The Doppelicious Duo and a (barely there) Naked Damon – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Katerina”

ELENA:  Oh Stefan . . . It was awful!  I was busy trying to get information from Katherine about all this Doppelganger Stuff, when . . . all of the sudden . . . Damon . . . he . . . he . . .he . . . F$%KED ROSE!  *cries uncontrollably*

STEFAN:  Wait .  . . who’s Rose, again?

ELENA:  I know!  Right?

This week, on The Vampire Diaries, we made some new “friends” (most of whom were dead by the end of the episode), learned about Katherine’s origins as well as Klaus’s Evil Master Plan, and we saw some NAKED DAMON . . .

“Well, hello there, ladies!  My name is Naked Damon.  I’m a lot like regular Damon, except I’m . . . you know . . . naked and stuff.”

 . . . or at least we would have if SOMEONE wasn’t rubbing up on him, and REPEATEDLY BLOCKING OUR VIEW!

Ummm . . . Rosie . . . can I call you, Rosie?   I know you are new here.  And, perhaps, you don’t really know how these things work.  So, let me let you in on a little secret . . .cock blocking Team Delena the camera from Naked Damon, is not exactly going to endear you to fans, if you catch my drift.

So, without further adieu, let’s step WAY back in time, and review what we’ve learned.  Shall we?

It’s 1490 in Bulgaria.  Do you know where your Kat is?

The episode opens with a very human Kat giving birth to a baby (Thereby, setting into motion the chain of events that would result in Elena’s birth — roughly 500 years later – and, by extension, making possible the existence of a  television series we lovingly refer to as The Vampire Diaries).

“You’re welcome!”

Had Katherine’s parents known then, what wonderful things would ultimately result from the birth of their grandchild, they might have been a bit kinder to its mother.  Unfortunately, there was no CW in Bulgaria, back in 1490.  Therefore, all Katherine’s parents could see was their Big Slut Daughter, who got herself knocked up, without first managing to obtain the Wedding Ring that would make such a condition acceptable.  So, the PARENTS FROM HELL took Katherine’s baby away, and threw their poor teenage daughter’s ass out into the cold.  (Wow.  I can’t believe I just used the word “poor” to describe THIS GIRL . . .)

Weird . . .

Back in the Present Day . . .

Elena rings the doorbell at La Casa de Rich and Awesome.  Answering the door is Damon, who is, presumably, seeing Elena for the first time, since he made his HEARTFELT, BUT COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN, CONFESSION OF LOVE to her, last week . . .

Kickass picspam brought to you by The Vampire Diaries Tumblr.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this moment while it lasts.  Because this will be the ONLY TIME DAMON AND ELENA INTERACT THE ENTIRE EPISODE!

After exchanging some smouldering looks with Damon, Elena quickly enters La Casa.  And, so, the weekly Pow Wow of Sexiness and Plot Explanation ensues, starring Elena, Damon, Stefan, and Evil Man Stealer! Newbie Rose.

It goes a little something like this . . .

STEFAN:  Some Big Bad Vampire named Klaus is the villain trying to kill you this week, Elena.

DAMON:  But he’s probably not real, anyway.

ROSE: Yes, he is.

DAMON:  No, he’s not.

ROSE: Yes, he is.

DAMON:  Remember last week, when I told you I loved you, Elena?  Please remember because EVERYBODY wants you to remember REALLY BADLY.

ELENA:  I do remember.  And I love you too, Honey Bun!

ELENA:  I’m bored.  Off to class!  Toodles!

“OK, is it just me, or was that TOTALLY unhelpful?”

Little do Stefan and Damon know . . .

 . . . that Elena has plans of her own, ones that don’t involve freaking out about some Big Scary Boogeyman Vampire with a Dorky Name.  Elena wants to talk to Katherine, and get the real scoop on why all those Old Fogey Vampires want her dead.  So, she enlists Caroline to help her get into the tomb. 

Honestly, you would think that Caroline would put up more of a fight over this.  Especially considering that, just two episodes ago, she and the Scooby Gang spent AN ENTIRE NIGHT trying to get Katherine into the tomb, so the Evil Vamp wouldn’t KILL ALL THEIR FRIENDS.  But no.  Caroline seems more concerned about whether Papa Stefan will yell at her and, possibly, ground her, if he finds out she deliberately disobeyed him.

“Dark Stefan is NO JOKE, Elena!  You should see what he does to those cute little defenseless bunnies . . .”

Remember back in Season 1, when the gang spent an entire episode opening the tomb, and the sheer effort of it, KILLED Poor Grandma Bennett?

“Yeah . . . that SUCKED!”

Well, Damon must have used a MUCH cheaper lock.  Because, to open the tomb this time, our girl Caroline simply has to  lift up the door of the tomb, and move it out of the way.  And yet, despite how INSANELY easy the tomb is to open, we are told that Katherine is completely incapable of leaving it, because she is agoraphobic some witchiness around the tomb keeps all vampires who enter inside it until the plot deems it convenient for them to be let out FOREVER.

Moments, after the tomb is opened, Katherine hobbles toward its exit.

We know immediately that “Tomb Life” hasn’t been easy on Katherine, because (1) the foundation she’s wearing on her face is about two shades lighter than the rest of her body (A Common Beginner’s Makeup Application Mistake, by the way); (2) her non-waterproof mascara has run, giving her raccoon eyes; and (3) she now talks all weird and whispery, like a little kid impersonating a very old lady.

Fortunately for Katherine, Elena has come bearing gifts.  She’s brought over that Big Ole Book containing Katherine’s family history, as well as some blood in an empty Poland Spring bottle, along with one of those little sippy cups that Mom’s use to give their babies cough medicine.

As it turns out, Elena wants to play a “little game” with Katherine.  Knowing the Old Vamp has not eaten in two episodes, and is starting to look slightly blood-orexic, Elena decides to give Katherine a sippy cup full of blood, for every Klaus-related fact the bloodsucker shares.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Mystic Falls . . .

. . . high school has just let out for the day.  And so, Jeremy decides to commence Shameless Flirting with Bonnie Part 3.  He sees an opening, when Little Miss Klutz conveniently drops all her books on the floor.

“My Dear Maiden, it looks like you have dropped your school books.  This sounds like a job for .  . . MINI GILBERT!”

Of course, rather than offer to take the darn things off Bonnie’s hands, and carry them for her, Jeremy simply retrieves the books, and shoves them back into the witch’s wimpy arms.  (Future Boyfriend FAIL!)  Jeremy then invites Bonnie to play pool with him at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls.  This is when Bonnie really turns on the charm.  “Ewww Gross!  You’re my best friend’s brother!”  She tells him, more or less.

