So You Wanna Be a Vampire? Read this before making your “life-changing” decision.


As a recapper of television shows involving vampires, and a voracious reader of “vampire literature,” people often write to me requesting information on how one should go about turning into a vampire.  I always welcome these questions.  After all, the decision to make the “human-to-vampire transition” is not one that should be taken lightly.  And I’ve seen far too many friends jump into this life choice, without having been truly informed as to all of its attendant consequences.

It’s like my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother Vampire Sara once said: “Life is short, but immortality is forever.”

Don’t believe Vampire Sara? Just ask THIS GUY . . . He’s ANCIENT!

Since, regretably, I do not have the time to answer ALL of your questions (I am only human, after all), I’ve decided to devise this list of Frequently Asked Questions on the topic of vampirism.  Hopefully this list will serve to shed some light on this increasingly prevalent issue.

1) How do I go about becoming a vampire?

There are some shows schools of thought that would have you believe that in order to become a vampire, all you have to do is be bitten by one.

Still other movies like The Lost Boys schools of thought would suggest that you can become a vampire, merely by drinking a few sips of another vampire’s blood.

Well GEEZ!  If THAT was the case, EVERYBODY would do it, now wouldn’t they?   Unfortunately, making the transition is not so easy.  For starters, in most cases, it involves you DYING!


So, how do you die?  Well in most cases, a hot vampire can kill you, by draining all of the human blood from your body.

If you are lucky, he will break your neck first, so you won’t actually feel any pain when he does it.  And if you’re REALLY lucky, he’ll let you dance with him, half-naked, first . . .

The next step involves YOU drinking vampire blood.  This part can be tricky.  Especially, if you are already dead, and therefore, not  thirsty.  So, I say, drink lots of vampire blood NOW, while you are alive.  This way, by the time you want to turn, it won’t be an issue anymore.

Not sure where to get vampire blood?  Call me . . . I have some L.A. connections . . .

But don’t wait too long . . . because I have a feeling my “connection” is going to “dry up” real soon.

For those of you with cash to burn, rumor has it that, somewhere in a remote village in Alaska, there is a medical clinic that can perform the procedure in three days.  So you can become immortal, and be back at work in NO TIME!  The procedure is performed by a well-renown plastic surgeon  . . .

. . . and a highly experienced anesthesiologist . . .

All it takes is a simple lethal injection, and a quick-as-a-wink blood transfusion.  The best part?   NO unnecessary bodily decay or unsightly death scars!   In fact, many local celebrities have already been spotted frequenting the clinic  . . .

Feel free to contact the Alaska Division of Tourism for more information on this exciting opportunity.

2) All the vampires I know are young and/or hot.  I’m old as dirt and ugly as sin.  Can I still be a vampire?

First of all, sir.  I am SURE you are NOT nearly as old or ugly as you say you are. (pauses to look at the picture included as e-mail attachment – gags reflexively)

Hmmmmm . . . OK . . . well . . . Surely, there are SOME vampires that are neither young nor hot.  Let me think about this for a moment . . .

Nope.  You are right.  Unfortunately, there just doesn’t seem to be a real market out there for old ugly bloodsuckers.   Sorry about that.  Thanks for playing.  Better luck next life time . . .

3) What about that whole “can’t go out in the sunlight” thing?  I’m kind of a morning person.  So, I’m not sure I could handle that.

I can see how the whole “sunlight allergy” and “dead until dark” thing, could put a real crimp in your social and professional life.  Fortunately, today’s vampires have found many ways around this pesky inconvenience.  For example, you could, wear ugly sun-repellant jewelry like those boys in The Vampire Diaries . . .

. . . or pour glitter all over your naked body, like a drag queen at a gay nightclub  . . .

And if THAT doesn’t work, just suck it up and hang out with other vampires, who keep your same hours . . .

After you’ve become a super cool vampire, you aren’t going to want to associate with us lame ass humans, anyway.

4) I’m a pretty peaceful person.  I just don’t know if it’s in me to kill other people for their blood.  How would I survive?

Wait . . . you mean to tell me that you DON’T lick and bite people for fun?  Clearly, you are missing out.

You see, nowadays, most vampires don’t need to kill to survive.  There are lots of other options available to you.  For example, you can take a little nip of your lover during foreplay.  Very sexy!

You can also “borrow” blood from blood banks, like that dude from Moonlight . . .

. . . Or drink that synthetic stuff that looks like beer, but tastes like orange soda . . .

And, FINALLY, if you HATE little defenseless animals, and have no heart, you can go out into the woods and drink from Bambi’s mother . . .

Personally, I think this is the WORST / most immoral of ALL the above options.  However, folks in the literary world seem to equate Deer-Sucking with sainthood.  So far be it for me to judge, right?

