10 Things I Learned from Watching Grey’s Anatomy’s “Shock to the System”

“Is this going to be on the exam?”

I suspect that there are many of you out there who only watch Grey’s Anatomy for the “mushy-gushy relationship stuff” .  . .

 . . . the bizarro plotlines involving psycho serial killers . . .

 . . . the hot hallucinatory Ghost Sex . . .

. . . and the abundance of Sexy Shirtless Men . . .

(NEWS FLASH:  Nearly Naked Dr. Avery!  Coming Soon to a TV Near You, October 14th!  Never has the invention of HDTV been more appreciated . . .)

And while all of the above are perfectly valid reasons to watch this long-running show, what many fans fail to realize, is that Grey’s Anatomy is also a treasure trove of life lessons for us all!

So, without further adieu, let’s look back at the lessons we learned from this week’s installment of Grey’s Anatomy, “Shock to the System.”

1)  If you wish to fake an emotional breakthrough with your shrink, so that he will clear you to return to work (or, at least, trade those LAME anti-depressants he currently has you on, for the AWESOME uppers you’ve been eyeing since you started therapy), bad mascara and crumbly tissues are not enough . . .

Particularly if, even after crying, you still look like you belong in a Banana Republic magazine advertisement . . .

Drastic times call for drastic measures.  And in this situation, Ugly Cry Face is required.  Here are a few examples of what I mean:

Then again, if your name is “Meredith Grey,” and you are on a show called GREY’S Anatomy, you’ll be back at work after two episodes, anyway.  So, you might not even need to resort to this . . .

2) Those who lie down with criminals  . . .

 . . . wake up smelling like pee . . .

(and sometimes unwittingly attract new boyfriends named “Vito.”)

3) It may come as a shock to you, but there are some TV Watchers and (patients at Seattle Grace) . . .

 . . . who stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy after the third season.

Shocking . . . yes . . . but entirely plausible.  As a result of their Grey’s -watching negligence, these individuals may truly believe that Christina Yang is still involved with Dr. Preston Burke . . .

 . . . and that Isaiah Washington was never fired from the show . . .

“Well, THAT was awkward!”

While we are on the subject, here are some other aspects of the show about which these erstwhile Grey’s fans might be confused:

“Who are half these people?”

“Where the heck are George and Izzie?”


“So, Callie is a lesbian, now?”

4) When trying to convince your colleagues that you aren’t Bat Sh*t Crazy . . .

 . . . screaming at them “That’s ME, I’m the CRAZY ONE!” and running around the hospital muttering loudly to yourself, “She never saw it coming!  She never saw it coming!”  OMG!  She never saw it coming!” will probably not help your cause. 

Oh . . . and while we are at it . . . just because one of your patients is crying . . .

 . . . doesn’t mean it has to do with YOU and YOUR PROBLEMS.  Strange as it may seem, THE WORLD DOESN’T REVOLVE AROUND YOU!!!!!

Regardless, of what HE might lead you to believe . . .

5) If you play a lesbian couple on a show that predominately caters to straight females . . .

. . . the best you can hope for in a storyline is some comic relief-esque banter involving room decoration and paint swatches.

Thanks for playing!  Better luck next time!

6) If Miranda Bailey is touching your boobies, in the middle of a hospital hallway .  . .

 . . . your secrets WILL come out . . .

. . . even if she has to wrench them from your body with a pair of barely sterilized tweezers!

7) When THIS GUY says you are not ready to do surgeries . . .


No “ifs” “ands” or “buts” about it, MISSY!

8 ) Are you single?  Feeling lonely?  Unappreciated by the men (or women) in your life?

Worry not!  Getting the objects of your desire to notice you is EASY!

Just get STRUCK BY LIGHTENING, along with all the men of your dreams!

You’ll be beating them off with a stick in NO TIME!  (No really . . . you’ll probably end up wanting to physically beat them.)

9) If your boyfriend is a shrink, and most of your dates are spent with you just talking, and him just “listening” . . .

 . . .  you’re not in a “relationship,” you’re in “therapy.”  Then again, with healthcare plans being what they are today, WHO CARES? 

But, if he ever sends you a bill for his “services,” it’s probably time for you two to have “the talk.”  (The phrase “quid pro quo” might come in handy . . . just saying.)

And finally . . .

10) If you lost your husband’s baby during a tragic accident . . .

