When Bad Dancing Happens to Good TV Stars . . .

When you’ve resorted to “ass-slapping,” it’s never a good sign . . .

Ahhhh, dancing.  We all do it on occasion.  But only a few of us can actually do it well.  But, even if you aren’t exactly the “Life of the Dance Party,” perhaps, you can sleep better tonight, knowing that you are not ALONE.  In fact, there are many, otherwise, very cool, talented, and debonair television stars out there, who undoubtedly dance just as bad as you do! 

Anyone who watched television during the 90’s, undoubtedly remembers The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

If you ever watched The Fresh Prince, you probably know that, regardless of what an AWFUL dresser he was (see picture above), Will Smith, who played the titular character on the show, was a VERY GOOD DANCER!  His cousin, Carlton (played by Alfonso Ribeiro), however?  Not so much . . .

Around the same time Carlton was “getting jiggy,” on The Fresh Prince, another, very different, comedy sitcom was also gaining popularity . . .

Seinfeld had always been a show known for its crazy characters, and ridiculous occurrences.   Of all the characters on that show, Elaine (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was probably the most “normal.”  That is . . . until she stepped out on the dance floor . . .

But that all happened during the 90’s.  And we can’t really blame television stars for dancing badly during the 90’s, right?  After all, in the 90’s, our idea of “good dancing” was this . . .

So, in order to make YOU feel better about YOUR bad dancing, we need to show you some television stars who dance badly, in this decade!

Josh Holloway, a.k.a. Sawyer from Lost

*Sigh*  How I miss Sawyer, let me count the ways.  Not only did he have the best body EVER, he was also the quintessential “Bad Boy,” and a closet romantic, who was pretty gosh darn hilarious, to boot.  Honestly, who wouldn’t want to get a slightly insulting / highly stereotypical nickname from Sawyer, after joining him a rousing round of Bear Cage Sex?

And yet, Sawyer, as much as I adore you, your dancing skills leave a bit to be desired.  Allow me to draw your attention to Bad Dancing Example 1:

And Example 2:

Then again, can you really blame a guy who’ s been stuck on a deserted island with Psychotic Others and Killer Polar Bears for six years for never learning how to “Dougie?”

Ryan Kwanten, a.k.a. Jason Stackhouse from True Blood

Jason Stackhouse’s half-naked body is a sight to behold, FOR SURE!  And yet, just because you look good half-naked, doesn’t mean you dance well half-naked too.  Then again, perhaps, Jason instinctively understood this.  Why else would he be wearing that Creepy Ex-President Mask?

Speaking of True Blood stars . . .

Alexander Skarsgard, a.k.a. Vampire Eric Northman on True Blood

Eric Northman.  Now THAT GUY is the epitome of COOL!  Not only is his body flawless . . .

. . . but he always seems to know exactly what to say to make the girls’  hearts melt . . .

That vamp is like a Human Panty Dropper!

That being said, I’m not quite sure what exactly he was trying to do here:

Speaking of Super Cool and Sexy Vampires doing ambiguously gay things . . .

Ian Somerhalder, a.k.a. Vampire Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries

If you’ve read this blog before, you already know that I am OBSESSED with Ian Somerhalder, in general, and his character Damon Salvatore, on The Vampire Diaries, specifically.  Not only is Damon Salvatore, a Brooding Bad Boy . . .

 . . . the Life of the Party . . .

 . . . and a Hopeless Romantic . . .

 . . . he’s also a FABULOUS DANCER.

So, why, you ask, is HE on this list?  Remember what I said earlier about “Half-Naked Dancing,” not necessarily being “Good Dancing?”  Well . . .

 . . . I rest my case.

In other Bad Dancing Vampire news . . .

David Boreanaz, a.k.a. Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel), and Booth on Bones

David Boreanaz . . . he’s a pretty cool guy, right?  I mean, this is someone who KNOWS how to wear a suit!  And yet, he also looks fairly amazing wearing NOTHING AT ALL . . .

Perhaps, we know him best now as the smart, loveable, and adorably snarky Booth on Bones.  But, like Ian and Alexander after him, David Boreanaz is no stranger to donning THE FANGS.  On both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff, Angel, David played the sometimes sweet, sometimes evil “Angel”  (although, when he was evil they usually called him “Angelus,” weird right?). 

Whether Angel was trying to kiss Buffy, or KILL HER, he always looked like a true gentleman doing it . . . except, of course, when he was dancing . . .

