Truly Bloody (And a little gross) – A Recap of True Blood’s “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues”


This week on True Blood, our girl Tara FINALLY got her GROOVE back . . . and then she stuck it in the back of Franklin’s head . . . multiple times.

I really thought he was going to last longer.  Didn’t you?  Now, if we could just get rid of Lorena . . .

I’m going to be honest with you guys.  I missed a good portion of this episode.  Now, don’t worry, I don’t think this will effect my recap.  You see, I HEARD the entire episode, I just didn’t SEE all of it . . . because my hands were covering my face for a good portion of the hour.

I was hiding my face for SO LONG during this episode, I almost missed NAKED ALCIDE!

But I didn’t!

So, are you ready to get gory?  Let’s get on on with the recap!

The Sophisticated Vampire

“When I said I wanted to new skylight on the ceiling, this WASN’T what I meant.”

When the episode begins, a Smiling Russell Edgington drags Sookie Glow Fingers back to his Big Gay Mansion.  Clearly wanting to make up for being such a Major Dick this whole Season, Vampire Bill decides it’s time to protect his woman.  He does so by brutally staking one of Russell’s body guards.  He then wraps his legs around Russell’s head, which you would think the Big Gay Vampire King would like . . . but he doesn’t.  In fact, he dislikes it so much that he throws Bill at the ceiling. 

Bill “hangs” out there for a little while, before falling back to earth.  Talbot is PISSED about the sudden and unwarranted home renovations.  Something tells me Russell won’t be getting any tonight!

Russell has his remaining guards drag Bill to the “slave chambers.”  Sookie rushes toward him, but is surprised when Vampire Eric grabs her roughly by the wrist and brings her to Russell.

“I wouldn’t let go of this if I were you.  I don’t know what it is, but I do know it is quite valuable,” intones Eric, looking super sexy in his Panty Dropper Blue Sweater, even though he is currently being a Total Tool (or, perhaps, because he’s being one).

“Eric, what the f*ck!” Sookie exclaims.  (Ooh, a lovers’ quarrel!  I see some AWESOME Makeup Sex in these two’s future . . .)

“Awwww, it thinks we’re equals,” coos Eric, maddeningly referring to Sookie, as if she’s his pet.  (He’s gonna get spanked for sure!)

“You’ve been a Bad, Bad Vampire!  I’m going to make you pay, Dirty Boy!”

Lorena interrupts to inquire as to what Russell plans to do with Slave Bill.  “You will kill him,” replies Russell matter-of-factly.

To Lorena’s credit, she actually looks a little upset about having to Kill Bill.

But when Sookie threatens Lorena’s life, if she dares harm her man, Lorena’s fangs literally come out.  “I would love to rip you open, and wear your rib cage as a hat,” Lorena growls.

Tre Chic!

A Sookie is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Eric is instructed to take Sookie into the study, so that Russell can interview her later.  When Sookie tries to protest, Eric lovingly puts his hand over her mouth, “Shut the F&ck Up,” he warns her.

In the study, Sookie and Eric have a hilarious exchange about what just went down between them.  “I hope you were behaving that way for the King’s benefit,” seethes Sookie. 

When Eric denies being disingenuous with the King, Sookie fires back with an on-point impersonation of the Hot Sheriff himself, throwing his own affectionate words from the Season 3 premiere episode back in his face.  “Sookie . . .  your life is too valuable to throw away.  You make me feel almost human,”  she monotones.

Eric can’t deny that Sookie is valuable, but he refuses to cop to expressing any sort of sentiment toward her.  “You must have dreamt it,” he replies.  (Oh no, Eric . . . YOU must have dreamt it!)

Later Russell enters the room, and inquires as to the source of Sookie’s Telepathy, and her Glow Fingers.  “Maybe I’m an alien,” Sookie offers helpfully.

In response to Sookie’s inquiries about Bill’s whereabouts, Russell informs the Alien that Bill has been stalking her keeping a file on her family history.  But love is blind to reason, and Sookie doesn’t seem to react very much to the news.  She is later locked away in one of the Big Gay Mansion’s many rooms.  “Beeeeeeellllll!”  She yelps, because we haven’t heard her do that in about ten minutes, so it’s high time she did it again.

Vampire Bill has fallen and he can’t get it up .  . .