5) Will I have any special powers when I’m a vampire?

You mean, ASIDE from being IMMORTAL, HOT and TOTALLY AWESOME?  . . .  Plenty.  As a vampire, you will have super-human strength and speed.

You will also f*ck like a rockstar . . .

Some say that you can even fly.  But, as far as I’m concerned, the coolest vampire skill of all that you will obtain is your ability to control people’s minds.

Aside from being hot, young, and Olympic-caliber f&ckers, THIS is probably the main reason why vampires ALWAYS get their mate.  Call it compulsion; call it “glamour;” call it “persuasion.”  Whatever you call it, it always works the same way.  Stare at your target with your beautiful eyes.  She falls into a deep trance.  You tell her exactly what you want her to do.  She does it.  Now, how awesome is THAT?

6) Do I REALLY need to be invited in EVERY time I want to enter a new human’s home?

The fact that you are even asking this question tells me that you are a completely rude turd, with no manners whatsoever .  . . no offense.  YES, you have to be invited in!  But the better question is, why is that a problem for you?  Is it your “thing” to just randomly go barging into people’s houses uninvited?  Talk about a BAD house guest.

Fish and YOU smell after three days . . .

Coincidentally, if you REALLY want to get into someone’s house, and the person isn’t inviting you in, just COMPEL him or her to WANT to invite you inside.  Problem solved.

7) I’ve been a vampire for many, MANY years now. All my friends are dead.  I’m bored.  What do I do now?

Ugh!  Type O, AGAIN?  I just drank that on Tuesday!

Simple.  Off yourself.  There are plenty of easy ways to do it.  For starters, you can, go on vacation someplace tropical . . .

Take a long walk into a short stake . . .

 . . . lose your head . . .

(I made this picture small, because it creeped me out too much, when it was larger.)

 . . . or just hang out with Buffy . . .

You’ll be chilling in Heaven in NO TIME!  Well . . . maybe not Heaven . . .

8 ) Any parting advice before I make “the change?”

Yes . . . invest in some good dental insurance.  You are going to have some f*&ked up teeth, for sure!

Well, that’s all I’ve got, folks.  See you on the “Other Side.”

 [What is Life Sucks Death Bites?]  [What is The Exquisite Corpse?] [ Who is Bellamy Jordan?]


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  1. imaginarymen

    Heh. Any excuse to show the Damon Dancing clip. I’m on to you Julie ;-0

    Hey there are not-hot vampires!! What about Eddie from S1 True Blood? He got to even appear in a dream sequence in bed with Jason Stackhouse!! Not too shabby.

    Another fabulous post about one of our favorite topics :->

    • LOL. You caught me. I must have used that same Damon Dancing clip about EIGHT times in this blog, since it first aired. NEVER . . . GETS . . . OLD. 🙂

      Now I’m just trying to figure out a logical way to include it in my True Blood recaps. (Crossover episode, anyone?)

      Awwww, you see now, I think Eddie was HOT! Pudgy, middle agers = totally my type. 😉

      And anyone lucky enough to bed Jason Stackhouse (even via dream sequence) is OK in my book.

      • imaginarymen

        “And anyone lucky enough to bed Jason Stackhouse (even via dream sequence) is OK in my book.”

        That would be me. Twice :-))))

        But in my dreams :-(((((((

        But each time I got to touch his abs :-))))))))))))))

        BTW – this pic of Pam reminds me – that actress is on Twitter and tweeted Ian “Hi Ian this is Pam from True Blood”!! I LOVE that she intro’s herself that way!!! (apparently she’s environmentally too)

        Oh my – Damon and Pam!!?!? Now THERE’s a crossover I want to see!!!!

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      • Claire, if you are getting e-mails each time someone comments on this blog, it’s because you checked off a box, when you commented, that said you wished to receive notifications for every comment IT receives. It’s not me personally e-mailing you. I promise.

        If you don’t wish to receive e-mail notifications from this article, the next time you get one (like, right now, for example), just scroll down the e-mail until you see the option to unsubscribe to the post. Then check the box. It’s as simple as that.

        As for readers contacting you personally, I can’t control that. But if you would like me to delete your comments, so they are less likely to contact you, I can do that.

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    • Treyvon

      What books should people looking for when looking to becoming a vampire? And/or any advise on how to look for a vampire to turn u?

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    There’s only one way to become a vampire and i.e; by being bitten or perform a strong black magick. Like I was turned when some drunk boy hit me with their car and I was almost dead. I’m from India and I want to say the alk the Indians that vampires exist in India too.

