The Vampire Diaries’ Love Bites: Who’s YOUR favorite “ship”?

My blogger pal, Cherie, who gave me the fabulous idea for this post, once said, that TV Couple Fangirling for women, is like Sports Team Fandom for men . . . and other women . . .  I guess.

  After all, both pasttimes involve obsessive television watching, and vicarious living through people we admire.  So what if Sports Team Fans analyze plays and stats, while we analyze longing looks and kisses?  It all comes from the heart!

Therefore, in the spirit of Team Fandom, I would like to take this time out to pay homage to the various couples, and prospective couples, that populate what has quickly become my favorite television show, The Vampire Diaries.  After all, vampires, werewolves, ugly rings, and random parties aside, at its core, TVD is a show about interpersonal relationships.  And while EVERY relationship in this show is unique and special, I’d like to focus on a choice few that really spark my interest.  They are: (1) Damon and Elena; (2) Stefan and Elena; (3) Stefan and Katherine; (4) Damon and Katherine; (5) Damon and Bonnie; (6) Stefan and Caroline; and (8) Jeremy and Tyler.

So, without further adieu, LET THE SHIPPER GAMES BEGIN!

Damon and Elena – Team Delena

The players: 


He is a 160 some odd-year old vampire, who just had his heart broken, by the woman he has loved and pined over for about 150-years!  He tends to mask his feelings of heartbreak and loneliness with humor, sarcasm, an “I don’t care” attitude, and the excessive consumption of liquids, both alcohol and otherwise.  Lest that lead you to believe that Damon is a one-note character — trust me, he is NOT!

Damon is a guy who loved life, and loves undeath even more.  He believes in living both to the fullest.  And he is not afraid of breaking the rules . . . or bashing them in with a sledge hammer . . .  to do it. 

Damon is also a good friend, who is unfailingly loyal, and more than willing to do whatever it takes to help you out of a bad situation.  Many struggle with the dark sides of their humanity.  Damon is fine with his!  It’s the “light side” that’s taken him some getting used to . . .


She was a cheerleader and popular party gal, who began to question her fun- loving ways, when both of her parents were killed in a tragic accident.  She is maternal, almost to a fault, and fiercely protective of the people she loves.  Elena is a strong and intelligent woman, unfailingly honest, and more than a bit spunky.  If you get out of line, she’s not at all afraid to put you in your place.  And yet, she is also a hopeless romantic — one of the few people left in this world who still believes in True Love.

Their story:

Those of you who have read this blog before, know that I have a soft spot in my heart for Damon and Elena, or, as I like to call them Delena.  In fact, I have written an ENTIRE blog post dedicated to solely to the evolution of their relationship.  Because I have limited space, I’d rather not repeat myself too much here.  Please go read my other post! 🙂

Suffice it to say that, throughout Season 1, we watched this pair evolve from wary strangers . . . to friends . . .to people who kept calling themselves “friends,” but were so OBVIOUSLY in love with one another, it’s not even funny . . . to enemies (who are still pretty much in love with eachother).  And, just recently, they have begun their journey back to friendship again. 

Trust is the foundation of Damon’s and Elena’s relationship. When trust is high, like when Damon saved Elena from a car accident with a vampire, or when he, on two occasions, refused to compel her, even though he had the opportunity, Damon and Elena are on fire.  But when it is low, like when Damon tried to kill Elena’s brother Jeremy (OOPS!) . . .

 . . . well, let’s just say, things can get a bit dicey between these two.

Why you should ship them?

Read my other post!  Read my other post!   Damon and Elena are two sides of the same coin.  Both are good souls, who are hiding a portion of themselves to protect their hearts.  He hides his light.  She hides her darkness. 

Because of this, the pair have an innate understanding of one another — one that doesn’t require words.  A smouldering sexy look can say volumes!  It is this special connection they have to one another, that allowed Elena to see Damon’s humanity, even when Damon’s own brother could not. 

As if that wasn’t enough, being with Damon allows Elena to let her guard down.  With him, she can be silly and fun-loving.  She can be herself.  Did I mention these two are INSANELY HOT together?  Or that the electricity between them can power an ENTIRE CITY?  

Don’t believe me?  Check out this fan video, and see for yourself.