“You got a heating pad or something?  This floor is hell on my sciatica.”

In the grotesque S & M portion of the evening, we watch Lorena as she brutally tortures Bill . . . by forcing him to listen to her inane monologue and crybaby tears. 

“I always forget that I need to wear waterproof mascara when torturing!”

Oh yeah, she’s systematically cutting him with surgical tools, while he’s tied to the floor, too.  Vampire Bill tries to appeal to Lorena’s sympathy, by telling her that he wishes he knew her when she was human and still cared about life.  Lorena whines annoyingly, slightly affected by Bill’s grand speech, but she keeps butchering him anyway.  Unfortunately for Lorena, this sweet little Snuff Film is interrupted by Drug Addled Werewolve,s Coot and Debbie, who barge in hoping for a taste, “from the source.”

Dude, if you weren’t hot I would SO hate you.

YOU, I hate!

Never one to let a meal grow cold (even though, admittedly, this one has been COLD a long time), Trash O’ Deb gets right down to sucking.  Coot, however, prefers to play with his food first.  So he proceeds to kick the cr*p out of the defenseless Bill for murdering his were-friends.  Lorena looks on boredly, wondering whether Rib Cage Hats come in pink to match the new dress she just bought . . .

I now pronounce you Man with Mace-Head

Did I just say that BILL and LORENA provided the “grotesque S&M” portion of the evening?  Because, actually, I think Franklin and Tara had them beat by a MILE!  Things started off “sweet” enough, with Franklin returning to his soon-to-be marital bed, clad in a girly white nightgown to match Tara’s hideous white wedding dress.

“You do realize that blood stains show up on white fabric, don’t you?”

Tara feigns happiness to see her Groom-To-Be, but Franklin has nagging insecurities about her sudden show of affection.  “You didn’t even notice that I shaved for you!”  He pouts, as he straddles his living doll.

Tara tries to relieve Franklin’s doubts by ramping up the sex appeal, or, at least as much as she CAN ramp it up with her arms tied to the bedpost, while wearing that AWFUL gown.  She begs to be untied, so that she can “pleasure him better.”  Franklin complies.  Once untied, Tara begs to taste Franklin’s blood on her last night as a human.  She takes a HUGE chunk out of his neck, which, honestly, I didn’t know was possible with human teeth.  It’s pretty disgusting.  “Kill me, kill me, kill me,” begs Franklin in the throes of passion.”

“OK,” says Tara.

“I can be very obedient when I want to be.”

Once Franklin has fallen asleep, Tara uses the strength she has drawn from Franklin’s vampire blood to communicate with Sookie telepathically, since she knows from Franklin’s intel, that her friend is ocked up nearby.  “I’m coming to get you girl.  We are going to get out of here.  Be ready,” she thinks to herself.

Tara then turns to the cadre of weapons conveniently located on the wall of her bedroom, and selects an ancient mace, which she promptly bashes into Franklin’s skull . . . multiple times . . . until he’s nothing more than a bloody stew.  Poor lovesick puppy never had a chance . . .



“But I shaved for her!  I don’t understand!”

I Now Pronounce You Beard For Life

While Tara is bashing Franklin’s skull in, Eric is engaging in a romantic card game with Talbot.  Russell interrupts, and requests Eric’s presence on a little “road trip.”  Eric, who assumes the purpose of this trip will be to rescue Pam from the evil clutches of the Magister, is noticably eager to get moving.

“Come rescue me, Big Daddy!”

“You NEVER take me anywhere!  You prefer to surround yourself with sycophants,” Talbot explains.  (That’s the spirit, Talbot!  Confuse him with your big words!  That will get him back in your bed for sure!)

In the car en-route, Vampire Eric really ramps up the charm, even going as far as to allude to  having sexual interest in Russell. 

However, having witnessed last week’s Viking flashback, we know that Eric has a Master Plan, and vengeance on his mind.  The two discuss King Russell’s “ownership” of the V-addicted werewolves, and his plans to have the supernatural world united for World Domination.  But when Eric inquires about Pam, he learns that Russell has another destination in mind.  The two are headed to Queen Sophie Anne’s house.

