Another Bloody 12-Step Program – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries “Under Control”

“Dude, I am NEVER DRINKING AGAIN!  The last thing I remember is going into a tattoo parlor and asking for some pegasus wings on my back . . . OH CRAP!  REAL WINGS!  How the f&*k did these get here?  Damon’s NEVER going to let me live this one down . . .”

Tonight’s installment of The Vampire Diaries featured an in-town party,

LOTS of booze,

SOME making out,

SOME brawling,

and a heaping helping of Julie Cooper-Nichol Melinda Clarke.

In short, it reminded me A LOT of this OTHER show I used to watch . . .

“Welcome to The VD, BITCH!”

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The Things We Cannot Change . . .

When we last left Stefan, he found himself hooked on . . .

 . . . having tasted his girlfriend, Elena’s, during a particularly weak moment.  When we see Stefan, this week, he is struggling to quit the stuff cold turkey.  His brilliant plan for achieving this goal?  LOTS of sweaty pull-ups  . . . which, again, I think, was only included in the episode, so that we got the opportunity to see Paul Wesley look like this . . .

 . . . and AGAIN, I’m OK with that!

Unfortunately, for Stefan, his brother, Damon, is a TOTAL enabler . . .

 . . . and SMOKIN’ HOT (just saying).  So, Damon, who is a pretty big blood drinker himself, continues to randomly leave vials and glasses of the “red stuff” all around the mansion, where these two dapper drinkers currently reside.  “Why can’t you just get blood from a blood bank, like the rest of us?”  Damon inquires.

Now THIS development is very interesting to me . . . You see, I was always under the impression, that while Damon occasionally imbibed a “soccer mom” or two from vials of blood stolen from a hospital or blood bank, human skin was his “glass” of choice.  Perhaps, I always assumed this, because many scenes in The Vampire Diaries book series, featured a super sexy Damon compelling a young innocent lass to offer up her body for feeding.  The act of “drinking” these females was always overtly sexual.  And Book Damon, to his credit, always left the bitten ladies in bed asleep, with no memory of the event, except for some VERY SWEET DREAMS!

Truthfully, this has ALWAYS been a fantasy of mine!  And I was more than a bit disappointed when Damon admitted he hadn’t “had a human in years.”  It also raises an interesting point.  If Damon and the other vamps, drinks solely from blood banks, and Stefan repeatedly goes out into the woods to eat Bambi’s mother . . .

 . . . and other assorted forest creatures, heretofore alive and well, wouldn’t that make Stefan more of a killer than his brother? 

Also, we noticed, throughout the episode, how DANGEROUS Stefan’s newfound cravings for human blood were causing him to become.  EVERYONE suddenly became a target .  . . even Elena.  Given that, wouldn’t Stefan’s imbibing of blood bank blood make him less harmful to the people he cared about, not more?  The only possible explanation I could think of as to why we should be rooting AGAINST Stefan becoming a HUMAN blood sucker, is that his LOOOOONG absense from the stuff, has made him . . .

 . . . in terms of blood drinking, almost as if he was a NEWBORN vampire once again.  And we learned, from Vicki Donovan a few episodes ago, just how DANGEROUS those newbies could be . . .

“Oh, BITE ME!  On second thought, let me BITE YOU . . . HARD!”

Most of the episode’s A-storyline featured Stefan trying to get a handle on his blood drinking by getting as wasted as possible on alcohol!

Somewhere underground, the creator of the 12-Step Program is rolling over in his grave.  Unless of course, HE is a vampire too!  If so, he probably doesn’t mind as much . . .

The result of all this DRINKING, is that Stefan, as Damon says, becomes sort of “fun,” for a change.  He compels the D.J. at the party to switch from the snoozy orchestral music he is playing, to the song Falling by Phoenix (which you may have recognized as the song from those cadillac commercials . . .)

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good song, and all.  But I, personally, think it would have been WAY FUNNIER if Stefan “requested” that the DJ play a song by Vampire Weekend.

The song, “A Punk,” for example, would have been FABULOUS for this venue . . .

All the while, Stefan was telling Elena and Damon he had things “under control.”  However, we could tell that this wasn’t the case at all when he (1) got all veiny, wrinkled, and puffy eye baggy, when things got hot and heavy with Elena in her bedroom; and (2) twice almost killed that random dude for having the NERVE to knock into and be rude to Elena at the party (which was kind of hot, I have to admit).  But “rock bottom” for our pal Stefan had to be when Julie Cooper Nichol Matt’s Slutty Mom . . .

