Hungry Like the Wolf – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Bad Moon Rising”

I gotta say, given the build up this whole “Lockwood Curse” has had since the end of last season, Mason’s big drooly “Presto Chango,” this week, was kind of “all bark, no bite,” wasn’t it?  I mean, literally . . . he snarled, he barked . . . he made googly eyes at Tyler, like he was the boy’s “b*tch” (no pun intended).  He just didn’t .  . . you know . . . bite

To be honest, that was a little disappointing.  You see, I thought for SURE that random ho-bag, Amy (who is NOT to be confused with my fabulous blogger pal, who shares the same name, BTW), was a prime candidate to become Dog Meat / win the Senseless Death of the Week Award.

I was wrong . . .

This is not to say that there weren’t ANY fun things about “Bad Moon Rising.”  For example, I thought the “B” plot was quite intriguing . . . or, perhaps, I should call it the D and E plot . . .

I’ll have what SHE’S having . . .

So, without further adieu, what do you say we chain ourselves to our minivans, and bark at the moon?

Or . . . maybe we’ll just get started with the recap, instead?

Return of the “Rick”

Hey, boys and girls!  Guess who’s back with a Brand New Nickname, and a “Useless” New Girlfriend?

Our episode begins with one of TVD’s classic Pow Wows of Sexiness and Plot Explanation.  Said Pow Wow is held, of course, at the typical headquarters for such events, namely, the Salvatore Brothers’ Casa de Rich and Awesome.  Joining our usual trio of attendees to the Pow Wow is Alaric Saltzman, who, suddenly, everyone is referring to as “Rick.”  

This makes Alaric the only character on this show to actually have a nickname (except for Damon, who I sometimes refer to as “My Boyfriend.”)

If you want him, you will have to get through me first . . .

Why did they invite Alaric, you ask?  Because it was the third episode, and the writers figured it was about time Matt Davis had some lines. You see, the Salvatore brothers . . .

 in their infinite wisdom (and insane hotness), recalled that Alaric’s former wife, Isobel

 Known aliases: Elena’s Bio Mom, Heartless Vampire B*tch 

 . . . was a doctoral candidate at Duke University, who studied  “folklore.”  Apparently, said “folklore” didn’t only include vampires.  It also included lycanthropes or, more specifically, werewolves.

Kudos to the writers for providing us a (sort of) explanation here, as to why our favorite Vampire Detective Agency (Stefan and Damon) has been so unbelievably slow in figuring out what the rest of us have known for about half a season now: namely, that the Lockwood’s are, literally, Dirty Dawgs! 

“I’ve been on this planet 160-odd years, and I’ve never seen one.  If werewolves exist, where the hell are they?”  Damon inquires, throwing in a dash of his trademark “Eye Thing” for good measure.

“My mouth may be talking about wolves, but my eyes are TOTALLY undressing Elena, right now . . .”

 And then, just in case his youthful charm and unmatched good looks had made you temporarily forget, Damon chose this moment to remind fans just how OLD of a fogey he really is, by making, not one, but TWO Lon Chaney (Junior and Senior) references, and one Bela Lugosi one.  Now, while I knew that Bela Lugosi was the original Hollywood Vampire . . .

He’s not too bad looking — definitely NO Salvatore brother, though.

  . . . I’ll admit, I had to Google the two Lon Chaneys.  Apparently, the younger one played Wolfman in movies (hence, the reference here).  Also apparently, when he wasn’t in costume . . . Wolfman was actually kind of hot.

The Lost Salvatore Brother?

As for his father . . .

 . . . well, I’m sure he had a really nice personality.

Anyway, recognizing that having werewolves in Mystic Falls would be, in Damon’ words, “not good” for our little Scooby Gang, Damon and Alaric decide to take a trip down to Duke to “borrow” Isobel’s research on the creatures. 

Damon and Alaric:  Together again.  How bromantic!

Meanwhile, Elena, who is desperate to find out why she looks so much like Vampire Katherine, sees Isobel’s research as a possible treasure trove of information on the subject of her doppelganger. 

So, despite the fact that, Damon, the vampire she is desperately attracted to and can’t stop thinking about hates, is going on the trip, Elena decides to tag along.  Unfortunately, for Elena, Stefan  . . .

 . . . has to babysit Baby Vamp Caroline . . .

 . . . and can’t come along.  But that’s OK!  Elena can still use Stefan to make Damon jealous!

OK, Elena.  Now, I actually like the whole “meanspirited-ness” thing you have going on during this episode.  So, I’m going to give you an “A” for effort.  But here’s a little hint:  when you are trying to prove to someone that you are “so over them,” you might want to try .  . . oh. .  . I don’t know .  . . NOT staring longingly at that person, while you are MAKING OUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE.  . . just saying.

What Elena was doing . . .

What Elena was thinking . . .

While Elena is OUTSIDE tonguing Stefan and eye-f*cking Damon, Alaric / Rick is inside, hitting on Useless Aunt Jenna .  . .

However, when things get too close for comfort, suddenly Alaric is all “I’m not ready for a relationship.  It’s not you it’s me, blah, blah blah.”

(Honestly, I’m not really sure why we are supposed to CARE about whether Alaric dates Useless Aunt Jenna.  I guess it’s just a way for Alaric to kill time, while he waits for his TRUE LOVE, Damon, to realize that he exists . . .)

Picspam courtesy of

“You hate me, huh?  That sounds like the BEGINNING of a love story, to me . . . not the end of one.”