“Ooh, I love it when they treat me like crap.  Hit me, baby.  One more time!”

However, recognizing that the rest of the cast obviously has other plans, Bonnie ultimately decides to reconsider Jeremy’s offer.  So what if she’s bad at pool?  Jeremy is more than willing to help Bonnie learn her way around balls and a stick!  Speaking of “learning to drive stick,” remember this?


Anyway, Jeremy’s chances of getting Bonnie in the sack seem to be REALLY looking up . . . that is, until the NEW GUY comes along.

Ahhh . . . another new character has found their way to Mystic Falls.  You know what I like to do with new characters on this show?  Find compromising pictures of them as child stars, from the early 90’s, and post them on the internet . . .

Well, hello there.  Little Richie from Family Matters!  My, have you grown!

So, New Guy Luka wants to find the school’s main office.  He introduces himself to Jeremy, who politely shakes his hand, and Bonnie, who’s so obviously hot for the guy, she nearly detaches her jaw, and swallows him whole.

“Hi Luka, my name is BoneMe . . . er . . . um . . . I mean Bonnie.”

Eager to size up his competition (and probably more even eager to separate the New Guy from the Carniverous Bonnie), Jeremy “gallantly” offers to personally direct Luka to the school’s main office.  However, before doing so, he instructs Bonnie to meet him over at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls a little later.

So, Bonnie heads to the Only Bar / Social Estabishment at Mystic Falls to wait for Jeremy.  And, who should she meet there, but . . .

George Clooney?

Just kidding, it’s Luka and his dad, Jonas .  . .

Not that Jonas . . .

That’s the ONE!

Unfortunately, Papa Jonas TOTALLY pisses on his son’s game, by making some uncomfortable references to the Bennett Family’s Salem Witchy Roots. 

“OMG!  My dad is SUCH an Urkel!”

When Jeremy FINALLY arrives to retrieve Bonnie for their “date,” the Little Witch actually seems relieved to be free of Jonas and his hot son.  However, just moments later, while Jeremy is generously tutoring Bonnie in the art of fondling sticks handling a pool cue . . .

Luka butts in AGAIN.  As it turns out,  the New Guy very much wants to f*ck Bonnie, play against the winner of Bonnie’s and Jeremy’s friendly pool game.

“You know what they say . . . once you go 8-ball, you NEVER GO BACK!”

Now, unless Bonnie is the Best Pool Hustler in the World, I’m assuming she didn’t win her game against Jeremy.  So, it kind of surprised me to see a normally possessive Jeremy playing with his balls alone (um . . . I was referring to pool balls, of course), while Bonnie cuddled inside a booth with Luka, who’s father had presumably left the bar, sometime during the commercial break.

Eventually, a pissed off Jeremy leaves the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, without Bonnie, and without his balls . . .

But Bonnie doesn’t really seem to notice . . .

Luka rightly apologizes to Bonnie for how TOTALLY creepy his dad acted earlier.  You see, Luka’s dad took one look at Bonnie, and knew immediately that she was a witch.  (And she didn’t even have to give him a Massive Headache, like she usually does!  Go figure!)  Inexplicably, this supposedly made “Jonas” worry that Bonnie would “out” Luka and his dad for their magical powers. 

What magical powers, you ask?  Well, this week, we learned that Luka can . . . play with table salt?

Ummm . . . I hate to break it to you Luka, but that’s pretty much the LAMEST SUPER POWER EVER!  I mean, how exactly do you plan on defeating your enemies?  By giving them High Blood Pressure?  When Bonnie asks whether Luka is a witch, Mr. Persnickety corrects her, by saying he’s a “warlock.”

Was I the only one hoping he would say “wizard?”

What can I say?  I have a thing for guys with really big wands . . .

Katherine’s Story

Back at the tomb, Katherine is still telling her life story, in exchange for little sippy cup-sized sips of blood.  Already, she is looking healthier than she was when the episode began . . . or, at least as “healthy” as a 500-year old corpse can look.  Apparently, after being banished from Bulgaria, Katherine traveled to England and hooked up with Klaus.  (“Hooked up?”  Oooh, does this mean Klaus could be HOT?  *crosses fingers*) 

I should probably mention here, that, although he was mentioned throughout this episode, we never actually got to see Klaus.  And, until we do actually get to see him, this is how I, personally, will be picturing the Big Bad Vamp in my head . . .

Hey!  It could happen!

Despite the fact that Klaus looks suspiciously similar to Vampire Eric Northman, Katherine ultimately decided to dump him.  Don’t get her wrong, it’s not like he wasn’t a good lay or anything . . .

It’s just that he kept trying to use her as an ingredient in his recipe for Moonstone Curse Breaking Stew!  (So, NOT A TURN ON!)  Speaking of that stew, Klaus would now like to include Elena in it, which is why he is currently on the hunt for her. 

Now, just in case your interested in whipping up a batch of the delicious concoction for yourself, here are the ingredients you need to make Moonstone Curse Breaking Stew:

(1) one human Petrova Doppelganger . . .

(2) one werewolf . . .

(3) one vampire . . .

(4) one witch to recite the appropriate spell . . .

(5) and, of course, the Moonstone, itself . . .

How very convenient that the “ingredients list” for Moonstone Curse Breaking stew seems to comprise most of the supporting cast of The Vampire Diaries!

Suddenly, Katherine’s bizarro Season 2 actions make TOTAL sense!  She’s been on a Scavenger Hunt for the Moonstone Breaking Curse ingredients!  But . . . wait a minute . . .  why would Katherine want to help Klaus, if he’s been trying to kill her all these years?  As it turns out, it’s the same reason Rose and Trevor wanted to help Klaus (and his Evil Minion, Elijah) . . . freedom from persecution.

But, perhaps, I’m getting ahead of myself . . .

Back in 1490 England, an on-the-run, a still-human Katherine caught the eye of a familar face . . .

You guys remember Trevor, right?  That Hot Mental Midget who kidnapped Elena, and literally “lost his head,” as a result?  Well, apparently, that dude used to be in love with Katherine.  (Because, as we all know, it is in Nina Dobrev’s contract that every male character on this show, MUST fall in love with one of her two characters, at least once each season).

“What can I say?  My milkshake brings all the vamps to the yard .  . .”

So, Trevor sends Katherine to his vampire buddy Rose’s cottage, assuming that she will be safe from Klaus there.  But Rose isn’t having it.  She wants to take Katherine back to Klaus ASAP.  So Katherine wounds herself fatally, while Rose isn’t looking.  “I’d rather die, than go back to Klaus,” Katherine explains.

“OK . . . now I am deeply hurt.”

