Happily Ever After or Happy in the Ever After? – My Initial Take on Lost’s Series Finale “The End”


After six years, and a fun and enjoyable, if not exactly “informative” two hours, one of the most innovative, intelligent, and well-acted shows in television history, Lost, has come to its final conclusion.  And aside from an open-ended, and fairly controversial ending, and a few (OK . .  a LOT . . . of unanswered questions), I think the producers did a great job of giving fans what they wanted, at least on an emotional level.  After all, for what could sometimes be a fairly dour show (I mean, it did revolve around a plane crash, and I’d say at least a third of the episodes featured SOMEONE dying), this may have been the happy-go-luckiest season finale of all time . . .

See?   Look how HAPPY he is!

While, I would have to be absolutely effing nuts to attempt to do a comprehensive recap of this ENTIRE finale (I do work, you know . . .), I thought it might be fun, (for me at least, if not necessarily for you) to discuss some of my favorite moments from the episode, before I attempt to tackle . . . THE ENDING, which I plan to do in a separate post.  I’m going to try to break these down by character, so that there’s at least some organizing principle to this stream of consciousness mish mash of a so-called recap . . .


So what if they never explained his island significance, his seeming omniscience, or how he managed to survive all this time (Are we actually supposed to believe he was with Rose and Bernard during ALL those missing years?).  So what if he never got reunited with his real owner (Walt).  He’s a cute dog.  And EVERYONE likes cute dogs!  So the fact that our little Vincent got some screen time during this finale, including being featured in the third to last frame of the ENTIRE show, was both adorable and awesome. 


Ian Somerhalder looked positively yummy during his half-a-second of screen time in this finale.  I thought it was funny / sweet that he was willing to get his ass kicked for the sake of LOVE .  . . even if it wasn’t HIS own love, but rather the love between his sister and Sayid.  I was also happy that he made it into the “temple / church” at the end.  Because some other Losties who appeared in more episodes than he did (cough, Michael, cough), apparently didn’t rate.  My one gripe is that we didn’t get to see his “realization of island life” moment, as we did with the other castaways.  Clearly, I’m a bit biased for Damon Salvatore Boone.


I’m starting to believe this guy’s sole purpose on this show was to fulfill the “Cooky Pilot” role.  Did you notice how Lapidus was MIA during most of the series, but was always conveniently on hand whenever any of the castaways needed to hop on a plane?  However, I was really happy he didn’t, you know, DIE in that submarine accident, along with Sayid, Jin and Sun, as I had initially thought he did.   If I were him, however, I would have been a tad annoyed that none of the other castaways seemed to give a damn about my mortality, until they needed a ride. . . .

Richard Alpert

Ditto on the whole, “YAY!  You’re not dead!” thing . . .  Other than staying alive, Mr. Guyliner didn’t have much to do during this episode, except for  .  . . AGE!  That’s right folks, once our Big Baddie was dead, apparently, Richard Alpert wasn’t immortal anymore.  He even got a GREY HAIR!

  For a few minutes there, I was worried that the centuries old Alpert would begin to decay and instantly disintegrate, vampire style.  He didn’t.  Alpert gets to get old and wrinkly, slowly and painfully, just like the rest of us.  Lucky him! 

Rose and Bernard

It was nice to see these two still alive and playing house (with their pet Vincent) on Lost island.  And, can I just say, that Dharma food must be REAL good . . . because Bernard was looking more than a bit on the tubby side . . . (Oh, and I’m pretty sure he and Crazy Claire share the same island stylist.)


A few weeks back, I proposed a drinking game that revolved (among other things) around Hurley’s repeated use of the word “dude.”  Apparently, someone on the writing staff was listening, because Hurley LITERALLY said “DUDE” at the beginning or end of EVERY SENTENCE he uttered during this ENTIRE finale . . .  It actually got a bit annoying, toward the end.

 I was also amused by the “ceremony” in which Hurley took over the Candidate position from Jack of “Guarder of the Giant Island Light Bulb.”  Hurley looked as disappointed as Lost fans probably were, when Jack scooped up muddy water from a random puddle, put it in a used Poland Spring bottle, and told him to drink it. 

That’s it?  THAT’S what makes you The Candidate?  Drinking dirty water?  Haven’t ALL the Losties been drinking island water for six years now?  Who knew that Jack’s utterance of the classic phrase “Now your like me,” REALLY meant, “Now you’re suffering from an intestinal parasite, and a BAD case of Montezuma’s revenge . . .”

