Please, wipe your feet, before entering the school – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “The Perfect Storm”

Hey, Emily and Lucas!  I want to show you something.  See this?  It’s called WATER!  You can use it to wash your SNEAKERS . . . you know, when they get DIRTY . . . and you have to go somewhere . . . IMPORTANT . . . like, say, an EXAM.

Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars installment didn’t really get us any closer to finding out who “A” was, or who killed Alison.  But it did provide us with motives for two brand new suspects.

Emily and Lucas

Granted, I don’t really think EITHER of these two “did it,” but it does serve to make things a bit more interesting . . . 

Oh, and you know what else?


Yeah, so apparently, Dead Creepy Toby is not so much DEAD, after all.  Then again, I don’t think he “did it” either.  That would be way too easy!  He still scares the crap out of me though . . .

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here . . . So, strap on your muddy sneakers and, let’s backtrack a bit . . .

It’s S.A.T. Time!

When the episode opens, Spencer, Aria, and Hanna are studying for the S.A.Ts, which they will all be taking the next day.  They are also waiting for Emily, who is MIA.  Now, I’m not sure exactly how long its been since the writers of this show took their SAT’s.  But you would think that SOMEONE on the staff would have taken the test recently enough (like, say, sometime within the last 50 years) to know that studying vocab words with flashcards the night before the test isn’t really going to help.  The chances of a word on those cards ACTUALLY being on the test, are about as slim as the chances that Toby is actually “A” on this show . . .

“Hey Emily, do you, by chance, know a synonym for the word ‘psychopath?’

Nonetheless, I do have to thank ABC Family for the little vocab lesson I received tonight.  Before this episode, I didn’t know what “meretricious” meant (It means “deceitful”).  Now I do!  Yay, for educational television!

“Tonight’s episode is brought to you by the letter ‘A.”

So, the girls are studying.  Hanna is trying to convince Aria to get with Senor Bushy Eyebrows.  Spencer is gushing over Alex.  Blah, blah, blah . . . pretty boring stuff.  But then someone wonders out loud where Emily is . . .

“Well, I’m not out buying clean shoes to wear for the test, that’s for sure!”

Elsewhere, Emily dashes into her bedroom and locks the door.  She’s soaking wet and muddy from running in the rain.  She empties out the contents of her bag, and shoves them under her bed.  It’s hard to tell what’s in the bag, but we suspect it’s some pretty random and useless sh*t.

Case in point: THIS photograph.

Relieved that she has gotten away unnoticed, Emily slumps down on the bed, heaving a sigh of relief.  That is until her cell phone vibrates.  Hey, Emily!  You got a new text message!  Golly gee!  I wonder who it’s from?

The taunting text messages have returned! 

THAT was awkward . . .

“On the bright side, Mom, at least I’m not boning my sister’s fiance anymore!”


It’s now the day of the exam.  And the same storm that made Emily so wet the night before (ha ha ha) is still going strong — SO STRONG, in fact, that the exam might actually be canceled!

Oh, please no!  The S.A.T’s can’t be canceled NOW!  Not when I finally know what meretricious means!

Spencer’s mother, who we haven’t seen AT ALL since the series started, but is suddenly Miss Overbearing Mommy of the Year . . .

“Woo hoo!  SAG card here I come!  Wait .  . . what’s my daughter’s name again?”

. . . insists on escorting Spencer to the exam.  Once inside the high school, Mama Hastings immediately proceeds to raise hell to anyone who will listen, about the travesty of justice that will inevitably result, if her precious little daughter, Spencer, has to take a test IN THE RAIN!  (Heaven forbid!) 

Spencer . . . now THAT is a girl who would NEVER EVER be caught wearing dirty shoes to an exam.

“If my shoes were dirty, I wouldn’t be able to read the test answers I wrote on them, which, I conveniently stole from my sister’s laptop.”

As it turns out, Spencer’s new beau Not Wren Alex is also taking the S.A.T.’s at Spencer’s high school.  And her mom, may or may not have caught the couple cleaning eachother’s teeth with their tongues, right in the middle of the school hallway.  “Oh, you’re the [Ball] Boy from the [Country] Club,” says Spencer’s mom, with an expression on her face that looks like she just ate poop.

A face like that is generally not a good sign for you, Blue Ball Boy Alex . . .