Knowing full well that Klaus’ recipe requires the sacrifice of a LIVE Petrova, not a dead one, Rose refuses to let Katherine die.  So, she cuts open her wrist, and shoves her vampiric blood down Katherine’s throat to heal her.  However, since Rose is nowhere NEAR as smart, as I thought she was last week, she walks away AGAIN.  This gives Katherine just enough time to hang herself.

When Katherine reawakens from death (due to having Rose’s blood in her system) she promptly drinks the blood of Rose’s human housemaid.  And POOF, an EVIL VAMPIRE BIATCH is born!

“What’s new, Pussy Kat?”

You see, as I mentioned earlier, the Moonstone Curse Breaking stew requires a live human Petrova doppelganger, since an original Petrova’s sacrifice was what sealed the curse in the first place.  (The Petrova doppelgangers themselves were “created” as part of the original curse, to continually give vampires, and werewolves (?) the opportunity to try and break the curse)  Since Katherine is no longer “living” or “human,” she no longer fits the requirements of the recipe.

Upon returning to Rose’s cottage and learning what happened, a poor lovesick Trevor is kind of hurt that Katherine would rather Go Vamp, than spend a life time as his human pet.  He also recognizes that, thanks to Katherine’s transformation under their watch, he and Rose will now have targets on their backs for the rest of eternity. 

“Oops, did I do that?”

Better you die, than I,” scoffs the uber selfish Katherine, before dashing out of the cottage at new, Super Vamp speed.

In fact, she “runs” all the way back to her birth home in Bulgaria.  When we see her next, it is 1492.  Columbus has sailed the ocean blue, and Katherine has sailed right into THIS . . .

Hey, I have something just like this hanging on MY WALL at home!

That’s right, boys and girls.  Klaus murdered Katherine’s entire family (but obviously, not her baby . . . or else we all wouldn’t be here).  When Katherine assumed she could disobey Klaus, go vamp, and get off scot free, she was WRONG.  You see, Katherine had seriously underestimated Klaus’ penchant for REVENGE. 

We see the seemingly stone-hearted Katherine break down in tears, as she mourns the death of her parents.  I mean, sure, they were A**holes, who took away her kid and kicked her out of the house, when she was still a teenager.  But they were her a**holes.  And for the first time ALL season, I found myself feeling just a smidgeon sorry for Katherine.

I KNOW!  Crazy, right?

“You have a friend?”

While Elena is chilling with Doppelicious, Caroline is busy trying to keep Stefan from figuring out where Elena is, and what she’s doing.  So, Caroline decides to invite Stefan to . . . SURPRISE, SURPRISE . . . the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls.

“Oh, COME ON, Caroline!  This is the best you can do to distract me?  You couldn’t have taken me to a strip club, or something?”

Hoping to keep Stefan’s mind occupied on something other than Elena’s absence, Caroline admits to telling New Werewolf Tyler that she’s a vampire. 

To his credit, Papa Stefan keeps his cool about Caroline’s admission.  However, he can’t help but patronizingly lecture her about what a risk she was taking, by doing that.  In a very sweet moment that totally embodies the relationship these two have with eachother, Caroline wonders why Stefan seems to be always looking out for her.  Stefan admits that Caroline reminds Stefan of an old friend of his.

“You have a friend?”  Caroline snarks.

“Her name is Lexie,” Stefan replies.

Poor Dead Lexie . . . here’s hoping Caroline doesn’t suffer the same miserable fate . . .

Caroline tries to keep stalling Stefan, by admitting that she wants to help Tyler confront his First Full Moon.  However, the always-obsessive Stefan just isn’t having it.  He wants his Elena, and he wants her NOW, DAMMIT!

“Stop yammering, and give me my girlfriend, you B*TCH!”

But the increasingly loyal Caroline holds her ground, explaining to Stefan that while she does consider Stefan a friend, Elena is her friend too.  And she refuses to betray Elena.  Annoyed at not getting his way, Stefan stomps off.  But it doesn’t really matter.  Stefan has already figured out what Elena has done.  And he is PISSED!

Back in Tomb Town .  . .

Katherine has told Elena that Klaus will most certainly kill her, unless, of course, she goes vamp, like Katherine herself did, all those years ago.  To prove her point, Katherin cuts her wrist and offers it up to Elena to drink . . .

But Elena’s too wimpy to do a cool thing like that.  (I know, I know . . . I love her too . . . but you have to admit, she’s not exactly a Fly By the Seat of Her Pants, kind of Bad Girl). 

“Hey!  I can be BAD.   Just last night, I went to bed without brushing my teeth!”

Stefan arrives, just as Katherine is telling Elena that Klaus will kill everyone she loves, if she doesn’t die at his hand.

Stefan tries to tell Elena that Katherine is a Big Fat Liar, but Katherine won’t let him.  “Face it, Stefan, [Elena] is doomed.  There is nothing you can do to stop it,” she insists.

And yet, there might be SOMETHING they can do . . . It is then that Katherine reveals her hidden bargaining chip, namely, the Moonstone .  . .

Stefan, of course, is FURIOUS that Katherine has once again so thoroughly manipulated him.  “You Manipulative Psychotic B*tch!”  Stefan seethes.

“That’s my name.  Don’t wear it out!”

As it turns out, although Stefan is right about Katherine manipulating the Scooby Gang, he is wrong about her ultimate motive.  You see, contrary to what Stefan thinks, Katherine didn’t take the moonstone to bargain her way out of the tomb.  In fact,  Katherine doesn’t want out of the tomb AT ALL.  Because, the tomb is the only place where Klaus can’t get her.  “[In here] I’ll be the safest Psychotic B*tch in town,” Kat concludes.

On their way home from the tomb, Dr. Stefan, who’s ALWAYS up for the Sharing of Sappy Feelings, forces Elena to open up about what just went down.  “Don’t shut me out,” he pleads with her.

Eventually, a tearful Elena breaks down, admitting that she was wrong in thinking that it was the Salvatore brothers’ arrival in Mystic Falls that put all of Elena’s friends in danger.  “All of this is because of me,” explains Elena sadly.

“Well DUHHHH!”

As nice of a guy as he is, Stefan can’t bring himself to lie to Elena, and tell her that what she just said isn’t true.   Because it TOTALLY is!  So, he just gives her a sweet hug instead . . .

Damon takes another Road Trip . . .

While Elena is engaging in a Battle of Wits with Katherine (and losing terribly), Damon is back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome with Rose.

Of course, like EVERYBODY ELSE ON THIS SHOW, Rose, within minutes of meeting Damon, instantly recognizes his love for Elena.  “I’m not in love with anyone,” Big Fat Liar Damon replies, getting up in Rose’s face just to prove how NOT in love he really is . . .

