7 Hot Guys and 7 (well . . . actually 8) Holiday Movies: Tis’ The Season for Sexy!

Because we all need “a little Christmas,” right this very minute . . .

So, what symbolizes the start of the Holiday Season for you?  Is it the sight of multi-colored lights strung across your Christmas Tree?  The massively jaw-dropping increase on your Visa Bill?  Television’s sudden saturation with So-Sweet-You-Could-Barf Christmas movies?  For me, it is actually none of these things.  Nope . . .when I think of the holidays, I think of holiday movies.  And when I think of holiday movies, I think of the hot guys in them . . .

If you were expecting a more intellectual answer than this, CLEARLY you’ve come to the wrong blog!

Fortunately, Holiday Season 2010 is JAM PACKED with silver screen sexiness that will be sure to “rev up your Santa Sleigh” and make you wish that movie theaters came equipped with mistletoe.  So, without further adieu, it is my pleasure to bring to you Seven Sexy Stars who will be “coming” to a theater near you, this Christmas . . . (in no particular order).

(1) Garrett Hedlund – Tron Legacy and Country Strong

This adorable 26-year old Minnesota-born actor is already making himself at home in movie theaters across the world.  Currently, you can catch him as the heroic Sam Flynn in the sci-fi fantasy thriller, Tron Legacy.  And, as far as I’m concerned, any guy who can wear a “light up” spandex jump suit and make it look sexy (as opposed to REALLY creepy) is already a hero in my book!

And if THAT image didn’t convince you to go see the film, perhaps this one will . . .

You can watch the trailer for Tron Legacy here:

If Garrett Hedlund’s sexy gravel-dipped voice in the above trailer made your heart sing, I have good news for you!  Starting January 7, 2011, you can catch Garrett SINGING in the upcoming film Country Strong, which also stars Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester.

Below is a clip from the film, featuring Garrett as singer/songwriter Beau Hutton, singing an impromptu duet with Leighton Meester’s character, Chiles Stanton.  Now, I’m not usually a fan of country music, but I’ve gotta say, this is GOOD!

Garrett Hedlund: a hot guy, with a great body, and amazing voice.  And he’s in not one, but TWO films?  YES, PLEASE! 

(Heck, this guy can even make LEOPARD PANTS look good!)

2) Cam Gigandet – Burlesque

OK . . . so I saw Burlesque in theaters, during the Thanksgiving break.  And I’ll be the first to tell you that, with the possible exception of Best Song,” it’s probably not going to win any Oscars this year.  HOWEVER, the sight of 28-year old, Cam Gigandet, in the film, clad in nothing but a strategically placed box of Famous Amos cookies (Can you say, “Best Product Placement EVER!) is worth the price of admission ALONE. 

Good ole,’ Cam!  So many movies . . . so little clothes . . .

You can check out the trailer for Burlesque here:

3) Jake Gyllenhaal – Love and Other Drugs

Dashing, debonair, smart, sexy, charming, and adorably cute, is there anything (or, for that matter, any ONE) 30-year old Jake Gyllenhaal can’t do? 

Taylor Swift’s hearty breakfast

In addition to offering a “WHOLE LOTTA NAKED JAKE” . . .

. . . Love and Other Drugs is actually supposed to be a pretty darn good movie, in it’s own right.  Just ask my blogger pal, the Always Brilliant Amy!

You can check out the trailer for Love and Other Drugs here:

4) Armie Hammer – The Social Network

If you haven’t seen The Social Network by now . . . step away from your computer . . . and GET THEE TO A THEATER, GO!

This Aaron Sorkin-written, David Fincher-directed, more or less, true tale of Mark Zuckerberg’s founding of Facebook, was amazingly well-acted, riveting, extremely well-written, and surprisingly informative.  This is the type of film you will still be talking about with your friends weeks after you’ve seen it.  And there is already Oscar Buzz surrounding its director, actors, and screenplay. 

But enough of all that smart stuff, you came to this post for the Man Candy, right?

You’re welcome!

In The Social Network, 24-year old Armie Hammer plays not one, but TWO characters!  Thanks to some mind-boggling special effects (not exactly the type of thing you’d expect from a smart, dialogue-driven film about Facebook, right?), Armie Hammer plays BOTH of the handsome, wealthy, and dignified, but ultimately outsmarted, Winklevoss twins .  . .

Double the flavor.  Double the fun!

