The Last 30 Seconds Was the Best Part! – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone.”

“Hey!  Watch where you’re putting those hands, Jason Di-Grabby Fingers!  Who do you think we are, Toby and Jenna?  I’ll be watching you.” – A

Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was unusually thinky and philosophical, wasn’t it?  In it, the girls discussed “deep” topics such as “immortality,” “aging,” and “leaving a legacy behind after death.”  I bet you didn’t realize you were watching such a SMART show, did you?

“These discussions are nice and all, but I was kind of hoping we’d get to discuss more important things:  like whether we like Fitzy’s new haircut!”

Yeah, see . . . here’s the thing.  Pretty Little Liars is not a show I watch for “deep thoughts.”  So, before I begin my recap, I have a little message for the writers.  In the future, less waxing poetic about the meaning of life, and MORE snarky messages from A / sex with inappropriately-aged men, OK?

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

Glad we got that straightened out.   On with the recap . . .

Life’s a beach, and then you die . . .

“Does this insanely large ego, make me look fat?”

When the episode opens, our four main characters are making final preparations for Ali’s Memorial Service, which is set to occur that weekend.  They roll out this big scary-looking wooden box . . . the kind that always carries a ferocious tiger, or massive gorilla, in the cartoons.  Unfortunately, this box doesn’t contain anything so exciting . . . just this . . .

When the green packing noodles are the most interesting thing inside your box, you know you’ve made a bad purchase.

Despite this “Memorial Fountain” being hideously ugly, the girls marvel over its “sheer awesomeness.”  Aria ruminates a bit about how, long after everyone has forgotten SHE existed, Ali will still be remembered as “the dead girl who had the lame fountain named after her.”  Aria’s trying to be respectful of her long lost pal, but we all know she secretly wishes a monument could be erected in her honor – one that, for centuries to come, will be considered “home” by countless cigarette butts, gobs of drooly backwash, and piles of bird sh&t.

Aria’s Memorial Fountain

“That’s immortality, my darlings,” coos Spencer, in this weird whispery voice that kind of creeps me out.  Suddenly, we are flashed back to the previous summer.  The girls are hanging out at the local pool, looking pretty . . . except for Hanna, who’s wearing a t-shirt over her bathing suit . . . because she’s supposed to be FAT!  Apparently t-shirt = Really Huge Heifer in Pretty Little Liar’s world.

“Don’t look at me!  I’m hideous!”

Ever the philosopher, Flashback Aria wishes out loud that you could pick an age you want, and stay there forever.  Riiiiiiight!  Because 15-year olds ALWAYS worry constantly about growing old and aging.  You know what age I wanted to be when I was 15?   21 . . . so I could drink legally, without having to worry about my fake ID getting confiscated, and someone ratting me out to my Mom.

Fortunately, Ali has a FABULOUS solution to Aria’s wrinkle and cellulite worries.  Death! 


“Die young.  Leave a beautiful corpse,” Ali instructs Aria, as she relishes the thought of dying a mysterious death at an early age.  (Be careful what you wish for!)  “That’s immortality, my darlings,” Ali concludes, echoing Spencer’s earlier words.

Hey, Ali!  You know who ELSE is really into perpetual youth and immortality?  Evil Bloodsucking Vampires . . .

OK . . . OK.  I’m pretty sure this show ISN’T going in that direction.  But, COME ON!  Wouldn’t that be a fabulous idea for a spinoff?

The girls are shaken out of their respective reveries by a reminder that they will be meeting with Ali’s long lost older brother, Jason, the following morning, to run through the Service itinerary.  The crew take some time out of their busy Memorial preparations to diss on Ali’s Big Bro, wondering out loud how an Ivy League school could have possibly admitted a student like Jason, who listened to “LOUD MUSIC” and “DRESSED LIKE AN EMO!”

NO!  Not ELMO!  EMO!

That’s better!

And yet, when the girls reunite with Jason the following day, they find out, much to their surprise, that he isn’t EMO at all!  Instead, Jason is a Poor Man’s Ryan Phillippe, circa Cruel Intentions.

Same pouty lips.  Same “I just sucked on a lemon” face.  Still pretty hot though . . .

Jason is also kind of a D-bag.  Immediately upon arrival, he gives the girls an obnoxiously fake smile, and thanks them for all their hard work.  He then proceeds to subtly crap on everything they’ve done, and completely take over.  As if that isn’t bad enough, Jason adds a name to the list of Memorial Service Speakers.  Bet you can’t guess who?


WORSE!  Guess again  .  . .



 . . . which she’s mysteriously stopped using, since the pilot episode.  (NOW, how are we supposed to know when she’s coming?) 

The Return of Deputy Douchey


Apparently, Blind Jenna wasn’t the only one Jason contacted prior to returning to town.  He also got a hold of the one man on this show whose D-bag tendencies rival his own.  It’s Deputy Douchey!  Apparently, Jason is interested in re-opening the investigation into Alison’s murder, and is unhappy with the way the local PD has handled the matter, thus far.  So, of course, Deputy Douchey immediately starts nosing around Hanna again, who he CLEARY has some creepy crush on. 

Kudos to My New Favorite Character, Hanna, for calling Douchey out on his unethical (but strangely hot) shirtless behavior.  “Exactly what evidence were you planning to uncover wandering around my kitchen wearing nothing but a towel?”  She quips.

Funny, I think I once saw a porno that began with this exact same line . . .

All Aboard the Lanna Ship (a.k.a. Lucas and Hanna Together Forever)!

Awwww!  I SO heart them!

Speaking of Hanna, things just seem to keep going from bad to worse in her life.  When we first check in with her, she is complaining to her mother about the total embarrassment of having her credit card recently declined.  Hanna’s mother explains that the family has been experiencing financial difficulties.  “We’re a one paycheck family,”  she explains morosely.  “We can’t keep living a two paycheck life.”