Alex seems equally uncomfortable during the meeting, and Spencer, being Spencer, immediately assumes the worst.  “What did my mother say to you?”  Spencer demands.

 “I don’t want to talk about it,” replies Alex, in Typical Guy fashion, before basically blowing Spencer off . . .

Spencer doesn’t have too much time to ponder the meaning behind Alex’s sudden departure, however, because she is soon confronted by another moody man, one who looks a little long in the tooth to be taking his S.A.T’s . . . It’s Deputy Douchey of course!

Unfortunately, he had clothes on this time.

Deputy Douchey proceeds to tell Spencer and Co. what us Pretty Little Liar fans already knew.  “Somebody destroyed Alison’s memorial,” Douchey sneers.

Now, it’s Spencer’s turn to look like she just ate poop.  But Douchey’s not really interested in torturing Spencer today.  He has his sites on another Pretty Little Liar . . .

No, it’s not Hanna, although we’ve already established that Douchey secretly wants to get in HER pants . . .


Douchey wants to know if Emily has seen Creepy Toby lately, who, as I mentioned, is not so much, dead, anymore.  Douchey suspects that Toby killed the memorial (and Ali?).  He also wonders out loud why Emily’s shoes look like someone took a giant dump on them. 

(Seriously?  WTF?  We all know Emily got home early enough the night before to wash her shoes, or AT LEAST change into another pair, before heading off to the exam.  Are we REALLY supposed to believe that the girl took the time to get dressed in a new outfit . . . and then put on those same nasty shoes . . . without bothering to so much as pat them with a sponge or paper towel?)

Fortunately for Emily, Spencer’s mother swoops in to halt the interrogation . . .

‘”I’m sorry, I thought you were my daughter . . . never mind.”

 . . . and the girls head together toward the library, to register for the exam.

Oh, yes!  Reading Great Expectations Makes Me SO HOT!

“Now I know why they call him Charles DICK-ens.”

The girls sit down together at the library to “study” some more . . .

If you look closely at this picture, you can tell that all the books they have open are completely blank . . .

It’s not long before Deputy Douchey comes to bug them again.  “Where were you all last night?”  Douchey demands.

“We were all together, studying,” pipes in Dirty Feet Emily, before any of her friends can contradict her.

“Of course, I’m not lying!  What on earth would give you that idea?”

After Deputy Douchey leaves, the girls confront Emily about her little fib.  She gets defensive.  “I’m going to the bathroom, but if you want to come with me, we can all try to squeeze into the same stall together!”  Emily quips.

“I’m serious.  I’d really like to see you girls in my bathroom stall.”

(Speaking of lesbians, was it just me, or was Emily WAY more interesting in this episode, without Snoozy Maya to bring her down?  Just saying . . .)

As soon as Emily leaves, Spencer gets a text from the suddenly way more prolific A.  “It seems like you girls lost Emily.  Who’s next?”  It says, more or less . . .

Emily gets a text from “A” too, hers makes reference to the Charles Dickens’ novel “Great Expectations,” which apparently the girls had read in English class the previous year . . .

First To Kill a Mockingbird, then Catcher in the Rye, then the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, now Great Expectations . . . We get it, ABC Family!   You want us to read the classics.  You can stop shoving old books down our throats, now . . .

Emily quickly finds the book in question, and pulls it from the shelf.  A few passages are highlighted, but we can’t really see what they are.  A letter falls out of the book addressed to Alison from Emily, herself.  Initially, I thought it was a “Love Letter,” but it actually ended up being a “You made out with me, and then rejected my ass.  I hate your guts, you Big Fat Turd” Letter.

Instantly, we flash back to a year earlier.  Emily and the surprisingly well-read Ali are in the library on the floor.  Ali waxes poetic about how beautiful and romantic Great Expectations was (Clearly, she and I didn’t read the same book.)  Then, Emily tells Ali about her dream that Blind Jenna got her sight back and was miraculously able to use a mirror to put on lipstick!

Look!  It’s a DREAM COME TRUE!

Ali then reads Emily some random passage from Great Expectations.  The reading gets them both so hot and bothered, that they start necking.

On to Flashback 2 . . . Now Emily and Ali are in a gym locker room.  Ali babbles on for a bit about how she would love to go to Paris so that she can eat croissants and shop, even though she could probably do both of those things at the mall down the street.  “Do you know any French families looking to house a nice girl from Pennsylvania?”  Ali asks Emily.