During the ride to Duke University, a Super Sulky Elena rides in the back, while the Ambiguously Gay Duo, Damon and Alaric, keep the seats warm, up front.  Damon (who clearly feels that one and 1/4 episodes is MORE than enough time to get over someone trying to MURDER YOUR BABY BROTHER) inquires into the current status of Elena’s “forgiveness” of him.  “You know this pretending to hate me thing, is getting a little silly,” jokes Damon, as he aims his best “Eye Thing” into the back seat of Alaric’s car.

When Elena replies with the obvious — that the murder of one’s brother requires a mourning period more substantial than a commercial break —  Damon notes that there is a very big asterisk next to that statement.

Jeremy is still alive.

(Ahhh, Damon.  Between your obscure fogey film references, and your use of archaic grammatical symbols, you really are proving yourself to be elderly today, aren’t you?)

Elena uses this opportunity to pose to Damon the question fans have been pondering since the Season Premiere, namely: Did Damon see the Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality on Jeremy’s finger, before he decided to break the little guy’s neck?

To this inquiry, Damon responds, “Elena, I SAW the ring.  It’s a big tacky thing.  It’s hard to miss!”

THANK YOU, DAMON!  It’s HIGH TIME someone FINALLY noticed how majorly UGLY this ring is!

More Caroline-y than EVER BEFORE!

Speaking of Ugly Ass Rings, is it any wonder that Caroline bitched about the lack of stylishness of her brand new Vampire Sunscreen one?  “I have to wear this ring for the rest of eternity,” whines Caroline.  “Shouldn’t I at least get to choose what it looks like?” 

(Given the Salvatore brothers TERRIBLE taste in jewelry, I’d be inclined to say “Yes, you should, Caroline.”)

But, perhaps, I should backtrack . . .

At the opening of the episode, Caroline is avoiding Matt (who wants to go down to the old Lockwood Swimming Hole for Tyler’s outdoor party) because she can’t go out in the sun, without frying like bacon . . .

Stefan, recognizing that Bonnie’s witchy powers can make a Vampire Sunscreen Ring, and that being with Matt is Caroline’s one link to whatever humanity she has left, tries to convince Bonnie to do the spell.  But Bonnie doesn’t want to do it, because she is a total asshole worried that Caroline will hurt someone again, if allowed to walk in the light. 

(Ummm Bonnie, what time of day did Caroline kill someone last week?  That’s right .  . . AT NIGHT!  And, therefore, you think that not making the ring for your supposed best friend is going to save lives because . . .)

Hello, there, person who is a FEMALE, a MINORITY, and a WITCH.  Perhaps, you’d be interested in learning a thing or two about TOLERANCE of other species  . . .

Ultimately, Bonnie agrees to place a spell on Caroline’s ring, but only after she ANNOYINGLY lectures Caroline about the whole “not killing people” thing, like the lame ass Debbie Downer-witch she’s become.  Then, after instructing Caroline on the importance of preserving all life, Bonnie nonchalantly risks burning Caroline to a crisp, by ripping open the shades to her bedroom, and LETTING THE SUNSHINE IN!

Keep smiling, and shining, knowing you can always count on me, for sure . . . that’s what friends are for!

Once Caroline is cleared for Sun Worship, Papa Stefan (ever the understanding parent) allows her to attend Tyler’s party, provided she feed on bunnies with him first . . .

“You don’t want to eat ME, do you Caroline?  Might I interest you in some Tasty B*tchy Bonnie-witch, instead?”

When a stressed-out Caroline unloads all her neuroses on poor Stefan, during their morning hunt, he notes wryly that “when someone becomes a vampire, all their natural personality traits are amplified.” (NEW VAMPIRE RULE ALERT!)

Upon hearing this, Caroline correctly notes that she will now be an “insecure, neurotic, control freak on crack.”  And, to prove her point, when Caroline reunites with Matt at the Swimming Hole, she goes BALLISTIC on Slutty Amy, for flirting with her man. 

Matt . . .

 . . . far from being turned on by the sheer extent of her girlfriend’s devotion, stomps away from Uber Possessive Caroline in a pouty huff.

Meanwhile, Tyler . . .

. . . has become suspicious of Uncle Mason, after seeing the latter lurking around an old underground “slave cellar.”  It is this suspicion, perhaps, that causes him to ignore Uncle Mason’s warning that it’s a Full Moon. And if Tyler doesn’t get all his friends off the property by nightfall, “someone will wind up wasted, and dead at the bottom of the lake.”

(Well . . . that pretty much sounds like every horror movie, I have EVER SEEN!)

“Pull it out, Baby!  It hurts (SO GOOD)!”

Over at Duke University, Isobel must have been pretty darn important, because her office looks like a Mansion / Ancient Artifact Museum.  And her old student / assistant, Vanessa . . .

(played by Courtney Ford)

 . . . seems literally willing to guard the place with her life.  Moments after the gang arrives, Vanessa shoots a crossbow in Damon’s and Elena’s direction.  The immortal Damon gallantly steps forward to take the proverbial “bullet” on Elena’s behalf.  While Alaric struggles to disarm Courtney, Damon and Elena engage in a thinly veiled sexual conversation over the phallic arrow lodged beneath the muscle fibers of Damon’s perfect abdominals . . .


“Pull it out!  Pull the damn thing out!  It hurts so goodYES!  YES!  YES!” Damon whines, as Elena straddles him, rocks back and forth a bit, and, finally, breathing heavily, yanks the big stick out of his midsection. 

