Dr. Bloodsucking Psychopath and Mr. Congeniality – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries “Miss Mystic Falls”

It’s official.  The Vampire Diaries has become my FAVORITE show of this season!  VD continues to amaze and shock me each week, with its sharp writing, solid acting, and unpredictable plot twists (the latter being kind of a big deal for me, because I tend to predict EVERYTHING!)  Not to mention, the writers of The Vampire Diaries continue to dream up new and inventive ways to show off Paul Wesley’s insanely hot arms and Ian Somerhalder’s insanely hot face!

All right, enough of this gushy stuff!  After all, “Miss Mystic Falls” was probably the LEAST warm and fuzzy episode of the entire season!  When promos for the episode suggested the exposure of Stefan’s dark side, they weren’t kidding!  The heretofore “kindler, gentler” Salvatore wasn’t just dark this week, he was downright terrifying!

Kudos to Paul Wesley for genuinely scaring the stuffing out of me tonight.  This guy made Norman Bates look like Mister Rodgers  . . .

So, without further adieu, what do you say, we stop gabbing and BITE into this awesome episode?

A Long Time Ago, We Used to Be Friends . . .

The opening moments of “Miss Mystic Falls” were filled with awkward exchanges and a generalized sentiment of mistrust.  First there was Vampire Anna . . .

 . . . who visited Damon on the pretense of apologizing for the whole “Stefan getting chained up and tortured, two weeks ago” thing.  But really, the whole purpose of the exchange, I THINK, was to let us viewers know that the writers have decided to scrap the whole Hidey Hole Vampires storyline.  (Good Call, VD!)  Anna explains that MOST of the aforementioned vamps skipped down last week, and therefore, could not have been responsible for the recent “blood bank” robbery that is now rocking Mystic Falls.  Damon sees Anna’s speech as the plot device it clearly is, and refuses to accept her apology. YOU GO, BOY!

Dear BFF Elena,

The good news is, I’m back.  The bad news is, I’ve decided to hate your guts . . .

Hugs and kisses!


Back at school, Bonnie, who has been largely MIA of late, runs into Elena in the parking lot.  These two haven’t seen one another since that time when Elena got Bonnie and her Granny to do that spell to seal up the Hidey Hole Vampire Tomb, the performance of which actually ended up killing Poor Granny.  Oh yeah, and it didn’t even work!  The vampires ended up escaping the tomb, anyway.  Insensitive Elena apparently decided to inform Bonnie of this fact, just days after she had to bury her own grandmother!

“What?  Who WOULDN’T want to know that their favorite relative had to die to further along a failed plotline?”

Given all that, I can’t really blame Bonnie for being icy to Elena, or for hating on the Salvatore brothers for the role they played in Granny’s demise.  I CAN, however, blame her for those weird bangs she was rocking during this episode.  Not cute!  Fortunately, for the girls, Caroline . . .

 . . . interrupts this love fest, to inform Elena that both she and Caroline are part of the Mystic Falls Founder’s Day Court, and are to compete in the “Miss Mystic Falls” pageant this year.  Elena had completely forgotten about the event, having only signed up for it to please her now-dead adoptive Mommy.

Meanwhile, Creepy Uncle John . . .

 . . . blackmails Damon.  Telling him that he will expose the Salvatore brothers as vampires UNLESS Damon agrees to help Creepy Uncle John find some weird ” invention” that a vampire stole from his ancestor, back during Civil War times.  Who stole the “invention,” you ask?  Vampire Pearl, of course!

As if poor Damon wasn’t having a crappy enough day, he returns home to find Stefan (despite his claims of being clean) leaning ravenously over an entire freezer, filled with blood stolen from the local blood bank!  Not cool!  Stefan, of course, promises Damon that he has everything “under control.”  However, when Elena calls to ask him to act as her escort for the pageant, he blatantly lies to her about his “drinking” — a very un-Stefan like thing to do.  Later, at school, Stefan comes very close to eating a teen with a bloody knee, and even attacks Alaric . . .

 . . . when the latter accidentally gets in his way.

