The Vampire Diaries Newest Villain, Mason Lockwood – Who would YOU cast?

Have you been chomping at the bit (no pun intended) for The Vampire Diaries to return from its already WAY TOO LONG hiatus?  Well, here’s some Season 2 scoopage to tide you over.  Apparently, bloodsucking vampires and witches on a rampage won’t be the only “supernatural problems” Mystic Falls will have to deal with next year.  Now, the not-so-sleepy Virginia town will also have to contend with . . . WEREWOLVES.

If you recall, during the show’s spectacular Season 1 finale episode, “Founders’ Day,” both Tyler Lockwood (played by Michael Trevino) . . .

. . . and his father, the Mayor, exhibited some “wolfy” tendencies, when faced with a “witchy” invention, whose intended purpose was to immobilize supernatural creatures.  Unfortunately, Mayor Lockwood didn’t survive the episode.

But, apparently, this means that his younger, hotter, brother must come to town and step into his shoes, or, perhaps more accurately, his doggie booties . . .

According to Michael Ausiello, over at Entertainment Weekly, the folks down at The Vampire Diaries have recently put out the following casting call:

Mason Lockwood: Described as Tyler’s “cool” uncle, Mason is sexy and athletic and possesses an easygoing charm. Though he has more control than his nephew, he can “flip in an instant” if crossed. Seeking Latin or Caucasian actors in their 30s for this recurring role.

Riiiiight, because that’s EXACTLY what The Vampire Diaries needs . . . MORE HOT MEN THAT LOOK GOOD WITH THEIR SHIRTS OFF (or open) . . .

Blatant male objectification aside, I thought it might be fun for me to try my hand at casting Mason Lockwood.  Here are my top five picks, in no particular order . . .

1) Michael Rosenbaum

Age: 37 (but he turns 38 on July 11th)

Where you’ ve seen him before:  He played Lex Luthor on Smallville.

Why he’d make a good Mason:  Let’s face it, no one does “sexy villian on a teen drama” like Michael Rosenbaum (except, maybe, Ian Somerhalder,  ;)).  Not only is Michael already a familiar face on the CW network, he’s definitely got the acting chops to pull off a “two-natured” (in more ways than one) role like this one.  It also might be nice to seem him in a role where he has HAIR, for a change . . .

2) Milo Ventimiglia

Age: 33 (just turned on July 8th – Happy belated, Milo!  What’s with me picking all these July babies for this role?)

Where you’ve seen him before: He played Peter Petrelli on Heroes and Jesse Mariano on Gilmore Girls.

Why he’d make a good Mason: Like Michael Rosenbaum, Milo is no stranger to the CW network (See Gilmore Girls reference above).  Nor would he be out of his element on a show featuring supernatural elements (See Heroes reference above).  Milo has already proven himself capable of playing a charming and likeable, yet volatile, persona.  He also bears a striking resemblance to Michael Trevino, who would play his nephew on the show.  And did you SEE that body?  Need I say more?

3) Scott Speedman

Age: 34

Where you’ve seen him before:  He played Ben Covington on Felicity, and Michael Corvin in all those Underworld movies.

Why he’d make a good Mason:  I can’t think of better preparation for playing a werewolf on a show featuring vampires and werewolves, than starring in a movie series as a  vampire / werewolf hybrid.  Can you?  Unlike Michael and Milo, Scott never starred on the CW, but he DID star on its predecessor channel, the WB, during his Felicity years.  Through Scott’s previous roles, he has definitely shown that he has enough innate masculinity and barely suppressed rage to fit in with the Lockwood clan.  And that uniquely raspy voice of his?  Pure sex . . .

4) Paul Walker

Age: 36

Where you’ve seen him before: Those Fast and Furious movies

Why he’d make a good Mason:  I’m not gonna lie.  I chose Paul almost exclusively for his beauty . . . and his body . . . and because Kerr Smith and Benjamin McKenzie are both already tied up with other television shows.  What can I say?  I’m only human!

