And the EYES have it! – A Celebration of the Small Screen’s Dreamiest Peepers


They say that the “Eyes are the window to the Soul.”  And that may very well be true . . .   But, lately, I’ve come to realize that a nice pair of peepers might very well be a window into something else . . .


(Get it?  Because when I look at guys with beautiful eyes .  . . nevermind.)

There’s just something about an actor with really large, intense, and expressive eyes that makes you fall instantly in love with whatever character he’s playing.  You’ll fall for him, regardless of what selfish, evil, dumb, or generally douchebaggy thing he happens to be doing at the time.  Because even when the character is behaving badly, his eyes make him look like he’s feeling really guilty about it . . . Or, maybe they don’t make him look guilty at all.  But you’re so charmed by those pretty irises, you just plain don’t give a damn!

Today, I’d like to honor (in no particular order) some fabulous television actors, whose mesmeric eyes have the power to make me forgive them for all their evil deeds, and, occasionally, make me forget my own name . . .

[Note: As always, not all the YouTube clips included in this post are embedding-enabled.  So, if you want to watch them all (and I HIGHLY recommend that you do!) just click on those internal links, and AWAY YOU GO! :)]

(1) Ian Somerhalder  (Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries)

If you thought that I would be capable of writing an entire blog post about TV Eyes, without including Ian Somerhalder somewhere in it, you’ve clearly never read this blog before.  (WELCOME, New Friend! :)) In his role as Damon Salvatore, Ian’s eyes literally have the power to make thousands of women do his bidding.  (And I’m not just talking about the Fangirls at home, either . . .)

And yet, even without all that vampire mind control magic behind them, Ian’s eyes still have a very sensual power that’s entirely their own.

With them, he can charm you . . .

 . . . or make you fall in love . . .

 . . . or make you cower in fear . . .

. . . or break your heart . . .

Not bad for a single day’s work, right?

Cheers, You SEXY BEAST!

(2) Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman from True Blood)

Unlike Damon Salvatore, True Blood vampire, Eric Northman doesn’t have the luxury of simply using his hypnotic eyes to get a drink, save his loved ones, or get the girl.  After all, he’s the SHERIFF of AREA FIVE!  He’s got a community to run . . .  a business to keep afloat . . .

 . . . a “child” to keep in line . . .

. . . and enemies to vanquish . . .

But that doesn’t mean our favorite Viking Vampire can’t have a little fun along the way . . .

This is a guy who understands his power over women, and KNOWS how to use his eyes to get what he wants . . .

But with stares like these, can you really blame women (and men) from becoming puddy, under his gaze?

I’ll take your silence as a “NO” . . . 😉

(3) Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester from Supernatural)

Dean Winchester may not be a vampire — like his eye-catching compadres, Damon and Eric — but he has staked a few of them, in his day!

If demons spy these intensely determined baby blues heading their way, they better run FAST!  Because Dean Winchester has a Take No Prisoners attitude, when it comes to protecting his family, and a No Tolerance Policy when it comes to EEEEEVVIL!  He’s tough.  He’s snarky,  He’s super BAD ASS!  And yet, he’s very HUMAN. 


So, when Deam falters, or cries, or when those big saucer-sized eyes of his beg you for forgiveness, it will melt your heart . . .

(4) Mark Salling (Noah “Puck” Puckerman from Glee)

Noah “Puck” Puckerman doesn’t DO vampires.  He isn’t one.  He doesn’t fight them.  And I strongly suspect that he thinks that the entire Twilight series is for pussies.  And yet Puck shares one very important thing in common with undead bloodsuckers and debonair demon fighters.  His sexy eyes have power.  And they MEAN BUSINESS!

Oh, and Puck can do something those supernatural boys CAN’T!  He can SING!  Check out how Puck’s Eye-F*cking /Neil Diamond-crooning combination makes the typically uptight Rachel Berry turn to complete mush, in this next clip . . .

(5) David Boreanaz (Seeley Booth from Bones)

Lest you brown-eyed girls and boys think this article is biased toward men with eyes of blue and green, I’ve included a smoky eyed gentleman in this list, for your personal viewing pleasure.  We first met David Boreanaz as that bleeding-heart romantic bloodsucker with a soul, Angel, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer . . .

