Change Your Partner, Change the Game: A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Homecoming Hangover”

To call tonight’s installment of Pretty Little Liars a “game changer” is a bit of an overstatement . . . a very cliched overstatement.  And yet, in the most literal sense of the term, that’s what “Homecoming Hangover” was.  After all, this was the episode where everything  . . . CHANGED.  Formerly “hot” romances fizzled out  . . .

I still haven’t given up hope, Wren!  COME BACK!

. . . recently broken relationships were mended, new prospective couplings blossomed, and a MAJOR suspect may very well have been taken out of commission for good.

Now that you know all of the rules have changed, what do you say we start playing the game?

“I Was Hunted Down by Creepy Toby, and All I Got Was This Lame Wrist Brace . . .”

“Thank goodness for this stylish butterfly stitch on my forehead, or you might have never known I was recently in ‘GRAVE DANGER.'”

When the episode opens, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna are still at the Homecoming Dance, searching for Emily when they find her cell phone on the ground . . . along with some broken glass . . . and BLOOD!

“I TOLD Emily she should have never chosen the theme song from The Shining as her ringtone.  That’s just asking for trouble.”

But fear not, boys and girls.  Emily is not dead . . .

 . . . She’s just out for a romantic, late night car ride . . . except, she’s all bloody . . . and unconscious . . .  and Creepy Toby is behind the wheel . . .

Now, those of you who truly believed that Toby would chop up Emily into little bite-sized pieces, and eat them with french fries, have clearly never watched an ABC Family show.  Because in the next scene, Emily is chilling in her bedroom with no injuries at all, except for what appears to be a sprained wrist, and a small, very attractive, cut on her forehead.  Then again, maybe Emily suffered some  brain internal injuries, invisible to the human eye, because she was inexplicably on bedrest for two days. 

As it turns out, Creepy Toby . . .

“That’s ME!”

 . . . merely drove Emily’s unconscious body to the hospital, dumped it near the entranceway, and skipped town on his motorcycle, faster than you could say “raving lunatic.”

The next morning, cops swarmed upon Emily’s home, inquiring as to both Toby’s whereabouts and the location of his psychological records, which seemed to have gone missing that same night (because Hanna took them). 

“Oh yeah!  I’m one Bad Ass Chica!”

At some point during the evening (not sure if it was when Toby was chasing her around the school like a mad man, or dragging her, limp unconscious body into his car), Emily decides that Toby is a “totally sweet guy . . . just misunderstood.” What a moron!  So, she comes up with the brilliant idea to lie to the cops on his behalf, by claiming that her injuries were due merely to her own clumsiness, and nothing more. 

Unfortunately for Emily (and Creepy Toby), precisely NO ONE believes her story, particularly not Emily’s mom.  In fact, Mommy Dearest sees this as a BRILLIANT opportunity to lecture the recently beat up Emily for EMBARASSING her family, by having the NERVE to go to the prom with someone SO UNCOOL!

I don’t understand, Emily.  Why can’t you just date statutory rapists in their mid twenties, like your friends do?”

While Emily is resting up in bed with her barely there injuries, she receives some visitors.  First up are Spencer and Aria, who inform Emily about Toby’s whole “Sister Sex with Blind Jenna” Thing.  Emily who has always really wanted a hot brother to screw, is not quite sure what to do with this information.  Fortunately, My New Favorite Character, Hanna, arrives next, to put things into perspective . . . . She sweetly (and wisely) tells Emily that being a Lesbian is WAY better than dating a Sister F**ker who may very well also be a Stalker / Killer, like Creepy Toby.

Third on the guest list is Blind Jenna . . .

. . . who seems to have replaced her Cane of Destruction with a Hound from Hell.  Blind Jenna’s Guide Dog was so menacing and unstable looking, that if this was a different show, I would have sworn it was Creepy Toby in werewolf form . . .

Jenna also brings cookies, which she insists that Emily eat with milk because it helps the poison in them go down easier.