    • smartgirl

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    Do you people really not get what you’re asking for? It’s very tragic that you would risk your life to become a monster that kills. If you came in contact with one by some miracle, do you really think they would turn you? Of course the wouldn’t. The only thing they would do is end your life, and if by some miracle you turn into a vampyre then that’s even more tragic. Just think of all the people you will leave behind or kill for that matter, because the thirst is so excruciating that everyone around you will die. Are you ready for that type of guilt. You say you want to become a vampyre because you’re lonely, well think of how lonely you would be if you lived on forever and everyone else died. Being a vampyre is a curse not a gift. I wouldn’t wish this curse on anyone. TRUST ME!!! You don’t want to become a vampyre.

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    • Connie

      Nikkita, I always been attracted to vampires since i was a little girl, ide always look at a window and expect a vampire would come and bite me and turn me. Someone told me that i am 1 cause i have fangs, but i am partial, a psycic vamp, i want to be more than that. I want to me like Lucy on Twilight.
      Theres a few people here that actully has messed with me and my husband and i want to teach them a lesson.

    • Raghav

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  97. Ava

    @Nikkita Does it really work? Im not afraid just the thing that kills me….frightens me…..what if it dosent work…….being killed by someone…….i want to be a vampire…….im not a twilight fan i, didnt come here because of that i came here because of freedom……showing humans there are other things in the world that they dont know about…….i understand if you dont see something special in me…..i just wanna ask you some questions even if you change me or not i just wanna ask you some things.
    1). Will You Age?
    2). Will you burn in sunlight? and can i get a ring if you do burn.
    3) will i live for as long as i dot get a steak to the heart
    4) do i run faster, stronger,and do i heal?
    5) can i make someone do what i say, like on The” Vampire Diaries”?
    6)( LAST ONE) Do i to be invited in?
    Please answer my questions!

  98. DeySeeMeRollin

    Nikkita if you remember nothing… Howd you remember that you got hit but a car? :3 If your mad I can be your slaaave >:D LAAWLLLL

  99. Nikkita

    @Ava- You will get your answers but not here. Leave your email ID here and I’ll mail you.
    @DeySeeMeRollin- If you read my post carefully then I didn’t mean that. I just remember that after being hit by a car I fell in a ditch and I passed out. After that I don’t remember anything. But the vampire who turned me explained everything to me. And that’s how I knew that I was being hit by a car.

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      • how i tried every spell oh what ya um well smart girl say this 5 x at night /BLOOD RED PALE SKIN MOONLIGHT DRAW ME IN QUINCH MY THIRST QUARSING VEINS LET MY BODY FEEL NO PAIN / Five times at night plx tell me if it works becase i am starting to think the side afects r just because i am getting sick by the way side afects head ache;stomach ache; tooth pains;after eating might feel a little sick;dizzyness; thats all and that also what i am going through and its terribleyly awsome and after a week you will be a full vampire talk to u later ttylxox by the way i am seven years old but it acully works byby and do it ok ok. name is alana seltsam.

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      • Nikkita

        Leave your email. I’ll give you each and every information plus a scientific explanation for all of your questions related to one of them. You guys may meet thousands of people who will tell you that they are the mythical vampire creatures. But I’ll give a good explanation of everything that everything will be crystal clear. I’m not a scientist but I’m a vampire. I’m a real vampire, belive it or not. I don’t make online websites like the fake vampires out there. I don’t join any online coven. If you want information then mail me other then that don’t. Leave your email Id here and I’ll mail those guys.

  105. Nikkita

    Leave your email. I’ll give you each and every information plus a scientific explanation for all of your questions related to one of them. You guys may meet thousands of people who will tell you that they are the mythical vampire creatures. But I’ll give a good explanation of everything that everything will be crystal clear. I’m not a scientist but I’m a vampire. I’m a real vampire, belive it or not. I don’t make online websites like the fake vampires out there. I don’t join any online coven. If you want information then mail me other then that don’t. Leave your email Id here and I’ll mail those guys.

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    • Karl. morschel

      Talia i’m afraid that if you let her sip that blood, she will want more. I like the taste of blood but im no vampire, i have said the 3rd 2nd and first vampire spells and got dizzy and i cut myself and before i said them, i was emo and i used to drink my blood and cut myself, as i do now. I seriously think blood isn’t used JUST for your body, it is an asset towards your food. People may call me crazy, i know 🙂 but thats just me and nobody can say anything to me that will hurt, they just might end up hurt in the furture :).

