Would you like some wine with your cheesy? – A Recap of Glee’s Mid-Season Finale “A Very Glee Christmas”

“Is that an elf in your pants, Santa, or are you just happy to see me?”

Ahhhhh, Christmas.  It’s a holiday seeped in tradtion: the presents, the mistletoe, the egg nog, those ugly Christmas sweaters, the Yule Log, those ridiculous old made-for-tv movies on Lifetime and ABC Family . . .

It’s enough to nauseate warm even the coldest of hearts . . .

This week’s pre-hiatus Glee episode was all about the Holiday of Giving.  And it offered up enough Christmas Cheer and Yueltide Cheese to keep you in Sugar Shock, well past New Year’s (which I guess — considering that new episodes of Glee won’t air until February 2011 — is a good thing). 

Poor Will!  Based on the way things ended for him this episode, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be getting LAID, until after the Superbowl, either . . .

Let’s recap, shall we?

Secret Santas Got a Brand New Bag

When the episode opens, Emma — who has experienced some major coldness from the MAN WHO IS NOT-SO-SECRETLY IN LOVE WITH HER, ever since she announced to him that she ran off with Jesse from Full House Dr. Carl Howell for a Plot Device Vegas Wedding  — invites Will to a Christmas party at the Tanner Household La Casa de Carl.

“Have MERCY!”

Understandably, Will looks like he would rather stab an ice pick through his heart, than spend Christmas watching Emma and Carl PDA and “Santa Baby” on the “Most Wonderful Night of the Year.”  (Can you blame him?)

Fortunately, Will’s Sulkfest 2010 is interrupted by a Beiste Bearing Gifts . . . well actually . . . more like a Beiste bearing names, as the faculty at McKinley High plans to exchange Secret Santa gifts this year.  Will gets THIS NAME . . .

 . . . which makes him do this .  . . again.

We later learn that Sue Sylvester has actually rigged the Secret Santa so that EVERYONE pulls her name.  In the words of Stephanie Tanner from Full House,  HOW RUUUUUUUUDE!

Meanwhile .  . .

I Saw Someone Still Believing in Santa Claus . . .

When Artie learns that his “Very Special” girlfriend, Brittany, still believes in Santa Claus, he becomes determined to preserve the Magic of Christmas for her.  But he ultimately ends up shooting himself in the foot (wow that was inappropriate on SO many levels), when he takes Brittany to Santa Land at the mall.

While the rest of the Glee kids ask “Santa” for reasonable things like “bling” (Santana), “Puck’s Love” ( me Lauren Zizes), or for Channing Tatum to star in less stuff (Mike) . . .

(I think its an “abs” thing.  Some guys just don’t know how to handle a little competition . . .)

(Coincidentally, you can catch Channing Tatum in the upcoming film The Dilemma, starting January 14, 2011.)

 . . . Brittany asks for Artie to be able to walk, which reminded me of the time when he DANCED . . .

But, seeing how that was just a dream sequence . . . yeah . . . Artie is kind of screwed.

Would you rather be slusheed, or hit in the head with a designer shoe?

While Brittany has no trouble keeping herself in the Christmas spirit, the rest of the Glee kids are feeling a bit more Scroogey.  After all, they are STILL getting slusheed in the hallways (though now the slushees are in festive Christmas colors!).  And, when they try to sing “Need a Little Christmas” to classes around the school, in order to collect money for a charitable holiday class trip . . .

 . . . they get heckled and hit in the head with Christmas boots.  Bah Humbug!  Decorating the Glee choir room and singing “Welcome Christmas” does little to lift the kids spirits.  Although THIS helps some . . .

Speaking of sporting a little Christmas Wood . . .

Blaine and Kurt heat things up, while singing about the cold . . .

In my absolute favorite performance of the evening (even though plotwise, it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the episode, AT ALL), Blaine finds Kurt studying alone in the lounge at Dalton Academy, and asks him for a sexual favor.  You see, Blaine was selected to sing “Baby it’s Cold Outside” at some random Christmas pageant, and simply can’t play with himself practice alone. 

