Create Your Dream Cast – Vampire Academy Series

A few months back, I became absolutely obsessed with a little book called The Hunger Games by groundbreaking author, Suzanne Collins.  Upon hearing that Lionsgate had purchased the film rights to the book, I decided it might be fun to create a sort of “dream cast,” of actors I would “hire” if I had the opportunity to do casting for the film.

Writing the post was a ton of fun for me.  Plus, a lot of people really seemed to respond to it. 

So, now it’s a few months later, and I find myself obsessed with a brand new Young Adult book series.   In many ways, Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy is the anti-Twilight.  On the surface, yes, like that other series, Vampire Academy is about a girl in her late teens who is enmeshed in a world of supernatural creatures, most notably, vampires.  However, Rose Hathaway, the main protagonist who narrates the books, for lack of a better phrase, kicks ass!  She is a dhampir.  A half-human, half-vampire amalgamation, who is training to become a guardian of vampires.  That’s right, boys and girls, she protects vampires, as opposed to being protected by them! 

While these books definitely focus MORE on action and less on the romance, there are enough longing looks and steamy scenes in these novels to sate the desires of even the most sappy of romantics.  And don’t even get me started on these dhampir and vampire men . . .  (swoons and faints).

Even though there are currently no plans to convert the Vampire Academy books into a film or television series (SERIOUSLY?  What are you WAITING for, Hollywood?), I thought it might be fun to return to the casting couch, and select who I would cast in a hypothetical film or television show based on these books.  

I plan to try EXTREMELY hard not to inadvertently spoil any of the main plot points of these books, in the context of explaining my various “casting” decisions.  However, there ARE lots of jaw-dropping twists in this series, particularly in the first novel, that impacted my ultimate decisions as to which actors should play these characters.  So, if you are a MAJOR spoiler-phobe, please tread lightly.  And don’t say I didn’t warn you . . .

Rose Hathaway:

My pick: Nikki Reed

Why I think she’d make a great Rose:  In many ways, Rose is the toughest character to cast in this series.  After all, as the series’ protagonist and first-person narrator, her likeability and relatability will drive the entire story.  Rose is a fairly complex gal.   On one hand, she is tough-as-nails, extremely brave, and fiercely loyal.  However, she can also be prone to impulsive behavior, moodiness, icy sarcasm, and intense bouts of rage.  To top it off, at the start of the series, Rose is quite the popular party girl, one who has a reputation, whether deserved or not, for being “more than friendly” with many of the guys at her school.

In terms of Rose’s physical characteristics, Nikki Reed meets them to a tee!  In the novels, Rose is described as being of medium height, muscular, and slightly curvy (at least in the chest area).  She also has lightly tanned skin, dark eyes, and long dark brown hair.  Additionally, as an actress still in her very early 20’s, Nikki will have no trouble passing for a 17-18 year old girl, particularly one as mature beyond her years, as Rose.

Of course, ideal physical characteristics alone do not make a perfect casting choice.  Undoubtedly, many of you likely remember Nikki as the blond and beautiful, but slightly bitchy, Rosalie Hale in the Twilight series . . .

However, what you may not know is that Nikki Reed has been acting in films and writing screenplays LONG before Twilight was even written.  Nikki was not even 15-years old when she wrote, and starred, alongside Evan Rachel Wood, in the heartbreaking and highly disturbing film Thirteen, about two young teens who find themselves falling into an unforgiving world of drugs, crime and sex.  The film was critically acclaimed and even received an Oscar Nomination.

Aside from “looking” right for the part, I think Nikki Reed has the acting chops, intelligence, physicality, and natural sex appeal to pull off a role as multi-faceted as Rose Hathaway.