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  120. Tanya J

    I dont believe that vampires are like they are portraid in twilight.
    But i do believe they are real. Wheter they live for ever and have “powers” i also dont know. I do believe that they are special and not treated with the respect they deserve. Sure, i know everybody wants to be immortal and powerfull, but sadly we cant all have our dreams come true. thats reality. Im sick and my health is not good, and im kind hearted and understanding. Yea i would love to be healthy again and live for ever. Even with all the extras thats not always good. But i understand that is not my desision to make. Im in Gauteng SA, and my hope will never fade untill my death to become healthy. to all vamp’s, please dont think of yourself as cursed, becoz being sick is much worsh. All you immortals be blessed. Mother nature created you, and people just need to accept you, i have and without fear. Tanya J

  121. Nikita

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  127. Nikita

    @Tanya J:- Belive me Tanya J, you brought tears in my eyes after I read what you wrote. My human mother said me the same exact thing when she came to know about me becoming a vampire. Sereously, we’re not evil. Just the thrist makes us crazy and always overpowers us. Thanks a lot for understanding us. Really, you’re an angle for us. I don’t wanna sound emo! But I guess you really got me this time. Just thank you.that’s all i wanted to say.

  128. Nikita

    @Claire- You were drinking blood or what when you typed the comment?

    • alco

      Can you help me by more information? It is enough weird that I’m going to ask this but I need someone to make me belive in that… Inside me I feel they are real (the vampires), but not sure and can’t admit it… If you can help me.. so do it.


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  165. Laura

    Whow you guyz really belive this fucked up shit guyz there is no such thing called vampire is just some wild crazy imagination. Dont live a dream wake up.

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    Ooook guys i am an expert on supernatural things and it is not phisically possible to turn into a vampire using the above techniques!! For starters sum1 cannot live on blood alone, it dusnt provide enough protein to survive!! If u really think u can become a vampire u should be locked up?!?!?! So do not attempt any thing tht says it turns u into a vampire!!

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      Wow your like me, exept i am Emo and i am crazy my family say, Best to feed on them in their sleep. Hahahaha >:)

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  209. Mice Valenti

    I’ve been really obsessed about vampires ever since high school. Now, I do BELIEVE they exist but I don’t have any proof and I would really love to prove to everyone that I am right. I tried hard to research but I don’t know which part is real and which part is not. It’s really driving me nuts so I really would want to know if this is true. If there are any vampires here, please do tell. Just honest answers please. I really really really wanna know that I am right to say they exist. Lots of love.

  210. Dederrick

    How can I become a vampier

  211. JB

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    i want to be a vampire . it’s my forever wish.. i gonna die without it.. please anybody help me. please?

  219. allana jean rutor

    i want to be a vampire…..

  220. terry

    would love to be a vamp would be so cool but have no clue how maybe ill thank of something sone i try a lot of stuff but it dont seen to work im starting to thank that thair not real but we well see if u find anythang out let me now thanks terry at thanks…….????…..

  221. lovely

    i also wan to become a vampire

  222. Bailey

    I really want to become one? I’ve been so obsessed with becoming one? I need help on finding one or being one email me?

  223. Isla

    Hi I’m Isla and if there are any vampires out there can you come bite me I live in masterton

  224. Hannah

    i thick all the spells on you tube sake because some people really wont to became a vampire so it gets frustrating wene you try it and it dosnt work i thick sines THEY say its real then THEY should try it and if it works then they put it on the net but if not real then stop putting them on them on in so they wont get made at them.By the way im Hannah and i to be a vampire so bad

  225. mel

    i only want to say i need to become vampire but how?

  226. Am really interested in becoming a vampire

  227. Arun Andrio


  228. Can you please come and make me one I love vampires and I want to feast on human blood

  229. ratheesh

    A new life can help me to see the whole world. My wish, my dream was to see all the famous cities in the world and rock my life. I cant go anywhere i am helpless. I have read that vampires can fly so i want a new life to live my life and my dreams i am littel gready . But if you can help me i will thankfull to you

  230. listen to me guys he is just kidding vampires are real i knw sme people they are and the owner of a website about vampire he is also vamp he have some powers but there is a problem we wont contact with him because its a long procedure to contact with him from filling a form we have contact with him and all Q about vamp in that form and the answer is in that website of him so contact with me and i have to tell u that i have also some power of real vamp not energy vamp energy vamp are not real vamp and u will turn to vamp the process is easy but first contact me….. its a long story i will tell u anything and i have answer of all ur Q….

  231. who want to become a vamp real vamp and he is serious not like fucking idiots who says im a vamp im a vamp.i want to help those who is serious about this so cantact me serious guys not idiots and real vamp have not long teeth… some vamp are frm the birth and they have some special powers but normal people also turn into vamp its easy…

    • Connie

      please text me at 806 201 5801

      • I want to become a real Vampire because I know alot about them. And I Honestly do not care what people say about them. Every time I hear bad things about them it angers me. And as far as The Hunters go I think all Vampire Hunters are just idoits.