Fortunately, for Emily, she has seen Snow White enough times to know that taking food from Creepy People is a Bad Idea.  So, she leaves the cookies untouched.  Upon realizing that Emily knows about Creepy Toby’s missing psych file, Blind Jenna begs her for its safe return.  Emily promises Blind Jenna that she will do everything in her power to keep the latter’s Brother F*c*ing Secret safe, by retrieving the file.  However, when Emily texts the other Pretty Little Liars regarding said promise, they have already thrown the file in the LAKE, fully in tact.  

Riiiiiight . . . because NO ONE is going to find it THERE!  Haven’t these girls ever heard of a SHREDDER?

NO!  Not THAT Shredder!  THIS Shredder . . .

Only two can keep a secret, if one of them is SHRED . . .

During this episode, Emily also wins a car . . .

and decides to make a go of it with her lady crush, Maya . . .

 . . . which I would be excited about . . . if these two weren’t the most BORING lesbian couple on the entire planet  . . .

Hanna learns the joys of YouTube . . . and Lucas

“Hey, Hanna!  I found this GREAT video where they make fun of all the girls from Pretty Little Liars.  Wanna see?”

The next day at school, Hanna has to take a makeup picture, for the yearbook, wearing her Homecoming Queen crown. Hanna’s photographer is none other than THIS GUY  . . .

 . . . no . . . actually it’s not him. 

However, OUR guy, Lucas, looks and acts JUST LIKE Seth Cohen from The O.C., which undoubtedly has a lot to do with why I like him so much.  After initially getting adorably shy and flustered around Hanna, upon seeing her once again decked out in her homecoming finest, Lucas quickly develops an easy repoire with the Queen Bee, tossing cute jokes and sarcastic quips her way, as he hones in on her with his camera lens. 

Then, unfortunately, the Boring, Quite Possibly Gay, Sean has to come and ruin everything, with his bitchy attitude and his blubbering about how Hanna ditched him at the dance.    Boo Hoo, Rich Popular Jock Boy, the world’s smallest violin is performing an entire concert in your honor . . .

Beauty and the D-Bag.

Did I mention that this A-hole couldn’t even be bothered to put on a PAIR OF PANTS, before appearing in the photo shoot?  (Then again, Sean was probably just trying to hit on Lucas, by showing him his hot dog . . .)

It’s a tough job, but SOMEONE has to be Sean’s little weiner.

 Sean ultimately throws a temper tantrum, and storms out of the room, leaving Hanna and Lucas alone to flirt with eachother.

Later, Hanna and Lucas bond over the wonderful world of YouTube, and, in particular, a video involving a Snowboarding Turkey.

Not exactly the video I would have chosen to help land ME a date.  But it seemed to work prettyh well for Lucas.  So who am I to judge?

While enjoying their YouTube, Lucas and Hanna learned that they both had something else in common: both had a bad high school nickname bestowed upon them by none other than the Now Dead Ali . . .

Lucas’ was “Herme the Hermaphodite,” because Ali didn’t like his glasses (Huh?  I don’t get it.)  Hanna was “Hefty Hanna” (Now, that one I get, at least).  Wise Lucas then asks Hanna what many Pretty Little Liars fans have undoubtedly been thinking since the start of this show.  Namely, “Why the heck did you all hang out with Ali, if she was such a b*tch?”  (Well, put Seth Cohen Lucas!)

Hanna spouts off some nonsense about Ali having a way of “making people feel special.”  However, I suspect the REAL reason for their friendship was that Ali had a way of “making people popular.”

At the end of the episode, Hanna makes up with Sean, but soon learns that HE, unlike Lucas, has NO appreciation for Snowboarding YouTube Turkeys OR Loud Music (two things which should clearly signify the death knell for ANY high school relationship).  Worry not, Sean . . . you’ll always have Jesus . . .

First Wren Leaves, Now Fitzy, What is this show coming to?

Watch with a heavy heart, as those pasty twig legs and dweeby haircut ride off into the sunset  . . . alone.

But before I get to Fitzy, there’s something else you should know about Sean.  Aside from loving Jesus, and hating Snowboarding Turkeys, he’s also a two-timing bastard.  He taught us that, when he sent a huge bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend’s best friend, Aria, in hopes that doing so would help him to get into her pantalones, pronto.  (By the way, I’m not buying Sean’s whole “abstinence thing” for a minute.   Are you?)

