True Blood Season 3: Anatomy of an AWESOME New Promo!

I’m with you, Lafayette!  That’s how I felt, after I watched this video TOO!

If you’re a True Blood fan, and you’ve stopped by this blog, during the past few weeks or so, you know that I have been getting particular joy out of “leaking” the Drop of True Blood minisodes, on here, about a week before they air live on HBO.  What you DON’T know, is that I have also been trolling YouTube for solid promos for the show’s upcoming third season.  Unfortunately, the ones I’d been finding, up to this point, had been a bit, forgive the expression, “bloodless,” lasting, on average, about 35 seconds, and showing little more than a teasing scene or two. 

So, you can imagine how THRILLED I was, when I was randomly flipping channels this evening, and, entirely by accident, came across this gem . . .

(Special thanks go out to TrueBloodItalia for posting this, allowing embedding, and, basically, making my night!)

Color me impressed!  HBO gave us A LOT to work with here, especially considering that the season premiere is still about three weeks away.

Let’s analyze, shall we?

:5 – We open with a far away shot of an unidentified shirtless man.  I’m going to take a shot in the dark here, and guess that it’s Vampire Bill.   As Shakira once said, “The pects don’t lie.”  Or, was it hips?  I don’t know.  It was definitely something about a hot body part telling the truth . . .

:14 – Eric to Sookie:  “You’re so blinded by your obsession with Bill Compton, that you are going to get yourself killed.”

Translation: “I love you, Sookie!  Toss that Old Dead Windbag to the curb and give a tall Viking Vampire some hot lovin’!”

OK, maybe that translation was a bit of a stretch.  But I’m a Sookie / Eric Shipper all the way!  And I was HIGHLY satisfied with all the screen time that these two had together in this trailer!  I mean, you have to LOVE Eric Northman.  He’s cocky!  He’s confident!  He does that seductive “eye thing,” when he’s trying to infuriate / seduce Sookie . . .

In short, he reminds me VERY MUCH, of another television vampire that I adore . . .

:16 – Eric to Sookie:  “You’re life is too valuable to be thrown away!”  (OK.  I didn’t even HAVE to translate that one.  It was Eric/Sookie Shipper Friendly, all on its OWN!)

:21 – Here, we get our first shot of new True Blood character, Franklin Mott, played by James Frain . . .

The casting call sheet described him as an “older vampire and love interest for Tara” . . .

That description is consistent with a character of the same name, who appears in the third book of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, Club Dead, on which this season’s True Blood is purportedly based.  However, based on the few scenes I have seen involving this character, my impression is that the show will offer a darker interpretation of Franklin Mott than the one depicted in the book.  The scenes between him and Tara, seem less like love and more like rape / torture.   Tara, honey, I love you, but you have some BAD taste in men and friends (cough, Maryanne from Season 2, cough)!

:22 – Case in point, that was some UNSEXY sex, if you ask me!

:23 – Don’t you hate it when you’re in some backwoods town, and some dirty hillbilly puts a huge shotgun in your face?  Because it happens to me ALL THE TIME . . .

WOW!  Does that screencap look 3D, or what? 

:25 – 27 –  It looks like this little scene was our introduction to two more new True Blood characters, namely Sam’s little brother, Tommy Merlotte, played by Marshall Allman .  . .

 .  . . and Mommy Merlotte, played by J. Smith Cameron . . .

These two DIRTY-UP nicely, don’t they?  Who knew levelheaded Sam had such Trailer Park Trashy roots? 

:33 – This is what happens when Baby Vampire’s Makers go away!  It makes Good Vamps go Bad!  (Isn’t that the name of a Cobra Starship song?)

:34 – Ahhh, Pam!  Same trademark Laura Bush-style wardrobe, same snarky attitude.  Kudos to the producers for wising up and FINALLY making Kristin Bauer a series regular . . .

:37 –  Eric to Sookie: “Invite me in!”

Ooh, la la!  Close talking!  Intense looks!  He’s trying to rescue her from WEREWOLVES!  My Relation-Shipper senses are all a-tingly!

:50 –  This exchange between Sookie and her brother Eric?  Comedic Gold!  Just look how EXCITED Jason gets, when faced with the possibility that Santa might actually be real  . . .

I heart Ryan Kwanten!

: 57 – WOAH!  Who’s that slut rubbing up on Vampire Bill?

:59 – OK, boys, this is a classic example of what NOT to do when kissing a girl!  Check out Tara’s look of utter revulsion, if you don’t believe me . . .

1:06 – Welcome back, Andy Bellefleur!  Have you lost weight?

More Andy and Jason antics in Season 3  = EVEN MORE COMEDIC GOLD!

