A Very, Very, VERY Sentimental Journey – A Recap of Glee’s Season Finale “Journey”

I’m not going to say that the The Sopranos finale was the first time I heard about or listened to the band, Journey, but it was pretty darn close.  Just in case you were curious, THIS is Journey . . .

Is it just me, or does the one on the far right bear a striking resemblance to Sue Sylvester?

Yet, now, between that controversial fade-to-black “Tony Soprano loves onion rings.  Let’s listen to Don’t Stop Believing, before we sort of, kind of, quite possibly die” series finale, and Glee‘s Journey extravaganza at Regionals, the aforementioned 80’s hairband has officially become the Lords of the Primetime Finale!  And having watched this season’s final episode of Glee (appropriately entitled “Journey”), I can certainly see why . . .

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Cry, Cry (and cry, and cry, and cry) . . . AGAIN!

The episode began with a SHOCKING revelation! 

Well . . . at least . . . it would have been shocking, if it wasn’t revealed during the episode promos.  You see, the winner of the Regional Glee Club competition was to be decided by a panel of four “celebrity judges.”  (Why four?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to have an ODD number of judges, in the event of a tiebreaker?) 

WHO is the fourth judge, you ask?  None other than THIS lovely lady . . .

 . . . who, seemingly, hates the Glee kids’ little singing and dancing butts.  This, of course, complicates matters, seeing as, Glee must “place” at Regionals, in order to retain school funding for their club.

Understandably, hearing that news bums out our Glee kids, who have already spent a majority of the second half of this season bummed out about something or other.  Lucky for Quinn, she gets to escape to Hot Porno Flashback land — specifically, the time when she and a still Mohawk-ed Puck did the nasty in her bedroom, while she was drunk on wine coolers.  Of course, she was still wearing her cheerleading uniform at the time.  Obviously, Quinn is too young to remember Monica Lewinsky, and the important life lesson she taught us, back in the day: “Sex acts are for the NAKED ONLY.  Clothes just get in the way, and, eventually get you into trouble.”

“I did NOT have sexual relations with that cheerleader!”

While the Glee kids are at Mr. Schuester’s house for pizza, they all cry about how much they will miss Glee club, once it’s gone.  Will tries to keep his composure during the meeting, for the kids’ sake.  However, later, while driving alone in his car, Will hears “Don’t Stop Believing,” and can no longer fight his emotions.    Kudos to Matthew Morrison for making this scene raw and real, and not feeling the need to “cry pretty.”  Because, let me tell you, for a cute guy, that was some UGLY ASS crying  . . .

“I don’t understand, he was eating onion rings, and everything was FINE!  Then it just ENDED, without explanation!  If only Meadow Soprano was better at parallel parking, things might have been different!

Upon witnessing this heartfelt, teary scene, I couldn’t help but be reminded of ANOTHER male actor, who is also highly adept at UGLY CRY FACE . . .

“I wish they played Journey music, when Joey Potter dumped ME.  It would have helped to ease my pain!”

Then, because it’s the season finale, and ALL Would-Be Couples must make out in the season finale they truly believe they can lead the Glee Club to greatness, Finn and Rachel decide to makeout in the middle of the high school hallway.

Just moments later, having been energized and inspired by his Ugly Face Cry, Mr. Schuester informs the kids that they will be doing a Journey medley at Regionals . . .  because the “journey is more important than the destination,” or something like that.  We all know how insufferably cheesy Mr. Schue can get, when it’s time for him to reveal the “Lesson of the Day.”

“Hey look!   It’s Will Schuester’s Dad, Mr. Rogers!  It all makes so much sense now.”

Welcome to Regionals, Baby!

As promised, at the Regionals competition, OUR Glee group, New Directions, sings a Journey medley containing, three songs: “Faithfully,” “Anyway You Want It,” and, of course, the song that first made this show legendary, “Don’t Stop Believing.”  The entire performance was phenomenal, and certainly exceeded all of MY expectations.  Even Finn’s awkward dancing was slightly less irksome tonight.  (Props to the script writers for not-so-subtly pointing out how VERY BAD he actually is.)  Oh, and you know who FINALLY got a solo?  THIS Guy . . .

I know, I know.  That was a totally lame excuse to include a Shirtless Mark Salling pic in this recap.  But, COME ON, this is my last opportunity to do this ALL SUMMER!  You can’t honestly blame me for trying to make the best of it.