Say what you want about Aria, but she KNOWS bullshit when she sees it.  Suspecting that Sean is only feigning interest her to get back at Hanna for her Homecoming Dance antics, Aria calls Sean out on his behavior, extracting a heartfelt apology from him, in the process.  Aria’ is lucky that this incident blew over fast, because she REALLY doesn’t have time for any more BS in her life.  She’s already chock full.  During this episode, Aria had to deal with the trial separation of her mother and father, AND her brother’s acting out in school . . .

To further complicate matters, overnight, her lover, Ezra a.k.a. Fitzy, seemed to have went the way of Wren and Creepy Toby — having disappeared into thin air overnight (They REALLY are dropping like flies, aren’t they?  It SURE doesn’t help your employment status to have a weiner on this show!). 

Desperate for answers, Aria heads to Fitzy’s apartment, and lets herself in using the hide-a-key he has left under his welcome mat. 

REALLY, Fitzy?  A HIDE-A-KEY?  Under a WELCOME MAT?  In an APARTMENT COMPLEX?  You might has well put a sign on your door that says, “Please Rob Me!”

Anyway, soon after Aria is safely inside Fitzy’s apartment, she hears a message on his answering machine from a nearby high school.  Apparently, Fitzy is applying for a job out of town.  Aria is crushed, though I’m not exactly sure why.  If Fitzy starts teaching elsewhere, Aria and him can bone without fear of repercusion for the whole “student / teacher thing.”  Then again . . . there’s still the whole “statutory rape” thing on the table.  Fitzy can’t exactly make that one disappear, now can he?

Spencer Shish-Kabobs and Salsas into Alex’s Heart

While Aria was LOSING her OLD man (emphasis on the OLD), Spencer was digging her claws into her NEW one.  With Wren seemingly no where to be found he’s probably off shooting a pilot episode somewhere, Spencer has devoted herself wholeheartedly to getting Alex’s pants. 

 Her campaign begins in the kitchen at the country club where Spencer plays and Alex works.  Spencer barges in to apologize for her bad behavior during the Homecoming Dance.  Clearly turned on by Spencer’s persistence and agression, Alex quickly forgives her and agrees to give her another chance, provided she let HIM pick the terms of the couple’s next date.  Spencer is overjoyed.

One – Love. (Two, if you count Wren, which I STILL DO!)

Just in case you forgot what he looks like . . .

Unfortunately, on the day of the Big Date, Alex calls Spencer to cancel, claiming he has to work.  Knowing the country club is closed that day, Spencer quickly becomes convinced that she has been stood up.   So, she does what any good stalker girlfriend would do, she heads to the country club, to catch him in a lie.  Except that, the jokes on her, because, HE’S WORKING AFTER ALL!

You’ve really gotta hand it to Spencer.  Rather than leave with her tail between her legs, she insists on sticking around to help Alex skewer shish kabobs.  She even wears a HAIR NET!  Now, if that’s not love, I don’t know what is . . .

Love means never having to get your hair in the mashed potatos.

And I have to say, despite a slight tiff involving a defaced photograph of Spencer hanging in the kitchen supply closet (someone who works there is apparently not a fan), these two made a mighty cute couple.   As the pair cooked and listened to the radio, an adorably booty shaking Alex (who has a really cute butt, by the way) commandeered Spencer to participate in a surprisingly spicy salsa dance.  And while it wasn’t quite enough to make me jump ship and switch to Team Alex, it WAS fun to watch . . .

At the end of the episode, two fairly important (and spooky) things happened:

(1) Creepy Toby’s Creepy Motorbike was found mangled in the woods.   He is now believed by authorities to be dead.  This prompted the Absent- for- NEARLY – An- ENTIRE Episode, A to, text the following message to Emily:  ‘Thank you for getting Toby out of the way for me;”

(2) That weird leather jacket-wearing, black-gloved person (who must be REALLY hot wearing all those layers, by the way, seeing as it always seems to be pretty sunny in the fictional town of Rosewood) retrieved Creepy Toby’s Creepy Sister F&*king Psych Evaluation from the lake.

