The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Premiere – We are Live Blogging it! (Or, at least, attempting to . . .)

Elena is not too keen on the idea of live-blogging.  Too much risk.  With a vampire as a boyfriend, a witch as a best friend, and . . . DAMON . . . she feels she has all the risk she needs in her life, right now.  But Vampire Katherine?  She says, “GAME ON, B&TCHES!”

Last year, in honor of the Finale of Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries . . .

. . . the amazing, brilliantly talented, and insanely hilarious, Amy (author of the AWESOME blog, Imaginary Men) and I, attempted to live blog the bloody festivities in all their so-beautiful-it-physically-hurts-to-look-at-them glory.

And . . .  yeah . . . it didn’t work out so well . . .

But we still had a great time doing it . . .

And .  . . maybe it’s just because we are gluttons for punishment . . . but we’ve decided to try the whole “live blogging” thing again, for the upcoming Season Premiere.

So, if ogling / completely objectifying hot boys, snarkiness, and OBSESSIVE (slightly nerdy) fangirling are YOUR thing, feel free to click the link below (on Thursday, September 9th at 8 p.m., EST) and watch The Vampire Diaries’ Season Premiere episode, “The Return,” with us.  We can’t promise you it will all work out . . . but we CAN bribe you with sexy pictures of the show’s stars . . .

Have I convinced you?  If so . . .

Click here to participate in the live blog 

 Because we have nothing to lose . . . except our dignity. . .


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12 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Premiere – We are Live Blogging it! (Or, at least, attempting to . . .)

  1. imaginarymen

    “the amazing, brilliantly talented, and insanely hilarious, Amy” Holy cow – you’re SO hired as my PR Guru – should I ever need one!!

    I just checked and am pleased that my DVR remembered how much I love TVD and already has it set to record the ENTIRE SEASON!!

    OMG 22 more hours of Shirtless Salvatorey Goodness! I can’t even stand it!!!

    No matter what happens, I know we’ll have a blast trying to watch, squeal, swoon, and gasp “OMG!!!!!” while typing somewhat coherently in our live blog extravaganza!!!


    • I would totally be your publicist, Amy. Just say, the word. Then, of course, I would do fun things for you, like accidentally / on purpose “let it slip” that you were dating BOTH Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, each behind the other’s back. And sex tapes MAY be involved. This way, we could schedule a press conference for the three of you, where you debunk the rumors. (But nobody believes you.) Then, you’d write a tell-all, to set everyone straight. . .

      Your DVR sounds pretty cool. I bet she (because you KNOW it HAS be a SHE) would totally hang out and fangirl with us . . . if she had legs . . . and a mouth.

      “Shirtless Salvatorey Goodness” is another GREAT idea for a t-shirt! Do you think we could still be sued for infringing “right of publicity” if we only use the characters’ abs on the shirt?

      You’re right, live blogging is going to be great fun, no matter what ends up appearing on the screen. And there’s no one I would rather do it with ;). Plus, now that I’ve informed our readers that it might not work, they aren’t expecting much. But they will be pleasantly surrprised if (when?) it does . . . 🙂 Yay for college psych classes!

      Just a few more hours, until Dancing Damon strikes again! 🙂

  2. imaginarymen

    It is like the Night Before Christmas!! How can we be expected to sleep!?!??!!

    Why didn’t I take the day off!??!

    Why isn’t today a National Holiday!!?!?

    Why isn’t it 8PM YET????

    I may start drinking BEFORE the show, I’m just sayin’ ;-0

  3. Hey TVD fans! I just wanted to thank everybody who watched, supported and/or participated in tonight’s Live Blog Extravaganza! Amy and I could not have done this without you! Tonight’s installment of TVD was absolutely AMAZING! And I have SO MUCH to say about it (as, I am sure, you do too!).

    Unfortunately, due to my live blogging responsibilities, I, did not pay as much attention to all the GORY details as I would have liked. So, before I do my official recap, I would like to rewatch the episode. And, as I do not have DVR :(, I’m still trying to find an online version to rewatch that won’t destroy my computer with viruses . . . (Any suggestions?)