By way of illustration, Hanna’s Mom opens the refrigerator, to show her just how bad things really are.  (Conveniently enough, if you want to see a “before” picture of Hanna’s Fridge, simply scroll up to Deputy Douchey’s picture, above!)

“Now, honey, I know, in the books, you are supposed to be ‘bullimic,’ but do you think you can switch to anorexic for a little while?  The ‘binge’ part of the ‘binge and purge’ cycle is just too pricey for us, right now.”

“Does this mean I have to go back to using the ‘Five Finger’ Discount, like I did in the Pilot Episode?”

But, guess what?  Despite the obvious stress she’s under, Hanna doesn’t go back to STEALING!

Why, you ask?  Because of THIS GUY!

While the Soon-To-Be Couple (Come on!  It is SO obvious!) are working together on formatting the School Yearbook, Lucas unwittingly suggests that Hanna sell some of her old (probably stolen, let’s be honest) designer things on eBay to make some extra cash.  Ever the helpful guy, Lucas is even willing to help her photograph the items and put them online.

Hanna makes a MINT!  And even though she happens to be with her Snoozy Current Boyfriend, Sean, when Lucas gives Hanna her earnings, the two clearly share a moment, during the monetary exchange.  (In yet another beach flashback, we see Ali making fun of Lucas and warning the Not-So-Hefty Hanna against hanging out with “losers.”  We can’t help but notice, that Hanna seemed partial to the Nerd Cutie, EVEN THEN!)

Ultimately, Hanna does the selfless thing, by using her eBay earnings, to buy groceries for her mother.  As if we couldn’t like this girl enough, already!

In Emily and Maya News . . .


Oops!  Sorry!  I must have dozed off for a second there!  Emily and Maya went out on a date.  They went to see what looked like a creepy old horror movie.  It was VERY romantic, so they started to make out during it.  Yeah . . . that’s about it. 

 Oh, and Emily’s Dad is coming home from the Armed Services, which is exciting, I guess . . . Except, I never knew he was gone in the first place . . .  I imagine they probably mentioned it before on the show.  Maybe I was sleeping . . .

Aria Has a New Guy?

OK.  PLL, now you’re starting to make me MAD!  First, you have Spencer COMPLETELY forget about Wren, and jump instantly into the arms of the Ball Boy . . .

“Hey, when you HAVE balls, you might as well USE them .  . .”

. . . NOW you’ve got this random Noel dude, with big Bushy Caterpillar eyebrows, honing in on Fitzy’s girl?  WTF?

“You better watch out, NOEL!  I’ve got white pasty stick legs!  And I’m not afraid to use them on your face!”

To Aria’s credit, she’s not NEARLY as ho-ish as Spencer, and at least hesitates a bit, before “moving on” to a new man. 

Tired of Aria’s newfound mopey ways, Hanna decides to set her up on a double date.  You see, Lame-O Sean got four concert tickets.   Two of them will go to him and Hanna, of course.  But Sean’s friend, Noel has dibs on the third one, and HE would really like to take Aria as his date.  Recalling that Aria used to crush on Furry-Browed Noel,  Hanna tries to convince her friend to go out with them.  Aria initially declines, but ultimately, decides to go.

The problem is that Aria is still SERIOUSLY depressed about her parent’s separation and Fitzy’s sudden departure.  So, during the date, she acts like someone just killed her best friend.  (Oh  . . . wait . . . someone DID!)  Noel pulls Aria aside to ask what’s wrong, and, to all of our surprises, she opens up to him about her “ex boyfriend in Iceland” (a.k.a. Fitzy White Legs).  Noel sees Aria’s misery, and figures it’s the PERFECT opportunity to ask her whether the two of them can starting making out.   (Smooth move, Douche!)

Aria declines . . . but isn’t nearly as turned off by the randomness of the request as she should be.  Damn those hot boys with Wild Overgrown Eyebrows!  They get away with EVERYTHING!

And then there was Spencer . . .


Spencer was the only Pretty Little Liar who didn’t get any loving this week.  Instead, she was pretty much abused, accused, and berated throughout the entire episode.  First, Jenna informs her that during the last few months of her life, Ali didn’t TRUST Spencer.  Ali apparently told Jenna this, while visiting her in the hospital. 

Spencer later learns from Brother Jason that Ali told him all about the Jenna Thing.  Except, instead of admitting HER part in setting off the fireworks that blinded Jenna, Ali told Jason that SPENCER was the mastermind behind it all!

Spencer is understandably hurt, and more than a little freaked out, by these revelations.  Why would Ali say these things about her?  Apparently, Spencer and Ali weren’t seeing eye-to-eye during those last few months before she disappeared.  If this information gets out, will SPENCER become a suspect in Ali’s murder? 

Possibly, but she won’t be the first.  It was also revealed this week that Creepy Toby called Ali on the night she disappeared, and SOMEONE (either Ali or someone with Ali’s phone in hand) TOOK THE CALL!

“What?  Did you think they would just STOP talking about me on the show, just because I disappeared?  Who do you think I am?  Wren?”

Before the Memorial Service, Spencer receives yet another cryptic message from A.  “The Memorial Service is tomorrow.  Do it right.  I’ll be watching, just like Tom Sawyer.”

OK, ENOUGH with the High School English Literary References, PLL.  First To Kill a Mockingbird, then Catcher in the Rye, NOW The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  We get it, Tom Sawyer attended his own funeral.  Ho, ho, ho.  So clever! 