During, the film, one of Hammer’s characters can be quoted as saying, “I’m 6’5” 220, and there are two of me.”

Christmas gifts don’t get much better than that . . . You can catch the trailer for The Social Network here:

5) Paul Rudd – How Do You Know?

I knew I was in love with Paul Rudd, ever since he sat on the staircase of an opulent mansion, and made out with his sort-of, kind-of sister, in Clueless.

Too bad I was pre-pubescent at the time.  Otherwise, the two of us could have really started something beautiful, I think!  After all, this 41-year old actor has everything a girl could possibly want in a Fake Boyfriend! 

He’s hilariously funny, insanely cute, unabashedly dorky, and self-depracatingly charming.  He also, apparently, shares Cam Gigandet’s dislike for clothing, which is always a good thing . . .

Given all that, is it any wonder that Paul turns Reese Witherspoon’s head in the new film, How Do You Know?

You can watch the trailer for it, here:

6) Mark Wahlberg – The Fighter

Hey Marky Mark!  You can come play with MY Funky Bunch, ANYTIME!

This 39-year old Brooding Badass, who based the HBO hit series Entourage on his own awe-inspiring beginnings, is not only an Academy Award-winning actor, he’s also a singer-songwriter, a television and film producer, and, perhaps, most importantly,  a former underwear model . . .

Under WHERE? 😉

Wahlberg is already gettting rave reviews for his portrayal of real-life professional boxer, Micky Ward, in The Fighter.  You can check out the trailer for the film here:

7) James Franco

In a recent post, I poked a little bit of fun at 32-year old James Franco’s generalized “stoner mentality,” his brief period od soap opera “stardom,” and the Academy’s controversial decision to have him host the Oscars.  But, all kidding aside, James Franco is receiving rave reviews for his portrayal of Aron Ralston — the hiker forced to amputate his own arm with a dull knife, after being trapped under a bolder for weeks — in the film 127 Hours . . .

Sure, watching a guy SAW HIS OWN ARM OFF might not exactly be this shallow shirtless male-oriented blogger’s idea of a good time.  But when the guy doing the sawing looks like THIS . . .

 . . . I may be able to make an exception. 

Besides, the more Oscar-nominated films I see before the New Year, the better chance I have of winning my annual Oscar Pool, come February.  And Mama needs a new fake plastic award to put on her MANTLE!

You can watch the trailer for 127 Hours here:

So, there you have it, seven holiday films (well .  . . actually eight), and seven sexy holiday stars, who are sure to put you in the Spirit of Giving (and TAKING!) this year.  Now, don’t you be telling people I didn’t get you anything for Christmas!

Happy Holidays, fellow fangirls (and boys)!



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10 responses to “7 Hot Guys and 7 (well . . . actually 8) Holiday Movies: Tis’ The Season for Sexy!

  1. Madeleine

    Haha, wonderful as usual. Good post, though I’m not really nuts about anyone on this list except Jake Gyllenhaal; I’m dying to see Love and Other Drugs, but none of the other movies were on my to-do list (I’m more of a TV person), though I might see some of them when they come up on sidereel. I definitely will NOT be watching James Franco cut his own arm off. James Franco’s just not good looking enough (in my opinion, anyways) to cancel out the fact that he will be CUTTING OF HIS ARM. His face is nice enough, but once again not nice enough to cancel out the fact that he’s only 5’11” (Ian Somerhalder is short too, but he’s just good looking enough to make it okay).

    • THIS: “James Franco’s just not good looking enough (in my opinion, anyways) to cancel out the fact that he will be CUTTING OF HIS ARM.” – cracked me UP! 🙂

      Question: Would it change your opinion, if James Franco had more muscular ARMS? (Just kidding . . . yeah, that was in bad taste.)

      I actually don’t mind short men. This is probably because I am just a smidge over 5’3”. (But 5’4” on my tippy toes! ;)) The fact that Ian Somerhalder is 5’9″ (though some sources say 5’11”) actually makes me like him MORE. Because, the way I see it, when we make out one day (which is really inevitable, when you think about it :)) he won’t have to bend down too far to KISS ME! 🙂

      See, there’s always a bright side to things . . .

      I generally prefer TV to movies too (For one thing, TV is MUCH cheaper!). But during the holidays, I tend to pack in a lot of films (possibly because there is nothing on television, during that time).