(Thank you for this, writers.  Clearly, you know how to give this Pervy Fangirl EXACTLY what she wants, while still sticking to your TV-14 rating.)

Watching this scene, I couldn’t help but be reminded of another vampire / human encounter on television.  This one also involved a morally ambiguous vamp “taking a bullet” for an ambivalent human female, and forcing said female to bodily remove the offending weapon from the vampire’s body . . .

I’m referring, of course, to the scene in True Blood, during Season 2.  In that scene, Eric tricked Sookie into sucking a bullet from his stomach, so that she would be forced to swallow his blood, and, thereby, be bonded to him forever . . .

“That b*tch i SOOOO DEAD!”  Damon remarks, referring to the woman who just crossbowed him.

“If you kill her, I will never talk to you again,” threatens Elena, childishly.

“You are starting to manipulate me,” Damon notes wryly.

“And I LOVE being manipulated.  Just ask Vampire Katherine . . .”

When Vanessa has calmed down enough for Alaric to unhand her, the grad student admits that, having reviewed Isobel’s research, she freaked upon running into the Definitely Dead Damon Salvatore, and Elena, a girl who LOOKED just like Vampire Katherine. 

Later, as the crew begins poring through boxes of Isobel’s research, Elena and Vanessa bond over boys and vervain plants.  “He is a first rate, jackass,” Elena whispers to Vanessa, looking over her shoulder at Damon.

Damon overhears and smiles.

“So THAT’S the pet name she plans to call me, when we’re doing the NASTY, tonight!  Daddy LIKE!”

Later, Damon sidles up to Elena to continue their Flirt Fest 2010.  “It’s a bummer we aren’t friends anymore, because I could tell you what I know,” he coos.

“Now who’s manipulating?”  Elena replies, trying to hide the smirk on her face.

Mental F*cking = all of the heat, none of the STDS!

Unfortunately, Vanessa has to ruin all the fun, by launching into a seemingly endless monologue of Plot Explanation Sans Sexiness, which seems to be the only purpose, thus far, for her character being on this show.  Vanessa explains to us that some Aztec curse made vampires Creatures of the Night, and werewolves Servants of the Moon.  She also describes the two species as mortal enemies.  “According to legend, a werewolf bite can kill a vampire,” remarks Vanessa. 

(And what exactly does it do to humans?  Turn them into wolves?  Give them a gnarly tattoo?  I guess we will find out soon enough . . .)

The “Serious” Vampire Look

While Elena and Damon are flirting over at Duke, Stefan and Caroline seem to be flirting with one another, back home.  Just as Stefan teased Caroline earlier about her neuroses, Caroline playfully taunts Stefan about his excessive seriousness, and the  stern looks he keeps giving Mason, at the swimming hole.  And I’ll be darned if the friendly teasing doesn’t cause the usually Serious Stefan to crack a smile or two.

Eventually, however, Caroline runs off to find Boy Toy Matt.

Apologizing for her earlier bad behavior, Caroline promises her beau “no more drama,” and then pulls him into the woods for a substantial makeout session, under the light of the Full Moon.

While the pair are going at it, Stefan receives a call from Elena, in which she relays to him the information she uncovered about werewolves, and the unique brand of danger they pose to vampires.  Ever the concerned Papa, Stefan rushes off to protect Caroline.

Meanwhile, Tyler is in the woods making out with Slutty Amy, a.k.a. Boy Toy Matt’s Sloppy Seconds.  Apparently, the girl had taken Caroline’s mind control command to “go after someone single” literally.  To Tyler’s credit, when Slutty Amy awakens from her compulsion, and ditches Tyler’s ass, he doesn’t go into a rage, like Season 1 Tyler would probably do. 

(I guess the writers are trying to make this Teen Wolf more likeable, after all . . .)

“Oh, come on!  How could you NOT like me?  I wear pajamas to my own keggar!  Now, if that doesn’t make me a Loveable Dork, I don’t know what does!”

Down in the underground cellar, Mason has chained himself to some rocks, to protect Tyler and his friends from his Wolfy Wrath.  However, upon hearing his cousin’s voice above ground, Mason decides to relocate . . . to also ABOVE GROUND.  Mason eventually chains himself to his van . . . which to me seems like THE DUMBEST IDEA EVER! 

So let me get this straight . . . you were concerned about hurting the teens located MANY FEET ABOVE YOU.  So, you decided to . . . come to ground level and be CLOSER TO THEM? 

“If this car’s a rockin, don’t come a knockin'”

When the Full Moon finally hits the sky two things happen that should surprise presisely NO ONE. (1) Caroline vamps out on Matt and tries to eat him; (2) and Mason, upon turning wolf, breaks free of the chains attaching him to his van.


Fortunately, two more FAIRLY predictable things happen, to prevent anyone from getting hurt:  (1) Stefan tackles Caroline to the ground, before she has a chance to finish her Matt Sandwich;

“This is me, playing the HERO again .  . . and looking Super Sexy in my Hoodie of Hedonism.”

and (2) Tyler stares down Wolfy Mason, preventing him from attacking Stefan and Caroline.

“This is ME, doing my Endzone Dance, because my character is FINALLY relatively sympathetic.”