But enough of this mushy stuff. especially since Elena is not there!  After Rose admits to Damon that she summoned Old Vamp Elijah (who they both mistakenly think is dead) through a vampire friend living in Richmond, Damon suggests a road trip to visit this friend.  Rose gently reminds Damon that, unlike him, SHE does not have an Ugly Ass Sunscreen Ring to help her brave the sun.  This will make travel kind of difficult for her.

Well GEEZ, Rose!  How have you been on Earth 500 years, and never once thought to get yourself an Ugly Ass Sunscreen Ring?  VAMPIRE FAIL!

Nevertheless, Damon and Rose somehow make it to Richmond, without Rose burning to a crisp unfortunately.  There, they find this funky little cyber cafe, that LOOKS like it is completely sun exposed, but actually isn’t.    (Don’t ask.)  There, they meet Slater, Contacter of Elijah . . .

Though Slater is a vampire, he actually more closely resembles that DONKEY THING from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe . . .

He also takes the term “Professional Student” to a whole new level, having earned as many as 18 undergraduate degrees in varying subjects, and a few post-graduate ones, during his vampire life.  To me, Slater comes off as kind of a plot device know-it-all, rattling off to Damon and Rose an explanation as to why Klaus wants to break the Moonstone Curse. 

If you recall from earlier episodes, the Moonstone Curse keeps vampires from being able to travel in sunlight, and keeps werewolves turning wolfish, every full moon.  If one species breaks the curse, his or her whole race is free of it, while the opposing race will be bound by the curse forever. 

Honestly?  I’m not quite sure why it would be SO important for Klaus to break the curse at all, especially since Old Ass Vamps like him and Elijah seem to have no trouble walking in the sun, ANYWAY.  However, I have never been one to sass my elders.  So, I will not judge Klaus.  I’m sure he has good reason for doing what he’s doing.  (That . . . and he’d probably eat me, if he found out I was dissing on his motives).

But you know who I WILL diss on?  Slater.  You know how he contacts the Big Bad Elijah?  He puts ads on CRAIGS LIST!  Umm . . . yeah . . . I can’t really think of anything that says “Cool Vampire” less than Craigs List Old Ass Vampire Wanted posts.  Then again, no one ever said Slater was a Cool Vampire.

“Coolness is overrated, anyway!”

Unfortunately, Slater doesn’t have very much time to prove his “coolness,” because Elijah’s outside “playing with his coins.”

And, for reasons, I don’t quite understand, that causes this to happen . . .

Now exposed to the sun and STILL without Ugly Ass Sunscreen Rings to protect them, Slater and Rose are suddenly in very serious risk of having their faces turn to THIS . . .

But, fortunately, SUPER DAMON is there to rescue them!

Well, at least he’s there to rescue Rose, by picking her up, wrapping her in his coat, and gallantly carrying her to safety.    (Slater, he just kind of leaves alone to rot . . . Oops.)

Back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Damon is drinking as per usual . . .

And Rose is talking about her feelings, also as per usual.  Somehow this leads to talk of turning off feelings, which leads to Damon and Rose having sex . . .

You see this picture?  It DIDN’T come from this episode.  You wanna now why?  Because we BARELY saw Damon shirtless in this episode, despite the fact that he . . . HAD SEX DURING IT.  You wanna know why?  Because ROSE WAS ALWAYS IN THE WAY!

You can cry all you want, Rose.  It’s not going to get you off my poopy list, any faster . . .

In a state of post coital numbness bliss, Rose and Damon talk about how, despite their assertions to the contrary, vampires can’t really turn off their feelings.  You know what that means, don’t you?

Oh, yeah!  It’s still on, Delena fans!

At the end of the episode, Slater calls Rose, and tells her to tell Damon that they need a witch to break the Moonstone Curse.  Later, we find out that Slater was compelled to say that.  That’s right, boys and girls, Old Ass Vampires Like Elijah can compel younger vampires!

(This kind of makes me wonder why Elijah didn’t use compulsion the first time, he tried to  kidnap Elena and met with vampiric opposition.  But again, I don’t sass my elders, so . . .)

Elijah then compels Poor Slater to kill himself.

And it’s weird.  Because, before he stakes himeslf, Slater KNOWS he’s being compelled to do it.  So, he repeatedly says very Meta things like.  “You’re compelling me to kill myself now.  I don’t really want to kill myself.  But I will, because you are making me.  Here I go . . . killing myself . . . almost dead . . . almost . . . yeah, I’m dead.”

Knowing you’re being compelled, but not being able to fight it . . . Now that’s gotta suck. something FIERCE!

Did I mention that Elijah is in league with Luka’s creepy dad, Jonas the Warlock?

I KNEW I didn’t like that guy for a reason!  Well, I hope you’re still cool, Little Richie from Family Matters . . .

While, there wasn’t NEARLY enough Delena in this episode for it to rank on my list of favorites, it does present some interesting plot points for the rest of the season.  And it’s going to make the upcoming TVD hiatus seem all the more interminable.  Hopefully, however, Naked Damon will help us cope, during this tough time.



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23 responses to “The Doppelicious Duo and a (barely there) Naked Damon – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Katerina”

  1. Madeleine

    Nice :). I love your Vampire Diaries recaps. However, I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that the Magical Seal Thingy that keeps the vamps in the tomb is still there, and that big stone thing is just a door (a la the Grandma Witch quote from season one, which I randomly remember, “Opening the door didn’t remove the seal, it just . . . opened the door.”), so I’m pretty sure we narrowly swerved around a Plot Hole there. (See what I did there? HA. I think I’m so funny.) And I agree 100% with your assertion that there was not NEARLY enough Naked Damon this episode, but then again, how much Naked Damon is enough Naked Damon? We’d have to abandon the plot, as well as many supporting characters (which frankly this show could afford to lose) , if we wanted to have enough Naked Damon in a forty-three minute episode.
    In all, awesome recap. This was the first show I used my ‘read, don’t watch’ policy with. My sister is a huge fan. I used to just kind of skim the recaps, but then over the summer my sister was trying to stay up all night with me (I have insomnia, bad) so she had the idea to make me watch every episode of the first season of Vampire Diaries. And we did, and I was surprised at how entertaining it was. It was superbly crap-tastic, but in an extremely entertaining fashion. And I love me some Ian Somerhalder, so that helped (what the heck are they doing with his hair this season??). So, I kind of watch it now, but I still read your recaps.
    Also (this needs it’s own paragraph) YAY RANDOM ERIC NORTHMAN REFERENCE. I’m sure this episode would have been much better for me if I had thought of Klaus as Eric Northman (or rather Alexander Skarsgard, I have issues separating the two). This season is getting better (Mopey Damon was NOT doing it for me), but in my mind it’s still kind of a sad substitute for True Blood (as you can see above, I am SERIOUSLY missing my Eric Northman fix) but I’m hoping that maybe if this show gets better it can be something I like for itself (I don’t know if that makes sense), despite the fact that it will never (in my mind) be better than True Blood (is anything?).
    This was way longer and tangent-y than it was meant to be, so if you read this far, I applaud you. 🙂

    • Hey Madeleine! Did I ever tell you, you have awesome taste in television? 🙂

      You are probably right about the whole “Tomb Thing.” And, truth be told, I haven’t watched that “Grandma Bennett Death Scene episode” in a while. So, it’s likely I’m missing some plot points, here and there. I just remember the “Opening of the Tomb” being super dramatic, and almost biblical. Whereas, this time, you see Caroline casually open the door, and pop, tomb is OPEN! Your rational explanation for this makes a lot of sense though. So, thank you!

