“What happens at Vegas Night . . .” – A Recap of The Season Finale of Degrassi’s The Boiling Point

So, you peed your pants at the end of the episode.  So WHAT?  You’re still pretty cool in my book . . .

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been following Degrassi’s The Boiling Point on Teen Nick this summer.  And if you HAVE been following the show, you know that it’s season finale, entitled “All Falls Down,” aired tonight.  Although the final episode didn’t push the envelope quite as far as I would have liked, I thought it was a fitting end to a surprisingly well-written, and enjoyable season. 

Sure, it got off to a rather slow and awkward start . . .

“I don’t really know you that well.  But you and I are both getting too old to be on this show.  So, what do you say we get married, and ride off into the sunset together?”

 . . . but somewhere around the halfway point, the show really hit its stride.  And, before I knew it, I was hooked . . .

First transgender teen character on television?  AWESOME!

So without further adieu, let’s take a look back on how it all ended, shall we?

Sav and Holly J. – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

*playing guitar and singing off key*  “You’re my one, my only . . .  [Insert your name here].”

Remember a couple of seasons ago when Sav was dating Anya . . .

 . . . and she was mad at him, because he wouldn’t introduce her to his parents (even though they had been dating for six months), because she wasn’t a Muslim?  No?  Well, it happened.  And to make it up to Anya, Sav serenaded her with the cheesiest, most ear-splittingly bad song, EVER!  And it worked!  Why?  Because Sav is such a STUD MUFFIN . . .obviously.

Well . . . now, Sav and Anya are splitsville . . .

 . . . and Sav has started making goo goo eyes, at Anya’s once B.F.F., Holly J . . . 

 . . . who . . . up until a few episodes ago . . . was swapping spit with THIS GUY . . .

 .  . . who once made out with his SISTER . . .

 .  . . who looks like THIS . . .

Hair: The Musical called . . . they want that outfit back . . .

 . . . and is currently best friends with Holly J.

But I digress . . . so Holly J. and Sav are sort of / kind of together.  And at Vegas Night, Sav shows his affection for Holly J. by . . . you guessed it . . . SINGING A CRAPPY SONG to her in front of the entire student body .  . . a song that sounds suspiciously similar to the “Anya Song.” 

It WORKS . . . AGAIN !  

What is wrong with these girls?

 Anyway, Holly J. gives thanks to Sav and his magical musical charms,  by changing into a totally tarty outfit, and stripping for him in an abandoned classroom. 

AND . . . then . . .  just when things are starting to get exciting . . . the cops come and spoil EVERYTHING  . . . (No money shot today!)

I’m thinking the public indecency charge is not going to look so hot on Holly J.’s Yale application.  Just saying . . .  I blame Stud Muffin Sav and his hypnotic (and by “hypnotic,” I mean “awful”) voice.

But believe it or not, the cops didn’t break up Degrassi’s Vegas Night due to a Sav-induced noise violation.  So, why did they come, you ask?  Well . . . we’ll get to that in a bit.  We’ve got other slutty fish to fry first . . .

Some like it hot . . . in the Boiler Room

“I did a BAD, BAD thing . . .”

OK.  So, where was I during high school, that no one EVER invited ME to the hottest room in the building to get “nekkid” with the cool kids?

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Bianca!

So, Drew, the Dumb Jock with a Heart of Gold, but NO self control WHATSOEVER  . . .

Keep a bun on that weiner, boy!

 . . . was dating the smart, but super self-absorbed and slightly promiscuous, Alli . . .

 Except the “slightly” part of her promiscuousness was, apparently, not enough for Drew.  So, HE eventually succumbed to the charms of SUPER SLUT from SLUTTY SLUTVILLE, Bianca  . . .

 . . . who inexplicably wears ugly ACID WASH mom jeans from 1982 . . .

 . . . and once ALMOST got it on with Drew’s transgender step-bro, Adam . . .

Not only is Bianca a TOTAL HO, she also has a HUGE MOUTH (which, probably helped things along significantly in the Boiler Room, while these two were going at it). 

At Vegas Night, Big Mouth Bianca tells Drew’s girl, Alli, about the illicit hookup.  And then, when Drew tries to say the two just kissed, Bianca CORRECTS him, alluding to the fact that SHE kissed Drew . . . DOWN BELOW.

So, the now- heartbroken,  still slightly- promiscious, Alli heads off to the Boiler Room with Big Bully, Small Willy, Owen . . .