Do you really expect me to believe that a girl as stuck up and shallow, as Ali would make this kind of reference in a threatening text message?  The Girl Who Never Met a Nerd She Couldn’t Abuse?  Even if she READ the book (unlikely), I highly doubt she’d admit to doing it.  Be reasonable, PLL Writers!

Remembering Ali

Here’s a scenario for you.  You have this “friend” who is total b&tch during her lifetime, but ends up dying this totally tragic, untimely death.

You have to give her eulogy.  What do you say?  Do you lie, and make up nice stuff about her, even though you know it’s not true.  Are you brutally honest, a la Jen Lindley eulogizing the sort of evil, but hilariously funny, Abby Morgan on Dawson’s Creek?

I WISH I could find that eulogy on YouTube so that I could show it to you.  It remains, for me, one of the most uncomfortable moments on television, EVER!

Or do you do something in between.  It seems, in this case, that the girls go for option three.  Spencer discusses how much Ali would love all the attention of a Memorial Service in her honor.  She also talks about how nice it was that she was able to constantly fight with Ali.  (Not a smart admission, Spencer, seeing as you’re already a suspect in her murder.) 

 Hanna talks about how Ali “challenged” her (i.e. relentlessly berated her for being a chubby dork, and made her feel like crap on a regular basis).  Emily and Aria say stuff too, but it is so boring and meaningless, that I can’t remember any of it. 

At some point, during the ceremony, the Ex-Boyfriend of Spencer’s sister Melissa shows up.

“I come bearing flowers!”

NO!  I’m not talking about Wren . . .

Her OTHER Ex-Boyfriend, Ian!

Played by the adorable Ryan Merriman, who, unfortunately, was wearing a shirt at the time.

No one can really figure out why he was there.  But I’m sure we will find out in coming weeks . . .

Then Blind Jenna gets up to speak . . .

Surprisingly, she is kind of nice too!  She speaks about Ali’s strength, which, I guess, like the rest of the “positive traits” mentioned at the service, could be interpreted as “bitchiness,” but, no matter.  At least she doesn’t say anything crazy, like “I KNOW WHO KILLED ALI!”

After the ceremony, Jason approaches the girls with a gift . . .

It is THAT UGLY ASS BRACELET with Alison’s name on it!  Supposedly, Alison was wearing it at the time of her death.  BUT WAIT!  The girls already HAVE that bracelet!  They found it in the woods during the second episode . . .


This is when THE BEST PART OF THE EPISODE happens.  As the credit begin to roll, we look upon Alison’s Memorial fountain, surrounded by tiles, and covered with candles.  A figure in black approaches it.  He or she sits silently, observing the memorial for a few moments.  He or she then takes out a hatchet, and BASHES THE CRAP OUT OF IT!  It is SO AWESOME!  That scene makes the whole episode worthwhile, in my opinion! 

So much for “remembering Ali forever!”  They really should have went with Aria’s Memorial choice . . .

That’s all I’ve got for this episode.  According to ABC Family there is only ONE EPISODE LEFT before the Season Finale.  That’s CRAZY TALK!  That would mean the whole season was just TEN EPISODES long, and I know for a fact that the channel ordered 22 episodes!

Whatever the situation is, there’s a PLL hiatus coming up soon, which means the next two episodes should be ACTION-PACKED!  See you then!


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27 responses to “The Last 30 Seconds Was the Best Part! – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone.”

  1. imaginarymen

    I don’t know about you, but the “Jenna can see!!!” fake-out in the beach flashback was all kinds of awesome.

    I STILL think she CAN see though.

    I would like them to start casting guys who I can TELL APART. I swear, all these guys (except for NotSethCohen) are basically interchangeable to me. They need “Hi I’m xxxx I’m with PLL Aria” nametags or something.

    And wasn’t Spencer the one in the premiere who was wandering around outside when they all woke up and couldn’t find Ali? I thought it was her. We do know she lies, and cheats and steals – so bashing her bitchy BFF’s head in couldn’t be that far off – right?


    Holy Hell Ryan Merriman got all growed up and hot and shirtless!

    Nice job despite the not-feeling-well and feeling-the-heat-to recap.

    • “I would like them to start casting guys who I can TELL APART. I swear, all these guys (except for NotSethCohen) are basically interchangeable to me. They need “Hi I’m xxxx I’m with PLL Aria” nametags or something.”

      THAT line had me laughing for about five minutes straight! SO TRUE!

      Didn’t Jenna have kind of demonic eyes too? Like green glowy vampire compulsion eyes? I’m just waiting for them to introduce supernatural elements into this show. Or maybe I just watch too much TVD and True Blood . . .

      Good point about Spencer. She WAS acting really weird in that first flashback at the slumber party. And she’s definitely smart enough to get away with murder. It would definitely be an interesting twist for her to have done it . . . in some ways more interesting than the way it was resolved in the books.

      Ryan Merriman IS looking good, isn’t he? It’s funny, I remember the Ian character being in an earlier episode, but didn’t recognize him then as Ryan M. Did they change to a bigger name actor for the part once the show got picked up? Or was I just not looking close enough then?

      Thanks for the recap props! I gripe about it sometimes, but PLL is actually a really fun show to recap, even when the episode I’m writing about isn’t my favorite. The writers always give you a lot to work with, though not necessarily in the way they want you to work it . . .

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  3. Carol

    I didn’t like this episode too much. It’s was kinda boring. No Wren, no Erza (not that I really care about him, but still), no fortune cookies.. Boring.

    During all the episode I was thinking “Man, that Alison girl is a bitch. How could they stand her?” (Well, I guess someone couldn’t, since she’s dead and all)

    Hanna calling Deputy Douchey was really great. I do think that he’s got a creppy crush on her, like you said. But I didn’t mind him walking around with a towel.