1:14 – Eric to Sookie:  “You’re no good to Bill or to me, if you’re dead.”  (Alexander Skarsgard looks good, even when his mouth is caked with nasty blood and guts.  Now THAT’S the mark of a REAL MAN!) 

1:19 – Here’s our first shot of Joe Manganiello, as Werewolf Alcide Herveaux.

Did you notice how he totally looked Sookie up and down, as he said “Eric Northman sent me to look after you.”  (Sheesh, is there ANY man on this show who DOESN’T want Sookie . . . aside from her brother, of course ?)  It looks like these two will be headed on a road trip to Jackson, Mississippi to “collect Bill.”  And we all KNOW that naughty things have a tendency to happen on ROAD TRIPS . . . 😉

1:23 – Holy, Biker Bar, Batman!  Did I accidentally flip over to Sons of Anarchy on FX, and not realize it?

1:31 – Meet Big Gay Vampire King of Mississipi, Russel Edgington, played by Denis O’Hare.  Observe the most unattractive facial expression on the planet . . .

1:32  – Awwww, puppy!

Come on, those CGI graphics are WAY TOO CUTE to be a werewolf!

1:37 – Here’s a shot of Bad Ass Werewolf Biker Dude, Coot, played by Grant Bowler . . .

Nice abs!

1:39 – Speaking of abs, Vampire Bill .  . . have you been working out?

1:41 – Stop, Drop, And ROLL, Random Burning Man!

1:42 – Do I really need to explain my inclusion of this picture into this post?  I didn’t think so . . .

1:43 – This picture goes out to my new blog pal, Buddy, who says I ONLY show Shirtless Men pictures on My Blog . . .

I’m pretty sure this is ANOTHER dream sequence .  . . The question is:  Is it Sookie’s dream, or Eric’s, or BOTH?

1:47  – Speaking of “Santa,” I’m pretty sure Christmas came early this year.  After all, I was able to get a screencap of THIS blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot from the promo!

1:48 – Four out of five dentists recommend flossing, at least once a day . . .

Vampire Bill just ate the fifth dentist . . .

1:55 – Bill to Sookie: “Do not try to find me.  I do not wish to be found!”  (Bill, sweetie, with men like Eric and Alcide on her side, why would she even WANT to find you?  Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Compton . . .)

There you have it,  the True Blood extended promo in a nutshell.  Lots of new characters and werewolves, a TON of shirtlessness (both male and female), a boatload of sex, some blood, and MORE than a handful of Sookie and Eric moments, to boot . . . What could be bad?

True Blood premieres Sunday, June 13th at 9 p.m. on HBO,  be there or . . .  well .  . . having seen THIS trailer . . . do you REALLY need any MORE reasons to watch?


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16 responses to “True Blood Season 3: Anatomy of an AWESOME New Promo!

  1. yeah you should never say to your gf: “don’t try to find me, i don’t want to be found” if she’s spent all season hanging out with Mr. Sex on a Stick; no matter how many ab crunches you did over the summer break.
    also, poor Tara! i just want her & Sam to get together and call it a day.

    • I concur! 🙂 I’m sure there are those out there who will disagree with me, but Vampire Bill (New Nice Bod notwithstanding), is NO MATCH for Vampire Eric (or Jason, or Sam, or Alcide, and we don’t even know HIM yet . . . ).

      Don’t get me wrong, Bill seems like a nice enough guy and all. But he’s just . . . how do I put this kindly . . . DULL. And to be DULL and a VAMPIRE is no small feat, mind you . . .

      I too feel kind of bad for Tara. She really is the most damaged chicky on the show. And Bon Temps is FULL of damaged chickies, so that’s saying a lot! For what it’s worth, in the books she eventually finds happiness . . . here’s hoping the show sticks around long enough to give it to her on the small screen too.

      Awesome trailer, right? I can’t believe how much intel they gave us. June 13th, here I COME!

  2. Amazon Annie

    Thanks for the great sneak peak KJewls. It was awesome. I’ve read all the Sookie books, except for the newest one which just came out, and I’m really looking forward to the new season. It starts 4 days after my bday! That’s a good birthday present. I just hope they stick a bit closer to the book. I thought they gave much too much time to the maenad…who was merely a few pages in the book….and had everyone dancing nude, sporting weird eyes, and eating brains for weeks in the series.

    As far as the male characters, I agree with you. I’d pick any of Sookie’s other suitors in a heartbeat before Bill Compton. Even in the books I didn’t get the “hot” attraction she had for him…except that he was the first vampire she met…and you know what they say…you never forget your first vampire….or is that your first love. well….whatever! I vote for Eric!

    Thanks so much for finding this preview. It really whets my appetite for the new season.
    I’ll be tuning in to it and to your blog!