    • I m trust on you m serious to become a real vampire
      because my life is not working m so tired in m life everyone cheat m i have no one who take care of me
      i have no real friend
      every body use my they so selfish
      m from india and noe i want to live with an real vampire
      if u are a real vapm so help me out to make a real vamp
      thats it
      now i dont want to say anything
      this is my last desire
      please please
      help me
      Mahi Yaduvanshi

    • Jordan

      R u actually a vampire

  232. hanya ashraf

    please i wanna to be avampire pls i wanna i,m in egypt but pls help me i wanna to be a vampire pls help me pls

  233. there are vampires u alll fuckers if u really want to become a vampire email me on

  234. Courtney Morey

    Hi, i am looking into becoming a vampire, or something else to be honest, i have been depressed and loads more stuff for about 6 or more months and i just cant handle it anymore, i want something new and actually exciting in my life, and life honestly cant just be about money and killing off poor people and bombing places and everything else that the government wants to do. This world used to be the most lovely place in the world maybe 50 or more years ago, it used to be forests everywhere and hardly and green house gas, we are literally killing off this planet and im over it. I know i proberly shouldnt be saying all this but its true and if no one can see that, then i think your dumb or something. Please help.

    • Samantha Lyndquist

      Hi Courtney,

      I greatly admire your compassion towards the Earth both humans and vampires share. It is terrible that these things are being done.

      My boyfriend is a vampire and like most of his kind, greatly concerned about how the Earth is being pillaged. He wishes it was like it used to be, forested and greener.

      However, I’m concerned that your depression wouldn’t bode well for becoming a vampire. Being a vampire is very difficult and many newcomers become even more depressed once the change occurs. You have to say goodbye to your family, hurt people. Sometimes kill people. The thirst should not be doubted and it takes a good 10 years before you can even speak near a human!

      – Sam (

  235. Yes I would love to be a Vampire.

  236. hdth

    I’m scrolling through these comments and just shaking my head.

  237. Danielle

    Phone me i need vampire blood 403-995-4568 thanks

  238. i want to become a vampire, i would sell my soul just to become a vampire. please help me, please email me

  239. carmen

    fuck i whant to be vampier

    • Samantha Lyndquist

      No need for foul language! Vampires are not fond of potty mouths.

      My boyfriend is a vampire, and he wants to know:
      a) where are your parents and why do they let you use such profanities?
      b) why do you want to become a vampire?

      He might have been interested in turning you in to his vampire apprentice, but first you’d need to clean up your act!

      – Sam (

  240. Mredul

    I really want to become a vampire. Please somebody help ne please. I hate my human life. It’s hart ne everytime. Please please please help me.?

  241. Jordan

    I’ve always wanted to be a vamp but I’m 12 and I’ve got some quetions. Is it true they smell like 1) do u or they smell like vanilla to hide the sent of death 2) where would u even find a vampire .email me at

    • subhasini

      i am also having this question

    • Samantha Lyndquist

      Hi Jordan,

      I found your post on talking about vampires.

      You asked:

      “I’ve always wanted to be a vamp but I’m 12 and I’ve got some quetions. Is it true they smell like 1) do u or they smell like vanilla to hide the sent of death 2) where would u even find a vampire”

      My boyfriend is a vampire, so I know the answers. 🙂

      1. Vampires do not smell much. Vampires have a strong sense of smell and even then they have difficulty tracking each other down by smell. They tend to put special, unique perfumes to communicate their identities from farther away. You are actually very clever to bring up vanilla because their perfumes are not alcohol based, but flower or plant based. My husband’s perfume signature is sunflower. A bit ironic, isn’t it?

      They don’t use vanilla to hide the scent of death. After feeding and drinking blood, they can smell a bit stinky and have bad breath, but they just chew charchoal to deactivate the odor.

      2. There are only about 300 vampires in existence, so they are difficult to find. They are very secretive, you know? If you’ve ever woken up unable to move for no reason, and especially saw a pitch black man-shaped shadow in front of you, you likely were attacked and fed from. If you woke up with a sore throat that morning, a tooth ache, or an ingrown toenail, that is a definite sign you have been fed from.