The Thrill of Almost Touching, The Agony of Almost Eating . . .

Moments before the Mystic Falls pageant is set to begin, Damon, who has become convinced that Stefan’s new addiction will put them all at risk, informs Elena that Stefan is still consuming human blood.  When Stefan arrives on the scene, Elena confronts him about his lies.  Stefan responds by getting all pissy and wall-punchy . . . He then runs away, like a little bitch, leaving Elena to fend for herself during the pageant ceremonies . . .

“So, I’ve been behaving like a TOTAL ASS throughout this entire episode.  So, what?   I still look super sexy with my shirt off.  And NO ONE can take that away from me!”

When it comes time for Elena to be escorted at the pageant, Damon jumps in at the last minute to be her Knight and Shining Vampire.  And even though we all knew that this was going to happen, from watching the previews, I’m quite certain that the entire female VD watching population SQUEALED with joy when he appeared at the end of that staircase. 

Stefan’s bad behavior these past few episodes, has only further illustrated how much of a better match Damon is for Elena.  Need more proof?  Just check out the sultry and longing looks these two give one another during the “first dance” A.K.A “the prey circling, animal mating ritual.”  When Elena performs this “ritual” with Stefan during rehearsals, it seems stiff and awkward.  With Damon, it is PURE SEX!

“What?  Did you think I WASN’T going to find some excuse to include this picture in my recap AGAIN?  You clearly don’t know me at all . . .”

Despite all this sexiness, Elena actually DIDN’T become Miss Mystic Falls.  Caroline did .  . .

 . . . which was nice, because she CLEARLY wanted it so much more than Elena did.  However, it makes me worried for her, because Elena usually beats her at everything

Have you ever had someone who was always really nasty to you, and then, all the sudden, they started acting really nice?  So, you figured you must be DYING of some disease you didn’t know about, because that would be the ONLY way to rationally explain this person’s sudden change in behavior?   This is kind of how I think Caroline should feel about the world . . .  Seeing as VD is set to have two additional major deaths prior to the conclusion of Season 1, if I were Caroline, I would be getting myself on that All-Vervain diet, STAT!

Back in Whiny Bitch Land, Hungry Stefan is still brooding over his recent fight with Elena, when he encounters, pageant contestant, Amber, innocently catching some air.  Stefan forcefully drags Amber into the woods with him.  He then compels her to stand still and act blissfully calm, as he describes, emotionlessly, and in graphic detail, his overwhelming desire to rip her neck open and devour her whole .  . . 

Awww!  How Sweet!

 . . . and I’m thinking, “This is Stefan!  He’s not ACTUALLY going to bite her.” 

Stefan then compels Amber to run, and she does.  And I think, “Phew!”

But then . . . Stefan does his fast Running Man Vampire thing, and HE BITES HER!  Not just a little, either.  Stefan bites Amber right on her carotid artery.  You know . . . that part of your neck, which, if it bleeds, makes you . . . like . . . DIE . . . and stuff.  Fortunately, it’s DAMON TO THE RESCUE!

UNFORTUNATELY, Stefan throws Damon INTO A TREE and KNOCKS HIM OUT!  But then Bonnie appears, out of no where, and does that creepy, possessed, eyes-rolled-back in her head thing, she likes to do, every once in a while, on this show.  Suddenly, Stefan gets this really bad headache (from looking at Bonnie’s bad bangs?).  So, he lets go of Amber, in search of some Vampire-Sized Advil . . .

Later that evening, Stefan and Elena fight over his addiction, and Stefan THROWS ELENA AGAINST A WALL!  Elena hugs Stefan, telling him that everything is going to be all right. And, just when I’m thinking I’ve walked in on a “Bad After-School Special About an Abusive Relationships” . . .

 . . .Elena STABS STEFAN IN THE BACK!!!!! 

Then Damon magically appears. 

He helps Elena carry an unconscious, and, slightly evil, Stefan (who, I hate to say it, STILL looks kind of sexy, wearing that now, appropriately-titled, “wife beater”) . . .