 . . . got a massive cut on her head.  In a move that was both incredibly creepy, and intensely sexy, at the same time, Stefan placed his hand gently on Julie Cooper Nichol’s Matt’s Slutty Mom’s wound, rubbed it with his fingers, and then proceeded to amorously lick his hand like a VERY DIRTY cat.

“Mmmmmm . . . Julie Cooper Nichol Matt’s Slutty Mom Guts . . . DELICIOUS!”

At the end of the episode, Stefan gives in to temptation, chugging down a blood-filled tumbler that his brother strategically left on the bar for him.  And again — I have to ask — is this necessarily a bad thing?

The Senseless Death That Was Neither Particularly Senseless, Nor Deadly .  . .

So, at the beginning of the episode, this guy shows up at Elena’s doorstep, and I IMMEDIATELY don’t like him, because he walks with his hands clasped between his legs, like a VERY MEAN AND SCARY principal I used to have in elementary school (RIP Princi  – PAL).  Apparently, this guy is Uncle John Gilbert — a man who once slept with . . .

Aunt Jenna, and MAY have slept with . . .

Elena’s biological mom, Isabel.  WOAH!  What are you telling me, VD?   Elena’s UNCLE did the deed with both Elena’s AUNT and Elena’s MOM?

Incest much?  It took me a few takes to remember that Aunt Jenna is the sister of Elena’s adoptive mom, Uncle John is Elena’s adoptive dad’s brother, and NONE of these people are at all related to Elena’s biological mom!  This makes the whole situation less gross . . . but only slightly.  It still strikes me as a bit “too close for comfort,” if you know what I mean . . .

Anyway, Uncle John immediately starts making trouble in Mystic Falls.  First, he threatens to take Elena’s deceased father’s office, which Elena and Jeremy inherited in their parents’ will, away from them.  THEN he reveals to the town council that a bunch of blood banks are reporting stolen vials of blood and missing employees, prospectively exposing all the vampires in Mystic Falls, not to mention cutting off their nutrition supply.  Uncle John then reveals to Damon that he knows EVERYTHING about the Salvatore brothers, including that they are vampires, and that they were responsible for opening the underground tomb containing Mama Pearl . . .

 . . . and the other Hidey Hole Vamps.  Damon takes quick action, like the Rambo Bad Ass, he is!

Our Main Man breaks Uncle John’s neck and tosses him off the balcony, before I could even utter the word “Douchebag.”  And I must admit, I CHEERED LIKE A SCHOOLGIRL, when it happened (maybe it was all those principal memories, getting the best of me).  “UNCLE JOHN, it gives me GREAT PLEASURE to bestow upon you the SENSELESS DEATH AWARD!”  I literally said, out loud, as I watched the scene.

 So, as you can imagine, I was just and confused and PISSED as Damon, when Uncle John showed back up at the party, alive and unharmed . . .

“He’s BAAACK!”

As it turns out, Uncle John was conveniently wearing that Can’t Be Killed Ring, also owned by Snoozy Alaric . . .

 . . . who, I must admit, I ENJOYED for the second week in a row, as he continued his awesome post-face punch Bromance with Hot Vamp Damon.

Apparently, like Alaric, Uncle John got the ring from Elena’s Surprisingly Slutty Biological Mom!

Uncle John also claims that HE was the one who sent Elena’s Slutty Mom to Damon, when she wanted to be turned into a vampire.  I’m not quite sure I believe him yet?  But, unfortunately, we will probably find out the truth in future episodes, as this AWFUL DUDE seems like he will be sticking around for a while.  Uncle John already kind of reminds me of a side-character from another show, who I DESPISED, but who never EVER seemed to LEAVE!

Marilyn from Big Love, anyone?

In other news . . .

Vampjer FINALLY Gets a Clue!

If you recall, newly-turned vampire Vicki was STAKED by Stefan, because she tried to kill Elena in a vampiric rage, while the lovelorn Jeremy watched in horror.  At Elena’s request, Damon compelled Jeremy to forget the entire traumatic experience, and believe Vicki had simply run away from home.  And that WAS what he believed — for a while, at least — until he developed a strange fascination with vampires, cultivated by, none other than his SORT-OF Gal Friday, Vampire Anna.

When Vicki was found buried in the forest, the coroner called her death a drug overdose.  “But then why was she buried?  Who buried her?”  Jeremy inquires, and rightly so.

