True Blood Dream Casting – Amelia Broadway (May Contain Slight Spoilers)

A few days back, I put on my amateur casting director’s hat, and offered some suggestions to Alan Ball, should he ever decide to translate the character of J.B. DuRone from Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse books to their companion television series, True Blood.  Seeing as I had so much fun doing that, I’ve decided to try my hand at casting another popular character from the book series, namely, Amelia Broadway.

Introduced in the sixth book of the series, Definitely Dead . . .

. . .  Amelia eventually becomes intimately linked with many of the series’ already established characters.  When we first meet Amelia, she is living in New Orleans . . .

 . . . where, for a time, she acted as landlady to Sookie’s cousin, and Queen Sophie Anne’s lover, Hadley . . .

In addition to being a landlady, Amelia also happens to be an aspiring witch . . .

 . . . but a GOOD one . . .

Unfortunately, Amelia’s “bewitching” skills are not quite up-to-par.  For example, there was this one time, when she wanted her boyfriend, Bob, to be more adventurous in the sack . . . so, she accidentally turned him into a cat . . .

In the books, Amelia is said to be around Sookie’s age (late 20’s).   The two become fast friends, especially after Amelia relocates to Bon Temps.  Single, spunky, fun, flirty and a little bit flighty, Amelia is certainly not the kind of gal who has any difficulty finding dates on a Friday night. 

Did I mention that she’s also bisexual?  Or that, in addition to her many male suitors, she also catches the eye of a certain female vampire, we all know and love?

Let’s cast this little witch, shall we?   Below are my top five choices, in no particular order.

1) Rachel Bilson

Age:  Turns 29 TODAY (August 25th)!  (Happy Birthday, Rachel!)

Where you’ve seen her: as the adorable Summer Roberts, in The O.C., as Cindy, in How I Met Your Mother, and as Millie, in the film, Jumper

Why she’d make a great Amelia: 

Rachel Bilson would really shine in a role like this!  As Summer on The O.C., Bilson played a character who, on the surface, was ditzy, shallow, and self-absorbed.  And yet, she gave the role a surprising amount of complexity, intelligence, and heart.  Thanks to the actress’ charm and talent, Summer, who started off the show as a two-dimensional “mean girl,” blossomed into the most charming and likeable female character on the entire series! 

Bilson also has the comedic chops to pull off Amelia’s less than stellar witchy moments, without making them seem too cheesy or slapstick.  Finally, in terms of age and temperment, I think she would be relatively believable, as a good friend of Anna Paquin’s Sookie.

2) Allison Munn

Age: 35 (but looks about 10 years younger!)

Where you’ve seen her: as Amanda Bynes sarcastic and slightly promiscuous friend, Tina, on What I Like About You, as Fez’s girlfriend, Caroline, on That 70’s Show, and as Lauren, on One Tree Hill

Why she’d make a great Amelia:

Of all the actors on this list, Allison Munn bears the most resemblance the image I had in my head of Amelia, when I was reading the Sookie Stackhouse books.  In terms of physical appearance, she is almost a perfect match!  Like Rachel Bilson, Allison has proven herself to have the comic timing necessary for a role like this.  Plus, those of you who have ever watched What I Like About You would likely agree that there are A LOT of similarities between Amelia, and the role she played on that show, at least in terms of both characters’ personality traits.

3) Rachel McAdams

Age: 31

Where you’ve seen her: as Regina George in Mean Girls, as Allie in The Notebook, as Claire in The Wedding Crashers, as Clare in The Time Traveler’s Wife . . . and the list just goes on . . .

Why she’d make a great Amelia:

I know!  I know!  There is VERY little chance that at this stage in her career, Rachel McAdams would have any interest in taking on a non-starring role in a television series.  But hey, I called this post “Dream Casting” for a reason, right? 

You know what’s so great about Rachel McAdams?  She has this flawless ability to literally transform herself for every role she plays.   (Not to mention the fact that she is the ONLY HUMAN ON THE PLANET who actually looks good as a blonde, brunette AND a redhead!). 

I remember seeing The Notebook, shortly after watching Mean Girls, and being absolutely shocked that the same actress played the lead (second lead?) in both.  But no matter WHO she’s playing, Rachel McAdams brings a certain likeability and relatability to her roles that is virtually unmatched in the industry.  This role would be no exception.

4) Monica Keena

Age: 31

Where you’ve seen her: as mean girl, Abby Morgan on Dawson’s Creek, as boy crazy Rachel on Undeclared, as “E’s” one-time girlfriend, Kristen, on Entourage, and as Lori Campbell in that pitiful Freddy vs. Jason movie

Why she’d make a great Amelia:

In my other three casting choices, I noted a few traits that made the aforementioned actresses particularly suited to play Amelia: comedic timing, charm, likeability, age appropriateness, and the right physical appearance.  Monica Keena has ALL of those things going for her.   But she also has something else:  sex appeal. 

