Anatomy of the EXTENDED Trailer for Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries! (Includes BRAND NEW Scenes!)


Fall 2010 is just around the corner . . .  Are you ready to BITE into the new season?

It’s here!  It’s here!  After months of making us wait, the CW has FINALLY given us Vampire Diaries fans the action-packed, new scene- filled, drool-worthy, trailer WE deserve!  And, from what I’m seeing here, Season 2 will NOT disappoint!  Check it out for yourself .  . .

Let’s analyze, shall we?

:00 – For those of you curious about the song in the trailer, it’s entitled “Make Me Wanna Die.” The song was produced by a band called Pretty Reckless,  which is headlined by none other than Annoying Little J / Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl, herself, Taylor Momsen . . .

I almost hate to say it, but she doesn’t sound half bad!

:12 – “It’s YOU!”

This scene gave me the chills!  A few months back, David Anders, who played the sublimely creepy Uncle John Gilbert on the show

(and who just so happens to be Elena’s biological Daddy, along with Mom-from-Hell, Isobel), admitted that he would be back for at least one more episode of Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries.  This confused the crap out of precisely everyone, seeing as HIS CHARACTER was one of the confirmed fatalities in the show’s May 2010 Season Finale, Founders’ Day.

Having the finger containing your Ring of Immortality chopped off your hand, just moments before being staked in the stomach, can do that to a guy . . .

This surprisingly scary trailer scene, in which Elena arrives home to find Uncle / Father John stretched out on her floor, bleeding to death, and calls 911, while her Evil Doppelganger, Vampire Katherine, looks on with menace, may serve to clear some of the aforementioned discrepancies . . .

:17 – This is the face of a hot Vampire who THINKS he has just kissed Elena . . .

Observe the luscious lips, and the equally luscious tongue licking them . . .

 . . . and THIS is the face of the OTHER Hot Vampire who just found out his girlfriend may have cheated on him . . .

We feel your pain, Stefan!

:22 – “Jeremy, please, WAKE UP!”

As if finding her Bio-Dad bleeding to death on her kitchen floor wasn’t BAD enough, just moments later, Elena finds her little brother Jeremy unconscious, after a potentially fatal sleeping pill overdose.  What she DOESN’T know, is that before taking those pills, Jeremy ALSO ingested a nice dollop of HIS now-dead, dead, girlfriend, Vampire Anna’s blood . . .

So the question remains, is Jeremy Gilbert dead . . . or undead?

: 24 – There’s a full moon in Mystic Falls tonight . . .

And we ALL KNOW what happens during a full moon to folks like Tyler Lockwood, right?

:32 – “We haven’t officially met.  I’m Katherine.”

Apparently, it isn’t a Vampire / Witch Party, until somebody gets strangled . . .

:39 – Foreplay, anyone?

KATHERINE: “Wanna play with me?”

STEFAN:  “How do I play, if I don’t know the rules?

KATHERINE: No rules, Stefan.

(This scene made me feel all tingly inside.  Is it weird that I think Vampire Katherine may have more on-screen chemistry with Stefan, than Elena does?)

:47 – Double the Damon, double the fun?

Man, does he look angsty and broody in this screenshot!  Mommy LIKE!

:49 – This next scene requires no explanation whatsoever, except for the following, “OMFG!”

1:02 – “Wanna know why I’m here, Stefan.  I came back for you.”

This scene is a bit of a rehash from the one we saw in The Vampire Diaries “The Return” trailer released exclusively at this year’s Comic Con.  But that doesn’t make what Vampire Katherine says in the scene any less shocking, the second time around . . .

1:04 – “Kiss me or kill me.  What will it be?”

How about kiss her, THAN kill her, Damon?  Who says you can’t have your cake, and eat it too?

1:11 – “She will try to break us.  How we respond to that will define us.”

Salvatore and Salvatore!  Reunited and it feels SO good!

1:13 –

Question fellow fangbangers:  Does vampire-on-vampire sex lead to vampire babies?

It looks like Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries will definitely be The Year . . .

“The Ex-Games are about to begin.” And, I don’t know about you, but I, for one, CAN’T WAIT!

The Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday, September 9th at 8 p.m. on the CW.  Will YOU see it?  Wait . . . why am I even asking?  OF COURSE YOU WILL!



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5 responses to “Anatomy of the EXTENDED Trailer for Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries! (Includes BRAND NEW Scenes!)

  1. Carol

    I hate to admit it too, but The Pretty Reckless is actually pretty good. Period.

    I just love this trailer. All the scenes are so… fantastic.

    You’re right, Katherine seems to have more chemistry than Elena. Nina Dobrev really changes completly, doesn’t she?

    • It’s amazing how differently Nina plays Katherine than Elena. The hair, the clothes, the voice, the mannerisms . . . heck, her FACE even looks different (thinner somehow, and more angular). They probably do her makeup differently, for both characters.

