TV Couples Showdown: Veronica and Logan (of Veronica Mars) versus Caroline and Tyler (of The Vampire Diaries)

Last week, I thoroughly entertained myself, by conducting a fairly in-depth comparison two of my favorite television couples, Pacey and Joey of Dawson’s Creek, and Damon and Elena of The Vampire Diaries.  In fact, I was SO entertained, that I thought it might be fun to try again, with two other television couples I have to come to adore, namely, veteran couple, Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars of Veronica Mars, and newbie couple, Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes of The Vampire Diaries. 

As you can see, Caroline is a HUGE LoVe fan!  So, she is very excited about this.

(Special thanks for this post go out to the veronicamars tumblr, for many of the fabulous GIFs and screencaps you see here; and to my brilliant blogger pal Cherie, for her inspiration, and for allowing me to pick her brain on many occasions, regarding what makes both of these couples tick.  Oh . . . and you know the drill on the YouTube videos.  Most of them aren’t embedded. So, just click on the internal links and ENJOY!)

Tyler Lockwood and Logan Echolls —  Poor Little Rich Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing

Regarding Logan Echolls, in the pilot episode of Veronica Mars, Veronica can be quoted as saying, “Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass.  And he’s ours.”

Given that Logan bashed in the headlights on Veronica’s car with a crowbar, shortly thereafter, we certainly can’t blame her for making such a harsh comment toward her future soulmate.

One might argue that, had we asked Caroline who the “obligatory psychotic jackass” in her school was, at least during the pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries, she probably would have said, “Tyler Lockwood.”

And though Tyler didn’t bash in the headlights on anybody’s car, he DID bully young Jeremy Gilbert, and date rape Vicki Donovan . . .

Perhaps, Logan and Tyler are such major asshats when we first meet them, because of their startlingly similar upbringings. 

Both teens are extraordinarily wealthy.  Logan’s father is a famous, award-winning, actor.  Tyler’s father is the Mayor of Mystic Falls.  Both dads are TOTAL jackasses, who emotionally abuse their sons, and beat the crap out of them, on a regular basis.

At school, Tyler and Logan would both be considered “popular,” though whether said popularity is attributed to their “pleasing personalities,” or their wealth and, tendency to beat up others who disagree with them, is arguable.  Nonetheless, at the start of their respective series’, both Tyler and Logan have hot girlfriends, with matching reputations for “putting out.”

Tyler’s girlfriend was Vicki Donovan.  She was eventually murdered by Damon Salvatore.  Then turned into a vampire. 

Vampire Vicki was then murdered again by Stefan Salvatore (but he only did it in self-defense).  To make a long story short: Vicki’s DEAD!

Logan dated Lilly Kane. 

Lilly screwed Logan’s dad (Ewww!) . . . and videotaped it.  So, Logan’s dad killed her. 

Unlike Vicki, Lilly only died once . . .  (though bloody incarnations of her appeared throughout the series; so, it felt like she died multiple times).

Following the deaths of their first loves (slutty though they may have been), both Tyler and Logan experience a run of bad luck.  And each blow they receive causes them to feel even more vulnerable and alone.  Tyler’s father dies in what he believes was a freak fire (he was actually murdered by some Angry Tomb Vampires) . . .

Logan’s mom commits suicide, by jumping off a bridge . . .

Logan learns his dad killed his girlfriend.  And, to add insult to injury, he just so happened to be porking her at the time.  Tyler learns his dad was a WEREWOLF!  And, to add insult to injury, because Tyler killed someone accidentally, he’s going to become a WEREWOLF TOO!

As you can probably tell. by now, these are some SERIOUSLY DAMAGED DUDES!  And it’s going to take a pair of really special ladies to fix their wagons up right! 😉

Caroline Forbes and Veronica Mars:  Spunky Blondes with Major Ass-Kicking Capabilities

In addition to being blonde and petite, Veronica and Caroline possess many similarities to one another.  For starters, they were each the daughter of a Town Sheriff.

As for Caroline’s and Veronica’s other parents (Caroline’s dad and Veronica’s mom, respectively), they were more or less, absentee.  Caroline’s dad left Caroline’s Sheriff Mom for another man.  (Yep!  That’s gotta hurt!)  Veronica’s mom left Veronica’s Sheriff Dad because she was an alcoholic depressive, who was unable to cope with family trauma.