Let’s face it, with the possible exception of Sookie (who, in my opinion, is WAY too monogamous, especially given all the FABULOUS male options she has available to her), Amelia probably gets laid more than any other female character in Charlaine Harris’ series.  She’s boy-crazy!  And GIRL crazy! 

Whoever plays Amelia must have what it takes to be a believable seductress for PAM!  Not very many women can pull that off.  I think Monica can . . .

5) Rose McGowan

Age: 36

Where you’ve seen her: as Neve Campbell’s DOOMED B.F.F., Tatum in Scream, as Dr. Teddy Rowe in Nip Tuck, as Cherry in the film, Grindhouse, and, perhaps, most importantly, as WITCH Paige Matthews in Charmed

Why she’d make a great Amelia:

Talk about sex appeal!  Rose McGowan has it in spades!  She’s also proven herself to be a solid comedic actress  (that “doggy door” scene in Scream never fails to make me giggle), as well as a remarkably energetic and likeable one (as evident in the Charmed series). 

Sure, McGowan would be a more mature, and certainly edgier Amelia, than any of the other actresses I’ve suggested.  Then again, isn’t Kristen Bauer a more mature and edgier Pam than the one Charlaine Harris described in her books?  Speaking of Kristen Bauer, how utterly cool would it be to watch her and McGowan share scenes together?  I suspect their chemistry would be amazing!

So, there you have it  — my top five casting picks for Amelia Broadway.  Who would YOU choose?



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11 responses to “True Blood Dream Casting – Amelia Broadway (May Contain Slight Spoilers)

  1. Casey

    I pictured Amelia as Charisma Carpenter! She’d be perfect although I think she’s 40 now! :s

    • Nice choice, Casey! I always liked Charisma Carpenter. Even though she played “bitchy” on Buffy and Angel, she always did so with a kind of quirky charm that made it difficult to hate her, even though you knew you should.

      Sure, she’s 40. But age is so relative in Hollywood these days! If 28-year olds can play high school students, then surely 40-year olds can play 28, right? 🙂

  2. NOOOO! She has to look like a typical hot lesbian like in The l Word with black or brown short boyish hair 🙂

    • Hi, Sara! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      That’s so interesting that you pictured Amelia that way. In my head, she was always this perky cute red head in a messy ponytail, who was quirky, fun, extremely over-caffeinated, and talked about a mile a minute. That’s why her and Pam worked so well as a couple. They were complete opposites, but complimented one another in their differences.

      I love how two people can read the same book, and come up with completely different interpretations of the same character. You can’t do that with television shows, where the cast is picked for you, for better or worse. 🙂

      It will be interesting to see who Alan Ball and Co. ends up casting in this pivotal role . . . or if they end up casting her at all! I’d read that they were casting a very sexy Columbian actress to play a woman named “Antonia” in Season 4. I wonder if she will end up being True Blood’s answer to Amelia. If so, your incarnation of the character will likely be much closer to the “real thing” than mine, both in terms of physical appearance and personality.

      I guess we will just have to wait and see! 🙂

  3. Stayce

    Amelia is one of my fav characters and when I saw your choices, u could immediately picture Rachel Bilson playing her. I really hope she is not one of the characters that is forgotten.

    • Hi Stayce! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m so glad you agree with my casting choice . . . I know Rachel Bilson just signed on for another series. But hey, True Blood shoots while most show’s are on hiatus. I’m sure she could swing both. 🙂

      I agree with you about Amelia Broadway being an essential character to the Sookie Stackhouse series. I can’t imagine Alan Ball covering the later books in the series, in particular, without her! TV Sookie needs a friend who’s a bit less . . . um . . . (how do I put this nicely) “angry ” than Tara. And Amelia fits that role perfectly! 🙂

    • Bev Rush

      I hope they don’t forget Amelia either. She is in quite a few of the books and is an important part of the books. She was even in the latest book. I have been role playing her for over a year and have changed her character a lot in the last few months. Haven’t had a Sookie to play opposite. So our SLs have taken on a whole new life.

      • That is so cool, Bev! I’ve always been intrigued by the Role Playing aspect of True Blood. Amelia would be such a fun character to play.

        And wow, a True Blood Role Play, sans Sookie? Now THAT would be interesting! (I know a lot of people out there, who think the SHOW would be better without Sookie. So, I’m sure they’d love to read your role play too. ;)) Do you have a link to your stuff? Is it run through Twitter? I’d be interested to see it.

  4. Lolli

    If i should choose, who to play the role as Amelia Broadway, i think it would be between Allison Moon or Monica Keena, because of how their body is build. I’ve always pictured Amelia as a small, bud tall woman 😀

  5. honestly, while i was reading it, i pictured myself lol

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