And so, the duo launch into a modern take on the classic song.  The result is fun and adorable enough to warm the cockles of even my cold, cold heart.   Those of you who haven’t seen it yet, can enjoy it here:

After the solo, Will randomly shows up at Dalton Academy — a school that not only has a “No Tolerance for Violence” policy, but, apparently, also has NO SECURITY WHATSOEVER.  You would think that the Spanish-teacher-who-hasn’t-spoken-a-lick-of-Espanol-since-the-pilot-episode was there to wish Kurt a Merry Christmas, or give him advice of some sort.  But NOOOOOOO . . . this visit was all about Will, and his problems!  (What else is new?)

You said it, Sista!

Here’s Kurt, suffering the slings and arrows of unrequited luuuuuuuuuve, and all Will wants to do is bitch about how can’t figure out what to get Sue for her Secret Santa gift.  Selfish much?


Will’s only gift ideas so far have been a Robot Dog and a Soul.  Now, I don’t know about that whole “Soul” thing, but a Robot Dog would be an AWESOME Christmas present . . . (hint, hint Mom .  . . if you are reading this)

(My cat would never be without a companion!)

Kurt suggests a fur-lined tracksuit, instead . . . and I, for one, am hoping he meant faux-fur . . .  At least, with the Robo Dog, you can be sure that no living creatures were harmed in its making . . .

Though some might beg to differ with that assessment . . .

You’re a Mean One, Sue the Grinch

Coincidentally, this is exactly what I look like, after eating bad cafeteria food . . .

On Secret Santa exchange day, Emma and the rest of the teachers quickly discover that Sue rigged the Name Pot (Name Jar?), in order to get all the presents for herself . . .

“You a regular Agatha Christie, except even more sexless,” Sue says of Emma, when the latter reveals Sue’s devious plan to the rest of the faculty.

The teachers stomp off in a collective huff, as Sue, along with her new minion, Becky, sort through all her new Christmas gifts with sadistic glee . . .

Not surprisingly, about six different people got her The Shake Weight . . .

Teachers and Late Night Infomercials — It’s a Match Made in Heaven (plus tax)

Eventually, Will returns to take all Sue’s gifts back.  He claims she has no legal right to them (which, I guess is true, but, then again, neither does he).  Will plans to take the undeserved gifts to the underprivileged children in a nearby district.  Though honestly, I’m not sure what a bunch of kids would do with an adult fur-lined track suit, a blender, and six shake weights . . .)

Sue, of course, is APPALLED . . .

“I’m appalled.”

And so, she decides to get revenge, by inexplicably painting her face Grinch Green (riiiiight, because no one will recognize her NOW!), and heading to the choir room — along with her trusty Reindog Becky — to steal back the gifts, and ruin Christmas for Will and the Glee kids . . .

While Sue and Becky snatched presents, smashed ornaments, tore tinsel, slashed mistle toe, and cut down the Glee tree, a voice in the background eerily broke into a rendition of Sue the Grinch.  I later learned that voice belonged — not to anyone in the Glee cast — but, instead, to K.D. Lang .  . .

Ummmm  . . . yeah . . . because that’s not random at all.

At the end of the song, Brittany arrives, decked out in her best Cindy Lou Who attire . . .

(By the way Gossip Girl fans, I bet you will never guess who played Cindy Lou Who in the movie version of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas . . .  I’ll give you a hint, her name starts with a Raccoon and ends with a Zombie.)

Meet Cindy Lou Who, also known as Little J / Taylor Momsen.  Poor Dr. Seuss must be rolling over in his grave right about now . . .

Anywho . . . Brittany mistakes Sue for Santa (Other things Brittany mistakes for Santa: tomatos, bananas, Stop Signs, Soap Scum on her shower.).  Not seeming the least concerned that Santa is “green” and “ruining Christmas,” Brittany joyfully admits to the Grinch herself, that the presents under the tree are for the homeless.  Brittany’s innocence and sheer honesty, in the face of such evil, makes Sue turn a little green . . .

. . . but it doesn’t make her feel bad enough to clean up her mess . . .

The next day, the Glee kids enter the choir room to find THIS . . .

Determined to save Christmas for his fellow Gleeks (it is his favorite holiday, after all), Finn offers to go pick out another tree for the choir room.  And Rachel (seeking entrance back into The Finn Hudson Pantalones) offers to come along for the ride.  After all, her first bid to win back Finn’s heart — which involved, you guessed it, her SINGING (lamest . . . Christmas gift . . . ever . . . Cheapskate) — failed miserably.  So, she really had nothing to lose!