 . . . into a sort of “holding pen,” where they will undoubtedly attempt to force him into Human Blood Withdrawal.  (Poor Stefan!  Always tied up or incarcerated, it seems . . . both in the books and on TV).  Damon offers to take Elena home, but she refuses.  In the final moments of the episode, the pair sit together in silence, forced to endure the suffering of the man they both love . . .

In Other News . . .

1) Jeremy reconnected with Anna (and, like Bonnie, got a kind of sucky-looking 90’s era haircut . . )

2) Pearl and Damon teamed up against Creepy Uncle John (hereinafter “CUJ”).  To cement their bond, Pearl handed over to Damon the “invention”  CUJ was looking for.  Surprise, surprise!   It appears to be YET ANOTHER magical piece of jewelry . . . The only difference here, is that no one has any clue what this one is actually supposed to DO!

That’s all for now, VDers!  Tune in next week, when Elena and Damon become overwhelmed with passion for one another and start making out hardcore on the staircase of the Salvatore home. 

OK, OK, I’m lying . . . for NOW . . . but IT’S COMING.  I CAN FEEL IT!


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10 responses to “Dr. Bloodsucking Psychopath and Mr. Congeniality – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries “Miss Mystic Falls”

  1. imaginarymen

    I know I say this every week but how, HOW does this show manage to top itself each damn week?!? Ever since it came back from the winter hiatus it has been blowing it out of the damn park each time. I can’t even believe the awesomeness.

    Stuff that isn’t as important: totally agree that Bonnie’s bangs suck but her reaction to Elena and the Salvatores, and her “making the choice” was so realistic and believable – I couldn’t believe it was happening in a Cheesy Teen Drama when normally the protagonists BFF would just jump right back in and cheerlead for the protagonist. This is a huge HUGE blow for Elena, who is having to face some consequences for her Salvatore loving ways.

    I am so very happy to legally lust on VampJer and not feel all creepy about it. I think his reaction to The Truth seems kinda subdued – so I hope it plays out more. Also Anna looked very pretty and is not annoying me as much

    Uncle John and his thing-a-ma-jig. I want him to stay around just so we can have scenes were Damon threatens to rip his arm off and take his stupid ring! You GO DAMON!! Also Damon’s line to Pearl about “I don’t know what it is, but I don’t want him to have it” seriously CMU.

    On to the good stuff: HOLY SH*T STEFAN!!! I did not believe at ALL that he would bite Amber. I totally thought it would be a TV cop-out and he’d battle his demons, or he’d get caught, or stopped by someone. But no – not only did he do it but he delivered the most chilling, creepy – totally unexpected speech about WHAT he wanted to do, and HOW he wanted to do it. Damn.

    The parallel of the blood lust = alcoholism/drug addiction was a nice twist to a show that is about friggin’ vampires. I totally thought it was Damon screeching into school in the sassy sports car, that it was Stefan in that strange, forced sort of chipper manner was the first sign stuff was OFF. I like that Elena could sort of see that, but her desire to believe him and believe he was better seemed to shove that doubt away for a time.

    I also was surprised, and gratified – that Elena believed Damon and didn’t defend Stefan to the hilt. I am in love with any sort of plot device that pairs up those two. The longer Stefan is down for the count, and the more they have to work together for him – the better a triangle this will make. It will be more believable, less contrived because there will be a building of Elena seeing both brothers in new and unexpected ways. I am glad Williamson seems to have learned from his anvilicious “Dawson good! Pacey bad!” storytelling ways!

    I give Paul Wesley MASSIVE kudos for this ep – he really nailed all of it – the fakey “I’m good!” stuff, the struggling, the want, the loathing battling the need and desire. The last scene w/ Elena was crackling – I wanted to yell at her “when he says ‘don’t touch me’ and ‘don’t come near me’ LISTEN TO HIM!!” That she was trying to get him to come to her, not to be all doormatty and forgiving, but to LURE him into the plan – holy cow, that was unexpected and like you, I was glad we weren’t going down some sort of “afterschool special” avenue.