“Sure I do, but then who would YOU stay with?”  Emily replies, or at least that’s how she WOULD reply, if she had any backbone at all . . . which she doesn’t.

The picture Ali used in her application to become an exchange student in Paris.

Did I mention that Ali delivered this entire speech COMPLETELY naked?

(It might interest you to know that, unlike the other actresses on this show, most of whom are in their early 20s, Sasha Pieterse, the actress who plays Ali, is just 14-years old.  Skating on some thin ice there, ABC Fam!)

To further slut things up, Ali asks Emily to help her put her bra on, because she can’t do it herself.  (She must have really short arms.)  Emily complies, taking the request as an invitation to start kissing Ali on her lady parts.  “What are you doing?”  Ali seethes.  “I like boys on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I’m a total lezzie!  The only reason I would kiss you would be to practice for the real thing.  Take me home, b&tch!  You’re my ride!”  She says to Emily, more or less.

Hence the . . . “You made out with me, and then rejected my ass.  I hate your guts, you Big Fat Turd” Letter.

Emily gets so caught up pondering her Relationship Baggage, that she fails to notice that someone  has swooped in and taken her ACTUAL baggage.  Oh, did I forget to mention, that Emily was SO determined that people not find the Bad Stuff she took home in her bag the night before, that she  BROUGHT IT ALL TO SCHOOL WITH HER?

So, of course, who stole finds the bag, but THIS GUY . . .

Yes, I have CLOTHED pictures of him.  NO, I DON’T feel like using them . . .

Emily might as well have wrapped her guilt in a bow and handed it to Deputy D-bag (which is why we all know she is innocent, by the way – Emily is clearly not smart enough to be “A.”).  In addition to her muddy sneakers, Douchey presents to her: (1) pieces of the destroyed memorial, found in her bag; (2) the “You made out with me, and then rejected my ass.  I hate your guts, you Big Fat Turd” Letter; and (3) pictures of her sitting at the destroyed memorial around the time the crime purportedly occurred.

A tearful Emily explains to Deputy Douchey and the rest of the Pretty Little Liars that she came to the memorial to apologize to Ali for writing the above-referenced letter, and found the memorial already destroyed.  She took its pieces because they were the only ones still left in tact.  She also FINALLY comes out of the closet to her friends (aside from Hanna, who already knew about it).

But, just when it seems like Douchey may have enough evidence to build a case against Emily for Ali’s murder and/or the destruction of her memorial, who steps in to save the day YET AGAIN, but Spencer’s mom!

“Wait!  Are you sure this isn’t my kid?  Darn!”

Ball Boy Gets Lucky . . . Though Not in the Way Some of You Would Have Hoped . . .

Spencer’s Mom informs Douchey, in no uncertain terms, that he has crossed the line, by attempting to interrogate the Pretty Little Liars (all minors, by the way, without an adult present).  Impressed by her mom’s unusually helpful behavior, Spencer finally confronts her, and asks her what her deal is with Alex.

“I f&cked him.  He supported me during a difficult time,” she explains. 

As it turns out, Spencer’s mom had a lumpectomy, and dealt with it by (1) not telling her family about it; and (2) getting completely wasted at the Country Club.  Alex discretely kept her from suffering alcohol poisoning, and kept his word not to tell anyone about what happened.  In return for his good deeds, Alex is rewarded by getting Spencer’s mother’s blessing to date Spencer.  Spencer is so proud of her new boy toy she practically nails him right in the middle of the school hallway . . .

Part of me was kind of hoping they would start salsa dancing again.  They didn’t.

“If it were ME, I totally would have salsa danced with Spencer at school.  I’m just a spontaneous kind of guy!”

We know, Wren!  Oh boy, do we know!

Like Daughter, Like Mother . . .

“Turns out .  . . EVERYONE wants a piece of the white pasty stick legs!”

Still bummed out over her parent’s separation, and Fitzy’s disappearance, Aria . . .

 . . . tries to cheer herself up by taking part in an impromptu jam session with the guitar slinging (Did he take that thing to the S.A.T’s with him?  Seriously?) Bushy Eyebrows Noel.  He plays.  She sings.  (Some chaperones these kids have that NO ONE with any authority has any idea they are doing this!) 

Once Noel was finished playing, his eyebrows provided an encore performance.