    However, as I am sure to find a legitimate avenue to rewatch the episode by tomorrow, I PROMISE to have a recap up and ready by LATE tomorrow night. Thanks for your patience. And thanks again for watching with me!

    See you soon!

  4. Cherie

    Awww, so sad that the time differences mean I was at work when the live blogging party was going down. Sniffle!

    I read all of the live blog anyway and loved the hilarious interplay between you and Amy plus the HOT DAMN new photo of Damon used close to the start! Although, aren’t they all…

    Haven’t viewed the episode yet because it airs a couple days later in Oz than in the States, so thank you, thank you, thank you for satisfying my bloodthirsty appetite for TVD coverage!! I doubt I could have resisted the temptation to read recaps online before the episode aired over here anyway, so I loved seeing it play out through the witty repartee of you two crazy Fangirls!

    Here is a great site for downloading episodes: I would do it myself but my downloading allowance is pretty minimal!

    Love that they have clearly outlined the feelings of every member of the Love Square feelings or lack thereof towards each of the other points. Means that time won’t be wasted trying to understand vague dynamics, and any dramatic changes in relationships will have more weight.

    And I gasped when I read about the OMG Jeremy moment!

    Ohh, and I am totally going to the Fangirl shop! I really, really loved your Salvatoreo idea (based on my desire to be the cream filling in a Brothers Salvatore crunch!) and would love something personalised along those lines. Is that possible??

    • Hi Cherie! Thanks so much for stopping by our liveblog! We tried to make it moderately coherent for those who hadn’t yet watched the episode. So, we hope it wasn’t too all over the place / confusing. (But even if it was, the pictures were still pretty. Right? ;))

      I hope to have a more comprehensive recap up sometime late tonight or tomorow, assuming I can find a good place where my computer will let me watch and screencap the episode.

      (Thanks for the link, by the way! I can’t wait to try it out! So many of these online episode links are either filled with viruses, or make you enter your personal information, in order to watch. So, it’s nice to get a “trusted site” to watch the episodes, from someone I trust.)

      You are right. All lines were clearly drawn between the main characters this evening. It was interesting seeing Stefan’s and Elena’s perspectives flip flop with respect to Damon’s humanity. As a vampire himself, Stefan can understand the source of Damon’s anger, and that his bad acts, in their own twisted way, are acts of human love and heartbreak.

      Meanwhile, Elena, who always tauted herself as someone who understood Damon, now sees him as completely inhuman and evil. (Although they WERE in a lot of promo pics together for next week’s episode. So who knows how long this “hatred” will last?)

      Besides, wasn’t it Vampire Katherine that said that the greatest love stories start from hate? And she would know . . .

      Our core three actors were BRILLIANT this episode! With Nina KILLING IT (literally and figuratively) as Katherine, and showing appropriate emotionality as Elena, particularly in the last scene. And Damon, with his pain and double rejection (Katherine AND Elena) broke my heart many times over throughout the hour. Yet, he confused, maddened, and intrigued me with his final act re: Jeremy. Did he know about the ring of immortality? I would like to think he did.

      Much more on all this later . . . I hope.

      Oh, and regarding the T-Shirts, I would LOVE to make you a Salvat-oreo shirt, (and I will)! But I would be remiss not to tell you that you can make them for free yourself (no markup) at It’s a GREAT website, and you pay cost for any shirts you make online

      Chat soon! Happy TVD day!

  5. Cherie

    The way I look at Damon snapping Jeremy’s neck is that it serves two purposes: 1) it reaffirmed to Jeremy that, despite his earlier suicide attempt that night, he wants to live and doesn’t want to be a vampire and 2) snapping Jeremy’s neck was Damon’s own suicide attempt; this was a desperate act to sever all ties to his humanity by irrevocably destroying the relationship (his friendship with Elena) that had allowed him to start resdiscovering this part of himself. Like Jeremy, his suicide attempt failed… in this case because his near victim survived. Otherwise, I think the damage to the Delena relationship would have been permanent. Just like Jeremy plummeted to rock bottom, I think this is the moment where Damon has too, and from here he might eventually be able to achieve true redemption.

