“A Rose by Any Other Name . . .” – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Rose”

Wow!  This has been a FABULOUS week for me and my favorite TV Relation “Ships.”  First, on Monday’s Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair FINALLY put aside their differences (well . . . sort of), and engaged in a session of HOT HATE SEX . . .

 Then, tonight, on The Vampire Diaries, Damon FINALLY told Elena he loved her, and then proceeded to make the ultimate sacrifice for her: that of his own happiness.

This all just makes me SO HAPPY!  And you know what it makes me want to do?  It makes me want to DANCE!

But enough about ME, we’re here to talk about Elena .  . . and “Rose” . . .

The Rise and Fall of a Masked Avenger

When we last left Elena, she was being carted away by  . . . well . . . Whatever the Heck This is . . .

In the first few moments of the episode, Masked Avenger Dude reveals himself to be a rather furry man — one who bears a startling resemblance to This Guy . . .

Please, Carrot Top Doppelganger, put the mask BACK ON!

NotCarrotTop drives an unconscious Elena to a deserted field.  Once there, he parks his black van next to another one, completely identical to it.  When NotCarrotTop approaches the other vehicle, a voice from behind its half open window instructs him to transfer Elena from the trunk of the first car, into the backseat of the second.

NotCarrotTop, possibly under compulsion, performs the simple task, but is then moronic enough to ask The Voice if he requires any further assistance.  The Voice tells NotCarrotTop to come closer.  And NotCarrotTop, who has clearly NEVER read Little Red Riding Hood, as a child, complies . . . and dies.

With all the expedience of a patron at the drive thru at McDonald’s, The Voice (who we later learn is named “Trevor”) devours NotCarrotTop completely, without EVER HAVING TO OPEN HIS CAR DOOR!

Now THAT’S what I call “fast food.”  Can I, perhaps, interest you in a wet napkin for your face?

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, Mini Gilbert has just learned that Elena never came home from the Masquerade Ball the night before.  He’s not worried though . . .

“Go ELENA!  Getting some nooky from STEFAN!  Wait a minute . . . did I just congratulate my sister on having sex?  Yuck!  Who the hell do I think I am, Aunt Jenna?”

Tyler’s a Tool (but he’s growing on us . . .)

Over at La Casa de Rich and Awesome (at least, I think that’s where they were – though it very well may have been Caroline’s house . . .), Damon and Caroline discuss what on earth could possibly possess our favorite Baby Vamp to cover for a very “toolish” Baby Were Tyler, after the latter killed Slutty Sarah, and went all Teen Wolf on her ass.

We start to suspect that Caroline has “caught the feelings” for Wolfman, when she admits to Damon that she “felt bad for him,” after he “murdered that Big Fat Whore innocent teenage girl.” And yet, what really gives it away, is when Miss Forbes describes the creepy Village of the Damned eyes that Tyler was sporting during the transition as, “bronze with flecks of gold highlights,” or something equally schmoopy.

“OMG Damon!  Werewolves are SO DREAMY!  I don’t know what’s hotter, their hairy backs, or their long yellow toenails . . .”

Having recently become a victim of LOOOOOOVE himself . . . (hint, hint, wink, wink) . . . Damon knows just how debilitating (and TOTALLY AWESOME) such feelings can be.  And so, he leaves Caroline with a little helpful advice. 

“He can’t know about us, Caroline.  A werewolf bite can kill a vampire!”

“Even if it’s just a hickey?”

At school for the first time in about four episodes (Seriously!  These kids NEVER go to class!  Where’s a truancy officer, when you need him?), Tyler is visibly shaken by the posters on the wall featuring a “Dead at the Bottom of Some Ravine Missing Slutty Amy,” as well as a makeshift memorial, situated in front of Slutty Sarah’s locker.  So upset is Tyler, that when he tries to open his locker, the latch breaks off in his hand.  (Don’t you just HATE when that happens?)

When Caroline runs into Tyler in the hallway, she offers him a few words of encouragement, but then gives him the slip, when he tries to question her about the events of the previous night.  Tyler runs into Caroline again, at the end of the day, outside the school bus.  But when she gives him the brush off a second time, he makes the mistake of getting a little grabby with her . . .

OK . . . this girl is officially too cool for words!

Having been beaten up by a girl, and, TOTALLY humiliated, “Mr. Superhuman Strength” Tyler decides to pick on someone his own size and strength . . . a poor defenseless trashcan . . .

“Hey, buddy, what gives?  Do I go throwing YOUR home around, everytime I have a Bad Day?”

When Caroline arrives back home, she is again accosted by Tyler, who has somehow managed to break into her home.  (Umm . . . how romantic?)

When Tyler tells Caroline that he suspects her of also being a werewolf, based on her insane strength and her general lack-of-freak-outedness over Tyler’s murderous tendencies, Caroline LAUGHS IN HIS FACE!  (Again, I LOVE THIS GIRL!)  Tyler responds by pushing Caroline up against a wall (KINKY!).  But Caroline gets the best of him a third time, by vamping out on his ass!

“I’m not a werewolf,”  Caroline explains calmly.

Perhaps, against her better judgment, Caroline eventually tells Tyler that she’s a vampire (not that anyone who’s ever seen True Blood or a Twilight movie wouldn’t already know that).  However, she is smart enough not to out Stefan or Damon in her confession.  Later Caroline and Tyler share a little liquor (Apparently, it helps with the whole “Supernatural Rage” thing), and discuss symptoms of their “otherness.”  For example, Tyler often gets hot . . .

But we already KNEW that. . .

 . . . and Caroline gets emotional . . .

We knew THAT too . . .

“You can’t tell anyone, Tyler.  No one will understand,” Caroline warns the Baby Were, more or less echoing Damon’s words from earlier in the episode (which, of course, she completely IGNORED).

“I have no one to tell,” Tyler admits dejectedly.  “Next full moon, I’m going to turn . . . and I’m scared.”

Then Tyler does something I NEVER thought I’d see him do . . . he cries.  So, Caroline pulls him in for a tender embrace, while whispering comforting words in his ear.  And it is the second sweetest thing I saw all episode.  (Of course, you all know what the FIRST one is . . .)  WAY TO GO, TEAM TAROLINE!

“It’s Elena.”

Damon Salvatore, you can make Crazy Eyes at me, any time you want!

Back at school, Jeremy, who still thinks Elena spent the night at Stefan’s congratulates him on a “job well done.”  Then he tells the broody vamp, that he might not have to keep covering for the couple, because Aunt Jenna seems so very cool with their loud boning, even when its underneath her own roof.  SERIOUSLY?  What is with these Gilberts and their inappropriate interest in one another’s sex lives?