So, there you have it.  “Homecoming Hangover” in a nutshell.  All in all, I thought it was a pretty solid, well acted, at times, even surprising, episode.  What did you think?



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17 responses to “Change Your Partner, Change the Game: A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Homecoming Hangover”

  1. Okay I’m pissed. You take Wren away, then you take Fitzy away :'(, Let me guess, A stand-in for Fitzy too now?

    Anyways When Jenna was crying I was like “Blind people can cry?” I was just like WTF is going on here. I know that’s mean but it’s true.

    At the end of the episode (When I was crying and kept on repeating, “The goverment came and took my Fitzy” I focused on the river for some reason and then I started to think hey maybe this is Toby’s body floating down the river. Nope it was just A picking up the files from the river. Really like they are good as new, that most likely looks like a really bad painting.

    We miss you Fitzy! 😥

    And Wren too.

    • “The government came and took my Fitzy!” – LOL, Person! That one cracked me up. (I also appreciate the Wren Love you offered on my behalf – don’t think I didn’t notice ;)).

      At least Alex is somewhat likeable as a “Poor Man’s Wren.” If they try to pair Aria with Lame-O Sean, I will literally THROW SOMETHING AT MY TV! That dude sucks so hard, it’s not even funny.

      (I still hold out hope that both of these Missing Men will come back. The show just feels different without them, right?)

      You know what I would really like to see? Blind Jenna’s eyes! Not all “blind people” wear sunglasses 24-7! Are we supposed to believe that Jenna’s EYEBALLS fell out during the accident? And, therefore, she’s embarrassed about showing her empty eyesockets to her classmates? Or are the producers of this show simply too cheap to invest in those “look like your blind” contact lenses you see on television all the time?

      She irks me that Blind Jenna, with her Cane of Destruction, Hound from Hell, and Poison Cookies that Require Milk . . .

      Ooh, finding a Floating Toby in the lake would have been a really creepy way to end the episode! WAY creepier than the way it actually ended. And I agree, that red marker they used to write Toby’s name on the psych file folder SO should have smudged the minute it hit the water.

      Thanks for your brilliant comments as always, Person! See you next week. (All fingers crossed for the return of Wren and Fitzy, for BOTH our sakes . . .)

  2. Team Ezra Fitz

    I know that many people are sad about Fitzy missing, but I do know that he will be back!!! I looked up Ian Harding’s profile on imdb(Inter-national Movie Database).com and saw that our dear Fitzy is on all but 4 of this Season’s 22 episodes! So rest assured Fitzy WILL BE BACK!!! (LOL Terminator!!! I will be back!!!)
    Thank you…….still don’t know about Wren though sorry! 🙂

    • Hey there, Team Ezra Fitz! 🙂 (Great screenname, BTW – VERY appropriate under the circumstances!)

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, and for doing all that awesome research! I may be Team Wren, but there is always room in my heart for Fitzy (Even though I occasionally like to to tease him about his pasty legs and slightly dweeby haircut – it’s all out of LOVE). 🙂

      So, of course, I am happy to hear that Ian Harding will be back on the show. Not only do I like to see my Team Fitzy friends happy :), I also feel like Fitzy and Aria have unfinished business in their relationship. For things to end so abruptly between them, would be a major cop out on the writers part.

      THIS IS THE SAME REASON WHY WREN NEEDS TO COME BACK! Him and Spencer are UNFINISHED! One episode they are divulging their feelings for eachother and making out in front of a hotel, the next she’s all about Alex. It just doesn’t make any sense, continuity-wise! Wren got her a HUGE flower pot, for crying out loud! (So what if it was from her backyard? It’s still an awesome, not to mention adorable, thing to do.)

      Neither Spencer, nor Aria, particularly seem like “boy hopping” types. When they like someone, it’s probably for keeps. So lets KEEP Ian Harding and Julian Morris around, PLL Writers!

      There, I’ve said my piece. 🙂 Thanks again for being a kick ass sleuth, and for taking the time to share your important Fitzy Info with a lowly Team Wren blogger / PLL recapper . . .

      See you next week! 😉

  3. snottlebie

    ARGH, my comment got deleted. Here we go again.