      I am so excited to see more of Nina as Katherine. You can tell she is having so much fun with the role! Nina clearly loves playing “bad,” as much as Ian does.

      This is going to give Nina a real opportunity to flex her acting muscles, and explore her range, in a way that the role of Elena never did. (Not that I don’t love Elena, because I do. She’s just very . . . normal.)

      I loved the trailer too! It was WELL worth the wait! And I have no doubt that Season 2 will be amazing! I’m not even worried about getting my hopes up, and being let down. That’s how certain I am of the impending awesomeness of the upcoming season :).

      See you September 9th (although I am sure we will chat before then)! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. imaginarymen


    I am so happy this show is back so soon! Even though I have the whole season still on my DVR – I miss it ;-p

    I love that Damon probably waited – what – MAYBE 12 hours to gloat to Stefan about his “Elena” kiss! HEE! And I love me some Paul Wesley wearing colors, so GO Wardrobe!! (I am curious to see if this will earn a “Panty Dropper Blue Shirt” name from you!)

    I think the Stefan/Kat match-up could be pretty hot bc for one thing, we know Stefan DOES have a very dark side. For another, he doesn’t WANT her, so that is going to make her want him MORE. Meanwhile poor Damon, neither girl wants him 😦 What does a hot, sexy, good in bed, funny, charming hottie Vampire gotta DO to get some love in Mystic Falls? I mean C’MON!

    Clever to not include any shots of Caroline (at least conscious) as she’s still on the “dead?” list. And NO BoringAuntJenna so ALREADY this season is awesome ;->

    Plus anything that includes IaNina rolling around having crazy violent vampire foreplay is alright by me.

    Our live blogging premiere extravaganza is going to be AWESOME! I shall tweet it to Plec, Williamson and Somerhalder FOR SURE

    • Yes, the “Salvatore Gloat” was classic Damon. The way he says “E-lllll-ena,” gets me every time. He all but stuck his tongue out in did the “Na-na, na-na boo, boo” thing to his poor younger bro. To Damon’s credit, however, he’s certainly not one to “sneak around.” If Damon cheats on you, he will tell you right away. I look for such traits in my TV Boyfriends . . .

      Good point about Vampire Stefan and his Fabulous Not-Black T-shirt in the promo. (He also seems to be sporting a TAN? Is that even possible?) Except for those random football team scenes early last season, Stefan seems to be perpetually clad in black, white and grey (but mostly black). That light blue shirt really made his eyes sparkle.

      And while I reserve the “Panty Dropper” moniker for Vampire Eric’s blue sweater, I do think this one deserves a nickname too: The “Bang-Me-in-Blue Tee,” perhaps? “Smurf-Sex Shirt,” maybe? The “Blue Balls? Not-For-Long, Tee.” All possibilities . . .

      Oh, yes . . . the Stefan and Kat scenes were SO HOT! Foreplay much? These two could teach a certain Vampire Bill a thing or two about how to make Hate Sex SEXY (as opposed to dull – with Sookie, or disgusting – with Lorena).

      I know it’s just a trailer, but I have already added a new SHIP to my ever-growing list. I am on Team Delena, Team IanNina, and now . . . Team KEFAN!

      And as a Team Delena member, I must take slight issue with your comment that nobody loves Damon. (Sorry Amy, but I must defend my SHIP!) Whether or not she admits it to herself, Elena DOES have feelings for Damon. She IS disarmed by his EYE THING. She DOES have dreams about him. And she even admitted to him that they two of them “have something” in our favorite little Vervain Necklace scene. I think adding Vampire Katherine into the mix, will only serve to bring these two closer together this season.

      Good eye on the lack of Conscious Caroline in the promos. (It was very similar to the way they showed Jeremy, in terms of keeping the mystery alive a little longer as to the characters’ final fate.)

      To be honest, I would LOVE to see Caroline hookup with Tyler this season, assuming she’s alive (which I think she is). For some reason, I think these two would be interesting and sexy, in a way that Caroline and Matt were not. Heck, I thought Caroline’s brief Blood Whore Relationship with Damon was sexy! That’s a girl in need of a Bad Boy, if I’ve ever seen one.

      Yes, where is Useless Aunt Jenna? The promo is just further evidence of her uselessness. Come on! One of the teens you are responsible for raising is possibly dead in his bedroom. Your (Uncle? Prior Hookup? Whatever?) John is bleeding to death in your kitchen. The other teen you are responsible for guarding is taking care of everything.

      And where are YOU, Useless Aunt Jenna? Maybe Vampire Katherine compelled her into a closet. Maybe she will never come out . . . Here’s hoping.

      Yes, plans are definitely underway for a fabulous ImaginaryMen / TV Recappers Live Blogging Extravaganza, on September 9th. And this time, we are going to do it RIGHT!

      My plan is for it to be so good, that Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson invite us onto the set, to show their gratitude for the awesomeness of it all. A girl can dream, can’t she? 😉

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