“So, Stefan, what’s yours and Elena’s favorite sexual position?  Vampire Anna and I always really liked 69, but my sister always struck me as the ‘missionary’ type.”

Creeped outedness aside, Stefan is starting to seriously worry about Elena, because he KNOWS she wasn’t with him the night before.  In fact, they were “broken up” at the time.  So, Stefan decides to confront Damon about what really went down between him and Katherine, when he was supposedly locking her in the tomb . . .

“Hey, I heard about your little ‘Halloween Costume Trick.’  Not cool, Big Bro.  My hair does NOT look like that!”

“OK . . . maybe it does . . . but still . . . NOT COOL!”

Damon insists that he did shut Katherine up in that tomb, just as he promised.   However, he also recounts to Stefan, Katherine’s cryptic words about Elena being “in danger.”  “And you didn’t think to ask her, if she’d care to elaborate?”  Stefan snarks.

“It’s Katherine.  She lies all the time!  How was I supposed to know she was actually telling the truth, for once?”

Stefan, immediately, decides to reopen the tomb and interrogate Katherine as to why Elena might be in danger.  But Damon thinks that’s a TERRIBLE idea.   (And so do I . . .)


“She’ll negotiate her release.  We’ll let her out.  And then she will have us all killed,” Damon argues, quite reasonably, I think.

But Stefan cares not for rational thought, “Its Elena,” he replies matter of factly.

At school, Stefan (Didn’t he drop out, last season?) asks Bonnie to do a spell to reopen Katherine’s tomb.  (Ummm . . . yeah . . . because that turned out SO WELL last time.)

If you recall, it was the first opening of the tomb, that killed Bonnie’s Granny, and caused Bonnie to turn from Elena’s Sweet Gal Pal into Raging BWitch.  So, I thought for sure that when Stefan made this RUDE request of her, she would totally go all Firestarter on his ass . . .

But she didn’t.  Instead Bonnie merely offered an alternative solution.  And it was actually a good one! 

Using Jeremy’s blood . . .

“Stefan . . . Damon . . . it’s dinner time!  Come and get it!”

 .  . . Bonnie is somehow able to conjure up the captured Elena’s whereabouts on a map.  Sure, it causes Bonnie to get a bloody nose.  But what’s a little MORE blood among Hungry Vampires, right?

Of course, Scrappy Doo Gilbert wants to come along on Magical Journey to Rescue Elena #242.  But Papa Stefan, of course, says, “No.” 

“You can’t do this alone,” counters Jeremy.

Then Damon magically appears . . .


“He’s not,” responds Hot Stuff.

“You’re coming with me?”  Stefan inquires, surprised.

“It’s Elena,” responds one half of the Delena duo, echoing Stefan’s earlier words.

(BTW, did you guys know “Delena” was recently inducted into the Urban Dictionary?  How friggin cool is that?  GO TEAM!)

I smell a ROAD TRIP!

“Just a Taste”

Somewhere East of Eden (I’m serious!  I pretty sure “Eden” was the name of the town where Jeremy’s blood said Elena was taken . . .), “Trevor,” a.k.a. Eater of NotCarrotTop, who is looking mighty hunky, now that his face isn’t covered in blood and guts, carries Elena into a creepy ramshackle house, that is randomly covered in lit candles.  (Now, either someone is DESPERATELY trying to get laid here, or no one bothered to pay the electric bill.  Did I mention it’s BROAD DAYLIGHT outside?)

“This Mood Lighting is nice and all, but it’s kind of unnecessary . . .  All Stefan has to do, usually, is look at me, and I’m immediately down for a good screw!  Just ask Aunt Jenna.

Trevor then ties Elena up on the couch, and starts sniffing at her, like a dog in heat.

“Dude, you just ATE!  Stop being such a pig, or you’ll lose that girlish figure!”

“Just a taste,” promises Trevor, echoing the words of every failed dieter in the world!

Then, the titular “Rose” enters the room, and spoils all of Trevor’s fun.  “Trevor, control yourself,” Rose lectures sternly.

“Buzzkill,” mutters Trevor, like a petulant child.

Then, suddenly, although I honestly don’t recall her ever being untied, Elena is up and about, and chatting with Rose.

“How the heck did you get off that couch, Magic Lady?  I thought Trevor said he tied those ropes tight?  Idiot!  It just goes to show you, that just because someone eats boyscouts, doesn’t mean they can tie knots, like them.”

Just like everybody else on this show, Rose remarks about how much Elena looks Katherine.

 Well, they ARE played by the same person!  Duh!

But when Elena starts peppering Rose with annoying questions (“What do you want from me?”), Rose decides to pop her one, right in the mouth (“I want you to be quiet.”).

“Look!  I’m FLYING!  Whheeeeeeeee!”

The massive blow, knocks Elena unconscious.  But, of course, doesn’t leave so much of a scratch on that flawless face of hers.

I’m too pretty to bruise.  Bruising is for NORMAL (a.k.a. Ugly) People . . .”

Upon regaining consciousness, Elena overhears Rose and Trevor, talking about some dude named Elijah . . .

Not that one . . .

 . . . to whom they are offering Elena, in exchange for their own freedom from persecution.  A little later, Elena and Rose hold their own little Plot Explanation Pow Wow.  During this exchange, Rose tells Elena that only the blood of Katherine Petrova’s Doppelganger can break the Moonstone Curse that Katherine created.  Apparently, this Elijah is one of the Volturi from Twilight First Vampires . . .

 . . . who Katherine majorly screwed over, by starting the Moonstone Curse, about 500 years ago.  Then, Rose and Trevor (well . . . Trevor . . . but Rose surpervised) helped Katherine escape the Volturi First Vampires, and, in doing so, painted big targets on their backs.  Tired of running from Dakota Fanning (and who could blame them?), Rose and Trevor, hope to exchange Elena for a “reduced sentence” of some sort from the First Vampires.

So, Katherine was TOTALLY telling the truth, that night in the tomb.  Go figure!

Damn that Dakota Fanning!  She annoyed the crap out of me during War of the Worlds!  As soon as I get out of this Hidey Hole, B*tch is going down!”

(By the way, “Trevor” seemed like kind of a Mental Midget, during most of the episode, but I LOVED when he called Elena “Doppelicious.”  I may have to “borrow” that for future recaps . . .)

Bonnie gets more nose bleeds / uses a spell to pass Elena a note in class . . .