    • You get to spend your birthday with hot vampires, werewolves, and Jason Stackhouse? I’m highly jealous! 😉

      I recently finished reading Dead in the Family, the tenth installment in the “Sookie Stackhouse Series.” It was OK. Better than the previous two books in the series, but not as stellar as some of its earlier books. I’d still recommend it as a fun and quick beach read, especially if you’ve read everything that came before it. It’s a great way to tide yourself over, while waiting for the new True Blood season to start . . .

      LOL about the nude dancing, weird eyes, and brain eating (Was it brains or hearts, they ate? I don’t remember). I agree that Season 2’s focus on the maenad was a bit excessive, in comparison to its minimal coverage in the book. I was OK watching Tara and Eggs get it on all the time, but the rest of the town? Not pretty . . . AT ALL!

      As I may have mentioned earlier here, Club Dead was one of my favorite Sookie books (lots of Eric / Sookie moments, the introduction of sexy Alcide, a Were-bar – What’s not to like?) So, my expectations for this Season are high. Fortunately, from the looks of this trailer, I think Alan Ball can deliver . . .

      You know what they say, “Once you go vampire, you never go back.” But I think if the writers want to keep Bill as Sookie’s main man (which they might, since the two actors are engaged to one another), they are REALLY going to have to spice up (and sex up) Mr. Compton A LOT. Because he’s got some stiff competition down there (pun intended)!

      See you June 13th! 🙂

  3. I’m so excited for this. I’m a SE shipper too, maybe we’ll get to see them getting it on this season. And I’m also hoping for more Pam, I love that biatch.

    Thank you for sharing, you made my day. xo

    • Thanks, Je ‘tadore! I’m always happy to provide you with your pre-season True Blood fix!

      Yay! I’m so happy to see there are other Sookie / Eric fans out there! Do those two have a shipper name yet? Seric? Erikie? (OK, definitely not Erikie . . . so NOT HOT!) I think we are going to have to work on this . . .

      Unlike some OTHER show’s writers (not mentioning names, but I think you know who I am talking about ;)), Alan Ball clearly cares about his fans, given all the FABULOUS Sookie / Eric scenes in this trailer.

      And is it just me, or does Eric look hotter this season than in the past? I think it’s the darker hair color, and that the makeup department FINALLY eased up a bit on the “white face.”

      I agree. Pam’s pretty awesome, both in the book and in the television series. She has some of the best lines in the whole show! (Well . . . except maybe for Jason. That intellectually challenged hottie never fails to crack me up!) 🙂

      Just a few more weeks . . . TB here we come!

  4. imaginarymen

    I almost didn’t even GET to the promo bc I couldn’t stop staring at Eric’s racerback tank in the GIF!


    This promo is all kinds of awesome and I pretty much squeeed at all the same points you did (Eric close talking, Jason stupidity, Jason/Andy hijinks). And I am beyond gratified that TB is doing us the public service of filling the Hot Shirtless Men quota for us in a Salvatore Brother-less summer!

    Can’t wait to fangirl w/ you over this season!

    • I’m with you on the racerback tank, Amy. And did you notice he’s wearing the SAME ONE in the Sookie Sex Dream Sequence screencap? Clearly this vamp has a limited wardrobe, but when it’s a wardrobe that makes him look like THAT, it’s OK by me! 🙂

      You and I always shared a single voice when it came to SQUEALING / FANGIRLING! And after TVD, I simply can’t IMAGINE watching a hot vampire show, without having you to obsess about it with after. If you weren’t already a True Blood watcher, I probably would have had to drive to your house and FORCE you to become one! 🙂

      And did you notice, the Damon Salvatore open shirt pic I not-so-subtly threw in here? Let’s consider that a passing (well, more like borrowing) of the Baton of Vampire Crush Awesomeness from one great season to another . . .

      I’m SO ready . . .

      (BTW I’m watching the Lost finale now . . . and guess who I saw . . . BOONE / IAN! HE LIVES! And he definitely did the Damon “eye thing” in his one scene, so far . . . Just saying . . .)

  5. imaginarymen

    I saw him too!! And I SQUEALED like a CHILD!!!

    I also just emailed you that KW tweeted that S2 for TVD starts tomorrow!! No time off for the writers I guess. GOOD ;-p

    Oh yes I love me some Bon Temps shenanigans. Did I tell you I was a Merlotte’s waitress for Halloween??

    At any rate I’ll be waiting feverishly late on Sunday nights/Monday mornings for your recaps so we can discuss important stuff like Eric’s shoulders, Jason’s abs, Bill’s increasing hotness – and – um – plot I guess.


    P.S. I’m not JUST about the beefcake – I did some Squeeing for Pam too!

  6. did you see this? i head it came on during the lost finale:

    • Wow, you are absolutely AWESOME for posting this here for me! Thanks so much!