The last time we saw Queenie here, she was enjoying a day-long game of Yahtzee.  Now she seems content playing with lottery scratch-offs.  Clearly, this is someone who needs to get a hobby.  Queen Sophie is not at all excited to see Eric and Russell on her doorstep, seeing as the pair has just murdered her guards and tied up her lover, Hadley (who also happens to be Sookie’s cousin).  But Vampire King Russell, ever the romantic, doesn’t concern himself with this.  Instead, he gets on his knees and proposes.

“Go f*ck, yourself,” Queen Sophie replies politely.

At which point, Eric tackles her to the floor like a linebacker.  “No, YOU go f&ck YOURSELF,” he clarifies.   (Wow, lots of f&cking in this episode . . .)  “I’m older than you .  . .you framed me.  Therefore, I renounce my fealty to you.  My loyalty is to the King.”

To celebrate this grand proposal, Eric hopes to kick things off by breaking Queen Sophie Ann’s neck, but Russell doesn’t let him.

Russell diplomatically offers the terms of the couple’s engagement.  He will never touch her.  (Because they are both gay . . . get it?)  He will make all her debt and legal problems disappear.  She will not be prosecuted for dealing V.  Sounds like a damn good deal if you ask me.  The Queen reluctantly agrees to marry Russell, then runs off to find and f&ck her girlfriend . . .

In Sam’s Trailer Trash Family News . . .

Tonight, we learned why Joe Lee had said that he “owned” Tommy, during last week’s episode.  In a revelation that surprised precisely nobody, Tommy’s mom revealed that the family had been surviving on the money Shapeshifter Tommy earned as a pitpull in dog fights.

What WAS surprising, to me anyway, was that Mommy Mickens used to dog fight too . . .

Well . . . maybe not SO surprising.  After all, we always knew she was a b&tch.

In Shirtless Jason Stackhouse News . . .

Jason continues to get it on with Crystal in the woods, complimenting her on how literally hot she is, and explaining to her how he isn’t a virgin (Now that’s the understatement of the century!)  When Jason begs Crystal not to break his heart, she cries.  All tears aside though, things are going great, until Crystal smells something funny, and excuses herself.

“Dammit!  I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that bean burrito at the precinct!”

The next day, when Jason arrives at Crystal’s trailer with flowers, this D-Bag who tried to bash in Lafayette’s car (more on him a little later) answers the door.  Crystal soon follows, claiming that the D-Bag is her fiance and that she’s never met Jason in her life.  Crushed, a dejected Jason slouches off.  As he heads to his car however, he finds himself face to face with the naked ASS of the high school football star who he reamed a new one for being cocky at Merlotte’s last week.  Jason gets an IDEA!

“It’s not what you think.  But it SURE looks that way, doesn’t it?”

Jason inexplicably interrupts the high schooler mid-screw, and performs a citizen’s arrest on his butt for “lewd conduct in a public place.”  (Hey, Jason knew the word “lewd!”  Color me impressed . . .

“Something about you ain’t right .  . .” Jason explains. 

That may be true Jason Stackhouse.  But you have to admit, the kid had a really cute ass!

Speaking of Homoerotic Moments  . . .

 . . . Lafayette and Jesus get pretty hot in a car of their own this evening . . . once Lafayette establishes that Jesus isn’t Satan, of course.  (Always an important question to ask your prospective boyfriends.)  They then move their action into Lafayette’s apartment, but are interrupted by the sound of breaking glass.  Lafayette and Jesus run out, to find D-Bag and his cronies from the trailer park bashing in Lafayette’s car.  D-Bag just has enough time to get out a few choice words about Lafayette’s V-dealing tendencies, before Jesus threatens him with a bat, and Lafayette beats the stuffing out of him.   “Tell your friends you just got beaten up by two f*gs,” Lafayette yells after D-bag, as he runs away.

Unfortunately, Jesus heard the part about the V-dealing, and no longer wants any part in Lafayette’s drug-tainted thongs . . .

Jesus is V- free!

In Vampire Jessica News . . .

Our Teen Vamp seems to be really learning how to control her powers.  After a slight slip of fang at Merlottes, Vampire Jessica tries to make amends with Arlene, by glamouring a customer to give the waitress a BIG tip, after she got all the other restaurant patrons to stiff her last week.  She also successfully FEEDS on this patron without killing her . . .

You go, Vampire Chick!

Back at the Big Gay Mansion . . .

SOOKIE:  “Beeeeeeeeeellll!”

