The True Blood Minisodes are HERE!

Can’t wait until Sunday, June 13th, for your True Blood fix?  Apparently, neither can HBO, because they’ve decided to release six standalone “minisodes” for the show, before the season even begins!  The shorts will be written by the main man, Alan Ball, himself.  These “minisodes” were not SUPPOSED to premiere, until May 2nd on HBO, as per this promo . . .

HOWEVER . . . the first minisode, which features Eric and Pam and some REALLY BAD DANCING, hit the Internet TODAY!  And, would you believe, those nice folks at HBO are ACTUALLY letting me embed it?  Oh, how I heart them!  Enjoy!

Cute, right?  You know what would have made it even better, though?  Eric in a bathtub . . .

In other news, fans of Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries, the novels on which the True Blood series is based, will have one more book to read come May 4th, when Dead in the Family, the tenth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, is released worldwide.

Thirsty for info on the book?  You can read the first chapter of it over at Charlaine Harris’s website here.  Oh, and here’s another cool tidbit.  For those of you, like me, who like to read new books, but are generally too cheap to shell out the big bucks for the hardcover versions, is offering a pretty sweet deal.  As it turns out, if you preorder this book online from them, you can get it for $9.99, in HARDCOVER, no less!

You can find the Amazon link here.

You see?  It’s not always about snarky recaps and shirtless men, here at TV Recappers.  Sometimes I save you money, and bring you late breaking news . . . 

Oh, who am I kidding?  It’s ALWAYS really just about the Shirtless Men!


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11 responses to “The True Blood Minisodes are HERE!

  1. imaginarymen

    Oh Kwanten – you have the Best Body in the History of EVER


    • No kidding. I’m pretty sure Ryan Kwanten was the man on which Michelangelo based David . . . His proportions are of Greek God-level perfection. He’s not to large and steroidy, or too small and scrawny. He’s JUST RIGHT!

      The funny thing is, I distinctly remember Kwanten from when he used to be on that Summerland show, and he wasn’t anywhere near as droolworthy then, as he is now. Living amongst vampires sure has been good to him!

  2. i keep hearing about this show but i’ve never seen it. i have to ask for your expert opinion: should i be watching this show?

    • True Blood is trashy good fun (with lots of sexy men)! Admittedly, it’s a bit “strange,” but as a fellow Big Love and Lost fan, I’m sure you can handle the weirdness aspect, without being turned off. 😉

      I’d say it’s definitely worth a try. They will be replaying the second season of the show in May on HBO. But I actually liked the first one a lot better, so if you could get your hands on Season 1, that would be a great place to start.

      The third book of the Southern Vampire Series, on which this season will be loosely based, was one of my favorites of the series. So I have good feeling about Season 3 of True Blood!

      I think I’m going to keep posting the minisodes as I find them, if that helps at all. Definitely let me know if you decide to watch. I’d love to have another fellow True Blood fan to blog with, and discuss all the bloody trashtastic-ness of it all!

  3. Amazon Annie

    My vote is to watch it Lola. I’ve read all the Charlene Harris books that the show is based on. The books were alot of fun. The series is fun too. I’d find the old episodes so you can see the relationships between the characters. By the way, I just read one of KJewls novels. I liked her blog so much that I bought “Hollywood Warlock. It was great. I couldn’t put it down. I’d watch a series based on that book in a heartbeat and I have some ideas about who I’d love to see as the four hot brothers (shirtless of course). KJewls congratulations it was just great, once I got started I couldn’t put it down. I’m gonna buy the next one right away. Thanks for the fun! I’d love to find out who you would pick to play the Warlock Brothers. Great story! I recommend it to all your readers.

    • Thanks Amazon Annie! I’m blushing. People are going to think I paid you to write that. Glad you enjoyed the book. I appreciate your reading, and your support.

  4. okay then! i am going to rent it from netflix (i asked a few other people & they all said the exact same thing)

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