GIF provided courtesy of my AWESOME blogging pal Cherie, over at myspideysenseistingling.

Ummm . . . Booth?  Perhaps, you better stick to your Day Job of playing with skeletons.  Because I’m guessing Dancing with the Stars is not in your future.

Hey, you know who used to be on Angel with David Boreanaz?  Vincent Kartheiser!

What a coincidence!  Because he made this list too!

Vincent Kartheiser, a.k.a. Pete Campbell on Mad Men

A lot of people don’t like Pete Campbell on Mad Men.  They find him slimy, manipulative, whiny and insecure.   Well,  they are RIGHT!  He’s all of those things! 

 (Although, in his defense, he’s gotten A LOT kinder and gentler, this past season.) 

I, for one, have always LOVED Pete.  And a lot of that has to do with Vincent Kartheiser‘s  amazing acting ability.  I just find him so intriguing, and fascinating to watch.  Whenever, he’s on screen, I just can’t keep my EYES OFF OF HIM!  Unless, of course, he’s dancing.  Then, I have to look away . . .

Speaking of Mad Men stars who can’t dance . . .

Jon Hamm, a.k.a. Don Draper of Mad Men

Don Draper, I am very disappointed in you!  You just got engaged to Megan

What the heck are you doing, getting jiggy with Betty White?

I hope you don’t plan on dancing like that at the wedding . . .

Elsewhere in Manhattan . . .

Chace Crawford, a.k.a. Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl

Spotted:  A gorgeous rich white boy, teaching us that, just because you were born with a “silver spoon in your mouth,” doesn’t mean your parents ever paid for you to have dance lessons . . .

And, of course, who could forget . . .

John Krasinski, a.k.a. Jim Halpert on The Office

If John Krasinski wasn’t already married to Emily Blunt and if I looked anywhere near as pretty as Emily Blunt, I’d totally marry him.  This guy is the WHOLE PACKAGE!  He’s smart, sweet, funny, caring, and, perhaps, most importantly, a bit of a goofball.  Did I mention that he makes this face ALL THE TIME?


In fact, John Krasinski is almost TOO perfect.  I mean, what would I bring to the relationship? 

Aha, now I know what I would bring!  Two right feet, for his dual left ones . . .

So, you see Fellow Bad Dancers, you are in VERY GOOD COMPANY!  There are plenty of successful, attractive, and powerful people, who don’t know there mambos from their cha-chas.  Heck, our very own President might be one of them!

But even if your the Worst Dancer in the World, that’s NO EXCUSE not to be dancing!  Dancing brings people together.  It makes them happy.  It gets their hearts racing, in a good way.  In short, dancing makes the world go round. 

So, don’t worry about looking silly.  Just strap on your party shoes, hit the dance floor, and EVERYBODY CUT FOOTLOSE!

(Grrr!  Pesky Copyright Requirements 😦 . . . Click on the embedded link, if you want to DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY!)



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16 responses to “When Bad Dancing Happens to Good TV Stars . . .

  1. Julie, this post is the blogging equivalent of chocolately goodness – delicious and you want to keep on going back for more!

    You must have heightened superfangirl senses, because I am in the midst of preparing several Spidey Sense mixtapes at the moment and will be doing one for Jyler, which features none other than the song Jason is dancing to. I also love the little hip swing Lafayette does while filming said scene 🙂

    Your YouTube vid gathering skills are also incredibly impressive – this is the first time that I’ve seen the Alex Skarsgard and Josh Holloway clips, which WIN AT LIFE!

    You know, Betty White obviously has mad dancing skills, because whenever I see her in something she is always busting a move and outclassing her younger co-stars by a mile.

    I’m with you on the Sawyer love. Being an Aussie, I have many a freckle on my face, so I like to think of Freckles as my own personal nickname from him 🙂

    Thanks so much for the sweet shout out! That GIF is the reason why, no matter what egregious career moves he may or may not make in the future, I will LOVE HIM FOREVER.

    The fact that this post comes the weekend where my friends and I went out for a massive danceathon to the place that plays 90s-only music on Fridays is the icing on the cake. My dance moves are pretty questionable, but I definitely cut footloose 😉

    • Awww, thanks Cherie! *blushes* You’ll notice that I use any excuse I can to recycle that Damon Dancing Clip. 😉 The fact that the post surrounding it was “chocolately,” well, that’s just icing on my Dancing Damon cake! : )

      Squee! A Jyler Mixtape! 🙂 I can’t wait! One of the things that has been souring me on the “Jonnie” relationship is that everybody FORGOT Jyler all of the sudden! And I really SHIP them! Glad to see you haven’t let one of my favorite ships completely go the way of the DoDo bird . . .