When their series’ began, both Caroline and Veronica were dating sweet, but kind of bland boys, who just so happened to be best friends with their respective eventual soulmates.  Caroline dated Matt Donovan (brother of Dead Vicki) . . .

Matt and Tyler were best friends.

Veronica dated Duncan Kane (brother of Dead Lilly) . . .

Duncan and Logan were best friends.

Before the series began, both Veronica and Caroline were rather naive and innocent, and had little to worry about, aside from what they were going to wear to prom . . .

 . . . or whether they would win the local beauty pageant . . .

But then, things happened in both of their lives, that forced them to reevaluate their priorities.  Veronica’s best friend died.  And as a result of the murder investigation that followed, her father was shunned by the community, and lost his job as sheriff.  She was then dumped by her boyfriend, and all of her rich friends, and date raped at a party.

As for Caroline . . . well . . . she was in a near-fatal car accident, then killed by a girl who looked JUST like her best friend.  And then . . . she became a vampire.

The teens’ respective experiences forced them to grow up fast.  It made them wiser, tougher, and a bit more jaded about the world around them.  But it also caused them to become fiercely protective of the ones they love.  In other words, Caroline’s and Veronica’s trials and tribulations prepared them for the intensely dramatic (and sometimes traumatic) romantic relationships into which they were about to enter . . .

Love Begins . . .

Tyler and Logan came to Caroline and Veronica, when both were at extremely vulnerable places in their lives.  Logan refused to believe that his mother had committed suicide, and, knowing that Veronica had a knack for private investigation, begged her to help him learn the truth about what really happened to her.

Tyler came to Caroline, upon learning that he was a werewolf, because she seemed to know more about his condition than he did himself.  Since Caroline was a Baby Vamp (a fact she later reveals to Tyler) she has some idea what he’s going through, and promises to help him cope with his first Full Moon Transformation . . .

Both Caroline and Veronica are there to support Tyler and Logan, when their respective research projects result in them learning some SERIOUSLY BAD NEWS.  Logan is forced to come to terms with the fact that his mother has, in fact, committed suicide, and is not merely hiding from her husband, as Logan originally suspected . . .

(Hey, did you catch how Big Sis Trina called Logan’s dad, The Big Bad Wolf?  Now if that’s not a Tyler parallel, I don’t know what is!)

For their part, Tyler’s and Caroline’s research turns up a DVD of a VERY PAINFUL werewolf transformation, as experienced by Tyler’s cousin Mason.  Tyler realizes to his horror that the awful experience he just witnessed on his computer screen is inevitable for him . . .

On the day of the transformation, Caroline accompanies Tyler to an underground dungeon, and supports him through the whole horrifying ordeal, hugging him, and whispering to him calmly, as he writhes in pain. 


Caroline does this, despite the fact that, with every extra second she remains in that dungeon, the amount of danger she is in increases tenfold  . . .

When it is all over, Caroline’s is the first name Tyler calls . . .

After going through such intense experiences together, it is inevitable that these two pairs will couple.  And so, both women are eventually rewarded for supporting their Vulnerable Bad Boys, with Ambush Kisses .  . .

“Our First Kiss Won’t Be The Last”

When a good girl rescues a bad boy, it is only natural that he rescue her right back.  In Veronica’s case, Logan beats the crap out of an undercover FBI agent who’s sort of / kind of kidnapped her . . .

The incident culminates in Veronica’s and Logan’s first kiss.  She kisses him chastely at first to show her gratitude for the rescue attempt.  Logan’s return kiss is MUCH more aggressive (and WAY hotter)!

 As for Tyler saving Caroline, and kissing her . . . well . . . neither event has actually occurred on the show as of the date of this blog entry.  HOWEVER, during the preview for The Vampire Diaries’ January 27th episode, entitled “The Descent” we DID see Tyler promising Caroline that he would do ANYTHING for her.

(Brought to you by the F-Yeah Tyler Lockwood Tumblr!) 

Later in the same episode (at least, according to that AWESOME promo), Tyler follows through with his promise, by giving Caroline EXACTLY what she needs .  . . a big juicy AMBUSH KISS!

Yes, boys and girls.  When it comes to Tyler and Caroline, things are DEFINITELY headed in the direction of love . . . or should I say LoVe!