Thank you CW trailer for this VERY cheesy screencap.   I couldn’t have done it without you . . .

Back at the Gilbert home, in what was, for me, the only weak part of this AMAZING episode, Bonnie and Jeremy sat around making googly eyes at one another and playing with Bonnie’s Grimmore . . . Grinmore . . . Gremlin, whatever the heck she calls her spellbook.

“Hey, Mini Gilbert.  Since we are already in bed together, what do you say we try put that Sex Spell you seemed so excited about last week?”

During most of their scenes together this week, Bonnie is bitching to Jeremy about how she’s all alone at being a witch, and blah, blah, blah.  Likewise, Jeremy admits to being alone in his emo-ness.  I smell a LOVE CONNECTION! 

However, in a rare moment of NOT thinking about herself, Bonnie asks Jeremy for Elena’s hairbrush.  Apparently, Elena’s a dirty girl, who never cleans the hair out of her brush (I bet she clogs the heck out of the shower too!). 

But fear not!  This is GOOD NEWS!  There are enough luscious locks in Elena’s brush for Bonnie to perform a spell on a crumbled piece of notebook paper, causing it to burst into flames.  (Ummm . . . wouldn’t it have been easier to use a lighter, Firestarter?)

Although, just a few weeks back, Bonnie lit an entire PARKING LOT on fire, to get back at Damon for trying to kill a newly vamped out Caroline — burning this piece of paper is apparently too much for her.  It causes her to pass out, with more blood dripping from her nose.  Jeremy is understandably concerned, and rushes to touch her boobies get her some water . . .

But Bonnie ends up being fine.  And, more importantly, Elena, who is still locked away in that Creepy House with the Candles (Yet, she’s not tied up, which makes me wonder why she didn’t just walk out the door.), gets Bonnie’s message: “Stefan and Damon are coming for you.”

Road Trip Bonding

Kudos to my favorite vampire brothers for GENUINELY opening up to one another, during their little ride to Elena’s Rescue.  At first, they just made snarky small talk.  (“Boy, Alaric sure likes his weapons.”)  However, eventually, things got a lot more personal . . .

Initially, Damon seems reluctant to acknowledge the “roar of the Elephant in the room” (His terminology, not mine — Elephant are more whiny, than roar-y, don’t you think?)

“Whatever, Picky Recapper!  I’m a Vampire, not a Friggin Zoologist!”

However, Stefan seems surprisingly eager to talk about Damon’s love life, and specifically, his Big Bro’s desire to bone his “ex” girlfriend.  (Apparently, the Gilbert T.M.I. Syndrome must be contagious . . .)   “We both know [your going on this trip] has nothing to do with me . . .  You love [Elena], just as much as I do.”

Others (like Isobel and Katherine) have mentioned Damon’s love for Elena before, but never has he heard these words come out of his brother’s mouth.  It makes him uncomfortable.  “I can step out of this car, just like I stepped in,” remarks Damon defensively.

“That’s the beauty of it,” replies Stefan glibly.  “You can’t.”

Later, while Damon is chugging on his “juice box” of human blood, Stefan asks for a taste.  Damon looks skeptical.  So, Stefan comes clean about his gradual building up of a tolerance to human blood.  When Damon inquires as to where Stefan has been getting his daily fix, Stefan admits that it comes from Elena. 

“How romantic,” remarks a clearly jealous, Damon, undoubtedly recalling all the times when HE might have enjoyed a taste.

Like, for example, THIS one . . .

Eager not to fill his head with thoughts of his brother sucking on the woman he loves, Damon quickly changes the subject.  He opts instead to take a trip down memory lane.  “Remember when you were this Big Bad Vampire?”  Damon inquires.

“You mean more like you?”  Stefan retorts.

“Exactly . . . what happened to that guy?  He was a hoot!”

Stefan Salvatore:  A Real “Fun Guy!”

“I guess he found something else to live for,” remarks Stefan wisely.

(Hmmm . . . interesting . . . if Stefan used to be “just like Damon,” but he changed, due to finding a “higher purpose,” could Damon reform himself, as a result of his love for Elena?  And if he could, would we WANT him to?  After all, just like Rose admitted to Elena, when she talked of possibly being “set up” with Stefan, back in the day, I’m more of a sucker for the Bad Boy.  Always have been . . . always will be.)

Upon arriving at their destination, Damon is uncharacteristically cautious, warning Stefan that the vampires inside Creepy House with the Candles are over 500-years old and, therefore, VERY dangerous.  Is Stefan sure that he wants to do this?

“I can’t think of a better reason to die,” replies Stefan defiantly.

“Good line, Bro . . . INTENSE!  I’ll have to remember that one for later.”

Enter Elijah

Back in the Creepy House with the Candles, Trevor starts freaking out about the impending arrival of Evil Elijah. 

(Brief biblical note: In the Old Testament, Elijah is the guy that goes around to people’s houses during holidays, drinking their wine.  So, you’re always supposed to leave a place for him at the table . . . so he doesn’t drink YOURS.  Kind of a fitting name for a Thirsty Old Vampire, Don’t you think?)

“Hey Rose!  Great party!  Got anyone to drink?”

Elena must have developed a bit of Stockholm Syndrome, because she honestly seems to feel really bad for her captors, upon seeing the abject terror in their faces, when Elijah comes to the door.  Looking remarkably dapper in his expensive suit, and coiffed hairdo, Elijah walks around Creepy House with the Candles like he owns the place.  After twice promising Rose and her “pet,” Trevor, a pardon, in exchange for Elena, Elijah is introduced to Katherine’s doppelganger.  Upon smelling Elena (Seriously?  What’s with all these Sniffing, Vampires?  Just bite people.  It’s WAY sexier!), he confirms she is “human.”

Wisely, Elena makes a play for her own freedom, by offering to show Elijah where Katherine’s moonstone is, if he will let her go free.  But, Elijah’s no dummy either.  Ripping off Elena’s vervain necklace, Elijah compels Elena to tell him the moonstone’s whereabouts.  She does so helplessly, destroying her only bargaining chip, in the process.

Elena’s vulnerability to compulsion (something we have NEVER seen up to this point, as she has always been protected by vervain) will become important at the end of the episode.  It also confused me a bit, because I was certain that Elena, not only wore a vervain necklace, but also ate a steady diet of vervain, precisely to protect herself from this sort of thing. 

Well, if she hasn’t been eating vervain, I’m sure she will start now.  But if she has . . . could she have been FAKING?  I HOPE SO!  I HOPE SO!