A few years later, “Angel” got his own show.  As a result, Boreanaz’s chestnut-colored orbs were rewarded with significantly more screen time, to meet their brood and smoulder needs.

Then after years (centuries?) of traversing in the Land of the Undead, Boreanaz was converted to “mere mortal” status, when he landed the role of FBI Agent Seely Booth on the crime procedural show Bonens.  Sure, Booth might not be as dark, broody, murderous or tormented as the eye candy previously mentioned on this list, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a catch!

*clears throat, loosens collar*

Booth is smart, tough, funny, a tiger in the bedroom, a charmer with the ladies, and a major fan of Classic Rock.  Did I mention he wears cool socks?

Woah, he has a Magic 8 Ball on his desk TOO?  I really have to start watching this show!

And if all that hasn’t sold you yet, this next clip most certainly will.  (And remember, focus on the EYES . . . just the EYES! ;))


(6) Julian Morris (Wren from Pretty Little Liars)

Julian Morris and those GORGEOUS peepers of his have been breaking my heart ALL YEAR!  I first encountered him in the role of Wren on Pretty Little Liars . . .

*Sigh*  He was just so ADORABLE . . .

and CHARMING . . .

and BRITISH . . .


And then, suddenly . . . POOF . . . he was GONE!

Then Julian Morris landed a role on the new ABC mockumentary, My Generation . . .

 . . . which got canceled after two episodes . . .

And so, with Pretty Little Liars returning to ABC Family in January, I would like to use this part of my post as an unofficial plea to bring Julian Morris’ eyes back to my TV!  Consider the following clip as evidence in support of my argument . . .

So cheesy, and yet, so VERY HOT!

(7) Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl)

Dear, Sweet, Nate Archibald!  Of all the scheming, conniving, lying and backstabbing characters on Gossip Girl, he is probably the most innocent and honest (some would say naive).  Sure, he was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth.  But that doesn’t make Nate arrogant, or cocky, or shallow . . .

At his core, Nate is a bleeding heart.  He values honesty and friendship.  But, above all else, Nate values romance.  And to understand the extent of Nate’s innocence, kindness, and capacity for puppy love, all one needs to do, is look into those translucent baby blue eyes of his . . . 

Admittedly, Nate’s probably not the smartest guy on this list.  But he’s definitely one of the sweetest.

(8 ) Michael Pitt (Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire)

By the time I started watching Michael Pitt as the Ivy League college kid, turned grizzled war veteran, turned hardened gangster, Jimmy Darmody on Boardwalk Empire,  he and I were already rather well acquainted . . .  After all, he was the guileless freshman football player, Henry, who won Jaded Jen Lindley’s heart on Dawson’s Creek . . .

Then, I got to see even MORE of him in the admittedly bizarre, but compulsively watchable, independent film The Dreamers, during which Pitt spent most of the film’s two-plus-hour running time butt naked, and engaged in kinky sex with an odd, but very attractive brother / sister duo . . .

I bet your wishing YOU saw it now, huh?

(I also saw him in M. Night Shlamalamadingdong’s AWFUL film The Village.  But we need not bring up such atrocities.  This is a TRIBUTE post, after all.) 

Please, don’t shoot me!  I promise not to bring it up again!

 When I revisited Pitt a few years later, in the role of Jimmy Darmody, I was impressed by how much he had grown, both as a human, and as an actor . . .

Who knew that cute little twerp, Henry, would grow up to be such a Rockin’ Bad ASS?

Yet, through all that growth and change, and despite all the diverse roles that comprise Michael Pitt’s impressive repertoire The Village, notwithstanding, one thing that remains a constant are his boyishly innocent puppy dog eyes  . . .

 .  . . even when those eyes are looking at you, like they want to put a cap in your ass .  . .

(Warning:  The following clip contains violence and offensive language.  But it’s REALLY AWESOME!  Viewer discretion advised.)

After all, if your life is destined to be cut short by a cold-hearted gangster, staring into those cobalt blue globes is definitely the way to go.  I mean, it could be worse . . .  Your last vision could end up being THIS . . .

(9) Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery from Grey’s Anatomy)

OK .  . . so you’ve just been shot by Jimmy Darmody, and lived to tell the tale.  But now you have to go to the hospital.  Who’s face would you most like to see peering over you, as you lay half-conscious on the operating table?  Because I know what MY answer would be .  . .