    Oh, count me in the Lanna ship! Their scene was what made the episode bearable for me. I wish I had a cute nerd like Lucas to help me selling stuff. Or showing me some funny youtube videos, y’know.

    Emily = boring. Maya = boring. Emily+Maya = BOOORING² (that’s not exactly how math is supposed to work, right? But who cares, again)
    And Emily’s father coming home is so so great that Emily is like really excited, just like Aria. I think Aria was like ‘Oh, great and who cares?’ inside her head.

    The lame double date has saved by Lucas showing up. For me, at least.
    “So, during the date, she acts like someone just killed her best friend. (Oh . . . wait . . . someone DID!)” I approve this.

    I felt bad for Spencer. I like her, she’s like my third fave character. Alison is mean, even dead ;A;

    I was kinda hoping that Jenna would do something crazy and all at her speech. And the flashback when they show her eyes, I was surprised that I do know who is the actress.

    Ali’s memorial fountain. I thought ‘Man, that’s a waste of money. But ehy destroy it? Hey, wait. Forget about it, destroy this hideous thing!’

    I want the 22 episodes without a hiatus, now!

    PS – Not the right place to post this, but take a look:

    • Before I get started on PLL, can I just THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart for AWESOME TB Links? That Bingo board was kick ass (although, I’d kind of like to turn it into a drinking game, personally). I think my fave squares were: Sookie and Eric f*ck (duh!); Beel, Sookeh, and Hoyt is too sweet!

      And Joe Manganiello? WOW! His body was DEFINITELY not THIS insane when he was on One Tree Hill a couple years back!

      OK, PLL Time. LOL re: the fortune cookies. This lackluster episode definitely needed THOSE cookies! 🙂

      We ALL could use a boy like Lucas in our lives, or NotSethCohen / Seth Cohen 2.0, as Amy calls him. 🙂 The problem I think is that in high school, this is the type of guy we all typically ignore, at least in terms of dating. It’s also the type of guy who grows up to start Microsoft, or create the iPhone, or invent Facebook. Silly teens! Here’s hoping Hanna is smarter than most of us, and holds on to this one!

      LOVE that you called Maya Boring squared. I didn’t know you could superscripts in the comment section. SO COOL!

      Tammin Sursok (who plays Jenna) was in the Nick movie Spectacular. She also apparently did some time on Hannah Montana. 🙂 I was surprised to see that she is from South Africa, and that she is 26. When I first saw her, I could have sworn she was 21 or 22, like most of the girls in the cast. Good genes on that one. Still a bit creepy though.

      Here’s her wiki:

      I’ve been trying to figure out WHEN PLL will come back to air those last 12 episodes after the hiatus. Maybe in the fall? As soon as I find out, I’ll post, of course.

      Thanks for the kickass comments as always, Carol! Hopefully, next week there will be more of the sexy trashtastic PLL we have grown to love. 🙂

  4. liztomaniadan22

    i think its cuz theres a big hiatus in between. yah i didn’t like last nights episode that much but i love hannah and lucas! woot woot!

    • I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t a big fan of this particular PLL episode. But I AM excited about the next couple weeks, especially any developments that will occur between Lucas and Hanna during that time ;).

      Since you are on the Lanna Ship too, here’s an article you might like!

      It’s all about Brendan Robinson, the guy who plays Lucas. (Who knew he initially auditioned for the role of Aria’s little bro, Mike? Weird!)

      The actor comes off as really sweets and down-to-earth in the article. It even provides his REAL Twitter address, along with ones for a number of the other cast members on the show! Very cool!

      Happy reading! And see you next week! 🙂

  5. snottlebie

    This wasn’t my favorite episode either. I think the flashbacks could have been better. They didn’t really tell us anything new/reveal anything besides the fact that Ali’s a huge biotch, which we already knew. Take some advice from Lost, PLL writers. Make those flashbacks count.
    It’s also made me realize: A is sucking at her job (harassing the 4 other girls). I mean, she used to send ‘chilling’ texts (AliBlasts) to them about their respective secrets, but now…she’s only interested in herself!

    – Emily was on a date, swapping spit with Maya and she didn’t get ANY attention from A? Also, when she eventually comes ‘out’, what will A use to harass her? Oh and Emily’s MILITARY father coming back = being from the MILITARY and all, he’s obvs against a gay daughter.
    – Aria: Well, her secret about her and Fitsy is actually harmful and Fitsy’s been gone for a couple of episodes so….SNOOZE. Even a text about how she’d rather have the teacher (with bad hair) than Nole (Noel? Knoll? IDK), albeit, with large eyebrows, would be better than nothing.
    – Spencer: Well, Wren’s not in the picture anymore, so…what’s her secret again? Maybe Melissa’s old bf will be a new source of drama/new set of lips to makeout with.
    – Hanna : The show never stated she had an eating disorder, right? It was really subtlely implied (unusally so for ABC Fam), but it’s never been a real issue. So what’s her secret?

    NEED BETTER ALIBLASTS/ MAKING OUT. Seriously, if the lesbian, on a show with 3 other heterosexual girls, is the only one getting any action, you know something is wrong.

    • I agree 100% snottlebie. The flashbacks in this episode were definitely lackluster. (Nice Lost reference, BTW! I bet this will be the only time PLL is EVER compared to Lost. The writers should really enjoy it while it lasts:)). I mean, we get it, the girls hung out at a pool club together and talked. . . BIG DEAL! On with the sex and scandal, PLEASE!

      And, yeah, A’s snoozy and nerdy Tom Sawyer threat (I love that you call her attacks AliBlasts – I may have to steal that one from you. ;)) was no where near up to par with “Lions, Tigers and Bitches, Oh My,” or the one about Aria “doing the teacher.” Those were classics! “A” went form sounding like a super snarky and slightly demonic version of Gossip Girl, to sounding like my 75-year old, 300-pound Freshman English teacher, who always spit when she talked. Not good, PLL writers!

