The Vampire Diaries’ Drinking Game

Ahhhh drinking . . .

It can make you do STRANGE things.  Like dance . . .

 . . . or pass out WAY TOO EARLY . . .

. . . or .  . . well .  . . YOU KNOW 😉 . . .

And SOMETIMES . . . things can get REALLY crazy .  . .

Here at TV Recappers Anonymous, we CERTAINLY are not ones to promote excessive drinking . . .

. . . particularly to those of you who are not yet of legal drinking age . . .

However, if any of you were to . . . hypothetically . . . play a drinking game that was somehow related to The Vampire Diaries (say while watching the September 9th Season Premiere), here are some things you MIGHT consider doing . . .

You MIGHT want to invest in some “good” red wine . . .

 . . . because bags of blood are hard to come by, these days . . .

. . . and violence NEVER pays (Plus, it’s very messy.) . . .

Once you’ve got your wine in hand, here are some situations that MIGHT occur during the Season Premiere, to which you MIGHT want to drink in celebration:

1) If Elena and Katherine appear in the same scene, say, “Let the doppelganger hijinks ensue!” and take a drink.

2) If Stefan and Damon appear in the same scene, pretend to faint from the hotness overload . . . then, take a drink.

3) If two characters kiss, makeout with your pillow (or the person next to you, depending on who that is), then . . . you guessed it . . . take a drink.

4) If two people “do it,” sing “Bow Chicka Wowwow,” while thrusting your pelvis rhythmically, and take a drink.

5) If Damon compels someone, hold your arms out in front of you like a zombie, say, “Whatever you wish, Master,” then, take a drink.

6) If Tyler turns into a werewolf, howl like one, and eat a steak.   Just kidding . . . take a drink.

7) If Damon does the eye thing, attempt to do it too, then drink.

8 ) If someone dies on the show, play dead for a few seconds, then drink.

9) If someone you THINK is dead, ultimately miraculously comes back to life, say, “IT’S ALIVE!” and drink.

10) And, finally, if something TOTALLY INSANE happens during the episode, that you weren’t at all expecting say, “Holy Crap!” – then drink.  (This will probably happen, without your consciously thinking about it, anyway.)

So, there you have it — a drinking game specially designed for the Season Premiere of The Vampire Diaries.  Just remember, moderation is key.  And please . . . don’t drink and drive. 😉

He’ll be watching YOU!



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8 responses to “The Vampire Diaries’ Drinking Game

  1. imaginarymen

    YAY IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!

    This is awesome. If I wasn’t already busy watching, freaking out, squealing like a fangirl, and attempting to be clever and entertaining with you in the Live Blog, then I would certainly play!!

    (mb this should be applied to the whole season? 😉


    • Come to think of it, this game WOULD apply to the entire season! Not a bad way to spend a Thursday night . . . or to become a raging alcoholic, either way. But I think that if I did that, my recaps of the show would start to look something like this . . .

      “Damon is sooooooooo hoooootttttt. ldfgjdflgjhdf Yuummmmy. I loouvvfe hiimmmmm.”

      Yeah, not pretty.

      Maybe I’ll tape the episodes. This way, I can rewatch, and play the game, Friday nights — relatively RISK FREE. You with me? 😉

  2. imaginarymen

    Wait – just the other night you were planning my Thursday viewing schedule so as to have me available to you for INSTANT TVD recap feedback!

    Now that booze is all involved it’s all “heeeeyyy let’s watch on Fridays”!

    I see how it is!

    Though, I’m certainly not opposed to the idea ;-0

    • I meant ALSO on Fridays, of course! Double the Damon, Double the Fun. 🙂

      So, yes. Your Thursday TV-watching schedule still stands. If I recall, it was . . .

      WATCH TVD!
      DVR Big Bang Theory (because it’s not on Hulu)
      Watch Community on Hulu, shortly thereafter.

      And NOW, I have added . . .

      get drunk with Julie, while RE-WATCHING TVD on Fridays. 😉

      Sound good?

  3. Cherie

    Hee! How about if Aunt Jenna does something totally useless, take a drink?

    Or when vervain is ingested or mention of the herb is made?

    • Great minds think alike! I was TOTALLY thinking of added a Useless Aunt Jenna drinking rule! 🙂 (I also had a “drink when Bonnie does something witchy” rule in mind.)

      I guess I figured 10 was the Magic Number. But, hey, the more the merrier (drunkier?), right? Let’s add in the two you mentioned as honorary 11 and 12, and the Bonnie rule as 13, and we don’t have to EVER put our glasses down, for the entire hour! 🙂

      So excited! It’s going to be an awesome episode. I can feel it!

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