Stefan and Elena – Team Stelena

The players:

(Note: For a description of Elena, see above)


As far as vampires go, he’s about as “gentlemanly” as they come.  Up until recently, he has prided himself on sticking an exclusively “No Human” diet.  That means, all woodland creatures, ALL THE TIME!

For many years, Stefan hated the part of himself that thrived on blood.  His penchant toward self-hatred and self-sacrifice some caused problems for him toward the middle of season 1, when he developed a very nasty addiction to to human blood, after years of abstaining. 

Lately, however, Stefan has begun to come to terms with who and what he is.   He’s even started to have a bit of fun with it.

Just like that OTHER vampire, from those OTHER books, who shall remain nameless, Stefan is quite the sensitive bloodsucker.  He cares about the people around him, and will sacrifice anything to protect them from harm.  Stefan is a bit more serious-minded than his brother Damon.  As such, he tends to be more rule-abiding, and more inclined to avoid violence whenever possible.  And yet, Stefan has a definite darkside.  Mess with his brother, or with his girl, and Dark Stefan will DEFINITELY come out to play.

“Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Steffy!”

Their story:

From the moment they met, Stefan and Elena had an instant connection and attraction.  They practically couldn’t resist being together.   Considering Stefan is undead, he and Elena actually had quite the traditional initial courtship.  However, the pair started to run into problems, when Elena learned that Stefan was keeping secrets from her, about his true identity, his origins, and his VERY old flame.

But the pair ultimately survived these obstacles.  And it was a good thing, too!  Elena needed Stefan to save her life, on many occasions.  And Stefan needed Elena to help him battle his human blood addiction.  Now, with Vampire Katherine back, they need eachother more than ever .  . .

Why ship them?

Stefan and Elena are SO MUCH ALIKE!  They are both sensitive, and fiercely protective of the ones they love.  They are both good souls, who despise violence, and avoid evil at all costs.  They even both keep diaries, for heaven sakes!  Not to mention, everytime these two make love, it is the sexiest, sweetest, softcore porn you have EVER SEEN.!

Check them out!

Stefan and Katherine – Team Kefan

The players:

(Note: For a description of Stefan, see above.)


Katherine’s been a vampire for a LOOOONG time.  And no one does it better than she does.  Katherine loves every part of being undead, the blood-drinking, the immortality, the super-human strength, the ability to control minds . . .  all of it. 

 She’s a girl who’s not afraid to use her assets to get what she wants, and is more than willing to cheat, manipulate, steal, kill, or screw to do it.  As Damon once said of Katherine, she LOVES to play games.  And she is quite the player . . .

Their story:

Katherine first met Stefan back in 1864, when she began residing in his parents’ house, after the supposed “death” of her parents (which probably happened about 100 years prior).  Almost immediately, the two became engaged in a whirlwind courtship.  Despite the fact that Katherine was carrying on a relationship with Damon at the same the time, she swears to, this day, that her love for Stefan was real. 

When Stefan first found out that Katherine was a vampire, he was disgusted.  And so, to keep their relationship going, Katherine began to compel Stefan, even going as far as to feed her his blood, during their hot sex sessions.  When Katherine is found out by the town as a vampire, she is hunted by Stefan’s own father, a “pillar of the community.”  Stefan is shot, while trying to saving Katherine’s life.   However, because he unwittingly fed on her blood during his lifetime, he ultimately transitions into a vampire.  The change happens shortly after Katherine’s disappearance.

Now, Katherine is back.  She claims that she has returned, solely to rekindle her relationship with Stefan, who she “always loved.”  But is she telling the truth?

Why ship them?

“You hate me, Stefan?  That sounds like the beginning of a love story, not the end of one.”

Nothing says loving like Hot Hate Sex, and these two are destined to have it at some point during the series (preferably sooner, than later).  Pardon me for saying, but am I the only one that thinks Stefan “doth protest too much” when he says he never truly loved Katherine?  She was his first love.  And your first love is something you never really get over . . .

Sure, she’s more than a little evil.  But, if you know this show, you know that no character is ALL good, or ALL bad.  I suspect there is more to Katherine than meets the eye . . .

Aside from that, have you SEEN these two together lately?  They are hardcore HOT!   As you know, Stefan and Katherine are both vampires.  In fact, she’s older and stronger than he is.  This allows Stefan to be “harder and tougher” (wink, wink) when handling Katherine, than he is with Elena.  He can let his guard down with Katherine, because he never has to worry about “hurting or breaking” her.