      – Samantha (

  242. subhasini

    I want 2 become a vampire and i love vampire………………:):)

  243. Amritha

    i want to be a vampire please do help me my mail id is

  244. Okay so I want to become a vampire but then again I still want all my friends and I have a friend who will become one with me but I am waiting till we’re older do u think we can do that wait till we’re older

  245. Amelia Blackwell please send me the spell I don’t have an email but I do have a Facebook go to Annabel castellano on face book friend me and send me the spell please I really want to become a vampire I dream about becoming one just please I’m do anything it takes to become a vampire even if it means I have to go to hell and back to become one

  246. Amelia Blackwell please send me the spell on my phone my number is 1816 674 9747 please I wood do anything

  247. Of causal Kahn please contact me I’m 12 years old and really wanting to become a vampire please help a girl out contact me at 1816 674 9747

  248. Jordan

    Same I’m 12 a boy and want to be a vampire . Please help me
    My phone number is 07511 449873 text me and my email is

  249. buffy clark

    There are many things out there about vampires and I feel many of them are true,butt the first thing I remember as a child was the feeling that part of me was missing..I was to young to no What vampires whore, butt I felt it under my skin and still feel it..I feel that part of me wants to come out or maybe It’s missing… it is my home..p.s. movies are over dramatically messing with might want to look deeper!!

  250. buffy clark

    So many years of evolution,, you mean to tell me that we as humans do not understand yet!! I do no one thing about vampires,,,,,,, they are ten times smarter and understand more then I or you will ever be able to why turn someone at the bottom of the human evolution chain into a vampire.I wouldn’t! Would you?

  251. Tom Armstrong

    im 13 and wanting to be a vampire my email is and my phone number is 07530834513

  252. Rishabh

    make me a vampire. will work for you email me…. waiting for ur reply

  253. I wanna become a vampire cz i want 2 leave Dis wrld bt nt completely ! Wanna hav an eye on my famly m totally depresd ! Evrythyn Is screwd up n nw i wanna leave evrythyn

  254. Jordan

    If u r a ACTUALL vampire not a fake and is willing to turn me then mentor me and will travel to where I live email me at

  255. hi I am a vampire and their is not enoth room for to menny vampire because we need humans because of their blood and we need that or we will die i am struggaling for blood because i dont get enoth because i get it from children i am only 112 in vampire and yes we are reel.

  256. Last tym i said ma problem 2 u bt no rply ! 😦 plz i wanna b a vampire fr a genuine reason ! Plz help ma no.. Is 9482565609 ! If by July i won’t bcum a vampire den i hav 2 commit suicide no oder choice 😦

  257. Jordan

    You know what I think I’m a skeptic I don’t believe in vampires but there is one way to prove it bite someone in front of me or bite me unless there is none every vamp if they r there u have 2 weeks my email is
    Email me to discuss something



  259. Kittu

    I also have dream to be a vampire but all says that vampires are not exist..but still i am waiting for something special which can make me vampire..plz

  260. consuelo

    Is that true ???

  261. hanya ashraf

    please i wanna to be avampire i hate my life pls vampire i,m in egypt

  262. Joseph

    I love to be a vampire

  263. Joseph

    vampire a good

  264. Janey

    Hey, i really want to be a vampire since im 10 until now. now im 15. Plz reply this comment. I really want to be one. PLEASE.

  265. rukhmini

    i want to be a vampire,i am an indian,and i love to drink human blood..pls cntct me as soon as possible,i am ready to do anythng to become a vampire….

  266. Quentin

    hey, i know that there is a vampires out there and i really want to become one myself,so please help me to find the right way to do it. i live in South Africa and really need a change in my life… i really want to see the world through a vampires eyes ….

  267. Jordan

    Is there any out there I want to meet one

  268. Sam

    is this real? it can’t be…i wanna be a vampire..but how can i find someone?

  269. gez t

    hi i am a vampire i never sleep and eat all meat but the pointy teath thing is a rummer and you people dont no how to become 1 🙂

  270. nasir

    i want to achieve the power of vampire

  271. vampirehunter

    i was born to be a vampire??????

  272. vampirehunter

    i wanna be a VAMPIRE until now!!!!!! who want somE bLooD???


  273. chloe

    Ok. I want to be a vampire but i’ll wait until i’m like sixteen seventeen years old because I don’t want to look like a kid my whole life

  274. Hahaha the plastic surgeon is not one of us, this was fun and funny to read thanks for making my night see you later



  276. Neptune

    If anyone here in this site have any questions about vampires, elves and faries, mail me at and trust me you won’t regret. Rest of my information like who I’m, what I’m etc. etc. will be answered to those who mails me.

  277. Every time, I have been childhood wanted to be became a Vampire really badly, I mean it! Because I really really really afraid of died, I hate it. I want to many years like 500 or 1,000 years! And I always in dream want to be real Vampire but it’s not have one… 😦

  278. Can you turn me in to a vampire my address. 434 6st Dayton ky name is johnny

  279. kc kennedy

    i wanna be a vampire

  280. raskin

    really…i want to be a vampire….but how i turn into a vampire..??i m 17 years old.i can do every thing to be a vampire…..plzzzzzz tell meee…..

