Let your fangs be your guide! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Brave New World”

There’s a crazed newbie vampire and two VERY testosterone-y werewolves on the loose in Mystic Falls.  But worry not!  The Salvatore Brothers have it all under control . . . sort of.

Last week, our heroes, Damon and Stefan, had their hands full with Vampire Katherine and her crazy, sexy, evil doppelganger ways . . .

This week, Katherine seems to have taken a little siesta from Mystic Falls.  But that didn’t make life any easier on our Bro Vamps, who still managed to spend most of the episode tending to supernatural creatures, and cleaning up their magical messes . . .

“Who you calling a MESS, b*tch?”

So, without further adieu, let us head off to the Mystic Falls Carnival, and pay a very special visit to its fabulous House of Freaks!

 Hospital Food BITES

After suffering the massive inconvenience of having the life smothered out of her by an antiseptic-smelling hospital pillow . . .

 . . . Caroline “wakes up” in the middle of the night, mildly disoriented and MAJORLY hungry.  Unfortunately,  B*tchy Night Nurse, won’t let her eat until morning.  So, Caroline does what any girl would do in a such a situation.  She improvises.

“Mmmmm, is it just me or have these juice boxes gotten bigger, since I was a kid?”

The next morning, Caroline’s boyfriend, Matt, comes to visit . . .

. . . and Caroline gives him a shoulder so icy cold, it can only be offered by the undead.  She refuses to kiss him, flinches at his touch, won’t eat the food he brings her, and cowers against a wall, when he tries to open the blinds.  Like all boys forced to deal with moody mates, Matt undoubtedly wonders whether Caroline is “On the Rag.”  Little does Mystic Falls’ resident nice guy know that his girlfriend has a WHOLE DIFFERENT “Blood Problem” on her hands (and in her mouth .  . .).

In addition to coping with her brand new kind of “thirst,” and the fact that her face now occasionally sprouts dark lines and wrinkles that even Botox won’t be able to cure, Caroline is also stressed out about not being able to run the Mystic Falls Carnival.  The Carnival was something Caroline had organized every year, since she was a freshman.  And now, with her “out of commission,” Elena and Bonnie are forced to take her place.

While the girls are unpacking boxes, and stacking Team Jacob t-shirts . . .

Every screaming thirteen-year old girl should have one . . .

. . . they can’t help but make a few jokes at Type A blood drinking Caroline’s expense.  “If we mess this up, she will KILL US,” quips Bonnie.  “I don’t know how she does this every year!”

“Simple.  She’s not human,” replies Elena.

Little do they know how VERY RIGHT they both are .  . .

Fortunately, for Caroline, she may have found away to attend the Carnival after all.  Even though Blondie is not due for hospital release until the next day, she somehow “convinces” (read: threatens then compels) B*tchy Night Nurse to discharge her early.  Never one to be discourteous, Caroline thanks the Nurse for her help by NEARLY CHEWING HER NECK OFF!

It was kind of a sloppy move on the new Baby Vamp’s part.  After all, massive neck wounds?  Those are the kind of thing people tend to notice.  Fortunately, the intrepid Caroline has a cover story up her sleeve.  “My boyfriend likes to get kinky,” says a newly Zombie-fied B*tchy Night Nurse, after taking in enough mind compulsion to scramble her brain for weeks. 

(Now, that’s fine for a good hospital tale, but how is B*tchy Night Nurse going to explain all those massive hickeys to her ACTUAL boyfriend?)

Dating discepancies aside, Caroline admires her mind control handiwork.  “I don’t know what THAT is, but it’s SPECTACULAR,” she concludes, as she struts out of the hospital, looking absolutely TO DIE FOR!

You can hardly even tell she’s been dead for 24-hours!

Bark at the Moonstone

Wolves will be wolves  . . .

Considering the fact that TVD fans have known that Tyler Lockwood is a werewolf since the end of Season 1, the writers are REALLY dragging out this “major reveal” a bit long, aren’t they?  Week after week, I just keep waiting for the kid to finally figure out what EVERYBODY ELSE ON THE PLANET already knows.  But, alas, Doofus Tyler keeps missing the boat, on this one . . .

“I may be dumb.   But, hey, at least I look pretty when I’m topless!”

 After a random excuse to show off Michael Trevino’s hot bod, clad in nothing but a towel brief jog around the neighborhood . . .

Well HELLO, Tyler’s crotch and abdominals!  It’s so nice to finally meet you!

