Anatomy of a Trailer: Eclipse – Twilight Saga, Part 3 (Now includes NEW second trailer . . .)

I tried not to blog about this.  Really.  But it simply refused to be ignored.  So, here I am . . .

I can’t believe they are already releasing another one of these movies!  I feel as though I literally just saw the last one in theaters.  New Moon (based on Book 2 of the Twilight series) was, in my opinion, one of the most unintentionally hilarious films of all time.  

The cheesy 360-degree rotating camera shots to represent Bella’s months of “depression;”

the cartoonish CGI Wolfman graphics;

 the obligatory topless shots of those male strippers  Jacob and his wolfpack; and

the way Edward’s disembodied head would appear in the clouds, every time Bella was about to do something “bad.”

“Don’t do it, Bella!”

All of these gems made me, and the rest of the people in my theater, laugh out loud, multiple times, throughout the film.  In short, I enjoyed New Moon, but probably not for the reasons that I was supposed to enjoy it . . .

So, when I heard that Summit Entertainment had released a new trailer for Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight Saga, curiosity (and my odd sense of humor) got the best of me.  I simply had to watch it. 

Well, color me impressed.  It’s a pretty good trailer, actually.  Granted, there wasn’t a lot of action in it.  However, I think the producers did a nice job of establishing in a relatively short amount of time (90 seconds) the immensity and increasing urgency of Bella’s choice, and the impact it will have on the people she loves. 

Let’s take a look . . .

 :13 – Say what you will about the Twilight movies, but the location shots in them are absolutely breathtaking.  The book and movie are both supposed to take place in the fictional town of Forks, Washington.  However, the film was shot mostly in and around Portland, Oregon.  Who knew Oregon was so gorgeous?

 :20 – I never officially came down one way or the other on the Team Edward versus Team Jacob debate.  However, I will say that Edward and Bella have an ideal height differential on their side.  In case you were curious (because I was):  Both Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are in the mid to upper range of 5 feet, while Robert Pattinson is a lean 6’1”.  So, if Bella ever wants to wear heels, Edward is definitely her guy . . . 

(Then again, in the book, Wolf Jacob is supposed to be about 7 feet tall.  So, who knows?)

 :27 – I’m not quite sold on Dakota Fanning as Jane yet.  Based on my interpretation of the books, the Jane character has “pretty, but creepy looking” child star written all over her (Actors that fall into this category include: Haley Joe Osment in The Sixth Sense, that girl from The Ring movies, and those twin girls in The Shining. )

“Come play with us.”

At 16, Dakota has aged out of “pretty, but creepy looking,” I’m afraid.  She looks like a real teenager now! 


Perhaps Movie Jane would be scarier, if she didn’t talk so darn much!  Dakota sounds like she has a bit of a cold, in this scene . . .

:34 – Is it just me, or does Robert Pattinson look a tad constipated, here?

:37 thru :39 – I like that they included Bella’s parents in this trailer.  By choosing to become a vampire, Bella isn’t just giving up a boy, she’s giving up her whole human life.  The books often give this part of her decision short shrift.

:43 – Jacob: “You don’t have to change for me, Bella.”  (A solid argument for Team Jacob.)

1:10 – Here is our first look at Bryce Dallas Howard as the new Vampire Victoria.  As many of you know, Howard replaced the original Victoria, Rachel Lefevre, in the series, as a result of “scheduling conflicts.”   It sounds like a bunch of hooey to me. 

Personally, I think Summit probably wanted to cash in on the movie’s success and bring in a bigger name.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Bryce Dallas Howard.  I think she’s a talented actress.  I’m just not sure she’s right for this role.  She just looks too nice  and sane to play this menacing, woman-on-a-rampage, character.  Her hair even looks tamer than the original Victoria’s!

1:14 – Edward: “I will protect you, no matter what.” 

Feminists beware.  Twilight is not exactly a “girl power” series.  Until the final book, Bella mostly inhabits a damsel-in-distress type role.  Throught the book, the films, and this trailer, there is tons of talk about protecting Bella.  This is fine, I guess.  However,  it would be nice, if  our heroine fought back on her own, every once in a while.

1:19 – Obligatory Taylor Lautner Shirtless shot . . .

(He still looks pretty good, but slightly less buff in this trailer than in the last film.  No?)

1:22 – Jacob:  “I will fight for you, until your heart stops beating.” 

Based on the YouTube comments for this video, the aforementioned line was a big hit with Team Jacob fans.  I’ll admit that in the context of the film, and given Bella’s impending choice, the line is a moderately romantic one. 

However, as a stand alone, it’s more than a little disturbing.  For a second there, I thought I was watching one of those Lifetime movies.  Specifically, the ones where the wife-beater / lunatic guy chases some B-list actress (Tori Spelling?)  around the house with a knife and says, “If I can’t have you,  NO ONE CAN!”

Eclipse hits theaters June 30, 2010.  Will YOU see it?