      You also bring up a good point about Naked Damon. Fortunately, I have a solution for this conundrum. Perhaps, HE (Naked Damon, I mean) should get his own, hour-long spinoff, thereby, allowing us to get the best of both worlds each week. I know I’d watch. Would you? 😉

      Haha, I thought True Blood fans would appreciate the Random Eric Northman Reference. (And non-True Blood fans probably just thought, “Who’s THAT GUY? He’s hot!”) So, as far as I was concerned, it was win-win! I know, ultimately, they will probably cast a more-or-less unknown actor to play Big Bad Klaus. But these vampires are alive for SO LONG, anyway. So, isn’t it TOTALLY credible, that “Klaus,” having gotten bored of England, some time around the mid 1900’s: (1) headed to the U.S.; (2) settled in the sleepy town of Shreveport, Louisiana; (3) changed his name; and (4) opened up his own Vampire Bar? 🙂


      Thanks again for your always-awesome commentary. It jump started my Friday morning, with a smile! 🙂

      • Madeleine

        Hey, you’re right. Anything could happen. But then, via Nina Dobrev’s contract, Eric/Klaus would have to fall in love w/ Elena, and while I am not yet emotionally invested in TVD enough to be fanatically Team Delena (hey- maybe you’ll convert me), I am at the rabbit-boiling level of fanaticism for Eric/Sookie (at this point, the only way I could level-up would be to tattoo noe or both of their names on some inappropriate part of my body, and I hear that can be painful), and so that would NOT do. Maybe they could hire an Eric look-alike, and all of us True Blood fans could just pretend . . . it’d be good enough for me :), and would definitely skyrocket this show to the top of my list.
        Also, I have another Logical Explanation for you (sorry if I’m bursting your bubble(s) here).
        You said: “Honestly? I’m not quite sure why it would be SO important for Klaus to break the curse at all, especially since Old Ass Vamps like him and Elijah seem to have no trouble walking in the sun, ANYWAY. However, I have never been one to sass my elders. So, I will not judge Klaus. I’m sure he has good reason for doing what he’s doing. (That . . . and he’d probably eat me, if he found out I was dissing on his motives).”
        I may be incorrect, but me theory is that Klaus and the Old Dead BAMF Posse are mostly just doing this so the werewolves don’t. They’re not really a problem now, because they can only come out to play one night a month, and while their bite is deadly to a vamp, at all other times they can pretty much be taken down by any old can of Vampire-WhoopA**. But, if they broke the curse, they’d be able to turn any time they felt like it, and in wolf-form they are WAY more dangerous (their bite is kinda deadly), so that would NOT be good for our undead friends. Also, Klaus is the kind of guy who would chase a chick around for 500 years, despite the fact that he has no use for her whatsoever. So I am thinking, even if werewolves weren’t dangerous, he’d do it just so they couldn’t (did that make sense?).

        WARNING: I’m going to tell a story that is only loosely related to the rest of this comment, largely due to the fact that I am B-O-R-E-D.
        I should start off with saying, I am not a person generally afraid. I’ve ridden every roller coaster at Six Flags, and I’m going skydiving for my next birthday. My friend’s dad owns a ton of snakes, and I’ve held every single one, including a four-foot python. I once ate sixteen mealworms on a dare (that’s more gross than scary, but whatever). I know this seems unrelated, but it comes in later.
        Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve LOVED animals. All animals, and my favorites were always dogs. Until two years ago, when I was at a neighbor’s house for a barbeque. They own a Husky-Mastiff mix, and it was napping. I started petting him, he woke up. I kept petting him, and he started wagging his tail, and then he started to sniff my face. Then he started to growl, and when I tried to back away, he bit me. Hard. On the face. He literally almost bit my lip off; I looked in the mirror, it was literally just attached. I went to the ER, and it’s a miracle that there was actually a half-decent doctor there, considering the podunk-ness of the town I live in, and so I still have a lip. There’s a scar, but I have a lip. And now, I have this phobia of any dog larger than a pomeranian, excepting my Italian-Greyhound mix, Bones, whom I know would never bite me. I’ve had a four-foot snake wrapped around my arm, and it was awesome, but last week a Golden Retriever sniffed my pant leg and I almost had a heart attack. (Werewolves: ENORMOUS TURN-OFF, for me at least.)
        So, I’m very grateful that all large, mean, bitey dogs are in their houses, and on leashes, and generally unable to bite me. So, were we to equate my situation to that of the vampires, we would have to posit that all dogs would want to bite me if they knew who I was. Now, I am relatively safe. Sometimes dogs get off-leash, free, but they generally get chased down by their owners or Animal Control in a matter of hours (we’re equating this to the full-moon turn, here), so on the whole I’m okay. But, were they to lift the curse, that would be like every owner turning their dogs loose, the pounds opening their doors, etc. Get the picture? Bad news for me, or vampires, or whatever (I have confused myself.)
        So, I don’t know wether I helped you understand, or confused you, or you stopped reading when this comment went past the length that any comment has a right to, but . . . Crap, I forgot what my point was. Oh well. I was bored. Sorry.

      • Hey Madeline. You bring up a good point about the Curse. And you might very well be right.

        It’s funny, because I always assumed that, while the vampires would still be vampires, once the curse was broken. (They’d just be “sun walking” vampires like the Oldies, Damon, and Stefan), the werewolves simply wouldn’t be werewolves anymore. I assume this was probably what Katherine told Mason, to get him to “hunt for the Moonstone” so agressively, back when he was alive.

        Your suggestion actually calls to light a few very significant differences between TB werewolves and TVD werewolves, that I never really thought about before. While TB (and Twilight for that matter) werewolves were born to change, start changing around puberty, and continue to change throughout their lives, while hanging out in a “were community” of similar people who ALSO change, TVD werewolves ONLY become weres, upon killing a human. And, for the most part, they HATE being weres. Unlike the TB wolves, TVD wolves don’t have any were friends, because they keep their condition a secret, are ashamed by it, and simply want it to go away.