When it is all over, Tyler confronts a VERY DIRTY and VERY NAKED (but still tasty) Mason about his wolfishness (See picture above).  Nearby, Caroline compels Matt to forget that she ate him.  Stefan then gives him vervain, to protect him from being a future Snack de Caroline. 

Then, Papa and Baby Vamp engage in a conversation about the difficulties associated with protecting the humans they love from their own vampiric darksides.  Following that conversation, Caroline purposefully ruins her relationship with Matt, in order to protect him from her.

To see her break down in tears after Matt dumped her immortal butt was truly heartbreaking.  In making this decision, Caroline has performed a truly selfless act, one that not even the Saintly Stefan was capable of accomplishing.  The question is . . . now that she no longer has Matt to keep her on the straight and narrow, where will Caroline find that ever important link to her humanity?

“Hint:  It sure as hell won’t be from ME!”

Vampire Katherine’s arrival in Caroline’s room at the end of the episode, followed by her threatening, yet intriguing pronouncement — “Don’t be frightened.   We are going to have so much fun together!” — certainly didn’t bode well for the future of Vampire Caroline’s soul . . .

The Darker Side of Elena

After a lame-o scene, during which Alaric makes Useless Aunt Jenna his official Lame Ladyfriend, we are returned to the MAIN EVENT . . .

Upon arriving home from Duke University, Damon corners Elena, once again, by the car door.  Their mutually beautiful faces are just inches away from locking lips. 

“Road trips work well for us,” remarks Damon, glibly.  “You know I chipped away at your Wall of Hatred.”

A scene from Damon and Elena’s FIRST road trip.  Ahhh, memories!

Throughout most of the Duke trip, Elena has been trying to get Damon to spill the information he has on Vampire Katherine — information that, hopefully, can help Elena understand why she looks so much like her.  “Friends don’t manipulate friends,” Elena mutters, early on in the trip, when Damon, once again refuses to share.

And yet, at the end of the night, Damon is feeling remarkably generous.  Sensing some softening in Elena’s resolve against him, he tells her that Katherine’s last name was “Petrova,” and hands her a book on the Petrova lineage.  “Men snoop too, you know,” he says slyly.

But then, he becomes serious . . .

“You have every right to hate me.  I understand.  But you hated me before, and we became friends.  It would suck if it was gone forever.  Is it is it gone forever?”

Of course, it’s not gone forever.  I LOVE YOU, you Big Fangy Lug!  Thank you for the book, Damon,” Elena replies, demurely.

And that’s when Elena finally works up the courage to ask Damon directly the question that has been plaguing us all.  “Did you know Jeremy was wearing the ring, when you broke his neck?”

Damon admits that he didn’t.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!  (I still refuse to believe it.)

Elena tears up at the admission, but thanks Damon for being honest.  “You have lost me forever,” she whispers.

NOOOOOOOO! (I refuse to believe THAT too!)

Now, it is Damon’s turn to be hurt and angered.  “You knew that already.  You used me today.  I thought friends didn’t manipulate friends,” he says, throwing Elena’s own words from earlier in the evening back in her face.

But Damon knows the unspoken response to that too.  Elena was OK with manipulating Damon, because she doesn’t consider him a friend .  . . not anymore.

“You and Katherine have a lot more in common than just your looks,” remarks Damon, before walking away.

She TOTALLY deserved that.

Don’t worry, Damon.  You’ll get her back, eventually.  Sexy television characters, like you, are ALWAYS forgiven for your evils.  So, for now, just go back to La Casa de Rich and Awesome.  Relax.  Pour yourself a drink . . .

or TEN . . .

Be sure to practice your trademark “Eye Thing” in front of the mirror . . .

Tomorrow is another day . . .






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17 responses to “Hungry Like the Wolf – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Bad Moon Rising”

  1. Cherie

    Yippee! Looks like I might be getting the Caroline-Katherine Mean Girlsathon I so desperately want after all. I can almost imagine a little cartoon angel!Stefan and devil!Katherine hovering near Caroline’s head in the next few episodes as she comes to grip with her baby vamp growing pains.

    I loved Caroline’s selfless act in playing Matt’s hand into breaking up with her for the sake of his safety. This is something even Stefan, the “good” vampire, hasn’t been able to do with Elena. I do worry though that this means Caroline has lost her last strong link to her humanity. Nevertheless, Matt doesn’t deserve her… merely one episode after telling a girl her loves her, he gets annoyed when she is jealous (admittedly vamp magnified jealousy) of a girl hanging all over him. I doubt many human girls would put up with that crap. And what’s more, he is willing to drop her the minute the going gets a bit tough. GOD, passive aggressive bull shit drives me insane! And yes, this is coming from someone who thinks he has a good heart, insanely blues eyes to die for, and a sexy rumbly voice!

    I’m actually kinda glad that Damon admitted he didn’t see the ring. If he continued to claim that he hadn’t, it would always be one of those aspects of the show that would be impossible to prove… we’d just be going on his word, which admittedly at this point in time is not that trustworthy (hopefully, it never will be! like you Julie, I like my TV men snarky and jerky:)), so it would always feel left up in the air and Delena haters would point back to the ambiguity of this incident as the reason why the couple are not believable when they inevitably hook up – that there is the possibility the foundation of Elena’s forgiveness and subsequent growing closeness to Damon are all based on a lie. Whereas, if she knows the brutal truth, any forgiveness she shows him comes from a totally honest place – she’ll be going in with totally open eyes. Now, yes, there is debate about whether she should ever be able to forgive him at all. But I think the fact that Elena can fall in love with Stefan, bearing in mind he is a vampire who has killed in the past, means she has the capacity to love where others never would. It is almost tacit acceptance of past murder. I’m not saying Elena is evil by any means, but there are definitely morally grey aspects to her character when you dig deeply and think about it enough.

