Party on, Team Delena! – My Top Ten Damon and Elena Moments from The First Half of The Vampire Diaries’ Second Season

Shortly after The Vampire Diaries aired its first Season Finale, I “came out of the closet” on this very blog, as a firm and vehement supporter of Team Delena, or, as I like to call it “The TVD Mother Ship.”  I then went on to cement my fangirl allegiance to this fabulous television couple, by analyzing their ten most sizzling Season 1 moments. 

Well, now we are nearly halfway done with Season TWO of The Vampire Diaries.  With eleven new episodes under our belt, and an interminably LONG mid-season hiatus staring us down, like an unfed Stefan Salvatore . . .

 . . . I thought it was high time we revisited this topic again!  Wouldn’t you agree?


(I’ll take that as a “Yes!”)

Admittedly, it hasn’t exactly been the easiest of seasons for us Delena fans.  For one thing, there was that whole “Damon sort of/ kind of temporarily killed Elena’s little brother” thing that happened in the season premiere  . . .

The aforementioned event not only forced us to endure OODLES of annoying smack talk from Stelena fans the world over, it also royally PISSED OFF ELENA (understandably so).  As a result, Damon (and the rest of us) were subjected to Elena’s “Poopy PussFace” virtually nonstop, for at least the first three episodes . . .


Suffice it to say that Poopy PussFace and Happy Couples generally do not mix . . .

And yet, we’re talking about a couple that’s one-half vampire here.  And when you’re already undead, what doesn’t kill you, only makes you MORE AWESOME . . . 

For me, the fact that Damon and Elena endured the unfathomable angst and drama of the “Jeremy Neck Snap,” and yet STILL managed to muster up all the fire, energy, and super sexy moments they shared, during the first half of Season 2, only serves to show the sheer strength of their relationship.  Because when two people can survive something like THAT, and still manage to constantly eye f*ck eachother, and invade one another’s personal space like nobody’s business . . . now, that’s a couple who’s playing FOR KEEPS!

And now that I’m off my soap box, we can start this post in earnest. 

So, without further adieu, I bring to you, my Top Ten Delena moments from the first half of Season 2 of The Vamprie Diaries . . .

[Note:  As you probably know by now, the CW is SUPER finicky about its clip embedding.  So, when you see the YouTube screens, simply click on the internal links included within them.  That should direct you to the Delena-filled video you desire. 🙂  Sorry for the inconvenience!]

10. Pillow Talk

Episode: “By the Light of the Moon” – 2 X 11

Setting the Scene:

After returning from a “Kamikaze Death Mission,” which involved attempting to give herself up to the EEEEEEVIL Santa Klaus, in order to save the people she loves from certain death, Elena seems determined to put herself in harms way, yet again.  But when she tries to leave home with the stolen Moonstone, in order to “rescue” Stefan from Katherine’s Hot Sex Den, Elena is shocked to find that Bonnie (at Damon’s bidding) has charmed the windows and doors, thereby making Elena a prisoner in her own home.

Enter a very glib Damon Salvatore, who seems very much looking forward to a day filled with gloating, flirting, and, if all goes well, a friendly game of Tonsil Hockey with his good pal / hostage, Elena Gilbert.

Potent Quotables:

DAMON: (After being on the receiving end of one of Captive Elena’s infamous Death Stares) “Awwww come on, Pouty!  At least give me two points for ingenuity.”

ELENA:  “Do you think this is funny?”

DAMON: “Yes, Elena.  I find hilarity in the lengths I have to go to to repeatedly save your life.”

And later  . . .

DAMON: (To Jeremy, when the latter inquires as to where Bonnie is) “She’s on moonstone duty, and I’m on (inclines head toward Elena) Elena Patrol.”

Still later  . . .

DAMON: (To Elena, after being called away by Alaric, on yet another Team Bad Ass Mission) “You should get out.  Enjoy the sun.  Oh . . . wait . . . You Can’t.”

ELENA: *throws pillow at his head*

Why it made the list:

This small scene truly represents the lighthearted, fun nature of the Damon and Elena relationship.  For me, this is one of things that differentiates Delena from Stelena.  When Elena is with Stefan, she is definitely sweet and romantic, but nearly always, serious.  Damon brings out a certain feistiness in Elena.   He makes her blood boil.  And from my experience, when a guy makes you hot emotionally and mentally, he makes you hot sexually, as well . . .