This carefree quality extends to every interaction the pair have with one another.  When Stefan is with Katherine, he is tough, sarcastic, and, sometimes downright mean.  But, BOY is he FUN!

Damon and Katherine – Team Kamon

The players:

(Note: Descriptions of BOTH Katherine and Damon can be found above)

Their story:

Like Stefan, Damon met, and began dating, Katherine back in 1864.  But, unlike Stefan, Damon had a bit less trouble coping with the news that Katherine was a vampire.  Although he swears that she never compelled him, we learned, in a recent flashback, that this was not, in fact the case.  Nevertheless, we can assume that Damon was more open to the dark side of Katherine’s nature than Stefan was, during that time.

Damon was so crushed when he thought that Katherine had burned to death, that he wanted to die himself, rather than make the final transition to vampire. 

Though he slept with many women throughout the years, Katherine was Damon’s only true love until he met Elena.  He pined for her endlessly, and risked everything to break into that underground tomb and rescue her, even if it meant unleashing 30-some odd hungry vampires onto Mystic Falls.

When Damon found out Katherine wasn’t in that tomb, he launched himself, headfirst, into a downward spiral of drunkeness and despair.  And when Katherine returned, and rejected his love, he did something far worse . . .

Why ship them?

If Elena is the female Stefan.  Than Damon is the male Katherine.  These two are exactly alike.  They LOVE being vampires.  They love “living,” and they are not afraid to get a little messy to get what they want. 

Oh, and they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE long, hot, clothes-ripping, earth-shattering, forget-your-name afterwards SEX!

Damon and Bonnie – Team Bamon

The players:

(Note: For a description of Damon, see above.)


Bonnie led a pretty normal life.  That is, until recently, when she found out her best friend was dating a vampire, and that she was a witch.  Throughout Season 1, we’ve watched her learn to use her powers to help her friends.  She opened the tomb thought to contain Katherine, upon Damon’s request.  And, recently, she charmed a ring that would allow new vampire Caroline to be able to walk in the sun.

But Bonnie took the death of her grandmother, caused indirectly by the tomb opening spell, which the pair performed together, very badly.  She took her anger out on Elena, and began to REALLY despise vampires.  With her new found powers, she is now quite the headache for Damon and Stefan, both literally, and figuratively.

Their story:

To say that Bonnie’s and Damon’s relationship is an antagonistic one is a total understatement.  Ever since Bonnie’s grandmother died from over-exertion, opening that tomb for Damon, she has thwarted him at every turn.  She’s tricked him into believing a magical weapon against him was harmless, before giving it to his enemies.  She gives him massive headaches with her magical mind meld.

She even tried to SET HIM ON FIRE!

And yet, when it comes to helping their mutual friends, Elena and Caroline, Bonnie is big enough to put aside her personal feelings, even if that means making some very dangerous deals with the devil . . .

Why ship them?

Remember what Katherine said about “Hate being the beginning of a love story?”  I think that might very well apply here.  Damon and Bonnie are both very PASSIONATE people.  That passion comes out when they fight with eachother.  Bonnie is a worthy adversary of Damon’s.  And she will definitely keep him from getting out of line, even if she has to kill him to do it.

Stefan and Caroline – Team Staroline

The players:

(Note: For a description of Stefan, see above.)


Like Bonnie, when we first meet Caroline, she seems pretty normal, all things considered.  She’s blonde, pretty, popular, and a cheerleader.  She’s also a bit of a Mean Girl, a tad neurotic, and has major issues with jealousy.  Of all the characters on the show, Caroline has probably undergone the biggest transformation, since her first appearance in the pilot episode.

Throughout the show’s brief run so far, we have watched a seemingly vapid, and often whiny, Caroline transition from a b*tchy alpha teen, to a mind-altered victim of Damon’s whims . . .

  . . . to a loving girlfriend . . .

 . . . to a kickass vampire, willing to sacrifice real love, and her relationship with her mother, to protect the lives of the people she cares about.

Their story:

Believe it or not, it was Caroline, not Elena, who first noticed Stefan, when he arrived as a “new student” at Mystic Falls high.   It was she who did the initial research about him, which she shared with Elena, during the pilot episode.  After that, the pair developed a sweet, if tentative, friendship.  But lately, that friendship has blossomed into something more special.

