Ryan Kwanten: Where are you going? Where have you been (all my life)?

It’s times like these when I wish my laptop screen had a “3D” option . . .

You know him as Jason Stackhouse — Sookie’s dim-witted, but VERY loveable, huggable, kissable and MUCH MORE-able older brother on HBO’s hit series, True Blood.

Truth be told, you probably knew someone like Jason Stackhouse in high school (though, no where NEAR as hot as he is, I imagine).  At first glance, Jason seems like the quintessential “dumb jock” . . .

 . . . a high school football star (Starting Quarterback, to be exact), who has a real way with the ladies . . .

 ALL the ladies (and the MEN too) . . .

But here’s the thing about this “way” he has with the ladies (and men) . . . it gets him into trouble sometimes . . .

OK .  . . A LOT of times.  And the fact that he has a bad temper, certainly doesn’t help matters . . .

Jason is the kind of guy who shoots first, and asks questions later.

And the questions he DOES ask, often leave you as confused as he is  . . .

And that is VERY confused!

Wait . . . why should I tell you all this, when I can SHOW you?

Now, some of the aforementioned traits may seem like negative attributes, but there are  lots of great things about Jason too!  For one thing, he has a childlike sensibility.  Jason is a TRUE believer . . .


. . . in SANTA CLAUS . . .

 . . . and ANGELS !

Plus, he is always a loyal friend and confidant.

Did I mention, he is HIGHLY flexible?

And INSANELY good in bed?

But perhaps the BEST person to explain Jason Stackhouse to you, would be Jason himself . . .

OK.  So, now that we’ve met the character he plays, Jason Stackhouse, we are pretty clear on where Ryan Kwanten IS.  But WHERE HAS HE BEEN?

Well, for starters, Ryan Kwanten was born on November 28, 1976 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  He started acting in the early 90’s, but didn’t really hit his stride, until the latter half of that decade.  Those Aussies among you might remember him as the adorable Vinnie Patterson on the soap opera Home and Away, a role he inhabited from 1997 until 2002.

But, even if you don’t remember Home and Away (because I don’t), you are sure to enjoy this VERY OLD trailer for the program, featuring Ryan Kwanten, himself . . .

(By the way, all you Pretty Little Liars fans out there should check out the “Dani” character at the 10 second mark.  Look familiar to you?  She SHOULD!

It’s Tammin Sursok a.k.a. BLIND JENNA!  Who knew?)

In 2003, Ryan starred in the film Liquid Bridge . . .

 . . . in which he played surfer dude, Nick Callum, who liked to wear his surfboard . . . and often NOTHING ELSE!

Check out the trailer for the film.  It’s practically SURF PORN!

But most of us U.S. fangirls didn’t meet Ryan until 2004, on the television drama Summerland, where he played another surf star, Jay Robertson. 

For your viewing pleasure, I have included a nice little clip of Ryan as “Shirtless Jay” here.  (Feel free to fast forward through all the lame Jesse McCartney stuff in the beginning and middle, because that’s what I did.)

In 2006, Ryan landed a role in the feature film, Flicka.  You know, the one based on the book . . . about the horse . . .

I didn’t see this one either.   But I found a great gag reel fom the film on YouTube.  The best part of the reel, by far, is the the end, which features Ryan doing some ad-libbing.  In the scene, Ryan’s character, Howard McLaughlin, is asked if there is anyone out there more fortunate than he.  He has some creative answers.  Who knew Ryan was such a Faith Hill fan?

There you go!  So, now you not only know where Ryan Kwanten IS, you also know where he has BEEN.  But where is he GOING?

Well, in short, it looks like Ryan is GOING back to the big screen.  Based on these two upcoming trailers, our favorite shirtless funny man will be taking a turn for the angsty and dramatic.  This first trailer is for Home and Away, a film that was made back in 2007, but is STILL pending release (WTF producers?).  In it, Ryan stars alongside The O.C.’s Mischa Barton, as a disillusioned young man, who has seemingly sold his soul to the music industry.  However, during the course of the film, he gets it back, thanks to the impending loss of his father, and the love of a free-spirited woman.  Check it out . . .