TARA:  “Oh, hell no!  Do you have any idea what I’ve been through to get to you?   You better say MY NAME, b&tch!”

Tara breaks Sookie out of Big Gay Jail, by beating up the guards outside Sookie’s room.  The two escape the mansion, but Sookie annoyingly wants to go back and rescue Vampire Bill.  Tara thinks she’s f*cking nuts!  I agree.  Once again, Tara is running through the fields, when she encounters yet another werewolf, but this one looks different . . .

The first time I saw it in the promos, I thought it was some kind of Were-Vampire, but I was wrong.  It was THIS GUY!


Back in his human form, Alcide tells Tara he is here looking for Sookie, but Tara is too busy staring at his gorgeous abs and large johnson to pay much attention to his words.  “Do you have a car so we can have hot passionate animal sex in it?”  She inquires.

“Yeah,” replies Alcide.

And off they go . . .

Meanwhile . . .

Sookie finds a blood drained, nearly lifeless, Vampire Bill on the floor of the “Slave Quarters.”  She professes her love to the dying vamp, promising to do whatever it takes to save him.  Then Lorena magically appears . . .

Sorry, I just liked the rib cage hat too much, not to use it again . . .

As the episode ends, Lorena attacks Sookie, biting her neck until she screams for mercy.  That’s not good!

And there you have it folks, a Truly Bloody True Blood.  Did you like it?  Or was all just a bit too much gore and too little Shirtless Stackhouse . .

P.S. For those of you out there, who are wondering where my Mad Men season premiere recap is, I PROMISE it will be up tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay.  Contrary to popular belief, I do require SOME sleep . . . 🙂




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10 responses to “Truly Bloody (And a little gross) – A Recap of True Blood’s “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues”

  1. Amazon Annie

    You’re right….it was really gory…but so exciting. Kudos to Tara, she smashed Franklin’s head to unrecognizable pulp. I have a question though….do vampires die that way? Do they need a stake in the heart? …. a night in a tanning bed?… to be dressed in too much silver BLING?
    I mean, Franklin really looked dead (undead?) but is he gonna return and be his lovely stalker self?
    As a reader of all of the Charlaine Harris “Sookie” books I am often confused by the time lines, importance of the characters and storylines. But I have decided to go with the flow. I really think they overdid the Maenad stuff last season. It was a mere page or so in the book…which was plenty. But it seems like this seasons poetic license is working to the shows advantage. Great recap….a real laugh out loud one! THanks

    • It’s funny, I was discussing the whole “Is Franklin dead thing?” with my friend just this morning. She was absolutely convinced that Franklin was still alive. She even claimed that she saw him in next week’s previews. (In the promo, Tara is shown saying, “Why don’t you just get it over with and kill me.” But who she’s talking to is still unclear.)

      From my friend’s perspective, vampires can always automatically heal (hence explaining why Jessica is a perpetual virgin, and Eric popped that bullet out of his chest last season). As far as she’s concerned, the only way to KILL a vampire in TB world is by staking or sunning. (I think silver just weakens them.)

      That may be true. But the thing about TB vampires, is that during the daytime they are ACTUALLY DEAD, which was why Franklin never woke up throughout the whole “head bashing” experience. One would think then, that damage done to the corpse would be permanent. And THAT was A LOT of damage. So the jury’s still out for me. (Ick, I just gave myself the creeps by analyzing this.)

      Alan Ball IS definitely taking increasing poetic license with the Charlaine Harris series. But I think, in most cases, it works (maenad madness not withstanding). While still sticking to the spirit of the books and the characters, Ball reimagines them in ways that are new and exciting. So, that even those of us who have read the entire series, can still be pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised, every once and a while. Ball and Harris actually make a pretty great team, in this sense.

      Thanks for you comments and kind words. I’m so glad you liked the recap, Amazon Annie! I live to please :).

  2. Carol

    “Kill Bill” made me laugh. But the scene with Lorena almost made me puke. I mean, I get that this is True Blood, but that’s gross. Even more with the werewolves.

    But really, the Tara and Franklin part was the worse. Man, I wish I didn’t see it. I cannot even express myself on how that made me feel. I was yelling at my TV the whole time “DISGUSTING!”

    I’m really not into the gore thing, y’know.