Other Similarities

Aside from having similar beginnings, the parallels between Logan’s and Veronica’s relationship and Tyler’s and Caroline’s are simply not to be ignored!  Check out the couples’ mutual love for “playing dress-up” . . .

 . . . and um . . .  undress . . .down?

As for Caroline and Veronica, both are VERY feisty!  And neither is afraid to kick her boyfriend’s ass, when he deserves it . . .

(from TVD gifs)

And I guess . . . on occasion, they also kick the asses of people who aren’t their boyfriends .  . . at least, when the situation requires it.

Unfortunately, Veronica’s and Logan’s story is already over . . .

But Caroline’s and Tyler’s is JUST BEGINNING!

And, while we don’t know exactly where Baby Vamp Caroline and Baby Were Tyler will take us in the upcoming TVD seasons, if their predecessors, Veronica and Logan are any indication, we can be sure, that it will be EPIC . . .



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19 responses to “TV Couples Showdown: Veronica and Logan (of Veronica Mars) versus Caroline and Tyler (of The Vampire Diaries)

  1. Madeleine

    Oh my gosh. What the crap?? How did I not see this? I feel like a total idiot. When I read the title of this post, I was like, “What the crap? Logan and Veronica have NOTHING to do with Tyler and Caroline!” And you would think I would know, seeing as I have seen EVERY Veronica Mars episode (after the show aired, naturally, because when it started I was eight or nine), which was by the way, in my opinion, the best show the CW/WB ever made (quality-wise). Then, as I read on, began to kick my idiot self harder and harder. HOW did I not see this?? I love both those couples!! Actually, I started shipping Caroline and Tyler before I started shipping any other couple on Vampire Diaries, in fact, my shipping of them was what made me decide I was invested enough to ship anyone else, so really they are in a way the reason I ship Damon/Elena, the main couple of the show (if you are a deluded sort of fan, like you and me, and like to ignore the presence of The Brooding One). And, as a rule, I do NOT discuss the end of Veronica Mars. It was traumatic.

    • Hi Madeleine! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. I had a feeling you’d like this one ;).

      You know, with Pacey and Joey and Delena, the parallels between the two couples were kind of expected, since they were both written by Kevin Williamson. But I found the number of parallels between LoVe and Taroline (or Forwood, or Cyler, or whatever you want to call them) pretty impressive, especially considering they stem from the minds of two completely different sets of writers! Hmmmm . . . I wonder if Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec were Veronica Mars fans. Something tells me they were . . . 😉

      I think you are right, though. There was something inherently relatable to me about Caroline and Tyler as a couple. And I think their similarities, in both personality and background, to Veronica and Logan have a lot to do with why I “ship” them. (Of course, their dialogue being fabulous, Michael and Candice being excellent actors, and Michael being SUPER hot don’t hurt either ;)).

      I imagine if we were to look hard enough, we could find parallels between any two TV couples from any two television shows. But that doesn’t make it any less fun to try! 🙂

  2. fauvish

    Wow, the parallels are pretty striking. To be honest, I’ve just started watching Veronica Mars (I’m at s1e19), so I don’t know that much about their relationship, though the intensity between the two characters has been obvious from the start. I like how there’s a certain despair in both male’s need for the girl’s affection (and by that, yess, I mean the AMBUSH KISS :P), because they have nobody else they can hold onto.

    I can only hope they will play it out properly in TVD, cos Forwood is by far my favourite couple atm.

    BTW, I came across this blog only recently and I have to say, I love all the displays of the male physique here ^.^!

    • Hi fauvish! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      LOL. Yes, male objectification finding creative ways of displaying the male physique is one of my favorite pasttimes! 🙂 It’s kind of funny, actually. Because, during the TV viewing season, I stick mainly to writing recaps. But in the “off season,” I give up all pretenses of having “journalistic integrity,” and tend to go straight for the Man Candy! 🙂

      I’m so excited that you have discovered Veronica Mars! I’m also a bit jealous that you have so many more episodes left to enjoy for the first time. I mean, you can rewatch episodes of a series; or watch your favorite clips on YouTube. But there’s something about the excitement of a first viewing, you just never get back.

      If you are loving the Veronica and Logan dynamic NOW, just wait! It’s only going to get more intense. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the rest of the series when you are finished, if you ever have some spare time.