    (Plus the sight of Damon strolling in w/ that loose collar was nothin’ to complain about 😉

    And the Dance – that was all we built it up to be and MORE! The previews – and our knowledge of Damon – made me think that he sort of tricked his way into escorting her for some end to benefit him. That he did it to cover for Stefan and save her the embarrassment – Oh, Damon! You DO have a heart beating somewhere under that sexy sculpted chest of yours!!

    Those two have some crazy damn chemistry and at first it was about what was up w/ Stefan, but did you notice that seemed to slip away and they got caught up in the actual dance? That was very sexy. And I’ll admit it, when they went from the not-touching to him grabbing her into the hold I SQUEALED like the 14 YO girl I totally am (meanwhile actual 14 YO girls are like “Oh grow UP!!”)

    It is such a twist to have the “good brother” be the really bad vampire. I wonder if Stefan was this way when he first turned and that’s why he tried so hard to control himself for so long. That Damon is now the controlled, sensible one is just brilliant. Damon is certainly trying to keep Stefan out of trouble to protect them – but he clearly has other motives. Otherwise he wouldn’t stay down in the basement hall with Elena (beside the facts he luuuurves her. Sorry 14 YO girl won’t shut up tonight!)

    I am just beside myself with love for this show. I can’t stand that I won’t see next week’s episode till the following week. I can’t stand that there will only be one more episode after that. I can’t stand a summer without the Salvatore Brothers.

    Knowing the roll this show has been on, I predict a killer cliffhanger that will keep me following the Ian Somerhalder and Kevin Williamson feeds on Twitter like the total stalker I am!!

    • You are SO right about Stefan! His creepy speech to Amber was really what cemented his TOTAL turn to the darkside for me. Compare that to all the times that Damon compelled, bit and/or killed someone. (I can’t believe that I am about to defend Damon’s mass murdering tendencies , but I TOTALLY am.)

      Damon never toys with his prey. He always does what he needs to do in a relatively quick and painless manner — like, for example, how he handled Vicki and (I can’t believe I’m saying this, that old lady with the Hidey Hole Vamps). He never seems to really take any joy in a what he does (well, he shows no regret either . . . but still).

      Stefan was really prolonging Amber’s suffering. He seemed to enjoy the fact that, because she was compelled, he could describe what he was doing to her in detail, and she couldn’t leave. Plus, when he DID finally bite her, he had COMPELLED her to BE AFRAID, which made it even worse!

      Even when he was trying to act like everything was OK, Stefan acted like this really dark sinister person throughout the episode. He was dark and sinister in a way that was different and more disconcerting than Damon’s darkness. That end scene — right before Elena stabs him with the vervain — where he breaks down crying, is the only time during the entire hour that we see the Stefan we have known since episode 1. That was what made the scene so heartbreaking. You know how much it killed Elena to do that. In that way, it was a very Buffy / Angel moment . . .

      Paul Wesley REALLY DOES deserve an Emmy for his performance. It was a challenging episode. And I could see how a lesser actor could have OVERDONE it, and made it look cartoonish, or UNDERPLAYED the dark side, in hopes of keeping the character likeable. Wesley walked the fine line brilliantly!

      Based on many of the recaps and comments I have read, it seems that a lot of people assume that Damon ratted on Stefan and took his place at the pageant, to get closer to Elena and break up her and Stefan. Maybe it’s because I’m just too Pro Damon, but I’m with you. I disagree with these folks. At first, when Damon first met Elena, getting her away from Stefan was just a game for him. But things began to change when he took her to Georgia. They are friends now. He cares about her, AND his brother, even though he denies it to himself.

      So, I think Damon’s actions during the episode were mostly altruistic. His warmth toward Elena during the dance exhibits that perfectly. If anything, I think Damon’s rationale for telling Elena about Stefan, had more to do with protecting him and Stefan from exposure by Uncle John and the Council, than STEALING Elena from Stefan.

      That being said, I CAN’T WAIT for these two to bond, and for Damon’s at-first unrequited love for Elena to grow . . . And now that they will be spending so much time under the same roof . . . 😉

      Thank the lord we will have True Blood to watch soon after the VD finale! Otherwise, I might go through some serious VAMPIRE WITHDRAWAL and go all Dark Stefan, myself this summer.

