The Scavenger Hunted – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Finale “Keep Your Friends Close”

“Afraid of driving alone at night?  Not sure what dangers may be in the store for you, just around the corner?  Put an inflatable Creepy Toby in your back seat TODAY, and drive in ‘comfort’ TOMORROW!”

WOAH!  Pretty Little Liars gave us quite the little twisty, turny Season Finale, didn’t they?  And talk about piling on the potential suspects!  At this point, ANYONE can be “A,” can’t they?  Heck, I could be “A!” But I’m not . . . (or am I?). 

In addition to keeping us guessing as to the identity of Ali’s killer, “Keep Your Friends Closer” also provided fans with a whole bunch of information about what (and WHO) Ali was doing, outside Spencer’s farm house, on the night she was murdered.  But no matter how much information we learned, everything seemed to keep leading us back to THIS GUY . . .

 . . . who I will hereinafter refer to as “Pedophile Ian.”  (You’ll understand why, soon enough . . .)

So, without further adieu, LET THE HUNT (and the scavenging) BEGIN!

My Super Schmucky Sweet 16!

When the episode begins, the girls each receive invitations from Mona the A**hole to attend a party, in honor of her being born 16 years prior.  (Perhaps, a Day of Mourning would be more appropriate?)  The girls reluctantly accept the invitiations.  However, (all except Hanna) plan on bailing on the b*tch.  That is, until they get a text message that reads, “Camp Mona is a scavenger hunt, and I’m the prize.  Come find me b*tches! – A” 

GAME ON!  Looks like our girls will be “glamping” after all.  (Whatever the heck that means!)

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall.  Who’s the most annoying castmember of them all?   IT’S ME!”

Later, Mona the A**hole (who had WAY TOO MUCH screentime this week, if you ask me) arrives at Hanna’s house begging for handouts.  Apparently, having a spa party named after her wasn’t enough.  This b*tch wants a fancy dinner too.  Hanna tries to get out of it, because who the heck would want to spend time with this horrible troll she doesn’t have the money to pay for dinner.  But Hanna’s mom, who has overheard the exchange and feels super guilty about all the sacrifices her daughter is making, due to the family’s precarious financial situation, spots Hanna the only $100 bill in her wallet.

“Don’t sweat it, honey!  You can turn tricks to pay me back tomorrow!”

But when Hanna ends up canceling on Mona anyway, due to being stuck in the principal’s office (more on that later), her “Best Friend” turns on her completely, by (1) starting some rumor that Hanna got thin through liposuction; and (2) disinviting Hanna to her lame party.  OH THE HUMANITY!

But I really had my heart set on getting BLOWN (dry . . . in the Blow Room, of course). . .

Now, about that liposuction rumor . . . Mona claims she got a text about it from “A.”  Really?  Because it doesn’t seem like Hanna ever told Mona about “A.”  And if Mona doesn’t know who “A” is, why would she listen to “A” over Hanna?   Unless of course, MONA IS “A?”

“Does this mean we don’t have to go this lame ass party?”  Emily asks, hopefully, upon hearing about Hanna’s and Mona’s “messy breakup.”

But Hanna forces them to go, because she’s tired of “A’s” games, and she wants to “scavenge” her.  Besides, Hanna plans on crashing Camp Mona, so that SHE can hunt for “A” too  . . . 

(Please take Lucas with you, please take Lucas with you, please take . . .)

Hanna DIDN’T take Lucas to the party, nor did she take my OTHER fave Pretty Little Liar man . . .

(Not like she even knows Wren to take HIM, but still!)

 I can’t help but wonder, whether things would have ended up better for her, if she had brought company along  . . .

Move over Deputy Douchey!  You’ve Been Replaced (by the FBI . . .)

“So, I parade around your television screen half-naked, and THIS is the thanks I get!  I’m FIRED?   WTF!”

Once again, the Fabulous Four are called to the Principal’s office together, and once again, their meeting is “All About Ali.”

Apparently, in addition to terrorizing her classmates, reading the classics, and eating cute little puppies for lunch, Dead Ali was also quite the Child Porn Star, in her day! 

Observe Ali’s expert “O” Face!

But Ali’s hottest video, was the one made on the day of her death (which I guess makes it Snuff Porn?).  The video was sent to the Rosewood Police Department by an “Anonymous” party, the day before.  And it was the receipt of this video that forced the local rent-a-cops to come to the conclusion that they were out of their league, and that bigger guns were needed.  In the video, Ali is stripping out of a hideous green button-down sweater, and “making love” to the camera.  “I know you wanna kiss me,” she says seductively to her audience. 

Honestly, after seeing some of the places that mouth has been?  No, not really . . .

The girls confirm that the yellow dress Ali is wearing in the video is the one she wore on the night of her disappearance.  But the origins of that hideous green sweater remain a mystery.  Emily also notes that the place where the video was filmed has been creatively named “Kissing Rock.”  In return for this information, the FBI let the girls in on the fact that the still MIA Creepy Toby remains their primary murder suspect.

Later, a news broadcast on television informs the girls that a warrant has been issued for Creepy Toby’s arrest.  Apparently, the jacket Ali was wearing in her Child Porn Flick was Toby’s and the blood on it matched his blood. 

What?   Does this mean Ali and Toby “Sister F*&ker” Cavanaugh were SECRET LOVERS? 

How is that even possible?  Well . . . I KNOW how it’s possible . . . but . . . you get my drift.

Pedo Ian Rides (Everyone) Again . . .

“Why do I get the feeling, I’ve been here before?”

Remember early in this season, when Spencer met her sister’s fabulous then-fiance, Wren, and the two hit it off like perfect soulmates . . .

 . . . and started going at it like horny bunny rabbits?

(Well, I’m glad YOU do, because the writers of Pretty Little Liars certainly don’t seem to!)

But I digress .  . .  apparently, this wasn’t the FIRST time, Spencer swapped spit one of her sister’s men. 

From a flashback scene, we learn that Melissa’s then-boyfriend, Ian, used to help Spencer with her “hockey swing” (insert sexual euphemism here), and sometimes ended up helping her with her TONGUE- SWING . . .

The costume and lighting designers did a very nice job making Troian look younger in this scene.  Certainly closer to the 14 or 15 she was supposed to be in the flashback, than she is in real life.  But that only made her tryst with the 20-something Ian character more disturbing.

Hence, the nickname, Pedophile Ian.  (And don’t even get me started on his later romantic scenes with the ACTUAL 14-year old who plays, Ali, Sasha Pieterse . . .)