      Thanks for the awesome comment, and of course, the arm joke. 🙂

      • Madeleine

        Haha, that’s funny I’m the exact opposite. I think that neck-dip thing guys do to kiss a girl that’s shorter than him is really hot, and I like to be able to look up at a guy, not to mention that I find tall men (over 6’2″), in general, to be hotter. This would be all well and good if I were your height, but I’m a bit over 5’8″, or 5’9″ with shoes on. The only way I can find Ian Somerhalder attractive is to pretend that he’s six feet, or that I’m more like five. Ugh I can’t believe he’s 5’9″!! I thought he was 5’11”!

  2. imaginarymen

    A Christmas with Jake and PaulRudd!! Is a good holiday indeed!!

    Thanks as always for the shout-out, hope you have a very Merry Christmas and some Shirtless Salvatores shimmy down your chimney tonight!!

    xo Always Brilliant Amy

    • My chimney is always open for Shirtless Salvatores . . . as are my windows, my doors, my legs . . . (OK, perhaps, that last one was inappropriate for Christmas morning. But you get my drift.)

      I thought you would enjoy a little Half-Naked Jake and Paul in your Christmas stocking! 😉 Speaking of which, I hope you get everything on your Christmas List this year (Flowers Fun, Shirtless Salvatores, and TVD paraphernalia included)! Have a very Merry one! 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas Kjewls! Awesome post! Thank you for the man candy and the details on the movies. So many movies to watch and so many hotties to drool over! Thanks for the link too…Awesome!

  4. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Miss Julie!

    This post grabbed me right off the bat because it was reminiscent of the sight of Jason Dohring in boxers in Veronica Mars ep A Very Echolls Christmas. Mmm! Cam Gigandet will always be fine by me, because his Volchok character snapped Marissa Cooper like the twig that she was in a far more satisfying than it should be plot twist on The OC.

    The Famous Amos cookies, together with Alaric’s Chunky Monkey, is making me think that a foodie fangirl post would actually be kind of awesome 😉 You could add Nate and Serena’s sexy kitchen sex, an homage to 9 Weeks featuring a very hot pre-crack Mickey Rourke, and Twinkies for Xander’s very cute attempt at attracting the opposite sex with Inca Mummy Girl Ampata to the list.

    As cute as the Winklevi were (I never get tired of saying that!), Saverin was the one who really did it for me in The Social Network. Being screwed out of a multi-million dollar venture never looked so DAMN good!

    Goodness, I’m an Amazon in comparison to you when it comes to height!

    • Merry Christmas to you too, Cherie! 🙂 (And just think, New Years is right around the corner! ;))

      Awww, I envy you your height, Cherie! When I was younger, I always wanted to be either tall, graceful, and modelesque (like you), or short, petite and adorable (like my 5 foot nothing friends). Instead, I ended up somewhere on the shorter end of the “in-between.” 🙂 (Though I imagine when I reach my late 60’s, I’ll probably shrink to the 5 foot nothing I used to covet . . . so at least I have “Little Old Lady” status to look forward to . . .) I guess the “grass is always greener” right?

      In addition to a “Very Echolls Christmas,” Jason Dohring also sported those FABULOUS boxers in my FAVORITE little Anti-Prom episode of Season 2! (Also known as the “EPIC” episode.) That boy can wear underwear like nobody’s business!

      And I am SO GLAD I am not the only one who found Volchok from the O.C. INSANELY sexy. I know he was evil . . . and we were supposed to hate him . . . and his sociopathic running Ryan off the road with his car was really what killed Marissa in Season 3. But, let me tell you, evil never looked SO GOOD!

      Andrew Garfield was AMAZING in the Social Network! He played Eduardo Saverin with such understated grace, sincerity, intelligence, and vulnerability you couldn’t possibly not feel for the guy! (Although, I just couldn’t believe that a genius from Harvard wouldn’t think to have a lawyer look over that Dummy Contract they made him sign. It took all my strength not to scream at the screen.) I can’t wait to see what Garfield does with Little Pete Parker in Spiderman. He’s the perfect casting choice, as far as I’m concerned.

      A Foodie Fangirl post would be an EXCELLENT idea, Cherie! I honestly don’t know how you keep coming up with them. You are my Blog Post Idea Idol! 🙂 (Speaking of which, would you believe I never saw 9 1/2 Weeks. *blushes* Mickey Rourke gives me nightmares . . . :))

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