 . . . Tyler continues to “bond” with Mr. Wolf in Black Sheep’s Clothing, Mason.

And YOU are wearing a shirt . . . because?

And by “bond” I mean that Mason peppers Tyler with so many questions about his “rage issues” that for a moment I thought I had accidentally switched channels, and was watching a rerun of the Dr. Phil Show . . .

My final diagnosis is . . . you’re CRAZY, Wolfboy!

“I’m an angry guy,” explains Tyler matter-of-factly.  (Now THAT’S the understatement of the year!)

From this exchange, we also learn that Tyler “loses himself,” when he gets angry, and sometimes even suffers from “Rage Blackouts” a la Summer Roberts from The O.C.

When he’s not interrogating Tyler, arm wrestling, or defending his brother’s honor (more on all that later), Mason seems to spend most of his time at Mystic Falls searching for something called a Moonstone.

Riiiiiiight, because that’s EXACTLY what this show needs, MORE ugly jewelry that possesses magical powers . . .

Detective Damon and his Trusty Sidekick, Stefan

“Cheers, to me already getting, in just two episodes, more sexy facial closeup-shots, than I did during the ENTIRE last season!”

But Mason isn’t the only one investigating Tyler during this episode.  Damon seems to have his eye on the Baby Werewolf too.  (Or, maybe he’s just trying in vain to keep his mind off of a certain someone . . .)

Whatever the reason, Tyler’s “Secret” is occupying most of Damon’s thoughts.  Big Brother Salvatore, is pensively pouring himself a goblet of blood, when Stefan arrives home from a morning of “Hunting Wascally Wabbits” with his good pal, Elmer Fudd.

“So, that thing you told me about your brother eating humans . . . you were just kidding about that, right?”

When Stefan turns down Damon’s offer of a blood glass, Big Bro can’t help put take a pot shot at his brother’s Drink of Choice.  “Aren’t you worried that, one day, all the forest animals are going to band together and fight back.  I mean, surely, they talk,” quips Damon.

Be afraid, Stefan.  Be VERY AFRAID!

Damon, who has recently been crowned new head of the Anti-Vampire Council by Ms. Lockwood, herself (How’s THAT for irony?), peppers Stefan with questions about the Lockwoods.  Specifically, he wants to know why they were affected by that Supernatural Clock Thingy during the Season 1 Finale, even though they are not vampires.  Unfortunately for Damon, Stefan sees Damon’s new hobby of “playing detective” for exactly what it is, a way for a guy who’s recently been dumped (TWICE) to pass the time.

“Come on, Damon!  We all know you’re suffering from Man Pain.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just massage your Willy, and call it a night?”

“Well, DUH!  But I’d much prefer massaging YOURS . . .”

Ever the jealous ex, Damon just can’t resist asking Stefan if Elena talks about him.  (How adorable is he?)  And, based on Elena’s exchanges with Stefan during this episode, we know that she DOES talk about him.  However, most of those exchanges involve her repeatedly saying, “I want to be normal and do human stuff, like kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel.  And I DEFINITELY don’t want to talk about the D- word.”


While over at the Lockwood’s house for an Anti-Vampire Pow Wow,  Damon overhears Tyler talking to Mason about his “rage blackouts,” and comes up with a plan to expose the pair’s supernatural nature.  At the carnival, Damon commandeers Super Human Strength Stefan to challenge Mason to an arm wrestle.

Stefan loses badly.  It’s kind of an embarrassment really.  (I mean, have you SEEN those arms?)  The loss forces Stefan to agree with Damon that Mason is not human.  Stefan’s diagnosis?

Mason and Tyler are Ninja Turtles!  (You know what, I kind of wish he was right.   Because that would be AWESOME!)

Damon rolls his eyes at the joke, echoing the thoughts of some TVD fans, who believe that Stefan “has no comedic timing whatsover.”  I, however, beg to differ.  I thought that Ninja Turtle line was pretty darn hilarious, and his dry emotionless delivery made it even more so.  And I NEVER disagree with Damon.  So, you know I must really mean it.

All this arm wrestling and talk of rage blackouts inspires Damon to come up with a plan, as to how to break Hero Mason Lockwood, out of his “half-shell.”  (TURTLE POWER!)  And so he finds Poor Random Guy, Connor (who is about to have the WORST NIGHT EVER, by the way) and compels him to pick a fight with Tyler, and never back down, no matter what is done to him in retaliation.