 Like Emily and Ali, and their SUPER SEXY Great Expectations read along, Aria and Bushy Eyebrow Noel get swept up in their karaoke moment, and are about to kiss, when who magically appears?  THIS GUY!

But just when you think the clearly jealous Fitzy is going to fight for the woman he loves . . . he doesn’t.  El Wimpo merely reverts back to his same broken record mantra, of “You’re too young.  This will never work,” all the while, repeatedly telling Aria how much he still loves her.  (Talk about mixed messages!)

At the end of the episode, Aria reluctantly agrees both to go out on a “real date” with Bushy Eyebrows, and try to reconcile things with her mother, who she hasn’t been speaking with since her parents separated two weeks ago . . .

Speaking of Aria’s mother . . .

 . . . girlfriend was putting the moves on her daughter’s boyfriend Fitzy, pretty hard core this week, wasn’t she? 

Granted, she doesn’t KNOW it’s her boyfriend, yet, but still.  “If we were in a plane [in this storm], I’d totally be in your lap right now,” Aria’s Mommy explains seductively, while her and Fitzy search for food, during their tenure chaperoning the S.A.T. That Wasn’t.

“Is that an invitation?”

Aria’s mom also plies Fitzy for information about Aria — information that he doesn’t know, because he has been being a Total D-Bag, and ignoring her for weeks.  Nevertheless, I’m really glad that, ultimately, nothing happened between Fitzy and Mommy Montgomery, because that would just be too weird!

Since when did “faxing” become a euphemism for sex?

You know what else would be weird?  A relationship between Aria’s dad . . .

Note: For purposes of this blog post, please pretend Hilary Swank is not in this picture . . .

 . . . and Hanna’s mom!

It all started (like any good porno would) with a blackout, and Aria’s dad coming to Hanna’s mom’s house to “fax something.”  (Ahem.)  The two flirt in the dark over candles and some wine.  They gripe about loneliness, and the trials and tribulations of “single parenthood.”  They make a date to meet up for dinner that weekend.  And then the lights go on . . .  and nothing happens  . . . thank goodness!  Because these two as a couple?  NOT cute!

And, finally, in Fabulous Hanna and Adorable Lucas News . . .

Lucas continues to sell Hanna’s stuff on EBay all through faux-exam day, eagerly tapping her on the shoulder to spread the good news, whenever one of her items is sold.  The two even have a bit of fun at the expense of Hanna’s RIDICULOUSLY AWFUL “friend” Mona, who, unknowingly BOUGHT one of Hanna’s bags.

Evil Mona sloughs it off.  “I meant to do that,” she explains.

But you can tell she’s defensive about the whole thing, seeing as she immediately remarks snidely on Hanna’s sensitive financial situation (“So, what, you’re poor now?”   She asks.) , as well as her newfound friendship with Lucas.  Evil Mona even goes as far as to tell Lucas to grow something that rhymes with WEENIS!

You don’t hear THAT on ABC Family every day!  Awesome Hanna sticks up for Adorable Lucas against Evil Mona, and Lucas is thrilled.  After the S.A.T’s are canceled and the storm has lifted, so that the students can finally leave the school, Lucas thanks Hanna profusely for her kindness.  “There’s nothing to thank.  We’re friends’ right, Geek?”  She remarks lovingly, before heading out of the school.

The normally unflappable Lucas’s face falls a bit, at the mention of the dreaded “f” word . . .  not that he wasn’t expecting it.  He calls after Hanna, we think, to come clean about his obvious romantic feelings toward her.  However, he ultimately loses his nerve. 

But WAS that what he wanted to say to Hanna, or did he have something else to confess?

In the last shot of the episode, we scroll downward to Lucas’ feet, which, like Emily’s, look like someone took a dump on them, even though he’s been at school FOR HOURS with nothing to do but wash the darn things . . .


Could ADORABLE LUCAS have destroyed Ali’s memorial?  After all, he DID admit to hating Ali for teasing him mercilessly, throughout her short life. But did Lucas hate Ali enough to KILL HER?  Could HE be the mysterious “A?”

I guess we will have to tune in to next week’s Season Finale to find out . . .








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  1. Fitzy. I wouldn’t just be in his lap but first, WHAT’S UP WITH THE HAIR?
    Okay I get it he’s aa geek but a cute one kinda like Will from the west wing(when he tries to all poltical!)
    But anyways when I was watching Noel I was yelling at the TV. Not so much fun for my friends “Stephanie he can’t here you!” was all I heard but I was expecting Ezra to get all shirtless and save the day. But no. It was like this.