For me, Jesse William’s Dr. Jackson Avery has been the BEST thing about this season of Grey’s Anatomy, HANDS DOWN!  He is brilliant and cocky. 

He can be heroic. 

And he’s a loyal friend, who is more than willing to punch out the lights of the boy, who treated you badly.

Did I mention that he looks like THIS?

One thing I’ve always liked about Grey’s Anatomy, is that the show NEVER shies away from male objectification.  Those Grey’s writers, Boy!  When they’ve got it, they FLAUNT IT!  In fact, this season, there was an ENTIRE episode dedicated to Jackson Avery’s eyes and body, and their almost vampiric ability to get women to cater to his every whim . . . Not that there’s anything wrong with THAT!

(10) Matt Lanter (Liam Court from 90210)

This brooding bad boy of West Beverly is the Dylan McKay of 90210‘s next generation.  Like that other Lusty Lothario, Liam is not exactly the best at vocalizing his feelings.  He also has some MAJOR daddy issues, and an intense temper to match. 

And yet, beneath all that angst, when it comes to the girls he loves, Liam really is just an old softie . . .

With his supple skin and chameleon-like eyes, who’s hues range from grey to almost purple, Liam definitely has no trouble getting the girls to take notice of him.  And what nubile young high school student doesn’t want to reform a Hot Rebel with a Cause?  Especially, when he looks like THIS, beneath the sheets . . .

So, there you have it, 10 fabulous TV stars, and 20 amazing and awe-inspiring eyeballs!  What more could a TV Fangirl ask for? 😉



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25 responses to “And the EYES have it! – A Celebration of the Small Screen’s Dreamiest Peepers

  1. imaginarymen

    That first b&w of Skaarsgard is Capital-D-capital-Reamy!!!

    How could you miss Pacey’s sweet dreamy baby browns on “Fringe”??!

    For me Somerhalder’s are the ones to beat – I mean he has his own named “Eye Thing” after all ;-p

    • You know, I actually did have J. Jackson from Fringe on my short list. But when I chose the final ten, it really came down to who had the best EYE close ups in Google Images, and the best EYE-related vids on YouTube. Shallow . . . but true! 🙂

      When I think of Pacey, though, it’s his sexy SMILE that really makes me all jiggly. *starts planning for the inevitable Best TV Smile post*

      And yes, if I had to rank them Ian Somerhalder’s Eye Thing would most definitely top this list. The compulsion pictures of him I used in this post, ACTUALLY DO mesmerize me, whenever I stare at them for too long. Suddenly, 15 minutes have gone by, and I realize I haven’t typed anything. It’s kind of creepy . . . but in a good way, of course. 😉

  2. Julie, between this post and the Ozzie references in your Michael Trevino tribute, you are taunting me to back away from my “I’m never watching the new 90210 out of loyalty to the original” stance, aren’t you? Umm, Matt Lanter, where have you been all my life?! Can you please vacate BH and join Ozzie in Mystic Falls? You might have to go through a painful transformation of some sort, but BELIEVE ME, it will be worth it.

    Katherine said it best when she said to Damon/Ian: “Oh, but your eyes are so pretty”.

    Funnily enough, my fellow fangirls in real life have been going mad about Tyler’s amber, gold-flecked eyes. I feel so proud of us for managing to appreciate other parts of these boys’ anatomy than their smoking hot torsos!

    However, the eyes that have always, and will always have it for me the most are the sexy Logan puppy dog eyes during the first Logan/Veronica kiss. The intense stares at the end of this clip still make my panties combust even after all this time and the truly embarrasing number of times I’ve watched it.

    • Yay! Thanks for all the Echolls-y goodness! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who compulsively watches old Veronica Mars clips.

      *Sigh* I LOVE the way Logan looks at Veronica, in that First Kiss scene! In fact, I think that scene may very well be tied with LoVe’s “EPIC” prom scene for Most Panty Dropping TV Moment :).

      Matt Lanter IS pretty darn dreamy, isn’t he? And you are absolutely right! He would be an excellent addition to TVD! Lanter has got just the right amount of brooding angst, mixed in with generalized hotness for Mystic Falls. . . 😉

      I’m just torn as to whether he’d make a better vampire or werewolf. Those compulsion-capable blue eyes scream vampire, but that buff body is PURE werewolf ;).