“Merry Christmas, Darling.  Please enjoy the Gift of My Voice to make up for the fact that you are no longer entitled to the Gift of My Virginity . . .”

At the Christmas Tree Farm, Finn and Rachel sing a duet of the song Last Christmas . . .

When the song is over, Rachel, who has rubbed herself in car air freshener, for the occasion . . .

The best little roll-on perfume $2.50 can buy!

 . . . makes her second play of the hour for Finn’s fickle heart.  “Last year for Christmas, I asked Santa to give me you even though I am Jewish, and don’t celebrate Christmas and he did!  It’s time for you to forgive me,” she said matter-of-factly, offering him a big wet and slobbery tongue kiss, as proof of the veracity of her statement.

But Finn, who is a self-righteous asshat (WOW!  I can’t believe I am actually taking Rachel’s side on this one), runs away like the whiny b*tch he is.   In doing so, the bastard completely forgets about his lofty plans to “Save Christmas,” and leaves Rachel to smell like the inside of a car, all by her lonesome . . .  (Then again, maybe smelling Pine Fresh, will make it easier for Rachel to hitch a ride home with a Lonely Trucker or Hairy Mountain Man.)

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, and the very next day, you gave me a fart . . .”

Meanwhile, back in the Better Plotline . . .

Brittany, Meet Santa Claus . . .

The Glee kids beg the increasingly adorable Shannon Beiste to be “Santa” at Brittany’s house, because she “has the right body type.”  (Yeah . . . because THAT’S not insulting at all!)  Artie hopes that “Santa” can kindly break the news to Brittany that “he” will not be able to get Brittany her requested gift of A Walking Artie . . .

That night, Brittany is thrilled to see Santa Beiste doing a “Christmas Dry Run,” right in her own living room!

However, her face falls, when “Santa” explains to her that she must instead give Brittany the gift of patience, instead of what she asked for, as “fixing Artie’s legs” is not a present that can be delivered overnight.  To support her position, Beiste tells Brittany the story of a husky young girl who wished that Santa would make her look like all the other girls for Christmas.  But, instead, Santa gave her the gift of “patience,” allowing her the time to eventually realize that she didn’t really WANT to look like all the other girls after all!

Gee, I wonder who that “Little Girl” could be?

“Was it Ricki Lake?”  Brittany asks.

(You’ve gotta love when the writers of this show have the Glee kids making totally age inappropriate pop culture references.)

Though Brittany feigns a polite perkiness with Santa Beiste, the next day, Artie finds his girlfriend at her locker, looking completely crestfallen.  “I used to believe that Santa could do anything. If Santa isn’t magical, I don’t even know if I want to believe anymore,” she mutters.

In a move that makes me LOVE this couple even more than I did last week (Sorry Team Artina, I am 100% Team Bartie now!), Artie rushes Brittany home, to help her cope with her newfound crisis of faith.  Once there, however, Brittany finds a very special gift under her tree . . .

It’s called a Re-Walk, and its experimental technology allows people, heretofore bound to wheelchairs, temporary use of their limbs.  (Believe it or not, Re-Walk technology is very real.  You can read more about it here.)  Artie brought his Re-Walk back to school, to share it with the rest of the Gleeks.  Seeing her Christmas wish come true literally brought tears of joy to Brittany’s usually vacant eyes . . .

And, all cheese aside, if this Glee moment didn’t melt your heart, just the slightest bit, you are simply not human . . .

No offense!

Speaking of melted hearts . . .

How Sue Saved Christmas . . .

Desperate times call for Desperate Measures, and when Will finds the Glee kids, going all Gift of the Magi on themselves, to raise money for their trip to see the underprivileged kids, he is impressed and disturbed at the same time.  (The boys gave up their watches, while the girls were prepared to chop off their hair.  Umm . . .  does that sound like an unfair trade off to anyone else?) 

Fortunately, Will has a money-making idea that will allow the girls to keep their luscious locks, and the boys to still always know when its time for sex lunch.

In the next scene, the Glee kids sing in front of a group, for the second time this hour.  This time. however, the audience is made up of teachers.  So, the kids won’t have to worry about getting shoes thrown at them again . . .

Well . . . maybe they have to worry a little bit.