Stefan tends to act tentative and cautious when he’s around Elena.  It’s almost as if he’s afraid he’s going to break her, or something.  Damon has no such qualms about giving back to Elena, whatever she dishes it out, be it a witty barb, or flying fist, or a pillow.  Damon respects Elena.  She is his equal, and he finds that incredibly sexy.  Check out the way Damon’s eyes light up, when he sees Elena for the first time in this scene.  Watch how he plops on the couch, and places an arm around her, as if the pair are out on a date, and not on “House Arrest.”

But, perhaps, more important than how Damon behaves, and what he says, is how he acts and what he does.  Damon obviously feels it is his duty to protect Elena.  He shows that in this scene, by willingly going on Elena Patrol.  After all, Damon knows that Elena would do the same thing to protect HIM, if he was in danger. 

Damon and Elena can banter and snipe at one another all day long.  But that doesn’t obscure the fact that these are two people who care deeply for eachother, and are each unconditionally willing to sacrifice their own lives for the other’s safety.

9.  It’s Too Late to Apologize . . .

Episode: “Plan B” – 2 X 6

Setting the Scene:

Katherine’s plans to use Boy Toy Mason and the Moonstone as her keys to wriggle off the top of Santa Klaus’ “Most Likely to Be Gutted Like a Fish” list, were thwarted when Stefan, Elena and the Scooby Gang stole the Moonstone, and Damon murdered Mason in a vengeance- fueled rage . . . 

But Damon REALLY effed things up, when he called Katherine to gloat about it.  Katherine, who was definitely not used to losing, decided to make ELENA pay for Damon’s crimes, by compelling Useless Aunt Jenna to try to off herself with a kitchen carving knife. 

Up until this point, Stefan and Elena had “fake” broken up, in order to keep Katherine from using Elena as a pawn in her Dirty Little Games.  But, since Katherine went after Useless Aunt Jenna anyway, Elena tearfully decides that she needed to break up with Stefan for real.  Damon witnesses the heart-wrenching breakup scene, and feels deeply responsible for the unhappiness of his brother, and the woman he loves.

Potent Quotables:

DAMON: (Calls out to Elena, as she is rushing out the door) “Elena!”

ELENA:  *turns and looks at Damon*

DAMON: (Near tears) “I riled Katherine up.  I wasn’t thinking . . . I DIDN’T THINK . . .”

ELENA: “It doesn’t matter, Damon.  She won.  Katherine won.”

Why it made the list:

This scene truly exemplifies how much Damon has grown as a character, since we met him in early Season 1.  Here’s a guy who’s love interest has just BROKEN UP WITH HER BOYFRIEND.  He should be OVER THE MOON.  Now’s his chance to SWOOP IN AND MAKE HIS MOVE.  But Damon isn’t happy about Elena’s breakup with Stefan at all.  In fact, he’s devastated over it.  He feels guilty about the pain his hubris and rage have unwittingly caused his brother, the possible one true love of his life, and her family.

When Damon calls to Elena in this scene, he is almost in tears.  Her being in pain, causes him twice as much pain.  And though few words are exchanged between Damon and Elena in this scene, volumes are implied.  With his sad eyes, Damon tells Elena he is sorry for the part he played, not only in Jenna’s compelled suicide attempt, but in Elena’s breakup with Stefan too. 

In turn, Elena looks at Damon with compassion and forgiveness.  She does not blame Damon for what happened to Jenna, or what happened between her and Stefan.  As far as Elena is concerned, this is her fight, and her’s alone.  And yet, she can’t help but be touched by Damon’s remorse, as it is a surefire sign of his growing humanity – something she not too long ago feared that he might have lost forever.

8. Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Episode: “Bad Moon Rising” – 2 X 3

Setting the Scene:

Elena is still UBER pissed at Damon for the whole “Jeremy Neck Snap” thing.  But, Damon and Alaric are going on a Werewolf Research Roadtrip to Duke, and Elena desperately wants to tag along.  She hopes to collect some intel from the school, as to why the heck she looks exactly like Katherine.  Despite her supposed anger at Damon, sexual tensions between the Bad Boy Vamp and the Good Girl are super high, throughout the trip.  Could this mean that Elena is starting to forgive Damon for his recent sins?  Or is she merely using him to get the information she needs, as Katherine did 140 some odd years ago?

Potent Quotables:

DAMON: “You are not going to be able to hate me forever.”

And later . . .

DAMON: “You have every right to hate me.  I understand.  You hated me before, and we became friends.  It would suck, if that was gone forever.  So, is it?  Have I lost you forever?”