Immediately, after New Directions finishes its performance, Quinn’s estranged mother approaches her, and tells her VERY pregnant daughter that she wants her back in her life.

I would love to say that Mama Fabray’s “change of heart” came from a completely unselfish place.  However, I imagine it had a lot to do with the fact that Daddy Fabray ran off with some “tattooed freak.”

Sound familiar?

Speaking of Jesse James, or, rather, Jesse St. James, while Quinn is being rushed off to the hospital to give birth (her water breaks, while she is reuniting with her mother),  Jesse and his EVIL crew, Vocal Adrenaline, perform their medley of songs by Queen.  We actually only get to hear “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  However, we can assume that, at some point, the group performed “Another One Bites the Dust,” also by Queen, seeing as we heard that one in last week’s episode.  Personally, I would have preferred to see this uptight bunch rock out to “Fat Bottomed Girls”  . . . but that’s just me.

I realize that Jonathan Groff is supposed to be this “big time” Broadway star, so I’m going to chalk this up to his interpretation of the “Jesse” character.  However, it must be said that this dude makes some truly WEIRD and PISSED OFF faces, when he sings and dances . . .

The Constipated Pianist

 “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a notoriously LONG song, that has about a MILLION different parts to it.  However, either Vocal Adrenaline are the World’s Slowest Singers, or Quinn gave birth to Mutant Speedy Pop Out Baby (It would certainly explain Quinn’s rapidly expanding, decreasing, and expanding again waistline).  Because, while Vocal Adrenaline was singing, New Directions had time to:

 (1) drive Quinn to the hospital;

(2) watch her go into labor and give birth;

 (3) complete all the legal paper work necessary to process an impromptu adoption (more on that later);

(4) drive back to the competition in perfect hair and makeup; and

(5) be ready and waiting on stage for the award announcements.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here.  You see, the writers brilliantly (or disturbingly, depending on how you feel about these sort of things) juxtaposed Quinn’s giving birth . . .

“They’ve only been singing for about two minutes.  You have PLENTY of time to give me an epidural!”

 . . . with Vocal Adrenaline’s preformance of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  So when Quinn gave birth to Baby Beth . . .

 . . . Vocal Adrenaline symbolically “gave birth” to Jesse . . .


 . . . which left me wondering, which Vocal Adrenaline star was lucky enough to play the “afterbirth?”

“I’m melting!  I’m melting!”

Speaking of that heartless witch of a Vocal Adrenaline coach, Shelby Corcoran, Rachel approaches her biological mom after the competition, and suggests she “team coach” New Directions with Will.  But Shelby HATES the idea.  She wants to have a NEW KID, so she has absolutely NO TIME to waste on her VERY VERY OLD ONE.  So, of course, Quinn and Puck HAVE to give Shelby their kid, because screwing up ONE childhood, is clearly not enough for this broad!

“I’ll get you my Quinney!  And your Baby Beth too!”

And the Winner Isn’t . . .

Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester and her panel of “celebrity” judges . . .

Yeah, I was confused too  . . .

 .  . . duke it out amongst themselves to determine who should win Regionals.  Surprisingly, Sue keeps her mouth shut through most of the deliberations, except to deflect some insults thrown her way by the other judges, Olivia Newton John, Josh Groban, and that random news guy from one of the early episodes, Rod Remmington.  And when Sue Sylvester is the NICEST one in the room, you know you’ve got a pretty unlikeable bunch.    The other three judges seem split exactly down the middle, with Olivia Newton John preferring the porn-name sounding “Aural Intensity,” who performed a cover of one of her songs, Rod enjoying Jesse and his Vocal Adrenaline kids, and Josh seeming to prefer OUR New Directions kids.

Soon after deliberations are complete, we learn that New Directions finished THIRD in the competition, with Vocal Adrenaline bringing in the win.  Of course, the kids are crushed, believing their Glee club dreams are finished . . .

A Kiss, Two Songs, A Truce, MUCH MORE Tears . . .

Back at school, Will finds ex-girlfriend Emma (now dating a dentist) screaming at Principal Figgins about his decision to disband Glee club.  (Not that Principal F has made ANY decisions this year, without someone’s hand up his ass, making his mouth move . . . I’ve seen slugs with more gumption than this guy!)  Will sees this exchange, and apparently finds it SUPER HOT, because he promptly tells Emma he loves her, and makes out with her because that’s what ALL Would-Be Couples do during season finales he really cares.

