INCEPTION – The Film I Am Most Excited to See in Summer 2010

* Helmed by the esteemed writer, director, and producer of The Dark Knight – Christopher Nolan? CHECK!

* Features an all-star cast including, none other than: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard, Luke Haas, and Ken Watanabe? CHECK!

*Awesome Tagline: CHECK!  (Your mind is the scene of the crime.)

*Mindblowing special effects? CHECK!

(I should probably note that special effects typically bore me.  Most of the time, at least as far as I am concerned, they tend to be of the  “been there, seen that,” variety.  However, watching the above-pictured scene — you’ll know it when you see it in the trailer — literally sent shivers down my spine . . .)

*Highly mysterious script and plot, kept completely under wraps by all involved in the film?  CHECK!

(I’m a connoisseur of all things “spoilery.”  And I LOVE finding out the deep dark secrets of movies, and television programs, before anyone else does.  However, when film writers and producers tease me, and REALLY make me work for it, it secretly turns me on . . .)

* Post-apocalyptic plot concept that appears to raise mind-bendy philosophical questions regarding (1) the power of human thought (“What’s the most resilient parasite?  An IDEA”);  and (2) the way in which the seemingly insignificant choices we make in our lives can shape our destiny and that of the rest of the world?  CHECK!

(Sounds a little like that other program that I watch . . . right?)

Unfortunately, the producers of Inception will not let me embed the trailer.  (I came embarrassingly close to tears, when I learned this.)  However, I am providing you with the link to it, below (Just click on the video image, and then on the word “YouTube” when it appears).   

I STRONGLY URGE you to check it out, if you have not done so already.  You will NOT be disappointed, I promise  . . .

Inception hits both regular and IMAX theaters on July 16, 2010.  Will YOU see it?  Because I sure as heck will!

(P.S.  I’ve SEEN IT!  I saw Inception!  To read my in-depth, slightly spoilery review, click here.)


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8 responses to “INCEPTION – The Film I Am Most Excited to See in Summer 2010

  1. Amazon Annie

    Hmmmm! The trailer is certainly tantalizing. However, I’m pretty much a chicken when it comes to scary things. (Not slasher stuff, that’s usually predictable and just bloody). I have a great idea. YOU go and see it first and after I read your recap I can decide whether it will give me nightmares, or you can tell me straight out! then I can make my decision!

    • I don’t think it will be scary, really. Just WEIRD, INTENSE and MIND-BENDY. Given the plot concept, graphics and fight scenes, it kind of gave off a bit of a “The Matrix” feel to me. I’ll be sure to report back, as I learn more . . .

      Thanks for popping in, and for watching the trailer 🙂

  2. Me too 🙂 I hope it can be the next Matrix…I love The Matrix so much and been searching for another sci-fi that has great effect and story

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Novroz!

      I haven’t been this excited about a trailer in a really long time. And, based solely on the trailer, Inception definitely had a “Matrix” feel to it. Don’t you think? As far as I’m concerned, Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio can do no wrong . . . 🙂

      There are some spoilers online about the plot of the film, which I read but didn’t want to post here, so as not to anger the “purists.” Have you seen them yet? Without giving anything away, the premise sounds excellent. I CAN’T WAIT!

      • I have the same feeling 🙂 When I 1st saw The Matrix trailler I was so awed by it and the movie lived up to my expectation…and when I saw Inception trailler with those bending buildings and unusual tagline I have the same feeling when I saw The Matrix trailler…so I really hope it’ll live up to my expectation too.

        I’ve seen some great effect lately, like Avatar, etc…but none of them have unusual and great story line…they were just great effect with standard story. D9 came close to be my next ‘matrix’ but not yet.

        To be honest, I watch the trailer -at 1st- because Cillian Murphy is in it…but after watching it, Cillian is not the basic reason for me to watch it anymore…and it is nice to see Leo again after that awesome performance in Shutter Island 🙂

        Well, I try to search more information about Inception… I like to be surprised by it when I watch it.

  3. Glass

    It’s not post-apocalyptic.

    • Thank you Glass. Based on what I’ve read on the film since posting this, you might be right. (Of course, it depends on your definition of the term. :)) But, I was only writing, based on what I viewed in the trailer.

      Have you seen the film, or just read the online spoilers? If you saw it, did you like it? Because, “post-apocalyptic” or not, it looks pretty awesome to me.

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