The Rapping Hamsters are SO the New E-Trade Babies!

While at the movies this evening (I saw Get Him to the Greek, in case you were curious), I had the rare opportunity to view the above-pictured commercial on the silver screen.  Although I’ve seen it quite a few times by now, it never ceases to bring a smile to my face, a giggle to my lips, and some serious rump shaking to my tushy.  It almost makes me want to buy a Kia Soul . . . almost.

What can I say?  I guess I am just a sucker for hoodie-wearing CGI animals, and old school rap from the early 90’s.  The song the hamsters rock out to in the commerical is called “The Choice is Yours” by a group called Black Sheep, pictured below.  (Check out the guy on the right!  That is some SERIOUS hair!  No baseball hats for that guy . . . or any headgear, for that matter.)

I’ve always wondered what Marge Simpson would look like as a black man . . .

Now I know.

Then again, perhaps my love for this commercial simply stems from my lifelong dream to cruise the streets of New York City in a Giant Toaster . . .

 . . . and /or a Giant Front-Opening Washing Machine . . .

Whatever the reason, this commercial is simply the BOMB DIGGITY!

There are a lot of SERIOUSLY tough hamsters in that advertisement!  But you know which one I REALLY wouldn’t mess with?  THIS Hamster . . .

That hamster would probably get into a knife fight with the E-Trade Baby, with little provocation . . .

Speaking of homicidal hamsters . . . have you seen THIS commercial yet?

Don’t worry, Spooky.  I’ll feed you!  I don’t watch the World Cup AT ALL!  So, let’s just put the chainsaw down, OK?  Hey, I’ve got an idea!  Go down to the garage, and warm up the Giant Toaster.  We can go for a ride . . .


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