      Ahhh, if you get a chance, and are feeling Skarsgardey, check out my little YouTube tribute post to him and his movies. You can link to it from above . . . Let’s just say that man has very eclectic taste in films. I think that clip comes from a mockumentary, where he plays a Gay Expeditioner? There’s another clip in there from a film he did entirely in DRAG. And, let me tell you, Skarsgard makes a really pretty girl.

      I’m so glad you share my Sawyer love. Sigh! I really do miss Lost. And I can’t get enough of that clip of Sawyer celebrating his “Fish Cracker” reward, when he was held hostage in that bear cage for days by the Others. Then, of course, an Other comes back and tells him that the Bear in the cage before him got the cracker in HALF THE TIME! Burn! At least Sawyer had “sex with Kate” to soothe his ego, after that one . . .

      The other clip comes from an adorable bit starring Josh Holloway, as himself, on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, following the Lost finale. In the clip, he joked that now that he was out of work, he would sign up to star in Snakes on a Plane 2: Electric Boogaloo! I’d see that movie . . .

      You’re absolutely right! Betty White can “electric boogaloo” like nobody’s business!

      I ADORE that Angel clip you “lent me.” It may very well be my second favorite in the bunch. (And we all know what my FAVORITE is!)

      I’m so jealous that you had a dance-athon this weekend! That’s sounds awesome. So few of my friends share my love for Random Goofy Dancing. I’m kind of wishing I got to go with you guys . . .

  2. Madeleine

    YAY! I was missing my Skarsgard (yes, that’s really pretty much all I took from this post), AND, I have much love for David Boreanaz (as Booth, NOT Angel. Buffy SUCKED). Sometimes I feel like you do these things just for me . . . Any post that features ASkars is a good post, in my book, and David Boreanaz is just a bonus.
    As to the ACTUAL post (the whole dancing thing) I’m sure I would have found it way more entertaining if I couldn’t dance, but I can (except for fistpumping. I’m constitutionally unable to fistpump, which is why I’ll never be on Jersey Shore, that and the fact and I’m allergic to the stuff they put in spray-tan). Also, where’s Joshua Jackson?!? I watched six seasons of that crap-tastic show (referring to Dawson’s Creek, not Fringe, which is AWESOME), and you can’t even give me this? Do you not remember what an AWEFUL dancer Pacey was? I am scandalized. And disappointed (okay, not really, because anything that features Alexander Skarsgard could never disappoint me, but still.)
    The lesson you should take from this? More Skarsgard=Better Post.

    • Hey there, fellow Pacey fan! (OK we are seriously TV Twins, and it’s starting to freak me out. ;)) I can do you one better than just your run of the mill “Bad Dancing Pacey” gif, I can give you a “Bad Dancing Pacey with a Book on his head” gif . . .

      Go Pacey Go!

      I believe that one was from the Pilot Episode . . .

      By the way, not to totally pimp myself out, but, did you know that one of my VERY FIRST posts on this blog was a Pacey/Joey tribute post?


      You don’t like BUFFY? For shame! I’m not sure we can be TV Twins anymore . . . 😦 (Actually, I never watched the show during its first run, and am only revisiting it now on syndication. I am big Spuffy fan! Sorry Angel!)

      And I have to say, I’m kind of glad you don’t fist pump. Now, this might piss off a lot of Jersey Shore fans, but FIST PUMPING IS NOT DANCING! It’s what you do to relieve an arm cramp. Just saying . . .

  3. After all this dancing goodness, I couldn’t NOT share a link I found to an awesome GIF of Paul Wesley doing an awesome head dance: http://thedisorderly.tumblr.com/post/1613129474/had-to-be-done-had-to-be-done-paul-is-presh

    • Awww, that GIF is awesome! Thank you! I’m definitely going to be using that in future recaps . . . I’m not sure what’s more adorable, that little Head Bob he does, or the lasso thing he’s doing with his arm. Come to think of it, there MUST be a vid of Stefan Salvatore’s Bad Dancing out there . . .

      Ahhh, SURE THERE IS! 😉

      Drunk Stefan dances

      It just goes to show you, that even if your a vampire, excessive drinking and dancing just don’t mix . . .