Oh . . . and I almost forgot . . . Elijah totally decapitated Poor Trevor (though it’s honestly hard to call a maneater like that “poor”).  He did agree to let Rose live, however, which illustrates some moral principals on his part . . .

Suddenly, in a scene that harkened back to those cheesy CGI “fog and crow” scenes from the pilot episode, Damon and Stefan wisk themselves into Creepy House with the Candles, and start flying around the room at warp speed.  Stefan grabs Elena away from Elijah, and pushes her up against the wall, silently instructing her to be quiet.  Then Damon does the same thing to Rose.

Elena then pretends to willingly return to Elijah’s clutches.   And that’s when Alaric’s Arsenal of Crazy Vampire Weapons comes out to play.  There are Harpoons, and Balls of Fire, and Weird Guns that Shoot out Bolts of Light.  If Yoda was here, I would think I was watching a remake of Star Wars.

“The force is strong with you, Salvatores!”

Not much for Fancy Schmancy Weapons, the Old School Elijah, opts in stead for a good old fashioned stake, fashioned from the bannister of Creepy House with the Candles’ staircase, which he and Stefan have just tumbled down, during a rather energetic fight scene.  Damon likes old-fashioned weapons too.  And he sticks a MASSIVE PIECE OF BANNISTER right inside Elijah!

And, even though it was DAMON who dealt the final blow, it is into her “ex” boyfriend Stefan’s arms that Elena runs.  OUCH! 

To his credit, Damon is way cooler about the rejection than I would be.  He even manages to fake a smile at Elena, when she mouths her not-nearly-enough, under the circumstances, “Thank you,” to him, toward the end of the scene.

I know this is a picture of Angry Damon.  But, actually, I included it to show you what MY face looked like during the scene.  Damon WAS, as I said, smiling at the time . . .

Also, Elena told the boys not to kill Rose . . . See what I mean, about the “Stockholm Syndrome?” 

And yet, Rose, does in fact, seem to have good intentions at heart, when she approaches Stefan at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, and offers to help him fend off the First Vampires, most notably, some dude called Klaus (who, anyone who read The Vampire Diaries books could tell you, is a Big Bad Guy.)  Apparently, Rose was good buds with Stefan’s now Dead-Dead pal Lexie, who, once upon a time, told Rose that Stefan was “one of the good ones.”  Now Sans Mental Midget Trevor, Rose also doesn’t want to be alone . . .

“I Needed My Brother.”

Not wanting to be alone . . . That was a real theme running throughout this episode, wasn’t it?  Think about it . . . loneliness was something shared by Tyler and Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy, Rose . . . and . . . well I guess she really IS alone now, isn’t she?  Loneliness also comes into play, during this important exchange between Stefan and Damon.

Stefan enters the living room of La Casa de Rich and Awesome to find Damon . . . drinking, of course.

Wouldn’t YOU be drinking, after a day like he had?

And it is in that moment that Stefan decides to say something to Damon that he has NEVER said in the whole 145 years they have been vampires together.  He is SORRY.  Stefan finally apologizes for making Damon turn vamp, all those years ago.  “I was selfish,” Stefan explains.  “I didn’t want to be alone.  I needed my brother.”

Of course, Damon is heartened by Stefan’s apology.  But it is his brother’s discussion of “selfishness” that inspires Damon to do what he does next . . .

“I Can’t Be Selfish With You.”

You know what was so amazing about this scene (aside from the obvious, of course)?  The way it so expertly tied together so many previous interactions between and Elena.  Damon’s appearance in Elena’s room, and genuinely selfless declaration of love, harkened back to the much more selfish and frantic bedroom declarations, he made, back during “The Return.” Also,  Damon’s withholding of Elena’s vervain necklace, harkened back to my FAVORITE Delena scene from season 1, during which Damon refuses to compel Elena, despite her handing that very same necklace to him, as a declaration of mutual trust and honesty.

Because I love the scene so very much, I’m going to embed it in its entirety, right here, for your viewing pleasure.  I just hope that the CW doesn’t take it off YouTube, before you get the chance to re-view it . . . So here goes:

Just in case you didn’t catch it all (or they removed the video), here’s EXACTLY what Damon said in his final speech to Elena:

“What I am about to say is . . . probably the most selfish thing I’ve ever said in my life . . . I just have to say it once.  You just need to hear it.  I love you Elena. And it’s because I love you that…. I can’t be selfish with you, and why you can’t know this.  I don’t deserve you.  But my brother does.  God, I wish you didn’t have to forget this.  But you do.”

(Oh, and he also told her she had cute P.J.s, :))

Obviously, there is so much about this scene that is open for debate, which is one of the many things I love about this show.  Was Elena really compelled, or had she faked it, as she has so many times in the past?  Her shocked expression at the end of the scene could really be interpreted either way . . .

Was Elena effected by Damon’s SELFLESS declaration of love, in a different way than she was by the SELFISH one, he made during the Season 2 premiere?  I think so! 

Watch the way she looks at him, while he speaks to her.  Observe the way her eyes close, when he chastely kisses her on the forehead, in contrast to the aggressive Face Rape he subjected her to in “The Return.”  Except, this time, it seemed like Elena was hoping that Damon WOULD kiss her on the lips . . . and that maybe, just maybe . . . if he had, she would have kissed back this time.

After all, this is the “Good Damon” that Elena saw beneath all of that darkness, during Season 1, and the one she thought was lost to her forever, in the beginning of Season 2.

Another question we might all be asking ourselves, is whether Damon is right in what he says?  Can he ever really deserve Elena, after what he did to Jeremy in “The Return?”  It’s interesting that when Damon utters the line “I don’t deserve you, Elena,” the lyrics to the song playing in the background say, “I was wrong.” 

(Is the song right, in what it says?  Is Damon “wrong” to give up Elena, when he loves her so deeply, because he feels that Stefan is who is “best” for her?)

Just some food for thought . . . 😉

Oh, and that Elijah guy . . . he ended up being Not-So-Much Dead, after all.  Go figure!

Thanks for making it all the way through this insanely LONG recap!  See you next week, TVD’ers!



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  1. Rene

    Major awesomeness: I saw the whole thing and still loved your recap. I disagree on Bonnie/Jeremy I think they are cute together and tonight I sooooooooo wanted them to kiss it up. LOL.

    • Hi Rene! Thanks so much for commenting. Gosh, this show is so good! Is it possible that this season is even BETTER than the last one? Every week, I find myself saying, “That was my favorite episode.”