      I forgot that awesome eye-centric comment Katherine made about Damon / Ian! Girlfriend has good taste! If I recall, she made a similar comment about Matt’s eyes. I guess TVD’s resident HBIC is a sucker for baby blues, just like us! 🙂

  3. mak75231

    I totes agree with your Number 1–there are no numbers after his in my book! You could positively swim (and drown) in Ian Somerhalder’s eyes! *sigh*

    • LOL. I agree mak75231! If you simply have to meet your Maker, death by Ian Eye-F*&k is DEFINITELY the way to do it. 😉

      So much breathtaking beauty, in such small orb-like packages! Ian’s Eyes should be the Eighth Wonder of the World! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting mak! You made me smile! 🙂

  4. mak75231

    p.s. What a way to go!

  5. Aina

    OMG so many hot guys together 😀 I love nearly all the guys there, I would love Peter Bishop from Fringe to be there too, I love his eyes (and of course the bad boy presence :D) I wasn’t huge fan of Chace until I saw twelve and I saw that he could look like this!

    Loving the previous post too, I really hope that Damon and Elena have more moments in the second half of the season, I don’t think I can stand more unresolved sexual tension!
    Thanks god that next season of True Blood will be all about Eric & Sookie (at least I hope so)!


    • Thanks so much, Aina! I AM feeling a tad guilty about not including Joshua Jackson in this post. 😦 For what it’s worth, I do plan on doing a joint Joshua Jackson AND Ian Somerhalder related post, later this week, to make up for the oversight . . . 😉

      It’s so funny that you mentioned Chace Crawford’s starring turn in Twelve. I actually just rented the film, and was planning to watch it sometime this week! 🙂 I know the reviews for it weren’t so hot. But the premise intrigued me, and the insanely sexy picture you posted in your comment intrigued me even more. Thanks so much for sharing it! 😉

      True Blood Season 4 BETTER be all about Sookie and Eric! We’ve sure earned it, with all the boring Bill nonsense, us S/E fans have had to endure these past few seasons! 🙂 I take it you’re a fan of Charlaine Harris’ books too? 😉 Books 4 and 7 were probably my favorites in the series. So, I am very much looking forward to seeing Book 4 translated onto my small screen, this summer!

      Ahhhh, Delena. I can never really say too much about those two. Stefan getting out of Katherine’s Hot Sex Den so quickly, in Episode 11, was a bit of a setback for our ship. But, given the way things have been escalating between D and E of late, I have no doubt that 2011 will be a VERY GOOD YEAR for our favorite vampire / human pairing! 😉

      • Aina

        I’m absolutely in love with Charlaine Harris’ books! And now I was looking and I just find out that there is one book that I didn’t read!! I stopped at “Dead and gone” and I was soo sad cause Sookie didn’t end up with Eric. Now I’m so excited that I’ll start the book and I won’t sleep until I see some quality Eric/Sookie moments!

        Another thing that I really don’t get is how Anna Paquin married Stephen Moyer having Alexander near, I think I would harass him until death!

        And about TVD, is not fair that they left us so excited with that “That right there was the biggest mistake you’ve ever made” thing and then…nothing! But we Delena shippers never give up! So we just have to keep waiting (not much more I hope)!!

      • So, you’re reading Dead in the Family, now, I presume? 😉 I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about it, when you’re finished. I had some mixed opinions about it, myself. But I’ll hold my tongue for now, so as not to taint your reading experience. 🙂

        By the way, did you know that Charlaine Harris has already written the NEXT book in the Sookie series? It’s called Dead Reckoning, and you can read the first chapter here:

        I too am really surprised that Anna and Alex never got together, especially considering the INSANE amount of chemistry they share on screen, which DWARFS the Anna / Stephen chemistry level, in my opinion. The only possibly reason I can think of for this anomaly, is that Anna and Alex simply didn’t work together all that much during Season 1, when Anna and Stephen started dating. (The major S/E interactions on True Blood didn’t really start until the show’s second season.)

        By the way, does anybody know if Alex is still dating Kate Bosworth? I’m not sure I approve of the pairing. Then again, maybe I’m just jealous . . .