The idea is to get Tyler to rage at Connor, and for Mason to go all “Supernatural” on Connor’s ass in Tyler’s defense.  The plan, of course, works flawlessly.  And we watch with amusement, along with Damon and Stefan, as Poor Connor picks a losing fight with Tyler.  Tyler predictably rages.  Then, Mason gets all yellow-eyed . . .

 . . .  and starts “jumping over cars” to break up the wrestling match.  But the fact that DAMON AND STEFAN still can’t figure out what kind of creatures these guys are, EVEN after witnessing THAT, bugs me to NO END!  In fact, I think I may have just had a Rage Blackout, just thinking about it . . .

I’m Burning Up For Your Love

A Newly Undead Caroline arrives at the school, and runs into Damon who has been lurking the hallways.  Caroline confronts Damon about all that mind controlling and physical abuse he heaped on her during Season 1.  Damon, of course, denies it.   But Caroline is insistent. 

NEW VAMPIRE RULE:  Apparently, if you were compelled a vampire, while you were alive, you can remember it, once you are undead.  (This is probably also how Stefan figured out that his love for Katherine was largely the result of compulsion.)

“I have a message from Katherine,” Caroline whispers in Damon’s ear.  (You know, I forgot how hot and hilarious these two were together, during Season 1)  “GAME ON!”

Caroline then throws Damon across the room.  “You suck,” she says wistfully, before stalking outside.

Once at the Carnival, Caroline runs into her loyal, but clueless boyfriend, Matt.

“I’m all better now,” the Undead Girl insists when asked how she was so quickly discharged.

The two quickly head off to the Ring Toss.

Still unused to her superhuman strength,  Caroline’s ring flick ends up shattering about five or six bottles within range.  “They must have already been broken,” Caroline mumbles cleverly.

The “neat trick” totally turns Matt on, and he pulls Caroline in for a kiss.  However, once the Little Vampire gets to close to his human flesh, she becomes incredibly hungry.  Not wanting to hurt Matt, she pushes him away violently.  “Leave me ALONE!”  She screeches, before running away.

An ashamed and humiliated Caroline is crying in the corner, when who should spot her, but a Lip-Bloodied Connor.  “Is everything OK?”  The Nice Guy / Poor Sap asks.  “I am so sorry,” cries Caroline, before doing this . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would hereby like to award Poor Connor this week’s Senseless Death Award!

Meanwhile, Damon pulls aside Elena . . .

It’s amazing how fast Elena seems to have forgiven Damon for the whole “attempted killing of her brother” thing.  Not that I’m complaining . . .

. . . to warn her about Caroline’s newfound vampishness.  Stefan is called in for support, and our three main characters engage in their obligatory Pow Wow of Sexiness and Plot Explanation for the week.  Gently reminding everybody about how lousy the whole Vicki Vamp Conversion went . . .

. . . and what a “manipulative nasty little slut” Katherine is for doing this to all of them . . .

“That’s ME!”

. . . Damon suggests that they have no choice but to stake Caroline, and put her out of her undead misery.

“Absolutely NOT!”  Elena insists.

Stefan agrees with Elena, but does so half-heartedly,  so that everyone in the room knows that, deep down, he thinks that Damon is right  — Caroline won’t be able to survive as a vamp.   And the longer she lives, the more all of their  lives will be in danger.  When Elena confronts Stefan about his true feelings he PUNCHES A WALL.  (SO HOT!)

“Oooh, baby!  Do it again!”

Damon finds a tearful Caroline outside, crying over a lifeless Poor Connor.  He moves in to “console her,” cupping her chin with his hand, and gently brushing her bloody hair out of her face.  “Don’t cry.  I can help you,” coos Damon with enough faux sensitivity that I almost believe him, myself.

“How?”  Caroline sniffles.

“I’m going to kill you,” replies Damon, matter-of-factly.

Caroline starts bawling now, begging for her not-life.  “Please don’t, I’m not ready to die.”

“But you’re already dead,” explains Damon.

Eventually, Damon convinces Caroline that he’s NOT going to kill her.   He pulls her into a hug, and, then, TRIES TO KILL HER with a sharpened stake!

But then Stefan comes and SAVES THE DAY, knocking the stake right out of Damon’s hand.

(I’ve gotta say!  I’m not ready to see Vampire Caroline go.  Human Caroline was really boring (except, of course, when she was Damon’s Play Toy).  But THIS Caroline?  She. Is. AWESOME!  Way to go, Candice Accola for making me warm up to your character in a big way!)

