The Vampire Diaries: Who’s Getting Staked? (Contains Some Spoilers)

Who will be cropped out of this picture, in time for Season 2?

If you’ve read this blog .  . . um . . . EVER, you probably already know that I am kind of what you would call a CRAZY OBSESSED fan of The VD.  So, of course, when I was reviewing the E! Online Weekly Spoiler Chat and found this . . .

“Any info about the death of a major character on The Vampire Diaries?
I can tell you that there’ll be not one, but two major deaths by the end of season one, and that the two goners often have overlapping storylines. Any guesses?”
 . . . needless to say, I was intrigued.
Fans of The Vampire Diaries know that one of the main staples of the show,  is its habit of awarding at least one unlucky cast member (typically a “one-episode wonder”) the Senseless Death Award, each week.  However, the show genuinely surprised many (myself included) during mid season, by bestowing this “prestigious award” upon none other than Vicki Donovan . . .
 . . . a series regular, whose storylines regularly entwined with most of the main characters, including Jeremy Gilbert (He briefly dated her.), Matt Donovan (She was his brother), and Damon Salvatore (He TURNED HER INTO A VAMPIRE!!!!).  After that happened, VD fans quickly learned that NO ONE is safe in Mystic Falls (unless, of course, you happen to own that Ring of Immortality, which is seemingly being passed around on the show, like a bad virus).
My spoilery sources have already informed me that castmembers definitively safe from the stake, include:
Elena Gilbert (duh);
Stefan Salvatore (DOUBLE duh);
Damon Salvatore (THANK THE LORD!); and
Tyler Stratton (meh).
Additionally, I have read that the dying cast member(s) will be DEAD, DEAD.  In other words, no vampiric rebirth for him and/or her . . .
So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at which VD castmembers are potentially on the chopping block; and analyze why the writers might decide to send those particular characters to that big ole’ Blood Bank in the Sky . . .
 Bonnie Bennett
 Why she might be a goner:  Bonnie was a major player in early VD episodes, but she’s been kind of MIA of late.  Could the writers be trying to prepare us for a more permanent absence of this character?
Why she might be safe:  With all these Sexy Shirtless Fangtastic men in her life, Elena REALLY needs a good gal pal to put everything into its proper perspective.  And the shallow, sometimes-bitchy, Caroline doesn’t really measure up, in this respect.  Plus, Bonnie is FINALLY getting a handle on those awesome witchy powers of hers!  It would be a real shame if the writers axed the character, before us fans got a chance to see her reach her full supernatural potential . . .
 Caroline Forbes
 Why she might be a goner:  Let’s face it. Caroline’s relationship with new beau Matt is kind of played out.  I just don’t see much chemistry between this platinum blonde duo.  And since it is unlikely that Caroline will align herself with Damon again, and equally unlikely that she will be able to make a successful play for Stefan, romantic opportunities for this gal are already few and far between.  One thing we know about writers for CW shows, they DESPISE a single gal!
Why she might be safe:  Every high school drama needs its resident mean girl.  And, right now, Caroline is the closest thing that VD has to one.  Sure, lately, the character seems to have retracted those claws that she exhibited in earlier episodes.  However, if the writers ever decide to change that, I have real easy fix for them in my “Matt Donovan” explanation, below . . .
 Aunt Jenna
 Why she might be a goner?  I hate to say it, but this character is boring and grating.  For one thing, the actress who plays her was terribly miscast.  (She looks and acts more like a high school pal of Elena’s, than any sort of legal guardian for her.)  Plus, the writers have tried to pair Aunt Jenna with literally EVERY age-appropriate suitor on the show, to NO AVAIL!  Bumping off Aunt Jenna would be a great way for the writers to erase their obvious mistake . . .