    I’ve been reading all of your recaps and they’re amazing. The high levels of snarkiness is…magnificent.

    First off, how condescending was JennaBot when she was all “You have milk, right?” What if they don’t Jenna? What if Emily’s lactose intolerant? How rude.

    Second, Mrs. Fields is turning into a huge biotch. It’s like…Your daughter is GAY/bisexual. Stop with all the terrible speeches about upholding the family’s honor. Failparent much?

    Third – Hanna is awesome. ‘Nuff said.

    Fourth – NEED MOAR MAKING OUT. Seriously, if PLL is going to remain my guilty pleasure show, it needs to have more of ze making out. I would allow Wren back to make that happen (though I need more character development to ship Spren. Sorry). Even Fitsy…Come back. Preferably with a better haircut. Stop looking like a poor man’s Rufus Humphrey. Next thing you know, he’ll be talking about waffles and/or chili.

    Fifth – Emily…Maya…either make out already or leave. Too slow. TOO SLOW.

    Keep up the good work. Recaps give me my daily lolz.

    • Hey snottlebie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Sorry to hear about you having comment-leaving trouble. WordPress can be SO finicky sometimes! I’ve so often written a LONG comment to someone’s blog post, only to find out it had COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED later. That’s the worst! I loved your comment, so I’m really glad you stuck around to post it again, and didn’t give up on me! 🙂

      I’m really glad you like my recaps, and aren’t offended my snarkiness. Even if it doesn’t always seem like it, I have major love for all shows I recap. 🙂

      LOL re: the Jenna Bot nickname. I may eventually have to steal that from you. 😉 And, yes, just because Jenna’s blind doesn’t give her the right to disrespect her elders! (Even if her elder is a TOTAL BIATCH like Mrs. Fields.) Not EVERY house has milk, Jenna! (Mine doesn’t . . . for one.)

      Failparent on Emily’s mom, indeed. There are some REALLY CRAPPY parents on this show! I used to think Aria’s mom was the most well-adjusted, but she “Failparented” too this week, by totally abandoning her kids, and not seeming to care AT ALL that they were acting out in school. She was too self-absorbed to go to her own kid’s sporting event, because it would mean having to sit near her husband. LAME!

      I’m with you! Team Hanna all the way! She’s the only character who seems to know she’s on a cheesy teen drama! I love her comment this week when she got to Emily’s house: “Who knew a small dinky town like Rosewood would have so many cops?” Classic!

      And, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m Team Lucas too! I sold on that one real fast! It was Love at First Snark!

      I’m going to forgive the Anti-Wren statement you made ;), because I LOVED the other two you made in that paragraph. (1) YES! MORE MAKING OUT and MORE SHIRTLESSNESS on PLL, PLEASE! I get that it’s ABC Family, but it’s NOT Sesame Street. The folks on Greek get naked ALL THE TIME, and THEY are on ABC Family too! It can be done! It SHOULD be done. (2) YAY! Rufus Humphrey! A Gossip Girl reference! Pure win! (I never thought I would use the word “yay” and “Rufus Humphrey” in the same sentence. He’s such a snooze on the show. But you made me do it. ;)).

      Thanks again for your fab comment! As, you can see, you’ve improved this blog entry greatly, just by stopping by. 🙂

  4. imaginarymen

    I nicknamed this ep “Pretty Little Stalkers”. Boy those girls just show up at their boytoys workplaces, break into their apartments – creepy!

    Thanks for sharing the ending w/ the papers in the water. My DVR clocked out so I just saw them floating.

    Spencer bugs me. Sorry about Wren 😦 Love NotSethCohen. You just know the casting call for this part was “Seth Cohen type”!

    NotJeremyGilbert is kinda douchey. I was sure he was fighting bc someone insinuated his sister was a Teacher F*ck*r ;-0

    This was quite a solid little episode. For a show that started out so-bad-its-good, now it’s kinda-just-good.

    Nice job as always!

    • Pretty Little Stalkers should have TOTALLY been the title of this blog post! Stalker Aria, in particular, was particularly lucky nothing REALLY BAD had happened to Fitzy. Otherwise, how the heck would she explain waltzing into his apartment like that and randomly TAKING HIS YEARBOOK?