But if anything GOOD came from Pedo Ian’s unceremonious return to Rosewood, it was that it allowed Spencer to FINALLY attain forgiveness from her sister, Melissa, for singlehandedly ruining the latter’s upcoming nuptials . . .

Spencer even convinced Melissa to give Pedo Ian another chance, even though he had dumped her all those years prior.   (Then again, considering what happened at the end of this episode, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.  But hey, if anyone can protect themselves from violent nutjobs, it’s Crazy Nanny Carrie from One Tree Hill!

Pedo Ian, consider yourself WARNED!

It’s EASY!  Like taking MONEY from Little Old Ladies!

There’s a special place in Hell reserved for people who bilk Grandmas out of their live savings.  And, from the looks of it Hanna’s mom is going there for sure!  It all started when Hanna’s mom, Ashley, started falling behind on her bills, as  a result of a difficult economy.  Cutbacks were made in Ashley’s life, and in the life of her daughter.  Fun Time in the Marin house was over.  No more caviar in the fridge . . .

  . . . no more douching . . .

or Deputy Douchey-ing . . .

No more inviting male prostitutes over for some “Afternoon Delight” . . .

In short, no more fun.  Unfortunately, for Hanna’s mom, all that cutting back may have come too little to late, because she had become delinquent on her mortgage payments, and her house was about to be foreclosed upon.

But don’t you count out Ashley just yet!  After all, she gave birth to Hanna, the best shoplifter in ALL of Rosewood!

Well .  . . except for that one time, when she got caught . . .

But, let me tell you, solid shoplifting genes like that?  They DON’T just appear out of nowhere.  Those are a BIRTHRIGHT!

For those of you who were always left wondering where exactly it was that Hanna’s mom worked, we finally got that answer in tonight’s episode.  She works at a bank.  A bank where little old ladies, who have NO relatives, receive gobs of money from other dead little old ladies, and leave hundreds of thousands of dollars of cold hard cash in a safety deposit box (Perish the thought of putting it in an ACTUAL savings account!), which they only visit once a year, after which, they conveniently forget to take back the deposit box keys.

So, of course, with “no other options,” Hanna’s mom absconds with the cash.  And she must work in a really bad neighborhood too!  Because, as she is driving away, this told wackjob creeper asks her for a ride.  Ashley firmly declines and guns it out of there like a Bat out of Hell.  I mean, look at the guy . . . wouldn’t you?

F*cking a Stranger in the Bar Bathroom may earn you an STD, but it also makes for a fabulous POEM!

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

I have Genital Warts,

and, now, SO DO YOU!

Poor Aria!  Everytime she tries to get out from between Fitzy’s legs and begins to move on with her life, he pulls her back in.

“It’s my white, pasty stick legs!  They’re utterly irresisitible.”

Early in the episode, Aria is standing by her locker, trying to plan a first date with her new sort-of beau, Bushy Eyebrows Noel . . .

Bushy’s brilliant idea?  Stay at home and watch movies on TV.  Seriously Romeo?  For a FIRST date?  How old exactly do you think Aria is, 85?  Just because she DATES geriatrics, doesn’t mean she IS one!  As the two continue on their BORING conversation, a book conveniently falls out of Aria’s locker.  And, lo and behold, there is a note from “A” attached to it . . .

“Someone named A wants you to read page 22,” offers Noel, excitedly.  “You should TOTALLY do it.  Why not?  Be SPONTANEOUS!”  (Coincidentally, Noel’s idea of spontaneity is wearing black socks, instead of his usual white.)

Aria opens the book, which I presume is a school literary magazine, of some sort, to page 22.  Turns out, there’s a poem on that page .  . .  written by, who else . . . Ezra Fitz.

The poem is called B26, which, if I recall, represents the song playing on the jukebox in the bar where Aria and Fitzy first met, and later screwed, in the bar bathroom.  Ahhh, memories!  Apparently, for Fitzy, those couple of minutes spent with his back up against a dirty mirror, cheap soap running down his pant leg, toilet paper on his shoe, banging the living daylights out of some jailbait, was the single most romantic moment of his ENTIRE LIFE!  This was why he wrote a poem about it, and chose to publish it in the High School Literary Journal so everyone under the age of 18 could enjoy reading about his raunchy sexcapades.

When Aria reads the poem, she is absolutely infuriated by the mixed signals Fitzy has been sending her.  She rushes to his classroom to confront him.

Aria reams Fitzy a new one for claiming not to want anything to do with her, and then drafting this porny love poem about her for the entire student body to read.  Fitzy has very little to say in response.  And when, Aria tells Fitzy, loudly and in no uncertain terms, that she is through with him, who walks in?  THIS GUY . . .

It’s Bushy Eyebrows Noel!  And while Mr. Excitement, didn’t seem at all suspicious as to why “A” was telling Aria to read her English teacher’s poem, he totally seems clued in to the situation now.  And he looks PISSED!  It looks like Aria’s phantom “Boyfriend from Iceland” just got a whole lot closer to home.  To make matters worse, based on the portion of the conversation Noel heard, it totally seemed like Fitzy was making unwelcome advances toward Aria.  Yep, Bushy Eyebrows is TOTALLY going to rat Fitzy out to the PoPo for being a Baby Lover . . .

Creepy Toby:  Here TODAY, Gone to the Slammer, TOMORROW. . .

The FBI may be combing the town in search of Toby Cavanaugh, but apparently, they haven’t been looking in Emily’s car, because THAT’S where he is!  I never quite understood why, in these “sneak into the person’s car and scare them” scenes, the guy or girl always seem to wait in the backseat.  Because if it were me, I would be TOTALLY crouched down on the driver’s side. Then when he got into the car, I would grab his legs, and see how high I could get him to jump.  A total missed opportunity if you ask me.

As it turns out, Creepy Toby is stalking Emily because he wants to tell her HIS side of the story, you know the one he never got to tell her at prom because he was too busy crashing into glass, and she was too busy, falling on her face and being knocked unconscious.

“Good times.”

Emily takes Toby to a small secluded wooded area (REAL SMART, there girl!  Because someone will SURELY hear you, if you scream THERE!).  Toby then explains that Ali misunderstood his relationship with Blind Jenna.  She saw the siblings BONING . . .

 . . . and automatically assumed Blind Jenna was being raped.  But according to Toby, these two are IN LOVE . . . and not a brotherly- sisterly love, either.

And, NO, in case you were wondering, the fact that these two AREN’T related by blood doesn’t help me feel better about this situation AT ALL!