Jin and Sun

Tonight’s series finale was just FILLED with virtually identical sappy scenes in which two characters, who were “coupled” on the island, touched one another, and instantly “remembered” their island past.   This was inevitably illustrated by a “love montage” between the two characters, to the tune of overly dramatic music. 

Now, I’m a girl.  So, although I recognized their almost nauseating cheesiness, these scenes actually worked for me.  But if I had to choose my favorite of them, it would be the one between Jin and Sun, which was poignant on so many more levels than just the “We luuuuve eachother” one.

In this scene, Juliet, (I’ll get to her in a bit), is showing Jin and Sun their baby’s sonogram.  When  Juliet puts the gel on Sun’s belly, she remembers the same thing occuring in island world, and tears of happy recognition run down her cheeks.  A few seconds later, when the sonogram picture appears on the screen, Jin remembers seeing pictures of Ji Yeon when he was on the island.  Then the two look at eachother and collectively remember their Titanic ripoff on-island death scene, which resulted in their child being an orphan in island world, and also REALLY PISSED ME OFF. 

But this is Flash-Sideways World, so all is good!  Juliet asks the teary couple if they want to know the sex of the baby.  They answer in English, which, of course, they both just remembered how to speak, that they know it is a girl, and that her name is Ji Yeon.  Awesome!


Before, I tell you what I LIKED about Ben in the series finale, let me start with a little gripe.  The producers of the show teased that Ben was supposed to get some loving, before the series ended.   In Flash Sideways World, it was sort-of hinted that he would eventually find love with Rousseau . . .

 . . . but, ultimately, the producers didn’t deliver in this respect.  And I was sad . . .

In happier news, our resident flip-flopper, who seemingly has more personalties than United States of Tara, ultimately redeemed himself AGAIN during this episode.  Instead of covering his own ass and taking the easy way out, Island Ben agreed to stay with Hurley as Vice Candidate Protector of the Giant Light Bulb. We know he did a pretty good job of it too, as Hurley ultimately tells him in Flash Sideways World, “You were a great Number 2.” 

Speaking of Flash Sideways World, there, after Ben remembered his island roots, he apologized to John for basically making his life a living hell for many seasons of Lost.  “I was jealous of you.  I wanted what you had.  You were special, and I wasn’t,” he explained. 

Ultimately, Ben didn’t enter the “Temple/Church” with the rest of the crew.  And I don’t recall seeing Alex or Rousseau there either . . . but here’s hoping they all eventually found their way there . . .


Why oh WHY, were you completely dressed during this ENTIRE FINALE, Josh Holloway?

Excess clothing aside, it was fun to spend this final two hours with the World’s Sexiest Lostie.  And while, as a Skate fan, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that my side of the love square ultimately didn’t win out (Sawyer ended up with Juliet / Jack ended up with Kate), I have to say I ADORED this small scene between MY COUPLE!

Sawyer: “I’d invite you along, but then I would miss out on all the fun of telling you that you can’t come.

Kate: “Guess, I’ll have to overcome the urge to follow you anyway.”


Carlton and Damon, remind me why you didn’t put these two togther, again?  Oh, well . . . at least we’ll always have Bear Cage Sex . . .

Crazy Claire

So, it looks like Sane Claire is here to stay, and Kate’s willing to stick around and help care for Aaron, just in case she falls off the “Non-Loony Tunes” Wagon.  (Although I was a bit annoyed that they never explained “the sickness” Claire had, or how SHE was able to give birth on the island when no one else could, or what made Aaron “special.”)   I had to laugh a bit when the Losties invited her off the island and she initially replied, “Look at me!  The island’s made me crazy!  I can’t take care of a kid anymore!”

And if this wasn’t “The Happiest Series Finale EVER” I’d be inclined to agree with her statements.  After all, Crazy isn’t like a cold.  It doesn’t just go away after 9 days.  But, fortunately for Claire, Kate . . .

 .  . . agreed to help Claire be a mother to Aaron (and reteach Claire how to use a hairbrush).  Holding hands like school girls, the two hopped aboard Lapidus’ plane and left the island (and Crazy?) behind them for good.

