True Blood Minisode 4 – Sam and All His “Tools”

It’s TUESDAY!  And you know what that means, fellow fangbangers!  It’s time for HBO to on purpose accidentally leak its most recent minisode from the Drop of True Blood series!  Just in case you haven’t already guessed, based on the title of this post, or the above poster, this one stars Bon Temps’ favorite shape shifter, Sam Merlotte (played by the adorable Sam Trammell).  And when I say stars, I really mean it, because he is literally the only “human” that appears during the entire 2:37 running time!  Oh, and did I mention he takes off his shirt?

You’ve gotta love Sam, and his MASSIVE . . .ummmm . . .  Belt Buckle (What did you think I was going to say? ;)). 

It looks like something you’d win at a WWF wrestling match.

I have to say, this one might be my favorite minisode so far.  Admittedly, I sort of giggled uncomfortably for the first two minutes, wondering where exactly they were going with this.  (The OVERLY dramatic background music didn’t help.)  But the payoff at the end sold it for me in a BIG way . . .

 For those of you who haven’t seen Season 2 yet, this scene probably isn’t going to make a whole lot of sense.  However, those of you who have, will definitely recall the “thing” in Sam’s trunk.  (There I go again with my sexual euphemisms . . .)

Let’s roll the clip, shall we?

(Special thanks go out to ShirtlessLocke for posting this!)

Territory?  Consider yourself MARKED!

BTW, if you’ve missed any of the previous True Blood minisodes, you can find direct links to them all here. (Links to the first and second minisodes are at the bottom of that post.)

True Blood premieres Sunday, June 13th at 9 p.m.  BE THERE, or Sam will pee on you!



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7 responses to “True Blood Minisode 4 – Sam and All His “Tools”

  1. Buddy

    why are there always guys with no shirts on? How about some equal time for your male readers. Love your blog by the way!

    • Thanks for the blog love, Buddy! And touche on the whole shirtless thing. 🙂 I guess there are two main reasons my blog is filled with shirtless men, and skimpy on shirtless women:

      1) I’m a girl, who PREFERS shirtless men; 😉
      2) I’m pretty sure if I had a whole bunch of topless chick pics on here, my blog would be classified as porn (and my Mommy wouldn’t like that).

      However, since you asked nicely . . . YOU might enjoy this vid, taken from a scene during Season 2 of True Blood . . . I’m a straight girl, and it turned ME on! (BTW thanks to horngods for posting this one!)

  2. Buddy

    OK, now we have equal treatment, thanks kjewls

    • See? They spent a WHOLE season battling that maenad thing. And Sam had that HUGE showdown with her at the end. When all this time, all he really had to do to defeat her, was lift his leg and PEE on her!

      It just goes to show you that, sometimes, the simplest solution IS best! 😉 (Even if that “solution” involves taking a piss on your ex . . .)

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