The song the kids sang, as their coffers filled with faculty donations, was “Welcome Christmas,” a song with which, I’ll admit, I was completely unfamiliar, before this episode.   And yet, one line of the song really stood out for me:  “Christmas time it will always be, just as long as we have Glee Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on Fox”  Now how’s THAT for product placement?

Conveniently, at the last moment, Sue walks in on the “caroling,” and immediately vomits is touched with the Christmas spirit.   By the time the kids return to the choir room, all the Shake Weights are back under the tree, and everything is as it should be.

But wait!  There’s MORE!  Sue also convinces the Glee kids to go to WILL’S house, so that he doesn’t have to spend Christmas alone.  (What’s the matter Glee kids?  Do none of you have parents?)  Will is touched by the gesture, and shocked that it was Sue who orchestrated it.  “I thought you hated the holidays,” says Will incredulously.

“No, I just hate you,” Sue replies.

Did I mention that Sue bought Will a Christmas gift too?

It’s a razor!  So, Will can shave his HEAD!  Get it?  Well . . . I guess some things never change.  (And yet . . . now that Sue mentions it, Will would look kind of hot with a crew cut . . . kind of like Channing Tatum . . .)

Sorry Mike!

The last moments of this very Yuletidey mid-season finale feature the Glee kids celebrating Christmas together at Will’s house . . .

It’s a schmaltzy, but sweet, end, to a schmaltzy, but sweet, Glee episode.  Well, that’s all I’ve got, folks.  So, Merry Gleestmas to all, and to all a Good Night! 

(Oh, and see you next year, my fellow Gleekys!)



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8 responses to “Would you like some wine with your cheesy? – A Recap of Glee’s Mid-Season Finale “A Very Glee Christmas”

  1. Madeleine

    This was my favorite episode of Glee so far. I love Christmas, and sometimes it really pisses me off when TV shows do stupid Christmas episodes, but this one was really amazing. I don’t know how it managed not to be chichéd or overdone, or seem like a rip-off, but I really loved it. And Brittany and Artie are my favorite couple on this show. Brittany (or however you spell her name) is my favorite character. She’s adorable. And Artie is so cute with her. Good recap, as always.

    • Britt and Artie are becoming my favorite too! I’ll have to admit, I was skeptical at first, because, at least on the surface, they seemed so randomly thrown together and mismatched — particularly with Artie pining over Tina, and Britt drooling over Santana’s “lady kisses,” respectively, at the time when they first hooked up. But, starting, I think, with the Sectionals episode, the writers have really started to develop a unique dynamic with this couple. And it’s one you don’t get to see very often on teen shows.

      I love how Artie takes care of Brittany, in an almost fatherly way. Artie sees Brittany’s idiocy, as sweet naivety and innocence. He loves her for exactly who she is. And you can see how deeply Brittany cares about Artie! The fact that she asked only for him to walk for Christmas, and asked nothing for herself (especially considering she actually believes in SANTA!), is pretty darn selfless of someone who everyone used to write off as shallow and popularity-obsessed.

      Bravo Glee writers! You’ve managed to write a duo I actually care about. 🙂 (Sorry, Finnchel . . :))

  2. I’d be cheering if I got Sue’s name in a Secret Santa draw – talk about easy peasy Japanesey to work out what to get her… a green and red tracksuit!

    You know, I’ve been trying and trying to understand why Will’s pretty is lost on me, and you very brutally reminded me with that crying pic – he is like the heir apparent to the Beekster and Crying Dawson. Eep! Just the very thought sends shivers down my spine 🙂

    I CAN’T BELIEVE that sweet little girl with spun gold hair ended up becoming the Raccoon Zombie! It’s like having Rapunzel turn into a crack whore!

    My favourite Xmas song ever? All I Want for Chrismas is You, as performed by that little girl with the amazing voice in Love, Actually. I love that movie because of Hugh Grant’s dance and the geeky British guy Colin.

    HILARIOUS as usual. And I’ll admit the Artie foot line made me laugh harder and longer than anything else – very un-PC, I know, but then again, so is Glee.