      I too am a major Forwood Fan. (I always called them Taroline, but it looks like I’m in the minority on that one. Forwood has a nicer ring to it, anyway.) And I think you really hit the nail on the head, regarding the vulnerability and loneliness tied to Logan’s and Tyler’s ambush kisses. These kisses are so much more than just guys being overtaken with passion. All of these brooding bad boys’ needs, hopes, disappointments, and desires are tied up in those smooches. And that’s a lot of pressure, even for the toughest of petite spunky blondes! 😉

      Man, I can’t wait for January 27th! 🙂

      • fauvish

        Yeah I think you’re right about the pressure. Especially for girls who have their plate full with problems already. No wonder Care needs a bit of time off from all the kissing (strange as it may be)..

        By the by, I found another (and rather silly) parallel between the two couples when it comes to the names:

        Veronica & Caroline: both consist of 8 letters
        Logan & Tyler: both consist of 5 letters

        It’s kinda lame, but yeah..

  3. Danielle

    When I saw this post I am not ashamed to admit that I screamed like a 12 year old girl even though i’m 18. Veronica Mars has been one of my favorite shows since middle school and I have probably seen the entire series 50 times. Now, The Vampre Diaries is one of my favorite shows. I love the parallels, and I thought of a few of them as soon as I read the title. A truely amazing article.

    • You are SO sweet, Danielle! Thanks so much for all your kind words. As you can probably tell, I ADORE The Vampire Diaries. I truly believe that it and Veronica Mars are two of the greatest television series ever made. (It’s big talk, I know. But I stand by it! :)) It’s fitting that so many similarities exist between the two shows . . . even though one is . . . you know . . . about vampires and werewolves. 😉

      I’m so jealous that you have the Veronica Mars DVD and can watch it at your leisure! I may just have to buy myself a copy, as a belated Christmas gift — especially, season 1, as that was my favorite of the three. (AMAZING “EPIC” prom scene from Season 2, notwithstanding). 🙂

    • fauvish

      You know, I used to think there was an expiration date to fangirliness, you know, an age by which you’ve grown too old to ship TV couplings or squee whenever you see sth from your favourite shippings.. now, a month shy of turning 25, I know that I will probably never be cured xD

      • You are never EVER too old to fangirl, as far as I’m concerned, fauvish! 🙂 (What would be the fun in watching television, otherwise? ;))

        In fact, I strongly suspect that I, personally, will still be squealing over couples like Veronica and Logan, and Caroline and Tyler, LONG after I’ve lost all my teeth, and been thrown into the old age home. 🙂

  4. I sound my fangirl YAWP from the rooftops of the world! This is officially the greatest relationship post in the history of EVER!!

    Would you believe that I was actually thinking about cajoling you into pitting my Mother Ship and fave new ship together, and yet here you are, Miss Julie, five steps ahead as always 🙂 It is funny that you have posted this right now, because Sara (ofepicproportions) and I were just nutting out some of the similarities between these couples in a forum recently… so glad we weren’t the only ones thinking along this track!

    Your eye for detail is INSANE. The Veronica kicking Logan and Caroline Judoing Tyler GIFs link is truly ingenious and I honestly wouldn’t have thought of it even with my rabid re-watching of their scenes (although now it seems obvious!).

    The sleuthing over a laptop parallel was also very clever.

    I was extremely excited to see that you worked in a Jyler Bad Touch. Not wanting to be an advocate of violence in any way, but in the safety of my TV screen seeing those boys get all sweaty with Vicki as a beard is HOT, I won’t lie.

    Another little fun point about Trina – obviously she’s played by the one and only Alyson Hannigan AKA Willow on Buffy, who of course dated… a werewolf! I miss Oz cuteness!

    It was jolting how similar Candice Accola and Kristen Bell looked in the pictures you placed side by side. I just love how their sweet doll faces are so misleading; Veronica because she is so prickly despite being a marshmallow and Caroline for her underlying vampire nature.

    I’m with Madeleine on the abrupt end of VM. I feel like LoVe didn’t get the closure they deserve and that loose ends needed to be tied up in a fourth season. Nevertheless, they DO share a “primal look” in their final scene (creator Rob Thomas even added this direction to his script), so I choose to believe that they had on-again, off-again drama for many years to come!

    “Ambush kiss” is a term made of WIN and I can’t wait for it to appear in your recap when I get all swoony over Cyler when TVD comes back from hiatus.