Then Damon picks up the stake AGAIN, and lunges for Caroline a SECOND TIME . . .

 . . . this time Elena blocks his path. Damon’s stake is now just inches away from the heart of the woman he loves.  “She’s my friend,” whispers Elena.

The two lock eyes, and say nothing for a few moments, the expressions on their faces revealing everything.  It is UNBELIEVABLY HOT!

Damon eventually drops the stake.  “Whatever happens, it’s on you,” Damon warns Elena — the vampire, himself, knowing a thing or two about residual guilt.

In the midst of all this, Bonnie arrives, touches Bloody Caroline and instantly learns that she’s a vampire.  Being a Vampire Hater, and a total bitch Bonnie turns away from her former BFF in disgust.  This causes Caroline to start bawling.  When Elena goes to her, Caroline pushes ELENA away, thinking that Elena was the one who turned her into a vampire.  Elena explains that the vampire who did that to her was Katherine.  But Caroline has had too much excitement for one day, and runs to the bathroom to pee.

Stefan rushes off to the bathroom (the Women’s Restroom?  FOR SHAME, STEFAN!) to comfort Caroline.  He carefully wipes the blood off her face, like a loving father.  Stefan then patiently teaches Caroline how to control her blood lust.  I guess Stefan is like the Mister Miyagi of Vampires . . .

. . . or a Vampire Jiminy Cricket.

He promises not to let anything happen to Caroline.  He  says he will do everything in his power to protect her.  It’s really sweet, actually.

Outside a bawling Bonnie, uses her magic Migraine-Giving powers to initiate a gas leak . . .

 . . . which causes a fire, and results in Damon looking like this . . .

But, despite what he did to her brother, Elena finds enough forgiveness in her heart to come to Damon’s rescue . . .

“This is not US!  This can’t be us!”  Elena tearfully screams at Bonnie, breaking the latter out of her witches’ spell trance.

All That Mushy Stuff

In the post-carnival portion of the episode, we get to see everyone, more or less, kiss and makeup.   Well, Tyler doesn’t really kiss or makeup with anyone.  But  . . .

he does finally find that Moonstone, and the information regarding his ancestry, under a floorboard in his father’s office. 

Matt . . .

. . . sneaks into Caroline’s bedroom and expresses his love for her.  She returns the favor by kissing him, without literally chewing off his face.  Thank you, Stefan-y Cricket!

Damon . . .

 . . . bonds with Jeremy . . .

 . . . over them both having parents that hated vampires, and Jeremy’s inability to whittle a proper stake with which to kill Damon.  Good times!

And finally, Stefan makes good on his promise to have a “normal moment” with Elena, by flying her *rolls eyes* up to the top of the ferris wheel and kissing her there, a la Ryan and Marissa from The O.C.

“We have to take this moment,” comands Stefan.  “I came back to this town to start a life with you.  We can’t forget to live it.”


And yet, just to keep things from getting too sappy, Kevin Williamson makes sure to end this romantic scene on a slightly dark note.  “It’s not going to get any easier, is it?”  Elena inquires.

“No, it’s not,” replies Stefan, before the screen eerily fades to black.

So, that was Episode 2.  What did you think?  Did you love Vampire Caroline as much as I did, or did you miss Vampire Katherine?   Were you insanely happy (like ME) or slightly disappointed that Elena has started talking to Damon, so soon after she claimed to HATE him?  And finally, were you as underwhelmed by the werewolf storyline as I was, or did Michael Trevino’s shirtlessness make it all OK?

That’s all I’ve got!  See you next week, fellow Fangbangers!



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13 responses to “Let your fangs be your guide! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Brave New World”

  1. imaginarymen

    You should have made me place a bet about Caroline. I would have lost BIG time!!

    Nice twist and sets up all sorts of repercussions – Damon always trying to kill her, Stefan always trying to help her survive – with Bonnie trying to kill Damon, and Elena trying to hold it all together. Nice work AGAIN Williamson and Plec!

    I have to say I admire Jeremy’s – what’s the word – INSANITY – in confronting Damon – multiple times! The scene at the carnival was great. There’s a nice chemistry bw these two and despite the fact that Damon JUST KILLED HIM, you can see Jeremy is somehow looking to him for something.