 .  . . who offers her $50 bucks (Is that play money, or does Canadian cash actually look like that?) to kiss HIM  . . . DOWN BELOW.  But, like I said, Alli is only SLIGHTLY promiscuous.  And, while she DOES want to make Drew jealous, the “Nether Region Kissing thing” is a no-go for her.  So, Alli tells Big Bully, Small Willy, Owen, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Then he tries to RAPE HER!

Fortunately, Dumb Jock with the Heart of Gold, but NO Self Control, Drew comes to her rescue!

But then Drew’s MOM, who is some “big important” school superintendent, or something . . .

 . . . comes to the Boiler Room, finds the pair together, and automatically assumes that Slightly Promiscious Alli seduced her poor little innocent son, Drew.  YIKES!

But that STILL doesn’t explain why the cops were at Degrassi  . . .  Not to worry.  This will . . .

Here’s barfing at you, kid . . .

Smart, sensitive, slightly emo lovebirds, Eli and Clare, have TRULY been the REAL lovestory of this season.

Episode after episode, we have rooted for them, as they overcame eachother’s respective baggage (He sort of / kind of had a role in his ex-girlfriend’s death.  She’s massively uptight, and her last boyfriend dumped her for a prettier, but much less intelligent, blonde.), and tentatively moved toward a surprisingly sexy romantic relationship.

Eli and Clare studying French . . . kissing.

But while Clare and Eli were moving deeper into one another’s pants, Eli was still grappling with the fact that his ass was getting kicked fairly regularly by his Nemesis, Trailer Trash Fitzy . . .

Eli and Fitz have been sparring for most of the season — with Eli using his wits to get the better of Dumb Bunny Fitz, and Fitz responding by repeatedly kneeing Poor Eli in the nuts.  In an effort to evoke a truce between the two, the usually smart Clare inexplicably agrees to go to Vegas Night as Fitz’s date.

Ummm . . . riiiiiight, because the IDEAL way to stop your boyfriend from hating his nemesis, is to DATE that nemesis. 

Understandably, Eli is pissed.  He wants Clare to put some Ipecac in Fitz’s drink to make him puke.  She refuses.  So, at Vegas Night, Eli spikes Fitz’s drink with the “puke juice” himself, and tricks Clare into getting Fitz to drink it. 

Infuriated and still smelling like vomit, Fitz goes to his locker, and gets a knife . . .

 . . . and then THIS happens . . .

. . . just kidding . . . but wouldn’t that have been AWESOME?

What actually happens is that Clare sees Fitz with the knife, and rushes to tell Principal Simpson.  THAT’S how the cops end up coming to the school, and finding Half Naked Holly J humping Sav in an abandoned classroom.  And THAT’S how Drew’s superintendent (or something) mom ended up in the boiler room, where she found Slightly Promiscuous Alli doing precisely nothing but crying, and, yet, jumped to conclusions about her sluttiness, anyway.

Meanwhile, Fitz lunged at Eli with a knife . . .

 . . . but never ended up stabbing him.  Fitz DID make Eli piss his pants though.  One bodily function deserves another, I guess.  Now, they are even!  PlusEli, my favorite character of the season, will live on to brood, smoulder, and drive around town in his cool hearse, another day . . .

Ultimately, Fitz was arrested.  Principal Simpson then told his four once-favorite students that he was mad at them, and planned to make their lives miserable . . .

To prove it to them, he grabbed Fitz’s knife, and did THIS . . .

Kidding again!  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself . . .

Well .  . . there you have it.  That was the Season Finale of Degrassi’s Boiling Point in a nutshell.  What did you think of the episode?  Did you enjoy the Boiling Point?  Do you plan to watch Degrassi next season?  Are you as much of Emo Eli fan as I am?  All good questions . . .



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13 responses to ““What happens at Vegas Night . . .” – A Recap of The Season Finale of Degrassi’s The Boiling Point

  1. Secret

    Yay you love Eli like me all my friends say I’m nuts bcuz he is so emo and devious and that turns me on(is that bad) anyways I’m far from emo and I love him and Clare they were all I cares about this season I mean I did care about the smaller things like drew and what he did with Bianca (whatever It is I’m not interested in knowing) in the boiler room(i was cursin out the tv until finally I relized everytime I do that they just don’t listen to me anyway) but I was more so focused on Eli (and Clare mostly Eli) yes I pln on watching next season

    • Don’t worry, Secret. You and I aren’t the only ones who adore Eli. If you ever check out the message boards at Kary’s Degrassi Blog or TeenNick.com, Eli is practically all everyone talks about. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a character quite like Eli on Degrassi before. He’s got a little bit of something for everybody: intelligence, for the brainy kids, a devious dark side, for girls who like bad boys, sweetness and sensitivity, for the romantic gals, a clever dry sense of humor, for the funny girls, and, yes, a bit of emo oddness, for the outsider in all of us.