  4. trish

    **sigh** I love Paul Wesley and his little head dance. But my favorite? Booth trying to Dance. oy. Angel wasn’t a good dancer either, that is why I loves him 🙂

    • Hey Trish! Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, I definitely think there is something about Vampires and Bad Dancing. Perhaps, it has something to do with the whole “being dead” thing. Damon Salvatore seems to be the only one who’s avoided the curse . . . 😉

  5. imaginarymen


    Julie I love your recaps – but these sort of “Collection” ones you do may be my favorites. As a blogger I can’t even imagine the mind boggling amount of time it takes to put one of these masterpieces together!!

    And Pacey is a GOOD DANCER – the caveat being – when he was with Joey (bc he luuuuurrved her 😉

    (Oh and because it NEVER gets old: WE WON ;-0000)

    Elaine’s Thumb Dance is one of the Greatest TV Visual Gags EVER. And awww I like Jason’s Little Undies Dance! Anything where I can drool about those shoulders is good w/ me ;-0 What about Stefan’s Not Sexy Dance of Miss Mystic Falls? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45-RIZzZLcc (Sigh. I miss cocky fun Bloodaholic Stefan!)

    And FYI – I LOVE Random Goofy Dancing – so we may need to put that on our Blogging Girls Go Wild Itinerary for next month!!

    • Thanks so much, Amy! I’m glad you had as much fun “dancing” with our favorite “movement challenged” TV stars, as I did.

      I’ll be honest. This post didn’t take nearly as long to complete as some of my other “theme” posts. Without consciously knowing what I was doing, I’ve actually be building up a “Dancing GIF” collection, for quite some time now. Watching my favorite TV stars be goofy, just never gets old for me. And with Winter TV Hiatus Time just on the horizon, I figured I should probably start coming up with some non-recap related ideas to fill these blog pages. (Like our In Bed post, perhaps? : )

      We DID win! : ) And you are absolutely right, Pacey was definitely a better slow dancer WITH JOEY, than he was a fast dancer, alone. (I draw your attention to the Opening Credits. And those nerdy little jigs he used to do, whenever he was really happy.)

      Then again . . .
      Four To Tango, Season 3, Episode 10

      (one of my absolute FAVORITE P and J episodes, BTW)

      Ahhh Bloodaholic Stefan . . . sigh . ..was I the only one kind of hoping he’d fall off the wagon, during this whole “develop a tolerance to human blood” thing? I’m evil, I know.

      Amy, I will partake in Goofy Random Dancing with you ANYTIME! Just name the bar or dance club. I’ll boogie badly to ANYTHING . . . well, except maybe techno – not a fan! ;).

  6. imaginarymen

    P.S. That video is AWESOME!!! It reminds me of something similar I made for a music class in college – except I used the Bee Gees “You Should be Dancing” but had clips from Fred Astaire, Strictly Ballroom, Dirty Dancing…

    Rekindles my long held wish I was any sort of dancer and could randomly find myself in showy musical dance numbers at any given situation!


    • You know how to video edit, and you’ve never told me! Grrr! I’ve been wanting to make Fan Videos for quite some time now, but am not sure I have “what it takes.” I actually did quite a bit of video editing for my Broadcast Journalism classes in college, but editing a news story, and editing stuff like the video in this post are VERY different things. So, I may require your expertise.

      What I love most about this video is how seamlessly its edited. It really does look like everyone is dancing to the same song. So cool! And it definitely got me dancing a little, while I watched. *blushes*

      As for your dream to find yourself in a musical, it’s never too late to try out for Glee! 🙂 If Mark Salling can play a high school student, so could we! 😉 And, even if not, Will Schuester seems to have a new love interest every week. So there’s always that option . . .

  7. I’m inlove with this post!

    • Awww, thanks so much, kataang1! I have this little obsession with animated GIFS, particularly DANCING GIFS. So, this post just seemed like a great opportunity to share my collection. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  8. Pingback: When Bad Dancing Happens to Good TV Stars « Tasha Land

  9. Mwah

    That clip of Somerhalder supposedly dancing well?? Omg, cringeworthy. I hate it when guys dance like that. In face, I was looking up “Ian Somerhalder is a terrible dancer” when I found your page. Honestly, his dancing moves are a *huge* turn off. The little shoulder rolls and bent elbow boogie thing… *shudder*. I’ve had to fastforward through his dance scenes in the Vampire Diaries to not lose touch with his appeal.

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