  6. Madeleine

    YES. I ❤ you. This post included FIVE of my very favorite small-screen actors (for me, they're the only kind that counts). Including my VERY FAVORITE of ALL TIME , whom I have made a decision not to fangirl over in this comment (I've commented here before. I give you five guesses as to whom I am talking about, and the last four don't count.) And, as a bonus, Puppy Dog Henry (the male version of Starbuck, if you ask me) from Dawson's Creek, who apparently is now a BAMF. I must find a way to start watching Boardwalk Empire. I checked, and they don't have many links at SideReel (which is where I get True Blood, when JUST-SHOOT-ME-NOW-atus is not in effect.)
    Yay! David Boreanez. I watched the first three seasons of Buffy just for those eyes. Mmmm. By the way, YOU ARE A SPUFFY FAN??? WHAT THE CRAP IS WRONG WITH YOU??? Buffy + Angel FOR FREAKING EVER. I didn't even really like that show, and I shipped Buffy/Angel. Although, I must admit, I was an even bigger fan of Angel when he periodically lost his soul and became approximately ten thousand times cooler/hotter. Also, YOU DON'T WATCH BONES??? AARRGHH. BOOTH + BONES FOR EFFING EVER AND HANNAH CAN DIE GRUESOMELY AAAAAAHHHH.

    • That’s right, Madeline! I temporarily forgot you were a Dawson’s Creek fan too (which, by the way, is SUPER lame of me, considering we just discussed it YESTERDAY!) Hey, remember that time when Henry passed out on Valentine’s Day, from donating too much plasma, to buy Jen that ugly orange ring? Classic!

      And yes, Michael Pitt is a REAL MAN now! And, in my opinion, he’s ten times sexier on Boardwalk Empire than he ever was on Dawson’s. In terms of where you can watch the show, have you tried I’m always a bit leery of going to those free TV show sites, because I’ve gotten viruses from them in the past. But I have a friend who used that one to watch True Blood, and I think it worked out for her . . . so maybe it will work for you?

      Oh . . . for what it’s worth, I definitely had you in mind, while I was choosing my ASkars pictures, Miss #1 ASkars Fan ;).

      I really SHOULD start watching Bones. The clips I’ve seen from the show look great. And I love the Bones / Booth dynamic. My issue with Bones, as a show, is that I generally am not a fan of crime procedural dramas. They just tend to bug me a bit. I may have to make an exception for Mr. Boreanaz though . . . 🙂

      Yep, I’m Team Spuffy. Sure Angel had the better body, but Spike was a hardcore BAMF, with great one-liners, and a serious soft-spot for one Buffy Summers. His Brooding Bad Boy-ness actually reminded me a lot of Damon on TVD. (See where I’m going with this? ;)) Then again, Angelus acted a lot like Damon used to act in the first few TVD episodes. So, HE had that going for him . . .

      Thanks for the ❤ and the commenting awesomness, as always, Madeline. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

      • Madeleine

        Haha, yay, I am finally recognized by someone other than myself and my best friend as the #1 ASkars fan (actually, I’m pretty sure that might not be a good thing), and the photos were A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Capital A-W-E-S-O-M-E. So was that first one of Jensen Ackles (one of my Favorite Five).
        And yes, you should watch Bones. And, you should start using SideReel. Free TV, plus it’s the only site that has never given me a virus.
        I’m not even gonna mention the whole Spuffy thing.

  7. Aina

    Well I finally finished “Dead in the family”! I liked it! although I thought it started opening lots of stories and then she closed them so quickly I nearly didn’t understand what was happening…but that can be only me!

    I loved that Sookie and Eric are together, although not so happy with the fact that Eric seems more in love with Sookie than her, not cool!!

    So I guess next book will be about Eric-Victor (which I kind of expected will happen this book but…no, some nonsense about the Russian vampire – I didn’t really enjoy that part)

    What did you think about it? I’ll read now the chapter you send me^^

    • Hey Aina! Congrats on finishing Dead in the Family. I always feel this genuine sense of accomplishment, whenever I complete a book — even one I’m just reading for enjoyment. Strange but true. 🙂

      Now, I read Dead in the Family, back in May. So, I may be a bit rusty on the facts of the books. But, here is a list of the things I liked and didn’t like about it. (Spoiler alert, for those of you reading the comments who haven’t read Dead in the Family . . .)

      The things I liked:
      (1) The werewolf storyline was a lot of fun — a bit bizarre for sure, but definitely fun.