Why it made the list:

Even though Elena tells Damon at the end of this scene, that he has lost her forever, we can tell, based on the way she looks at him, and acts around him, that this is not true.  Elena was so angry with Damon for “killing” Jeremy, at this point in the season, that she desperately wanted to hurt him.  And she did so by toying with his affections for her, and using them to get information about Katherine. 

But remember, boys and girls, Nina Dobrev, may be an actress, but ELENA isn’t.  And her body language . . . ((1) the way she stared deeply into Damon’s eyes when he cornered her by the car; (2) the way her breath caught when he leaned close to her; (3) her obvious feelings of gratitude toward Damon, when he gave her the Petrova Book; (4) and the way she took a pause to ponder what Damon said about how their friendship — having initially grown from hatred — would likely be able to sprout from that same place again) . . . well, it doesn’t lie.

It’s also worth noting the extensive amount of thought Damon has obviously given his relationship with Elena, even at this early stage of the season.  He obviously values her, not just as a prospective love interest, but as a friend, and fellow partner in crime,  And Damon would rather be friends with Elena than nothing at all . . . Given how much in love with her he obviously is, and the very selfish things he has done in the past, his willingness to maintain a completely platonic relationship with the woman he loves says volumes about his growing character . . .

7. The Face Rape

Episode: “The Return” 2 X 1

Setting the Scene:

The season premiere pretty much seemed like it comprised Damon’s WORST DAY EVER!  First, he learned that the woman he kissed on Elena’s porch was NOT actually Elena, but rather the EEEEEEEVIL Katherine, who had spurned Damon all those years ago.  When Damon confronts Elena about the faux-kiss, not only does she have no memory of the event occuring, she acts as though kissing Damon Salvatore would be the most awful thing in the world that could happen to her.  (MORON!)

Damon gets rejected AGAIN, when, after a rousing bout of sex with Katherine . . .

 . . . SHE tells him that SHE never loved him, and was only using him to get into his brother Stefan’s pants, all those years ago . . .

So, Damon responds by doing what most boys do, when they get rejected, multiple times, by multiple women, within the same 24-hour period . . . he gets TOTALLY WASTED!

But then . . . rather than drunk dialing (or drunk texting or drunk e-mailing) Elena, like most boys would do, Damon takes his humiliation one step further, by showing up in her bedroom uninvited . . .

 Potent Quotables:

ELENA: “Thanks for . . . umm . . . looking out for us . . . for me.”

DAMON:  “You’re surprised that I thought you would kiss me back.  You can’t imagine that I would believe that you would want to . . . that what we’ve been doing here means something.  You’re the liar, Elena.  There is something going on between the two of us. and you know it.  And you are lying to me, and you are lying to Stefan, and most importantly, you are lying to yourself.”

ELENA – “You are better than this . . . I care about you . . . I do . . . I care about you.”

Why it made the list:

Some of you might be wondering why, as a Delena fan, I would possibly include this painful, relationship-shattering scene in my countdown.  But here’s the thing . . . while horrible and painful, this scene between Damon and Elena is important to Delena fandom, as it is the very first time BOTH Damon and Elena express their feelings for one another.  That’s right, I said BOTH . . . because Elena DOES admit to caring about Damon in this very scene.

Instinctively, Elena understands the pain Damon has undergone in this episode.  And she knows that he is coping with it, in a self destructive way.  She fears for him, and, at least initially, tries to take care of him, as a mother might take care of an unruly child. 

But Damon, drunk and bitter, as he may be, sees Elena’s care and concern for what it is . . . the underpinings of love.  When Damon confronts Elena with HER feelings toward him, she is clearly not ready to accept them mentally.  But emotionally, we see something click inside Elena.  And had Damon been more sober, had he gone for a sweet and gentle kiss, as opposed to the Face Rape, had he NOT lashed out at Jeremy in anger, there’s no telling what COULD have happened between Damon and Elena in this scene . . .

6. Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Episode: “Kill or Be Killed” – 2 X 5

Setting the Scene:

Wolfy Mason MAJORLY screwed over Stefan and Damon, by outing them as vampires to Caroline’s mom, Sheriff Forbes.  The vampire-hating Sheriff then shot up Damon and Stefan, and locked them in a dungeon for interrogation.

The Sheriff is just about to stake the uncooperative vampires, when her own daughter arrives and outs HERSELF as a vampire to her mother. 

The distraction allows Damon to get the upper hand, and an opportunity to finish off Sheriff Forbes . . . but he doesn’t.  “Relax, you’re my friend,” he tells her sweetly.

