7 (Healthy) Ways to Cope While AMC’s Mad Men is on Hiatus

By now, it is no secret that I am a television fanatic – one who harbors an almost unhealthy level of attachment to my favorite shows and characters.  Inevitably, each year, there comes a time when a show on my viewing roster will go on hiatus.  (In the case of cable shows – a LONG hiatus!) 

 I will be the first to admit, that I do not always accept these “breaks” from my shows like the mature adult I am supposed to be.  Back in November, after Mad Men aired its Season 3 finale episode, the fantastic “Shut the Door, Have a Seat,” I took the parting particularly badly . . .

“That’s not water he is sitting in . . . those are my tears!”

In fact, I would say, I cycled through ALL FIVE of Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ stages of grief, in a span of just a few months:

Denial: “It is Sunday night, 10pm.  Mad Men MUST be on!  If I put on AMC, and watch this crappy old movie, I am certain that the movie will magically convert into a new Mad Men episode!”

Anger: “It is 12:00 p.m!  I watched that entire crappy movie!  It never turned into Mad Men!  I am going to throw this lamp at my television!”

Bargaining: “OK.  I just bought a new television.  AMC, if you  put Mad Men back on, I promise not to throw a lamp at THIS television.”

Depression: “I just ruined two of my televisions!  I can’t afford to buy another one!  Life sucks.”

Acceptance: “Thanks for the new TV, Mom!  I heard HBO has this new show on Sunday nights at 10pm.  It’s called “How to Make it in America.”  I’m going to give it a try . . .

I DO NOT recommend this method of coping with the loss of your favorite shows.  For one thing, it is very expensive.  To prevent you, dear reader, from doing what I did, I have come up with seven significantly cheaper and less destructive methods for coping with the loss of Mad Men.  These suggestions  should tide you over, until the show returns to our television screens this July.

1) Buy the DVD Box Set

This is probably the most obvious way of getting your post-season Mad Men fix, as it will enable you to enjoy hours and hours of Don Draper-ey goodness on your own time schedule.  The first two seasons are already available on DVD.  The third WILL be available for purchase on March 23, 2010.  However, you can pre-order it here.  According to Amazon.com, buying all three DVDs will set you back about $75.00.  (Not exactly cheap – but way less expensive than a new television . . .)

2) Watch Mad Men fan vids on YouTube

Low on funds, but still need your Mad Men fix?  YouTube has a few choice clips from the show that you might enjoy.  (I’d love to post one here for you, but AMC does not allow you too embed its videos – phooey!)  Instead, please enjoy this fan video involving my two favorite Mad Men characters: erstwhile ingenue Peggy and erstwhile villian Pete . . .

3) Watch Mad Men Spoofs on other channels.

They say that “mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery.”  If that’s the case, the folks at Mad Men should be SINCERELY FLATTERED, because everybody and their mother is putting out some sort of spoof or parody of the show this year.  You can check out the above-pictured “Mad Men” during a reoccurring skit on Sesame Street.  Or, watch The Simpsons, for this gem . . .

4) Purchase Mad Men Paraphernalia

Aside from the aforementioned DVDs, a few Google and Amazon.com searches can lead you to all sorts of Mad Men goodies, including:

 . . . this Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Pryce t-shirt that allows you to show your support for the brand new ad executive team;

this Mad Men martini shaker, perfect for taking a little nip at the office;

this MAD WOMEN mug, because it isn’t always about the boys; and

these Mad Men – inspired Barbie dolls, which are adorable, but, unfortunately,  (1) cost $75 a pop, coincidentally, the same amount it costs to buy all three Mad Men DVDs together, and (2) aren’t on sale until July 2010.  By then, we will have the real thing to enjoy!

5) Follow the Mad Men characters on Twitter.

Talk about an anachronism!  On Mad Men, our favorite advertising executives are still using type writers.  But, apparently, in the virtual world, they are all about the Twitter.  I’ve read that there was some controversy about these character-inspired Twitter accounts, which were fan-created.  In fact, at one point, AMC sought to have them removed from cyberspace.  Fortunately, the pages are back and ready for you to enjoy.  Here are just some of the Mad Men on Twitter today.  (You can view their pages, by simply clicking on the links provided.)

Don Draper

Betty Draper

Peggy Olson

Roger Sterling

Ken Cosgrove

Salvatore Romano

6) Find out which Mad Men character you are.

When I was younger, I used to love reading Teen magazine.  I particularly enjoyed taking all of those kind of lame, not particularly accurate, personality quizzes they always had in there.  Fortunately, AMCTV.com has created a slightly improved online version of those quizzes, inspired by its most successful television program. 