 . . . and haven’t told him yet, just bite the bullet and DO IT!

If he’s anything like Dr. McDreamy, he’ll be totally cool with it!  And if he’s not . . . well . . . you wouldn’t want his Ugly Ass Baby, ANYWAY!

So, there you have it —  Ten Lessons learned from this week’s installment of Grey’s Anatomy.  Consider yourself SCHOOLED!






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2 responses to “10 Things I Learned from Watching Grey’s Anatomy’s “Shock to the System”

  1. Amazon Annie

    Thanks for the schooling KJewls. I did learn alot from your blog and Grey’s this week, and had a few laughs from both too. I had some reactions to this episode that I’d like to discuss with you and your readers.
    Let me pose this question… Alex is a resident, correct? After all this time, medical school, internship, and residency he really doesn’t realize that keeping that bullet in his chest is medically a BAD idea? If he needed Bailey to tell him that, who wants HIM for a dr. Keeping a bullet in your chest to be popular with the “chicks” is a lame idea, Alex. Get a cute little doggie, you’ll pick up loads of “babes” on the street, without the fear of cellulitis, MERSA, and imminent death.
    Is it just me or have we been watching Meredith fret and fear admitting the deep dark secret of her pregnancy and miscarriage since last season? Her secrecy and unwillingness to open up to the shrink was one of the stumbling blocks to her getting cleared for surgery. Well, it seems like she’s been worrying for nothing. Dr. McDreamy hardly seemed moved or even really upset when Meredith told her. “Why didn’t you tell me? Maybe I could have helped” Wow! all that angst about the big reveal and Dr McDreamy seemed more like Dr. McNoBigDeal. Mountain of a build up… Molehill of a response.
    Although we all knew that Christina was NOT ready for surgery, or marriage for that matter, the portrayal of Christina’s “breakdown” and subsequent return to the understanding Owen were dramatic and well done. Excellent acting and good TV. However, laying on the floor of an operating room is not the best camera angle for an actress, pretty unflattering for both Meredith and Christina.
    And I agree with you KJewls, with all the serious problems our characters have been going through, paint color seemed quite low on the list. I suggest they pick the “greenish beige” its soothing and calming.
    Thanks again for your recaps, KJewl. They always bring laughter and fun to my day.

    • Hey Amazon Annie! Thanks for the comment, and the fabulous Grey-sian insights! 🙂

      You know what the strange thing was about Alex’s Bullet Bungle? Last week, whatever doctor checked him out (I think it might have been Teddy) LET HIM KEEP THAT BULLET IN THERE! If having the “foreign object” lodged in his chest for an extended period of time was as dire as Bailey suggested, couldn’t TEDDY lose her license for not instructing him of the risks, if something have gone wrong? But . . . no. Apparently, Teddy is too busy boning her shrink, and throwing a VERY NOT READY Christina into surgery, to notice such mundane details . . . BAD TEDDY BEAR!

      That refusal to give up the bullet was actually pretty consistent with what we have come to know about Alex. It was his “manly” way of coping with the shooting — of “living dangerously” and proving to himself that he is a survivor. That’s the thing about Alex on this show. He never really seems to grow up or change. You usually see a bit of progress on Alex’s part, when his character is involved in a relationship. And then, once he’s single, it all goes completely out the window. SILLY ALEX!

      In some ways, Alex’s “bullet keeping” comes from a similar psychological rationale as Derek’s speeding. These are two men who were made to feel weak, vulnerable, and mortal, and, therefore, need to prove themselves to be “big strong men” again — if only to themselves. In terms of Derek, I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of his adrenaline junkie ways, or his non-reaction to Meredith’s lost of the baby. NOBODY sloughs off the death of their own child so easily. I have a feeling the next time Meredith and Derek get into a fight about something dump and speed-freaky that he has done, he’s going to play that Lost Baby Card. Just a hunch I have . . .

      LOL re: the upside down camera angle. You are absolutely right. No woman should have to be photographed or filmed that way. In fact, if I was an actress, that type of stipulation would be the kind of thing I would put in my contract right up front.

      Greenish-beige . . . a very nice choice, Amazon Annie! I think Callie and Arizona will both end up being very happy with it. Might I put in a vote for bluish-beige too? I’ve always been very partial to blue myself. (Then again, I’m also a Purple Girl. But I doubt “edgy” Callie would go for that . . .)

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