      LOL re: Knoll and his large eyebrows. That cracked me up. If anyone should be named after a BUSH, it’s Mr. Bushy Eyebrows over there!

      And you are right about Hanna. I do wonder whether they will make a REAL issue of her eating disorder. You would think they would, seeing as how they keep hammering home how “fat” she used to be, and keep making a point of showing her NOT eating (except when her mom screwed Deputy Douchey, and she chugged down that pint of Baskin Robbins). Without it, I guess her “secret” was that she sometimes shoplifted, but the cat’s kind of out of the bag on that one, so . . .

      So, yeah, this episode was neither PLL’s nor A’s finest hour. But hey, hopefully, both will return to their former greatness next week. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  6. I was so reluctent to see this episode. With Wren out of the picture (boo) and Spencer getting kind of annoying (wtf). The show started off amazing, truly it was, but somewhere along the lines was really disappointed with the way they handle certain SL. Case and point Emily and Maya (more on that later).

    And you are so right the last 30 seconds were the best part of the episode. Which reminds me of the ‘The Freshmen’ from GG. Literally the only thing worth watching in that particular episode was Blair climbing into bed with Chuck.

    The episode was a little bland for me. I mean I love a good discussion and all but they made it look all dull. Like where’s the action or suspense? Or humor?

    At this point I am give up on the search for one Wren Kim. I know it sadden me and they could have done a triangle with Wren/Spencer/Alex and then we finally get Spencer/Wren (yay), but we know better (boo) and I think that’s the saddest part. I miss you hotmess, drunk, adorable Wren. I hope someday he finds his way back onto PLL and hopefully Spencer lol

    On the beach flashbacks… WTF. There I said it. Like why are these girls’ friends? Aside from Emily who’s like in love with her and Hanna who loves getting trashed by her so-called best friend. And don’t give me “Ali had a way of making you feel special”. I’m sorry what? It’s like they love getting abused by this girl.

    The hideous fountain was just awful to look and I can believe they all loved it. But on the brighter note: nobody will ever see now that it’s been property destroyed. I loved Aria’s speech about the “dead girl who had the lame fountain named after her.” like remind me never to call her to give a pep talk. Lmao on Aria’s Memorial Fountain.

    The flashbacks are never the shows strong point IMO but we do learn a lot about the girls past. I really hate how they portray Hanna as the “fatter” girl by wearing ridicules long shirts. Like yes this Hefty Hanna can you tell by her outfits? *rolls eyes*

    When Aria and Co are crazy. When you’re a teenager you want to be older and when your older you want to be younger. It’s a pretty messed up world lol.

    Oh the sidenote: I LOVE the DLM pics 🙂 Favorite show of all time. And the Vampire PLL. Imagine our poor boy Wren as a vampire *swoons*

    What’s funny is that Ali actually says how’s she gonna die. The flashback do so much for shadowing you forget they doing a flashback.

    OMG Jason was so annoying. Remind me of a certain Deputy… Who made his comeback. Honestly I kind of missed him and then he opens his mouth and I want him gone. Like bye-bye Douche!

    When I heard Jenna going to be a guest speaker, I was like wait didn’t Ali make this girl blind? Oh everything make no sense anymore!

    Cane of Destruction, Dead!Ali must have taken it, she also has abducted Wren and had creepy Toby in her possession.

    What pissed me off was our man Deputy because he wasn’t doing a great job of figuring out who did it in the first place and now he has “clues” that creepy Toby called her? Like WTH was this not mention before?

    You know what I just thought of? If Wren had Spencer and Mr. Teacher had Aria and Maya has Emily. Why can’t Deputy have Hanna? Just some food for thought since there apparently no guys (or girls) their age that they can date.
    But I have to hand it to Hanna for being awesome this eppie. Keep up the good work, girlie! Epp, Lanna is so happening right? I felt horrible for her when her mom started to talk about their home life. Then I got to thinking because this episode got me in deep thought apparently. Where’s Hanna’s dad? Is he not helping with CHILD SUPPORT? See Hanna’s dad is an honest to god a**hole. I like how Hanna is trying to be mature about her home life (unlike former-rebel girl Aria).

    I love Lucas that awesome, lovable nerd!

    Oh did you notice the heavy flirting between the ‘rent? Aria’s dad is so gonna tap Hanna’s mom, talk about awkward.

    Emily and Maya News . . . not gonna bother. The minute their scenes ended I was like oh wow I don’t remember what happened. Boring
    Aria’s new guy (or would-be new guy if Aria gave him a chance) looks like he’s in college. She really needs to get someone her own age. But you are totally right at least she didn’t pull a Spencer and move on the next episode that followed. The romance between Aria and her Pasty twig legs man continues! Lmao: “You better watch out, NOEL! I’ve got white pasty stick legs! And I’m not afraid to use them on your face!”

    Ah Spencer, I don’t if it’s the lack of Wren or something but I’m actually kind of peeved with her character. Like she was my favorite. She’s getting trash and she just letting things happen to her, like stand up for yourself. But idk something is off. Ali is a closed heart prick for pinning this on Spencer who apparently did stick up for herself. I don’t get it. Was Ali trying to keep her friends close, but her enemies closer?

    While Ali was being a prick she also had time to read a lot of literature, not bad for a girl what was a complete psycho.