Why she might be safe?  Those poor Gilbert kids.  They just can’t win!  First they lost both of their parents simultaneously in a freak car accident.  Then Jeremy’s girlfriend died.  (As if that wasn’t bad enough, he later found out that she was killed by his sister’s boyfriend.)  Then Elena found out that she was adopted, after her then-teenage mom was turned into a vampire by her boyfriend’s brother (and future love interest, I hope).  For the writers to kill off yet another Gilbert guardian just seems too cruel!  Who would get custody of the minor Gilberts then?  Creepy Uncle John?
 Matt Donovan
 Why he might be a goner:  Remember how, earlier, I suggested that it would be in the writers’ best interest to turn Caroline bad?  Well nothing says “downward spiral” like the death of your Golden Boy Boyfriend . . . Aside from that, Matt is just a nice guy.  And “nice guys” don’t exactly fare well in towns run by vampires and other assorted supernatural creatures . . .  Sometimes, for me, anyway, this character seems a bit out of place on VD.  It’s almost as if he was plucked out of another show (Friday Night Lights, anyone?) and plopped right in the middle of Mystic Falls.  Thirdly, Matt’s function on the show seemed largely to be the stable human male in Elena’s life.  The one willing to perpetually wait in the wings for her, while she literally tasted more exotic men.  The removal of Elena’s “safety net” might cause her to seriously re-evaluate her decision to “hang with all the vamps.”  That would be an interesting turn of events, indeed.
Why he might be safe:  With Stefan becoming hooked on human blood and starting to keep secrets from Elena, Elena may need to fall back on her “safety net” sooner than she initially expected.  And it wouldn’t hurt the writers to add a human male to the preexisting vampiric love triangle that is Stefan,Damon, and Elena.  Love square, anyone?
 Jeremy Gilbert
 Why he might be a goner:  The look on the younger Gilbert’s face when he learned from Elena’s diary that Stefan had killed Vicki, and Damon had erased that fact from Jeremy’s memory, was BEYOND PISSED!  And we all know what testosteroney male teens do when they are REAL PISSED . . . stupid stuff, that’s what!  Seeing as the sources of Jeremy’s anger are two blood thirsty vampires, doing “stupid stuff” just might get him killed . . .
Why he might be safe: Jeremy has become quite the fan favorite, of late. Not to mention that his baby-faced good looks likely bring a younger demographic to the show, which might be lost without him.   Jeremy is popular enough with fans, that his death just might spark a fan revolt.  Plus, I think Elena’s little brother has a lot more stories left in him.  His relationship with his sister has yet to be fully explored.  Ditto regarding his relationship with Vampire Anna (unless, of course, the writers decide to kill her too).
 Alaric Saltzman
Why he might be a goner:  Poor Alaric is a history teacher.  And everyone knows that in teen horror shows and flicks, the teacher is always the first to go!  Plus, we already know, based on foreshadowing, that the Isobel / Alaric / Damon storyline will be coming to a head during the season finale.  The death of Alaric would punctuate that storyline with a tragic ending — one that would ripple outward — effecting all of VD’s main characters.
Why he might be safe:  I was just starting to LIKE Alaric!  His growing bromance with snarky vampire Damon has been awesome to watch!  I can envision a number of future storylines in which self-proclaimed vampire hunter, Alaric, uses his unique knowledge of the supernatural to help Elena and Co. combat the many assorted monster baddies that are sure to plague Mystic Falls in future episodes.  Besides, didn’t that professor from Buffy the Vampire Slayer stick around, throughout most of the show’s duration?
I’ve decided not to include . . .
Vampire Anna,
Vampire Pearl, or
Julie Cooper Nichols Matt’s Slutty Mom in my analysis, as none of the three could be characterized as “series regulars.”  However, it goes without saying, that none of THEM are completely safe from an untimely finale demise either . . .
And with that, I would like to leave you with, not one, but TWO sneak peaks of next week’s upcoming installment of The Vampire Diaries, “Miss Mystic Falls.”  Enjoy!


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5 responses to “The Vampire Diaries: Who’s Getting Staked? (Contains Some Spoilers)

  1. imaginarymen

    “More pep in your step” DAMON I LOVE YOU!!!

    Ummm…in that second clip was there as bubble to click to pre-order S1?? Bc I need it. Now.