The town council stonewalls Jeremy, when he inquires into the odd circumstances surrounding Vicki’s demise.  Even his sister, Elena, basically tells him to “let it go.”  At the end of the episode, a suspicious Jeremy breaks into Elena’s bedroom and finds her diary.  In it, he reads the whole Bloody Story.  And he is PISSED!

Also . . .

Drunk and Slutty IS as Drunk and Slutty DOES . . .

Still vulnerable from her daughter’s untimely demise, Julie Cooper Nichol Matt’s Slutty Mom gets wasted at the Founder’s Day Kickoff Party, and makes out with her son’s friend, Tyler.

“I totally POKED – HER!”

When Matt . . .

 . . . finds Tyler and his mom en flagrante, he freaks out, and moves to punch Tyler in the face.  But then, Tyler goes all rabid animal crazy on the poor guy’s ass!  And if you’ve read the books, or seen the spoilers, you know why.  Tyler’s dad slaps Tyler in the face HARD for losing his cool — making me feel bad for D-Bag Tyler, for the first time, since he’s been on this show.  And you just KNOW this isn’t the last we will see of THIS storyline . . .

Also, Matt kicks his Slutty Mom out of the house.  But something tells me, that ultimatum is not going to stick . . .

Well, that’s all I’ve got folks!  Tune in next week, when it appears that Sexy Damon (not Stefan) will be escorting Elena to the Founder’s Day Ball.  Let the sexually tense moments and sexual innuendos BEGIN!  Until then . . .

Sayonara, fellow Blood Suckers!



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3 responses to “Another Bloody 12-Step Program – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries “Under Control”

  1. imaginarymen

    So clearly BOTH of us last night Googled “Paul Wesley Shirtless” bc I found that EXACT SAME PIC and was thinking “Hey now, what is THIS show and WHY haven’t I seen it yet??!!”

    So I have to watch again (as has become my habit, bc this show is AWESOME) but Damon didn’t say HE hadn’t drunk from a human in years? Did he? How is that possible? Wasn’t he drinking from those sorority girls a few weeks ago? I thought he was talking about Stefan not drinking from humans for years.

    And can I say that I squealed with joy that the blood bank is in Amherst (the h is silent stupid Uncle John!) Bc that is near me!!? WHERE is this blood bank so that I may hang out there waiting for thirsty Salvatore Brothers to show up dammit??

    So am I a super bad person for hollering encouragement at my TV for Stefan to go bad?? I can’t help it, watching his struggle is fascinating. For one thing – it pairs Damon and Elena up – so I’m for anything that involves Damon loudly shouting “NO Elena I will NOT go up to your BEDROOM with you!!” then checking out her bra collection ;-p

    For another – it just makes Stefan more interesting. We know he has this dark side – from all those times he’s gotten in someone’s face and very very quietly but forcefully threatened them. I think you’re on to something about it being like a newborn – his description of how it felt at the end (beautiful scene btw, here’s a vamp/human couple I can actually root for EDWARD AND BELLA ;-p Made it sound like he’s starting all over again.

    Mb that’s why he can’t even touch the Blood Bank stuff, bc he can’t even get a little taste of it w/o losing control. Damon is sooooo evil for tempting him. Yet I still love him. I need help.

    And I’m with you – so we’re both twisted – the scene with Julie Cooper-Nichol bloody head WAS “both incredibly creepy, and intensely sexy” and I actually was on the edge of my seat bc I thought – “Boy no one will ever forget THIS Founder’s Day Ball, what with Stefan Salvatore eating Julie Cooper-Nichols FACE OFF”

    Love the Damon/Alaric re-teaming. Def makes Alaric more interesting. And the Uncle John stuff was totally great – you would think Damon’s quickie neck snaps wouldn’t take me by surprise anymore but they DO. And I couldn’t believe it either when he sauntered back into the party. Damon’s expression was classic.

    And can someone tell Jeremy to stop being so frickin’ good looking? Seriously, he makes me feel like a dirty old lady. At least the Salvatores are 100+ years old pretending to be teens, but that kid that plays Jeremy IS an actual teen I’m pretty sure (like you I’m afraid to look it up!)

    I am so super excited about the damn “Miss Windjammer” or whatever the hell Williamson is calling it now – pageant next week I’m literally wishing the week away. Did you notice Elena’s hair is done very Katherine-esque? That’s gonna do all SORTS of wicked things to Damon 😉

    P.S. Did NOT miss the Hidey Hole Vamps AT ALL

    • Hey Amy!