    The speeches were nice, but I wouldn’t have gone up there knowing that I would have to lie through my teeth. OMG I forgot about Dead!Abby lol

    Well sorry for this being so long I had a lot to say lol

    • Ooh! Good analogy! I remember that scene in “The Freshman.” It was so good, it made me retroactively like the not-so-great episode a lot more than I did originally. I thought to myself, “Oh, I see! So, Blair HAD to go through all this annoying stuff, so that Chuck would have an excuse to give her sweet sympathy and spoon her at the end! Cool!”

      And maybe, here, we had to sit through that whole annoying memorial ceremony where nothing happened, just so that we can watch “A” destroy the memorial! I mean, even the fact that it was so ugly made it more fun to watch it get trashed!

      I agree that Wren won’t factor in to the next two episodes. (Sigh!) But I still hold out hope that we will see him after the hiatus. Check it out! He’s still on the website!

      (If you haven’t seen them yet, they have previews for next weeks’ episode on this page too. You’ve really gotta hand it to ABC Family. They sure do “give good website.”) 😉

      And you are totally right about the flashbacks! Aria and Co. ARE the only 15-year old girls on the planet prematurely afraid of aging and wrinkles. Seriously, they sounded about twice their age when they were having that conversation. 15 year olds just don’t talk that way. They WANT to be adults so that they can do all the things they aren’t allowed to do as teenagers . . . like screw 20 somethings . . . oh, wait, most of them already do that on this show. 🙂

      Speaking of which, you were so right on with Jason / Deputy Douchey comparison. D-bag twins, separated at birth, for sure!

      No matter how good Deputy Douchey looks in a towel, he CAN’T have Hanna, because she’s LUCAS’ girl now! (I heart Lucas!) 🙂

      Ooh, you were a Dead Like Me fan too! I LOVED THAT SHOW! It was canceled way before its time IMO!

      Nice observation on the flirtation between Hanna’s mom and Aria’s dad. I’m kind of hoping they don’t run with that storyline though. Yuck. Aria’s dad annoys me so much, I really would prefer not to see him on screen anymore.

      Also good observation on Hanna’s dad and child support. Didn’t you get the impression that he was kind of loaded when we met him on the show. Fancy clothes, new car, fancy restaurant . . . etc. Why ISN’T he paying alimony / child support? He’s probably spending all him money on Kate and his new Stepford Wife. Grrrrrr!

      “While Ali was being a prick she also had time to read a lot of literature, not bad for a girl what was a complete psycho. ” – LOL! Awesome, and SO TRUE!

      Based on the clips online, next week’s episode looks to be a significant improvement over this one. Here’s hoping!

  7. Team Ezra Fitz

    You know what? I am very disappointed with Aria! I mean she may think it is “over” between her and Ezra but overall she  DOES know that he still has feelings for her (for example, Ezra said “the new haircut wasn’t to impress Ms. Welsh”–implying that he changed his hair for her). Thus she knows he still has feelings for her so why would she do something that could potentially hurt him? Just like she said to Sean, “Hannah loves you and you know it so why would you want to hurt her like that?” Aria needs to be aware of Ezra’s feelings. She is the ONE who decided to pursue this relationship!!! If she was having second thoughts about being with Ezra then she should have stopped the relationship before it got too far. And by too far I mean to the point where they are in love with each other and can’t stand to be away from each other. I understand that Ezra DID leave for a job interview, but Aria didn’t choose to wait or him to come back to explain. I mean she can’t just assume that Ezra left for an interview so he can get another job, move away, and just forget about her! He could have gone to the interview looking for a job in another town so they can have a relationship without the teacher-student issue. And for Aria to just allow Noel to believe that Aria and her boyfriend are through is just immature! Aria should have at least waited for Ezra to come back to sort things out and check up on their feelings for each other, instead of just moving on to Noel and getting his hopes up. She needs to set things straight before someone else gets hurt!
    Thank you, 
    Emma aka an OBSESSED Pretty Little Liar fan

    • Hi Emma! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You make a really good argument.

      One of the things that has been bugging me about this series, is how the writers feel the need to foist new love interests at the main characters nearly every week. The writers then expect fans to simply accept these newbies, and forget that the guys before them existed. This is most evident in the case of Spencer / Wren / Alex. But is also apparent with Aria / Ezra / Noel / Sean?, and Emily / Future Wife Beater Ben / Maya / Creepy Toby.

      (I exclude the Hanna / Sean / Lucas triangle from this, primarily because Sean sucks, and Lucas is awesome. But also because Hanna’s and Lucas’ relationship is moving forward at a believeable pace.)

      This would make sense for a college show, where such pair swapping is natural, but high schoolers tend not to couple and re-couple so quickly. In the writers’ defense, based on the descriptions of the book series on Wiki, each of the Pretty Little Liars has at least 3 love interests through the course of the series. So, in that case, they could just be trying to pay homage to the books. But seeing a different “boyfriend” for the characters every week is kind of jarring. (This isn’t the Bachelorette!)

      In terms of Ezra, it’s very obvious that he and Aria still have very strong feelings for one another. And that Ezra, despite trying to squelch those feelings and push Aria away, hasn’t been able to do it. You are right. The two COULD conceivably make it work, if Ezra took a job at another school. After all, Aria will turn 18 soon enough. And, in a few years, the age gap between the two won’t even raise eyebrows.

      I wouldn’t worry too much though. From the looks of the previews, it appears that Ezra will, in fact, return and confront Aria about their relationship. Personally, I didn’t really see any chemistry between Bushy Eyebrows Noel and Aria, anyway. I kind of got the impression she was just trying to be polite to him. Here’s hoping . . .