      Happy to help on the PLL ending with the papers. That’s what recaps are for! 🙂

      Haha I agree – “Seth Cohen type” was definitely on the menu when they cast Lucas! I just hope the actors on this show are old enough to know who Seth Cohen IS. Otherwise, that would just make me feel MASSIVELY old. And I HATE when teen shows age me, unnecessarily . . .

      YEAH! I thought we were going to find out the Teacher F*ck*r rumor got out too! That would make NotJeremyGilbert’s freak out make a lot more sense then it did. You know, we never DID find out WHY Little Mikey started the fight with that weird scrawny kid. So, it’s still possible you and I are right, in that regard . . .

      PLL HAS been getting good, hasn’t it? I love how NOT predictable it is. Usually, I can predict everything, and this show continuously surprises me with its random twists. Plus, I love that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hanna’s lines prove that the writers of this show have humor about themselves.

      To be honest, I’m really glad you like it. I was kind of worried, when I first recommended it to you, that you would despise it, and then despise ME, for wasting your precious TV watching hours! 🙂 (Granted, we are STILL wasting TV watching hours watching PLL, but at least the time wasted is enjoyable time! ;)).

  5. Carol

    Man, this show is growing on me. I thought I was just going to watch it just to replace Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and Glee, but noo, I’m actually enjoying it.

    And I totally agree, Hanna is like my favorite character. I thought she was going to be a b*tch and what-not, but she and Lucas are my favs now.

    While I’m missing Wren too, Alex is not so bad. I mean, he really has a cute butt. And the tango scene? Very interesting to watch.

    Blind Jenna is making me feel a bit scared. Just a bit. And the dog, Shadow, freaking Twilight’s werewolf. I do not approve someone letting a dog this big so close to me. Really. I would have screamed if I were Emily.
    The cookies that Jenna and her backed weren’t even yummy like, Emily is right about not eating it.

    Stalker Aria is so boring. Without Erza. I don’t like her family’s storyline. While her brother is a fine guy, her entire family is not.

    I’m glad Creppy Toby isn’t there anymore, he was getting way too creppy to deal.

    And that Sean is getting on my nerves. Bipolar disorder much? I think Hanna will be better with Lucas. Ans she will, right? Youtube videos are love. Or not, but who cares.

    And I miss A’s texts. On the beggining, every ten minutes, a text. Now, just one at the last minutes. Not appreciated.

    Well, see you next week 😀

    • Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and Glee – all shows I watch! Clearly, you have good taste! 😉 Here’s hoping that when ABC Family picks PLL up for a second season (which they CLEARLY will. From what I hear, the ratings are fabulous), its airtime won’t conflict with any of our other shows . . .

      Hanna has GOT to hook up with Lucas, pronto! She’s just way too cool to keep hanging with Lame-O Sean. And you are right! He is TOTALLY bipolar! Didn’t he start off the season being all super sweet and bible thumping? Now he’s throwing temper tantrums, forgetting to wear pants, hitting on his girlfriend’s best friends and bullying Lucas? What gives with this guy?

      It makes me feel like a total Spren traitor, but I liked the Tango (or Salsa?) Scene with Alex too . . . a lot. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who caught the little booty shake Alex did in front of the sink before it started. Someone should really make THAT into an animated gif . . .

      That’s so funny that you mentioned the Twilight werewolf, because I was TOTALLY going to put a “Team Jacob” caption below MY werewolf picture (which I got from True Blood, btw), but didn’t think anyone would get it . . . It was named Shadow? I missed that completely, good catch! You know what would have been a better name for it? Lord Voldemort . . .

      If it’s at all possible, I am starting to think that Creepy Blind Jenna is CREEPIER than Creepy Toby! We STILL don’t know what’s behind those sunglasses. Maybe when she finally takes them off, her eyes will glow demon yellow, or vampire red . . . It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

      LOL re: Stalker Aria. Pretty soon EVERYONE on this show is going to have a nickname ;). And I’m with you on the parents’ storyline. I imagine they are doing it here, because it was in the books. However, the writers haven’t done a very good job of making me care about Aria’s parents. Neither of them seem particularly likeable to me (not even Holly Marie Combs, and she’s usually so cool). So, since I don’t LIKE them, I don’t really care about their darn separation . . .