      I keep thinking they can’t possibly top themselves. And then they do!

      Thank you for offering an alternative perspective on Jeremy and Bonnie. I like Jeremy as a character. And I really do WANT him to FINALLY have a relationship with a girl who doesn’t die, two episodes after she starts dating him. This coupling just seems a little forced for me. Perhaps, its because its timeline is running EXACTLY parallel to the Tyler / Caroline relationship. But I’d like to give Bonnie and Jeremy another chance. Maybe they will grow on me . . .

      And yet, based on some of the photo stills I’ve seen on the internet, it looks as though Jeremy might have some competition for Bonnie’s heart in the coming weeks . . . So who knows? 😉

      Is it next Thursday, yet?

      • Hey! I was SO excited for your recap!!!! 🙂 You did NOT disappoint, my friend!
        Just a few things I wanted to point out.
        1. I cried like a freakin 2 year old in the Delena scene. Like a 2 year old. It was embarrassing really lol but it was just such a beautiful scene. And daaaaaaamn I did NOT even think of the possibility that she was faking. But here’s my question: why is it selfish to love her? He’s not demanding that they be together, he’s just telling her he loves her.
        2. I KNEW Elijah wasn’t dead. I kept saying-THAT GUY CANNOT BE DEAD!! Why they didn’t tear him apart and burn him, Idk.
        3. Loving that Delena is now in the Urban Dictionary. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
        4. I love Taroline…it’s so wrong, it’s right.
        5. I don’t like the Bonnie/Jeremy thing…I just don’t like it…something seems so wrong.
        6. Am I the only one who thinks it’s bizarre that Bonnie can do all this witchy shit but can only locate Elena half-assly on a map?! And what’s up with the nosebleeds?!
        7. I am OBSESSED with Ian’s halloween costume. AWESOMENESS.
        8. I was also thinking that they NEVER freakin’ go to school!!!!
        Anyway, I just wanted to say HI!! and to thank you for the kick-ass recap. ‘Til next Thursday!

      • Hi Jaimie! Your numbered comments made me smile, and nod my head in agreement with you, so much, that I’ve decided to respond to each of them in turn.

        (1) Words cannot describe how much I loved the Delena scene at the conclusion of this episode. It was by far one of the most beautiful, well-acted, sexiest, and most heartbreaking scenes of the entire season — quite possibly, the entire show! I experienced so many varying emotions during those three minutes. On one hand, I was THRILLED that we Delena fans were finally getting a juicy scene to “bite into,” after a few long weeks without them. I was also so PROUD of Damon, both for coming to terms with his feelings for Elena, and for having the courage to express them. And of course, I was completely torn up by the sheer tragedy of it all. At the exact moment that Damon has proven to EVERYONE just how much he deserves Elena, HE has decided that he does not deserve her.

        Now, of course, I’m with you. I think Damon ABSOLUTELY deserves Elena, precisely BECAUSE he is willing to sacrifice his own happiness to do what he believes is best for her. But I think Damon feels, not so much that his LOVING Elena is selfish, but that TELLING her about it (and, not only ruining their friendship, but possibly taking her away from “Good” Stefan, in the process) would be. Damon sees this action as similar to Stefan’s selfish decision to turn Damon into a vampire, because he didn’t want to be alone. I, of course, think Damon is WRONG! (And so does the song playing in the background, during the episode. ;)).

        (2) I suspected Elijah would “reanimate” too. When he “died” the first time, I just kept thinking, “Wow that guy sure was defeated easily, for someone who’s supposedly SUPER STRONG and 500 YEARS OLD.”

        (3) Pssst . . . I voted for “Delena” for Urban Dictionary Word of 2010. Don’t tell anybody. 😉

        (4) I am SO Team Taroline! Not only are they star-crossed lovers (genetically predestined to be mortal enemies), they also compliment each other well, in terms of their equally STRONG and slightly OVER DRAMATIC, yet snarky, personalities. Don’t get me wrong, I like Matt. I just think he’s a bit too milquetoasty, for a kick ass chica like Caroline.

        (5) I really want to like Bonnie and Jeremy as a couple. But, right now, they just seem too cutesy for me. I like my couplings to be a bit raw and edgy (See e.g. Delena, Kefan, Taroline)

        (6) I do think its funny that, up to this point, Bonnie has been a HARDCORE Migraine-Giving, Tomb-Opening, Katherine-Capturing, Burn Stuff to the Ground, Witch. Then, suddenly, she gets around Jerem,y and is Wimpy, Nose-bleedy, Fainty, Pass Notes in Class Witch. What gives?

        (7) Ian had Stefan Salvatore’s hair DOWN PAT in that costume! How did he do that?

        (8) Yep, I noticed the same thing with Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill (back when I used to watch). Tsk, Tsk, CW! Such a bad influence on minors . . . 🙂

        Thanks so much for taking the time to read all my ramblings, and WRITE such awesome comments! I really do appreciate it! You rule! See you next week!

      • Thanks for your response!!! 🙂 Made me smile!!
        But also, I realized that Elena couldn’t have been faking the compulsion. She couldn’t have been eating vervain in recent weeks since Stefan was feeding on her…AH HAH! So she DOESN’T know he loves her. I mean she does, because it’s so freakin’ obvious lol but she doesn’t ACTUALLY know! Just wanted to point that out. See you on Thursday!

      • Hey Kjewls! I don’t know if you follow Ian on Twitter, but if you don’t, he’s looking for bloggers to blog about the new foundation he’s opening. Thought you’d like that. ( @iansomerhalder ) Cheers!

      • OMG, jaimie, you are THE BEST! Thank you SO MUCH for passing along this info! It’s funny you mentioned it, because, I was actually considering doing a post just like that just last week.

        What an amazing opportunity! That’s pretty much right up my alley! (Plus, it will give me something to blog about on Wednesday, when I have no shows to recap.)

        Thanks again for sharing this with me! You are awesome! 🙂

  2. PaFree

    Loved your recap…I was giggling throughout (<3 Oscar the Grouch reference)…until I got to the end and relived that scene and wanted to cry again! Those two are really phenomenal actors and their chemistry is off the charts! And I am seriously upset about this whole compelling sitch..which is completely Stefan's fault, cuz she is obs not drinking vervain tea if he is treating her like a snack pack on a daily basis…ugh, Stefan, you ruin everything!! 🙂

    • Hi PaFree! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap!

      Ooh, good thinking on why Elena isn’t drinking vervain anymore! This whole episode makes so much more sense now! And that last scene . . . wow. I’m actually kind of embarrassed by how many times I’ve watched it already. *blushes* Pure perfection!