      • Team Ezra Fitz

        Thank you for you detailed reply :).
        The main reason why I wrote that comment was because I found a video preview on YouTube that showed Noel playing guitar and Aria singing together in Ezra’s classroom. At the end of the song, they both lean in for a kiss and who walks in out of the pouring rain??? EZRA!!! And he looks devastated! In addition, I found this picture that shows a closeup of Ezra’s face. It is at:
        For one thing, it seems as if Aria and Noel’s relationship is moving too fast! I mean I know that Ezra and Aria just cut to the chase in less than a few minutes of talking. But this is different because Aria is moving ON too fast. Like I mentioned before, Aria should have just waited till Ezra came back to avoid and misconceptions of cheating.
        Thank you.

      • Oh no! 😦 Does that mean Bushy Eyebrows Noel is here to stay? Yuck! Perhaps, when Aria realizes Ezra still loves her, she will dump Bushy like a hot potato . . . Everybody knows Bushy was just “Rebound Guy” anyway. (All fingers crossed.)

        On a lighter note, thanks for the inside scoop, and for the fabulous PLL photo gallery link! That’s definitely going to come in very handy come recapping time . . .

  8. I have been sitting around the house and thinking of ways to get Ezra back. It may take Wren too, like if Aria stayed in his apartment waiting for him to return. And soon as he walks in she could be all angry and say, “Dinner. Is. Ready. You hear that? DINNER IS READY!” In like a angry Peter Griffin way. Or she can get that flower pot and drunk Wren and show up at his doorstep have Wren say this speech that makes no sense at all like “Your breath is like mouthwash on a Sunday morning.” (Wren falls over and falls asleep, Spencer comes in and drags him to her place…) But that’s too graphic for the Christian Network- I mean ABCFamily. But Aria did have a boyfriend in Iceland (I’ve read the books a million times) The one she lost her let’s call it Snooki in this discussion.
    So Aria lost her Snooki in Iceland to a boy with the most stupidst name something like Ricardo or like a really werid name ex: Bjork. “It is a captital K!” I can imagine him with a Spanish accent. Or she’s talking about Ezzie. Which I would have been the annoying friend if I’d met him like “Omigod! This guy is awesome and I can’t tell you who he is!” But wait. How does Aria not get all drunk and end up in a tanning bed with a tattoo that says “Can’t be tamed” in that cheap cursive, then she’s talking to Bigbrow “I did it in that Snooker’s bathroom with Mr.Fitz.” (Throws up) I mean when I got drunk in high school I came home like this×282.jpg but more like this in a way.

    But Aria has more thing to worry about like Buying Eyebrow Tweezers for Christmas.

    Jason Dilaurentis.
    When I read the books I expected him to be all cute and like muscular. But we got Douchey Jr.

    Can I get “RECAST! RECAST!” ?

    All I know is that ABCFamily is gomnna bring Ezzie and Wren back soon or else I will show up at ABCFamily’s little building and have one of these.
    holycrap the pandas got a rail gun and a pan on his head!!

    I miss you Ezzie!

    • Your comment made me LOL so hard I almost peed myself! 🙂 I particularly loved all your illustrations! You look like Punched Snooki and Unmade up K-Stew when you get drunk? Me too! Maybe everybody does . . . Interesting.

      You should SERIOUSLY consider writing a fanfic like the one you just described above. That would be hilarious. Then send me the link, of course ;).

      That’s so funny that you thought Jason D. looked like a young Brendan Fraser! In the first screencap I found of him, I totally thought the same thing! Then I found that pouty, sucked on a lemon, picture of Jason D. that looked more like Ryan Phillippe. So, I used Ryan’s pic in the recap instead. Maybe they are all related somehow? 🙂

      So, I guess you’ve read the PLL books. I have to know, are Wren and Fitzy in the series more than they are in the show? Do either of them end up with their PLLs? Would you recommend I read them, even though I already saw the show? You’re insight would be much appreciated. 🙂

      Thanks again for making me ROFL today. It was definitely much appreciated, on this dreary pre-PLL Tuesday!

  9. I don’t know your email so here’s the link tot he unedited barn scene! It’s a little childish but three glasses of wine do make you childish!

  10. Anastasia

    “When the green packing noodles are the most interesting thing inside your box, you know you’ve made a bad purchase.” XD
    That fountain is weird. Is that standing figure Ali and the others the PLLs?

    In the book Emily’s father is there but plays almost no part, other than to be part of their family. Also Emily has an older sister, who doesn’t seem to exist in the tv series.

    High School English Literary References = Ezra is A? No way, he can’t be A!

    “I didn’t like this episode too much. It’s was kinda boring. No Wren, no Erza (not that I really care about him, but still), no fortune cookies.. Boring.”
    Agreed, minus the Ezra part.

    In the book Wren isn’t such a good character, him and Spencer don’t end up together. And there’s no mention of him ever again.
    Ezra + Aria spend a night together (the only time they “do it” in the book), they get caught together, Ezra moves far far away. Never to be mentioned ever again.

    And Hanna gets dumped over the car thing, or maybe it was a bit before that. Aria goes out with Sean.

    • That fountain was ugly with a capital “U!” That’s why it was so much fun seeing it smashed to death in the final moments of the episode. It serves the girls right for having such terrible taste! 🙂 (Oh, and wait until you see who did it. I found that part pretty darn surprising. And I don’t shock easily . . .)

      Based on some of the plot differences you’ve described from the books, I’m kind of glad the writers opted to make some changes: (1) to Wren’s character (making him less of a tool), to Ezra’s story (so that he could stick around longer), and to Sean’s storyline (so he can be around less – that guy’s kind of a snooze, isn’t he?)

      This is not to say that the television series is better or worse than the book, per se. It’s just that sometimes an actor will put his or her own spin on a book character (i.e. make him or her more or less likeable than he or she was originally supposed to be), and that spin will necessitate certain changes in the story. I also think the writers of the series knew that, at least initially, they only had eight books to work with. So, they had to find a way to keep the story moving, while stretching certain plot points out for a bit longer . . .