Lissa Dragomir

My pick: Julianne Hough

Why I think she’d make a great Lissa: In the novel, Rose’s best friend, the vampiric Lissa Dragomir, is described as being tall, thin, and pale-skinned, with blonde hair, and piercing green eyes.  In terms of personality, Lissa and Rose are almost polar opposites.  While Rose, is loud, and tough, and brash, Lissa, a descendant from a long line of royal vampires, is more reseved, a bit more fragile, and a lot more graceful and sophisticated.  She also excudes a certain innocence, and charisma (part natural, part magical) that draws others to her, making her extremely well liked at the Academy where she and Rose study.  On the other hand, whoever took on the role of Lissa, must be able to display intense emotionality, as certain things happen during the course of the series that cause Lissa to lose her characteristic cool.

Most people are familiar with Julianne from her role as a dancer on Dancing with the Stars

In that capacity, Julianne’s grace, innocence, likeability, and natural charisma practically leap of the screen.  The question is, “Can she act?” 

I would be inclined to say, “yes.”  Hough has already been slated to play the female lead, Ariel Moore, in the upcoming remake of the popular 80’s musical film, Footloose, which originally starred Kevin Bacon. 

 The role of Ariel in that film is a fairly meaty one, particularly for an actress making her big screen debut.  For the producers of the movie to cast Julianne in that role, she must have shown them something truly special at her audition.  If Julianne can pull off Ariel Moore, I have no doubt that she would also be able to pull off Lissa Dragomir.

Dimitri Belikov

My pick: Channing Tatum

Why I think he would make a great Dimitri: As Rose’s mentor, and main love interest throughout the series, 24-year old guardian, Dimitri Belikov is arguably the most important male role to cast in a film or television show based on this series.  In the books, he is described as being extremely tall, and impressively buff, with dark eyes and brown hair. 

Dimitri is basically every girl’s dream.  On one hand, he’s strong and amazingly tough.  He described as a “god” by many at the Academy.  And yet, he is also stern, secretive, and sensitive — a natural born-caretaker, one constantly torn between doing his job well and giving in to his desires.

Having starred in films like G.I. Joe and Step Up, we know that Channing Tatum has the physicality necessary for this role (And have you seen those abs?  WOW!).  Yet, Tatum has also had the opportunity to prove himself capable of taking on the role of romantic lead, as evidenced by his portrayal of John Tyree in the recently released chick flick, Dear John.  I’m just hoping he can fake a Russian accent . . .

Christian Ozera

My pick: Ed Westwick

Why I think he’d make a great Christian:  As Lissa’s main love interest throughout the series, Christian is probably the second most important male lead to cast.  The character is described as being tall and lean, with dark hair and pale skin.  Christian begins the series as a loner and an outsider, due to a questionable family history.  He has a dark sense of humor, a biting wit, and is not afraid to challenge authority.  Christian also can do very cool things with fire . . .

I chose Westwick, mainly because, aside from him being an amazing actor, I felt Christian’s relationship with Lissa, at least as it was portrayed in the first book in the series, dovetailed nicely with Westwick’s character Chuck’s relationship with Blair, during the early seasons of the CW series Gossip Girl.

In both relationships, the male lead is instantly sure of his feelings for the object of his desire, while the female will ultimately take a bit more convincing.   Like Chuck and Blair, Christian understands Lissa in a way that nobody else does, not even Rose.  To win her heart, he uses his intelligence and wit, as opposed to any sort of brute strength or macho bravado.  Christian’s and Lissa’s relationship has a fun, and undeniably sexy, push and pull, in its early stages, that I would love to see play out screen.  And who better to exemplify the “push and pull” of young love than Chuck Bass?

Mason Ashford

My pick: Douglas Smith

Why I think he’d make a great Mason:  As Rose’s best guy friend and fellow guardian, who just so happens to harbor a not-so-secret crush on Rose, Mason doesn’t play a particularly big part in the first book of the Vampire Academy series.  However, he DOES play a major role in Frostbite, its sequel.  In the books, Mason is described as being tall (Am I the only one noticing a pattern here?), and red-headed, with boyish good looks.  In casting Mason, it is important to find a guy who is likeable and fun enough, to function as a reasonable, if not exactly heart-stopping, alternative to Dimitri, to fulfill the role of Rose’s boyfriend.  Douglas Smith’s portrayal of Ben Henrickson in the HBO series Big Love is so genuine and inherently likeable, you almost want to reach through the screen and give him a hug.  Yeah, that’s our Mason!