Now, normally, when I show a movie trailer like this, I try to precede it with the poster for the film.  But this poster REALLY bugged me.  See if you can figure out why . . .

Would someone PLEASE explain to me what Mischa Barton’s ginormous head is doing dwarfing MY Ryan?  Didn’t I just say this film is about a “disillusioned young MAN?”  So, tell me, which of the people in this poster seem to fit that description?  HINT:  It’s NOT the girl with a noggin that is seemingly the size of EARTH! 

I think I just figured out why this film hasn’t found it’s way into theaters yet.  Two words:  POOR.  MARKETING.

Needless to say, the poster for the next trailer I am going to show you is WAY more MY speed . . .

Now, that’s more like it!

Was it just me, or did that trailer sort of remind you of the film No Country for Old Men?

Only with WAY better hair!

According to IMDB, Ryan also has a number of other film projects in the works.  Most notable among these are: (1) The Knights of Badassdom,  a horror film about LARPers who unwittingly release demons on to the world (Are they SURE this isn’t supposed to be a comedy?); and (2) Griff the Invisible, a romantic comedy in which Kwanten plays . . . a SUPERHERO . . .

 . . . who BETTER NOT actually be INVISIBLE.  Just sayin’ . . . (Talk about a waste of a beautiful specimen!)

So, there you have it.  We now know where, Ryan Kwanten IS, where he’s GOING, and where he’s BEEN.  

Now, as for where Jason Stackhouse is going . . .

Well, I guess we will all just have to wait and see, won’t we? 😉




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12 responses to “Ryan Kwanten: Where are you going? Where have you been (all my life)?

  1. imaginarymen

    This may just be my fav post of yours EVER!

    In fact I’m going to tweet it to Mr. Sexy Ass Shoulders himself ;->>>

    • Awww, thanks Amy! That’s so sweet of you. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post, because I SURE AS HECK enjoyed “researching it.” 🙂

      And I’m blushing a little at the thought of Mr. Kwanten reading this. Assuming he ACTUALLY clicked the link in the tweet, would he be flattered, or just plain frightened? Perhaps, we will never know . . .

  2. Hopefully he’ll be flattered.. 🙂
    Another nice tribute to one of our fav True Blood boys 🙂 Still drooling over some of the pics…

    • Thanks so much, Elisabeth! Trust me, I’ve been drooling over the pictures too. 🙂

      In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret. One of the main reasons I did this blog entry, was to have an excuse to post all of the Ryan Kwanten pictures and videos I have collected over the past few months, in the same place. Easy access! Easy enjoyment! 😉

  3. Carol

    I just died halfway this post.

    My Ryan Kwanten’s folder is grateful. Now I have more than 5 pics of him.

    If he reads this post, I think he’ll be flattered.

    • Well, of course, I am VERY pleased that I was able to add to your Ryan Kwanten folder. It is only fair, seeing as you have definitely fattened up my Ian Somerhalder one. (Hint: Check out the pics at the bottom of my most recent TVD post about Damon and Elena. You might find them VERY familiar . . . ;)).

      But I certainly hope the post didn’t KILL you. How on earth would you be able to watch Ryan “in the flesh” on TB this Sunday, without being alive? (Unless, of course you are a vampire now. In which case, more power to you!) 🙂

      Just kidding! Thanks for your kind words and fun fangirly comments. They are much appreciated, as always!

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  6. WxxETink

    BTW, I didn’t really like the Don’t Fade Away film, and DEFINITELY NOT THE POSTER!!
    And also, about his ”flexibility”, I’m starting yoga NOW!

    • Yes, of course, I understand you, WxxETink. You have fabulous taste in men. 😉

      By the way, have you noticed how this season, on True Blood, whenever Jason Stackhouse gets sexually frustrated he starts doing handstand pushups? 😉 Someone’s been putting his yoga skills to good use, it seems. I don’t think anyone, aside from Ryan, would be able to pull off that particular “character quirk” on screen, and look so good doing it. 🙂

      • WxxETink

        OMG It’s the only reason I like about him wanting not to be with Jessica!!
        As much as I would love it, though, don;t they look GREAT?!
        I mean, the last episode was SOOOOOOOOOO CUT and HOT at the same time!
        😀 😀 😉

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