      Chatting with you about Season 1 of PLL has been great, Anastasia! Not only is it a lot of fun, it’s also refreshing my memory as to what happened in the first few episodes. This way, when the series returns to the U.S. on January 16th, I’ll be much less “lost” than I would be otherwise. So, thank you so much for that! I really do appreciate it.

  11. Anastasia

    Who smashed it? Was it in this episode? – if it was I missed it! Surprise = it’s Ezra/Wren!

    16th Jan for you. 30th Dec for us probably XD – love internet tv ^^.
    (TV is on episode 4, at 1.30am)

    • It was revealed at the end of the episode after this . . . you caught it, right? It could still end up being a red herring, but, either way, I found the twist to be pretty unexpected. 😉

  12. Anastasia

    Saw the next episode. Is it the girl or boy? O.O

  13. Anastasia

    One of the last. The last ones would be the ones that didn’t even know Ali like Wren or Ezta.

  14. CRAZYLOVE345

    Okay this episode brought in Jason, Ian, and Noel as the new guys and I am all for that, but its hard to like Jason when he is being such a jacka** to the girls, who are trying to remember his wench of a sister and then goes and changes everything that they worked so hard on. Ian (Ryan Meerman….yum) comes in and sort of just stands in the background, why is he there? Did he even know Alison? Weird….Then theres Noel….I have nothing to say because i am thinking some very bad words that i rather not type.
    Emily definately earned some points in the “Most Cliche Moment” in movie history. Really? I see that in RL. all the time. So, I’m with you on that. Pretty boring.
    Spencer could have invited Wren to the memorial, another guy that made out wiith her sister in the kitchen and then snuck into her room to suck on her face at night. Anyway, Spencer raised my suspicions on the “Possible Ali killer” list. Only because she acted really weird in this episode about the thing with Ali not trusting her. Ali didn’t trust Spencer because Spencer is able to figure out mysteries, cause unlike Ali, she actually read the Tom Sawyer book and learned a thing or two.
    Lucas is so adorable in this episode (did her get a haircut. idk his hair just looks shorter) and I am definately waiting for Luanna to make it official.
    Speaking of Hanna, she is in a bit of a financial situation huh? I did not see this coming (its been on Degrassi too and then i think Suite Life. IDK) The popular rich girl becomes the girl who is so deseperate for money she sells her stuff on eBay. Jeez, AbcFamily! Stop copying all the classic stories of boringness!
    Like I said, Noel………can go into a pit and burn while I curse him out. Its not him i’m mad at either! Its Aria! She has these feelings for Ezra and as soon as hes gone, LOOKING FOR A JOB WHERE THEY COULD ACTUALLY FRIGGIN BE TOGETHER W/O THE TEACHER-STUDENT COMPLICATIONS, she turns to Bushy for comfort. I look back on how SHE persisted EZRA (Ezra is the real victim here and hes the one whos gonna get into legal touble for dating his student) and didn’t even try to stop loving him (I seriously wish that Ezra would have said no so then he could be with me, but thats in my own little world so…..) in PUBLIC (to kill a mocking girl, that situation (another time she seduced him in his own classroom) when she put her pinky between his two fingers (i love that scene but it got awkward when Mrs Welsh walked in). Aria at least tried to not see Noel but still, it was a pretty quick rebound for someone who is so in love with Ezra! (Ik i would have said no to Bushy and then just ride away with Ezra into the sunset with his bike and SEXY pasty white legs)
    Not one of the best episodes. more intellectually challenging (i am totally kidding. it was so stupid i want to erase it from my mind all together). No Ezra, No Toby, No Wren. Really? Take all the hot men away and put in the new creeps? (Not including Lucas. Hes too geekily adorable)

    • Yep, Crazy Love, as you probably noticed, this was, unfortunately, probably one of my least favorite PLL episodes. And I’m afraid, as a result, my recap for it was a bit more negative than I would have liked it to be. Believe it or not, when I first wrote this, I got some PLL fan HATE MAIL comments, from readers, who, having only read this post, wrongly assumed that I HATED the show, and was writing this post just to mock it. Can you imagine? ME? A PLL HATER? Perish the thought! (Of course, I deleted them. ;))

      I do think Lucas got a haircut over the hiatus! In fact, in my recap for the mid-season premiere episode, I posted a picture of Lucas pre-hiatus, next to a more recent one to compare the difference. (If he DID get a haircut during that time, it would be pretty hilarious, especially considering the post-hiatus episode was literally supposed to take place just “MOMENTS LATER” than the mid-season finale). But long hair or short, I love my Lucas, and my Lucanna. And knowing now what he did at the end of this episode (I won’t spoil it, for people who haven’t watched the later ones yet), actually makes me LOVE HIM MORE!

      You are right, about the financial situation. Hanna’s story is remarkably similar to Holly J’s on Degrassi. Both were Queen B clothes horses, who, due to no fault of their own, were suddenly forced to learn to make do with less of life’s luxuries. When you think about it, it’s a great way for a writer to humanize a character that might initially have come off as snobby or shallow. Both Hanna and Holly J., went from seeming kind of bitchy and self-absorbed, in early episodes, to being incredibly relatable, in more recent ones. And I actually think that their money problems had a lot to do with that.

      Spencer does act strange in many episodes, now that you mention it! I wonder if what we found out about her in last week’s episode was the reason for her erratic behavior, or if she is hiding even MORE information than we previously thought.

      Poor Ezra! I really got a lot of mileage out of those Thin Pasty Leg jokes early on in the series, didn’t I? 🙂 In his defense, it’s nothing a few hours in the sun, and some squat thrusts couldn’t cure! 😉

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