    Emily was exciting but I was still crying over Ezra and that bathroom joke made me come up with what it would look like. “Spence, move a little to the right you’re squishing my butox.” “Oh! Sorry!” “Aria why is Mr.Fitz in here?” “Can some one make room for Toby?” “Get Deputy Douchey out!” “Hey I heard that!” “Oh Hey Ali.” “Can somebody leave, Sean’s having a gay attack.” “My but itches!” “Can somebody make room for BjorK too?!””I smell Donuts!” “That’s me.”

    Your reviews are the best.Maybe next time Noel will get his eyebrows waxed and his hair falls out.

    (I really really hope so.)

    • LOL. Regarding Fitzy’s ever-changing hair . . . I really hate to say this but *hides from thrown objects*, doesn’t it sometimes seem like the actor who plays him is . . . trying to cover up a bald spot with his “new ‘do”? I know he’s technically still kind of young for that sort of thing. But there have been some definite comb-over similarities in Fitzy’s style of late.

      (Perhaps he can cover that bald patch with Noel’s eyebrows – Lord knows THAT boy has hair to spare!)

      It’s funny that you mentioned West Wing. For one thing, sometimes I think Fitzy looks a bit like a younger version of Rob Lowe, back when he was on that show. Interesting that Will was your geek crush on there. 🙂 Mine was Josh! Josh and Donna ALL THE WAY! They were adorable together, IMO.

      Come to think of it, we haven’t seen Fitzy shirtless yet. This week, he had a perfect excuse to “take it all off,” after having his clothes soaked through from that rain storm. Missed a great opportunity there, PLL writers!

      LOL re: your PLL Potty Time scene! Again, you should definitely post these on They will LOVE them, over there! I am sure of it! 🙂

      Haha, yes, I’m convinced all of Noel’s power lies in his eyebrows. He’s like a superhero in that way: Super Bushy! Lose the brows, lose the girl . . . It’s only a matter of time.

      Thanks for your kind words, and the kick ass YouTube vids. It’s always fun to PLL chat with you, Stephanie! See you next week for the Season Finale! 🙂

    • Mwahahahaa

      For the whole bathroom scene, your ideas were great! I legit laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. However, I would’ve changed one thing. After the Toby comment, it should be “uh, no thanks, I’m more of a blind chicks guy.” I don’t know if it’s that good but I found it funny. xD

      • “uh, no thanks, I’m more of a blind chicks guy.”

        That’s awesome! This “deleted scene” just keeps getting better and better. Look at all the fabulous opportunities for comedy PLL is missing out on!

        Love your screenname by the way, Mwahahahaa! Thanks for stopping by!

        (See Person, your “fanfics” already have fans! :))

  2. A.....nonymous xD

    ZOMGH You forgot the cane of destruction in the potty time scene! And there should be Lucas, too! “Hey Lucas, come join the party!” “Uh, I’m claustraphobic..” “No, he’s a hermaphrodite.” “Shut up Mona!” “Yeah really, that was my joke!” “You aren’t making it any better, Ali.”

  3. If you read the whole entire thing Lucas is in it too, just go to my blog @

  4. Carol

    Late, but at least I’m here. I couldn’t see the episode this week and had to download it.

    Sounds like Spencer and Alex are getting serious. Wren, where are you?!
    “If my shoes were dirty, I wouldn’t be able to read the test answers I wrote on them, which, I conveniently stole from my sister’s laptop.”
    Laughed so hard at this.

    “I’m serious. I’d really like to see you girls in my bathroom stall.”
    (Speaking of lesbians, was it just me, or was Emily WAY more interesting in this episode, without Snoozy Maya to bring her down? Just saying . . .)
    And this. Seriously. Maya just brings her down, she’s old. I didn’t even feel the need to skip her part of the episode, and that IS something.

    About Alison’s actress being just 14, I was saying that to myself while I watched the scene. A bit shocking, for ABC Family even more.

    Finally Spencer’s mom does something worth her screen time. But I would have liked to see Hanna beating Deputy Douchey. No, not really.