    Oh and Damon may love tormenting his baby brother – but you know what he loves even MORE? When Stefan takes an interest in Damon’s latest Caper then it’s Salvatore Brothers Detective Agency!!! I loved the interplay bw these two this week – the teasing, the snark, the suspicion, the walking on eggshells. Stefan is wary of Damon – but he also knows Damon has been terribly terribly hurt – AND that he does in fact have feelings that can be hurt and being the “nice sensitive” brother – is in his own way – trying to comfort him. If that means playing Teen Detective then so be it. And of course that pose you have posted at the top of here! Squeeee!! I do love me Salvatore Brother bonding.

    I also like the slight return of BadAssStefan w/ the wall punching! Wheee! And of course Damon trying to stake Caroline and ending up holding a phallic symbol right up to Elena while they eye f*cked each other was ALL kinds of DirtySexyHotWrong ;-0

    I’m sure you – like me (and Damon!) were hollering “but he didn’t DO IT!” at damn Bonnie. It will be hard to pair those two romantically if she keeps squeezing his brain and trying to set fire to him.

    Teen Wolf Tyler is BORING. This is like the anticlimactic Sookie-is-a-Fairy reveal. To quote Damon, “Ugh. Who CARES”! I hope that gets good soon. And I am quite disappointed that the first shirtlessness we get this season is TYLER and not a Salvatore! The hell??

    Stefan having to “mentor” or care for newborn Caroline is really interesting and ties into his age old guilt (“everything bad that has happened is because of me”) and his new found guilt (“Game on”). Plus he clearly knows that Damon is right – but could never do that to Elena. He’s gonna have a tough line to walk for sure.

    Poor Matt. Dead Sister. Missing Slutty Mom. Vampire Girlfriend. Can’t a nice guy get a break??

    Oh Elena – you may “hate” Damon and swear you’ll have nothing to do with him. But the very first time he asks you to come with him – there you go sweetie! ;-00 Although I have to say – I would have liked just a *little* longer of Damon being on the outs with everyone. Keeping him and Elena at (serious) odds a little more, would have amped up their already crazy chemistry when they finally got back into each other’s orbit.

    And my mother is a TOTAL Damon fangirl!! She was giggling and repeating all his lines and cooing over his eyes for the whole hour. CMU! Ummm have you listened to me at ALL the past year mama?!?

    • LOL re: the Caroline reveal. Actually, as soon as the first TVD episode aired, CW put an extended trailer on its website, that TOTALLY spoiled the Caroline-as-vamp plotline. So, I’ve known for a while, but didn’t want to rub in too much. 🙂 You may have guessed wrong on this one, but there are countless more times when I was wrong about an upcoming plotline, and you were right. And I’m sure there will be many more of those to come . . .

      Yes, I loved the various interplays between the characters during this episode, and all the shifting relationships / alliances. Damon versus Stefan. Damon versus Jeremy. Damon versus Bonnie. Damon versus Caroline. Damon versus Elena. Damon and Stefan versus Tyler and Mason (Notice a common bond, here? ;)) Williamson and Plec really have a knack for playing characters against one another, in order to reveal certain things about those characters that we might not have found out otherwise.

      And the fact that there is enough sexual chemistry among this super hot cast to burn down an ENTIRE FOREST certainly doesn’t hurt . . .

      You bring up a good point about Jeremy. Last week, we witnessed his vulnerability and immaturity. This week we witnessed his strength and unfathomable capacity for forgiveness. Also, this is a guy with a SERIOUS DEATH WISH! If you think about it, Jeremy has been dancing with death, ever since his parents died: drugs, Vicki, Anna, attempted suicide, trying to attack Damon (which, really was just another form of attempted suicide, anyway). I don’t know whether to be turned on by the character, or to refer him to a shrink for some serious antidepressants . . .

      Yes, regardless of how different Stefan and Damon are, and how much Stefan may disagree with Damon’s actions and tactics, they still make an AWESOME team. When these two team up together , there is no stopping them! (Well, they could have been a little quicker on the uptake re: Tyler’s werewolf-ism, but still . . .)

      And I agree that Stefan wasn’t all that interested in Tyler’s “secret” at first. But he played along, because he knew that this mystery was something his brother needed to keep his mind off other *cough Elena cough* things. It was a very sweet gesture on Baby Bro’s part.

      Sigh . . . the Damon / Elena eye f*cking scene, with the phallic “erect” stake between them, was CLASSIC! (I CAN’T WAIT to screencap it and use it in my Top Ten Delena Moments for Season 2 post!) Who would have thought we would get a moment like that between them so soon after “Jeremy-Gate?” I can definitely see what you mean, about how increased sexual tension might have been built up, if more abject hatred, and avoidance was shown between these two . . .