The first time I took the quiz, it told me I was most like “Duck Phillips.”  I was a little insulted.  But either they have changed the quiz in the past few months, or I have changed.  Because, I took the quiz again today and got “Joan Holloway!”  Awesome!

You can take the quiz here.

7) Transform yourself into a Mad Men character.

Another cool thing to do on AMCTV.com is to make yourself into a cartoon Mad Men-themed avatar.  The computer program allows you to choose between male and female avatars, and customize your character, by electing from any number of faces, body types, clothing styles, accessories, and backgrounds.  Here’s mine:

Those of you who have met me in person, can confirm that I actually sort of look like this . . .

You can create your own Mad Men Avatar here.

There you have it.  Hours and hours of HEALTHY Mad Men-themed enjoyment, certain to keep you occupied (and sane), while you wait for the show’s Season 4 premiere. Now, you no longer have any excuses for throwing lamps at your televisions.  OK?


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11 responses to “7 (Healthy) Ways to Cope While AMC’s Mad Men is on Hiatus

  1. Amazon Annie

    I had so much fun on this blog. I clicked on almost everything. I’m not proud to say, however, that I am Betty Draper! Oh yes, she’s quite a looker… I wouldn’t mind looking like her or having her figure… but, she’s not my pick of the ideal woman! I do miss Mad Men and I can’t wait till its on again. Thanks for giving me these healthy alternatives to throwing a lamp at my tv. I just bought a new flat screen and it would be an expensive, and wasteful, way to display my anger. Thanks for the fun. I’m going back to make my own avatar and buy a T-shirt.

    • So happy to help save your television from destruction Amazon Annie! By the way, you can post your Mad Men quiz results on your Facebook page. If you are unhappy with Betty (hey, at least she’s better than that creepy, dog-abandoner Duck), I’d be happy to share my answers with you, so that you can cheat and get Joan! 🙂

  2. Oooh, I love Mad Men, can’t wait for next season.

    • Absolutely! It is definitely one of the best shows on television today (In my humble opinion ;).

      On a lesser program, the “new advertising agency” concept would have been a “jump the shark” moment. But here, it just makes so much sense, and was executed so brilliantly by the writers! (I will miss Sal and Ken though. I hope they find some way to work these two back into the show.)

      I’m also curious as to how they will cope with Don’s and Betty’s impending divorce. It should be a very exciting Season 4. 🙂

  3. ha, i’m definitely going through this with Big Love right now. it’s weird because i started rewatching Mad Men to cope with my Big Love withdraw symptoms.

    oh & i was Pete Campbell on that quiz BTW….wonder what that says about me….

    • I didn’t realize they were still running the Mad Men reruns on Sunday night. This is great news!

      So, you’re most like Pete Campbell, huh? 🙂 I know he’s smarmy and a tad evil, but, I actually have a little crush on the character. Maybe it’s because Vincent Kartheiser is so darn attractive . . .

      It’s funny. Seeing all the possible results for the Mad Men personality quiz, made me realize how few of these characters I would actually WANT to be compared to, personality-wise. Don’t get me wrong, Mad Men has some of the best-written, most 3- dimensional, characters around. They are ALL just so FLAWED! (Joan kind of rocks, however . . .)

      If I recall, when I got “Duck Phillips” the first time I took the quiz, the description under it said “You probably have a drinking problem.” OMG! – The writers of the quiz must have had a field day drafting that one . . .

      Then again, when you think about it, who would you want to be compared to on Big Love? I guess some of television’s best characters also have the worst personalities . . .

  4. i don’t think AMC is running…um…reruns….i’ve been watching the DVDs (thanks netflix!) i think that if i had to be compared to anyone i would want it to be Joan (naturally) or Rodger b/c he’s just so damn suave.

    as for Big Love i’m 110% sure that i’d get Nikki (if i took a quiz like the Mad Men one). she always does *exactly* what i would do if i were a character on the show 🙂

  5. madwomenformadmen

    I am trying to find out which Mad Men episodes were rerun during the month of February 2010. I am hoping you can help me with this? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • I’m so sorry madwomenformadmen! I spent about 45 minutes searching for the answer to your question, and came up empty. I know that AMC has started re-airing repeats of Season 3 of Mad Men on Monday nights at 12 am. The next episode they will air will be episode 7 (May 3rd). Assuming this is the SECOND re-airing of the episodes (which I’m not sure about), then, counting backward, they would have been re-airing the last four episodes of Season 3 in February 2010.

      Of course, I could be entirely wrong about this. I really hope you find what you are looking for. Have you thought about e-mail TVGuide or AMC? I’m sure they have TV schedule archives, and would be happy to help . . . Good luck!

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