5) Jesse Metcalfe

Age: 31

Where you’ve seen him before: He played that hot lawnmower dude, John, who got it on with Eva Langoria on Desperate Housewives.  He also played the title role in John Tucker Must Die.  (Too bad this character isn’t named “John.”  Because Jesse would have had the role in the bag.)

Why he’d make a good Mason:  Like Milo, I think Jesse kind of looks like Michael Trevino, which would weigh in his favor, for a part like this.  Plus, if these werewolves are anything like the werewolves in the Twilight series, they are going to have to be shirtless A LOT.  Clearly, this will be NO problem for Jesse.  On a more serious (and slightly selfish) note, Jesse Metcalfe is a very talented actor, and I’d really like to see him on my small screen again. 

 (Note:  When I was researching this post, I learned that Jesse Metcalfe is actually set to star in a new Jerry Bruckheimer-produced NBC pilot this fall, entitled ChaseBut everyone knows that most pilots don’t actually get picked up by the networks.  So as far as I am concerned, he’s still in the running  😉 . . .)

So, those are my picks.   Who would YOU cast as Mason Lockwood?

[ Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday, September 9th at 8 p.m. on the CW Network. ]

P.S.  Apparently, less than 24-hours after I wrote this blog post, the producers over at The Vampire Diaries released their ACTUAL casting choice for Mason Lockwood.  (Special thanks to Amy, over at the always entertaining and fabulously fangirly imaginarymen blog, and first commenter Ellen O., for the late-breaking scoop!)  And the winner is . . . THIS GUY . . .

Taylor Kinney, who was best known for his role as EMT Glenn Morris on the NBC drama Trauma.  (Hey, that rhymes!)  And, just in case you were curious, here’s what he looks like without his shirt on . . .

Welcome to Fangirl Land, Mr. Kinney!  Prepare to be shamelessly objectified!


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24 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Newest Villain, Mason Lockwood – Who would YOU cast?

  1. Ellen O

    Oh my such a list: I would choose Metcalfe but only if Rosenbaum is too old LOL They are all good picks.

    • Hi Ellen! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m really glad you liked my “casting picks.”

      It’s hard to tell whether Michael Rosenbaum will look to old to play a thirty something. I mean, technically he IS still in his thirties. But it’s been so long since we’ve seen him with hair, so it’s hard to tell :). (The picture I used for him was pretty old.)

      But, hey, if they can cast a 27-year old as a vampire who was turned at age 17, surely they can cast an actual thirty something to play a thirty something, right? 🙂 Michael Rosenbaum is just so talented, that I would really love to see him join this already stellar cast in any capacity.

      And Jesse Metcalfe (sigh), they could cast that man in ANYTHING, and I would watch.

      Here’s hoping the show’s producers listen to us! 😉

  2. i think that you’ve got a great list. I’d like to see Metcalf or Milo, buy how about Tom Welling? Even though hes in Smallville VD is sure to make more money. lol

    • Thanks so much ebru! Good idea re: Tom Welling. He’s adorable, got GREAT ABS, is about the right age for the part, and looks enough like Michael Trevino to play a passable “Uncle Mason” to him.

      And you are right about Smallville. I have a feeling that TVD is going to kick its butt ratings-wise, this year. Besides, who says Tom Welling can’t do BOTH? It’s the same network, after all. I’m sure they could work something out. 😉

      Thanks again for commenting! September 9th can’t come fast enough! 😉

  3. Shira

    Antomio Sabato, Jr. (talk about eye candy!)

    • Ooh! Antonio Sabato, Jr. could TOTALLY pull off this role! Truthfully, I hadn’t seen him on TV in a while (although I know he did that reality dating show a few months back). However, after you mentioned Antonio, I took the liberty of looking him up in Google Images. All I can say is . . . WOW!

      Thanks for the comment Shira! And for the fabulous casting tip!