      Thanks again for bettering my recap with your always brilliant insights :). You give my pithy and mildly clever synopses depth and gravitas they would NEVER have otherwise . . .

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  3. While I can’t agree that Damon and Elena are a better match, I love the post and comments. They are fun. Maybe this Stefan is scarier than Damon because he’s both more out of control and more unnervingly calm (when not freaking out). Damon makes a joke out of almost everything. Stefan was a little funny with the freaking hungry thing… but he mostly just made me want to cover my eyes. Damon does toy with his prey sometimes – Caroline, Vicki – but not in as creepy a way. I don’t know.

  4. Ooookay and sorry to post twice but I recently thought of Stefan’s comment about how the near touch is overrated. Not only is it contracted by Damon and Elena’s dance, but it also possibly foreshadows Stefan’s inability to not, er, touch. Or indulge.

    • Hi Noelle! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I actually hadn’t seen this episode in quite awhile. So it was fun to revisit its complexity and sheer awesomeness through your insightful commentary.

      Although the entire first season of The Vampire Diaries was excellent in my opinion (Don’t worry, I won’t spoil you, if you haven’t watched it all yet), I definitely feel like it really started hitting its stride around the time that Miss Mystic Falls aired.

      Am I to assume, based on your comments, that you are more Pro Stefan / Elena then Damon / Elena? 🙂 You’re still among friends here, so not to worry. In fact, I think one of the really excellent things about how this show is written is that the love triangle is very solid and complex.

      Too often on shows of this genre, one of the main suitors is completely lame, making the other guy the obvious choice for the female protagonist’s affections. Here, both Stefan and Damon are undeniably sexy and a solid match for Elena in their own way. A good case can be made as to why either one of them would be the better choice for her. (I just happen to be Damon biased, myself, as you might have guessed ;).)

      I do see what you mean about Damon toying with his prey too, particularly in the earlier episodes of the show, before his “softer side” became apparent. I recently rewatched those early episodes where he basically made Caroline his slave puppet, and drove Vicki batty (no pun intended). Having done so, I was surprised that this was the same Damon we’ve come to know (and love?) by the end of the season.

      But I agree with you that, even in those “torture” scenes, Damon always compelled and drank from humans with a sort of snarky good humor that made the audience less frightened of him, than they would be otherwise. Although Stefan will occasionally insert a dry one liner or two into conversation, he’s a pretty serious guy, which I guess makes him a SERIOUS vampire too.

      Stefan has spent all this time trying to fight his true nature, while Damon embraced his. That inner conflict and “seriousness” was what made Blood Lusty Stefan so much more frightening than Damon could ever be.

      And I LOVE the analogy you drew between the non-touching “mating dance” at the pageant, and Stefan’s initial refusal to indulge in human blood! I never would have made that connection. But, now that you mention it, it makes a lot of sense.

      Thanks again for providing me with new insight into this fabulous episode of one of my favorite new shows . . .

  5. I am more Stefan/Elena, which is strange, since I usually don’t go for the boring romantic heroes. Plenty of male love interests are controlling jerks. Stefan just seems so genuine. Still, I acknowledge that Damon rocks. I felt that The Vampire Diaries sagged a bit in the middle (I still enjoyed it) but did indeed kick it up towards the end. Love your references to “mating dances” and “Whiny Bitch Land.”

  6. Kate

    Hey. Please help me. I need the picture when elena is in the blue dress . ( Miss Mystic Falls ) . I apologize for mistakes 😛 . My e-mile : kasiia14@op.pl . Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Kate! I sent you an e-mail including a direct link to the picture you requested. Just so you know, if there is ever a picture on this site, or any site, that you want to save to your computer, all you have to do is:

      1) Right click on the picture
      2) Scroll down to “Save Picture As” and click on that.
      3) A dialogue box will come up that will allow you to save the picture directly to your computer.

      I hope that helps! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! And I hope you enjoy the picture!

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