    So… although Damon’s confession was a blow to the Delena relationship in the short term, it reinforced a really important character trait: Damon’s absolute honesty with Elena. Generally he is always upfront with Elena, and even in these circumstances where he initially lied to Elena, he ultimately came clean. Stefan, on the other hand, demonstrated in the blood addiction plot that he has the potential to lie to Elena, and this may be one of the sources of the undoing of their relationship. And when that happens, I am going to hop aboard the Stefan/Caroline ship!

    Finally, how. damn. hot. were the Delena argument scenes? I love how Damon always gets up in her personal space ala Eric, and can’t wait for them to rip each others clothes off… ahem! I mean, make sweet, sweet love 🙂

    • That’s so funny, Cherie! I was TOTALLY thinking about our conversation re: a possible Team Evil Vamp Chicks, when Katherine popped in on the recently-dumped Caroline, at the end of the episode. It kind of makes me wonder, if this was Katherine’s plan all along. If you think about it, turning Caroline vamp was the PERFECT way to draw out Stefan, and make him “play her game.”

      Katherine knows how empathetic and caring Stefan is. She KNEW Stefan would just HAVE take the Baby Vamp under his wing. And she also KNOWS that Stefan will do anything to save Caroline’s soul, when Katherine tries to darken it. Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec have both alluded to us seeing more of Stefan’s dark side this season, as Stefan moves further and further away from what we typically consider “morality,” in order to protect the people he cares about. This act by Katherine might be what ultimately ends up pushing him over the edge.

      On a more fun note, sure she’s evil, but I’d be willing to bet, when she’s on your side, Katherine can be a pretty KICK ASS girlfriend. After all, aren’t the friends that have the “worst influence” on us usually also the most fun?

      I’m inclined to agree with you regarding Matt. He’s a good guy, sure. But maybe Caroline needs someone a little more . . . tolerant. After all, who REALLY wants a relationship with NO DRAMA WHATSOEVER? Aren’t all the best / hottest relationships, also the most dramatic ones? (See e.g. Damon and Elena) If Matt can’t cope with a little jealousy (which, I think, could be flattering, BTW), how could he possibly be expected to cope with the fact that his girlfriend is a bunny-eating, ring-wearing, blood-sucking vampire?

      I like the way you view the Damon and Elena exchange. Damon IS always honest with Elena, even if he knows the truth will hurt her, or, even, potentially, cause him lose her, forever. There is something kind of refreshing, and, oddly-enough, SUPER moral about that. Conversely, Stefan is COMPLETELY willing to lie, to do anything it takes, really, to keep Elena. We saw a bit of that in the conversation he had with Caroline this week. Ultimately, I think Damon’s willingness to self-sacrifice and his honesty will be what win Elena over in the end. Oh, and the INTENSE SEXUALLY CHEMICAL and ELECTRIC HOTNESS between them in EVERY SCENE THEY ARE IN TOGETHER . . . let’s not forget that.

      As for Stefan, I did very much enjoy watching him interact with Caroline this week. He is definitely able to let his guard down with her, in a way he can’t with Elena. Some of that, I think, comes from his knowledge of her morality and limitations as a human. It’s almost as though he is afraid to “break her” or lose control around her. In terms of a SHIP though, I think I’m still a Kefan girl, ALL THE WAY. I can’t wait for next week, and all the flashbacks, doppelganger hijinks, and Kefan intensity that will inevitably ensue!

      Thanks for your brilliant insights, as always!

  2. imaginarymen

    Pardon my language, but this recap was f*ing AWESOME!!!!! (and not JUST for the Duran Duran reference, although mega points for that brilliance!!)

    Your recaps seriously enhance viewing the show for me. I would still love TVD, but I look forward to your witty and smart observations to further enrich the show for me (and nicknames -I totally only refer to the house now as La Casa de Rich and Awesome!)

    So then – Alaric (and what’s w/ his new pouffy hair?) + Useless Aunt Jenna = SNOOZE CITY. Even my new TVD convert Mom said:

    Mom: Who is that?
    Me: Useless Aunt Jenna
    Mom: Whose aunt is she?
    Me: Jeremy and Elena’s boring guardian
    Mom: Have I seen her before?
    Me: Yes, in the premiere
    Mom: Oh
    Me: You probably forgot bc she sucks and she’s USELESS!
    Mom: I don’t like her
    Me: Get in line


    I am finding the Wolf story snoozy too. Not only is it taking time away from the The Salvatore Detective Agency and Damon and Elena’s Eye F*cking Emporium, but I don’t really care about Uncle Mason. Neither does Convert Mom so far:

    Mom: Who is that?
    Me: Mason, Tyler’s werewolf uncle
    Mom: Oh right
    Me: He looks like young Brad Pitt
    Mom: He looks good in a tank top

    Yeah, speaking of that – sure Mason and Tyler are buff and everything and look just fine in tank tops – but WHY ARE WE THREE WEEKS IN WITH NARY A SHIRTLESS OR TANKTOPPED SALVATORE BROTHER!?!?!?!

    I love you now Kevin Williamson, DON’T make me go back to hating on your Dawson-lovin’ ass!!