    “If it were ME, I totally would have salsa danced with Spencer at school. I’m just a spontaneous kind of guy!” And he would have brought her a vase of flowers from the school’s garden. I’m just sayin’

    “If we were in a plane [in this storm], I’d totally be in your lap right now,” The mental image of this scene is just.. wrong. Very wrong

    Evil Mona should just die (har har, get it? Okay, I’m stupid)

    Lucas & Hanna interaction = Win

    Overall, this episode was good. I did not swear at my computer while watching it, must mean something.

    See ya next week

    • Thanks for stopping by, Carol! I’m always happy to see your smart and funny comments in my inbox. By the way, just out of curiosity, where do you download the PLL episodes from, when you’ve missed them?

      I tend to stream them from I like the site, because it doesn’t require you to download anything, will not spam or spyware you to death, and the episodes are always available the day after they air. I also like reading the fun episode reviews people leave at the bottom of the page. 🙂 I’m pretty sure ABC Family streams the episodes too, but I think they take a bit longer to put them up than Hulu does.

      The writers HAVE to bring Wren back! They just HAVE TO! It doesn’t make sense plotwise to leave his story dangling like that.

      OK. So, here’s my prediction: When PLL comes back from hiatus, there will be a scene where Spencer and Alex are on a date somewhere, and run into Wren. The chemistry between Spencer and Wren is palpable, and Alex notices it. He questions Spencer about it, but she initially denies it.

      Later, she comes clean to him about the whole Wren story. She says she didn’t want to tell him, because she thought she would think less of her, if he knew. He DOES think less of her (because let’s face it, he’s very judgy), but blames Wren more for taking advantage. Spencer gets a bit defensive about this (“I make my own choices” etc.) Alex wonders if there is still something going on between them, Spencer insists there isn’t, but things get a bit chilly between Alex and Spencer, as a result of this altercation. That night, Wren breaks into Spencer’s house again, and . . . 😉

      Let the Love Triangle begin! 🙂

      Glad you agree with me about Emily. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for equality and showing different viewpoints and what not, but Maya has to go! Either bring in another guy for Emily, and let her decide she’s “bi,” or bring in a more fun lesbian. Either way, they have to DO SOMETHING! At first, I thought it was the actress who plays Emily causing the lameness, but she was great this week. They just haven’t found a good romantic match for her yet . . .

      The Alison scene WAS shocking, given the actress’ age! Granted, I’m sure ABC Family did their legal homework before shooting this, and everything was above board. But technically speaking, a 21-year old girl (I think that’s the age of the girl who plays Emily) fondling a naked 14-year old girl on television runs a foul of ALL SORTS of laws. And if the show goes where the book went, sexual activity will be implied between the actress who plays Ali and an even OLDER actor, soon enough . . .

      LOL re: Hanna beating Deputy Douchey – excellent visual image there.

      YES! Wren would ABSOLUTELY have given Spencer flowers! 🙂 He might even put one in his mouth, while he and Spencer tangoed in the library. Adorable!

      Yep, it seemed strange and out of character for Aria’s mom, just days after finding out her husband was cheating on her with a younger woman, to be so openly flirty with, Fitzy, her daughter’s TEACHER, and a guy who’s supposed to be about the same age as her husband’s mistress. (24ish?) Plus, there’s a WAY bigger age difference between Aria’s mom and Fitzy, than there is between Aria and Fitzy. Just sayin ;).

      LOL re: your Mona comment. I think a death scene would give Evil Mona too much screen time though. She is SO ANNOYING! Personally, I’m hoping the writers stray from the book (I heard they might), and let this lame character just fade into oblivion, without explanation. (Kind of like what they’re doing with Wren only, THIS TIME, the decision will be a good one!).

      YAY Lucas and Hanna! These two could have their own spinoff, as far as I’m concerned. I would TOTALLY watch! 🙂

      I thought this week’s episode was pretty good too . . . but I bet next week’s will be a lot better. 😉 See you then!

      See ya next week

  5. Carol

    I download them from The episodes have portuguese subtitles, so it may not be a good place to download, but.

    I LOVED THE LOVE TRIANGLE SITUATION! (“loved the love”, lame) This should totally happen! Like, right now!

    The actress that they cast for Alison is way too young. Seriously, is weird seeing a scene with her and knowing that everyone but her is 20+

    Lucas and Hanna’s spinoff! I approve!

  6. snottlebie

    I liked this episode a whole lot better than last week’s snoozer. The flashbacks actually had somewhat of a meaning behind them.