        TVD vampires, however, are more like TB vampires. They were “reborn” into their condition, seem to “like” the power it gives them, for the most part (though Stefan is an exception), and have plenty of OTHER vamps to hang out with. Most of these vamps wouldn’t even THINK of giving up their vampirism.

        But I agree with you that Klaus may be desperate to break the curse, simply because he can. I mean, maybe its a power thing. Perhaps if vampires walked in daylight, they could “organize” (like the TB vamps do), and Klaus could basically rule the world through compulsion and fear. Sounds yummy . . . 🙂

      • I’m baaaaaack. *creepy sing-songy voice*
        I loved this episode and YAY!!! Shirtless Damon. And kickass recap, by the way. Too bad the show’s on hiatus til December 3rd. 😦
        I have a question: Why was Elena so bitchy at the beginning to Damon and Stefan? They only saved her life 785,697 times at this point, *scoffs* I mean why SHOULD she owe them anything??
        Also, did you notice Ian’s voice? He had walking pneumonia for 2×09 and 2×10 shoots so his voice is kinda funky…wonder if Rose caught his cold? *sighs* I’d catch his cold anyday…
        Finally, the mistakes in shows drive me NUTS and I just thought I’d ask you about one in particular: When Tyler punched Stefan in Season 1, Stefan doesn’t even BLINK. But when Caroline hits Damon with a lamp and then hurls something at his head, or when Elena slaps him, he reacts with human instinct…if Damon’s stronger, and you KNOW Tyler is stronger than Caroline and Elena, how could Damon feel it, and Stefan can’t?!?!

      • Hey Jaimie! I love our post-episode chats! You always bring up things about the show, and the episodes, that I didn’t notice the first time around. And of course, I’m very eager to try to answer those questions you asked. (Because I’m Type A, like that.)

        OK. Question 1 (Elena’s Bitchiness):
        While I DO NOT condone bitchiness of ANY KIND toward my Salvatore Brothers, and find it COMPLETELY undeserved :), there are two possible reasons why Elena acted the way she did, in that first scene: (1) Ever since she arrived home, after the Rose episode, Elena has been planning to talk to Katherine. By the time Elena comes to see the brothers, her plans are already in motion. But she knows if the Brothers find out what she wants to do, they will try to stop her, or talk her out of it, so she’s short with them, in hopes of cutting the “Pow Wow” short.

        (2) Up until the end of THIS episode, Elena had always assumed that all the bad things that had happened to her since the First Episode, were directly or indirectly related to Stefan’s and Damon’s re-arrival in Mystic Falls. And why wouldn’t she think so? After all, presumably before the show started, she led the fairly normal life of a popular high school girl. Now, Stefan and Damon are here, and she DEFINITELY DOESN’T LEAD ONE. So, while she appreciates their trying to protect her, Elena can’t help but be a bit resentful of them too.

        And yet, after actually TALKING to Katherine, Elena realizes what WE’VE known all along — that Elena’s life would have eventually been screwed up ANYWAY, since she’s the Petrova doppelganger. Only WITHOUT the Salvatore Brothers, her assailants probably would have been able to kill her much more easily. Her little tearful embrace with Stefan at the end of the episode is about her need to apologize to Stefan for believing him to be partially at fault for her troubles . . .

        Question 2 – Vampire Strength:
        Yep Vampires are DEFINITELY stronger than humans, and werewolves — particularly pre-human werewolves. (We can assume that, although Tyler was of above-average strength BEFORE, he’s much more so, now. Hence the breaking of his locker and stuff . . .). As for Damon’s reactions, I think Damon flinches when Elena hits him because he LOVES her, and the anger and venom behind the slap she gave him in Season 2 has an emotional impact on him, more than a physical one. Now, granted, the FIRST time she slapped him, when he was trying to compel her back in Season 1, he DIDN’T presumably love her yet. But she DID look like Katherine, and he DID think he was successfully compelling her at the time (she certainly looked compelled). So, I think he was a little taken aback by that slap, which snapped him out of his deep compelling concentration . . .

        As for when a still-human Caroline threw that lamp at him (SUCH A FUNNY SCENE, BY THE WAY), I think he was more amused and slightly annoyed by it, then seriously injured. I would imagine that the lamp felt a bit like how WE would feel if a fly flew in our faces. We’d think, “Well, that’s annoying. Go away dumb fly!” Damon feels that way about household objects slapping him in the face . . .

        Good call re: the change in Damon’s voice. I had read that he’d been sick, but wasn’t aware it was during the filming of these episodes in particular. Poor Guy! 🙂 His voice did sound particularly sexy this week though 😉 . . . As for Rose (GRRRRRR — Attempted Delena Destroyer!), I’ve read that if treated with antibiotics Walking Pneumonia is not contagious. So, (unfortunately) I’m sure she was just fine after doing the deed with Damon . . .

        Sigh . . . . hiatus. It’s going to be a long couple of weeks, especially considering how AWESOME the next episode looks to be . . .

        Thanks again for your Fabulous TVD Commenting and Analysis. As always, it was much appreciated!

      • Thanks for your response! It answered all my questions perfectly! I guess the strength thing makes sense according to how you explained it but it still bothers me! Stefan didn’t BUDGE when Tyler hit him but Damon flinches at a LAMP thrown by little Caroline, PLUS Damon is stronger than Stefan! Lol it’ll just be one of those things I’ll have to deal with. Can’t wait for December 2!!

  2. Maria

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for the past couple of episodes so I thought I’d leave a comment now! Awesome recap as always 🙂 I burst out laughing at the “My name is BoneMe” it was spot on! And apart from all the good thoughts about the epsode you bring lots and lots of nice pictures of a certain not so dressed vampire! Now that alone is worth a standing ovation. Thought i’d return the favor:

    So now we have to wait three weeks for another episode?? To quote said not so dressed vampire: who knows what I’ll do! Oh and by the way have you seen the promo for that epsode?? Alariiiiiic!! 🙂 If you haven’t here it is

    • Hey Maria! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I am so glad you enjoyed the recap . . . and the Naked Damon, of course. Then again . . . who doesn’t enjoy a little Naked Damon with their blogging, right? 😉

      Speaking of which, I ADORE your blog! Thanks so much for sharing the link with me! You may very well have the BEST Ian Somerhalder picture collection of ANY blog I have EVER seen (and I’ve lurked through A TON, trust me!) I am definitely going to add your site my blogroll, as soon as I finish this reply. 🙂

      Also, much thanks for the sharing the new promo clip for episode 10. (You’ve even attached it properly, so that everyone who stops by, can enjoy it, during the hiatus. In short, YOU RULE!) As far as I can tell, this episode will be well worth the wait! That Damon and Elena scene ALONE seems worth the price of admission.