      I completely missed this clip while I was watching Lost (Where the heck was I?).

      You know what’s awesome about this scene? Aside from the obvious (hot shirtless post-coital Vampire Eric bod, cool lighting, MAJOR Eric and Sookie sexual tension “Even if I want what is his”), of course. The implication that Vampire Bill gets a big F in the vampire sex department! That “stamina” line totally cracked me up!

      And something tells me, Super Slut Yvetta is going to be dancing a little funny for the next few days . . . 😉

      • imaginarymen

        I wonder if Skarsgaard’s neck gets sore from having to look down at his tiny co-stars all the time.

        If he spends the entire season shirtless or in racerback tanks – I will be a happy girl.

      • Tiny co-stars! LOL! On a positive note, from Skarsgaard’s perspective, it must be really easy for him to look down girl’s shirts, without seeming like a total perv . . .

        I can just see him having the following conversation all the time, back in high school, “No, you eyes really aren’t ‘Up Here,’ they are ‘Down There.’ So, I AM ACTUALLY looking at them! Chill out!”

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  8. kendra

    this blog post had me laughing so much! I’m not much for bill … but then again I’m not much for Sookie or Eric either -hush your growls and gasps!- I think once you dont like the actor, you dont like the character (and vice versa) and with the 40 minute interview of the cast, hearing Alexander Skarsgard talk about his previous film-Generation Kill- 9 times just killed Eric for me.

    however, I do love/lust after Sam and Jason and think Lafayette needs to be on a freakn poster that I can put on my wall that says “Bitch please” or something.

    I’m excited to see what’s going to happen to Pam (if they will think she’s distributing V) and whether or not her maker-eric- will save her, which be better! Or if they give a flashback to how she was turned, that’d me fangtastic!

    i’m most excited about Franklin Mott+Tara Thornton. The poor girl has like the worst luck and if she doesn’t go Carrie on her crazy-arse mom or if Sam and her dont hook up, i’m going to go insane with depression.. so i’m hoping Franklin will be all seductive and stuff :> mmm here’s to bad boys!!!

    Go Tara for finding a new man, even if he’s dead
    Go Sam for finding your family and someone finding Tara again
    Go Jason for believing in Santa still 😀
    Go Jason for getting your libido back
    Go Bill for not getting your ass kicked by werewolves
    Go Pam for working red pumps
    Go Away Sookie
    go Alcide for being really close to dangerously hot

    -kendra ❤

    • Hey Kendra! Thanks so much for reading, and for your awesome comments! I am beyond thrilled that the new season of True Blood has started up again! And if this trailer is any indication, it’s going to be REALLY good!

      Having watched the Ultimate Fan Experience, I can see why you’ve soured a bit on Alex S. He did seem a bit stiff during the interview. I know not every actor can be exactly like the character they play. And yet, when you REALLY like a character, you kind of hope that the two ARE alike.

      I guess that means Alex is a good actor, because Vampire Eric as a “stiff,” definitely has more personality than Alex S as a “live guy.” 🙂 (I still think he’s sexy though. What can I say? I’m a “sucker” for a hot bod. ;))

      On a more positive note, Ryan Kwanten (Jason) and Sam Trammel (Sam) were exactly as fun, funny and charming, as I hoped they would be in that interview. If you hadn’t guessed from this post, I am a MAJOR Jason Stackhouse fan! (“SANTA?”) And I am becoming more of a Sam fan, particularly after his sexy little “dream sequence” in the premiere . . . 😉

      Oooh! I would TOTALLY buy a “Bitch Please” Lafayette poster or t-shirt! Lafayette is AWESOME! Here’s hoping that this season we get to see more of that Season 1 mojo that made us all fall in love with him. (Coincidentally, I would also TOTALLY buy a “Conscience Off, Dick On!” Andy and Jason t-shirt or poster!)

      I ADORE Vampire Pam! I love her snarky one liners , her too pink lipstick, and her Barbara Bush wardrobe. In the book series, Charlaine Harris explains her back story. And you are right! I think it would make for great television!

      Poor Tara! Girlfriend has TERRIBLE taste in men! And it doesn’t look like her next beau is going to be all that much better. At least Eggs was under control of the maenad when he did evil, this Vamp seems like he is going to hurt Tara under his own free will . . .

      Her and Sam DO make a good match, big belt buckle and all. But in the book series, Tara lands ANOTHER Bon Temps hottie, that I’m personally hoping they introduce into the TV series next season ;).

      Yummy! Joe Manangiello / Alcide can “look after me” anytime!

      Thanks again for stopping by! It’s always nice to meet a fellow fangbanger! Clearly, you have good taste in television and hot shirtless men. 😉

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