P.S.  For all you Twilight fans out there, it looks like Summit Entertainment has recently released a new trailer for Eclipse.  Unlike the sort of lovey-dovey first one, this trailer focuses more on the action / horror elements of the upcoming film.  Let me just say, I think it is TEN TIMES better than the first trailer!   Parts of it are downright scary, and the special effects and CGI graphics seem much improved from the first and second installments of the series.   And I’m not exactly a “Twihard” girl, so when I say it, I mean it. 

Rather than make this post any longer than it already is, I’ll simply let the new trailer speak for itself . . .


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8 responses to “Anatomy of a Trailer: Eclipse – Twilight Saga, Part 3 (Now includes NEW second trailer . . .)

  1. Amazon Annie

    OK, you are soooo right! But what can I say, I guess I’m a vampire groupie. I read all of Charlene Harris’ “Sookie” books and watch true blood. I read all of the “Twilight” books (didn’t like them as much”. And I read two phenomenal fantasy novels “Hollywood Warlock” and “Life Sucks, Death Bites”, which I liked better than all of them. So will I see the movie? Probably. And I’ll probably go on reading books about vampires and witches and warlocks and werewolves. They are just imaginative, fun, and take me to places I can’t go in real life! True escapism! Keep up the great work KJewls

    • I too am a Vampire Groupie, Amazon Annie, although I know, it’s sometimes hard to tell from this blog. 🙂

      I guess I treat the Twilight series and its companion films like most kids treat their younger siblings. I may tease and berate them often, but deep down, it’s all about the LOVE!

      Besides, if I was “nice” about everything I reviewed, I’d probably be a lot less fun to read. 🙂

  2. imaginarymen

    I hate myself for reading these books and seeing these movies.

    Then I come here and see people like you think of them the same way: unintentionally hilarious and full of eye candy.

    I wanted to post about this trailer but I’m going to just link to you and let you do it!

    Also – Team Jacob. And so should you be! He’s PINING FOR HER!! ;-0

    (do you totally feel like I’m stalking you now?!)

    • You notice I keep replying to you right away, so we are obviously both sitting at the computer right now. It’s like an actual extended conversation. I don’t feel stalked at all!

      No shame in reading Vampire Books and seeing Vampire Movies. Consider it homework in preparation for blog entries about Vampire Series (like True Blood and Vampire Diaries). In some ways, I can be a bit of a book snob, but vampire books like Southern Vampire Mysteries, the Vampire Diaries, and, yes, even Twilight are my guilty pleasures. And I can’t imagine “book life” without them . . .

      You are right, Jacob does have the unrequited thing going for him. Perhaps New Moon was my favorite of the four books because I am a closeted Team Jacob gal. (However, that odd Renesme imprinting turn of events in Book 4 soured me on him a bit). She’s a BABY! What the heck was Stephanie Meyer thinking!

      Thanks so much for the pingback, and blog encouragement. Yesterday, my blog received an abnormally low number of hits, and I was a tad discouraged. It’s nice to know fun awesome people like you are out there reading it . . . (even if readers are few and far between)

      • imaginarymen

        How long have you been blogging? I think it takes time to build it up. I just whore out links all the time, that seems to help!

        Mine has been doing well recently – oddly bc of this post I did about James Dean in Dec. which gets at LEAST 5o hits a day! Every day! I can’t figure out why. He’s still dead people! ;-0

        I never remember the NM books – but I think the one I really liked was the third and the first half of the fourth. The imprinting on the baby-whose-name-I-won’t-use-bc-it-is-too-friggin’-lame was TOTALLY stupid. But the part where Jacob was the narrator was awesome. I was so Pro Jacob for that I kind of became a ranting loon when it switched perspective and the baby crap happened.

        Oh and book snobbery? I work in a LIBRARY!

  3. Pingback: All These Things I’ve Done: 3.19.10 « she liked Imaginary Men best of all

  4. I guess you are right, imaginarymen. It’s only been a few months. But I’ve been known to be a bit impatient. Sometimes the stats can helpful tools, other times they can be TMI from an ego protection prospective. Once or twice my hits were so low that I thought (and secretly hoped) WordPress was down . . . 🙂

    Wow! 50 hits, in one day, on one article! That’s insane! I guess your theory about blogging applies to James Dean as well. Dead or alive, he’s been around a LONG time (at least theoretically), giving lots of folks the opportunity to get to know him and become fans of his work. (I’m sure your awesome writing style helps too, of course.)

    Based on the above-referenced logic, what do you think about TV Recappers doing a blog entry on George Washington : The Sitcom? (Just kidding . . . I would never even think of going farther back in time than Honest Abe). 😉

  5. Hey Twilight fans who commented on this post, I recently updated this blog entry to include the NEW and IMPROVED Eclipse trailer, which features more of the action aspects of the film.

    I’m actually pretty impressed with its kickass action sequences and general lack of sappiness. Pop back by and check it out, if you are curious.

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