Rather than murder the Ole’ Battle Axe, Damon decides to keep her entombed, until the vervain ingested has left her system.  This way, they can compel her to forget what had gone down.  And they all live happily ever after.  (Well . . . not Mason . . . but that’s another story entirely . . .)

Potent Quotables:

ELENA:  “What you did for Caroline’s Mom . . . that’s the Damon who was my friend.”

DAMON: “Hey  . . . Stefan didn’t drink the People Blood . . . if you’re curious.  But he needs to.  And deep down, you know it.”

Why it made the list:

This scene really marks the first time we see Elena admitting that she is starting to forgive Damon for what he has done to Jeremy.  By telling Damon that he has done something honorable — something that reminds her of their former friendship — Elena is acknowledging that she no longer sees Damon as lacking humanity, and she no longer “hates” him.  Elena appreciates the sacrifice of pride Damon made on Caroline’s behalf, and the way in which he still considers Caroline’s mother “a friend,” despite the fact that she tried to have him killed.  If Damon can forgive someone like Caroline’s mom for what she did to him, shouldn’t Elena be able to forgive Damon for what he did to Jeremy?

5. Break Me, Stake Me, Anyway You Want Me

Episode: “Brave New World” – 2 X 2

Setting the Scene:

Caroline has just turned vamp, after having fed on Damon’s blood, prior to being smothered to death by Katherine.  Remembering what happened to Vicki Donovan, Damon views the tempestuous Caroline as a major liability to his way of life.  And so he plans to remove the “un” from Caroline’s “undead” status . . .

Potent Quotables:

ELENA: (about Caroline) “Damon, she’s my friend!”

DAMON:  “Whatever happens, it’s on YOU.”

Why it made the list:

Like the previous example, here we see Damon making a personal sacrifice, based on his strong belief in the power of friendship.  Despite the fact that Damon sees Vampire Caroline as a liability — a danger to herself and others — Damon decides not to harm her, because doing so would hurt ELENA.  Last season, we learned about how important trust is to Damon Salvatore.  This season, we learn how much he also values friendship. 

Oh, and did you notice the heavy sexualized breathing and eye f*cking Damon and Elena were doing, as she thrust her body into his, in order to deflect that phallic stake from Caroline?  SUPER HOT!

4. Shot Through the Heart

Episode: “Bad Moon Rising” – 2 X 3

Setting the Scene:

While searching through Isobel’s office at Duke University, Damon and Elena encounter one of her former students, the VERY ambitious Vanessa.  Vanessa recognizes both Damon and Elena (Katherine?) from Isobel’s research, and doesn’t trust the pair as far as she can throw them.  Did I mention girlfriend is REALLY handy with a crossbow?

Potent Quotables:

DAMON:  “Pull it out . .  I can’t reach it Elena.  Just pull the damn thing out.  It hurts . . .”

ELENA: “You are not going to kill her.  You touch her, and, I swear, I will never speak to you again.”

DAMON:  “What makes you think that has any power over me?  Because I took an arrow in the back for you?  You are severely overestimating yourself.

ELENA: “Right . . . I forgot that I was speaking to a psychotic mind, who snaps and kills people.”

DAMON:  “You are trying to manipulate me.”

ELENA: “If by manipulate you mean ‘tell the truth’ . . . then fine . . . GUILTY.”

Why it made the list:

This Delena scene was FUN with a capital “F,” and sexy with a capital “S.”  The obvious analogies to sex that were made as Elena was ejecting that LARGE BOW from Damon’s back would be totally comical, if both parties weren’t obviously so turned on by them.  I loved how Damon saved Elena’s life here, ONCE AGAIN.  And, yet, she still found time to berate him, and basically call him a psychopath.  Most guys would be infuriated by this, but Damon was clearly enjoying the back and forth of it all.  With Elena pissed at him, the banter was likely one of the things he missed most.

When Damon and Elena are done thrusting their large members at one another, they get into a surprisingly deep discussion of manipulation and the sexual and emotional power each member of the pair has over the other.  Later, we learn that Elena might have been using this power to her advantage,  But at this moment, Damon doesn’t seem to mind being used one bit. . .

3. The Lover’s Quarrel

Episode:  “The Sacrifice” – 2 X 10

Setting the Scene:

Damon and Elena return together from Elena’s Suicide Road Trip to Meet Santa Klaus.  Once home, they learn that Doofus Stefan inadvertently got himself “stuck” in Katherine’s Hot Sex Den.  Elena immediately wants to rush the tomb and save Stefan from Hot Sex with Katherine.  But Damon would rather Team Delena have their own Hot Sex first . . .