When Caroline woke up alone in a hospital, a new vampire, confused and frightened by her new abilities, she needed guidance.  And Stefan was there to give it to her.  He saved Caroline from death by staking.  He then, gradually, taught her how to live among humans. 

Stefan taught Caroline to hunt.  He protected her from a werewolf attack.  And, of course, he gave her advice on life and love.  “I’m not going to let anything happen to you,” Stefan whispered to Caroline, on her first fateful night as a vampire.

And, so far, he hasn’t . . .

Why ship them?

Like Katherine, Caroline brings out something in Stefan, that Elena can’t.  And that something is good old-fashioned goofiness.  Ever since he’s started paling around with Caroline, Stefan smiles and jokes more.  These two are comfortable around one another.  They have an easygoing relationship, and often exchange light- hearted and witty banter.  Caroline and Stefan find eachother’s flaws endearing — a trait that is VERY important, when embarking on a long-term relationship.

And besides, we all know that some of the BEST loves spring from friendship . . .

Jeremy and Tyler – Team Jyler

The players:


Can we really blame Jeremy for “switching teams,” after he’s had such TREMENDOUSLY bad luck with women?  First his mom dies.  Then his girlfriend, Vicki, gets turned to a vampire.  Then she dies.  Then he meets another vampire, Anna.

He quickly falls in love with her.  And the two begin a romantic, and, eventually, sexual relationship.  Then, you guessed it, SHE DIES!

Initially, Jeremy’s Big Sis Elena kept him mainly in the dark about all things supernatural.  But lately, she’s been letting Jeremy in on a few secrets.  And she BETTER!  Because supernatural creatures seem to keep TRYING TO KILL HIM!

In terms of personality, I guess you can describe Jeremy as being a bit Emo, but in a good way.  He’s still a hopeless romantic, despite all the obstacles that have been thrown his way.  Jeremy is also an artist, with a penchant for drawing vampires and werewolves.  (Gee, I wonder why?)  He used to be into drugs a bit, but we think that’s over and done with now. 

In short, Jeremy is basically a good kid, who’s gotten a REALLY raw deal, lately.  If anyone deserves some happiness on this show, it’s him.


When we first met Tyler, he seemed like kind of a dick.  He was a druggie, and a bully.  He had rage issues, and like to beat the crap out of people, especially Jeremy. 

But lately, the writers have engendered in us fans some sympathy for the character.  Tyler had an abusive dad, who recently died.  He also has this Werewolf Curse hanging over his head. 

Lately, Tyler has shown an ability to care for people.  He saved Stefan and Caroline from a werewolf attack.  And he has bonded with Uncle Mason, and with Jeremy.  In short, Tyler got a long way to go, but the dude’s got potential.

Their story:

Jeremy and Tyler got off to kind of a rough start.  They hung out in the same social circle, but weren’t friends, by any means.  The fact that they both were in love with the same girl, certainly didn’t help matters.

Tyler and Jeremy have come to physical blows with one another on more one occasion, with the stronger Tyler usually having the upper hand.  And yet, in the way that “manly men” do, the pair always seem to come to an understanding with one another, when all is said and done. 

Jeremy sees a bit of himself in Tyler, as both men are no strangers to pain and alienation.  “You don’t have to be like this,” Jeremy said to Tyler once, after an argument.  (We’d like to think that’s true.)

Just recently, Jeremy comforted Tyler, regarding the loss of his father.  In return, Tyler invited Jeremy to his home, and confided in him about his family’s Werewolf Curse.  One might even consider these two friends.  Or, perhaps, something more . . .

Why ship them?

In the words of Jerry MacGuire, I think these two “complete” one another.  Tyler is strong, where Jeremy is vulnerable.  Jeremy is sensitive, while Tyler is crass, and tends to hide his true feelings. 

These two men share similar experiences, when it comes to loss and rejection.  Like Damon and Elena, they have this unique unspoken connection with one another.  Jeremy and Tyler are two VERY intense individuals.  And when they fight . . . well . . . it’s kinda hot.

So, there you have it, the EIGHT main “ships” from The Vampire Diaries.  Which one are YOU on?  And what do you think are that ship’s chances are of “staying afloat” this season?