    Ahem, OK so anyway. I wish Stefan could hear me yelling at him:

    Me: Don’t go to the car Stefan!! DON’T GO TO THE CAR!!! Why isn’t he listening to me?!?!?
    Mom: He’s stupid
    Me: STOP picking on Stefan! We love him!
    Mom: He’s no Damon
    Me: Well YES, but he’s no DAWSON either! You don’t know what it was like! You weren’t there!!

    And on the same note – hey kids of Mystic Falls – remember how last year there were all those “animal attacks” in the woods? And Vicki Donovan was found murdered out there? So, you know, call me crazy but mb partying in the WOODS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT is not the smartest thing, wouldn’t you agree?

    And while I’m lecturing – hey SluttyAmy (I can’t believe you share my name but your role is not “Slutty Amy who Damon uses as blood bank/sex toy to get over his Elena heartbreak” – I mean, WAY TO WASTE MY NAME WILLIAMSON!!!) Anyway girl – when a boy takes you deep in the the dark woods full of “animals who attack” and down into a SLAVE HOLDING BASEMENT for a make-out session – call me crazy AGAIN but DON’T GO!! She really did deserve the Senseless Death Award just for being so damn stupid.

    I totally agree about Bonnie. She’s so annoying with all her lecturing and Vampire Brain Squeezing and threatening all the time. Get OVER yourself Bonnie!!

    Count me among the surprised that Caroline DID vamp out and bite Matt. I didn’t think she would – at least not this early in the game. But holy hell! That licking of his arm bf she bit him was HOT!!! Like Jeremy and Anna in the Kitchen HOT!!! You know what else is hot? Vamp Caroline’s chemistry w/ Stefan! I’m not ‘shipping them yet – but I dunno, he was quite lighter and funnier and more charming around her. I certainly agree that Katherine turned Caroline w/ a very specific plan – either to drive a wedge w/ Elena, or create a distraction for Katherine to pounce, or something else. (Hey! How did she get in Caroline’s house? Does she not need invitations now? Did Sheriff Mom invite her in thinking it was Elena?)

    I liked the conversation about Stefan not being able to give up Elena even though he knows its the right thing for her. This goes back to what you and Cherie were saying: Damon is VERY honest w/ Elena and Stefan is frequently not. Just think about the photo of Katherine. He never ever told Elena anything about Katherine and her looking alike – she found out RIGHT after they’d had sex. That always struck me as quite shady for Good Vampire Stefan.

    Also? Big win on Stefan in the Tight Grey Hoodie of Lust. I take when I can get when there are no tank tops on the horizon 😉

    But OH DAMON!!! Throwing yourself in front of the woman you love to save her life??! The teasing! The Eye Thing! The honesty! The sexy flirting! The total invasion of her personal space! The EYE F*CKING (get a ROOM YOU TWO GOD!) The Rejection! The hurt feelings!!

    This is how hardcore TeamDamon ConvertMom is:

    Elena: You have lost me forever
    Damon: You have a lot more in common with Katherine than just looks
    Mom: BITCH!!!!!

    (This was ALMOST as funny as the time my roommate hurled a pillow at the TV in fury when Joey first dumped Pacey in “The Longest Day”!)

    I appreciate that Elena is gonna make Damon work for this. Bc really – he SHOULD. He didn’t just threaten her brother, he snapped his neck – coldly and deliberately right in front of her. And I believe he didn’t know about the ring – the way he confessed was too honest. And of course – why confess if it wasn’t true? I know Julie you wanted TeamSawUglyNoDeathRing – but I really felt he didn’t see it. As he said – he’s LUCKY Jeremy had it because the ramifications if he hadn’t would be absolutely brutal on Damon.

    And oh Elena honey? When you hate someone SO MUCH OMG HE’S SUCH A BIG STUPID JERK – the best way to prove that is NOT macking on your boyfriend in front of said sworn enemy who is SO DUMB OMG I HATE HIM SOOOO MUCH – it just makes you look like you doth protest too much. (Personally, I think she likes the pursuit. Damon Gives Good Chase – among other things ;-P)

    Did you read Mandi Bierley’s recap yet? WHY aren’t we friends w/ her?? The sheer fact that she points out Paul Wesley’s hot-crossed-arm-tshirt-stance means she’s ONE OF US!!!

    Mom: This is all Stefan’s fault!
    Me: What is?
    Mom: All of it!! It’s not Damon’s fault! Look he’s wounded and brooding!
    Me: That’s not true – it’s not Stefan’s…well, actually he DID convince him to become a vampire
    Mom: SEE?? If there is a sad, tortured, misunderstood bad boy – I will find him!
    Me: He’s like a VampireTimRiggins
    Mom: EXACTLY!!!

    I’ll shut up now.

    • OK. Your TVD themed exchanges with your Mom are PURE WIN! You should totally jot them down and make them into weekly blog posts! You can title the blog series something like “ImaginaryMen and VictiMom Talk TVD.” Perhaps you can even use the LiveBlog software, so the chats are episode time-stamped!

      Then, tweet it to Kevin, Julie, Ian, Nina and EWs Mandi Bierly. Surely, they will love it so much that you and VictiMom will be invited on the set. (And, although I certainly wouldn’t insist upon it, you might just consider inviting along the person who suggested the idea to you, in the first place ;)).

      Oh, and because you tweeted the blog to Mandi as well, you and your Mom will also get a job doing TVD video chats (including regular interviews with cast members) for EW!