      I know a lot of people were upset by the compelling that took place in the last D/E scene. But you know what? I’m still VERY hopeful! I see this as the starting point in Damon’s and Elena’s transition from “friends” to “lovers.” By making this sacrifice, Damon has finally become the person Elena always knew he could be!

      Check out her facial expression at the end of that scene. Even if Elena doesn’t consciously remember what Damon said to her, she remembers it subconsciously. And it’s going to change the way she sees Damon, and how she feels about him. Already the animosity Elena exhibited towards Damon early in Season 2, is virtually gone.

      It’s only a matter of time Delena fans . . . only a matter of time! 😉

  3. Jenni

    AWESOME recap!!! =) I loved reading it!

    But I think it is pretty much obvious that Elena didn’t drink vervain… and why. Stefan wouldn’t have been able to drink her blood in previous episodes if she had vervain in her system. right?

    looking forward to your next recap!

    • Hi Jenni! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. You bring up a good point about the Stefan’s “drinking habits” and the vervain. Then again, this does raise a “timing issue.”

      In the Plan B episode, we learned that vervain stays in your system for three days, after you’ve ingested it. And yet, when Elena fed Stefan for the first time, the vervain in her diet was never discussed. It kind of makes you wonder if she has been ingesting vervain at all. And, if she stopped taking it, for how long has she stopped? Maybe she just used the necklace for protection all along?

      Thank you for the food for thought . . .

  4. I feel like the Grinch … no, not because I am fuzzy, green and channeling Jim Carrey, but my heart grew three sizes watching that Delena scene! I bet the link you gave to the YouTube video of their final scene is going batshit crazy!

    There are some incredible possibilities stemming from that scene. Remember how Jeremy said that when had been compelled there were some residual feelings that made him feel hollow inside, even if he couldn’t recall their cause? I wonder if some part of Elena will similarly remember on some level the intense feelings Damon shared. And she was definitely affected, as you mentioned in your awesome-as-always recap! She made the tiniest movement when Damon leaned in to kiss her on the forehead, as though she was finally going to give us Delena shippers what we’ve wanted all along – a sweet, sexy kiss on the lips between the pair.

    On the other hand, the writers have floated the possibility of Elena one day being turned into a vampire. We know that compelled memories return when someone is turned … is it wrong that this means I want Elena to be on an O Negative diet, stat?

    Klaus had better be a badass to cancel out his less than hardcore name. I know his connection to the books, so am curious to see where the writers take this. I can’t believe I’ve never asked you this, but have you read them? Methinks Katherine may be forced to join Team Salvatore due to his reappearance as he is a common enemy. Just imagining Damon, Elena, Katherine and Stefan forced to interact makes me shiver in delicious anticipation :).

    You know, the main thing that bothered me about the Bonnie/Jeremy scenes was Katerina’s melodramatic bedflop – not too convincing! I did like the softening up of the Bonnie character and the bonding between the two over loneliness. I like soulful gazes as much as the next person, but I did crack at one point and scream at the screen “Just kiss already, sheesh!” Though Mini Gilbert is so damn hot now I could believe having his James Deaning on a bed with you could make you act you’re a python in the thrall of a snake charmer :).

    Just one final tiny note: brilliant, you are, and thankful, I am, for a Yoda reference!

    • Hey there, Cherie (love your new blog-themed screenname, by the way)!

      Ooh. I am so glad that YouTube link to the final Delena scene is still functional. *rushes to YouTube to watch it ten more times* You know, I was so afraid that it would be taken down, before people got a chance to see it AGAIN, that I refrained from visiting it all day yesterday. That scene is a Team Delena members DREAM! So much to analyze . . . so little time.

      Good memory re: the residual effects of Jeremy’s compulsion to forget Vicki’s death. I definitely think we will see some evidence of that with Elena in the coming weeks. Even that final scene, with Elena staring at vervain necklace, and confusedly noting her now-open bedroom window, spoke a bit to that subconscious memory. Was I the only one who detected a bit of understanding and sadness in Elena’s face, during that scene?

      Kevin Williamson and Co. are brilliant writers. And deep powerful interpersonal moments like the one Damon shared with Elena this past week, tend not to just “GO AWAY,” especially when they are the ones penning the story . . . Buckle up D/E fans, I have a feeling that we are in for ONE SEXY RIDE!

      Hmmmm . . . Elena as a vampire . . . interesting. You know she WAS one in the books for a brief time (which I always thought was weird. I mean . . . who the heck becomes a “temporary vampire?”). Although it might be fun to watch Elena vamp out for an episode or two, I’m not sure the writers will actually go through with it. For one thing, Elena’s humanity is such an important aspect of her relationship with Damon and Stefan. It’s part of what makes her relationships with them so . . . forgive the cliche . . . “EPIC.” For another, geez, they are running frightfully low on humans in Mystic Falls . . .

      To answer your question, yep . . . I read TVD Books 1 through 4, around the time Season 1 started. (I read 5 and 6 too, but they came out so much later than the original series, and are so different, I tend to regard them as a separate series entirely.) Aside from a few character names and personality traits, the books really are a different animal entirely, aren’t they? That’s why I never worry about “spoiling fellow fans” by offering up intel from the book series. Most of the stuff that happened in the books will probably NEVER occur in the series, and vice versa . . .

      Ooooh . . . Katherine joining the Scooby Gang! Mommy Like! Just imagine all the crazy doppelganger hijinks and hot hate sex escapes that would ensue . . .

      You hit the nail right on the head about “Jonnie.” Bonnie’s little faint was pretty darn cheesy. In fact, I half expected cartoon birds to start chirping and flying in circles around her head, when her eyes rolled back in her head, and she did that weird little swoon thing. But I agree, Jeremy Gilbert has definitely become SWOON-worthy, of late. And while, sitting on his bed, might not have THAT particular effect on me, sitting on DAMON’S bed certainly might . . . 😉

      Finally, in the words of our mutual pal Yoda, may the force be with you, Cherie! 🙂

  5. s.kays

    lol youre so funny. i loved reading this re-cap. seriously, keep up the good work! Ill be reading your re-cap every week.

    NICE WORK!!!!!