    Russell proposing to Sophie Anne makes up for those filth scenes. I laughed. It’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me.

    I wish the Sam’s Family stoyline just to end. I cannot stand looking at his mom. It’s so boring. We could be watching more Jason’s scenes, but nooo, let’s keep the shitty storyline going.
    Cop Jason makes my day.

    I wanted Lafayette with Jesus. Jesus shouldn’t judge people, you know. Not when they have a car like that, anyway.

    I’m glad to see that Jessica is getting the hang of being a vampire, Arlene is so idiot sometimes. Where’s Hoyt?!

    Were-form Alcide is so pretty and albino and pretty. I didn’t know that wolves could be so.. shinny and such. But human form is a pleasure on the eyes, as always.

    Sookie, Lorena and Bill’s scene don’t deserve any comments.

    Did you watch this?

    • I’m with you. I know the show is called “True Blood.” But, honestly, I could do with a little LESS “fake blood” and a little more Eric and Sookie sex, or Jason Stackhouse and . . . ANYBODY sex, or NAKED ALCIDE! ;).

      Ditto re: Tara and Franklin, although, to the writers’ credit, it WAS completely unexpected! Poor Tara and her untenable rage! She had to go and make things difficult for herself. Girlfriend has a whole WALL-load of weapons at her disposal, and she picks the MACE? A simple stake to the heart would have been much easier (and probably more effective . . . There’s still a chance this guy might come back from the Dead-Dead.)

      I’m kind of psyched for the Russell / Sophie Anne nuptials. I’m not sure if Talbot is going to be on board. (He’s been a bit moody of late.) But if he approves of the sham, and agrees to lend a hand . . . that wedding is going to be FABULOUS with a capital “F!”

      I got an idea! Mommy Mickens can shift into a worm or snake or something. Then Jason could accidentally crush her, while he’s sexing Crystal in the woods! A Dead Mickens and MORE SHIRTLESS STACKHOUSE! Two birds with one stone! (Joe Lee – we can throw to the wolves . . . the werewolves.)

      Yes, I agree with you about Judgy Jesus! Bad Jesus! Judge not, lest ye be judged! (And the bad religious jokes just keep on coming! :)).

      I was really surprised that Alcide ended up being a White Werewolf with Red Eyes. In all these other werewolf movies, the weres always resemble their “humans” in terms of coloring, and Alcide is SO DARK. And even when he started to shift at Lou Pines, his eyes turned YELLOW, not red. But I guess this was Alan Ball’s “subtle” way of showing us that this was a “good werewolf.” And it WAS very pretty. But NAKED ALCIDE? Even prettier. 😉

      Haha, Lorena and Bill DON’T deserve our comments. But they DO deserve our Ribcage Hats! 🙂

      OMG! Thank you so much for posting that Baby Vamp Jess video! I honestly had never seen that website before. It is so adorable! I’ll admit, I’m girl crushing on Deborah Ann Woll a little bit. She really makes this role her own. And watching the video DID make me wonder how MY blood would taste to a vampire . . . creepy.

  3. imaginarymen

    “we watch Lorena as she brutally tortures Bill . . . by forcing him to listen to her inane monologue and crybaby tears. ”

    Ugh these scenes were TOTAL TORTURE and they had nothing to do with surgical instruments or werewolf ass-kicking/vampire eating.

    The Bill/Lorena stuff is so, SO bad. It is so bad it brings down the entire episode for me. Stephen Moyer – while a lovely fellow in RL in seems – does not have the depth, IMO to play what this part of the role requires. And whoever the hell cast Lorena should be shunned from Hollywood for life.

    That girl CANNOT act and instead of having even an ounce of interest in their storyline I just groan and beg for it to be over. I really can’t stand it. It makes me angry how cheesy and bad it is. UGH.

    Jason – shut up and take your shirt off. Or better yet, go home and HANG OUT WITH HOYT!! I do not care about Crystal or her D-Bag or whatever her friggin’ secret is either. I want Jason shirtless, or having Stupid Boy Adventures with Hoyt and Andy. His hair is looking good though (’cause I’m shallow like that!)

    Poor Sam. Just stay away from the Mickens. Poor Arlene too. She’s the only one who shows up to work (after all that Maenad induced orgy-ing) and all she gets is yelled at and fanged.