Potent Quotables:

ELENA:  “How could you let this happen?”

DAMON:  “What are you talking about? I was too busy saving YOU from your kamikaze mission!  It was the right call, Elena.”

ELENA:  “Right call?  How is any of this the right call?”

ELENA: “Damon, let go of me!  LET GO OF ME . . . Let go of me.  Please!”

DAMON:  “Are you done?”

And later:

STEFAN:  (To Damon)  “Promise me .  . . whatever happens . . . you will protect her.”

DAMON:  “Promise.”

Why it made the list:

Aside from the obvious groping, thrusting, heavy breathing, and personal space invasion (all of which was AWESOME, by the way), what stuck out most for me about this scene was the way Damon and Elena effortlessly assumed a sort of husband and wife dynamic with one another.  Stefan hadn’t even been trapped for 10 minutes, and already Damon and Elena were bickering like an old married couple.  For me, this scene provided a very nice glimpse into what I have no doubt will be the future of our Delena pairing: namely, clever partnerships, followed by heated arguments — arguments which will inevitably devolve into the most mind-blowing makeup sex known to man . . .

2. The Fiercest Foreplay

Episode: “The Sacrifice” – 2 X 10

Setting the Scene:

Remember earlier, when I referenced Elena’s Suicide Road Trip to Meet Santa Klaus?  Well, Damon found out about the Mission from Tattletale Rose and he was NOT HAPPY . . . (He WAS very horny though . . .)

Potent Quotables:

DAMON:  “I said we are leaving .  . . You do not get to make decisions, anymore.”

ELENA:  “When have I ever made a decision?  You and Stefan do that for me . . . Now this is my decision.

DAMON:  “Who’s going to save your life, while you are out there making ‘decisions’?”

ELENA:  “You are not listening to me, Damon.  I do not want to be saved, not if it means that Klaus is going to kill every person that I love.”

DAMON:  “Get your ass out the door, before I throw you over my shoulder, and carry you out myself.”

Why it made the list:

Elena’s body language is the most intriguing aspect of this scene.  By the time we get to episode 11, we already know how Damon feels for Elena.  He has made his feelings known on more than one occasion.  Yet, while we have gotten inklings of Elena’s sexual attraction to Damon before, never have they been this pronounced.  Watch how Elena inclines her head toward Damon, as if waiting for a kiss.  Watch the passion burn inside of her, as they lock eyes, and she feels the heat from his strong grasp surge through her body.  For the first time, Damon and Elena seem equally engaged in their struggle for emotional, mental, and sexual domination.  He clearly wants it, but, now so does SHE . . .

Let’s not forget, from a mental perspective, that Damon and Elena are both basically there for the SAME reason.  They want to save EACH OTHER from certain death.  In her struggles, Elena is trying desperately to prove to Damon, that she is not just the weak little nyphette, everyone assumes her to be.  She can act rashly, to save the people she loves,  just as easily as Damon can.  D

espite Damon’s words to the contrary, somewhere in those struggles, he begins to see that Elena might actually have a point.  Elena’sMarytr-Like Hero Complex might just directly match up with Damon’s.  And that’s a super hot prospect for both of the parties involved . . .

1. I Put a Spell on You (a.k.a. Damon Tells Elena He Loves Her)

Episode: “Rose” – 2 X 8

Setting the Scene:

Stefan and Damon (but mostly Damon) have just brought Elena back home, after she was kidnapped by Rose and Dead Trevor, and ALMOST re: kidnapped by EEEEEVIL Elijah . . .

During the kidnapping, Elijah removed Elena’s vervain necklace so that he could compel her to tell him where the precious Moonstone was currently hiding.  Somehow, during the staking of Elijah and all the fighting, and vampire fast running, Damon was able to retrieve Elena’s vervain necklace.  And so, Damon’s come through Elena’s window to return it to her . . . but not before he tells her something VERY IMPORTANT!

Potent Quotables:

DAMON:  “I just have to say something . . . Because what I am about to say is probably the most selfish thing I have ever said in my life . . . I just need to say this once.  You just need to hear it.  I love you, Elena.  And it’s because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you.  And why you can’t know this.  I don’t deserve you.  But my brother does. (*He moves to kiss Elena on the lips, rethinks it, and goes for the forehead*) I wish you didn’t have to forget this.  But you do.”

