The Cold Can Be VERY HOT! – Cozy up with 7 Heart-warming Wintery TV Moments

What is it about those cold wintery months that puts all of us in the mood for romance? 

Well . . . most of us, anyway!

Are we simply looking for a warm body to hold close, when the temperature drops to the single digits? 

Do we just not want to be alone for the holidays? 

Perhaps, the desire to couple in winter is innate and primal, something akin to hibernation or mating rituals. 

Or, maybe there’s something more to it than that . . .

In light of the fact that I am VERY COLD RIGHT NOW . . .  and, also in light of the fact, that there is currently TWO FEET OF SNOW outside my window, I thought it might be nice to write a post based on the “softer” (and sexier) side of wintery weather . . .

So, get into something “more comfortable” . . .

 . . . and grab those warm winter blankets . . .

Because we are about to get started . . .

Winter Helps us to Remember the Good Times . . .

For most of us, most of the year is a blur.  We rush around, day-in-and-day-out, maneuvering through work, or school, and our mundane daily tasks.  We rarely have the time to stop and take a breath, or think about the things and people that really matter to us. 

But around winter time, things slow down.  Suddenly, we have all this spare time to think about ourselves and others.  We have time to make major decisions about what we want out of life.  We have time to . . . FINALLY GET LAID!

In this first clip from Dawson’s Creek, it takes a wintery class ski trip and a conveniently “hidden” wallet condom, to help Joey realize that Pacey’s “TOTALLY-Puts-Every-Boy-On-The-Planet-To-Shame” Boyfriending Skills are MORE than worth the cost of her much-coveted V-card!

Winter Forces Us to Remember the Bad Times . . .

While for many, winter is time of comfort and joy, for others, it’s a time for sadness and severe depression.  Because all that time spent alone thinking, can be MIGHTY LONELY.  It can also dredge up some painful memories.  But just when you feel like all hope is lost, that’s when you come to realize that you aren’t so alone after all.  Because the thing you thought you were missing, might just have been by your side all along . . .

In this second clip, from Gossip Girl, Serena’s snowstorm car crash, dredges up some painful memories for Chuck Bass, regarding his father’s untimely death . . .

Winter Makes Things That Would Normally Be Really Annoying, Seem “Festive and Poignant”

You wouldn’t know it from this extremely sappy post, but I’m actually a rather jaded person, when it comes to love and romance.  Things that make most women go, “Awwwww” tend to make me roll my eyes, and throw up in my mouth a little bit.  And yet, this time of year that all changes. 

For a few months, I’m all about those cheesy ABC Family Christmas Specials, mistletoe, heart-shaped boxes, sappy love songs . . . and watching When Harry Met Sally when it airs on TBS for the 85,000th friggin time.

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

I suspect I am not alone in this. 

By way of example, I give you yet another clip from Gossip Girl — this one from a couple that usually makes me a little nauseous.  And yet, whenever I watch this winter-themed scene of them in action, I can’t help but soften toward the pair a bit, if only for a few moments.  Of course, I’m talking about Dan and Serena, and the latter’s “very special” Christmas gift to the former, during the holiday episode of the show’s first season.  (And no, I’m not talking about Serena’s body, as that is a gift that’s been given on the show MANY, MANY, MANY times over, to many people!)

Serena is kind of  like Santa.  She visits ALL THE LITTLE BOYS, during the holidays.  (And she’s very TIRED!)

Winter Gives You an Excuse to Make Out with People You’ve Secretly Always Wanted to Make Out With, But Haven’t Yet Had the Guts to Do So . . .

Blame it on the mistletoe!  Blame it on too much champagne!  Blame it on wanting to make that other guy (or girl) jealous!  Blame it on a joke . . . or dare!  Tell him (or her) it was just a “friendly holiday” kiss! 

The winter months are jam-packed with parties . . . and, perhaps more importantly, BOOZE.  This means they are also jam-packed with solid excuses to lay a wet one on the person you’ve been ogling in silence for all those months.  The good news, is that, for a limited time only, you can do so, without fear of suffering embarrassment or rejection.  And, hey, if the person you’re smooching doesn’t respond in kind, you can always tell him that Santa made you do it!  Because NO ONE messes with SANTA on Christmas!

In this next clip from Bones, Temperance Brennan uses the OLDEST holiday trick in the book — strategically-placed mistletoe — to engage in a rousing round of tonsil hockey, with her sexy as hell co-worker, Seeley Booth.  You GO GIRL!

Winter is a Time for Bold Romantic Gestures . . .

Helpful tools like mistletoe, a bottle of champagne, or a “spin the bottle,” are fine for those simple sneak-attack kisses.  But when you REALLY want to start something special with the object of your desires, it’s best to go au natural.  Now, is not the time to be tentative. 

Be BOLD!  Be ROMANTIC!  After all, you’ve got the cold winter weather, and the holidays on your side.  And there’s no better aphrodisiac on the planet than those two things, as far as I’m concerned . . .

In this Season 1 clip from Grey’s Anatomy, Alex lays a most awesome Ambush Kiss on Izzie, just when she has completely written him off as a romantic partner, following a VERY LOUSY first date the two recently shared.

Winter is The Time to Tell that Special Someone How You Feel About Them

This one is kind of self-explanatory.  And if I give you any more intel, I’ll likely ruin the impact of the next clip, if I haven’t done so already.  Suffice it to say, this one features Rory and Jess from The Gilmore Girls . . .

But When You Think About It, Winter is Really Just a State of Mind . . .

Now, where I come from, I get more winter cold than I could POSSIBLY EVER WANT!  But that might not be the case for you.  Perhaps, you live in a tropical climate, where it’s NEVER cold, and NEVER snows.  (Just so you know, I HATE YOU . . . Just kidding 🙂 . . . But not really.) 