      Clare and Eli are quickly becoming my favorite Degrassi couple ever. They are just so different from one another, and, yet, so much a like. It’s the perfect match. He helps her to loosen up a bit, and not be so uptight all the time. She helps calm his inner demons and hidden rage issues. Eli definitely went overboard in handling Fitz’s bullying. However, I think, without Clare there to chasten him and set him straight, things could have been A LOT WORSE! Plus, the actors playing both characters have GREAT chemistry with one another.

      Oh, and I love Eli’s friendship with Adam. Despite that little fight they had toward the end of the season, those two are generally adorable together. Eli is so protective of Adam. I love that about him.

      But no matter how well the character of Eli is written, he wouldn’t be anywhere near as awesome, if Munro Chambers didn’t do such an AMAZING job playing him. I predict BIG THINGS for this actor. Aside from being very talented, he definitely has something intriguing about him, appearance wise. And if he looks this good now, there’s no TELLING how GORGEOUS he’s going to be in a few years . . .

      I can’t wait for Degrassi to return to my TV set. This show has done a complete 180 this summer, in a good way. And I, for one, am hooked.

  2. eclare12

    I luv eclare an I care bout them very much, but I wanna focus on alli, drew, and bianca. I can’t believe drew would do that to alli. She is the most loyal gf a boy could hav. He screwed up big time! He knows as well as we do that he’ll neva find anyone else like alli. And bianca she’s a bf stealing witch. But ya kno it all comes bac 2 drew he fell for it. Wy are boys so stupid? And wat does kissing him in the nether region multiple times at a varying speed mean exactly?

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, eclare12! You are absolutely right! Bianca is a slutty biatch. Drew should definitely have known better, than to fall for her tricks. Alli deserves SO much better!

      As for the “nether region” comment, I’m pretty sure there are parents out there, who would shut down this blog, if I revealed that information here. 🙂 But if you think about it, you can probably figure it out . . .

  3. Ania

    Omg I read Your sorry and it was the best yet! As I said earlier I love your storries,and please write more . What do you think would happen if drew and bionca didnt go into the boiler room or bitz didnt stab eli or almost did ? Anyway i’m going to this website every day and check if you write more cause ,yet again, I LOVE YOUR WRITING! Oh please write more .Anyway do you have anything else writtin about derassi or their chracters ? If you do I’m definitly gonna read it . Thank you for writng!<3 🙂

    • I’m so glad you liked the recap, Ania! And I think you are an excellent writer. Have you ever considered starting a blog? It’s a lot of fun, and a great place to practice writing. You could even start your own Degrassi blog! How cool would that be? 🙂

    • I’m sorry. It looks like I forgot to answer your other question, Ania. So, here goes . . . 🙂

      If Drew didn’t go to the boiler room with Bianca, EVERYTHING would have been different! Drew and Alli would never have had their fight, and would probably still be together right now. Alli would never have had HER boiler room interlude with that Creepy Rapist Owen. Therefore, Alli and Bianca would never have ended up in detention together.

      If Alli and Bianca were never in detention together, Alli would never have had any reason to send that dirty picture of Bianca to everyone in the school. Therefore, Alli and Bianca would never have had that MAJOR cat fight, they had last season. If Alli never fought Bianca, her parents would never have found out about the behavioral file that the school had on her. So, Alli would have no reason to transfer out of Degrassi! It’s amazing how one small decision you make, can effect so many people’s lives!

      What a great question, Ania! I never would have really thought about all of this, had you not suggested it to me. So, thank you so much for making me thing!

      As for Fitz threatening Eli with the knife, it’s very possible that had THAT not happened, Mr. Simpson would not have put all those crazy restrictions on Degrassi students (i.e. the dress code, the banning of student activities, limitations on school functions and cell phone usage). While it’s true that other people misbehaved at Vegas night (like Sav and Holly J. for example), I don’t think that the other infractions would have been enough to make Simpson overreact in the way that he did. Fitz’s Knife Incident was mostly to blame for Simpson’s anger at the Degrassi students.

