Suck on This! : True Blood Season 3 – The New Cast

As you may have noticed by now, I am a card-carrying member of the Vampire Lovers Club.  Yes, I’ll admit it.  I go batty for bloodsuckers!  I am famished for fangs!  I go nuts for neck bites!  I . . . well . . . you get the idea .  . .

That being said, it probably isn’t much of a surprise to you that I absolutely adore both HBO’s fangtastic drama True Blood, and the books on which the series is based, Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries.  With CW’s Vampire Diaries on hiatus until March 25th, the next Southern Vampire Mysteries book, Dead in the Family, not due out until May, and True Blood‘s Season 3 not set to air until this summer, I have been experiencing a bit of “blood loss” of late — some “undead withdrawal” if you will . . .

(I know . . . that was cheap of me.  I apologize for the shameless self-promotion.  I promise it won’t happen again . . . for the rest of this blog entry.)

To appease my bloodlust, I had initially planned on doing a blog entry on the unbelievably sexy men of True Blood (which I may still do, eventually).  However, while I was combing the net for pics of said sexy men, I came upon some intriguing information about the insane number of new cast members that will be appearing on True Blood during its third season!  If the show follows its current pattern of covering one book per season, Season 3 of True Blood should be loosely based on Book 3 from the Southern Vampire Mysteries Series:  Club Dead (one of my personal favorites). 

While I instantly recognized some of the below-listed new characters as ones who appeared in Club Dead, others did not make an appearance until much later in the book series.  To further complicate matters, there are still other names on this list that I don’t recognize at all!  Just in case you haven’t had a chance to read the books, I will keep this type of information to myself, for now.  I certainly don’t want to get ravaged by the Spoiler Nazis.  Unless, of course, they look like this:

Ravage away, Jason Stackhouse. Ravage away!

So, without further adieu, here are just some of the new characters that have been added to the True Blood roster for its upcoming Season 3, and the actors who have signed on to play them . . .

1) Alcide Herveaux (played by Joe Mangiello)

Who’s he?  A werewolf who teams up with Sookie to help her search for Vampire Bill, who, if you recall, was kidnapped in last season’s cliffhanger ending. 

2) Debbie Van Pelt (played by Brit Morgan)

Who’s she?  Alcide’s angry and kind-of-crazy ex-girlfriend.  Something tells me that her and Sookie aren’t going to be the best of pals . . .

3) Jesus (played by Kevin Alejandro)

Who’s he?  Lafayette’s spicy Latin love interest and the caretaker for his ailing mother

4) Lafayette’s Mommy (played by Alfre Woodard)

Who’s she?  Self explanatory . . .

5) Franklin Mott (played by James Frain)

Who’s he?  A rich and powerful vampire who will serve as a love interest / sugar daddy to a bereft Tara, who is still mourning the death of her Season 2 love interest, Eggs (apparently,  she’s not mourning all THAT much . . .)

6) Crystal Norris (played by Lindsey Pulshiper)

Who’s she?  A girl from the wrong side of the tracks who will serve as the next conquest for the gorgeous, but slutty and not too bright, Jason Stackhouse — recently deprogrammed from the religious cult he fell in with during Season 2.

7) Coot (played by Grant Bowler)

Who’s he?  Resident bad ass and leader of a pack of hardcore werewolf bikers.

8) The former (VERY former) Mrs. Bill Compton (played by Shannon Lucio)

Who’s she?  Self explanatory . . .

9) Russel Edgington (played by Denis O’Hare)

 Who’s he? The big gay Vampire King of Mississippi.

10) Talbot (played by Theo Alexander)

Who’s he?  Boyfriend of the big gay Vampire King of Mississippi

11) Tommy Merlotte (played by Marshall Allman)

Who’s he?  Little brother to Sam Merlotte

12) Mommy Merlotte (played by J. Smith Cameron)

Who’s she?  Self explanatory . . .

Oh my!  It looks like I’m going to be needing a scorecard to keep all of these new names straight.  Hey, at least by the time the summer comes, I will already have all of the headshots I need to write my True Blood recaps . . .

See ya then, fellow bloodsuckers . . .


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7 responses to “Suck on This! : True Blood Season 3 – The New Cast

  1. imaginarymen

    More Merlottes?!


    More opportunities for Shirtless Slutty Jason?!

    I’m still swooning over the “erotic connection” Bill and Sam are going to have.

    Hooo boy, Vampire Porn come back to us soon!

    (love that “OC” Chick is Mrs. Compton!)

    • You were an O.C. fan too? We DO share a pop culture brain! Yep, before she was Mrs. Vampire Bill, Shannon Lucio was Lindsay Gardner, Ryan’s oboe-playing, over-achieving girlfriend / adoptive aunt (bizarre storyline) during the O.C.’s not-so-fabulous second season . . .

      I totally forgot about Sam sucking face (I mean blood) with Bill last season! Between Lafayette and his beau, Russel Edgington and HIS beau, Vampire Pam (now a season regular) proving herself to be a bisexual, AND Sam’s and Bill’s “erotic connection,” True Blood is going to be one very gay show . . .

  2. imaginarymen

    “True Blood is going to be one very gay show . . .”

    God bless gay showrunners I say.

    I was a S1 “OC” fan and stopped watching at whatever ep that Ryan/Marisa/Seth/Summer got locked in the dept. store bc I remember when I liked that plot better when it was on the Creek. And it involved Joey and Pacey and sexy shaving and sleeping bag cuddling ;-0

    I did see part of the last season on SoapNet last year and it seemed like it had gotten better. I’ll always love me some Seth/Sandy Cohen moments though. And Chrismukka. And Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle.

    I forgot Pam is going to be regular! Can’t WAIT for that! Her bitching about hating Arlene’s kids last season was one of the finest moments of the show IMO.

    Speaking of – did you know Ben Linus and Arlene are married in RL?? If I may pimp myself:

  3. Amazon Annie

    I am a fan of the Sookie books and a fan of True Blood. I will admit that the Maenad, which in the novel took all of 3 pages was a bit too much last season. I am glad we don’t have to face a town of strangelooking naked people having ugly strangelook sex anymore. Thanks for the preview of the new cast members. Damn they look hot. Everywhere you turn there’s a hot vampire to look at. Just that is enough to keep me tuning in. Keep up the good detective work… I love getting the inside scoop!

    • My pleasure Amazon Annie. I like looking at hot people too! One of the best things about keeping a blog, is all of the sexy male images it allows you to amass on your computer for repeated viewing. (This must be how guys feel about internet porn . . .)

      For example, you may notice that the super sexy above picture of shirtless Jason Stackhouse in handcuffs has appeared in my blog three times now, despite the fact that I have only written a “True Blood” blog entry, where he is specifically relevant, exactly once 🙂

      Happy viewing! I’ll try my best to keep the sexiness coming!

  4. Amazon Annie

    It’s nice to know that there is always a place for sexy guys on tv. Ugly Betty is dropped so Grant Bowler who was a hot embezzler becomes a werewolf biker. Kevin Alejandro moves from being Betty’s sister’s badboy beau to Lafayette’s badboy beau. James Frain makes a big switch from Thomas Cromwell in the Tudors to a Vampire in True Blood. If you look hard enough you can find your favorite hotties on other series when your favorites get cancelled.

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