    • Hey s.kays! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I am always thrilled to find new TVD fans to obsess over this amazing show with each week! Is it Thursday yet? 🙂

  6. sarah

    I ADORE your recaps..you honestly have GREAT taste!!! I cried my eyes out in the last scene, I was crying a river even after the episode finished, the scene was just simply outstanding !! The second I saw Damon sitting in Elena’s room, my heart stopped..when ever these two are alone again, my heart beats faster and I get absolutely breathless…

    • Awwww, thanks so much Sarah! A fellow TVD fan, and someone on Team Delena? Obviously, YOU have awesome taste too! 🙂

      Honestly, I have the exact same bodily response you do, every time Damon and Elena are on my screen together! Those two are ABSOLUTELY ELECTRIC! I don’t know how Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev do it, but they have this amazing ability to make my heart stop, each week. Who knows? Maybe they really ARE vampires after all . . . just kidding . . . sort of. 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping by, for your kind words, and, of course, for talking TVD with me! 🙂

  7. imaginarymen

    This was a big time return to my “Oh DAMON!!” laments of the premiere!!

    Oh DAMON!!!!

    Actually I’m not sure what pairing I like better – the Stefan/Damon one or the Elena/Damon one! Team Salvatore baby!!

    Loved the road trip. Loved the “bonding”. Loved chatty Stefan wanting Damon to just be honest with him about his feelings for Elena. And Damon not wanting to. Loved Damon giving a glimpse to Fun Murderous Stefan. Loved their Crazy Rescue Hi-Jinks most especially the sexy way they had those girls up against the walls!

    TVDMama: Oooohh!! Forget bad vampires! More of that please!!

    (she is becoming the LITERAL definition of “Mommy Like” ;-0 )

    Oh but the Damon heartbreak!! Thinking he was going to get his Hero Hug from Elena and settling for a mouthed “thank you.”

    TVDMama: That bitch!

    And his getting his 165 year old overdue apology from his brother. His brother who NEEDED him. Oh – so sad – so tragic – so heartfelt and what both needed to be said and needed to be heard.

    As much as I loved the Delena scene I have to register my complaint AGAIN about the music and volume of the music on this show. It is SO LOUD. And there is a song in nearly EVERY scene! Sometimes I feel like the CW is just trying to get us to buy an album, w/ a little plot thrown in ;-0 (when they are not trying to sell us smartphones – have you noticed all the product placement w/ Droids and iPhones in Mystic Falls lately??!!)

    ANYway – I complain first bc the music made it hard for us to hear. Didn’t know if he’d said “selfish” or “selfless” – important distinction in this scene!! We both have crappy hearing – but I also HATE when music is put in to “tell” the audience what we should be getting from the scene bc the writing or acting isn’t good enough to get that across.

    The “I was wrong” was good – but you know what? We KNOW that because of Damon’s actions and his words and Ian and Nina did such a great job in this scene I didn’t NEED the song telling me how Damon was feeling in that moment. I would have really loved that scene to just be the dialogue. For me it would have had more impact.

    Hate to be the Debbie Downer of that awesome scene (which it was – I did love it!) but it was a bit lost on me at first bc of the music issue which we bitch about every single week. It’s part of why we’re getting the season pass from iTunes where it seemed to be much less overbearing.

    Still don’t love Bonnie/Jeremy although Jeremy is so damn hot – I just wish he’d find a good hairstyle! Mini Gilbert has definite hair issues! Caroline and Tyler are good. You’re right – for once Tyler was sympathetic. He really is all alone in this mess – but I do love Caroline’s ass-whupping abilities!

    Color me surprised they’re bringing out Katherine again already! And I hate to even say it – bc I dread it – but won’t there be a little seasonal hiatus soon? :-(((

    Another fab recap from The Best!

    • The Best? WOW! Thank you! *blushes* I don’t think I’d go that far. Most OBSESSED recapper? Probably. But The Best? Well . . . you’re The Best for thinking so. 😉

      Is it “selfish” that I’m kind of excited that you are getting a TVD Season 2 Pass on ITunes? So many screencaps (and fan vids?), so little time! (Besides, did you read Ian’s recent tweet, about TVD episodes not selling as well as they should be on ITunes? You would be doing that adorable man a service, with your purchase! ;))

      It’s interesting that the music is not an issue on ITunes, but is one when you watch the show on your local CW network. Perhaps, the local TV station that airs CW in your area is partly to blame for the poor sound quality?

      I adored the “up against the wall” scene as well! Those vamps could press me into plaster ANYTIME! My only concern with the scene was what it foreshadowed . . .

      Did you notice how Stefan “covered” Elena, while Damon “covered” Rose? That, coupled with Rose’s little “I prefer Bad Boys” comment, made me think that Damon will find some temporary solace in that edgy chica (at least, until they kill off her character – not a spoiler, just a hunch) within the coming weeks. Mommy DISLIKE! Nothing against the Rose character, or anything. She made a fine entrance this week, and should end up being a fairly interesting Lady Bloodsucker. But she is NO ELENA!

      I did love the Salvatore Road Trip Bonding, this week. Man have those guys come a LONG way from the regular beatdowns they were giving one another in early Season 1! But do you find it at all odd, how TOTALLY OK Stefan is with Damon being in love with Elena? It’s almost like he is ENCOURAGING it?

      I know that Stefan equates Damon’s feelings for Elena with his finding humanity. And that’s probably true. But GEEZ! If I were Stefan, I’d be at least a little bit jealous, and more than a bit worried about losing my girl to my debonair Big Bro!

      I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s ep. “Katerina.” I smell LOTS OF FLASHBACKS! 🙂 I too was surprised at how quickly the Salvatores changed their mind about entombing Katherine. Talk about short-term memory loss! It’s almost as if someone COMPELLED them to forget the events of “Plan B” and “Masquerade!” It does make for good TV though. So, I guess I can’t complain.

      And yes . . . sadly . . . this coming week’s TVD installment will be the last until “The Sacrifice” on December 12th. 😦 So, you and I have to find some TVD-themed blog activities to do on Thursdays to pass that time. Otherwise, I will be going into some SERIOUS Damon withdrawal!

  8. The Rise and Fall of a Masked Avenger very touching. I think I died on this part of your recap: “Tyler decides to pick on someone his own size and strength . . . a poor defenseless trashcan . . .” Poor Oscar! Regarding Bonnie’s kind treatment of Stefan, surprisingly, she’s always been nice to him. At worst she refuses to talk to him, and she gives him aneurisms only when he’s about to kill someone.

    I didn’t even notice this: “I’m too pretty to bruise. Bruising is for NORMAL (a.k.a. Ugly) People . . .” Now I always will. It’s kind of comfortable, really. I’m not ugly, I’m normal! Or vice versa? “Stefan Salvatore: A Real “Fun Guy!”” That pic. Enough said.