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12 responses to “The Vampire Diaries’ Love Bites: Who’s YOUR favorite “ship”?

  1. tyluv3

    I love this one, you have knocked this out of the park. Your tibit on Staroline alone has me shipping them, kudos hun kudos

    • Awww, thanks so much, tyluv3! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’m a big Staroline fan too! They make a great team!

      And you just never know when those “bunny hunters” will start “screwing like bunnies.” 😉

  2. Cherie

    I won’t lie. I looked forward to this post ALL week, and even bought a packed of Oreos to mark the momentous occasion of its unveiling 😛

    Before I get into the main part of my response, I have to comment on the Sports Team Fandom analogy. Funnily enough, I mentioned the idea on Amy’s Imaginary Men blog and she pointed me to a posting with the same theme that she had written through some crazy serendipitious coincidence.

    It proves I am not the only fangirl (or for that matter, fanboy!) who has had to defend their rabidness. And comparing my interest in cheering for a ship and characters to being invested in a sports team or particular players is the only terms I could put my obsessions into that my fellow sport-loving Aussies could understand. I think of fan conventions like Comic Con as our equivalent to grand finals!

    Hehe! The only way I could get a Star Wars loving friend, on the other hand, to understand my quote unquote “girly pursuits” was to say that every kiss between a beloved ship is like watching the Death Star blow up. Seemed to make sense to them from that moment on!

    Now, as they would say in sports, onto the main event 🙂

    I want to marry this blog post and have little literate, be-fanged babies with it!!!

    Does that Team Damon shirt exist in real life? If it doesn’t, it should! And don’t think I wasn’t excited when that Damon / Elena vid made an appearance 🙂

    Although you make a compelling case for all the couples, I’m just going to comment on my favourites.

    Delena is without a doubt my favourite ship, and extensive scientific research (i.e. marathon re-watching of season one and the first parts of season two) I conducted in anticipation of this post has reaffirmed why…

    It is unique on a show of this pacing to have a pair come together slowly, and this has made the build up of Delena all the more striking and intriguing. Much has been made on other sites of how it would cripple Elena’s moral character to hook up with Damon, but truthfully, her moral compass became skewed the moment she continued to date Stefan despite knowing he was a vampire and had committed terrible deeds. Anyway, I don’t judge shows like this against real world codes, but rather how much chemistry and potential pairings between characters have, and noone can deny Delena have this in spades! Does this make me morally apathetic? Fine, so be it! I’d sell my soul for just one dance session with Damon anyway! Plus, this is fantasy, not the real world!

    Besides, I think Katherine’s “my sweet, innocent Damon” comment when she straddled him (mmm!) during their S&M makeout was telling. We have only seen glimpses of Damon in early flashback sans the years of hardening from Katherine’s influence and vampirehood, and he seemed the purer, more impressionable and more romantic at heart of the two brothers. I think his current evilness is a result of twisted nurture from Kat rather than nature, and that is he reclaims his humanity he could truly be worthy of Elena.

    Could Elena and Damon come together without forever damaging the relationship of the Salvatore Brothers? I think they can. Damon is ruled by his heart, Stefan seems to be ruled more by his head. Stefan’s level-headnesses as a human has been amplified, and he has shown he can distance himself from his emotions enough to see things from his brother’s perspective (e.g. telling Damon he isn’t mad about him kissing Elena after all, because it shows he can still feel, and he doesn’t want that taken away from him). Given the right kind of circumstances and if lying, backstabbing and cheating are not involved, I believe Stefan could rise above and accept Damon and Elena being together, particularly as Elena brings out the good he has wanted to see for so long in his brother.

    I can’t wait to see Damon redeemed and worthy of Elena. His efforts to help Caroline and Liz were, I believe, genuinely due to his friendship with Liz and nothing to do with getting back Elena’s friendship. As he continues to do good things because they are the right thing do, not because he expects something in return, he will became the kind of man Elena could truly be with. And if that includes shirtless sexy time, so be it!

    Now, onto Kefan. I won’t say much except to say I am excited by the possibility of the reversal of the bad boy and good girl dynamic in their relationship (at least, I consider Elena to be a good boy relative to Katherine’s HBICness :)) Plus, if that tiny kiss between them before Stefan “tortured” her is any indication, their relationship is going to have chemistry off the charts!