      Hey, it could happen . . . 🙂

      I want the Eye F*cking Emporium to be a real place, so that I can vacation there every summer. Perhaps, it is located somewhere in La Casa de Rich and Awesome. 🙂

      LOVE your Dawson’s Creek references, particularly the fact that you recalled, “The Longest Day,” a.k.a. the MOST UNNERVING DC episode of ALL TIME. What was that line Joey kept repeating, everytime they replayed the day from a different perspective? Wasn’t it something like “Did you ever have a day you wish you could live over?”

      Ughhhhh, it drove me INSANE, especially coming right on the heels of my FAVORITE EPISODE, “Stolen Kisses,” which, I’ll admit, I still rewatch every once in a while, when I am in a particularly self-indulgent mood.

      But back to TVD . . . remember when we chatted about Caroline, and how I predicted her fate, and you didn’t, but I said, I’m sure I’ll be wrong next time? Well . . . my staunch membership in TeamSawUglyNoDeathRing . . . was that incorrect moment for me. I REALLY thought he saw it! I DID! I thought for sure it would come out that he saw the ring and never intended to kill Jeremy, dammit.

      But, I still love my Damon . . . and my Delena. So much so, that I am willing to bank my credibility on another prediction. And here it is: The Seaosn 2 Finale will feature another kiss, similar to the one in “Founders Day,” only this time it will ACTUALLY BE DAMON AND ELENA. You’ve heard it here first . . . 😉

      Thanks for your super sweet recap-related praise . . . which is totally going to my head, by the way. 😉

      I can’t wait until we get to take a trip down “Memory Lane” next week!

      • Cherie

        Amy’s right – your recaps are totally golden and fangirling about the episodes with you guys is half the fun! I fell about laughing at your description of Elena pulling out the arrow in particular… it deem seem like twisted foreplay to me at the time of watching!

        I was beyond excited about the picspam featuring Alaric and Damon that references Mean Girls – I thought instantly “Ohhh, a shout out to my comment last week! Woot!” Not to mention that I love you forever for your Gone With the Wind quote at the end. Caroline would also approve, as she channels Scarlett daily! 🙂

        Plus, I think you need to become my shopping buddy… between Blue Panty Dropping Sweaters and Hoodies of Hedonism, your clothing names are awesomesauce.

        Speaking of clothing, Amy is completely right – can’t believe I didn’t notice it, but the shirtless quotient has dropped dangerously low of late. Although, at least we did have Damon saying “If you want to see me naked, all you have to do is ask.” 🙂 I think the collective female fanbase, regardless of their shipping preferences, would love to be in that position!!

        You know, the funny thing is that even though I would love to see some Stefan/Caroline action, this show is so great at creating chemistry-infused pairs that I want them in addition to Kefan! (What can I say, I’m easily pleased!) I love seeing Katherine turn into a smitten kitten with Stefan, and the playful lilt he gets in his voice. Probably part of the reason I like his relationship with Caroline so much is that she brings out a similar side to him.

        Who is Tim Riggins? I assume he is a jerky but hot and cool TV Boyfriend who has somehow slipped past me?

      • Awww, you guys are seriously too nice to me! Any more compliments, and my head is going to get too big to see the computer screen! 🙂

        I can’t take full credit for finding the Mean Girls PicSpam, as Super Sleuth Amy found it for me. But what I’ve learned today is that EVERY obscure couple on television has its own “F*ck Yeah [person A] and [person B]” tumblr.

        (Note to self — must learn how to “Tumblr” and create PicSpam, so that I can one day make a F&ckYeah Stefan and Katherine Tumblr and a F*ckYeah Stefan and Caroline Tumblr)

        Oh, and in terms of Naked Damon (since he IS taking requests it seems) can I put in a vote for NEVER WEARING CLOTHES 😉 Or . . . well . . . maybe . . . sometimes wearing clothes, but always with the button-down shirt open, and tight jeans, both unbuttoned and hanging VERY LOW . . .

        Amy can probably tell you more about Tim Riggins than I ever could. But I will tell you that he’s a character on the show Friday Night Lights (now airing repeats on ABC Family). Just to give you a little taste, here’s a fan video I found on YouTube, which offers, what I suspect, is some trademark Tim Riggins brood and smoulder. Enjoy! 😉

  3. Cherie

    Mmm! To quote you “Mommy LIKE”!

    I must admit Varsity Blues put me off football dramas, but may need to make an exception for FNL and Tim Riggins!! Plus, isn’t there a reference in TVD about Matt being a cast member of the show at some point?

    Ohh, I forgot to mention earlier that Tomorrow When the War Began was a huuuuuge hit in Australia and lived up to the potential of the book and then some… which coming from a rabid fan is saying something! So, hopefully it will get a US release soon 🙂 Have you had a chance to read any of the books from the series? I’ve read The Hunger Games which was just as good as you promised, and can’t wait to take some of my thoughts to your Create a Dream Cast thread soon.

  4. I’ll put my two cents in and point out that Stefan’s sleeves were very short. Just saying. Regarding Damon’s comment about being naked, I was too distracted to notice at first, but it now reminds me of how easy he is: “You just have to ask.” Is there anyone he will turn down (other than Uncle John)? I definitely enjoyed this episode, and I have to say my first reaction to Bonnie was, “Finally, someone’s acting rationally,” haha. For some reason this particular wait until next Thursday feels longer than ever. Is that just me?