In terms of Alison, Toby explains that he DID meet her in front of Spencer’s barnhouse the night she disappeared, but only to talk to her.  And he gave her his sweater, to warm her up when she was cold.  The last Toby saw Ali, according to him, was when she was getting into the car with “some old dude.”  Despite telling Emily all this, Toby inexplicably would like to speak with her more, and tells her where he will be for next few hours, until he goes out on the lam again.  And it is in this exact spot where the coppers pick him up and arrest him.

Now, as you know, I’ve never exactly been Creepy Toby’s biggest fan, but, based on what we’ve seen in this episode, I think we could all pretty safely assume that HE is neither “A” nor Ali’s killer.  Therefore, you’ve got to feel bad for a guy who may very well have been wrongly accused.  And for that reason, I offer this to YOU, Young Cavanaugh . . .

(Special thanks go out to Amy over at Imaginarymen for providing me with the inspiration for the FABULOUS tee!)

In Other News . . .

Emily’s dad returned home from Iraq, today . . .

But her mother mysteriously received an envelope containing Emily’s “tonguing Maya” photos .  . .

And the look on her face upon reviewing them was none too pleased . . .

“I attended Camp Mona, and all I got were these damn skidmarks on my face!”

“Well, heck.  At least I didn’t have to get BLOWN, like Aria and Emily!”

“Oh stuff it, Half-Dead Hanna!  You WISH your hair was big enough to warrant its own zip code!”

Over at Mona’s self-indulgent bore of a birthday party (16-years old and no boys allowed?   SERIOUSLY?)  . . .

I’m thinking that the girl-to-guy ratio at this party might be a bit more Emily’s speed, than Aria and Slightly Slutty Spencer’s

 . . . Spencer, Aria and Emily, begin receiving clues from “A” for their “scavenger hunt”.  Their first hunch leads them to where they found Ali’s bracelet a few episodes back.

A’s not there.  But a “Jenna” necklace is.  (OK, so what’s the deal here?   Does EVERYBODY get an ugly fabric bracelet with their name on it?  Do I get one?   Seriously, it’s like Ali bought stock in the Ugly Bracelet Company before she died . . .)

Next to the ugly “Jenna” bracelet is a note from “A” informing the girls that they are in the wrong place.  (Well, DUH, A’s not here, so it HAS to be the wrong place!)  Spencer, however, who is clearly a bit wiser than I am, recognizes the double-meaning inherent in the world “Wrong.”  She ultimately determines that “A” is hiding in a place called “Wright’s Playground.” There, Spencer finds a heart etched into a tree saying “Alison loves Ian.” 

Meanwhile, Aria gets a text from Fitzy, in which he says he needs to see her.  He conveniently parks somewhere near Wright’s Playground (hmmmmm . . .  interesting).  Once Aria gets in the car, Fitzy tells her that he always loved her, and was looking for a job elsewhere so that he and she could be TOGETHER without fear of repercussion, NOT to run away from her, as Aria had initially suspected. 

However, when Fitzy caught Aria flirting with Bushy Eyebrows, he thought the high school GUY might be more appropriate for a high school girl.  Aria chastizes Fitzy for not recognizing the strength of her feelings for him.  Then the two engage in an encore of their infamous “Car Makeout Scene” from a few episodes back.

In a truly creepy scene, we see a ghostly figure looming over the back of the car, as Aria and Fitzy go at it, oblivious to the SCARY THING behind them.  Fortunately, that “thing” is not out to kill them, it is just out to leave a cute little love note on Fitzy’s car.   “I SEE YOU,” the oh, so, mature “A” writes on the back of the car, using the condensation from the window as her (or his) canvas.  Though genuinely frightening, the whole thing was also a bit cliche, and reminded me a bit too much of that very special scene from the film I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, where the killer took the same tired approach to scare its victims, as “A” did . . .

By this time, Hanna has successfully crashed the party . . .

She quickly locates Wright’s Playground, and hangs out nearby, waiting for something to happen.   Something DOES!  Hanna takes out her binoculars, and spies Aria and Fitzy making out inside the car.  Then she sees SOMETHING ELSE, and that SOMETHING ELSE may be the key in figuring out who A is.  It IS definitely the key for Hanna, who immediately texts Spencer that she knows “who A is.”  But, as Hanna is walking toward the girls, to spread the news, she is HIT BY A CAR, AND KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS!  She even stops BREATHING!

And where was Fitzy when all this was going down, you ask?

Who knows?  Perhaps, he was writing poetry about girls who get hit by cars, and the boys who love them .  . .

Sigh!  Poor Lucas!

The rest of the Pretty Little Liars instantly gather around Hanna, screaming, crying, and calling for an ambulance.  It was admittedly a highly emotional scene.  I was very moved.

As the credits roll, we are treated to the final portion of Ali’s Child Porn Star video, the portion which its author had apparently excised from the  copy he or she had sent it to the FBI.  At the end of the video, Ali turns the camera around to face her boyfriend who is doing the videotaping, and that boyfriend is THIS GUY . . .

And, here, you thought I was kidding about the whole “pedophile” thing .  . . 😉



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44 responses to “The Scavenger Hunted – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Finale “Keep Your Friends Close”

  1. Secret

    Ok I have a few things on my mind right now definitly the first would be Jenna and toby OMG anyone agree? This is freaky beyond freaking so when they were doin it the reason wasn’t because Toby was horny and no one else wanted him it was because they were in love oh shit

    I dont get it hannas mom has gone complety desparate it was so funny when she just drove away from him lol hilarious

    aria and mr.fitz are so stupid it’s funny on off on off I swear there relationship is a freaking light switch

    ha A is a bitch as Hanna kindly said when Mona left her ass to rot.emily mom finally knows I’m surprised she didn’t take her phone and stalk her every move like she so sweetly did in episode 7

    Ali Ali Ali how dare she tell Spencer she was nasty for kissing Ian ha u like two tomes more nasty and wren is better then Ian he didn’t kiss Spencer than dumped Mellissa to go see Alison and totally leave Spencer he simply swapped spit with Spencer and got caught see it would have been fine If he hadn’t got caught next time step two inches away from the mirror please k thnx

    Hanna oh god Hanna bitch shoulda ran just saying lol A probably was like oh crap she found me out now I gotta kill her sigh that’s scary though A took it to a whole nother level

    Last but not least BYE BYE DEPUTY DOUCHE as you like to call him I hope this lasts and Mona follows in his footsteps

    Notice:the car Hanna got hit with looks sort like mr.fitz car impossible right…maybee thnx for recapping that’s all I got bye

    • Hey Secret! Thanks so much for commenting. Your comments mad me LOL like crazy, today :).

      Jenna and Toby: Icky, right? I can’t decide what would be more gross: a guy who rapes his own sister; or siblings who want to jump eachother’s bones constantly. Definitely shocking for an ABC Family show . . .