      Hahah, you know, in Damon’s world, Bonnie’s “squeezing his brain and trying to set fire to him” all the time, could be construed as some type of kinky foreplay . . . 😉

      I agree with you on Teen Wolf Tyler. The writers are trying too hard to make us like him *cough like Vampire Bill on TB cough* I’d probably appreciate the character more, if they had him instantly come out as a werewolf, and start wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls. (That’s kind of how he was in the books.) I think, for now, Trevino, would make a much more interesting out-and-out villain, than he would a tortured leading man. Besides, they could always soften the character later . . . like they did with Damon. 😉

      I liked your analysis of Stefan, and his inner turmoil / guilt over the town’s suffering. You can definitely see layers of that in the way Paul Wesley portrayed that scene between him and Caroline in the bathroom. But I also like that the writers are giving us a new fun side to Stefan too. Have you noticed that he is more smiley, and jokey this Season? Mommy like!

      I read in the EW recap of this episode that the writers plan to keep poor Matt in the dark about the supernatural world for as long as they can, without making him look stupid. I just know that’s going to piss me off to no end! Already, during this episode, I was perturbed that NONE of Matt’s so-called friends had the decency to warn him about his Bloodsucking GF. And I’m sure things are only going to get worse . . .

      Plus, if they really plan on NEVER letting Matt know he’s dating a vamp, Stefan better see about getting Caroline a sunscreen ring, pronto. Otherwise, I think Matt would get a little suspicious, when his Type A Queen B Girlfriend suddenly transferred to the local Vocational Tech Night School.

      I’m SO glad your Mom is a new TVD fan! (And a DAMON / DELENA fan at that, YIPPEE!) Us fangirls are truly conquering the world, one soul at a time, aren’t we?

      Oh, and I guess that means SOMEONE will be regularly watching TVD live this season??? 🙂

  2. Adam

    Vampire Caroline is my shit! i love her! she was funny, and entertaining. and alot sexier. Katherine will be back. i have a feeling Nina will have issues talking to herself, so they will keep them apart for as long as possible. TEAM ELENA AND DAMON!! and i knew tyler was a warewolf since early in season two when he got pissed off and there was a full moon behind him. lets just get it over with!

    • Hey Adam! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      Vampire Caroline DID rock, didn’t she? Candice Accola has some SERIOUS acting chops. Who knew? I was skeptical at first, but I think Caroline makes the PERFECT vamp. Vampire Vicki from Season 1 seemed a bit needy and co-dependent. I worried Caroline might be the same way. She’s not.

      I love how Vampire Caroline is still basically the same perky, kind of prissy, and a little bit mean, Queen B. she was when she was alive. Now she’s just stronger, edgier, funnier, and kicks more ass. Also, the costume department did a great job of vamping up the actress’ look, just like they do for Nina, when she plays Katherine. It’s definitely a sexier, more mature, appearance.

      You bring up a really good point about Nina having to “talk to herself” when the inevitable Katherine / Elena showdown occurs. I was actually really surprised they put the two characters in scenes together in the first episode back, as I thought the writers would play up the mistaken identity / doppelganger hijinks aspect more than they did. I’m sort of glad they didn’t go that route though. Because that would be a bit cliche.

      I wonder how they will go about filming that Katherine / Elena scene. Will Nina have to do the scene twice in front of green screen? Or will someone (maybe Candice) read the “doppelganger’s” lines each time, so that Nina will always have someone to play off of? Whatever they decide to do, it will be a real challenge from Nina, and a great treat for us fans . . .

      YAY, a fellow Team Delena (Elena and Damon) fan! They are obviously the BEST FUTURE COUPLE EVER. Clearly, you have very good taste, You can stop by this blog anytime!

      And, yes, I’m with you. By now, we all know Tyler’s a werewolf. So, why is he taking so darn long to figure it out? Caroline took all of 5 minutes to learn she was a vampire. So why is this kid so darn slow on the uptake. Let’s speed up this reveal, so we can get to more important things, like a tag team battle Stefan / Damon v. Mason / Tyler . . .

      In the words of Vampire Katherine, “GAME ON!”

  3. Carol

    Okay, no Vampire Katherine, but Vampire Caroline really made up for it. I mean, I used to think that Caroline was boring too, but after this episode? HBIC, hello. At least in the hall scene with Damon. I was like ‘So shipping these two right now’. Stefan and Caroline scene? Made me really happy.

