Shut up and SING! It’s almost time for Season 2 of Glee!


If last Sunday’s Gleek-tastic Emmy opener put you in the mood to watch your favorite show about singing and dancing teens, Glee, well then you’ve come to the right blog post.  Unfortunately, I don’t have quite enough clout in the entertainment world (read: “no clout at all”) to show you episodes from the show’s groundbreaking Second Season, which is set to premiere Tuesday, September 21st, at 8 p.m. on Fox.

However, I DO have plenty of mildly spoilerish intel about the new season, complete with a few pretty pictures, and some relevant YouTube videos. These should tide you over, while you eagerly await the season premiere.

So, what are we waiting for?  Let’s get GLEEK-Y!

For starters, here’s the new promo for the show, which aired just a few days ago on Fox. 

Pretty cool, right?  Now, let’s breakdown what we’ve learned about Season 2 so far . . .

The Episodes

Season 2 of Glee is slated to have 22 episodes.  The first few episodes will air on Tuesday at 8 p.m on Fox.  These early episodes will culminate in a SPECIAL extended episode, which will air following Superbowl XLV.

Following that episode, Glee will move to the much coveted Wednesday at 9 p.m. timeslot.  And, you know what that means?  More sex, drugs, and violence ALLOWED by the censors!


So far, the producers of Glee have released titles for the first THREE episodes of Season 2, along with brief synopses of each.  In the first episode, entitled Audition, New Directions will be forced, due to more budget cuts, to bring on additional members — a task that will cause tension between on-again, off-again couple, Rachel and Finn.

Two auditioners likely to “make the cut,” are foreign exchange student Sunshine Corzan, played by YouTube sensation and master songstress of the Philippines, Charice (more on her later)  . . .

 Newbie Sunshine duking it out with Rachel Berry in the school bathroom, to the tune of Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s Telephone.

. . . and transfer student / football jock, Sam Evans (played by Chord Overstreet) . . .

Just like another one of our favorite Gleeks, it appears that Sam’s “talents” will be discovered in the shower.  How convenient for those of us scouring the net for shirtless shots of the actor to use in future recaps.  Just saying . . .

Sam is described by producers as being a protege and eventual rival of Finn’s.  It is also rumored that he may be an upcoming MAJOR love interest for one Kurt Hummel.

The second episode is entitled “Britney / Brittany.”  This one will obviously be the much talked about “Britney Spears-themed episode,” comprised entirely of songs by the aforementioned artist, and featuring a cameo appearance by Spears herself.

Heather Morris (as Brittany) posing with Britney Spears — I can see a resemblance.  Can’t you?

The show’s third episode, entitled “Faith,” will be religous-themed, and feature songs including R.E.M’s “Losing my Religion” . . .

 . . . and Barbara Streisand’s “Papa Can You Hear Me.”

Other episodes airing this Season will include a Rocky Horror Picture Show – themed episode .  . .

 .  . . during which the cast of New Directions will undoubtedly perform the Time Warp dance.

Another episode will feature the cast singing entirely ORIGINAL songs.  There will also be a second Madonna-themed episode.

In the Season 2 finale, the cast will head to  New York City, to compete in the national Glee club competition.  There, they will most likely perform Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ anthem to the Big Apple, “Empire State of Mind.”

“New Directions” for our original Gleeks

If the scoop about Kurt’s new love interest enticed you, there is plenty more where that came from!  Speaking of Kurt, Mike O’Malley, who warmed everybody’s hearts with his performance as Kurt’s Dad, Burt Hummel, has been upgraded to season regular status . . .

. . . as have our two favorite “mean girl” Cheerios (and possible lovers?) Heather Morris (Brittany) and Naya Rivera (Santana) . . .

Our favorite love square, starring Rachel, Finn,  Quinn and Puck, is said to be in full effect next year.  However, a NEW love TRIANGLE will ALSO invade the Glee club.   This one will star, the loveable Artie, quirky goth, Tina, and awesome dancer, Mike Chang.

Sources say that when the season opens, Tina will be dating MIKE, having dumped Artie, due to his poor social skills and frequently rude comments.

New Cast Members and Guest Stars

Earlier in this article, I mentioned the cast additions of Chord Overstreet . . .

 . . . and Charice.

What I DIDN’T mention was that Charice’s character’s singing voice will be SO impressive, that it will enable her to make a play for Rachel Berry’s crown as Queen Bee of New Directions.  Listen to her sing this rather impressive cover of Beyonce’s “Halo” (a song which just so happened to be performed on the show, by Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry last season), and compare for yourself.

Another addition to the cast will be John Stamos . . .

John will be playing that dentist boyfriend of Emma Pillsbury, Carl Howell, who was briefly mentioned last season.

Although I sincerely doubt John will be singing on the show, fans of the oh-so-cheesetastic 90’s sitcom Full House, will likely remember that he CAN, in fact, sing.  This will become evident in the VERY retro clip, below.

Also featured in Season 2 will be Cheyenne Jackson, who’s character will replace Idina Menzel’s Shelby Corcoran as the coach for New Directions’ rivals, Vocal Adrenaline.  Since I am nothing without my journalistic integrity, I’ve decided it is absolutely imperative that I provide you with a picture of Cheyenne in his underwear . . .