His mouth still wet from Emma’s super sanitized spit, Will enters the school auditorium to find his entire Glee club sitting before him.  In a scene that ACTUALLY had ME crying, the kids tell Will how much he has meant to them as a teacher.  They further explain that, even if there is no more Glee Club, Will’s lessons will always be in their hearts. The crew then sing “To Sir With Love.” And, by the time, they are finished, there is truly not a dry eye in the house.

Not even the eyes of Sue Sylvester!

Through flashbacks, we find out that, in a surprising show of decency, Sue HAD actually voted for New Directions to win at Regionals (which makes it all the more confusing that they LOST, especially considering that (1) Josh Groban also seemed to be on board with them winning; and (2) the other two judges each had a different favorite candidate.)

Feeling a bit guilty about the loss of New Directions, Sue strong-arms Principal Figgins (see what I mean about the hand up the butt?) into reinstating Glee club for ANOTHER YEAR!

Upon hearing the good news, Will decides to call a temporary truce with Sue!


Take note, Middle East!  If THEY can do it, so can YOU!

Will is so happy, he sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with Puck, which was touching and sweet, if not exactly “manly.”

“Hey, Puck!  When we’re done here, do you wanna go shopping with me?  There are these ruby red slippers at the new mall that I’ve just been DYING to try on.  It’s right up the yellow brick road . . .”

So, there you have it, folks.  Our first season of Glee has come and gone, and a long, hot Glee-less summer awaits.  Something tells me, I’m going to be singing to myself A LOT more in the coming months . . .

See ya next year, fellow Gleeks!


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16 responses to “A Very, Very, VERY Sentimental Journey – A Recap of Glee’s Season Finale “Journey”

  1. imaginarymen

    As a total 80’s music freak for all things cheesy, I really must tell you that you need a picture of the ORIGINAL Journey with Steve Perry!! Not that MySpace guy!!:

    Now THAT is 80’s RAWK at its finest!!

    • Thanks for the pic! WOW! That is some BIG HAIR! They probably could have blown up their entire tour bus, with all the hairspray they used in there . . .

      When I saw your comment, for a second, I was worried that I chose a picture of people who were NOT actually Journey. I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve put up the WRONG pictures for people I refer to in my posts, on more than one occasion. Thus, proving that you can’t always trust Google Images to do your homework for you . . .

      But I do like your picture better (even though it would have prevented me from making my Sue Sylvester joke ;)).

      I didn’t know the MySpace guy was also in Journey! Hearing stuff like this always makes me feel really lazy. While I was sleeping, someone else was creating a social networking site and joining a highly successful band. Go figure!

      Thanks again for the pic, and, of course, the 80’s music education! 🙂

      • imaginarymen

        You definitely do not follow cheesy 80’s rock girl!


        The current lead singer of Journey is a guy who put videos of himself on MySpace singing Journey songs. He sounds so much like Steve Perry (original AWESOME lead singer) that the band hired him!

        So no, the founder of MS is not also the lead singer. That would be kinda funny though.

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  3. I loved the season finale. I can’t believed how much I cried in that episode. I’m like pull yourself together.

    The Journey guy really does look like Miss Sue. I’m torn between bands: Journey or Queen. Like jeez you really gonna make me decide, whores! lol

    I miss Mohawk!Puck. Just throwing that out there randomly lol And ugly crying face Mr. Shue. I think some people have to be taught how to cry on tv. But Dawson had the WORST crying face of all time.

    Lmao nice comparison to Beth being born and Jesse performance. The guy really does make disturbing a face. I can’t believe how much of a douche this guy really was. Actually I can. Hoe we never see him again.

    Shelby Corcoran, was a total b*tch, like this is your 16-year-old daughter. I mean if she was in her 30s maybe I can understand why would consider Rachel old but the girl is in her teens and I’m pretty sure that’s when you need the most guidence. Like I can’t love you becasue your too old like WTF?

    On ND losing, I was hoping they’d win. Seriously was think ‘Come on New Direction, you got this’. than another depressing scene.

    Oh the dedication to Mr. Shue, flat out cried and then stop and saw Sue’s face and cried again. I was a mess lol Reminded me of ‘O Brother, Where Bart Thou?’ Oh, Mike and Matt having line was amazing. Escpecially since they never speak (well Matt did have that one line in Gaga episode).