    Please, don’t let them kill Vampire Caroline.

    I don’t like Bonnie. Not a bit. HOW could she try to burn Damon? Come on, it’s not his fault that Caroline is a vampire now! Bonnie was the one who told him to give blood to Caroline. Unfair. And trying to kill Damon is not appreciated in any situation, anyway.

    The whole werewolve thing is getting boring. Okay, I admit that shirtless Tyler was very welcome. I can’t understand why his uncle-who-I-always-forget-the-name didn’t jog shirtless too.

    Well, Damon and Elena are talking again, so fast. Not a problem with me, you know.
    I’m really confused with myself. I seem to be slowly warming up to Stefan and Elena.

    • Hey Carol! Thanks for stopping by! You are right! Vampire Caroline was totally an HBIC! Even though she is just a Baby Vamp, learning the ropes, Girlfriend is totally a force to be reckoned with on the show now! And Damon and Caroline always had good chemistry, even when Caroline was human and BORING. So, now, the hotness between them is downright insane!

      I loved the confidence Caroline showed in confronting Damon during that hallway scene – the way she acted seductively first, lulling him into a false sense of security, before going in for the KILL. And wow, throwing Damon like that took GUTS, especially because, at that point, she knew he was a vampire TOO, one that was older and stronger. Never underestimate a woman scorned Damon! Because, as Caroline says, “Love sucks.”

      And Stefan and Caroline? That was SUCH genuinely sweet Papa Vamp / Baby Vamp scene (though technically DAMON is Caroline’s maker . . .). Vampire Bill from TB take note! THIS is how you are supposed to treat a new vamp!

      I definitely hope they keep Vampire Caroline around a while. They already staked Vampire Vicki , Vampire Lexi, Vampire Anna and Vampire Pearl WAY before their time. It’s time to let a female vamp LIVE for more than a few episodes, for a change!

      Yeah, Bonnie’s pretty evil. It’s kind of odd seeing her so angry and vengeful all the time, and sporting those crazy headache giving eyes. It is especially weird, considering that the Bonnie from the books is so sweet, innocent and bubbly?

      Not only was Bonnie’s insistence that Damon give Caroline blood what caused her to turn . . . Bonnie was also the one who TOLD Katherine about Caroline in the first place, giving Katherine the IDEA to kill Caroline / turn her. And what makes Bonnie’s attempts at killing Damon any less malicious than Damon’s “attempts” at killing Jeremy? NOTHING! (At least DAMON is likeable . . .) I still see a Bonnie / Damon hookup in the future, however. Maybe he can soften her up a bit.

      And yes, so far, for me, the only value Tyler and Mason have to the show is their ripped bodies and potential shirtlessness. Everything else is kind of snoozy. In their defense, though, the werewolf-centric trailer for next week’s episode looks pretty interesting. So maybe they can turn it around.

      See you then . . .

  4. Cherie

    Ha! It will never happen, but I secretly want a twisted girly bonding session between HBIC vamps Katherine and Caroline, where they give each other awesome manicures and talk about their disdain for one Damon Salvatore.

    So excited that Caroline’s type A human personality has been magnified as a vamp and has translated into uber control. Heck, I’m human and I want to snack on Matt’s neck, so her self restraint as a baby vamp at the end was amazing!

    Honestly, I don’t think Elena has “forgiven” Damon fully per see; she was still pissy with him. But the most important thing is that she clearly still trusts him… She trusts him enough to listen to him when he says “You need to come with me NOW”, and she trusts him enough to not stake her when she throws herself between him and Caroline in a moment of heightened emotion where his vamp instincts could easily take over.

    But the fact Elena is merely chilly towards him, rather than outright hating him, might be indicative of the path her character arc is going down… There has been speculation that Stefan’s badass actions might ultimately lead her into Damon’s arms, but maybe it will be STEFAN who breaks up with Elena, either because she does something HE views as unforgiveable, or because he can see the change in Elena’s personality that him being in her life has caused. However, like a certain Viking, Damon will have absolutely no qualms hooking up with a more morally ambiguous version of Elena.

    I know, I know, Elena is the anchor of the show and this may never happen, but I admit that I would love to see Elena embrace a darker side for a little while!

    There were shades of Edward Cullen in the jump to the top of the ferris wheel. I almost screamed out “You better hold on, spider monkey!” at Elena! Hehe!

    • LOL re: Katherine and Caroline turning into a vampire version of Mean Girls!