      “Get your ass out the door, before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself!”

      WOW, Mad Damon is SO SEXY! And I love the way Elena is looking at him when he says the line. She won’t admit it, but she’s CLEARY just as turned on as we are. Team Delena fans REJOICE!

      Oh, and Alaric’s “I am naked. Chunky monkey?” = PURE WIN!

      How VERY risque for a show that airs at 8 p.m. (EST) on the CW . . .

      Heck, even the Jonnie scene was a slight turn on, and I am FAR from that couple’s biggest fan . . .

      This is going to be a long next couple of weeks indeed . . . But it makes it just a little bit easier, to know that all of us TVD fans are suffering together. 🙂

  3. Maria

    Haha I’m glad you liked it, well it isn’t my blog actually I just found it when I was looking for…interesting point’s of view of Vampire Diaries obviously..

    Mad Damon is really sexy! But then again which Damon isn’t? He’s welcome to throw mw over his shoulder any time! If I were Elena i would NOT take that as a threat.

    We’ll suffer through it with a little help of Naked Damon 🙂

  4. PaFree

    As always, LOVE your recap-hilarious! And thanks for throwing in a man who really knows how to do nakey, Mr. Eric Northman-WIN! 🙂 I haven’t cared for Rose much up until last night and now I have to say it-I hate that whore hahaha Anyway…best part of the whole show was Elijah and his quarters…he is badass!

    • Awww, thanks PaFree! You know, if there’s any chance that the producers of TVD haven’t cast Klaus yet, perhaps we should petition for Alex Skarsgard. After all, Big Bad Villains (at least the ones that DON’T look like Nina Dobrev) seen to only last about two-to-three episodes tops on this show. So, we’d DEFINITELY have him back to the True Blood set, in time to finish up Season 4! It would be the Vampire Crossover Event of the Century!

      I’m willing to bet Elijah and Eric Northman would get along quite well. Don’t you think? You are right! That Elijah is one BAMF Vampire, with his disembodied head, and his “coin toss games,” and his vampire compelling / insane ability to remove large phallic objects from his chest . . .

      I think what makes Elijah so very sinister, is his COMPLETE LACK OF A SENSE OF HUMOR. He’s always so “dignified” and “serious.” In fact, I don’t recall seeing him smile ONCE, in these last two episodes. It’s pretty darn terrifying!

      Oh, and as for Rose the Man Stealer? Girlfriend has GOT TO GO! It’s simple as that, really. Here at Team Delena, we have a strict “NO HO” POLICY, when it comes to our Damon. And, that policy must be enforced, at ALL COSTS! 🙂

  5. Seriously, Julie and Kevin are masters of schadenfreude, giving us only the tiniest Shirtless Salvatore crumb that they can. The season two finale had better be an exercise in Salvatoreo gratuitousness, or I may never forgive these two writers!

    As you might have already guessed, this week is to me all about Mini Gilbert in his hot glory. I am not a huge sports fan, but I have gone to a fair few Australian rules live football matches in my time, and something my pop used to scream out when a member of the opposition was lining up to kick a goal was “chewy on your boot” AKA “miss you fool!” Well, I screamed “chewy on your boot” at Luka when he edged out poor Jeremy!
    Although, quite honestly, I was impressed Luke didn’t drop dead before th end of the episode. A few more and it will be a record for a Bonnie non-core cast love interest.

    Kudos to whoever dressed Steven R McQueen, as I only had eyes for him this episode, which is no mean feat when Naked Damon is in it, however fleetingly. I like the maturity Jeremy showed when it was obvious Bonnie and Luka had a connection. Rather than throwing a tantrum, which would’ve been premature considering they haven’t even hooked up (though in keeping with his reaction to Vicki-related events), he just shook his head in disappointment, half-laughed at his belief in the possibility of being with Bonnie, and left the budding romantic pair. Having said that, I think he counted himself out too early and want him to fight for Bonnie to the max. If the promo for the next episode is any indication, I won’t have to wait too long for some hot Jeremy/Bonnie action. Woo! I officially love the pair because of J!

    Just little side note – thought it was so cute that Caroline reminds Stefan of Lexi. He needs her bubbliness to balance out his Serious Vampireness.

    Ohh, and Silver Fox alert with George Clooney!

    And haha at you paying out Luka’s lame salt power. It is like in X-Men when they ran out of good powers, or how some of the Twilight vamps has special powers like SEEING THE INTENSITY OF BELLA AND EDWARD’S RELATIONSHIP.

    Love you and love your recaps 🙂

    • Awww, Cherie, I had no clue you were Team Jonnie! I will definitely have to remember that for future recaps, so that I can be a bit kinder to them. *blushes*

      My personal preferences aside, I was mighty pissed at Bonnie, on Jeremy’s behalf, when she blatantly just wandered away from him to play Salt Games with Luka. (By the way, your Twilight parallel cracked me up – “The power to see the intensity of Bella’s and Edward’s love” — You are absolutely right. That might very well be the one power lamer than Salt Licking).

      I did love Jeremy’s amused facial expression, when he peeked over and spied the “New Couple” shamelessly flirting in that booth. You could just tell he was thinking, “Are you kidding me with this? Seriously! After all the effort I put in? Let HIM wipe up her nose bleeds, next time, and I can play with the salt.”

      I did love Stefan’s and Caroline’s sweet scene together this week. Lexi seemed like such a huge part of Stefan’s life. So, it’s really heartwarming to see him rekindle that relationship with Caroline. Hmmmm Team Staroline or Team Taroline? That is the question. 🙂

      Oh, and thanks for all the kind words, and praise. You’re the sweetest. I love YOU and your WD recaps too! 🙂

  6. imaginarymen

    Sorry to chime in so late on this and to be so brief! A recap of my VictiMom and my viewing:

    Elena lugs a huge suitcase to the tomb:

    Me: Why does she need that big bag?
    Mom: Maybe she’s staying for the weekend

    Luka and Jonas introduce themselves to Bonnie

    Me: Are those boy witches? Are they warlocks?
    Mom: Who cares. Where’s Damon?
    Luka: We prefer Warlocks
    Me: I TOLD YOU!!!