Mia Rinaldi

My pick:  Ashley Benson

Why I think she’d make a great Mia: Every high school series needs a mean girl.  And, in the Vampire Academy series, those shoes are filled, at least initially, by Mia Rinaldi.  Rose’s and Lissa’s nemesis, Mia, is one year younger than they are.  She is described as being short (YAY!  FINALLY!  Short people represent . . . too bad it had to be the bitchy one . . .), with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a childlike cherubic face that belies her catty and manipulative nature.  And yet, there is also a vulnerability to Mia.  Behind that cold facade, Mia hides a few dark secrets, ones that make her actions, if not necessarily justifiable, at least understandable.

Best known for her role as Carson in the fourth installment of the Bring it On film series, and for her upcoming turn as Hanna in the new ABC Family teen drama, Pretty Little Liars, premiering this summer, Ashley has plenty of experience playing the girl you love to hate.  And yet, there is always a soft-side to her portrayals — one that allows the “love” part to dominate just a bit more than it would otherwise . . .

Natalie Dashkov

My pick: Tina Majorino

Why I think she would make a great Natalie: In Vampire Academy, Natalie is more or less described as a plain-jane.  Natalie is the quiet, sweet, and socially awkward friend of Rose’s and Lissa’s.  Unlike the others, she seems to care little about the politics of high school.  The actress who plays Natalie must be sweet and inherently likeable, but have sufficient acting chops to pull off a major dramatic turn toward the end of the first installment of the series.  Majorino’s recent portrayals of Heather in Big Love and Mack in Veronica Mars, have shown her to be precisely the right girl for the job.

Jesse Zeklos

My pick: Michael Trevino

Why I think he’d make a great Jesse:  In the novels, Jesse is described as being a tall, dark, and handsome, spoiled rich kid.  He is popular, D-baggy, manipulative, and rumored to have slept with multiple members of the cast.  Now if that doesn’t SCREAM Tyler Stratton from CW’s The Vampire Diaries, I don’t know WHAT does!

Eddie Castile

My pick: Chris Lowell

Why I think he’d make a great Eddie:  Admittedly, at the start of the series, Eddie is little more than Mason’s friend and sidekick, and, therefore, a sort-of adopted member of the novels’ “Scooby Gang.”  However, by the second and third installment of the series, Eddie comes into his own, as a loyal friend and strong protector of those around him.  In casting Eddie, the producers would need someone relatable, who has a sense of humor, and isn’t afraid of getting knocked around a bit (and bitten?).  Seeing as Chris Lowell’s character Dell on Private Practice recently died of a brain hemorrhage, I’m thinking the actor’s schedule is WIDE open . . .

Adrian Ivashkov

My pick: Jason Dohring

Why I think he’d make a great Adrian:  OK, this is sort of cheating, seeing as Adrian doesn’t appear AT ALL in the first book of the series.  However, the character plays such a major role in the subsequent books, I just couldn’t resist trying my hand at casting him.  The novel describes Adrian as tall and fair haired with penetrating eyes that see EVERYTHING.  He is more muscularly built than most vampires, but leaner than super-buff dhampirs, like Dimitri.  At first glance, 21-year old Adrian might appear to the casual reader as just another spoiled rich vampire — a hard drinking, heavy smoking, womanizing, cad, with too much money and time on his hands. 

However, as we get to know Adrian throughout the series, we see that he is much more than that.  He is smart and often scarily perceptive, instantly knowing things about Rose that she might not even understand about herself.  Adrian can also be surprisingly generous with his money, his time, and his soul.  He quickly develops a friendship with Lissa, and harbors an as-of-yet unrequited MAJOR soft-spot for Rose.  More so than Mason, Adrian could wind up being a major contender in the battle for our main protagonist’s heart.