      (2) It was cool seeing Eric’s maker and “brother,” though they weren’t at all like what I expected them to be. (Was I the only one hoping for a Godric-type “father” for Eric, like the one from True Blood?)

      (3) I was happy to see more Claude, in this installment. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite secondary characters in the book series.

      (4) Speaking of secondary characters (at least, in terms of the books), I’m loving the new more “mature” Jason Stackhouse. It’s nice to see him actually behaving like the big brother he’s supposed to be, in this story. It probably helps that he’s involved with a woman who’s not a TOTAL wackadoo, for once! 🙂

      (5) Ms. Harris FINALLY closed off that pesky Bill / Sookie storyline. And as an S/E shipper, may I say, good riddens to that! 😉

      (6) Pam’s and Sookie’s snarky girl-power fueled friendly interactions are always full of WIN. And the ones in this book were no exception . . .

      (7) Sookie and Eric are together FINALLY . . . (and yet, I have some qualms about the way their relationship was portrayed in this book, which I will discuss in my dislikes column.)

      The things I disliked:
      (1) As you suggested, there were simply too many stories in Dead in the Family. And many were introduced and wrapped up too quickly, in my opinion. I feel as though, in the first seven books of the Charlaine Harris series, there was one overarching story, with two or three interrelated subplots tied in. Starting with Book 8, Charlaine has shifted to a format that is broken into three parts with three separate and loosely related stories. For me, I prefer the format of the earlier novels, and hope that Charlaine returns to it for the remaining books in the series.

      (2) Mopey Sookie — Not that our girl didn’t have a good reason to be depressed. It’s just that depression is not so much fun to read about. And I read Sookie books to be entertained . . .

      (3) The Hunter Storyline – meh . . . This didn’t really seem to go anywhere, for me. I feel like it could have been excluded from the book, in exchange for more time spent on Eric’s family or on the werewolf storyline. Ditto with the Bill storyline. (Yet, I was so happy that it got him out of Sookie’s way, that I didn’t mind nearly as much. 🙂

      (4) The lackluster way Charlaine portrayed Eric’s and Sookie’s relationship in this book, had me VERY worried that she was not planning for them to be her “endgame.” In fact, she almost seemed to be hinting at a Sam / Sookie ending, which I, personally, would find disappointing. Where was Eric’s characteristic good humor and snark in Dead in the Family? Where was the Sookie and Eric trademark sexual tension? Why was Sookie suddenly so annoyed at Eric’s preoccupation with vampire politics and obeying his “maker,” when she already knew, having previously dated a vampire, that this was how things were going to be?

      I also felt like their coupling was too sudden, making it seem like it was the result of the blood bond, more than genuine affection between them. I was really looking forward to a romantic declaration of love from Eric to Sookie, followed by a passionate kiss, and some hot sex. Instead, Harris skipped over the hot part entirely. First, they were both single. Then, suddenly, they were this sort of dull married couple. I WANTED MORE ROMANCE, DAMMIT! 🙂

      *breathes* OK, I’m off my soap box now. So, tell me, what did you think of the first chapter of Dead Reckoning? 🙂

  8. Aina

    For reading the book a while ago you really remember a LOT of things! 😀
    I love Claude too, I just expect that the guy who will play him is hot, like Alexander, that would be REALLY pleasant!

    I was kind of disappointed with Eric’s maker, I was disappointed when I saw that Godric wasn’t his maker, but I expected that his maker would be as good as him. Anyway, at least he is dead and Eric is free!

    I really want E/S to be end game, if not I will be really pissed! But if isn’t Eric at least I hope is Alcide! he is really cute too, although in the last books I didn’t like much the way he was behaving…

    Anyway, I did like the first chapter of the last book, but it seems like Sookie can’t have a normal day I would love to be with Eric Northman, but, c’mon!! That life is really stressful!

    I just downloaded the books of vampire academy, let’s see if they are good or not! I was disappointed with the vampire diaries’ books! I just read 2 and I couldn’t read more…Elena is so stupid! And where is the lovely Damon? And more important…where is the hottie Jeremy?!!?