      Hanna’s mom: So much for being a responsible parent, and telling her daughter not to steal! When Aria’s dad was talking to her from the car window, I couldn’t see his face, and totally thought it was a mugger, at first. I cracked up when I saw who it actually was. Serves him right for creeping on Aria’s mom!

      Aria and Fitz were a bit overdramatic this week, weren’t they? Here he was pouring his heart out to her, and she was screaming his head off! The car kissing was pretty hot though . . . at least until Creepy A came and ruined everything!

      ” is a bitch as Hanna kindly said when Mona left her ass to rot.” – LOVE THIS LINE in your comment. So true!

      Dead Ali does more and more things to make me dislike her every week. What a total hypocrite she is? Ali probably said those things to Spencer because she was jealous of her. But still! Talk about a “skank.”

      If A kills Mona, next season I will be the happiest girl ever. (Assuming Mona isn’t “A,” of course.) That biatch is the WORST! She makes Deputy Douchey look like a prize. At least HE looks good in a towel! 🙂

      Good observation re: the car that hit Hanna. I am really interested to see where this show will go next season. Thanks again for your excellent comments! 🙂

  2. I feel better that Aria and Fitzy are together (You’re going to hell with me for agreeing that this was the most important thing Fitzy fans!) I felt so relieved but when he wrote that poem I was like TAKE HIM BACK! Aria there is only two hot guys in the world that are older than you, A: Fitzy B: Robert Pattinson. (I would have chosse B first but You know the A option is pretty good.) I think she has a mental disability (I really think that) she looks like this to me
    Toby, poor Toby, (I kinda of forgive him) he looked all sad during his little busting scene. and that cop was ugly (I would have loved to be arrested by fitzy! “Oh your hands are so soft!” “Just get in the back.” I would be the most annoying criminal ever!) I mean I live in ugly ville (a.k.a Oklahoma) but this cop is not even cuter than Lindsay Lohan on Meth! Okay why am I talking about this? I don’t even know.

    Ian, as I imagines was supposed to look like so..!/photo.php?pid=272170&id=128666943830546&fbid=141871492510091 I imagine every guy like that!
    Spencer: Oh Ian
    Ian: I kinda did all your friends
    Spencer: I still find you hot
    Ian: I slept with all of your friends and your sister!
    Spencer: Too bad…
    OH the things I think!

    Too bad that Lucas wasn’t there I was like where’s my other nerd, I got poetry nerd, MIA nerd, and (a cricket noise). This show is just going po-dunk! “We lost a couple of people but they can just wear wigs and costumes right?”

    No. You can’t fool me!
    Hanna getting hit by the car (I already knew) I expected her to go all the way over the car. And it was supposed to be SUV, I mean you have to have power to it! A has reached a whole new level of Aness!

    (Btw I think fitzy will have soft hands)

    • LOL. Love that Cartman picture! Poor Aria! 🙂

      I do hope Aria and Fitzy can work it out. But given all that went down in this episode, I’m kind of worried for them. *ducks tomatoes thrown by Fitzy fans* For starters, let’s just assume Fitzy is not Ali’s killer, because it would be completely out of left field if he was. After all, he was probably still away at college when A died. However, I think a lot of people might suspect him, after what happened to Hanna. He WAS at the scene of the crime, and he seemed to have disappeared as soon as Hanna got hit. Even if NO ONE suspects Fitzy, I get the feeling that Noel will rat him out for dating Aria, given the mean look in his Bushy Eyebrow eyes, when he saw them together. . . I hope I’m wrong, but I fear I’m right . . .

      I don’t think Creepy Toby is guilty either. (At least not of killing Ali or being A. He IS ALWAYS guilty of being a sister f*&ker, however.) And even I have to admit to feeling a teensy bit bad for him, in that scene where he heard the car coming, and got all excited, because he thought Emily trusted him. His face just lit up and got all smiley . . . And then the cops came and arrested his ass. In that moment, he KNEW that NOBODY had his back. That HAS to suck!

      “Ian: I kinda did all your friends
      Spencer: I still find you hot”

      I almost peed in my pants when I read this. You are AWESOME at the fan fics!

      In other news, bring back LUCAS, bring back WREN! ASAP! Right now! 😉

      And I agree with you about Fitzy’s hands – soft as a baby’s bottom. Thanks for almost making me pee, Person! 🙂

  3. Carol

    I read a few things about the books, so I knew that Hanna was going to be hit. BUT IT DOES NOT CONFORT ME. I was so sad when it happened. No happy Hanna & Lucas this week ;A;

    And I still find Creppy Toby creppy, but he was kinda hot this week. I dunno, must be the hair.
    Jenna still creeps me out anyway. Even more now.

    I’m so over Mona. Too much screen time, I agree.

    And this episode, we had at least someone mentioning Wren. Now, they just have to make him comeback. Carring a big flower.

    Emily and Maya again, how great is that? … Why Maya didn’t get hit by a car or something? Boring

    I’m getting more and more .. impressed that Ali’s actress is really just 14. Do not want to see her with Ian. Seriously.

    I liked this episode, but Lucas should be there.

    • See, the way I see it, the writers could have exchanged all MONA’S screentime for Lucas / Hanna time and all MAYA’s screentime for Wren Time. (He doesn’t even have to be interacting with any of the main characters! I’d be perfectly happy watching him get drunk with his med school buddies. :))

      Ashely Benson seemed to suggest that Hanna will continue to get closer to Lucas next season (which, based on the cast interviews, they seem to have already started filming?). And I don’t think I’m spoiling too much, by saying the two characters have some sort of relationship in the books (or, so I’ve been told). So, wouldn’t it be great, if the writers could take this TERRIBLE ACCIDENT, and make it into a GOOD thing for Hanna’s and Lucas’ relationship?

      Picture this: Lucas comes to visit Hanna at the hospital, and shows her all the cash she’s earned from selling her items on EBAY. A bit drugged out on pain meds, and super excited by the news, Hanna spontaneously pulls Lucas in for a kiss. The two break away awkwardly afterward, but eventually come to realize that they have mutual feelings for one another. What do you think? It could happen right? 🙂

      Yeah, Creepy Toby’s hair was LONG in this episode! Must have been all that time he spent “on the LAM” with all those “bad people he knows” and “no scissors.” Which begs the question, why no facial hair?