    I love the Puck/Will duet. amazing 🙂


    • Hey M! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I LOVE your new avatar, by the way! It definitely made me giggle. Have you ever considered making a Gossip Girl finger puppet video on YouTube? I would DEFINITELY watch something like that!

      You aren’t alone M! I got pretty weepy during this episode too! (I may have even exhibited my own Ugly Cry Face. ;)) Seeing the ENTIRE Glee cast crying during “To Sir With Love,” definitely made me lose it.

      I even cried a bit for Quinn during that awkward birthing scene. Dianna Agron should win an Emmy for that performance. She REALLY looked like she was in pain. It was very hard to watch. (I wonder if she watched birthing videos to prepare for the big moment.)

      I’m with you! I could definitely do WITHOUT EVIL Shelby and Jesse next season. Unfortunately, I fear they will bring Jesse back for Regionals NEXT year. That means more mean looks and constipated expressions! Ick!

      I couldn’t believe how heartless Shelby was to Rachel, especially after she went through so much trouble to find her. I hate that she got to adopt Puck’s and Quinn’s baby. With so many women out there who are dying to become parents, she is probably the least deserving of them all!

      You are right. There is SO MUCH mothering a girl still needs at 16. Heck, I’m in my 20’s and I STILL rely on my mother for advice and moral support. What’s going to happen when Baby Beth turns 16? Is Shelby simply going to leave her on the street? If the writers wanted us to be happy about this adoption, they went about it the wrong way.

      I was really bummed about New Directions’ loss too, especially since it was COMPLETELY undeserved! That judge’s deliberation scene was a bit ridiculous. But I guess the writers were trying to insert some comedy into what was an unusually serious episode.

      And yet, the fact that our Glee kids didn’t win THIS year, gives us something to look forward to for next season. I’m willing to bet that in Season 2, New Directions makes it all the way to Nationals! 😉

      Good call on Mike’s and Matt’s speaking parts. Here’s hoping they both get some storylines next season. How about a Mike, Artie, Tina love triangle? Think about all the fun songs that would result!

      Puck is dreamy :). He could sing Itsy Bitzy Spider, and I would still swoon, and rush to download the song on my iPod ;).

      Thanks again for your witty and awesome comments! It’s going to be a lonely summer without Gossip Girl and Glee to keep us happy. 😦

      • Np, the recaps are so funny and spot on that I just had to say something (plus I love Glee). Thank you, I pic come from the puppets from The Gossip Girl parody Season 2 (I have a bunch of them that print screened and are now in my flashdrive) . I don’t I have a funny voice so it might not be that funny to watch lol

        The writer just wanted to hear that everyone cry in the season finale. I trying to get all the song on soundbox (it’s a lot cheaper than iTunes) but I don’t if they have the EP up yet.

        Diana should get one because it looked so real. I couldn’t cry though because Puck was making all these weird faces in the background and then he smelled the afterbirth (gross btw). But yeah prop to her for committing to that scene.

        NOO! Don’t bring him back. I’m sorry but after leaving ND, and the eggs (from some endanger species) on poor Rachel’s head, then beating them, and the weird faces. *weeps* Where does it all end I ask you?

        I know. I was peeved because she was like now that I found you I don’t want to see you anymore. Like then why’d you send Jesse after her? Now Jesse’s story plot seems kind of pointless. I’m surprised they gave her child in the first place.

        Poor Beth, she never had a fight chance.
        Olivia Newton-John just pissed me off. Although the scene was a little funny kind of and necessary. Becasue they did they put Sue in her place and knock her off her high horse (I love Sue, but sometime she needs to be reminded to be humble)

        National, oh yea. Even if they don’t win National (next year which duh they have to) they still honestly deserve a spot (Unlike VA, boo lol).
        Yeah, I’m a fan of theirs due to fanfic actually so I would love if they had more lines. Maybe a story plot and maybe Mike, Tina, and Artie triangle (I’m so glad I’m not the only who has thought of that triangle)

        Lmao there’s something about Puck that makes a girl swoon. *gushes* I feel like a total fan girl right now.

        Boo first GG then the other G show. Till next season… Which is when btw?

      • Hey M! Ooh! I would love to see your GG finger puppet shows! I bet they are hilarious! Trust me, a funny voice isn’t necessary. Once people see “finger Chuck” kissing “finger Blair,” they will be rolling on the floor laughing. 🙂 I’d probably stay away from “finger sex,” however lol.