  4. Heather S

    Ok love the name Mason!!! My casting suggestion is Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost:(. He’s an extremely talented actor, he can be a bad boy and good guy, very athletic and not to mention….. HOT!!!

    • Hi Heather! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m a big fan of the name “Mason” too. It reminded me of the character in the Vampire Academy series with the same name. (Ever read those books? They are fabulous!)

      I’m a HUGE Josh Holloway fan! Honestly, he was one of the main reasons that I watched Lost all those seasons. (Ian Somerhalder was another main reason . . . at least before they had to go and kill off his character. Meanies!) I’m not entirely sure, Josh would take on a smaller role like this, after starring in Lost. But, hey, he’s got a lot more free time on his hands now. So, it’s certainly worth a shot!

  5. Hey TVD fans! Have you caught this AMAZING new DAMON-centric TVD Season 2 Trailer, just released today by the CW? I seriously can’t say enough good things about it. It’s fun, funny, racy, and features some of the best Damon-y clips that Season 1 had to offer! (The song in the background is called “Everybody Loves Me” by One Republic.)

    Ian Somerhalder is positively perfect! The fact that this man did not get an Emmy for his outstanding performance on this show is a PURE travesty!


  6. imaginarymen


    Why are we even discussing this?!


    • LOL. So, I take it that you were totally “Team Ben” during those Felicity days too, right? 🙂

      (Oh, and we’re discussing it, so I have an excuse to write yet another a post almost exclusively filled with pictures of hot, sometimes shirtless, male actors. But shhh, don’t tell anyone! I often like to pretend that this blog has “journalistic integrity.” ;)).

      • imaginarymen

        There was a Team Noel? ;-pp

        Your blog has “shirtless integrity”, “journalistic” not so much – that’s why I love it so!

    • Oooh, thanks for the late-breaking scoop. Between this and the new Damon-trailer, the blogosphere was just a flutter with TVD news today. And after weeks of radio silence, it’s ABOUT TIME, I say!

      I’m not familiar with Taylor Kinney, because I’ve never watched Trauma before. But, I must say, I’m happy with the pick. He’s DAMN sexy! He also bears enough of a resemblance to Michael Trevino to pass as an “Uncle.” Oh, and I bet he looks mighty good with his shirt off too! Very important for a show like this . . .

      (It’s selfish, I know! But I’m a little disappointed they broke this news so quickly after I blogged my casting picks. For whatever reason, this blog entry had quite the Twitter following today. I think some generous folks even tweeted it to Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec themselves. Little did we all know the decision had already been made. 15 minutes of fame . . . it was nice while it lasted. :))

  7. imaginarymen

    Just update the blog post to put that guy in as an option! Then you’ll look like a psychic genius!!

    • LOL! Tempting! I didn’t end up doing that, exactly. I DID update the post though. 😉 So thank you for the idea (for which you get full credit, of course :)). I’m figuring this could earn me (and you) at least two more minutes of fame . . . Man, I’m such a publicity whore!

  8. Ellen O

    Taylor Kinney was Cast for the Part. Check out the link.

    • Hey Ellen O! Thanks so much for the awesome scoop! (I LOVE Entertainment Weekly, don’t you?) If you scroll down to the bottom of the original post, you’ll see that I’ve added some VERY nice pictures of our newest TVD cast member. He’s definitely a hottie, and fits the role quite well, I think. It would have been nice if one of OUR picks got the part, but I’m happy with the choice . . .

      BTW, have you seen the show trauma before? Was Taylor any good in it?

  9. Ellen O

    I had never heard of him before LOL. I will check out his background when I get a chance.

  10. To my dear Tyler Lockwood, what if i said i was like you liven in the dark and have no friends that care about you because of what you are and nobody likes it.

    • I agree, loretta. It’s not easy being a werewolf. (It certainly wasn’t easy for the Now-Dead Mason.) But hey, Tyler has at least one true friend in Caroline, right?

  11. ashish (goldi)

    dear friend,
    i want to become vampire because i need to power any help me.

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