      In terms of Ali and Ian, I suspect that videotape will be the most we will actually see of them together “sexually.” The rest will be implied. They were able to show Ian with Spencer, I think, even though Spencer was supposed to be 14 or 15, because Troian (Spencer) and Ryan (Ian) are relatively close in age, same with Lucy (Aria) and Ian (Fitzy). However, they would be skating on some seriously dangerous territory, by showing Ryan (Ian) and Sasha (Ali), because they are nearly 10-years apart, and she is WAY underage.

      Wren and Lucas-less ness aside, I thought it was a pretty fun season finale. It gave you just enough information to keep you satisfied, while still making you want to tune in next season to see where they’ll go next. I’ll definitely miss my PLL fix the rest of this summer. 😦

      Thanks so much for making the season so much fun, Carol! PLL watching wouldn’t have been the same without you!

  4. Team Ezra Fitz

    Ahhhhhh Haa!!! So Hanna was NOT hit by Ezra’s car. The license plate of the car that hit Hanna is : CHF•2105 Ezra’s License plate is: CHV•3269 I will go through ALL of the cars shown throughout all the episodes and find out who hit Hanna!

    • That was some pretty impressive sleuthing there, Team Ezra Fitz! Color me impressed. I don’t even remember them showing ONE license plate in the episode, let alone TWO.

      There also may be a timing issue, which would seem to suggest that Fitzy had already left the scene before “the hit.” After all, Aria was standing right next to Spencer when it happened. So, she had probably already “finished” knocking boots with Fitzy . . . 😉

      Personally, I would love if Melissa was A and /or killed Ali. I know that was not how it went down in the books. But it WOULD be a cool result. Crazy Nanny Carrie from One Tree Hill strikes again!

  5. Team Ezra Fitz

    Haha that would be so funny if Melissa WAS A–. Ohh ha I wonder what the show would be like if there was no drama between Ezra and Aria and the whole school was nonchalant about their relationship. I think it would go something like this ===>
    Ezra: “Good morning class and GOOD MORNING to my special lady!”
    Aria: “ohh stop it sweetie you don’t want anyone finding out about last night now would you hahaha!”
    Hanna: “heyyy!!! I want MY own PERSONAL teacher! At least he wouldn’t be gay like Sean and on the bright side he could me with homework!”
    Spencer: “Well maybe my sister will date one and then I can steal him from her!”
    Emily: “hmm I prefer female teachers…But if it looks like Toby and/or Maya then I’m in!”

  6. snottlebie

    Okay so is it bad that I watch PLL as a comedy show? I can’t help it, I mean, look:

    1. No one else found the Hanna-Getting-Crushed-By-Shiny-Car scene more funny than dramatic? I think it was the ridiculousness of the scene, the poor directing or shooting of it or something. Jason Bourne does not approve of such shoddy CRASH scenes. Also, neither does Regina George.

    2. “I SEE YOU”. But they don’t see you…and the condensation fades so…what point are you makin’ there A? SHODDY WORK. I’ll be pissed when it’s revealed to be Nole (stealing a Camp Mona hoodie of course), and he’s just being a jealous, rejected kinda-bf/the Pedo Police (Quick! Someone call him about Ali and Ian! Or Ian and Spencer! Or Wren and Spencer! Or Emily and Maya! [Ok so the character isn’t older, but the actress is a hell of a lot older and it creeps me out])

    3. Oh Hanna. You couldn’t have texted the other girls with the NAME of the killer? You may as well have texted them “LOL WAFFLES” for all the good it did. And no one knows CPR? Emily, get on this.

    4. So the only evidence Toby is the killer was that Ali was wearing a sweater of his? FBI fail much? I mean, it’s like the cops have never watched Friends. You can’t just jump to conclusions and accuse Tag of being the father because he has a red sweater.

    5. Oh Hanna’s mom. You put the opened bag full of money UNDER the seat, dear. Not in plain sight, in the seat next to the driver’s, with untinted windows. Such a novice.
    Other points of interest:
    – I watched the episode on Hulu, and I paused the video when we saw Fitzy’s poem.
    It’s a number.
    It’s a song.
    It’s a girl.
    Pearl joy packed.
    Gold falafel,
    As through ice.
    It’s four-thirty.
    Morning with
    Phone calls.
    It’s deaf mute.
    It’s cheap.
    A foreign car.
    Maybe bingo.
    Lucky night?
    Something says
    It smells bad.”
    Gold falafel? LOL – What?

    – The Ian thing is so going to bite Spencer in the ass. But I think it’s way too easy for him to be the killer. He’s probably the killer, but who is A? A isn’t the killer, right? Because, although she’s being a real biotch, she did give them a clue – Ian. Why would she give them a clue if she was the killer? UNLESS IT’S A TRICK. Muahaha. Yea…I’m thinking about this wayyy too much for an ABC Fam show.

    I’ll miss this show if only for the lack of daily lulz and partially naked hot guys. Sorry about the mega huge post, but it is the season finale.

    • Team Ezra Fitz

      LOL!! I love the movie Mean Girls!!! Haha *Regina gets hit by a bus* Katie: “and that was the day Regina George died…noo I’m just kidding.” Also, since I bought the episode off of iTunes I was able to stop it and have it go at slow motion when Hanna got hit by the car and it was HILARIOUS–sooo dramatic!!! Regarding Hanna’s mother and her incompetence to put the big pile of stolen money under the seat LOL I wonder if Aria’s father actually saw the money? Like I mentioned before, I bought the episode so I was able to stop the episode but this time to see what the heck Fitzy’s poem was and…wow! It seemed great while I was reading it up until that part where he started talking about GOLD FALAFELS!!! I was like “Where the heck did ‘Gold Falafels’ come from?” I mean I am an OBSESSED fan so I have watched every episode at least 100 times( I know CRAZY right! I am just a Highly Gifted Magnet straight A student who LOVES Ian Harding) so I do not recall viewing any “Gold Falafels” at the bar where Ezra and Aria first met. Anyways AWESOME review!
      Thank you,
      Emma aka an OBSESSED Pretty Little Liars Fan. 🙂

      • Did you see that Ian Harding won “Choice Summer TV Star” on the Teen choice awards? Not bad for a Hollywood Newbie! Go Fitzy, go!

      • Team Ezra Fitz

        Yeah I was so happy that Ian won Summer Choice TV Male!!! He totally deserved it!!! Haha I convinced over 100 people to vote for him daily and apparently it payed off! Gooo Ian, you make a PERFECT Fitzy!!! 🙂

      • ILOVEPLL!

        maybe gold falafela is the name of the bar they met at???

      • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, ILOVEPLL! I like that idea. It would make this weird poem seem much sweeter, and WAY less random.

        Gold Falafel . . . hmmm . . . sounds like a good place to get breakfast . . . and have sex in a public restroom with your soon-to-be English teacher. ;).