    • So, you think Damon would say “yes” to anybody, huh? So, for example, he would say “yes” to a very polite TV Recapper who just happened to wander on set “by accident.” 😉 I like your thinking, Noelle. 😉

      I know I’ve been particularly hard on Bonnie, ever since last season, when she temporarily decided she “couldn’t be friends with Elena” anymore, and got that AWFUL haircut. So, it is refreshing to see someone sticking up for her around here. 🙂 You bring up a good point about how “normal people” (i.e. people who are not characters in a television series) would view vampires. As a culture, we’ve become so used to them, that we can’t understand why others would be leery of letting them roam free.

      And with Katherine as her “Mom,” Caroline might just end up proving Bonnie right, by wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls in broad daylight. And yet, I’d generally be inclined to agree with Stefan, that keeping Caroline cooped up alone all day, would only make her more dangerous at night. Plus, Caroline isn’t just any ordinary vampire. She is Bonnie’s BEST FRIEND. So, the self-righteousness and callousness with which Bonnie (who’s very much at fault for Caroline’s transformation) dealt with a friend in need really pissed me off.

      And I’m with you. Next Thursday, is WAY TOO FAR AWAY for my taste –particularly, given how delicious the promos for next week look. “Doppelganger hijinks” here we come! 🙂

  5. imaginarymen

    Can I say how much I love Cherie bc her comments include lots of “Amy is completely right” comments?! ;->>

    Thank you Julie for the Trademark Tim Riggins Brood and Smolder! Here’s more about him (blog pimping alert!)

    Cherie – FNL is probably one of the Top 5 Best Shows I Have Ever Seen (and this is high praise if I may say so myself bc I watch a sh*tload of TV!!!) It is SO good and you become SO invested in the characters that I pretty much cry at every episode – tears of sadness and joy.

    And not only is is well written and well acted – but lots of pretty boys! Often shirtless! Win, win, WIN I say ;->

    (and yes, Matt was in S3 as an abusive rodeo boyfriend. He is SO different in TVD that it took me most of S1 to make the connection of who he had been on FNL!)

    • Cherie

      Funnily enough, I was traipsing through the DVD store after work today and they had a boxed set of seasons one through to three of FNL … which, naturally, I had to have after seeing that vid Julie put up!

      Methinks that after my extensive research of the Tim Riggins Brood and Smoulder I might just have to add some comments to your posts, Amy… assuming I can put together a cohesive thought after “getting my Riggins on” 😛

      Thanks for putting them up!

      • imaginarymen

        WHEEEE!!! I’m so excited!! Did you buy it or rent??

        Either way – you’re gonna watch which is more than MISS JULIE HAS AGREED TO DO 😉

        Can’t wait for you to Get Your Riggins On!

      • :- 0 = Are those fighting words, Miss Amy? 😉

        OK. So, I TOTALLY watched the FNL pilot when it aired on ABC Fam a few weeks back. And I DO make a concerted effort to get back there, when I can. But the fall season has started. And I have a very serious recapping schedule to stick to! 🙂

        Perhaps, I will try to tape some episodes, and catch them this weekend. But only because you asked (sort of) nicely . . . 🙂

        Cherie, congrats on getting the DVD! If you enjoy it, I’m very glad my Brood and Smoulder video helped you to find it. If you don’t . . . it was TOTALLY Amy’s idea, and I had absolutely nothing to do with it. 🙂

        Just kidding! Happy Fangirling!

      • Cherie

        Bought it all the way! I’m sure there’ll be certain scenes I want to watch over and over at my leisure! Hehe! I think the record for most rewatches so far is for Damon dancing. I have seen that clip waaaay more times than I’m willing to admit, so always love it when it pops up on this blog.

        Ohh, when the “Miss” is thrown out, it is like Lafayette taking of his earrings… you just know there is going to be trouble! 🙂

  6. imaginarymen

    Hee! Sorry to harass you Julie. I know you are a very busy recapper and fangirl. And I know one day you’ll find the time to watch all of FNL and then you’ll say “OMG – Amy was SO RIGHT!!!”


    I always miss the ABCFamily eps bc 6PM is too early. I wish it was 7PM. And if I ever win the lottery – getting you DVR is on my list of things to buy!

    • Awww, I’m honored to be on your Lotto List. Coincidentally, if I win the lottery, I plan to get us (1) four-day event “hoppers” to Comic Con, tickets to all the best panels included; (2) and plane tickets to Atlanta, so we can hit up the TVD set and get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with a certain Vampire Damon. (Oh, and I will buy you the DVDs for ALL FOUR Mad Men seasons . . . :)).

      6pm IS too early to watch ABC Family. I’m virtually never home from work by that time. In fact, I think the one time I did catch the first couple FNL episodes on that channel, was when they did the marathon a few weeks back. Hmmm, I wonder if they air them over the weekends at all. I’ve been doing Buffy Marathons on Logo Saturdays and Sundays, but I’d be TOTALLY willing to make an exception for our Mr. Riggins and his trademark Brood and Smoulder. 🙂

  7. imaginarymen

    The Tim Riggins Brood and Smolder is my new fav saying!

    You may want to get in on this after Cherie has her “Get Your Riggins On-a-thon” and we’re all FNL Fangirling all the time!

    And getting you TIVO is the least I can do for all the pro bono work you’re gonna have to do for me ;-0

    P.S. Tim Riggins is also funny AND sweet in addition to be a brooding bad boy loser ;-))

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