      So, Fallen was a shortlived show on ABC Family, starring Paul Wesley, as a “fallen angel.” I remember hearing about it back when it aired, but never actually watched. I heard it was pretty decent though. Perhaps, it’s available on Netflix. Then again, seeing how it WAS on ABC Family, I doubt Paul was shirtless often enough during it for either of our tastes!

      I found the first 8 minutes of “Under Control” on YouTube. And actually, you and I are both kind of right. Damon said, “I haven’t HUNTED a human in WAY too long!” This would explain the sorority girls. He snacked on them, but didn’t HUNT them or KILL them. This makes me very happy! My fantasy of Damon compelling me (though I’d probably go willingly), biting my neck, and leaving me in bed with sweet dreams remains IN TACT!

      So . . . I FINALLY got up the courage to look up Steven R. McQueen’s (the actor who plays Jeremy) IMDB profile. (The kid is actually related to THE Steve McQueen. Who knew?) You will be VERY happy to know, that Little McQueen was born in July of ’88. This means that, not only is he LEGAL to love, you can even take him out drinking with you!

      I didn’t necessarily think Stefan was going to eat Julie Cooper Nichol’s face off (though that would be SERIOUSLY shocking), but I DID think (and was kind of hoping) that he would compel her, and then proceed to LICK her face. 🙂 Can you imagine how CRAZED Matt would be, upon finding his Mom macking on a third friend / acquaintance in as many weeks? However, seeing as there are supposed to be TWO more big deaths this season, Julie Cooper Nichol MAY end up getting her face chewed off, anyway. However, if anyone is going to kill her, my money is on Tyler . . .

      Ahhh, LOVED Damon’s “I won’t go to your bedroom with you,” line (complete with brow-furrowed smirkiness) ALMOST as much as I loved his teddy bear cuddling and bra twirling. I could watch Ian Somerholder emote and talk for HOURS, without getting bored. This guy’s like a fine wine, he DEFINITELY improved with age. Boone from Lost was cute and all, but he didn’t have NEAR as strong an effect on me as Damon does!

      I ALREADY DESPISE Uncle John Gilbert! He has “Marilyn from Big Love” written all over him. I am SERIOUSLY hoping Damon steals his Ring of Immortality and murders his ass . . . for GOOD this time. Bromantic Alaric, however, is slowly growing on me. I just hope the writers don’t pair him with Annoying Aunt Jenna . . .

      I too could do without those Hidey Hole Vamps for another couple of weeks. However, I exclude Anna and Harper from this statement. Anna, after all, is not technically Hidey Hole, because she was never buried in the tomb, and Harper is just a cutie!

      Next week’s sexy circling animal mating dance between Damon and Elena looks SUPER HOT! (And you are TOTALLY right about Elena’s hair. That girl is just begging for a neckbite!) Something tells me, in terms of sexiness and gore, the Miss Windjammer Pageant will have NOTHING on Miss Mystic Falls!

      Thanks again for improving my recap with your always on-point and highly entertaining insights! 🙂

  2. imaginarymen

    I knew Little McQueen was related to THE Steve McQueen (grandson, right?) but I am quite happy to hear he’s not AS young a young ‘un as I thought! Although he WAS born when I was still in HS so that remains kinda scary.

    I agree w/ your comment and your email earlier that Ian Somerhalder is award worthy in this role. He is never NOT interesting to watch and that is a huge change from “Lost” or that crappy Creek spin-off he was on.

    Speaking of the Creek. The only way the Not-Miss-Windjammer-but-I’m-Still-Gonna-Call-it-That-Pageant could be better next week is if Pacey showed up in a kilt. I’m just sayin’.

    Here’s my prediction – Stefan is off getting in touch with his Vampire side, so Damon does the “Sexy Circling Animal Mating Dance” w/ Elena (LOVE IT!!!) and then Stefan shows up and sees it and it looks JUST like something he witnessed bw Damon and Katherine and THAT’S when our triangle will bloom!

    Did you notice in the ye olden days, the Salvatores didn’t seem to have any issues w/ the fact they were both, you know, sleeping w/ Katherine?

    And I don’t know if you read Entertainment Weekly but for their finale previews they say Damon “will be forced to reconcile his humanity when it becomes impossible to deny his feelings for one very human girl.”

    Ready? On the count of 1, 2, 3….


    Thanks for another awesome recap!!!

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