Would the REAL Charlotte Lewis please stand up? (A Tale of Mistaken Identity, Blog-style)

I don’t tend to air my personal stuff on this blog.  However, I thought my fellow bloggers might find this tale to be particularly amusing.  You might have even experienced something like it for yourselves.  So, I decided to share it . . .

 So, I was browsing through today’s blog statistics, and noticed they were abnormally high.  This is great, right?  “You should be happy,” you say.

 But me, being the pessimistic person I am, I was a bit skeptical of my sudden “burst in popularity,” and decided to research a bit further.  I found out that the post that was raking in most of my hits was, oddly enough, a months old recap for the television show Lost, entitled,  “Keep Your Shirt off Sawyer!”

Now, granted, old as the post may be, it has ALWAYS been one of my more popular posts.  And, while, I would like to think, it is because the blogosphere truly values my “mad recapping skills,” I think it actually has more to do with the post’s slightly bawdy title . . . Oh, and did I mention it contains A LOT of sexy Josh Holloway as Sawyer pictures?  Like, for example, this one . . .

 . . . which I actually think I used about 3 or 4 times in the same post, because I liked it so much.  And this one . . .

 . . . featuring Josh Holloway as Sawyer, and Ken Leung as his bromantic buddy, Miles.  The above picture may not show as much skin as the first, but it’s still hot, in a homoerotic, Brokeback Mountain, sort of way.  Then of course, there was this one . . .

I have three words for you . . . BEAR . . . CAGE . . . SEX.

Now, while I know you all love Sawyer, that still didn’t explain HOW MUCH more popular this particular post was today, as opposed to say .  . . after the Lost episode I was writing about actually aired.  So, I decided to dig a little deeper.  And what I noticed was that an INSANE number of people found my blog today by searching for “Charlotte Lewis,” and a very good number of those searchers, clicked on this picture . . .

 . . . and this picture . . .

Both of which, of course, feature the actress Rebecca Mader, who played the now-dead Lost character named  . . .  you guessed it . . . CHARLOTTE LEWIS!

So, at this point, I got REALLY excited!

You see, I remembered that next week’s upcoming installment of Lost, the penultimate of the series, is entitled “What They Died For.”  And based on this article featured in Entertainment Weekly, I deduced that the episode might include some very intriguing island flashbacks of some heretofore dead Losties (including Charlotte Lewis), and explain . . . drumroll please . . . “what they died for.”  And THAT got me to thinking that SOMEONE on the World Wide Web had recently released some interesting information about the Charlotte Lewis character, and her upcoming Lost appearance, that I hadn’t heard about yet.

So, being the nosy nelly I am, I opened up my computer search engine, and, as many of YOU obviously did today, I typed in . . . wait for it . . . “Charlotte Lewis.”

The first article that popped up in my search was one entitled Charlotte Lewis claims she was sexually abused by Roman Polanski.

Huh?  Roman Polanski sexually abused a dead fictional character on Lost? 

Ooh, you’re gonna be sorry, Mr. Polanski, the Smoke Monster doesn’t take kindly to that . . .

But seeing as the above scenario is highly unlikely (But wouldn’t it be cool, if it were true?).  I decided to actually READ the internet article.

Shocking, I know.  Anyway, it turns out that this is the REAL Charlotte Lewis  .  . .

(Photo “borrowed” from Stir Online Magazine)

Apparently, back in the ’80s, this Charlotte Lewis was kind of a hottie.  She had a few bit parts in movies, and appeared in Playboy a bunch of times . . .

She actually looks a bit like actress Tia Carrerre, no?

So, apparently, according to Charlotte Lewis . . .

Yeah . . . that one.

Polanski sexually abused her, when she was only 16, while the two were on the set of Polanski’s film Pirates . . .

“ARRRRR!  Walk the plank . . . in MY PANTS!”

 . . . now maybe I’m wrong, and this was a fabulous film, but it sure looks lame from that poster.  (Not that making a lame film, is any excuse for allegedly raping teens, because it’s NOT!)

But what’s interesting is that, without researching my blog stats today, I might never have learned this important piece of information.  So, thank you WordPress!  Oh, and to all those blog searchers (that are clearly better informed than I am), who mistakenly stumbled upon my blog, while looking for information on Roman Polanski and non-Lost character Charlotte Lewis, my sincere apologies.  Here, let me give you something, to make it up to you . . .

I assume that all is forgiven now, RIGHT?

(Oh, and if anyone else out there has a fun “mistaken identity” blog tale, please feel free to stop by and share . . .)


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3 responses to “Would the REAL Charlotte Lewis please stand up? (A Tale of Mistaken Identity, Blog-style)

  1. max

    I discovered that some Polanski supporters were using SCRIPTED comments where they aren’t EXACTLY the same but are obviously from a SCRIPT (GHOST WRITTEN ;). SO I went further and searched for:

    Google:[ “Charlotte Lewis popped” ] which was used by a ‘Bud’ and a ‘Maggie’ in the same Blog.

    So then I found that this same comment defending Polanski was used in other blogs, all just slightly different, but UNDER ALL THESE NAMES:
    Maggy May

    GUESS WHAT?! Here in this FRENCH based blog that showed up with the google query:
    the French version has Jasmine, Juniper and Madeline all praising Polanski and his lawyers, AND Bud commented in the English translated version.

    So these obvious frauds are one of just a HANDFUL of appologists on that site, goes to show that it is true about the general population of BOTH COUNTRIES; we want Polanski to finish this by SHOWING UP BACK IN COURT, get his sentence, which we know will be minimal, and be done with it.

    The problem is Polanski is fooled into thinking that the elitists supporting him are the majority. Not even close.
    If you look up SOCIOPATH it puts Polanski’s actions then, and even now, in perspective.
    He just doesn’t get it this whole ‘guilty’ idea since he has no mental concept for EMPATHY or GUILT.

    So Jasmin, or Juniper, or Madeline, or Bud, or Maggy May . . . OR POLANSKI HIMSELF

    Suck it up and APPEAR TO APPOLOGIZE for the awful things you did to ALL THE WOMEN you raped over the years (Kim Kattrall might be the excepetion, given that she is BHL ‘friend’ and he ‘introduced’ the POLE to the thrice divorced SEX AND THE CITY actor, and author of three SEX books, so that is how a second rate TV star gets into a major studio film directed by Polanski!


  2. CL

    Eh hehehe… and guess why I clicked on this post… and my name might just happen to be (drumroll please) Charlotte Lewis

    • Hey Charlotte Lewis! That is so cool! You just added another layer of mistaken identity to my “Mistaken Identity Blog Post.” Now, you wouldn’t happen to know Roman Polanski, would you? 😉 Just kidding! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for making me giggle.

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