        Good call on the reason for Puck’s “ick” face during the birth. I thought he was making it at something else, which I won’t describe here, out of fear of being too graphic. You have to give Puck props for really standing by his lady though. The Puck we met in the early episodes would have probably said something like, “That’s gross! Peace out, babe! Call me when it’s over.”

        According to Wikipedia, Season 2 of Glee starts in September 2010. It will start off airing Tuesdays at 8, and then switch to Wednesdays at 9 in 2011. (Not sure about the reason for the switch — probably to make room for some midseason replacement show.)

        As to whether the EVIL Jesse St. James is set to return to Glee for another season of torturing Rachel, you might find THIS post-finale interview with Jonathan Groff, who plays the character, interesting . . .


        I forgot Jesse was a senior, while the rest of the Gleeks were rising sophomores. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get left back ;).

      • ok, I don’t like Glee so I’m not gonna comment on this post. I’m here only for the puppet comment. We so need to do that. Like really, lol.

        And Jules, I’m waiting for a True Blood recap 2morrow.

      • I would LOVE if you guys did a GG puppet series! This would be a really great (and hilarious) way to make it through the show’s summer hiatus! You could even post them on your blog at the time GG normally airs! Who knows, maybe someone could tweet the links to the producers! You guys would be famous! 🙂

        It might sound far-fetched, but J.J. Abrams watched A LOT of the Lost fan videos that were online, and ended up airing the best ones at Comic Con. So, stranger things have happened . . .

        I CAN’T WAIT for True Blood! I am already gearing up for a VERY late night recapping. Here’s hoping I finish in time to post it . . . Talk to you soon! (And SERIOUSLY consider that puppet idea!)

      • I’ll talk to M about the puppet thing, see if we get ideas how to make it. She is the US and I’m in Europe. 😦

        And we will never be famous because of all the Mannessa and HoboJessica hate but it doesn’t matter, we’ll do it because we enjoy it. Our reward would be if ppl like it. Meah, we’ll see if we can do it.

        And thank you for considering us as good as to be taken into consideration by the GG creators. You’re very sweet but we know there’s no place for Trollnessa haters in the spotlight.

        Yup, I saw you made a recap, I’m heading that way. lol

  4. Amazon Annie

    I really enjoyed the season finale of Glee. I’m not a big fan of “cliffhangers”. Things ended pretty much the way I wanted them to end. I even enjoyed the weeping at “To Sir with Love”.
    I thought it was a a clever idea to show Sue Sylvester’s humanity without having her lose her “nasty edge”. She keeps her “mean” to the bitter end with her “…..I’ll puke in your mouth!” line, which was a classic! Great recap!

    • Hi Amazon Annie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I agree that Glee did a nice job tying up the many lose ends accumulated during the latter half of the season. This way, they can really start Season 2 with a completely clean slate. Anything can happen!

      Personally, I was kind of hoping New Directions would WIN Regionals, and the “cliffhanger” would be whether they won “Nationals.” However, allowing time to pass on a show, during a series hiatus, is usually a wise thing to do. For one thing, it makes the actors’ inevitable respective weight gains or losses, plastic surgeries, and new hair colors and cuts, seem less jarring. With a three month break occurring both in “real time” and “Glee time,” we won’t have to worry about me including a line in my Season 2 premiere recap such as:

      “Wow X character’s boobs must have really grown during the week between Sectionals and Nationals. What IS she eating, and where can I get some?”

      Not only was “To Sir with Love” a really poignant Glee moment, the performance itself was really beautiful. I love how Glee provides me with a little “music history” lesson every week, and expands my musical horizons. (See my above exchange with ImaginaryMen re: Journey. :)) “To Sir With Love” was a song I had never heard before, and would probably have thought was lame in its original incarnation. But I loved it here. And, yes, it will probably make it into my ever -growing Glee-themed iPod playlist . . .

      Episode weaknesses aside, I really like how the writers have expanded on Sue Sylvester’s character during the “back nine” episodes of Glee, making her less of a two-dimensional villian and more of a real (very flawed) person, with hang-ups and vulnerabilities, just like the rest of us. Also, Jane Lynch’s superb acting always keeps the character from falling off into Comic Book Villian territory. There is something about her that is just inherently likeable, no matter how nasty she is being on screen.

      Can’t wait for Season 2!

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