In Flash Sideways World, Kate helps Claire give birth at a Driveshaft concert, and it is the CLEANEST, LEAST BLOODY and EASIEST delivery EVER!  Just minutes after giving birth, when Claire’s va-jay-jay is all exposed, she reunites with and remembers her love for a totally gothed out, Rocker Charlie  . . .

OK, obviously this picture does NOT show Rocker Charlie . . . But rest assured, the Charlie on screen today could have used some mascara application lessons from Richard Alpert . . . Less is more, dude!  Less is MORE!

Sayid and Shannon

The makeout scene between these two was hot . . . just saying.  It was kind of creepy that Shannon’s brother was ogling her the whole time though (especially since we know that Bro and Sis once DID IT!)


OK . . . so in island world, Locke imposter, MIB, FINALLY DIED!

How, you ask?  Well, the temporary turning off of the Giant Light Bulb made him mortal again, which gave Kate the excellent opportunity to finally successfully shoot him, after failing to do so about 80 times this season (“I saved you a bullet, A-hole!”)  He also fell off a cliff . . .

But in Flash Sideways World, Locke was warm and fuzzy.  He came through his operation with flying colors, waking up and wiggling his toes immediately.  He also made lovey dovey eyes at former nemeses Jack and Ben.  And those of you who also watch Glee, like me, probably got particular joy out of the scene where he gets up from his wheelchair and instantly begins to walk upright. (Artie would have been sooooo jealous!) 

I half expected Locke to start doing the Safety Dance!


Obviously, the crux of this episode revolves around Jack’s journey.  And a discussion of Jack’s journey would inevitably lead to a discussion of “The Ending,” which, as I mentioned earlier, I am saving for another post.  For now, suffice it to say, that I was happy about the following strands of Jack-centric plotlines:

*In Flash Sideways World, David Shepard (Assuming this kid actually exists, seeing as . . . well, more on that later), is the son of both Jack and Juliet. These two seemed to have had the most amicable divorce EVER, especially seeing as they are both doctors in the SAME hospital (awkward).  Still, nice touch writers . . .

*It was cool to see Jack FINALLY reunited with his dad, Christian Shepard, who was actually nice to him for a change . . . Even though . . . well . .  . nevermind . . .

* I loved the scene where Hurley told Jack he was “right,” and Jack said, “There’s a first time for everything.” 

(Yes Jack, for six seasons you were ALWAYS WRONG about EVERYTHING!  It was high time you finally bucked up and admitted it.)

* I was glad that Jack got to spend his final moments with Vincent.  Because if any guy needs Man’s Best Friend it’s Dour Jack . . .

Well, that’s ALMOST all folks . . .Tune in sometime tomorrow, when I attempt to broach the controversial last ten minutes of this episode, and some of the series’ most infuriating UNANSWERED questions . . .


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12 responses to “Happily Ever After or Happy in the Ever After? – My Initial Take on Lost’s Series Finale “The End”

  1. imaginarymen

    Damn I missed a Boone scene? **pout**

    Yes I was a cheater who watched the first 10 minutes and the last half hour!

    You should link your Glee reference to your post from last week girl ;-p

    I wish you luck in tackling the ending recap, I for one loved Jimmy Kimmel’s fake-out ones. Esp. Sayid on “Survivor”!

    • Hey, Amy! So, timewise, you more or less watched the equivalent of a full episode of Lost last night! Color me impressed . . . and happy, because now we can gossip about it, or at least about Boone. 😉

      Boone actually made it into TWO scenes last night. Since you watched the last hour, you probably caught the second one, where he gave the big bear hug to Jack. (Awww, how bromantic!) I actually don’t recall seeing him interact with Locke though, which bugged me a bit, seeing as those two were BFFs in Season 1 . . .and also seeing as Locke was kind of / sort of responsible for Boone’s death . . .

      But the “Eye Thing” was featured in the first scene. And the “victim” of it was none other than loveable Hurley, who let our poor hottie get his tush kicked for a few extra minutes, while he gossiped with Sayid about what a “good man” he was . . . No worries! I’m sure you can catch it on YouTube!

      Nice call on the Glee linkage! I totally should have thought of that. In my defense, I finished this post at about 3 a.m., and was lucky I was able to form coherent sentences, let alone include proper “citations” therein. You will notice, the mistake has since been remedied ;). Honestly, I was debating putting the reference in at all. After all, I am not too sure there is all that big of an overlap between Glee and Lost fans. I thought most people wouldn’t “get it.” I’m glad at least one person did :).

