Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street – Celebrity Edition

Question: How does a blogger go from writing a post about the “Top Ten R-Rated Robert De Niro Moments” to writing a post about “Sesame Street”?

Answer: YouTube

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been suffering from a bit of “writer’s block” lately (blogger’s block?).  You see, in case you haven’t noticed, this website is called “TV Recappers Anonymous.”  And since most of the shows I love to recap have either wrapped up for the season (Gossip Girl, Lost, The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Big Love) or won’t start airing for at least a couple of weeks (True Blood, Entourage, Mad Men), I find myself at kind of a loss for “write-about-able” topics.

So, tonight, I initially planned to do this blog post that I’d been planning for a while, but had just never got around to writing.  In it, I would select the most raunchy, f-bomb laden YouTube clips from Robert De Niro films, and post them here for your viewing pleasure.  (Because nothing says “funny” like a potty mouth Robert De Niro threatening to perform random acts of violence on your tushy . . .)

“You talkin’ to me?  Because I’m the only one here . . .”

So, being the “super creative” gal that I am, I headed to and typed in the words “Robert De Niro.”  And, to my surprise, the FIRST video that popped up was this one . . .

Thanks bazblack!

You gotta love Elmo!  De Niro basically offers to do Taxi Driver and Raging Bull impersonations for him, and he chooses . . .  the cabbage.

“Great source of riboflavin!”

Oh, and the “twist” ending?   With the TWO Elmos?  That was pretty much the most disturbing thing I’ve seen De Niro do, since that movie Hide and Seek . . .

Unintentional creepiness factor aside, this clip got me to wondering about what other celebrities might have recently made guest appearances on Sesame Street.  Here were some of the more amusing ones I found . . .

(Thanks to SesameStreet for posting these!)

Ricky Gervais

If I am ever having trouble sleeping, remind me NEVER to call this guy . . .

As I was watching this, part of me kept waiting for the rest of the cast of the UK version of The Office to pop out from behind Elmo’s bed and start conversing with the camera, documentary-style.

Jake Gyllenhaal

This is the first time in my entire life, I can honestly say that I have ever been envious of an octopus . . .

I guess there’s a first time for everything!

Paul Rudd

If ever an actor was MADE for celebrity guest appearances on Sesame Street, it’s Paul Rudd.  He’s just a BIG goofy kid all the time!  I heart him!

“By the way, does this Earth make me look fat?”

Matthew Fox

After watching this clip, I’m pretty sure Matthew Fox wins the award for Celebrity Most Uncomfortable with Being on Sesame Street . . . That being said, this clip was trippy enough to be a Flash Sideways on Lost . . .

Picture this. Dr. Jack Shepard opens his father’s casket in the Season Finale . . . and his Dad’s bones start TALKING TO HIM!  Oh, and Elmo would TOTALLY be the new Man in Black . . . or Red . . . or whatever.

Sarah Jessica Parker

In this fun clip, Sarah Jessica Parker is waiting for “Big.”

And, in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Super Grover couldn’t help but wonder, how BIG is Big?”  (Yeah, it actually gets THAT risque.)  Like that first clip with De Niro, this one also has a “twist ending.”  See if you can guess what it is . . .

Neil Patrick Harris

Those of you who watched the episode of Glee in which he appeared as guest star, know that Neil Patrick Harris can sing.  What you might not know is that he also enjoys wearing way-too-small-for-his-body white wings and has a shoe fetish .  . . 

So, there you have it, seven surprisingly adult-themed celebrity guest appearances on Sesame Street.  Now aren’t you glad I didn’t end up doing that post on De Niro?  I’ll probably end up writing it tomorrow. 🙂


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5 responses to “Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street – Celebrity Edition

  1. imaginarymen

    Thank you for reminding me about that Jake Gyllenhaal/Octopus clip. That actually was stoking the crush fires for me a few weeks ago (and hey – hands OFF – you get to be Mrs. Ian Somerhalder in our imaginary world – leave Jakey to ME!!)

    Ugh. Matthew Fox just sucks. I’m sorry but my idea of hell is a TV show that is always on and can’t be turned off – and it stars him. I’m not surprised he’s lame on Sesame Street bc IMO he’s lame ALWAYS.

    NPH and Rudd can do no wrong in my book.

    That UK Office pic made me totally miss Gareth.

    • LOL, well I never said I wanted to put my HANDS on “Jakey.” I just wanted to be the Octopus! And if you watch the video clip closely, you will see she never puts her hands anywhere. Tentacles maybe . . . by no hands 😉

      (Semantics aside, in all fairness, if I get to be Mrs. Ian Somerhalder, you are certainly welcome to Jake, in the world that I refuse to call “imaginary,” because it MAY STILL HAPPEN dammit!)

      I had a feeling you wouldn’t approve of my Matthew Fox-inclusion into this post. However, I thought you might get some schadenfreude out of seeing him look REAAALLLY uncomfortable on camera (and sport a pretty bad haircut). See? Always looking out . . .

      I actually never watched the UK version of The Office. Do you think it’s worth a rental? Where do you fall on the U.S. v. UK debate?

      Thanks for popping by! 🙂 Great comments as always!

      • imaginarymen

        You should definitely see the UK Office. It is a lot more squirm inducing – but it is all TOTALLY worth it for the very end of the wrap-up Christmas special.

        And for this:

        I am not loving US Office much these days, so it makes me appreciate how Gervais kept it short and bittersweet with the original.

        And you will love Tim/Dawn. LOVE.

        I didn’t actually watch the Matthew Fox clip bc he annoys me THAT much ;-> I feel severely gypped that his death on “Lost” wasn’t violent and terrible so I could at least get some enjoyment from his performance of THAT!

        Jake Gyllenhaal can put me on top of his head anytime. ;-p

  2. Amazon Annie

    Well KJewls, you did it again. Lifted my spirits when things were sucky. I was having trouble with my cable again and I was pretty pissed. Then I read your blog and smiled and laughed in spite of myself. I had just watched a show about SNL and one part showed the different celebrities that were hosts. Your celebrity hosts of Sesame Street was MUCH better! The great thing about Sesame Street was that they knew parents were often forced to watch the show with their kids, and they always had some comedy aimed at the parents to make the program more palatable….unlike Barney….Teletubbies…Romper Room….the list goes on and on! Thanks for the memories.

    • Hey Amazon Annie! Sorry to hear you were having cable troubles . . . When I am home, the television is like an extra appendage for me. Even if I’m not watching, I always feel more comfortable when it is on, so I can certainly understand how you are feeling.

      Hopefully, the problem will fix itself soon . . . and you won’t have to suffer through an appointment with the “Odious Cable Guy,” because that’s the worst!

      Sometimes I feel like celebrity guests on SNL try too hard to be funny, and, therefore, aren’t. I liked watching these Sesame Street clips, because you got watch the celebrities NOT trying too hard. They got to be goofy and be themselves. And sometimes that made them funnier than some lame “adult” sketch could ever be . . .

      I’m glad I was able to make you smile . . . even if it was only temporary. 🙂

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