    I am NOT liking Eric, even in his Panty Dropper Blue Sweater. Is he being a total Tool just to get his daddy’s crown back? I don’t care about that either. I did like Sookie sassing him though.

    Wow – this episode annoyed me, huh? I don’t know why it made me so pissy! I guess I’m having trouble finding a storyline I’m invested in. The vampire kingdom stuff – to quote Damon Salvatore – “ugh. Who cares?”

    Glad to see Sassy Tara bearing nuts and attitude come back. And have nothing but LOVE for Talbot!

    • “And whoever the hell cast Lorena should be shunned from Hollywood for life.”

      LOL. She DOES suck, doesn’t SHE? The actress’ Miss Piggy voice, combined with her on-again / off-again (Southern? French? Incan?) accent really bug. And yet, I can’t think of ANY actress in the world talented enough to make me enjoy that Evil Harpy, Lorena. I WAS partial to that “Rib Cage Hat” line though . . . (Can’t you tell? 😉

      WOW! Dissing on Stackhouse? Now I KNOW you didn’t like this episode! 🙂 Speaking of Jason, I don’t really get why he keeps beating up on that high school kid, especially while wearing his VARSITY JACKET. Isn’t he supposed to be like 30? Throw that thing out, DUDE! It’s starting to smell . . .

      And, I’m with you. Bring back HOYT and bring him back now! For what it’s worth, that Baby Vamp Jessica link Carol posted in the comments (Thanks again, Carol!) seems to suggest that SHE is SO NOT OVER HOYT. So that’s a good sign, in terms of his return to the screen, right?

      I too feel bad for Sam, who’s perpetually abused in bad storylines, and never seems to get laid, except occasionally by girls who are complete wackjobs (I care about Tara, but you have to admit, she’s not exactly sane.) I don’t mind Tommy, but the rest of the Mickens have to GO . . . NOW. I can’t say I feel as much sympathy for Arlene as you do. But she does have some good one-liners, and was slightly less grating in this episode than usual.

      Awwww, no love for Panty Dropper Eric? (I’m crying a little bit, Amy.) I can see where you are coming from. In my man’s defense, though, I don’t think it’s just the crown that’s causing him to be all douchey to Sookie. Eric promised his father that he would get revenge against the one responsible for his death. Even though the weres did the killing, they were clearly instructed to do so by Russell.

      I think Eric is trying to get close to Russell, so that he can eventually KILL HIM and avenge his parents’ deaths. Sure, he COULD have let Sookie in on this, and saved some heartache. But, you have to admit, the girl has a HUGE and WHINY MOUTH. I wouldn’t trust her to keep MY secrets, that’s for sure!

      To quote Damon Salvatore – “ugh. Who cares?”

      (YAY! A good Damon quote makes everything all right! ALWAYS!)

      Awww, poor, sweet Talbot! He deserves SO MUCH BETTER than that Big Gay Vampire King Douche, Russell. Plus, he’s got “spinoff” written all over him. A show about a Vampire Modeling Agency, perhaps? Queer Eye for the Straight Vampire? Cooking Blood with Talbot? Lafayette can co-host . . .

      Here’s hoping next week’s episode brings more of the Shirtless Stackhouse, Naked Alcide, and Un-Douchey Panty Dropper Eric WE ALL desire!

  4. i bet Franklin will come back, he’s just creepy & annoying enough to.
    oh and that ribcage-hat picture up there totally made this episode worthwhile 😀

    • Awww, thanks Lola! Since you’ve mentioned it, I’ve decided to start selling Rib Cage Hats on the blogosphere. Where would you like me to send yours? 🙂

      You are so right! Being creepy and annoying does seem like the way to go, when you want to stick around for a long time on this show. (See e.g. Lorena, the Maenad from Season 2, Ma and Pa Mickens . . . OK . . . those last two haven’t been around THAT long yet, but it sure SEEMS like they have, doesn’t it? Ugh! Let’s sick Pizza-Head Franklin on them next week, what do you say?)

      And I’m serious . . . about the Hat! 😉

  5. tyluv3

    plz hurry and put it the pretty little liars review

    • Hey tyluv3! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      I know, I know . . . I’m sorry! 😉 It’s on it’s way, I promise. I was feeling a bit under the weather after the show yesterday, and couldn’t get to it, until now. Give me a few hours? 😉

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