      • LOL re: you checking under your bed for Creepy Toby. Him and Blind Jenna ARE pretty darn terrifying! So, I don’t blame you! 🙂

        My two favorite PLL boys are Wren (I miss him!) and Lucas. But Fitzy (aka Ezra Fitz) can be pretty cute too, in his own dorky sort of way. I agree that all the girls on the show are gorgeous. Plus, their clothes are awesome. I love how all the girls have their own distinct style. Yet, each girl never fails to rock her outfit, each week. They make me so jealous, sometimes! 🙂

        I’ve been loving the second half of the first season, so far! And I suspect it will only get better as time goes on. I know the producers have changed a lot from the books. But, hey, think of it this way . . . now you get to be surprised, when you find out who A and Ali’s killer are, ALL OVER AGAIN! (If the producers stuck exactly to the books, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to guess along with us “newbies.”)

        Squeee! Just a few more minutes until the new episode. The trailers for it look great, particularly the one from MuchMusic. 🙂

    • Your post was comedic gold, snottlebie! You, Team Ezra Fitz and Person should seriously consider writing a PLL parody show. I would watch for sure.

      1. It did kind of look like Hanna walked out in front of the car in slow motion, said “Goodbye cruel world! I love you LUCAS!,” before casually face-planting into the vehicle. Then when she fell to the ground, it seemed like she did a little gymnastic tumble, right? Very graceful, Hanna. If this were Make it, or Break it, I’d give the performance a TEN!

      2. LOL re: the Pedo police! They would be super busy in a town like Rosewood, where NO ONE dates in their age group. Deputy Douchey couldn’t be part of the force though, because he clearly has the hots for Hanna . . .

      3. That’s so TRUE! She totally should have texted them As name. Or at least shouted it out, as she slow motion crossed the street to meet the girls. And picturing Emily giving Hanna CPR, hilarious . . .

      4. I think they thought that Toby was the killer because the hideous green sweater had his blood on it. But I agree, certainly not enough evidence for an arrest. The FASHION POLICE could have convicted him for life though, because that thing was UGLY!

      5. OMG! I can’t believe THAT was the poem Fitzy wrote about Aria, that made her certain he was “desperately” in love with her. That was AWFUL! And THIS GUY is supposed to be an English teacher? And Gold Falafel? That’s probably the least romantic food I could think of. Why would he say that? Then again, maybe Gold Falafel was a euphemism for the dirty thing they did in the bathroom . . .

      You made my day, snottlebie! Excellent write-up! I sure am going to miss the trash-tasticness that is this show . . .

  7. Team Ezra Fitz

    YESSSS!!! I finally found pictures of Ian with his shirt off. But it’s not from Pretty Little Liars. I think they are from his theater class at the college that he attended. Enjoy. [IAN IS ON THE FAR LEFT BALANCING ON HIS KNEES] IAN IS IN THE MIDDLE WITH THE LADY WEARING A GREEN SHIRT IN HIS ARMS]
    In addition, you should go on YouTube and watch the video called “F*#% me Robert Pattinson episode 4” by TheGreatSamaritan. It features Ian Harding and it is HILARIOUS!!!
    Thank you,
    Emma aka an OBSESSED Pretty Little Liars Fan( Ian Harding Fan!!!) 🙂

    • Awesome finds, Team Ezra Fitz! Thanks so much for sharing them here. And who knows? You may just find some of these pics in future recaps. 😉 (I’m always a sucker for a good shirtless pics ;)) What a stellar way to keep occupied during these next few Fitzy-less weeks! 🙂

  8. secret

    I’m backk and I’m A ha shocker right(I’m a bad liar)ok so just wanted to tell you my perfect ending of pll mid-season finale ahem here it goes.
    First off this is gona be one long paragraph ok toby and jenna run off together after they find out he is inocent so they can have there icky nasty sister fucking without anyone accusing toby of rape. Emilys parents learn to accept her relationship but
    emily dumps maya do to the fact that maya is boring and finds a boy who will be glad to watch her fuck a girl.
    Hanna survives and goes out with lucas after dumping sean (who admits he’s gay)and her mom gets away with stealig the money deputy douche(as u callhim)tries to rape hanna but she bites him and he goes to prison

    Spencer and alex continue to have sparks wen guess who cums back WREN! and spencer have a secret yet sexy relationship

    Aria parents gets a divorce mr.fitz says he doesn’t wanna cotinue anything with her anymore and runs off with a girl Aria continues the rest off her life in a deep depression(why is Arias fate so suckish you ask bcuz this is my fuckin endin ill do wat I want)

    -A notes are still cumin remeber this is my season finale or mid-season I’m sorta confused ending

    Mona dies that’s it she dies she’s gone goodbye bitch

    Lastly the person who hanna saw as A before she got hit was ME ha(tell me did my lieing get any better)

    That’s my ending do you like?

    • LOL. So you were A? I would have thought for sure you would have been the one who ran off with Fitzy. 🙂 I LOVED that, in your version, Hanna bit Douchey, and he ended up in prison. Plus, you brought back my Wren. For that I am eternally grateful! 😉

      Other things I enjoyed about your ending:
      1) Aria’s mom leaving her creepo of a dad
      2) Hanna’s mom getting away with being a dirty thief (Because, for whatever reason, I like Hanna’s mommy, even though she’s trashy, not that smart, and a bad role model for Hanna.)
      3) You got rid of Mona, YIPPEEE!
      4) You got rid of Maya, DOUBLE YIPPEE!
      5) You got rid of Sean (TRIPLE YIPPEE) and put Hanna with Lucas (Woohoo!)

      But why all the Aria hate, girl? 🙂 I’m guessing you never joined the Lucy Hale Fan Club? 😉

  9. secret

    I do not hate aria its just im mad at her for doin noel like that it was rude and dirty him and his eyesbrows wont be happy about dis oh no they wont (at least they have each other) and i was the one to end up in fitzy car(even though i sorta kinda think toby is cute is it just me or is he sexy i have thought this since episode 5 im so weird i know and random lucky jenna) wat was i sayin oh yea i am the one in fitzy car screw aria she made me mad lucky aria she gets to bone him and all i do is get to dream about him no fair! lucas is cute i think he is in a geeky way lol lucky hanna if she ever gets rid off the faget and sees whats rite infront of her dnt you think sean is gay? idk about real life but in the show i mean it cant only be me that thinks that well im out once again and yes i am A and fitzys lover (also secretly crushin on Toby {cum on tell meh did my lieing get any better})

  10. Danielle

    I found WREN! He is going to be on ABC’s new show My Generation. So no more Pretty Little Liars, but you can see him every week on his new show. Premiers September 23, at 8:00.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Danielle! I heard about Julian Morris starring in My Generation. The show looks spectacular, and I am sure he will be excellent in it. I really hope it stays on the air long enough to get him the publicity he deserves. I will certainly miss Wren on Pretty Little Liars, but seeing him weekly on another show would be the next best thing! 🙂

      • Team Ezra Fitz

        AND for Ian Harding(OBSESSED) fans out there (like me) :
        Pretty Little Liars returns with all new episodes January 2011. Until then, you can see Ian Harding in the upcoming web-series Hollywood Is Like High School With Money, premiering Sept. 14 2010.