So why Jason Dohring?   Basically, a few years back, I fell in LOVE with a character by the name of Logan Echolls!  On Veronica Mars, he too was a spoiled womanizing rich kid bad boy.  Or, at least, he started off that way.  That was before he fell in love with Veronica Mars, who like Rose, was a kickass, hardcore, take-no-prisoners, protagonist, who began the series, despising Logan. 

In my opinion, Veronica’s and Logan’s relationship remains one of the hottest and most compulsively watchable couplings in television.  Please forgive me for wanting to see my Logan again, even if it has to be with another leading lady . . .

So, there you have it, my Dream Cast for the Vampire Academy film and/or television series.  Now we just have to find someone willing to buy the media rights . . . Any takers?


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17 responses to “Create Your Dream Cast – Vampire Academy Series

  1. imaginarymen

    This sounds like something I need to read!

    That is the BEST pic of Ed Westwick I’ve ever seen. I find him really, really unattractive and I had to look twice at that pic to make sure it was him. Nice job!

    I work in a library so I bring stuff home all the time – that I don’t read. To sit with the other books I’ve bought/been gifted on my table – that I don’t read.

    Mb if I wasn’t ON-LINE all the time I could get to some of it ;-P

    • Ooh! Did I convince you? 🙂 I really think you will like this series! I just discovered the first book a couple of weeks ago, and I am already plowing through the fourth of six. (The sixth one is actually not out yet – BOO!) They are super intense, majorly sexy and compulsively readable. Plus, as a side bonus, if you DO decide to read them, we will have something else to squeal about via e-mail during those long hot Salvatore-less months . . . 😉

      You see, I’m actually converted Westwick fan. I wasn’t down with him at first, but he really started to grow on me. That boy can ACT! And there is something undeniably sexy about him that I can’t quite put my finger on. I was intent on finding a picture of him without that questionable haircut they gave him on Gossip Girl. Seeing as I got a response about his hotness from a non-Westwick fan, it looks like I hit the jackpot!

      In terms of reading, I just think you haven’t found the right book(s) lately. Sometimes I’ll start a book, and it will just take me FOREVER to finish it — so long that I start to wonder whether I have “fallen out” of reading. Then I hit upon a series like this and I CAN’T STOP . . . The books practically call to me in my sleep.

      (I really hope I’m not overselling here . . . 😉 However, as a fellow TVD and True Blood fan, who likes strong female protagonists, unrequited love, and brooding bad boy vampires, I think I’m safe in saying you’ll enjoy the Vampire Academy Books.)

  2. ok, I have some things to say and this comment may be a little retarded but it’s only because it’s 1 am in my country.

    1. You had me at anti-Twilight. lol

    2. I downloaded the Vamp. Academy books some time ago, by mistake. It was a book pack and it contained this books too. And I didn’t deleted them from my computer because, hey, I’m against any book related violence (except if it’s a stupid book that killed some trees for nothing). I will read the books, you convinced me.

    3. One of my blog mates/friend and myself have this online book club. Let me explain, it’s kind of lame. We e-mail each other (yes, us 2 are the book club lmao) cause we rarely talk on msn (because of the time difference) and exchange audio books/e-books and talk about them (when we don’t talk about GG of course). I’d like to know more about books you liked and recommend. Yes, yes, we’re nerds.

    Man, I love your blog and posts. You’re so talented and if you ever need a blog “job”, I’ll offer you one. lol

    • Hey Je t’adore! Thanks so much for your super sweet words! I can’t tell you how honored I am, especially since the praise is coming from someone who’s blog I admire so much. Your website, (That was a mini-plug. I recognize you already know your own web address :)) is so professional, fun, creative, well-written, informative, and aesthetically pleasing (enough adjectives for you? ;)) that you give the “official” network-created Gossip Girl website, a run for their money! In short, my blog wants to be your blog when it grows up . . .