  281. Emily

    I want to be a vampire!

  282. Laila

    So vampires is really exist? It is true u can mke human to vampire?

  283. Matthew

    I hate my life. 😦 I just want to get away from everything and I know this might sound weird but I wish I got turned into a vampire in my sleep 🙂 I’m 13 yrs old and I get bullied at my school and get shouted at by my mum for no reason sometimes I just feel like giving up my life and killing myself. I’ve slit my arms and wrists and I will do it again and again. Please help me 😦 contact me at.

  284. pathum bandara

    i want to be a vempire… so how can be a vempire

  285. I want to be come a vampire i am 21 i don’t want to grow old and die i want to live long i am from Nigerian

  286. Haley

    Hi… can u please email me? I need to become a vampire… trust me its my only option in this world, i know alot of people want to become one but i need it please… i know how to do it but i need help on getting a vampires bliid to drink because i cant find any vampires

  287. Haley

    Hi.. i need ur help to find a vampires blood to drink, can u help? becoming a vampire is my only choice.. please believe me and help me

  288. viraj

    i want to be a vampire.. coz i feel that to my self and body .. coz i feel im different i wanna be a vampire.
    i hate my this life in this life i get nathing so please help me
    i do anything to became a vampire
    my email is,
    please help me…..

  289. Crystal_drinks_ur_blood

    I have always been drawn to the world of vampires. They are creatures of beauty, danger, and fun. I have dreamt of ripping throats out with my teeth, eating hearts, but the taste of blood is the sweetest thing in my dreams. I know that i was meant to be a vampire. The ones i’ve loved were taken from me and now all i dream of is blood. So if there is a vampire then u should find me and help me to be what i was meant to be. If u think i should stop trying to be one then come convience me not to be. I’ll be waiting so don’t disappoint me.

  290. Sweta

    Any Vampire reading this, please turn me into one. Please. Please mail me. My email is
    Why I want to become a vampire and all of the talks, I will do over email please. Help me!

  291. kayla

    I want to become a vampire it would make so happy

  292. Listen I know you’ve heard this all before but I really want to become a vampire. I haven’t got anything to believe in any more. And sometimes I just feel like giving up so if you want to get back to me my email is.

  293. kayla

    I love vampires can you make me one

  294. Ayesha

    you bloody rascal…*******……just all lie….not even a singal word is truth about this all…if so then tell me the reality of all..n especially about barmuda triangle and devil sea …:/..::@…

  295. Ayesha

    and one thing i really can’t get about all these bloody suckers that why they all are dying to become a vampire..??..:@…aren’t they perfect as human ????…they think animals are superior then us???..:/..??

    • good meet me first i will drink ur blood biting u exactly in ur eyes then ur neck and then ur face ur blood i will drink every part of ur bodys blood i will make a feast where do u live??

  296. Sweta

    Hello! My name is Sweta Sharma and I am here to say a very important thing… Please take time to think and read it… Your precious time worth it… Just like many people here in this site, I have also left my email ID here asking for a vampire to mail me back and turn me if needed… Reasons which we people give are the same to a great extent… But the most important question which we should ask to ourself is ”Do we even belong to
    the human world???” Yes, u heard it right… Most of us want to become a vampire because their human life sucks but there are also many people who have everything, still they don’t feel that they belong to the humam world… I am also one of thoem… But my life sucks as well… I am just a human girl but I am different… U may ask now that WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT THAN HUMANS, RIGHT??? Before answering this question I would ask one question to you…TELL ME, IS THAT POSSIBLE FOR A HUMAN TO ”MANIPULATE THE NATURE???” NO, IT’S NOT, IS IT??? TRUST ME, I CAN UNDERSTAND THE BIRDS, PLANTS AND ANIMALS, THOUGH I’M NOT TOO PERFECT, BUT I can understand them to a great extent… My
    mood has slight effect on nature… So that makes me different from normal human beings… So if there are people out there who are humans but different like me then mail me at

  297. Sweta

    Excuse me!!! I am not here to bet with anyone… Also i didn’t say that I have smelling power and animal hearing power… I just said that i can understand them but i am not too perfect… I will become perfect when i turn to a vampire… Read comments properly before u write or say something… If i was that perfect, i would have asked any animals or birds to search vampires for me but as i said, i couldn’t because i am not yet that perfect, experienced or expert in doing so… I also said that my mood
    has slight effect on the climate and please don’t tell me that u don’t know the meaning of ‘slight.’ thank u…

    • leo

      Hi sweta lets me give u something,, listen to this music while u are walking around and judge for yourself…tell me what u found …Beethoven’s 5 Secrets – OneRepublic (Cello/Orchestral Cover)

  298. Sweta

    Fear Keat, are u a vampire???

