True Blood Minisode 6 – Jason Stackhouse freaks out, reminisces a bit, freaks out again (yet keeps his shirt on – WHY?)


It’s time to curl up in bed with a good minisode starring The Hot One . . .

Welcome back Fangbangers!  It’s Wednesday!  (As in, NOT Tuesday.  As in, HBO waited until the LAST minisode to prove my entire “Tuesday Minisode Internet Leak” theory wrong.  Or, perhaps, the whole “national holiday” thing simply got in the way, and I was right after all.  I like the latter argument much better.  So, let’s stick with that, OK?)

Anyway . . . today marked the online premiere of the LAST MINISODE EVER to air, before True Blood kicks off its Season 3 premiere on June 13th.  And what better way to end off our “mini” season, than with a video starring this guy?

If you recall, during the Season 2 finale of True Blood, Jason Stackhouse a.k.a. “The Hot One” shot and killed Tara’s one time beau, Eggs.

(I couldn’t decide between making a cheap shot at the Dead Guy’s unfortunate name, or objectifying the Dead Guy, by including a shirtless shot of him.  Then, I  figured, “Hey, I look like a poopy head either way.”  

So, I opted for both!  EVERYBODY wins!)

Acting on impulse, Jason committed murder, in order to protect his bromantic buddy, Andy Bellefleur, from perceived harm . . .

 . . . and if that’s not love, I don’t know what is!

This minisode pretty much starts right where Jason left off in Season 2.  So, without further adieu, lets BRING ON THE STACKHOUSE! 

(Oh, and before you push play, here’s a little hint for you.  Pay VERY close attention to the final frame of this video.  I have a feeling it will have MAJOR importance to Jason’s storyline this season . . . ;))

(Thanks again to ShirtlessLocke for posting this.  I’m pretty sure I got a majority of these minisodes and True Blood trailers from you . . . In short, YOU RULE!)

SIX MINISODES and ONLY ONE shirtless male castmember image?

WTF HBO!  (In case you were curious, I’m referring to Sam in Minisode 4,  both as man and dog . . . Wait . . . does that count as one or two?)

Excess “shirt-age” aside, I think Jason’s minisode was a great “finale” to the Drop of True Blood minisode series.  Kudos to Ryan Kwanten for giving a surprisingly intense performance, in the absolute last place we would expect one.  God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Allah all appreciate your efforts.  As do . . . “Confusion” . . .



and the Lion from Narnia.

“Awww man!  Why couldn’t you put me next to the Fortune Cookie?  Haven’t I been through enough?”

You know, until I watched this, I never realized how many DEATHS Jason had been implicated in since Season 1.  R.I.P. Maudette, Dawn, Granny, Amy and Eggs.  Something tells me you’ll all be in good company NEXT SEASON . . .

So, there you have it folks.  SIX Weeks and SIX Minisodes.  It’s been a long and hard wait, but June 13th is nearly here . . .

  I’m so excited I could almost bite someone . . .

In fact, I’m pretty sure I am a danger to others.  You might have to put me in handcuffs, to protect the masses . . .

I know, I know, I’m shameless, aren’t I?  OK.  I’m stopping now.

You may think I’m being annoying, with my excessive (and not always post-related) shirtless picture posting.  But you’re going to miss these, when they’re gone!  Trust me!

(Speaking of “missing” . . . if, by chance, you have missed any of the previous True Blood Minisodes, you  can find links to all of them here.)

That’s all folks!  True Blood Season 3 premieres June 13th at 9 p.m. on HBO (as if you needed reminding!).  Be there .  . . or Jason Stackhouse may never take his shirt off AGAIN!


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7 responses to “True Blood Minisode 6 – Jason Stackhouse freaks out, reminisces a bit, freaks out again (yet keeps his shirt on – WHY?)

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  2. imaginarymen

    Oh Jason, you dumb pretty thing I have MISSED YOU!!

    Now take off your shirt ;-p

    Thanks for this recap, I actually did NOT remember him killing Eggs. I hope there’s a really good “last season on True Blood” recap bf the premiere. I just remember a big meat statue and orgies ;-p

    And you can NEVER have too much shirtless Jason in my book. That S2 softball pic. Good GOD. Kwanten’s torso should be deemed a National Treasure (although being Australian, they may have issue with that!)

    Also our girl Mandy Bierly at EW had a good take as well:

    • You know, Jason CLAIMS to have killed Eggs to protect Andy . . . but I’ve got another theory. I think it was a “Shirtless Snow White” thing. See, without Eggs in the picture, Jason Stackhouse wins HANDS DOWN the Best Abs of them All! Now, as you know, I was always for “Team Jason” in the abs department, but who knows if the “Mirror” felt differently? Very curious, indeed . . .

      So, as exhibits for our National Treasure Institute / Museum of Body Parts, here’s what we have so far . . .
      Ryan Kwanten’s abs;
      Paul Wesley’s arms;
      Matthew Morrison’s ass (see Glee-cap above);
      and Ian Somerhalder’s face . . .

      We just need a pair of legs and some feet, and we’ve got ourselves the perfect male specimen!

      Thanks for the EW link and the fab-as-always comments! Both are much appreciated! 🙂

      • imaginarymen

        Best. Museum. Ever.

        Do you know Taylor Kitsch? He’s got some fine legs:

        OK – so not many legs – I just wanted to show you these and ask – WHY are you not watching “Friday Night Lights” again????!!


    • It’s so funny. My blog is set to accept your comments automatically. But this time, I got an e-mail requiring me to “allow” you to post here.

      I think my blog saw all those links in there, and thought you were spamming me. 🙂

      But hey, that’s the HOTTEST SPAM I’ve ever seen!

      I’ve seen only three episodes of Friday Night Lights. I actually watched them in a Continuing Legal Education Class I was required to take to complete my bar requirements. These classes are LONG. And all the administrators do during them is put on videos where someone reads from a statute book for hours on end. So, my very clever guy friend brought a laptop with him and a Netflix copy of Season 1 of Friday Night Lights. Best CLE class ever!

      I’m stubborn about picking up new shows mid-stream. But I may be willing to give this one a try, based on your positive reviews and those legs . . . 😉

      Ladies and Gentleman, I think our Museum of Body Parts is hereby complete!

      • imaginarymen

        Yeah I noticed it told me it had to be approved.

        Oh you REALLY should watch FNL. It is so SO good. The first season stands for me – like Freaks & Geeks – as an absolute season of utter perfection. If the series had ended after that there’d be a season of flawless TV.

        Second season – still good – but clearly some network nimrods started mucking about. The last season and the current one are so brilliant. I cry at the opening credits, jump up, scream, cheer, holler. I honestly love these characters as if they were real people in my life. I wish they WERE real people dammit!

        And I mean, look at the eye candy!! And not just pretty but GOOD actors!! Mb start w/ S1 on DVD by the time you work your way through the series will be ended.

        Would I lead you astray? ;->

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