    • OMG! All I Want for Christmas is You is MY favorite Christmas song too! 🙂 I was actually really disappointed they didn’t include that one in here. It would have been a really cute song for Quinn or Tina to sing to their respective beaus. (I also kind of hoped they’d include Santa Baby, which is the only slutty Christmas song on the planet. ;))

      What’s interesting about All I Want for Christmas is You is that its one of the few Christmas songs that came out in the late 20th century (90s, I think?) that actually made it into the mainstream. Most of the other well known carols are MUCH, MUCH older. I believe Mariah Carey sang the original. But I’m with you in thinking that the little girl from Love Actually did it WAY better. I actually have her version on my iPod, and listen to it LONG after the Christmas season has ended each year.

      And “Rapunzel as a crack whore” would make a GREAT SNL skit . . . just saying 😉

  3. snottlebie

    Hi again! I haven’t commented on your recaps in a while (though I’ve been reading them all). While I thought your recap was excellent, I have other opinions about the episode…

    Does no one else find Bartie (or Barfie as I call it, sorry, a shameless Brittana shipper over here) kind of…creepy? The “fatherly” manner you mentioned in a comment, is actually what creeps me out. The writers have taken Brittany’s hilarious one liners and her trance-like state and turned her into a dump, naive girl. I mean, is this the same Brittany who slept with almost the entire school?

    It’s not that Barfie can’t have their “cute” moments – in fact, I think Artie’s character has really grown from the sullen mess he was after Tina dumped him, but I can’t stop thinking that they’re in a sexual relationship and yet Artie treats her like a child. UGH. IDK. Also, I don’t need Brittana right now (endgame baby, endgame) but didn’t they used to be friends? I don’ t think they’ve even talked since the beginning of Barfie. Wouldn’t Santana have known Brittany believed in Santa, being her best friend?
    Oh Glee writers, why can’t any female characters have friends when they’re in a relationship? WHY?!

    • Even though I ship the couple, I must say your Barfie (great nickname, by the way) comments made me giggle. And you raised a lot of really good points. Based on some of the message boards I’ve read on this topic, I don’t think you are alone in your assessment. Barfie / Bartie is nothing, if not controversial.

      There has definitely been a change in Brittany’s character, since she started dating Artie (although her one-liners remain awesome). I think the writers were trying to soften her up a bit, in order to make her a believable match for Artie. Because, you are right. The slutty shallow A-lister Brittany we met in Season 1 would NEVER date Artie — sleep with him . . . yes, date him . . . no.

      The problem is that after a strong start, I feel like Brittana really fizzled out, after all the suggestive hotness of Season 1 and early Seaon 2. They had that fun “lady kisses on the bed” moment, during the Duets episode. And then, as you mentioned, Santana completely stopped talking to Brittany (Perhaps, this is because she still thinks Artie’s a “loser,” and doesn’t want to hang with someone who dates him)? The writers almost seem to have purposefully pulled Brittana apart, by making Santana increasingly cold and vindictive (she’s still fun though), and Brittany increasingly childlike.

      Speaking of ruined ships, I used to kind of like Tartie. But, I can’t say I want Artie back with Tina, after watching him whine and mope about her for episodes on end, as you mentioned. The two just don’t have real chemistry anymore.

      You know what I think? I think Glee needs some new blood. Bring in a new girlfriend for Will! Have some of the Dalton Academy kids transfer to public school. Bring back CHARICE! This way, we can all have ships to believe in. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, snottlebie. Even when we don’t agree, I love talking TV with you! 🙂

      • snottlebie

        Oh Charice…so much wasted potential! And yesss, I would love to have a ship to believe in. It’s like, I can’t ship Finchel (just…no. The magic is gone, can we see independent Rachel please?), or Sqiunn (? – I should know the shipper name for this…shouldn’t I? Haha, but Barbie and Ken = no thanks, you guys look like siblings), Barfie, Tartie, Puckleberry, Wemma… It’s like all these kids are TERRIBLE for each other. And I mean, they’re all pretty hot so what’s the problem? I think it’s just the dynamic of Glee – have you realized that none of them have any friends? Seriously, Quinn is supposedly THE TOP girl at the school and her whole existence is Sam and nothing else. 😦 Depressing, Glee. I had some hope with Rachel/Kurt (lol not as a couple) but the writers always have to make Rachel insane so…sigh.

        This is why I hate Barfie so much, the one friendship in the whole show is gone. (P.S. Thanks for the thoughtful response! I don’t like to go all PYSCHO ANALYSIS on my friends with Glee/Tv shows in general so this was kind of refreshing 🙂 )

  4. snottlebie


    dear lord.

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