    So, even though Damon is a quick study and I could totally believe he saw the ring of immortality, I bet that even if he hadn’t, he would have still done the exact same thing. If he did see the ring, I think that, for the fleetingest moment, he wanted Elena to feel an inch of the pain he does. I’ll console you, Damon!

    I know that Elena’s “I would never kiss you” comments might be viewed as insensitive, but I think it was less about Damon than about her. She was basically saying she is not the type of person who would cheat on her boyfriend, let alone with his brother, not that she thinks Damon has cooties or is physically unattractive, because c’mon, the girl has eyes 🙂 I think there was truth to Damon’s statement that was something going on between the two of them, and that she was denying this to herself. But with the whole Jeremy thing, it will take a lot for those feelings to return.

    Thanks for the tips on the t-shirts! I will definitely check out Cafe Press, but a Julie signature piece would be equally awesome! Would love to hear about the slogans you have on the shirts you’ve already no doubt created for yourself 🙂

    • Hey Cherie! I’m SO GLAD you got to watch the episode! It was awesome right? I literally found myself thinking about it ALL DAY, running over the events, and trying to piece it all together. I love your analysis of the Neck Twist, and it’s importance NOT just to Damon’s and Elena’s relationship, but to Jeremy. How quickly we forget, Jeremy almost died TWICE this episode. Shortly before that, not one, but TWO loves of his life turned vamp (one LONG ago), and they both DIED. This is a boy who’s going to be toting around some SERIOUS baggage for a LONG time! It’s so like us fans, to view this as “the defining Damon / Elena moment” and completely forget the REAL victim! Shame on us! 🙂

      And I also like your interpretation of Damon’s action as a rock-bottom, but ultimately redeemable moment, regardless of whether he saw the ring before lashing out. Because, while WE will ALWAYS love him, I think a lot of fans are going to have trouble with this one. (But hey, if Logan / Veronica fans could get past the “bashing of her headlights” and the “whole GHB incident” and Chuck / Blair fans could get past the “attempted rape of Jenny in the pilot”, us Delena fans can survive this! ;)) The thing is, Damon has killed for his own ultimate goals BEFORE. His murder of Lexi was pretty terrible, and that Lady that Lived with the Hidey Hole Vamps too. Remember her?

      But this was SO different. Damon is different now. We saw that in his Season 1 Finale speech to Katherine / Elena. And as much as he wants to “shut his feelings off” as so many of these vampires seem to want to do (Heck, that was Jeremy’s main reason for wanting to turn, after Anna died.), he can’t — not now. His final moments spent miserably breaking stuff in his home are proof of that. This was an act of heartbreak — a suicide, like you said. It was NOT an act of pure malice, nor was it an act of cold and unfeeling calculation. Perhaps early Season 1 Damon could have pulled that off, but this Damon can’t.

      And he will redeem himself . . . if not immediately in Elena’s eyes, then in the eyes of fans . . . very soon. I believe that.

  6. imaginarymen

    I just went back and read our chat transcript and it was pretty damn funny!

    Yay us!!

    And bc I am going to be saying it all season: OH DAMON!!!!


    • That’s so funny. I did (and thought) the same thing, when I reread it today. I said, “Wow, this is pretty coherent. It even made me giggle.”

      We had a good running commentary going there. And I think you actually COULD get a lot of what was going on in the episode from our short statements. (Not ALL, of course, because THIS was an episode that NEEDED to be watched twice – I am willing to bet all those Big Name Journalists GOT IT EARLY and WATCHED IT TWICE. Otherwise, I really don’t know how they managed.)

      That was SO MUCH FUN! We will definitely do this for the finale. AND, if you ever want to try it for an award ceremony — just say the word, and I am there ;).

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