    Jyler is the newest ship I am most excited about. JULIE PLEC AND KEVIN WILLIAMSON, MAKE THIS HAPPEN! When Tyler choked Jeremy against the wall I just may have chanted “Kiss! Kiss!” Yes, clearly my view of sexy relationships is twisted, but c’mon, I bet EVERYONE got a little hot and bothered by potential action between Wolfy McWolfy’s nephew and Mini Gilbert. I loved the meaningful look the pair exchanged when they realised the implications of Tyler almost killing that girl – awww, Jeremy cared. Really, he did! Plus, I think an understanding, not unlike the one shared by Delena, has long existed between the pair. Like after the standoff between Alaric and Tyler’s Dad, Jeremy bothered to ask his then arch nemesis “Is it always like this for you?” and seemed to care about the answer. Not to mention that they both know how it feels to lose a parent. And I want some shirtless Mini Gilbert action! So much the better for the writers to kill two birds with one stone by having Tyler similarly shirtless in a scene with him 🙂

    Can’t wait to have Amy weigh in when she gets back from London. Do you hear that, Amy?? I am demanding scintillating analysis. Plus, I just may have a Julie from FNL-induced rant coming its way to you soon. BE READY 🙂

    • Cherie, reading your comment, was almost as fun for me, as writing this post :). Thanks, as always, for your insight, brilliance, and Mad Fangirl Skills!

      Not only was that Team Damon t-shirt real, it’s a Julie and Amy, original! Had you clicked on the picture, it actually would have taken you to this site:,451689790
      (I have to pimp our wares somehow, don’t I? 🙂 ) There are some other fun tees there, including an “Oh Damon!” shirt, and a “Doppelganger Hijinks ensued” shirt. When it comes to TVD t-shirt making, the possibilities are just endless . . .

      You bring up an excellent point about Pre-Vampire Damon possibly being the more tender-hearted, innocent, and naive of the two brothers, despite his being older, by a few years. People assume that Damon’s more immediate acceptance of Katherine as a vampire, had to do with his inherently darker nature. That’s not necessarily the case. Notice the fear in his eyes, the first time he witnesses Katherine messily draining that stagecoach driver. Check out the discomfort and revulsion on his face, in the “Blood Brothers” episode, when Stefan returns all vamped out and Dark Stefan-y, having just eaten their dad.

      It is more likely that 1864 Damon loved Katherine so much, that he, unlike Stefan, was simply unable to see the evil in her — even when it was showcased so clearly in front of him. His early scenes with Katherine, before he knows she is a vampire, are very telling of his state-of-mind during that time. When he is around her, he is giddy, playful, almost boyish. This is the portrait of a man completely blinded by love.

      And for someone like that, to be thrust into a world of darkness so quickly, well, it must have been pretty hard for him to take. Harder for him, than for Stefan, who was wiser to the worlds evils, even at 17. So, he thought of Katherine, and the way she was able to turn her feelings off, and “live life” as a vampire to its fullest, no matter who got hurt, along the way. Perhaps, for him, that seemed the most logical solution to all the pain he was feeling in his heart.

      That being said, I think that Damon’s darkness and edginess are what make him so complex, fascinating and fun as a character. So, while I hope he is able to redeem himself enough in Elena’s eyes, to work himself back into her heart (not that he ever left it;), I would never want him to completely lose that vampire part of himself, which makes him so gosh darn sexy and enjoyable. Because, you are right, Elena is no stranger to darkness. She hasn’t been, ever since the death of her parents.

      Since the beginning of the season, we have seen Elena repeatedly alter her moral code to fit her new lifestyle. First, she allowed herself to date a vampire. Then she became close friends (maybe more? ;)) with a vampire (Damon, obviously) who STILL murders humans. She let Damon compel her brother to forget Vicki’s death. Then, she agreed to help with the opening of the vampire tomb. This season, she was willing to help Caroline survive as a vampire, despite what happened to Vicki. And just last week, she let Stefan feed on her blood.

      Yep, there’s definitely some darkness in Elena. She is more than capable of handling a “good guy” who’s still capable of doing some VERY bad things in bed, like Damon! 😉

      Ahhhh Kefan! *sigh* While I can’t see the writers putting them together for the long-term, I can DEFINITELY see some SERIOUSLY hot sex scenes between these two, in the coming seasons, especially, now that Stefan is back on human blood. You just KNOW Dark Stefan is about to come out to play. And when he does, Katherine will be there to take advantage of his “weak moments.” Until that happens, though, their titilating Cat and Mouse games will suit me just fine. More of that, please!