      So, I take it from the time reference that you are not U.S.-based, right? Funny, I always assumed you were. I guess that assumption is very “Ugly American” of me. 🙂

      I think it’s great that you guys have a book club! In some ways, two members is the ideal number, because you get someone else’s input, but are less likely to be forced to read something REALLY lame, as is common in most larger book clubs. If you decide to read the Vampire Academy Series, I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on it. I would love to have someone to discuss books with, especially since not all of my friends are “readers” and/or share my taste in books.

      In terms of book recommendations, have you ever tried I became a member in January, and have written book reviews on there for almost every book I’ve read since that time. Things I’ve read before that, I rated but didn’t review. It’s a really great place to discover new books and meet other readers (You can also “pimp” your blog there, by including a link to it in your profile and/or submitting articles in the “writing” section.) I’d be happy to be your Goodreads friend, if you decide to join! 🙂 I’m there under “Julie,” and my avatar is this Owl eating a Tootsie pop, and wearing a graduation cap. (I should really change that). You can also search my full name, which you can probably figure out from my e-mail address from when I’ve commented on your blog.

      Thanks again, for the support and awesome comment! I’d hire you for a blog job too! 🙂

      • aww, you are always so sweet but I can assure you I really love your blog too. I enjoy quality blogging and good writing and it’s always a pleasure to read your posts. Also, thank you for the mini-plug. But idk about competing with GG official site(s). But thank you for the nice words, it really means a lot to me, and if I have at least one fan, I’m happy. I’m blogging for my own pleasure, not fame or publicity.

        Nope, I’m not from the US, I’m European but don’t worry for assuming otherwise, I’m flattered I blend in.

        I told you, you had me at “anti-Twilight”. I’m more of a Anne Rice reader than a S. Mayer/Meyer or whatever her name is, and by this I mean, I like to read about vamps being vamps not pussies. And I’d love to talk about books with you too. I have an account on that site now but I couldn’t find you. 😦 You can look for me if you like, my username is “catrinelle”.

        I didn’t have the time to browse the site yet (have to go to work) but I will when I get home. I’m more interested in finding out about nowadays books. You see, I graduated college and I have a degree in literature. And I’ve read most of the classic, postmodernist, humanist, modernist, etc books.Tolstoi, Dumas, Pasternak, Dickens, Alighieri, Faulkner, Dostoievski, Milton, you name it. lol And I want to read some “new” literature (even if I think it’s not as good as the classics). But you can also be surprised by some books. I read (2 or 3 years ago) “Reading Lolita In Tehran” by Azar Nafisi and I realized that you can still find quality literature out there. But this is a laborious subject to write about so I’m just gonna let it go. lol

        I’m sorry if this comment is stupid, I have to run to work and I write it in a hurry.

  3. “wrote”, sorry. See? I told you the comment is stupid.

  4. Ah, ad I forgot to tell you. You asked one of my blog mates about a Dean awesome gif. She just saw that comment, and so have I. No, she didn’t make the gif, we found it on SPN site. But if you need tips for gif making, I’d be happy to help. Sorry for the late response.

    • Oh thank you for remembering that! No worries at all! I just LOVED the gif, and was curious. SPN . . . I’ll definitely have to check that out.

      I’ve made a couple of gifs using the gifsoup website lately. They are fun to make. I tend to do ones relating to TV characters dancing, because they are easy to “capture.” One of the things that was so cool about the Dean gif, was that it was ONE WORD, so it was probably really challenging to create. I also like the graphics on the bottom. I don’t think you can do that on gifsoup.

      Thanks again for thinking of me! 🙂

  5. Jess

    I pretty much agree.. Except o have ALWAYS pictured Adrian as Ed Westwick while reading the books. I think he’s perfect for that role. I think Christian needs to be played by someone a bit less attractive, to be perfectly honest. :p
    I soooo hope they make a movIe out of this series!

    • Hey Jess! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I am SO excited to find another Vampire Academy fan on the blogosphere!