    • I am SO EXCITED that you are reading The Vampire Academy Series! I ADORE IT! With the exception of maybe ONE of the six books, the series was the best I’ve read in a long time. Honestly, the Vampire Academy books remind me more of the intelligence, spunk, and well-developed characters of the TVD TV Show than the original Vampire Diaries book series did. If you have a moment, definitely stop back, and let me know what you think of them.

      As for Claude, True Blood actually just recently cast the role. It might not be exactly who you were expecting . . . Not to “pimp” myself out, but I actually wrote a blog entry not to long ago about the casting choice, and my thoughts about it. You can read it here:

      (No pressure, of course ;).)

      It looks like we not only share the same taste in TV, but in books as well. That’s so cool! Actually, I just recently purchased a new book called The Radleys by Matt Haig, which is also about “humanesque” vampires, and which Entertainment Weekly gave an “A” review. I’ll let you know what I think of it . . .

  9. Aina

    Of course I will tell you what I think about them, but knowing that you liked them it’s a good sign 🙂

    I did read your post about Claude (honestly I read them all :)) and now that I re-read it I see that they already have an actor (my memory is really awful, I see).

    Well, I have to agree with you that Ian or Ed would be much better work than this guy…I would love to see another type of Chuck Bass in True Blood (but I saw some pictures of Ed and I can say that he hasn’t really the body type to do striptease ) so I’d go for Ian (I think I wan’t Ian in every show). It’s a shame we won’t see Ian and Alexander in the same show…

    Anyway, I’ll wait for your opinion of the new book (I think you’ll finish earlier than me reading the 6 books of VA :D)

  10. Alyssa

    Ahhhh man! You have some good choices here damn! If I met anyone of these guys I would have a heart attack! I must add, besides the dreamy eyes mentioned, have you noticed Micheal pitt’s lips? So sexy!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Alyssa! I’m so glad you enjoyed all the Eye Candy! 😉

      And you are absolutely right! Michael Pitt’s signature pink puckery pout is to DIE FOR! His lips put Angelina Jolie’s to shame! If I were ever to do a “Best Lips’ post, Mr. Pitt’s would definitely be #1.

      Hmmm . . . a Best Lips Post . . . I may have to do that sometime soon, actually. 😉 Thank you for the fabulous idea. (I would absolutely give you full credit, of course! 🙂

      • Alyssa

        Ah! You so should have a best lips post! And your right, he is such a BA in boardwalk empire (which I am watching right now :)). Did you watch the golden globes? Were you as upset as myself about the fact that he received no nom? Anyways, I hate to rant about one guy when you have a post about so many sexy ones, it’s just that I Michael Pitt and I are madly in love with each other. (he just doesn’t know it yet lol)! I look forward to your best lips post 😉

  11. IA

    The Green Man Ian-Eye is god

  12. Katharine

    WOW!!!! Every time I see Ian Somerhalder’s eyes I can bearley breath!!!!

  13. Kaleigh

    So after a 6 hour Supernatural marathon, I was creepily google imaging Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles and stumbled upon this post and had to stifle my scream of glee, since I’m a huge fan/follower of your various recaps and tributes and I’m on a major Supernatural kick at the moment, so seeing good ole Dean on the list made me very pleased, indeed. So being on this kick and being such a fan of this awesome blog, O had to comment (even if I’m totally late to the party bc this post is 2 years old :D) To start, numbers 1,2,3,5 and 8 are my favorites. I especiallyloved that you gave indie darling Michael Pitt some love since I feel like his panty dropping good looks are under appreciated next to some of the other guys on this list. Seeley Booth, mmm mmm mmm, what can I say. Smoldering brown eyes just too good. Ian and Alex Skarsgard are pretty much a given on a tribute like this, especially given the attention to their eyes playing vampires with the whole compulsion/glamoring aspects of the story line, their eyes are kind of the main focus and hard to miss (not to mention RESIST!) And finally this brings me to the reason I’m here: Dean Winchester. The number of times I’ve cried while watching Jensen Ackles bare his soul on Supernatural are too numerous to count. But I know it’s all due to those gorgeous peepers of his. Sometimes they’re blue, sometimes they’re hazel, mostly they’re green, and always always freaking gorgeous and full of raw emotion. So thanks Jewls, as always, for enabling my irrational, well intentioned (and only slightly creepy) fangirl-ness, and great post as always. Oh and PS: if you ever do read this really new comment on this really old post, all I have to say is this picture –

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