Why it made the list:

Gosh, how could this scene NOT make the list?  It was by far the most beautiful, romantic, enticing, and heartbreaking moments I have ever experienced on television.  I doubt even the staunchest Stelena fans didn’t tear up, as they watched Damon give Elena his heartfelt speech, chastely kiss her on the cheek, and cry softly, as he compeled her to forget the entire life-changing moment.

What’s so ironic about this scene, is that everything Damon says, seems to contradict what’s actually happening on the screen.  Here is Damon saying he’s about to do something selfish.  Yet, by keeping his love for Elena a secret from her, because he feels unworthy of any feelings she might have for him in return, Damon is performing the most selfless act imaginable. 

 Damon tells Elena that he does not deserve her.  And yet, his willingness to give up his own happiness, for her safety, and the happiness of his brother, shows Damon to be more than worthy of Elena’s love.

Time and time again, this season, Damon has reiterated his desire to protect Elena, and keep her safe and happy, above all else.  And if that’s not humanity, embodied in the form of True Love, than humanity simply doesn’t exist . . .

And, there you have it:  My Top Ten Delena Moments of the first half of Season 2.  What were YOURS?



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  1. Cherie


    More coherent comment to follow 😉

  2. Consider I wasn’t expecting this post until the end of season two, it was an awesome unexpected surprise (Lexi pun intended ;))

    You know that I was lobbying for your #1 choice all along, so I was a happy little fangirl to see that at the top of the list.

    The reason for the Face Rape inclusion (it was the moment Elena’s feelings for Damon clicked with her on some emotional level) actually ties in neatly with your #1. Remember how Elena inclined her head to receive Damon’s kiss, as though expecting a kiss on the lips rather than the kiss on the forehead he gives her in the “I love you” scene? She was subsconsciously responding to him, and so disarmed that I think if he had gone in for the kiss that time, she might not have pushed him away. Well, I’m gonna fanwank that is the case, anyway 😉

    You know, it isn’t even the “I love you” that gets me with that scene. It is that it marks the first time Damon truly puts Elena’s needs before his own. In the Face Rape scene, he is practically bleeding with his own NEED – the need for Elena to admit she has feelings for him, and in doing so validate that someone, anyone cares for him and that he isn’t second placeholder to his brother. The Face Rape scene is as much about responding to Katherine’s stomping of his heart as it is a desperate attempt to get Elena to face her feelings.

    In contrast, the “I love you” scene is about Damon honouring HER needs. He believes that Stefan can best fulfil what she needs, so takes away her memory of his words so that she doesn’t feel torn in any way. If you love someone you want them to have what is best for them, even if you aren’t necessarily part of that equation.

    “Get your ass out the door, before I throw you over my shoulder, and carry you out myself.”

    This line is such a delicious spin on the damsel-in-distress image of a woman being carried by a chivalrous male. Only in this case this is a strong, independent woman who has the potential to be carried out. LOVE!

    • LOL. Yep, I suspect that my impulsive decision to post this list half-a-season early is going to eventually come and bite me in the ass. 🙂 Because now, at the end of Season 2, I will be faced with doing a partially redundant, ENTIRE SEASON Delena list, or doing a SECOND HALF of the SEASON list, which will undoubtedly have some people wondering how that iconic “I Love You” scene wasn’t even mentioned . . .

      But, hey, I’m going through TVD withdrawal! And can’t we all use some instant gratification every once in a while? 😉

      I love the parallel you drew between The Face Rape Scene and that iconic “I Love You Scene.” By comparing these scenes side by side, you can really see the extent to which Damon’s feeling for Elena have evolved from selfish love to selfless love. The differences in Damon’s words, stance, and body language when he makes these two speeches, definitely demonstrate the contrasting states of mind he’s in when he makes them. To me, it’s ironic and very sad that, just when Damon finally seems mentally and emotionally ready to be a good boyfriend to Elena, that’s when HE decides he is not worthy of HER . . .

      But as Elena points out in that first sexually charged exchange she has with him in The Sacrifice, it is not ONLY up to Damon or Stefan, who Elena ends up with. Elena is a strong, smart, and very outspoken woman who gets what she wants. And I suspect, that when Elena truly realizes her feelings for Damon, she’s going to fight her ass off to get him. And no selfless declarations of martyrdom are going to stop her! 😉

      Thanks, as always, for your kind words, and commentary brilliance. I suspect I could talk TVD and pop culture with you for HOURS, Cherie, and we would never run out of topics to debate and discuss! I’m starting to suspect that you, Amy, and I are actually sisters separated at birth! 🙂

  3. April

    I must say I love reading your posts. You make some of the best top 10 lists and you always put so much thought into them 🙂
    I found a couple Delena videos on youtube and thought I’d share them with you. They’re made by the same person and you may of already seen them but I thought they were very well done and might help to get you through this long hiatus.