      I agree with you! This would make an EXCELLENT movie series, or maybe even a television show. It worked for the Southern Vampire Mysteries (True Blood) and The Vampire Diaries series. So I don’t see why it couldn’t work here. If a production company is smart, they will snap up the film and television rights to these books RIGHT AWAY!

      It’s interesting how we both “cast” the same actor in our “film,” (Ed Westwick) but each had him playing different parts. Westwick is talented enough to pull off either role, I think. Plus, if this was to become an actual movie, I think he has a large enough fanbase from Gossip Girl to bring in some major box office bucks.

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed that someone out in Hollywood wises up and listens to us! 🙂

  6. Cherie

    Love how you cast your Book Boyfriend Adrian with Jason Dohring, who has the honour of being one the most complicated but sexy and interesting TV Boyfriends!

    He definitely has the intelligence and sexy laconicness to carry off the part of Adrian. Plus, the power of spirit is internal in a lot of ways, and I think Jason has the chops to carry this off.

    Also, how Jason is not cast in more stuff is beyond me. I’ve been trying to find ways to get my fix since Veronica Mars got the axe, but the short first season of Moonlight doesn’t cut it. God, I hope he moves to Mystic Falls or something 🙂 Damon vs Logan… I think my hormones would go into overdrive!

    I think Nikki Reed would be an amazing choice for Rose. Her character Evie in Thirteen had a seductive, charismatic personality that drew everyone in, and she would pull crazy stunts to cover her anger and frustration at the world… not too far from Rose herself in the first book. Plus, I agree that she looks like the Rose as physically described in the book.

    Speaking of Dream Casts, did you ever read The Last Vampire series by YA author Christopher Pike while growing up? They feature a totally kick ass female vampire protagonist and Pike’s style is really punchy and fun. Incidentally, the hysteria over Twilight has meant the first book will be made into a movie that will be released in the states AND Oz!

    Check out this link for more info:

    • LOL, you saw right through me! Yes, somehow my thinly-veiled Logan Echolls obsession managed to creep into my casting choices for this fabulous books series. I can’t get anything past you! 🙂

      That’s true, the power of spirit DOES have a lot to do with mental acuity, and knowing how to get inside people’s heads. Jason Dohring has those expressive, all-knowing (not to mention, super sexy) eyes that literally appear to give your brain and soul an X-ray, whenever he looks at you. “Intelligence and sexy laconicness, indeed!” 😉

      I am with you! I can’t understand, for the life of me, how Jason’s film and television career didn’t totally take off after Veronica Mars ended! You would think casting directors would be knocking down his door, with broody bad boy roles.

      If you take a peek at Jason’s IMDB page . . .

      . . . it does look like he has at least one film in the works. (Searching for Sonny — It looks pretty good too.) However, I was always secretly hoping that Jason would grace our TV screens regularly once again.

      I think I would keel over with happiness, if he was ever cast in The Vampire Diaries! As if I needed another hot talented male reason to watch that show! Jason Dohring’s understated charm, with that twinge of rage and darkness, boiling just beneath the surface, would make him a perfect match for Ian and Paul.

      Hmmmm . . . what could he play? A long lost brother, perhaps? Another Lockwood werewolf? A charming sociopathic supernatural villain of another type entirely? Heck, he could play a tree slug on the show, and I would STILL watch with glee . . .

      Believe it or not, I’ve actually never read any books by Christopher Pike (blushes)! The Last Vampire sounds awesome! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before, especially since it’s obviously popular enough for someone to make it into a movie!

      I am so happy to hear Hollywood is wising up and cashing in on the recent vampire craze. That just means more fabulous television shows and films for “fangbangers” like us. 😉 I’ll definitely look into reading it, ASAP.

      Since we are on the subject of books, I am happy to report that I recently picked up a copy of Tomorrow When the War Began online. I plan to start reading it as soon as I complete the book currently on my plate, which I borrowed from a friend. I can’t wait!