      • Thanks so much for the great scoop, Team Ezra Fitz! I had no idea PLL was coming back so soon! That’s awesome! It just goes to show how well the series is doing in the ratings, and how much faith ABC Family has in its future success.

        ABC Family is notorious for its long hiatuses (cough, cough, Greek). But, clearly, there will be no such hiatus here. I can’t wait!

        Oh, and the webseries . . . SO COOL! Maybe, if it gets a lot of hits, they will bring the series to prime time. Then, we can all watch it together on a slightly larger screen. Here’s hoping! 🙂

        Thank you again, for keeping us PLL fans in the loop. It is definitely much appreciated.

  11. Team Ezra Fitz

    AlloyTV posted a great little video on YouTube with Ian offering up his thoughts on various fashion trends. Very amusing!
    YouTube– Style Guy’d: Pretty Little Liars

    • Thanks for the scoop, Team Ezra Fitz! Great video! I love how Ian tried to be really nice throughout the whole thing, even when it was OBVIOUS he didn’t like some of the outfits he was being shown. My favorite line: “You have a dead animal on your foot! How are you NOT on fire?”

      Here’s a link to the video, in case anybody is curious:

  12. Team Ezra Fitz

    Hahaha! You have to check this out! This is a picture of Ezra’s classroom board! If you look close you can see the irony!!! 🙂

    • LOL

      “What (and why) do we write?”

      “Dare I say “A” letter?”

      That’s awesome! Very clever PLL writers! I just wish he had something about texting and lame friendship bracelets on there . . . 😉

  13. Team Ezra Fitz

    He also wrote: ‘A poem?’
    When I saw that I was like WOW! Well apparently Ezra YOU dare to write poems! Oooo sooo DARING!!! haha Noel would think that is a spontaneous risk!

  14. Team Ezra Fitz

    “Pretty Little Liars” just announced that a new girl is coming to Rosewood. Alona Tal (“Veronica Mars”) will be appearing as Simone, who is going to cause a bit of trouble for Aria  and Mr. Fitz.

    “Simone … was my babysitter growing up,” star Lucy Hale tells Zap2it during our exclusive set visit now that “Liars” is back in production. “I looked up to her, idolized her, wanted to be her. In the character description, they describe her as ‘an older Aria.’ She comes back into town unexpectedly and sort of hits it off with Mr. Fitz.”

    Uh oh. We think Simone sounds like a troublemaker.

    “There’s definitely going to be some friction,” Hale agrees. “She stirs things up a little bit.”

    “Let’s just say there’s some chemistry that happens between us,” adds Ian Harding, of his character Ezra Fitz and Simone.

    And the chemistry may not be entirely one-sided.

    “I will leave that for you all to decide, but … there are some mutual interests they share,” says Harding. “There are some loaded exchanges.”

    But does this mean Mr. Fitz doesn’t love Aria?

    “There’s a very awesome scene that will answer your question that’s in the end of [episode 14]. We’ll see which way that goes,” Harding teases.

    PLL returns Jan. 11

    • Thanks so much for the scoop, Team Ezra Fitz! I remember Alona Tal from Veronica Mars! She played the sweet and innocent popular cheerleader Meg Manning, who gave birth to Duncan Kane’s baby, before dying tragically due to medical complications, resulting from a bus accident. Here is the actress’ Wiki:

      There’s nothing like a little drama, and some competition, to intensify the already very hot and heavy relationship between Aria and Fitz! I can’t wait until January 11th!

  15. Team Ezra Fitz

    Oh thanks for the info. I heard that in Veronica Mars, she was a bit of a man stealer. I am NOT entirely furious with Ezra because Aria was technically dating Noel. Poor Noel! Ahahah… But that has to be hurting Aria though! I mean it’s like “Heyy! How are you? You were my babysitter that I loved and looked up to! And you are trying to steal my boyfriend, you disingenuous BEE-YOTCH!!!” LOL this is just DISRESPECT coming from Simone! I wonder how this will all play out. 😀

  16. Team Ezra Fitz

    Hey Pretty Little Liars fans!!!! ONLY 22 dats till Pretty Little Liars continuing January 3!!!!! Several new characters to come! Simone, Aria’s old best friend babysitter, will have a thing fir Ezra Fitz. A new bad boy will shake things up for all of the girls. And Lindsey Shaw from Ten Things I Hate About You, is going to act as a fierce swimming competitor of Emily. On twitter, I Malene King (one of the directors) announced that we will see Toby shirtless(COME ON! Why not Ezra shirtless????) and that he will sleep with one of the Liars. She also mentioned that Spencer and Toby become closer in this half of the season… Also, Alshely Benson told Zapit that one couple will get married! This week THREE new sneak peaks were released and can be found on YouTube by typing in: Pretty Little Liars Moments Later Sneak Peak #1, Pretty Little Liars Moments Later Sneak Peak #2, Pretty Little Liars Moments Later Sneak Peak #3!!! INTERESTING PREVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anastasia

    “aria and mr.fitz are so stupid it’s funny on off on off I swear there relationship is a freaking light switch”

    I’ve never found kissing hot… Is that odd? Cause it seems everyone else think it’s hot…

    How long is Ezra’s neck?! I know he was actually leaning over, but seriously it looked really freaky!

    Ezra can’t be A =) ans 😦
    It would be so twisted.

    The ‘Blow Room’ we thought that was hilarious XD and had to pause the video (internet tv).

    In the book Hanna’s mother is like an executive of a very big international company and they never had money issues. This (the money issue) makes it more interesting.

    How does Hanna know where to camp out to look for A? Like I know it would be near Mona’s camp, but the site would be pretty big, wouldn’t it?

    Why did no one look at the number plate of the car that hit Hanna?

    So Sad that Toby was ratted out :(, he seems so innocent. Plus I think there is no way he’s A.

    Ezra’s poem sucks. Not someone you’d expect from an english teacher.