    You should check out her other videos too, these were just two of my favourites 🙂
    Anyways once again, I love reading your posts and your recaps are always stellar too. Hope your enjoying the holidays!
    Merry Christmas! [or Happy Hanukkah/seasons greetings/whatever your beliefs are :)]

    • Hi April! Thanks so much for your kind words, and for sharing these awesome fan videos with me! 🙂 I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new fabulous Delena videos to watch (and rewatch . . . and rewatch), especially during this interminably long hiatus.

      You’re the best! *rushes to rewatch the videos* 😉

  4. Madeleine

    Ah! Awesome post, in keeping with tradition.
    I just recently jumped aboard this ship (ahaha, see what I did there?? I’m so hilarious, aren’t I? Aren’t I?!?!?!), and I must admit, the “Jeremy Neck Snap” probably delayed this by a few episodes, despite the fact that a few episodes ago I was only watching this show casually (if you think that that’s the only way to watch a TV show, you clearly haven’t met me.)
    A lot of these scenes, really a lot of Delena behavior, body language, et cetera, reminds me of Pacey/Joey (is there one of name-combiney things for them??) which is probably one of the reasons I really love them. Fun fact (okay, more like Mostly Unrelated Fact): I found this blog looking for Pacey/Joey randomness (though I only started reading for True Blood).
    Also, thanks for the videos, they were cool (I don’t really care for those edited fan vids, except under special circumstances, i.e. they include Eric or Eric/Sookie, whom I mention an improbable amount).
    More lists! I vote more list posts! (Yes, I do realize this is not a democracy, but whatever).

    • Madeleine, just wanted to let you know that you CRACK ME UO 😉

    • Welcome aboard the SHIP, Madeline! 🙂 (All that compulsion I’ve been using, must have worked. *laughs maniacally*)

      I agree. There are definitely a TON of similarities between the Pacey and Joey relationship (PJ? Jacey? Poey . . . no, definitely not “Poey,” that sounds like a fish) and the Delena relationship. Here are just some similarties I noticed, off the top of my head:

      (1) In both cases, toward the beginning of the series, the female protagonist was in a relationship with someone very close to the male protagonist: Joey with Pacey’s best friend Dawson, and Elena with Damon’s brother Stefan (Like the wishful thinking, with which I use the PAST TENSE ,here?)

      (2) In both cases, the male protagonist (Pacey, Damon) recognized his feelings for the female protagonist (Joey, Elena) first.

      (3) Both the male protagonists made promises to the OLD boyfriends (Dawson, Stefan) to protect the objects of their respective desire.

      (4) In both cases, the male protagonist possesses and inner darkside or morally ambivalent past, which causes him to wonder whether the OLD boyfriend might be better suited for the object of his desire.

      (5) Pacey and Joey AND Elena and Damon have relationships that began as friendships characterized by witty banter and highly sexually charged entanglements, which were accented by brief periods of genuine antagonism.

      (6) Neither Elena, nor Joey, are strangers to the Poopy Pouty PussFace. (Harsh but TRUE!) 🙂

      (7) In both cases, the male protagonist kissed the female first . . . thereby forcing the recognition of romantic feelings on the female protagonist 😉

      (8) Three words: Sexy . . . Mating . . . Dance (Nuff said)

      WOAH, this may have to become it’s own post, in the future . . . Thanks for the inspiration! I’m always excited to find your comments in my inbox, Madeline. They never fail to make me LOL, and always inevitably spark long-winded dialogue, on my part. (Which I THINK is a good thing, at least. ;))

      • Madeleine

        HA. I am SO taking credit when you write that post and it turns out ridiculously awesome. Also, Sexy Mating Dance WIN.

      • “Ridiculously awesome, huh?” No pressure there! 🙂

        I’ll definitely try to drop you a shout out in the P/J vs. D/E post, once I get around to writing it. That will make it much easier for you to take credit. And then . . . if you end up not liking the post, you could always blame the inspiration on some OTHER Madeleine. 🙂 I promise not to be offended ;).

  5. imaginarymen

    Oh come on – we all know the entire reason you wrote this post at all was so you could talk more about #1!! ;-00

    Please DO write a post about the Pacey/Joey/Dawson similarity to Damon/Elena/Stefan (except for the part where Stefan is WAY MORE AWESOME than Dawson!)