    Thanks for those clips, Thursday CANNOT get here fast enough.

    I can’t believe Tyler is going to survive. Really? I forgot he even existed on this show! And I never knew he had a last name! He was high on my Goner list. So now I’m going to go w/ Caroline. For the reasons you mentioned, plus she is annoying.

    I’d really like Aunt Jenna to bite it too, although I see your point about the poor orphaned Gilbert kids. But there should be some crazy mix-up where somehow DAMON has to become their guardian and they have to move into Vampire Mansion. Can you imagine the hi-jinks that would ensue!??

    I don’t want to lose Matt, I like him and I think he is a viable member of the Square. Did you mention “Friday Night Lights” bc he was on it?? Don’t know if you watch or not (and if not you should bc it is AMAZING) but he was on last season as an abusive pill-popping rodeo boyfriend. Matt is such a different character it took me forever to realize it was the same actor.

    And if broody cutie Jeremy gets killed I’ll be really annoyed. Esp. now that I know he’s legally OK to lust over ;-p And I think they need Alaric to give Damon someone else to interact w/ other than Elena and Stefan. Plus their Bromance is awesome.

    What about people who mb are considered “regulars” but we aren’t invested in? Like Caroline’s mom/Damon’s sheriff buddy? She overlaps w/ multiple people – mb she finds out Damon is playing her and he has to kill her.

    OK that’s definitely my vote: At least *one* of the deaths will be caused by Damon and his Speedy Neck Snap of Death.

    • VD Season 1 DVD? CHECK!

      I think our boy Tyler (who’s not really “our boy”) has a storyline coming up in Season 2. As a character, I think he might improve over time. However, the writers’ decision to have HIM stick around may be indicative of one of the “major deaths” being male . . .

      I definitely see what you mean about Caroline’s Mommy being a technical “series regular” on the hit list. But if the writers consider her a “major death” I call COP OUT (no pun intended). In terms of emotional impact, I would probably be more affected by Julie Cooper Nichol’s death or Vampire Anna’s than Caroline’s mom’s . . .

      OH NO! The only reason I could possibly think of for Damon Salvatore getting custody of the Gilberts is if some sort of paternity test reveals Damon as Elena’s DADDY! Ewwww! I would literally die, if this happened . . . (Although, you are right. All of them under one roof would be super hot!) Speaking of Elena’s daddy, I’m sure his identity will be explored during Season 2. Maybe they will kill Aunt Jenna and bring him in as the new guardian, after all . . . I REALLY HOPE Uncle John is neither Daddy nor Guardian . . . because he SCARES ME!

      I actually never saw Friday Night Lights, but had heard somewhere that “Matt” was in it. I didn’t realize he played an ass though . . . Who knew Mr. Nice Guy had such range? His character sticks around during the book series (actually, most of the characters I listed do), but VD is virtually NOTHING like the books. And I’m not quite sure he’s safe . . .

      I guess I’m still hedging my bets on the Major Deaths. (Wimpy of me. I know.) But whoever ends up getting the axe, it’s going to be excellent television for sure . . .

  2. SPOILERIFIC UPDATE: Don’t read on, if you don’t want to know . . .
    Here it comes . . .

    According to Kristen at EOnline, Matt Davis, who plays Alaric Saltzman on the show, is . . . SAFE from TVD Elimination (at least as far as Season 1 is concerned)! Here’s what she said during one of her weekly spoiler chats . . .

    Jack in Rhode Island: I think Matt Davis is awesome on The Vampire Diaries. They aren’t going to kill him off, are they?

    Thanks to Alaric’s fancy lifesaving ring (take that, Damon!), and the producers feeling the same as you, I’m told that Matt is sticking around. No plans to off him

    Read more:

    The Damon and Alaric Bromance LIVES ON! WOO HOO! (As you can see, I am a TOTAL convert on the Team Alaric front.)

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  4. Check out the following AWESOME Damon-centric trailer for Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries released today by the CW!

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