    • For what it’s worth, I don’t think Ezra is “A.” Horribly cheesy poem writing does not a criminal make ;).

      I don’t think Toby’s “A” either. But I still find him very creepy . . . 🙂

      I’m really surprised Hanna’s money problems weren’t an issue in the book. I enjoyed that storyline a lot. It definitely made me sympathize with Hanna’s character more. It also brought her closer to the adorable Lucas, which, for me, is always a good thing . . .

      LOL re: the Blow Room, you gotta love seeing not-so-thinly veiled references to oral stimulation on ABC Family a.k.a. The Good Little Christian Channel 🙂

      I actually find kissing VERY hot. In fact, in some ways, kissing can be hotter than sex. Because there is all that anticipation and build up of sexual tension in a good long kiss. Then again, I guess it really depends on who’s doing the kissing — and, in the case of TV kissing, how good the directors are. 🙂

      PLL actually returns January 3rd here in the US. (I thought it was later, initially.) I can’t wait! Thanks so much for sharing the first season with me. This was a fun trip down memory lane! 🙂

  18. Anastasia

    someone = something. Hate it how you can’t go back and edit comments…

  19. Team Ezra Fitz

    OMG only 5 days till PLL and more EZRIA XD Ahhh it’s been almost 5 months! Check out 13 new sneak peak pictures at

    • Yay! Thanks so much for the scoop and yummy pics, Team Ezra Fitz! We can always count on your for the best and most up to the minute PLL news. You rock! See you, January 3rd! 🙂


    i dont know…something about Noel makes my suspiscous…??? Like, i read 6 out of the 8 books and everything is different [almost everything]. I wouldve liked if they went SPOT ON to the book…it wouldve been amazing! Personally, i find the pretty little liars girls beautiful and the pll guys very hot! except toby! before i go to bed i search under my bed for toby cavanaugh…creeper! I cant help but thinking noel is A even though half the population at my school dont believe me! I seriously love this show and im presently watching season two and…IM LOVIN’ IT ❤ im…! i really love wren and his accent..! wish he would come back! Hannas hit and run was very dramatic and at one point i thought it was spencer who killed ali and ran over hanna! this show is soooo intense somethimes!!! I dont know, Ian is very weird, not too attractive to me either, sorry! and Ezra is pretty cute! ive seen him from another show already so its nothing new for me, which sucks, unfortunately! 😛

    CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE! *Drama*Drama*Drama!!!*

  21. CRAZYLOVE345

    Oh my gosh. I never stopped laughing reading this recap. My mom walked by the computer and was like “Whats so funny?” And then I am like “This blog I’m reading. Its AWESOME.”
    I think I’ll be the first of to say that I actually like Ezra’s poem to Aria. It really explains his feelings for her. BTW FYI Gold Falafel means “Cheeseburger” which is what Ezra made Aria when she came over for dinner in “Can You Hear Me Now?”
    I screamed when Toby lurched himself up from the backseat. It scared me so much, i almost peed myself (my sister was thrilled to have him back, even in the back of Em’s car that she won the night Toby tried to kill her. Ironic, eh?) But when he got arrested, i knew he wasn’t guilty. And now that I look back, he should just stayed away from Rosewood and keep hidden.
    Emily and Maya is a toughie, because i want to say that the thought of a gay couple on my favorite show was at first repulsive. but i have learned to love these two as a couple. They just have that chemistry. And the fact that they were about to get it on and then Em’s dad walks in COMING HOME FROM WAR, ruining the moment. I sort of laughed at that part 🙂
    Spencer has to again face that weird, pedofile Ian AS HER NEW FIELD HOCKEY COACH (if they are like halfway through the sports season what happened to the old one?) and as her former boytoy, who made out with her face when helping her practice for “the sport” and then fortunately Alison walked in. I still find it creepy that he made out with his girlfriend’s little sister and later to find out as well as his girlfriend’s little sister’s best friend
    Like you said, the day of Mona’s birth should be mourned not celebrated (i agree that she way too much screen time). The fact that Hanna tried to get out of dinner was won points with me but then Mrs. Marin has to suck her back into it. Thankfully, the FBI was able to keep Hanna locked away from Mona’s claws. But i guess she really wanted to go, taking one for the team by GETTING HIT BY A CAR.
    As far as Aria and Noel goes……..bleh. I rather see Em and Maya on the bed than Aria and Noel kissing. But I liked to see Ezra’s jealous side; that was like REALLY HAWT!!!!! And the fact that he is trying to let her be happy makes me love him even more. The scene in the car, when he is practically on his hands and knees (not really cause hes in a seat, but u know wat i mean) begging for forgiveness, was the sweetest thing.
    Now for that video at the end, it sort of had a little foreshadowing, am i wrong? Allison plus Ian equals me puking. which i almost did. Still, great season finale

    • Thanks so much, CrazyLove! I remember having a TON of fun recapping the mid-season finale for PLL, because so MANY insane things happened during it. I recall texting my friend as we were watching, and, let’s just say there were a whole lot of “OMG’s” and “Did that just happen?” and “Are you serious’s” passed back and forth, throughout the hour. I think this this episode marks the moment this show changed for me from Silly Guilty Pleasure, to a show I genuinely get excited to watch each week . . .

      Hanna’s little “journey” underneath the car, Toby’s Creepy Face in the windshield, while Emily was driving (How long was he waiting there, anyway?), the gloved hand on Fitz’s window (while he was making out hardcore with Aria, of couse) that disturbing Ian / Ali video . . . these were like scenes out of a horror movie . . . only more intense, because you actually KNEW the potential “victims.”

      Some of these scenes were also kind of funny too, though unintentionally so. Hanna flying in slow motion into the air in the final moments of the episode, as the other PLL’s eyes bugged out of their heads in unison, was one of those moments. Now that we know Hanna is totally OK, we can say that, without feeling too guilty. 😉

      As for Fitz’s poem, I did read something on the ABC family page that explained how each of the seemingly random lines referenced something in Aria’s and Ezra’s relationship, which I guess is sweet. On it’s own though, and out of context, it still sounds like gobbledy gook to me. 😉 If a student ever handed that poem to a professor in REAL LIFE, it would probably get an “F.” Sorry Fitzy! 🙂

      Reading your review of this episode reminded me how happy I am that (1) Noel is FINALLY GONE (YAY!); and (2) Mona’s been noticeably absent lately (DOUBLE YAY!) Now if they could just trade those two annoying characters in for the return of WREN, I’d be a truly happy camper. 🙂

      Thanks again for taking your time to share your insights into the finale, and for refreshing my memory of this truly awesome episode. You rock! 🙂

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