      I thought the Jimmy Kimmel “alternate endings” were pretty genius too! But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Sopranos bit, especially considering there were SO MANY obvious comparisons between the way that show ended and this show did. (To be discussed further later ;)). Granted the bit ran a tad long (They ate ONION RINGS, we GET IT!). Then again, the ACTUAL Sopranos ending ran a bit long as well . . . so I guess it was consistent, in that sense ;).

      BTW, was it just me, or did Harold Perrineau have a MAJOR chip on his shoulder throughout the whole Kimmel interview? I mean, I get that they made your character evil, and you feel cheated out of a few seasons, but COME ON! You were on LOST! You starred in the most shocking double homicide in television HISTORY! You will be getting so much in royalties from DVD sales, you will probably never have to WORK AGAIN. Buck up buddy!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! (You can’t see it, but I’m doing the “Eye Thing” right now, just for you!)

      • imaginarymen

        Awww “the eye thing” just for me? Shucks I’m blushing!

        I didn’t see all of Kimmel but that doesn’t surprise me about Harold Perrineau. I LOL when Jimmy said “Thank you for killing Ana Lucia” BWAH!

        I guess he can’t be as gracious as Our Boy Ian in that fan clip last week when that girl said “I cried when you died on Lost” and he said “I did too. For three years” 😉

    • My pleasure, Amy! Although I’m pretty sure MY “eye thing” is no where near as hot as Somerhalder’s. It actually probably looks more like a facial tick, than anything else . . . But I’ll keep practicing. 🙂

      I cracked up at the “Ana Lucia” comment too. Did you notice how the whole cast got really uncomfortable when he said it? Chill out, guys! It’s a television character that was SUPER unlikeable! It’s not as though he said, “Thank you for killing Michelle Rodriguez.” Would people have gotten that uncomfortable if he congratulated Fox and Lily for “killing MIB?” I doubt it . . .

      Good point re Somerhalder’s gracious exit! I loved Ian’s adorable admission of tears over his WAY TOO EARLY axing from Lost. Unlike, Perrineau, who got A TON of screen time and character development, and even got to come back and finish his story arc, Ian actually had a REASON to be pissed off.

      Boone was totally ROBBED! He survived a massive plane crash, and then fell out of a three-foot high tree and DIED! WTF? And yet, Somerhalder still handled the matter with grace and class. Perrineau take note!

  2. i keep going back and forth on this:
    i’m upset because it was a clip show
    but i’m happy because it was a totally awesome, 100% fan service clip show. 🙂

    • I hear ya about the whole “clip show” thing. By the fifth romantic couple montage set to music, my eyes were rolling back in my head a bit. But I’m pretty sure this was the happiest Season Finale I’ve ever seen in my life! I was smiling the whole time. And Vincent was there . . . A LOT! What could be better than that?

      I was sort of hoping for a bit more answers though . . . Walt? Hurley Bird? WTF! I guess this means I’m going to have to shell out the big bucks for the DVD . . . Oh well! 🙂

  3. The ending of the finale “The End” was good but I doubt I’m the only one who thinks that two many loose ends have been left in the lost saga.

    Everybody is dead but I think that their limbo state was much more about Karma than purgatory.

    Dharma is almost synonomous with karma

    • Hey smilingcynic! (Great name, by the way!) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      I think I felt the same way you did here. While the finale was definitely a lot of fun to watch and emotionally satisfying, I was extremely surprised at how few questions were actually answered. Honestly, I believe the lack of answers was partially a ploy to get us all to buy the DVD. A ploy that will probably work . . . 😉

      I definitely like your idea about the finale ending’s relationship to kharma. There was definitely a lot of evidence in this final season, and the final episode in particular, to support that conclusion. (Hurley’s conversation with Sayid about him being a “good man,” Ben’s decision not to enter the church/temple, etc.)

      If you really think about it, a lot of the “flash sideways” stories were redemption stories. Through this “purgatory,” “after life,” “alternate universe,” whatever you want to call it, the Losties were able to right their wrongs, and undo their “island life” regrets. That’s why everything seemed so supernaturally perfect for the Losties in that “timeline.” We were experiencing their ideal lives with them. The lives they believed they would have, if they made certain “moral” or “kharmic” changes.

      Thanks again for your insightful comments. Tuesday nights are definitely not going to be the same without our Lost . . .

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