    Me: We have not had Shirtless Salvatores in WEEKS!
    Mom: They don’t want to scandalize me with their shirtlessness
    Me: STOP RUINING MY SHOW!!! Ugh – I can’t believe the Damon Shirtlessness is going to be wasted on ROSE
    Mom: Why is she taking so long to take off his shirt?
    Me: Because she’s an idiot

    Caroline stalls Stefan at the Only Eating/Drinking Establishment in Town:

    Stefan: Where’s Elena?
    Caroline: I can’t tell you
    Stefan: Is she with Damon?
    Me: YES! Caroline say “yes she’s with Damon”!!
    Caroline: No she’s not with Damon
    Me: DUH ! Now he’s gonna go to the tomb and ruin everything!
    Mom: I wish I was with Damon

    OK so the biggest revelation I got from this episode – was that the entire premise they sold us about Katherine’s return in the premiere – was FALSE. She wanted that moonstone and her gathering of supernaturals to break the curse and get her free of Klaus. Saying she was there for Stefan was just a cover.

    Right? That’s what I got from it at least. I thought that was a clever twist on what they had been building up. I mean, Stefan seems to be the only one who saw through it from the start. Also I love the idea of Eric “Klaus” Northman!

    Also loved the twist that Katherine WANTS to be in the tomb – that clever girl. I’d love to see the story of what became of her stolen daughter. And I do not get the Petrova Doppleganger thing at ALL. Can anyone explain it to me?

    Great recap Julie – I love your Salvatores/Elena Explanation of Distress of the Week convo and the Titanic twist on Elena’s locket!

    Also – Mini Gilbert is The Hotness and I did not miss Tyler at ALL.

    • I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again . . . you and your mom CRACK ME UP! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do a YouTube commentary vid for the next TVD episode. I PROMISE it will go viral!

      I was dying laughing reading all if it, but particularly your Stefan and Caroline convo.
      “Say she’s with Damon.”
      “I wish I was with Damon.”

      And, yes, the little bit of Shirtless Damon we had this week was TOTALLY wasted on ROSE! Grrrrr!

      (I must admit, I DID miss Tyler, a little bit. 😦 What can I say? I’m a sucker for Jerk Faces! This probably has a lot to do with why I’m single . . .)

      OK . . . the Petrova Doppelganger thing . . . Here’s what I think happened . . . the INITIAL Moonstone Curse was sealed, using the blood of someone who looked like just Elena and Katherine (except, she was like an Aztec, or something).

      Part of the curse stated that a Doppelganger of the FIRST Petrova’s blood would be needed to BREAK the curse. Part of the curse ALSO stated that Petrova Doppelgangers would only come along at certain points in history. Because THEIR blood is needed to break the curse, it is only when people who look like Katherine and Elena are alive, that either the vampires or the werewolves have the opportunity to break the curse.

      So, in essence, Elena was created BECAUSE of the curse (or, at least, that’s why she looks the way she does). It’s possible that none of Katherine’s descendants up until Elena were actual doppelgangers. That would mean that this is the FIRST time, since Katherine was alive, that Klaus and the weres have the opportunity to break the curse.

      Did that make any sense? Because I was totally talking out of my ass . . . 😉

      Thanks for making me laugh, as always, Amy (and Amy’s Mom)! 🙂

  7. I don’t have the hots for George Clooney, but for some reason that idea of spotting him in Mystic Falls is amazing. I’m sure Klaus will be hot; there are very few vampires (or characters of any sort) on this show who aren’t. You perfectly describe Slater’s metacognative reaction to staking himself, hilarious!

    “I think what makes Elijah so very sinister, is his COMPLETE LACK OF A SENSE OF HUMOR. ” I’m not sure about that. It’s low key, but I think he had one. He smiled at Elena’s pathetic attempt to bargain with him, and it looked as though he was trying not to smile when he said he was a “special vampire.” Kind of chilling in that way.

    My friend thought Stefan’s freak outs were made sense in context, but I felt like he was kind of falling apart. His “she’s with Damon, isn’t she?” line was gahhh. Even Stefan thinks this?

    • Oooh! George Clooney would make a fabulous vampire! (Fangs suit him. :)). Admittedly, he might look a little cradle robbery, making out with Nina Dobrev. (I think there’s a like a 30-year age difference between the two.) But, hey, he’s Clooney! He runs the world Hollywood. And he can do whatever he wants. 😉

      Other Would-Probably-Never-Happen, But-It-Would-be-Awesome-If-It-Did casting ideas for Klaus include: Johnny Depp (That guy SCREAMS vampire!), Robert Downey Jr., and Brad Pitt.

      I guess you have a point about Elijah. He did seem to crack slight smiles on a couple of occasions, during the episodes in which he was featured. And yet, I doubt Elijah’s idea of “funny” matches what most of us would find humorous. Here is a possible example of an Elijah Joke: “Haha, the Petrova Doppelganger is trying to talk her way out of trouble, but I’m not listening, because I keep picturing her head inside the delicious blood casserole I plan on making for dinner tonight.”

      You also raise a good point about Stefan. Of course, he automatically assumed Elena was with Damon! Clearly, he reads recaps written by Delena fans . . . 😉

      Thanks for providing me with blood food for thought, and making me laugh, as always, Noelle! 🙂

  8. Pingback: Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Jeremy’s Best Looks Edition « myspideysenseistingling

  9. Kaleigh

    I’ve been serial stalking your blog for a couple days as I’ve been rewatching the 1st and 2nd seasons (in preparation for the upcoming season!) and I absolutely love your recaps! They’re filled with witty, honest humor and assessments about the characters, but I have to ask, am I the only person who actually liked Rose from the beginning?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Delena shipper as much as the next gal, but I liked Rose and that she saw through Damon’s who “I’m totally unaffected” charade, and was willing to basically be a distraction bone (I mean, c’mon, what girl wouldn’t have taken up that f$ck buddy opportunity, even if he was in love with someone else?!). I just never got the sense that she was a threat to their relationship bc there was no danger of Damon ever falling in love with her. They were just two lonely people trying to fill an empty void. And through that, I got to watch some scenes through which I could have a few vicarious Damon thrills (if ya know what I mean 😏)

  10. Kaleigh

    I should also mention that I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead which I started watching before I started watching TVD, and I was really stoked to see Lauren Cohan on both of my favorite shows, so that could partly explain my bias (and by bias, I mean fair assessment of a character who actually turns out to be one of the biggest Delena shippers EVAR.) 🙂

    • Hey Kaleigh! I’m starting to feel like I’m literally the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch The Walking Dead. I think it’s because (and I’m truly ashamed to say this) zombies scare the crap out of me.

      I mean, sure, vampires, werewolves, and warlocks are monsters too. But they are hot! I have yet to meet a hot zombie. Though, I did read the book Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. And there happened to be a really likeable, mildly hot zombie in that one. So, perhaps, I can be proven wrong .. .

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