    Part of what makes Delena so much fun to watch is the very sexy chemistry IS and ND have in their scenes together. There’s a whole lotta subtext going on in their scenes, and if to paraphrase Joey Potter herself “you gotta read between the eyef*ckery” 😉

    Which is what I find so fascinating about ND and PW when she’s Katherine, bc they have a hell of a lot of sexual chemistry as Stefan/Katherine that they don’t seem to have as Stefan/Elena.

    Some fabulous casting by the TVD folks to find such pretty pretty actors who are also really GOOD actors!

    • Oh, I could write a NOVEL on #1 on this list . . . You know me too well! 🙂

      I DEFINITELY plan on doing a P/J/D vs. D/E/S post in the near future (probably some time this week). I’m just trying to spread out my TVD posts a little bit, so as not to piss off the one or two people who read this blog that don’t already watch the show. (Silly little humans! They have no idea what they are missing!) 😉

      (Speaking of which, my mother just finished watching the Season 1 TVD DVD, and has become a TOTAL FANGIRL! I’ve been getting texts on the hour with logistical questions about vampire powers, magic rings, and the reasons why some people die instantly in Mystic Falls, while others just keep coming back to be brutalized, again, and again. She was particularly miffed about Uncle/Father John’s non-death, despite Katherine’s CUTTING OFF HIS HAND, and STABBING HIM IN THE STOMACH. She also, understandably, couldn’t understand why the whole Scooby Gang didn’t totally disown Bonnie for her fake spell shenanigans during the Season 1 Finale. I had sort of forgotten about all that. But now that I recall it, all that crap Luca is pulling on her now, is sort of poetic justic. Don’t you think?)

      You are right, Nina and Ian were perfectly cast in the roles of Elena and Damon! And their chemistry definitely does have the same naturally sexy quality Joshua and Katie had as Pacey and Joey. (I’m STILL holding out hope that Joshua will rescue Katie and Suri from Tom Cruise’s mother ship, because I really did like her as an actress, during her Dawson days! I know others would disagree. But I was a fan! :))

      And, for the record, “you gotta read between the eyef*ckery” would be an AMAZING t-shirt. One I would probably wear myself! 🙂

  6. I reeeeally looove theem ***
    OMG. i hope in the End
    they can stay together, its my dreeeeeeeeeam*
    DelenA – foreeveR an Ever (L

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  8. Sara

    Ahã ahã ahã.
    Concordo com exatamente tudo do que disse!
    Eu vi além deste, o top dez que você fez da primeira temporada.
    A cena do episódio O Sacrifício foi uma das mais sexys possíveis na minha opinião, e a do singelo, romantico, perfeito e tuuudo I Love You ganhou o primeiro posto de forma muito merecida! Todo o conjunto foi perfeito, e até mesmo aquela lágrima foi como a selo, já que eu nao me lembro de ter visto Damon chorando antes!
    Obrigada mesmo por ter feito isto, e gostaria de saber se ja fez ou vai fazer o top dez da segunda parte da primeira temporada.

    • Hi Sara! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I am so glad you enjoyed this list, as well as the Delena list I wrote from Season 1! I’m always happy to meet Delena fans from across the world. Together we can all relish in the delicious, beautiful, sexiness, that is this amazing couple.

      And don’t you worry! In “Deconstructing Delena,” a blog post that features the top ten scenes from the second half of the season, I DEFINITELY dedicated a huge amount of text and pictures to the breathtaking, heartbreaking Delena scenes from “As I Lay Dying.” 🙂

      I can’t wait for September 15th! I am positive that there will be plenty more amazing Delena scenes to enjoy in Season 3 (especially, since Ripper Stefan is temporarily out of the picture.) 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and for your kind words. They are very much appreciated!

  9. Sara

    Oh, but wait, do you all ready made the second part of the season 2? If you did, can you send the link for me?
    And, I’m also feeling a great Delena participation on this new season! I realy hope that the all scenes be so hot like all this ‘preliminares’ are being.

    Well, sorry for my english, is just me tryng to be more… understand.
    And I have to say that i love all your gifs. I just take them all for me.

    PS: Just for you know, here in Brasil, the Delena shippers are more big that Stelena. I dont know how is about there!

    PSS: I hope you understand part of what I say. 😛


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  11. Dobre, dobre, dobre polecam każdemu! Szukasz
    wykonawcy? Place zabaw to nasza specjalność DR SPIL

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