    • *blushes* I can always count on you to inflate my ego, Cherie. So, thank you so much for all the complimentary goodness! 🙂

      These comparison posts are fun to write! I am actually really eager for Pretty Little Liars to return, so I can get a bit more intel on newbie couple Hannah and Lucas for another installment. (I’m guessing those two will be The O.C.’s Summer / Seth of the next generation. ;)).

      LOL. I LOVE that GIF of Veronica “kicking” Logan. I could watch that for hours! I just feel like it embodies the tough, snarky, fiercely protective, adorableness of the LoVe relationship on so many levels. Other Animated VM GIFS I love: The “My day is complete. Veronica Mars has accused me of doing evil” one I included toward the top of this post (complete with Logan’s “EEEVVVILLL pantomimed mustasche” :)), and Logan’s “Annoy Like the Wind” comment to Veronica (which, in the animated GIF incarnation, includes Logan making WIND GUSTS with his MOUTH! AWESOME!)

      The sadistic side of me, was also thrilled to find matching Vicki and Lilly “autopsy pics.” Gross, but very cool!

      Candice (Caroline) and Kristen (Veronica) DO look similar, don’t they? And you are right about both having innocent looks that obscure, an inner strength and kickass nature. In recent episodes, Caroline has even started DRESSING more like Veronica, opting for less girly dresses and more casual denim wear (easier to do battle in, I guess). Based on Veronica Mars flashbacks, I suspect that Veronica herself made a similar style change, following Lilly’s murder. And now that Caroline is a full-fledged Scooby Gang member, I suspect she will be doing MUCH more Veronica-type laptop sleuthing, in the near future!

      If I recall, werewolf (and witch) dater Willow was ALSO quite the menace with an IMac! 😉 It’s too bad she was so darn unlikeable as Trina on Veronica Mars. But I guess that’s just a testament to Alyson Hannigan’s impressive acting range.

      I agree about the Veronica Mars series ending being too abrupt, and blame it on Rob Thomas not getting enough notice ahead of time of his pending cancellation. Kristen and Jason played out that last scene brilliantly, however. (And in my mind, the two promptly went back to the dorms, after the cameras stopped rolling, and had some intense makeup sex! ;)).

      Honestly, though, I wasn’t too keen on Rob Thomas’ Season 4 – “Veronica as FBI Agent” idea, as it just seemed too mundane for what had been, up to that point, a really groundbreaking show. Sure, Season 3 of Veronica Mars was not without its problems (for one thing, I much prefered the “Big Single Mystery Plus Mini Episodic Mysteries” format of the first two seasons to the new “Three Medium-Sized Mysteries” one they ultimately opted for in the third season).

      However, I feel like Veronica Mars was just starting to gain a loyal fanbase at the time. And with a bit of retooling, a Sophomore Year in College Season would have worked out really well. (Then again, perhaps I’m biased, because in the FBI Version originally suggested, we wouldn’t get to see Logan nearly as much. And I love me some Logan Echolls. ;))

      Oh well . . . I guess we will all just have to keep rewatching those VM YouTube fanvids for comfort . . . at least until Kristen Bell finances that Veronica Mars movie they’ve always talked about! 😉

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  9. Bonnie

    I freaking love you. Seriously. As creepy as that is, you are friggen awesome.

    I loved Caroline and Tyler while they lasted, I was so pissed how they ended as they were by far, my favorite couple. (You’re going to kill me but I don’t really like the whole Elena/Damon thing… I know…)

    The comparisons were epic (oh Logan, you have made that word so damn hot…) And this was awesome, so thank you thank you thank you!

    • Awwww, thanks Bonnie! I freaking love you too! 🙂

      This article was SO MUCH FUN to write! It’s amazing how many parallels actually existed between LoVe and Forwood / Taroline. And partly because of these parallels, I’m not at all convinced that Forwood is over. If you recall, LoVE was going through a similarly unsurmountable-seeming rough patch in their relationship at this point on the Veronica Mars series. And yet, no matter how many times Logan messed up, LoVE somehow always endured. Maybe I’m being naive about this, but I think the same thing will happen for Forwood!

      Oh, and you aren’t a Delena fan? 😦 *sobs* It’s OK. Considering all the other amazing SHIPS we share, I think I can manage to let this one slide . . . But don’t think I’m not going to be working crazy hard to try and make you change your mind! 🙂

  10. John

    I always thought there were major similarities between these 2! Awesome comparison!

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