      Talk about Game On! With Caroline learning under Stefan’s wing, we can pretty sure she will “grow up” to be a mostly “good vampire.” But wow, can you imagine if it was KATHERINE who taught her how to be a vamp? Those two would be downright SCARY together!

      You bring up a really good point. It’s Caroline’s need to control everything that will really help her thrive in vamp form, in a way Vicki couldn’t. Caroline would never want to appear, bloody-looking or BAD to the humans she cares about. She can’t stand losing control. This is why learning what Damon did to her was so maddening to Caroline, and why she was so incredibly furious with herself about eating Connor . . .

      You know what, I think our girl is going to be A OK . . . You go Caroline!

      (And yes, we ALL want to bite Matt’s neck, Cherie! So, you are not alone in that respect. LOL)

      I like your prediction that living in a world of supernatural beings will eventually bring out a morally ambiguous and dark side in Elena. Look what it did to Sookie in True Blood! Little miss “love is the most important thing” got WAY TOO MUCH JOY out of pouring Talbot down the drain!

      But, so far, Elena seems to be keeping pretty straitlaced, even as she battles with feelings of rage and hatred. The scene where Elena stopped Bonnie from burning Damon and told her, “We are not like this. We CAN’T be like this,” was very telling indeed.

      Thou doth protest too much, Elena? It does seem as though our innocent gal pal is repressing some dark urges of her own . . .

      And I see what you mean about her still TRUSTING Damon, even though their relationship has been damaged. It’s possible that, like Jeremy, Elena has simply concluded that, with all the WORSE evils, lurking around Mystic Falls, having Damon as an enemy is simply not wise.

      Yet, I still like your idea of a Darker Elena finding a kindred spirit in the Dark Damon. After all, Elena’s hidden darkside and moxie were what initially drew Damon to Elena in the first place, whereas her innocence was what captivated Stefan. I have a feeling that things are about to get very interesting, indeed . . .

      It’s always fun fangirling with you Cherie. Thanks for stopping in! 🙂

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  6. They truly do have many Pow Wows of Sexiness and Plot Explanation for the week. Often in Alaric’s room. : ( Tomorrow night! I also love on the bros’ fantastic Detective Agency. The first time they teamed up against another vamp, I think, I remember remarking on how badass they are. Kind of like superheroes. In this episode, I almost wanted Stefan to beat Mason at arm wrestling. But no, he has to be smart, as usual. (I think that he could have easily beat Mason, but Mason was certainly stronger than any human. It kind of makes me wonder why he’s not more cautious about showing off his strength…) Did anyone think it was odd that Stefan contradicted Elena’s comment, “[Katherine] is doing this to me, isn’t she?” with his, “No, she’s doing this to me.” He even scoffed at her. Perhaps he didn’t tell Elena about Katherine hitting on him.

    • You are SO right! I can definitely imagine a sort of spoof / spinoff of The Vampire Diaries re-imagined as a “comic book crime fighting caper,” or even one of those criminal procedural shows, with a supernatural twist. (V-CSI, perhaps?)

      Ahh, dimwitted Mason . . . no one ever said werewolves were smart. In Surfer Wolf’s defense, being the “black sheep” that he is, he’s probably not used to having to hide his strength, because, up until this point, he hasn’t been hanging out with humans much . . . only jellyfish and sharks. I guess when trying to adapt to human society, there is always somewhat of a “supernatural learning curve” (see e.g. Caroline).

      Speaking of which, remember early in Season 1, when the writers decided to make Stefan a high school football star for one episode? Good times!

      You bring up an interesting point regarding Stefan’s comment to Elena about Katherine. It was an unusually arrogant thing for Stefan to say, wasn’t it? If I recall, Stefan NEVER told Elena about Katherine hitting on him, or her purported plan to “come back for him.”

      Damon, however, alluded to it during the first episode, when he bitterly said to Elena, with Stefan in earshot, “Katherine is trying to steal your man,” or something like that.

      After he said that, I remember Elena giving Stefan a look like “what are you hiding from me?” However, I don’t believe the two ever discussed it out right. I imagine this lack of communication will cause problems for the two of them later, as Katherine continues to make plays for Stefan, and Elena gets caught in the crossfire. Elena will probably feel that some of the havoc could have been avoided, if Stefan had been honest with her. And, of course, Damon will just “eat up” (no pun intended) any strife this might cause for the happy couple, and take full advantage of it, in his own scheme to win over Elena.

      I can’t wait! 🙂

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