You’re welcome.

I will not, however, be providing you with an equally scantily clad photograph of our next new cast member.  Dot Jones will appear as McKinley High’s new football coach, and rival to BOTH Sue and Will Schuester, Shannon Beiste.

Beware of THE BEISTE!

Other Glee guest stars will include Carol Burnett . . .

. . . who will play Mommy to, none other than, Sue Sylvester . . .

Speaking of Sue, Javier Bardem will guest star as one of her exes.

Woah!  Maybe I should start wearing track suits.

Susan Boyle will also guest star as the Singing Lunch Lady.

New Music

Look for songs by Billy Joel . . .

. . . Coldplay . . .

 . . . Paul McCartney . . .

 . . . Courtney Love . . .

 . . .  and Led Zeppelin . . .

. . . to be featured on the show.

Oh, and just in case you CAN’T wait until September 21st to get your Glee fix, the Complete First Season of Glee DVD set will be available for purchase on September 14th.  

You can preorder it (at reduced cost) here.

Of course, September 14th is still over a week away.  Is that too many Glee-less days, for you?  If so, worry not.  Glee: The Beginning, a young adult novel said to function as a prequel for the series, is available in stores, RIGHT NOW!

You can order it, by clicking here.

Not much of a reader?   Low on cash?  That’s OK.  I’ve got something for you too.  To conclude this Glee-themed post, I have provided, for your viewing pleasure, a video of that fabulous Journey Medley, performed by the New Directions, during the Season 1 finale.  And, just in case, you didn’t see it when it first aired, you can find a picturesque recap of the entire episode right here.

Well, that’s all I’ve got, for now.  See you on September 21st!  Until then, happy Gleek-ing out!



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11 responses to “Shut up and SING! It’s almost time for Season 2 of Glee!

  1. andre

    Hi. Charice latest halo cover (different arrangement) in her recent promo trip to thailand last July is so much better than the one you posted.

    heres the link and enjoy, and liked your post!!:

    • Hi Andre! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for giving me the excellent Charice video. It sounds amazing! I’ll admit, I’m too familiar with Charice’s work, as of yet. However, in researching this post, I watched a few of her performances and interviews. Not only is obviously unbelievably talented, she also seems very pleasant and down-to-earth. I think she will make a great addition to the Glee cast!

      I hope you don’t mind. I modified your comment, ever so slightly, so that the video you provided could be directly embedded in your post. This way, anyone who reads this can enjoy the video, without having to link back to YouTube. Thanks again for helping me out!

  2. Carol

    September is such a good month. I miss Glee so much. And this season looks incredible. I hope the new actors and actresses can do justice to this show.

    I just don’t want the MikexTinaxArtie triangle thing. Mike is too awesome to destroy that couple.

    • It does look like a pretty exciting season, doesn’t it? It’s nice to see that, after a disappointing loss last year, our Gleeks will actually get to Nationals this year. Take THAT, EVIL Vocal Adrenaline! 🙂

      Is it bad that I’m actually REALLY excited for the Britney / Brittany episode? *Blushes* Just thinking of all the song possibilities in my head, makes me giggle. (Can you imagine PUCK singing “Oops, I did it again”? That would be AWESOME!)

      In terms of the whole “Artie / Tina / Mike” thing, I agree that it will likely be a frustrating storyline, seeing as Artie is such a fan favorite. But, like you, I REALLY like Mike, and am happy that Harry Shum will be getting some actual speaking lines this season. (I swear the guy only spoke about 4 times ALL LAST season.)

      For me, Septembers can actually be kind of depressing, because they mean that the summer is over. So, it’s a good thing we have all this QUALITY TV to take our minds off of that fact. 🙂

  3. imaginarymen

    OK I was on the fence about watching this season bc I feel “Glee” is JUST about overdoing it – but this post convinced me (that and Sue telling the girls singing in the bathroom to “SHUT UP!”)

    • Haha! *laughs maniacally, rubs hands together and strokes fake mustache* My evil plan has worked! 🙂

      (You DO know that the main reason why I write these posts, is to get all of my friends to watch the same shows that I watch. If only so that I will have someone to fangirl with, once the episodes have aired. ;))

      And I agree . . . Rachel Berry should be told to shut up more often. And the fact that it was Jane Lynch doing the “shutting” was all the more fitting . . .

  4. imaginarymen

    Speaking of that:

    “Friday Night Lights” is coming to ABC Family starting Tuesday. Only THE BEST SHOW EVER INVENTED IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!

    You’ll thank me later ;->

  5. imaginarymen

    Holy cow Julie! That turned out AWESOME!!

    You are definitely The Arty One in our two-woman posse ;->

    • Aww, thanks, Amy! *blushes*

      Actually, I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. 🙂 I think I just got lucky with this design. It matches the promotional posters for Season 2 of Glee. (particularly, the green shirt, which I think is about the same color as the recently released Glee poster.)

      CafePress is officially my new favorite time waster ;).

  6. oh God, i miss all glee episodes! 😦

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