1AM til 5AM. Couldn’t stop reading even though I had to pee badly. After I finished it, I was dying for the sequel. DYING!!!! When I found out the ARC would be available in the spring, I bribed everyone I could think of to get me one. And yes, I got it. The day I got it, I couldn’t look at it until 1AM again. This time, I promised myself, I would only look at the first chapter and then put it down. Riiiiight. It was 4:30AM when I finished reading and immediately began plotting to find out when the next book ARC would be available.

    I thought the first one was fantastic. In the back of my mind I felt that the sequel just couldn’t be as good. How could it? Boy was I wrong! It was even better! My heart was racing the whole time I was reading it and I simply couldn’t put it down. I believe Ms. Collins is the MASTER of the pageturner. Every chapter ends with almost a cliffhanger feeling. It compels you to keep reading. It physically traps you into the book so that you just can’t put it down. If you can’t read this book in one sitting, then I urge you not to even look at it until you can. Like the first one, you will not be able to put it down. The house could have been on fire and I doubt I would have noticed.

    Since we got to know Peeta and Katniss so well from the first one, what the sequel does is invest us even more deeply into their emotional well being. I won’t give any other spoilers than what has already been said. So the book starts with Katniss as the face of the rebellion because of her act of defiance in the first book. As rebellion grows, the President sets up his revenge – and when I found out what it was, I literally sat up in bed and shouted “Oh NO! I can’t believe they are doing this to them!!!” Yes I was talking to my book. That’s how deeply this book sucks you into this amazing and disturbing dystopian world. It makes you want to grab up a weapon and join the rebellion.

    One thing I have to say, I was deeply satisfied with the ending of this book. The first book ended in such a way that I was bothered by it and itchy for the next book. With the end of Catching Fire, I felt it was absolutely right and thrilled with the conclusion. But I’m still DYING for the third and final book of this amazing book series.

    • Excellent post, Echo. I share your enthusiasm for the Hunger Games Series. (And boy, are you a fast reader! Four hours! Wow) By the way, what were your thoughts on the way Mockingjay ended, since I assume you’ve read it by now?

  30. Olive

    for katniss i would cast sarah hyland, she matches the exact physical descrition (black hair, olive skin, okay almost grey eyes, full lips, big eyes, and short).
    for peeta i’d pick alex pettyfer. yes he’s way too hot to play what i imagine peeta as, but if he kept his shirt on then it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.
    gale- (id die if taylor lautner got the role of gale!) it should be someone like avan jogia or something if he got a haircut and developed a little more muscle (not to be mean, just to match the physical description)
    haymitch- your choice is ten million times better than woody harrelson.
    effie- im happy with elizabeth banks but kristen wouldve been my second choice (minus the accent)
    cinna- ill pass on adam. it says he’s really not that flamboyant in the book. i love who they cast for them though. lenny kravitz was unexpected but totally perfect

    • Hey Olive! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. It’s fun to revist this post, now that all the actual roles have already been cast, just to see how our choices compare to the casting directors.

      I adore your suggestion of Sarah Hyland. You are absolutely right. She definitely has the right look for the role. Plus, I think she could play Katniss’ unique mixture of fierceness and vulnerability well.

      Like you, I too was really impressed with the casting of Lenny Kravitz. As you said, it was completely unexpected. And yet, there is something so right about the choice. Lenny Kravitz is just such a cool guy, in general, just like I always envisioned Cinna to be. I hope he contributes a song to the soundtrack.

      I have really high hopes for this movie, as I suspect many of us do. I hope we aren’t disappointed. 🙂

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