      Regarding the Degrassi Uniforms and restrictions, while I feel bad for the students, who are no longer able to express their individuality through their clothing, I kind of like that they wear different color shirts, based on what grade they are currently in. As a viewer, I find the “color coding” helpful, because it reminds me of which students are in which grade. Before the uniforms, I could never remember which characters were older (i.e. seniors and juniors) and which were younger (i.e. freshmen and sophomores). So, I guess there are positives to everything!

      Thanks again for continuing to read and discuss Degrassi with me. I’m having a ton of fun corresponding with you!

  4. Ania

    oh , your welcome !Thanks for the sugestion but ill never be as good as you.With the uniforms i knnow what you mean cause first i went to a pubilic school ,but now i go to private and i wear uniforms every day . Anyway , i love reading your oppinions soo wat do u think wiiilllll happen to eli and claire pls wrie back

  5. Ania

    omg its wierd cause im wachting this episde right this second adam and bionca were dancing its on on teennick

    • Oooh, I love Declan too! He’s yummy! 🙂 (I just kind of wish the Degrassi writers didn’t have to include that nonconsensual sex scene between him and Holly J. It ruined the Declan character a bit for me. It also didn’t really seem consistent with Declan we have come to know and love, over these past two seasons.)

      Interestingly enough, the actor who plays Declan (Landon Liboiron) is set to star in a new television series called Terra Nova. You can read about it here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1641349/

      For this reason, Declan’s story arc will, unfortunately, likely come to an end this season . . . at least temporarily (new series are never exactly a sure thing for actors). This would cause a problem for the writers, if they were planning to show Holly J’s experiences at Yale in future seasons, because Declan is supposed to attend the same prestigious American university.

      Therefore, I predict that something will happen this season that prevents Holly J. from attending Yale. Since she is so smart and goal oriented, I suspect she might end up attending the same prestigious (but fictional) Canadian college that Paige attended during her college season. This will make it easier for the show to continue to follow the character of Holly J., after she graduates from Degrassi. It also means that she could potentially continue dating Sav, if he too ends up attending college nearby.

      As I mentioned, I am actually a BIG fan of Holly J and Declan as a couple. So, I’m not sure how happy I would be with the plot development I just described. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sav too. I just preferred him dating Anya. (Holly J. and Sav always seemed more like good friends than lovers to me.) On the other hand, like I said, that new doctor Anya is dating looks really cute! So, maybe HE will change my mind about Anya and Sav. :))

  6. Ania

    Ya me tooo i luv declan , him and holly j, and sav and anya .(the producers screwed that up for us) As you were talking about that docter ,when the episode aired (WHEN HER MOM HAD CANCER) she had gone with her good friend riley (who IS gay) and they both developed feelings for the docter. Do you think if the docter, i think his name was Chris ,was a homosexaul (and not dating ) would you think he would date riley . Also, if he knew Anya wasn’t in colledge would you thnk he’d still go out with her? Anyway thank you for writting back i really appreiate it ! Anyway, what was your favorite DEGRASSI :THE BOILING POINT episode ever?

    • Hi Ania! 🙂 Regarding Anya and the Doctor, I’m not 100% sure what the Age of Consent Laws are in Canada, but in the U.S., you are a minor up until age 18. If the laws are similar in Canada, the Doctor would probably not want to date Anya, if he knew she was 17 and in high school, because he would be worried about getting charged with statutory rape, and losing his medical license, as a result.

      Additionally, I think, in order for the doctor to have completed medical school, he would have to be in at least his late twenties. (At least that’s how old he’d have to be to be a doctor in the U.S. Canada might be different.) So, even without the possibility of legal ramifications, there is a pretty big age difference between him and Anya (about 10 years).

      If the Doctor was gay, he’d have the same age related concerns regarding Riley, as he does with Anya. Plus, there would be some additional drama in that story, due to the fact that Riley is currently romantically involved with Zane.

      I’d say that the two episodes of the Boiling Point that focused on Adam’s transgender identity were my favorites from The Boiling Point. I also really liked the episode where Clare finally learned about Eli’s issues relating to Julia’s death.

  7. Ania

    Actully , thoose are my favorite shows too . Who would you date in degrassi ? pls write another blog about degrassi ?pls! anyway what do you hope tht will hapen to degrassi and what will happen to fiona with her drinking problem or to drew and ali and bionca

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