    Yes, I totally agree about team Taroline! Both bitchy from the beginning. I always thought they’d get along, but now they’re bonding on a deeper level than I ever expected.

    “But do you find it at all odd, how TOTALLY OK Stefan is with Damon being in love with Elena?” Either Stefan’s a masochist or the most mature person in the world.

    I feel a little like a stalker finding this, but I noticed this person’s signature is a quote from your blog! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1405406/board/thread/173275988

    Back to this ep – do you know that the events in this episode have almost turned me into a Damon/Elena fan? I am so close. But then I think about Stefan.


    • It’s strange how much cooler the Masked Avenger seemed, when he was actually wearing his mask. I remember seeing him during the “Masquerade” episode. He was all about the intense leers, and dramatic hand gestures. He also kidnapped Elena like a TOTAL PRO! (Then again, she seems like a pretty easy person to kidnap? Doesn’t she?)

      Then, this week, we find out that Masked Avenger is actually pretty lame. And then he’s . . . well . . . lunch. A good twist, for sure – but kind of disappointing, nonetheless.

      Yeah . . . for a girl who was (1) manhandled by the Lame Masked Avenger and two OLD vamps; (2) stuffed in the trunk of a van; (3) tied to a couch; (4) and sucker punched, Elena was still looking mighty “camera-ready,” wasn’t she? Her hair looked perfect. Her unblemished face was straight out of a Clean and Clear commercial. And, aside from that strategically-placed blood splotch on her arm, her shirt was COMPLETELY CLEAN and UNRIPPED! I’ve seen brides less put-together, at their OWN weddings . . . There’s got to be some sort of supernatural power that enables you to DO THAT! (And if there is, I want it . . .)

      You’re probably right about Bonnie and Stefan. Although, I distinctly remember some hard core bitchery coming Stefan’s way, from Bonnie, shortly after that whole “Dead Grandma / Tomb Opening” Incident . . .

      I also agree about Stefan being either a masochist (though aren’t all vampires inherently sadist?) or CRAZY MATURE, even for his 160-some odd years on earth. If my “sister” (I’m an only child, by the way) had unresolved feelings of love for my supposed “soul mate,” I would do my very best to help her keep them dead and buried, for as long as humanly possible . . .

      Oooh! So you are now fellow Team Taroline member AND a possible Team Delena convert? You’ve just made me all kinds of happy! 🙂

      Speaking of happy, thanks for showing me that IMDB thread! I’m so incredibly flattered. I’ve never been a “signature” before! 🙂 Special thanks go out to irg19, basically for being AWESOME, and for all the free advertising she’s given me. If I had the cash to pay for it, I ABSOLUTELY would!

      It’s always fun chatting with you, Noelle. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be experiencing some SERIOUS TVD withdrawal during the upcoming hiatus . . .

      • imaginarymen

        Julie you’re famous in the Blogging World! YEAH!!!!!

        And did we know that we’re both only children?? I’m not sure. That’s good then that we’re able to “play well with others” – or at least each other ;->>

      • ONLY CHILDREN RULE! We entertain ourselves better than anybody else! (I almost said “play with” instead of entertain, and thought better of it . . .) In fact, our shared only-child status is probably one of the MANY reasons you and I get along so well! 🙂

        Gosh, famous? Well, I wouldn’t go that far. However, perhaps, after you and I start blogging for a certain vampiric celebrity, that will change . . . 😉

  9. Ohh, were you guys featured on a bloggers’ list???

    By the way, I am awake at a ridiculous hour on a Friday morning here since I woke up to the freaky sight of a hairy black spider saying “Hi Cherie!” on my wall. Spidey Sense or no, I am wide awake in case his/her cousins come to haunt me since I chuffed their family member outside!!

    • You know, I always forget about our massive time difference! It’s Thursday morning here. (So, it’s kind of like you are FROM THE FUTURE!) 😉

      I’m with you, Cherie. I am NOT A FAN of the INSECTS. And yet, I find it very hard to kill them. I like to tell people its because I am such a staunch animal rights activist, but really its that the “squish” noise they make when they go, makes me physically ill . . .

      Here’s hoping the rest of your day goes better . . .

      (Oh, and no Blogger List for us yet, but an IMDB mention is just as fun, right? :))

  10. An IMDB mention is even better! You’ll have to email me the link 🙂 I couldn’t seem to find the posting, since there are so many new TVD topics being posted all the time on IMDB!

    Ohhh, guess what? I was ridiculously excited because one of my colleagues at work has read one of your books (we are both obsessed with supernatural/fantasy and/or funny awesome stuff)! I was telling her about your and Amy’s blogs and when I mentioned that you are an author too she said “Hmm, her name sounds familiar…”. It turns out she has read Hollywood Warlock (she is a HUGE Amazon lurker and has the most amazing collection of books in the genres I love – when I saw the bookshelves in her place, it was like the mothership calling me home :))

    She LOVED it! So now I am going to get my butt into gear and read my own copy. Hmmm, future Dream Cast blog topic maybe??

  11. moi avant j’avais jamais vu la saison1, mais l’épisode 4 j’ai vu et après j’ai commençais a regarder,et quand on n’a vu damon et elena dansez ma soeur olivia a rigoler mais maintenant on n’ai a la saison 2 et(sniiiifffff sniiiiiiiiffffff)
    on n’a plus car on na pas trouver les épisodes 16,17,18,19,20,21,22 et 23 .

    • Hi cassandra! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! (Gosh, I wish I knew French better, so I could properly respond to you! Maybe somebody out there can help me out.)

      It would be such a shame if you and your sister couldn’t continue to watch The Vampire Diaries. It is SUCH an awesome show! And it just keeps getting better with every episode. Plus, if you are Damon and Elena fans there are DEFINITELY some episodes you haven’t seen yet that contain super sexy scenes featuring this pairing.

      Regarding anything you’ve missed during Season 1, I believe the DVD for that Season is available for rental where you live. As for the episodes in Season 2 to which you were referring (17 through 22) they will begin airing starting April 7th. So, you can probably catch them LIVE within the next couple of weeks! YAY! 🙂 )

      Unfortunately, I’m not 100% sure where earlier to find earlier Season 2 episodes of TVD in your area. However, I suspect if you search around, you can find them floating online somewhere. 😉

      If I can help out in anyway, just let me know.

  12. Theo santos archid lewski

    I think damón is just being selfisg, why because i believe stefan has what it takes to have elena all to himself.

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