      Thanks for the great comment, as always, and, all of your fabulous book and film recommendations. You are fast becoming my Young Adult series guru! 🙂

  7. Smashley

    Ok, so I probably seem like a noob because I’ve never been on this site before and I’m writing this because I was searching google for actresses for Lissa when this popped up! XD But I saw that you’ve commented recently, and I figured why not comment on your amazing casting choices and tell you about the possible upcoming Vampire Academy movie. ❤

    I agree with the previous poster who said Ed Westick for Adrian. I love Nikki Reed and Julianne Hough, I'd never even thought of them before. Love Channing Tatum, but Ben Barnes is my first choice for Dimitri. Michael Trevino, Douglas Smith, and Ashley Benson are each perfect! But I would love if Douglas had red hair. It'd be so cute.

    While I was reading your blog entry it seemed like you were unaware of VA's film rights being bought (but this was kind of recent), by Preger Entertainment. They're searching for a studio willing to take on VA. They have a Facebook page for fans to keep us updated on progress, and a bunch of people have been posting their cast choices (but you put a whole lot more thought into yours). I'd give you the link, but I'm on my iPod, but if you have a Facebook, just search "Official Vampire Academy Movie". 🙂

    Ugh, sorry for any typos or lack of intelligence, it's 3 a.m.! Thank you so much for posting your actor/actress choices, you've certainly put a lot of thought towards them!

    • Hi Smashley! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. And thanks for the upcoming VA movie info! That’s so exciting!

      You know, I thought I had heard something recently about the film rights to the Vampire Academy books being purchased. And I even noticed that there is now an “Untitled Vampire Academy Project” page on IMDB. However, I didn’t know how far along they were in the movie-planning process. So, I really appreciate your filling me in. 🙂

      Nice choice, Preger Entertainment! It’s high time some production company wised up and realized what an amazing movie (or series of movies) Vampire Academy would make.

      I’m so glad you liked my casting choices! It’s an honor, especially coming from a serious fan of the books, like yourself. I read up a little on fans’ casting choices for the film too. And you are right, Ben Barnes seems like quite the front runner for Dimitri.

      Barnes definitely has the physicality for the role, having done action fantasy films in the past. He also has hair exactly the way Dimitri’s is described in the book. Not many men these days can work long hair, but Ben Barnes does!

      Facially, Ben also has a sort of Eastern European look about him, which would allude to Dimitri’s heritage. And, although, I always pictured Dimitri a bit bigger / buffer than Ben Barnes is currently, that’s nothing a good personal trainer couldn’t fix. 🙂

      (You’ll find I cast Channing Tatum in a lot of roles on this blog. In fact, I’m planning a post today, where I suggest him again. I guess I have a little crush. :)).

      You are right about Douglas Smith. They should definitely dye his hair red to really cement him into the role of Mason. Believe it or not, it was actually something I considered when choosing the actor for the role. A lot of actors, men in particular, look strange and unnatural when their head is dyed red for a film or TV show. Douglas Smith has strawberry blonde / light brown hair. Red coloring would actually look pretty natural on him, I think.

      Thanks again for your insightful comment (which I found very well-written and intelligent, so no apologies necessary :)). Now that I know there might actually BE a Vampire Academy film in our future, I am even more eager to find out who will end up landing these fabulous roles!

  8. Lilly

    Andrea Kreuzinger would be better for Lissa than Julianne Hough…My Mind!
    This is a pic of her! She is an aspiring actress…!/photo.php?pid=469083&id=100000043066084&ref=fbx_album

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Lilly! Your friend Andrea looks like she would make a great Lissa! And you are an excellent publicist for her :)!

      Best of luck to Andrea in her acting career! I hope when they actually start casting for these roles, she is able to audition, and strut her stuff in front of a real live casting director. 😉

  9. simplyme

    Well,I agree on Mason. Douglas Smith would be perfect! Other characters are okay, but I really don’t agree on Rose. I used to like the idea of Nikki Reed in the role of Rose, too, but since I recently started watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager, I’m more and more certain, that Francia Raisa would make a wonderful Rose! There’s just something so … turkish about her!

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