Grey’s Anatomy News Flash!: The Gasman Leaveth (seriously)

It seems like it was only three episodes ago, that we were meeting sexy Dr. Ben, a.k.a. the Gas Man, for the first time, and rooting for him to dethaw the icy walls of Miranda Bailey’s heart . . . Oh, wait . . . it WAS three episodes ago!  So you could imagine my surprise, when I opened up my Entertainment Weekly (online, of course), and came across this little gem . . .

“Oh HELL NO!!!”

Apparently, that bitchy resident from last week’s flashback episode isn’t the only one who has it in for our feisty heroine . . .

“I’ll get you my pretty, and your little (VERY little) love life too!”

. . . Shondra Rhimes is getting in on the act too.  Seemingly, just minutes after Bailey and Ben became an official item, Rhimes kidnapped Dr. Ben (who is played by Jason George) and whisked him off to star in yet another one of her pilots.  The name of the drama pilot responsible for the “Gas Man Snatching” is Off the Map.  And I bet you can’t guess what it’s about?

  . . . wait for it . . .


Yes, Rhimes has seemingly murdered Bailey’s last chance to get laid, all for a show about medics who practice at a clinic on a tropical island.  A medical drama?  About doctors who practice a laid-back form of medicine in a relaxed climate?  What a novel idea!

Oh . . . nevermind.

Sorry Bailey, it looks like your man has just been Addisoned . . .

“What the heck are you so smiley about?”

To boycott on Bailey’s behalf, I urge you all refuse to watch Private Practice.  Wait . . . we already do that . . .


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6 responses to “Grey’s Anatomy News Flash!: The Gasman Leaveth (seriously)

  1. Amazon Annie

    Oh How CRUEL! Bailey is my favorite character on Grey’s. Her life is her work, obviously to the detriment of her marriage and the son she loves. But give the woman a break. Everyone needs a little lovin’ sometimes. I liked the Gasman and Bailey from minute one and was looking forward to a NEW interesting REAL romance for a change. It would be so interesting to see Bailey in a romantic situation. Shandra really dropped the ball on this one….and if she thinks I’m following “the Gasman” to another program after he broke Bailey’s (and my) heart…she’s got another thing coming to her! Thanks for the info KJewls…as upsetting as it is. I have one loud long word for Shondra Rhimes. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Here, here, Amazon Annie! You said it! Who do you think they are going to try to pair Bailey with now? The next most likely candidate would be the Chief . . . but I don’t think I’m quite on board with that. Bailey needs someone who can loosen her up a bit, and the Chief is just not that guy (at least not when he’s sober).

      Maybe Bailey can sleep with Karev? Everyone else on the show has . . .

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