      The fact that Hanna’s Skanky Mom is the most likeable of all the parents, really says something about how the writers of this show portray adults. Hint: Very, very badly.

      I miss A’s texts too. They started off really cheesy, but I feel like she got snarkier and more fun as the episodes wore on. I bet they come back though. The writers probably held off on them this episode, so that we would all think Creepy Toby was A. Now that he’s gone (still not convinced he’s gone for good BTW – we may still see him again, I think), the texts will probably start up again.

      That is, unless of course, they’ve replaced the texts with the appearance of the “gloved hand” from the last two episodes. I hope not. “The Wicked Hand of the West” was cool the first time it appeared, two weeks ago. But I feel like if they keep showing it, it will get very old, very fast. I mean, they could AT LEAST change the color of the glove, right? Or give it a manicure? Something . . .

      Thanks again for the awesome comment, Carol! It’s always fun chatting with you!

  6. Hello Jules, so i just watch the episode and I was trying to figure out why I can’t and won’t ship Alex and Spencer and I think I finally figure it out! Yay! Sort of.

    Well there were many reason. Notably becasue Wren becasue there was a spark between Spencer and Wren in the pilot and then the episodes that followed. Like you don’t have that kind of connection and drop it. But that’s exactly what they did. To suddenly drop his character without warning and add someone the week that followed. That was bad on the writer’s part. It’s lazy and unacceptable, like close Wren’s story properly if you must but do it right.

    Then there is the actor himself. Yes, I am hating on this character, so sue. I checked his imdb and saw that he was on 90210. I knew he looked fimilar. I hated him on 90210, he was this prissy pop star and was (i thought) horrible.

    There was another reason but I’ve just about analyze the heck out of this pairing and didn’t write any of it down. *sad face*

    But I think Alex is gonna stay bc our boy Julian is off doing a pilot for NBC, i believe. And then a movie. Oh ‘A’ has taken him, which would totally suck if she did.

    OmG Lanna, hehe. I love, love their scenes. Gay-but-not-gay Sean needs to GTFO. Like he was such a little girl. Hanna is so awesome, but as you she has become my favorite character.

    Aria, let him go. Little stalker i’m telling you. But I get it, she’s loves her pasty twig legs man. So come back Mr. Teacher so she won’t look so desperate 🙂

    Oh Aria’s dad is an asshole, and good for Holly (i can’t remember Aria’s mothers name) for kicking him out.

    Oh Toby…. He’s gone right? So I don’t have to talk about him. Not to be rude to Blind!Jenna but she can’t cry. Or at least if she’s blind she can’t right. I mean that’s what I’ve always been told.

    I’m over Emily and Maya. They are so boring together, apart etc. Idc.

    I just saw it the episode (i’m late I know). And now on my way to watch True Blood and Comic-Con YT clip. Just finished with TBBT, VD, trying to find Glee (Mark wasn’t there, so mad! But I did hear that Mike/Tina/Artie triangle forming yay), and something else 🙂 going to read your other posts!

    • Well, I’m happy to hear that the adorable Julian Morris scored a new pilot, but I’m sad that this might mean the end of Spencer /Wren.

      I agree. The way they just disposed of the character without any explanation was shoddy writing. At first, it didn’t bother me that much, because I ASSUMED they would bring him back. I mean, they couldn’t just leave the story hanging right? Now, I’m concerned that they may have done just that.

      Ewww . . . “Alex” played a pop star on 90210? He was growing on me, but that kind of makes me like him less.

      Without Spencer and Wren in the picture, Hanna and Lucas are HANDS DOWN the new super couple for PLL. I just like them both so much. Seth and Summer 2.0 all the way. It makes me miss The O.C. just a little bit less.

      Others on the board have mentioned that blind people can’t cry, but I’d actually never heard that before. I’ll have to remember to look that up. Maybe Blind Jenna was not so much crying as WHINING about Maybe Dead Toby?