  299. u vampires i live in the pearl of africa . we live in abandant sunlight and am aborn again in christ jesus u cant touch me am in uganda africa my facebook mail is u dont exist. if u do exist then this is aholy battle am comin 4 u , guys satan is usin u wake up if there is any slaire vampire group i willin 2 join u . am human but am stronger than u fucked up flicks. now ve made u me dream 2 slain u ass holes try me

  300. am in uganda acity kampala in najjanankumbi along wamala 20yrs

  301. suhaan

    I want to become a vampire please make i my life please please please……

  302. suhaan

    I want to be became a vampire please please please …………….
    Make my life turn into the vampire please please please………………
    Help me please please

  303. Arup baishya

    i want to become a please advice me..what can i do for it..

  304. pratik

    I want to become a vampire

  305. wat rubbish if vampire exist then prove it making me one of them…

  306. vamsi

    stupid its all rubbish vampire are not there in world

  307. arjun

    i wanna become vampire

  308. arvind

    i really want to become a vampire because i am bored with my simple life.
    please make me vampire.
    i can do anything for it

  309. arvind

    i really want to become a vampire because i am bored with my boring human life.
    please make me vampire.
    i can do anything for it.
    plz don’t ignore my request

  310. sai

    wt da hell this all……….and all………wen i am going to dead………….then i should be vampire……………..that’s it……stop this fuk and all

  311. Vana

    Hello, i wanna be a vampire, idk if it’s true or not… How can i be one?! I mean i’m in kurdistan, iraq.. They don’t believe in those things.. Help me pls, how can i be one?

  312. sachin gupta

    no any vampire in our earth I am not seen any who

  313. hassanally mchomvu

    i wanna really realy to become a vampire help me please do anything inorder to be a vampire pl9

  314. Olivia

    Like all of you I’ve been dwelling in this boreing human life wishing and hopeing one day something will happen my spells will work I’ve even tryed selling my soul for this I’m willing to give up anything and i havre yet to see any results so i hope someone who’s a vampire will bite me and change my life forever please save my from humanity …my names olivia and I’m 15 on my way tko being 16 in 4 months. so please save me from this life ….

  315. hassanally mchomvu

    any vampire here help me to be like you please contact me 0652909211 please do anything am aleady and my email but is better to call me…. Please help me

  316. hassanally mchomvu

    can i be a vampire nikita ???????? And how???????? Please answer me

  317. I think this is not real but i hope meet a vampire because i need to be a vampire my life is not good , samtimes i feel like i need a blood but i dont belived so please if you can help me this is my fb i need meet a vampire who can help me

  318. caroline

    i live in africa , i am trying to become a vampire , but i don’t have enough infos on how to become one ? do the spell you guys mentioned actually work ? if you know how to do this , turn into a vampire let me know .

  319. leo

    yeah i want to be a vampire… proof it so i can be one of them im really tired to trust this all ..what ever…i will reply back when i turn to vampire…

  320. Sam

    Howe do you get a vampire

  321. yasmine

    i hope it’s real like this .i wanna be a vampire because i’am not good i need to drink blood but i can’t do it because i’am still a humen i beleiv in vampire and i wanna be a vampire

  322. yasmine

    my life is between your hands pleas save my life from huminity by the way i’am yasmine from algeria and i m 15 years old i want you to save me pleas

  323. Hey I just read this ha the video at the end is hilarious I may sound nuts but I just wish that I could be one of them who cares if I have to die first and drink a vampires blood but its probably axing to neat people in races not that I already am the gayest runner at college but still being a vampire been ma dream since kindergarten 😀 so anyone ya know that can help please let me know 😀

  324. tumelo ezekiel

    i wanna be a vampire pls help….

  325. i want to be a vampair what can I do I reall want that

  326. wiv_OX

    hey every one i´m filling like i´m changing in to vampire be cause my strengh double .

  327. murad

    i beg you make me a vapire and i wll stay forever wiht you.when im done wiht me family.

  328. omid

    i m from in iran can you come here and cheng me becuse i want evench form some pepole

  329. you are all crazy becouse the vapire doesn’t exist…if they were they wil do something to you..

  330. Addie

    I wanna be a vampier , but being vampire like Edward ( in twilight ) is possible for me or not? His skin colour , his abilities etc?

  331. tiffeny

    If your a vampire can you still go to church worship god nd go to heaven?

  332. tiffeny

    Blood red pale skin moonlight draw me in quinch my thirst coarsing veins let my body feel no pain this is a vampire spell say this 10 times at night nd then ur a vampire enjoy ppl