    Speaking of the flashbacks, how much more of a biotch can Alison be? It’s one thing to …well, just mock everyone in your sight, but it’s another to string someone along like that and then rip them apart. I mean, hello! You flirt like mad with someone who’s struggling with their sexuality (“Fasten my bra? Really, Alison? You like boys?) and then flip the hell out about it. Tsk tsk. For a moment, I (for some reason, mostly due to my stupidity) thought the love/hate letter was from Alison to Emily and I was like “Whoa. Well, that was unexpected, but I like the new character development and I can almost feel sympathy for….oh wait – wait. No. Ali’s still a biotch.”

    Also – Need more Hanna. Specifically, more Hanna and Lucas and less KenDoll Sean and GossipGirl Wannabe Mona. And Lucas is definitely not A. He just hates Alison (as a normal sentient human being should!). If the whole “I destroyed the memorial you helped build” hurts their budding romance I’ll be sad. 😦

    -Spencer’s mom? Awesome. Taking down ol’ Detective Douche. Can we get rid of him and get a new detective…who never wears a shirt and leaves his douche-ness at the door?

    -And…the parents. Just no. How about, less parents and more…Wren? (I caved in to Team Wren. Alex is just boring to me. It’s too, ‘oh she’s rich and he’s poor and wah wah wah.’

    Can’t wait till the finale, you just know they’re going to leave us with a huge cliff-hanger. Plus, the AliBlasts are getting better.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, snottlebie! 🙂

      I agree! This was definitely a better episode than last week’s. And I thought the flashbacks made Emily’s character much more interesting, than she had been up to this point.

      But I had to giggle over the “Great Expectations” passage reading. It’s like the writers think we should like Ali more, and be sadder that she’s gone, just because she’s sort of / kind of smart. F.Y.I. writers, “smart” does not always equal “nice” or “likeable!”

      And I did feel really bad for Emily regarding the locker room flashback. I actually don’t think Ali was gay or bi AT ALL! I think she just enjoyed being able to control people and get them to be attracted to her. Emily was an easy target. Ali KNEW Emily would be turned on by the whole bra fastening thing (especially after the kiss), but she asked anyway. Most sensitive straight girls would NEVER do that to a gay friend, just like we wouldn’t do it to a boy we knew was interested in us, whose romantic feelings we didn’t return.

      It’s funny. I initially thought the letter was from Ali too. It would have made Ali a more sympathetic character if we found out she HAD feelings for Emily, but was ashamed of them. Now she just looks like a mean vindictive tease . . .

      I think we are going to get a lot more of Lucas and Hanna in the upcoming episodes. Ashley Benson’s recent interview (posted elsewhere in the comments) seems to confirm this. Like you, I worried that Hanna’s and Lucas’s relationship would be ruined either by her thinking Lucas was A; or being insulted that he wrecked the memorial. Now, I think that if one of the aforementioned things does come between them, it will ultimately bring them closer together. (I don’t know about you, but I love “fight scenes” between two characters with the hots for one another, that end in a sexy kiss! All fingers crossed.)

      I’m kind of hoping Spencer’s mom will be true to her word and have Douchey fired FOR GOOD. Unemployed, he will be forced to wonder the streets silently, wearing nothing but a towel . . . 😉

      YAY! Welcome aboard the Team Wren ship! Here’s hoping we don’t get sunk by Team Alex, and his “wrong side of the tracks” judginess. Less talky, more drinky, and flowers bringy! 🙂

      The Aliblasts ARE getting better! With the exception of the “Great Expectations” one, each one in this episode was legitimately creepy!

      See you next week for the “season” finale. Can’t wait to see what the big cliffhanger will be! (Is it selfish to hope Wren will somehow be involved?) 🙂

  7. Team Ezra Fitz

    Holy crap! I get it! I FINALLY get it!!! Ok let me explain.
    In the PLL 30 sec. preview there is a part where Hanna is looking through binoculars. Then you see Aria and Ezra in a car kissing. And didn’t A– say to me in that abc insider text that “Secret relationships will be revealed”. And the “She knew too much” was carved into the tree. Hanna then gets hit by a car because SHE KNEW TOO MUCH! And WHAT did she see that she wasn’t suppose to? Ezra and Aria! Don’t you get it? Ezra could be A-!!!!!!!