      As far as Jyler, boy were those two intense last week! And by intense, I mean hot with a capital “H.” I’m not really sure about Jeremy, but Tyler, always struck me as a bit of a closet case, you know? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that ;)). There is just something about the oversexualized way he throws himself at slutty and needy women, like Vicki, and Slutty Amy. It’s like he’s trying too hard . His relationship with Jeremy seems a lot more emotionally charged, and genuine. But, then again, perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on my part ;).

      Is it Thursday yet? 🙂

  3. Cherie

    Whoops, never post when tired!

    * STEFAN is a good boy compared to Katherine!!

  4. Belinda

    Bueno, estaba de pasada buscando imagenes con Damon y Elena y me encontré este sitio GENIAL! En mi opinión la mejor pareja es Damon & Elena ♥ es como tu dices, se complementan perfectamente! el esconde su luz y ella su oscuridad, se entienden mas de lo que lo haria Katherine o Stefan y ademas es un lazo que solo ellos entienden! Por otra parte, me gusta la pareja de Katherine con Stefan por la razon tambien de que ambos se complementan al ser distintos! y alli ven como se soluciona todo! un hermano con la pareja ideal y punto! Ademas si se fijan ambas aman a Stefan, y que hay de Damon? ¬¬ Y encima Damon ama a las 2 (aunque con el ultimatum de Katherine termina odiandola completamente). Y para Stefan, Katherine fue su primer amor! es verdad eso jamas se olvida! ahi lo tienen solucionado. TEAM DELENA & KEFAN! 😀
    Sobre las demas parejas no opino porque no me gustaron de todos modos :/
    Lindo post!

  5. Belinda

    Well, was last looking images with Damon and Elena and I found this site GREAT! In my opinion the best partner is Damon & Elena ♥ is like you said, complement each other perfectly! he hides his light and his darkness her, understand more of what I would do Katherine and Stefan and also is a bond that only they understand! On the other hand, I like the pair of Katherine with Stefan for the reason also that they complement each other to be different! and there are how to fix it! a brother with the ideal partner and point! Also if you look both love Stefan and Damon’s there? ¬ ¬ And Damon loves above 2 (although with the ultimatum ends up hating Katherine completely). And Stefan, Katherine was his first love! is that true never forget! there you have it fixed. Delen & KEFAN TEAM!
    On the other couples I think because I liked it anyway: /
    Nice post!

    • Hi Belinda! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, and I hope you found the Damon and Elena pictures you were seeking.

      I agree with you completely. I think that Damon and Elena and (to a somewhat lesser extent) Stefan and Katherine work so well together as couples, because, although they have different personalities and coping mechanisms, they still understand one another perfectly, and complement eachother so well!

      Additionally, the chemistry between Damon and Elena (and Katherine and Stefan) sizzles in a way that is not necessarily equaled by other pairings. Watching these two couples in action is just so incredibly sexy! Kudos to Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley, for portraying these complex relationships so well on screen! 🙂

  6. Pingback: Blogging Girls Gone Wild! Mystic Falls Edition « she liked Imaginary Men best of all

    • YAY! Me too, Ally! Clearly, you have excellent taste. 🙂

      Delena is the Mother Ship, as far as I am concerned, and always will be. Damon’s and Elena’s natural romantic chemistry is so hot, it has the power to burn down entire cities with it’s flames. 😉

      [I’m just a bit sad that I wrote this post before my second favorite ship, Taroline / Forwood (i.e. Caroline and Tyler) came into being. Because that were / vamp combo is pretty darn smokin’ in it’s own right. :)]

  7. East Coast Captain

    I look at Stefarine the same way as Delena. Like in one post you said Stelena is sweetly sexy and is like softcore porn when they make love but Stefarine is like this erotic, almost I emphasize almost 50 shades of Grey esque when they make love and that´s something because the two characters are played by the same actress Stefan has fiery chemistry with Katherine and not Elena.

    Their story is compelling, the writers would be wise in following up on it. I also believe two are destined to have fiery hate sex eventually. If this was HBO imagine the scenes. 🙂

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