      LOVE that you called Fitzy Pasty Twig Legs Man. I’m definitely stealing that one from you! 🙂

      And I’m with you . . . Emily and Maya . . . . zzzzzz. Gosh, even Toby and Emily are more exciting. Or Emily and her Future Wife Beater first Boyfriend . . .

      Ooh, I’ve been thinking about the Glee Comic Con Panel all day! I’ll have to check that out tomorrow! That SUCKS that Mark Salling wasn’t there. And Skarsgard and Kwanten weren’t at the TB panel either? What’s with these sexy stars being MIA at Comic Con?

      Happy to hear about the Mike / Tina / Artie triangle. So far, I’m Team Artie all the way!

      Thanks for taking the time to write all these great comments, M. I’m always happy to hang out with you on the blogosphere!

  7. New PLL recap for Episode 8, “Please talk about me when you’re gone” coming later tonight to a blog near you!

    So, so, so so sorry for the delay! I was feeling a bit under the weather last night and just couldn’t get the job done. It’s coming though, I promise! Please don’t hate me! 🙂

  8. Anastasia

    Missing Wren and now Ezra too 😦 I started reading the series because of Ezra + Aria.

    It is very odd that the ink didn’t go everywhere… unless A got them like right after Aria threw it in the stream.

    • Ezra will return soon! Fear not, Anastasia! 🙂 (I wish I could say the same about Wren :(.)

      LOL regarding your ink comment. The writers of teen dramas have always been known to play a little fast and loose with the laws of science and logic. It’s part of why I love them so much. 🙂


    My sister was reading this and she loved your comment about Hanna being one bad ass chica. I had to explain to her that its not that you don’t like PLL, you just like to be a little more open on your own personal recaps about the episodes.
    I love that joke “Cane of Destruction” but its so true! And I wonder, were those cookies alright? I guess if Pam had one and was fine (maybe the effects are being a total b”tch to your daughter), then they were okay. As for Emily and Maya…..ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz wait wha?????
    Lucas has definately one my vote over Sean’s. Sean is just…..sketchy. Lucas is open and sweet and sort of, in a geeky way, cute (i miss seth cohen so much)
    That was a cute moment between Alex and Spencer, but it was even funnier seeing Spencer’s face edited on the b*tch board. I bet that one chick Stephanie put it there. But hey? Everyone hates her family.
    Creepy much that SEAN sent ARIA flowers? I was hoping they were from Ezra but then i read SEAN on the card. I’m like, “Huh?” At least Aria has her priorites straight. Shes in love with the boy in iceland/ the MAN in the ALWAYS DIM APARTMENT (i am thinking that now. The dude has lights. Why doesn’t he use them?).
    Wren, now Ezra. I love Wren too and I am not just saying that. I usually don’t like the british guys, but dang, is he cute or what? Ezra needs to come back with his not-so-curly-anymore haircut and his sexy self to swoop Aria off her feet. When this episode first aired, I had been home for a day after a long week on a local mission trip and when i saw that he was gone, I was literally on the ground, in dry tears (Can Jenna cry if shes blind? I think she can. Not being able to see doesn’t stop the human eyes from shedding tears) Then Aria is sad about it? Seriously! The dude (pretty much) said he loves you in the last episode! No need to be so down!
    This was probably one of my favorite episodes. Then the next episode is awful. Thanks abc family, for getting our hopes up for a wet file and one ugly pedistal!

    • LOL. Hanna was TOTALLY a Bad Ass Chica, especially during the early PLL episodes! Remember when she was doing all that shoplifting, and crashing other people’s cars, and breaking into dental offices to steal other people’s personal files? That was kind of awesome! 🙂

      *Sigh* Wren . . . I REALLY MISS HIM :(. It’s funny that you mention the whole British thing. Because, while Julian Morris, the actor who plays Wren, IS British, I’ve actually seen him play a few American roles, where you couldn’t detect his British accent at all! I’m always impressed when an actor can do that.

      Lucas was SUCH a sweetheart in this episode. I think this was the first time in the series that I really started to view Lucas and Hanna as a couple.

      As for Aria and Ezra, I think those two are the ONLY couple on this show that has really lasted throughout the series. You know what that means, right? It means they’ve got STAYING POWER :).

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