    • OMG! EZRA AS “A”? That would be TERRRIBLE! But also genuinely shocking and surprising. It’s certainly a possibility, based on what you’ve said. Wonder what his motive would be? Could Ali have slept with Ezra too? She DOES seem pretty slutty in all those flashbacks . . .

      Guess we’ll find out today (hopefully) . . .

  8. Anastasia

    Ezra is back ^^


    Emily definately has shown her true feelings in this episode. I rather she come out now to her friends than lie about it and then just go SUPRISE I’m gay. Alison definately tortured Emily for that and thats another reason why I don’t blame ANYONE for killing that b*tch. She was AWFUL to everybody.
    Lucas may be dorky, but i like that cute, computer geek thing he has going on. I love a guy that isn’t afraid to be a little smart. Now, what Mona is calling him, Hermie or Shim, she needs to do what Hanna said and ask the Oz for the heart she has been lacking for a while now. Did she forget that she used to be like Lucas? It’s terrible the way that people finally get to the top and then torture those who haven’t made it up there yet. Anway, this episode really shows his true feelings towards Hanna
    Alex may not be Wren but he sure is sexy, though Julian Morris has that “older” look. i put older in “” because they aren’t old they are just mature than the dipwads Spencer and the other girls they have in their high school. Spencer and Alex certainly do hit a little bump in the road don’t they? “Yeah, Spence, after your mom had a doctors appointment she went to the club to drink and then spill her guts to me. First impressions kill, huh?” The way that Alex kept the secret was strange but in a good way. Obviously not only the girls can keep the secrets to themselves.
    Speaking of secrets with the boys, Ezra comes back (when he walked through the door of the classroom, i was literally on my feet clapping and yelling “Woooo-hoooo!”) But Aria just so happened to be about to swap spit with Bushy (that joke will never get old) after singing a duet (really, abc family, you can’t get anymore original than that?) when her hot ex-boyfriend walks into the room and BAM! She is hit with her undying love for her not-so-much-English-teacher and he is again sending her mixed signals about the way he feels about her. Then later her mother is flirting with him? Whats with that twist? These Montgomery women must really like the Fitz men . (BTW I wonder if we ever do get to see the brother of Ezra mentioned in episode 4 of the first half the season)
    Well good job with the recap and again, go into some kind of comedy or something.

    • Awww, thanks CrazyLove! This was a fun little episode. (Who knew taking the SAT’s could be such a crazy good time, right?) I felt terrible for Emily, during this episode, and like you, was furious at Ali for so purporsefully manipulating her. It seemed obvious to me that Ali was always heterosexual, but she flirted with Emily and led her on, just because she knew she had that power over her. Gay or straight, intentionally playing with someone’s heart like that, is one of the worst things you can do to a person. I don’t know if it made her deserve to get killed, but she definitely deserved to be strung up on a flagpole wearing nothing but Mickey Mouse panties, or something embarrassing like that.

      I actually kind of wish Ali stuck around a bit longer, so that Spencer could have made good on her promise to turn Ali into a Social Pariah. For Ali, being unpopular would have been a fate worse than death — the Perfect Revenge.

      I never really took to Alex as Spencer’s new love interest. Granted, the actor had good chemistry with Troian Bellisario. It’s just that the whole relationship seemed so forced, especially in light of the way they just had Wren disappear. I really feel like when Julian Morris left to do another show, the writers went and got a slightly younger lookalike to plays Spencer’s new love interest. That being said, the whole storyline between Alex and Spencer’s mother was unexpected and well done.

      What wasn’t as well done, the Aria / Bushy Eyebrow sing-a-long! Seriously, how cheesy can you get? The more I read your comments on these old episodes, the happier I am that Old Bushy has Left the Building (hopefully to get a good eyebrow wax!).

      And yes, Aria’s mom hits on Fitzy ALL THE TIME! She even sort of did it again, at the dance, a couple of episodes ago. Talk about an INAPPROPRIATE AGE DIFFERENCE! Aria and Ezra may be about 8 years apart, but Aria’s MOM and Ezra are probably at least TWENTY YEARS APART! (I’m assuming she’s in her 40’s?) Hopefully, now that she’s back with Aria’s dad, she’ll stop hitting on her daughter’s men. 😉

      *sigh* Poor Lucas! He broke my heart in this episode. He’s so smitten with Hanna. If only she would come to her senses, and realize that she returns those feelings for him. Hopefully, that will happen soon.

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