Well, just because you don’t have excuse to wear big puffy jackets, or drink hot cocoa by the gallon, or cuddle up under down comforters, doesn’t mean you can’t make the romantic spirit of winter work for YOU too!  With just a little improvisation on your part, you can be feeling the Sexy Winter Fever, in no time! 

Just ask Seth Cohen from The O.C.  He lives in Orange County, California. where it NEVER SNOWS!  And yet, season after season, Seth made the winter months special with his trademark Christmukkah cheer, and a seemingly endless supply of ugly Christmas Sweaters (most of which, he probably sweat through, within minutes of putting them on.  Because, let’s face it, it gets pretty friggin hot on the West Coast!) . . .

In this clip, Seth and his perky girlfriend Summer embody the Romantic Spirit of Winter, by simply putting on those hideous brown caps my mother lovingly refers to as “Schmucks with Earflaps.”

So, there you have it.  Seven doses of wintery TV romance from one Freezing Blogger.  Now it’s your turn.  What’s YOUR favorite Hot Winter TV Moment? 



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9 responses to “The Cold Can Be VERY HOT! – Cozy up with 7 Heart-warming Wintery TV Moments

  1. imaginarymen

    “Pacey’s “TOTALLY-Puts-Every-Boy-On-The-Planet-To-Shame” Boyfriending Skills”

    LOVE IT!!!

    Plus that ep WAS called “A Winter’s Tale” ;-pp

    I love that even though there’s not much winter/holiday “cheer” on TB or TVD, you still found a way to include a pic of Damon brooding and Eric in his Blue Panty Dropper Sweater! Well played Julie!

    Awww…I did love me some Seth Cohen and his crazy Chrismukkah hijinks. This post made me feel all warm and fuzzy ;->

    • LOL. You caught me, Amy! I’m going to be completely honest. I was at a loss for a post idea tonight, and VERY, VERY COLD! So, I decided that I would somehow form a post around Pacey’s and Joey’s Sex Scene from A Winter’s Tale, in order to warm me up. The result was what you read here tonight! 🙂

      Eric’s Baby Blue Panty Dropper Sweater was probably the winteriest thing about TRUE BLOOD, this Season! That is definitely a “summer” show, in every sense of the word. But if I don’t include AT LEAST one hot vampire picture in every post I do, I feel like I haven’t done my job. 🙂

      As for Vampire Diaries, I seem to recall Matt and Caroline having some nice winter moments. But as a staunch Taroline / Forwood supporter, those moments simply cannot see the light of day on this blog – unless I am forced to include them here, for pure recapping purposes. 🙂

      I always LOVE me some Seth Cohen! 🙂 And those Christmakkuah episodes were some of the best of the entire series, in my opinion. *sigh* I miss the trashtastic goodness of The O.C . . .

      I’m very happy to have “warm and fuzzied” you this evening. 🙂

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  3. It’s hilarious to think of you guys facing bracing cold when it is SO DAMN HOT over here at the moment!

    Pacey and Joey have cornered the market on hot winter moments, so how about I give you my favourite winter enigma instead… What in the world happened to the Russian guy at the end of the Pine Barrens Sopranos ep? Talk about the one who got away!

    • Well, I don’t think it’s hilarious at all, Missy! 🙂 Just kidding! I do. Apparently, not only do you live in the future, you also live in an alternate dimension, where it is warm in winter. 😉 It’s a science fiction film in the making.

      It’s so funny that you mentioned the Sopranos, because I am watching early seasons of the show on DVD now! Once I get to the Pine Barrens episode, I’ll definitely let you know the verdict on that elusive Russian! 🙂

  4. imaginarymen

    “Pine Barrens” was how I discovered you can’t pump your own gas in Jersey! When that happened in that ep, all the Jersey folk on the message boards went ballistic!

  5. Madeleine

    I have an appreciation for this post I would not have had a week ago. I am at my grandparent’s (this is the first time I’ve convinced my sister to let me use her laptop for more than five seconds, and it doesn’t count because she’s fast asleep) and there is ACTUAL SNOW on the ground. I can’t believe how pretty it is (really, I haven’t seen snow since I was I think eleven or twelve) or how COLD. Where I live, the low on Christmas day was like sixty degrees, and right now it’s below twenty degrees outside. So, I’m freezing. I’m staying in her attic, and you would think, since heat rises, it would be at least moderately warm up here, but no, mostly because the windows up here let in cold air, and I’m sleeping right below one of them. However, I take this as a blessing in disguise, because at my house this post would have meant absolutely nothing to me. Yes, I’m one of those people who lives where it never snows. However, this is, quite frankly, nothing. You haven’t felt the extremes of weather until you have felt a 120 degree summer. I may never get snow, but I sure as heck don’t live in a tropical climate, tropical implying moisture, of which we have none.
    Okay, now to the actual post (I still have two more to read; you must have been busy.)
    Pacey/Joey: First off, I am totally in love with Pacey Witter. I’m a realist, and it sucks to realize that a fictional guy is a better boyfriend than all the boyfriends you’ll ever have. Combined. I’m seriously considering never getting a real boyfriend and just having TV boyfriends. That could work, right?
    And, after seeing this HOW COULD ANYBODY ON THE FREAKING PLANET STILL SHIP JOEY/DAWSON?? Actually, *did* anybody actually ship Joey/Dawson? Because everyone I’ve talked to hated Dawson (with good freaking reason). Pacey is the sweetest guy, like, ever but not in that disgusting, ‘sensitive’, emasculating, crybaby way that Dawson was (I REALLY didn’t like Dawson). And thank you SO MUCH for that clip. I’d almost forgot, and, being cold, I can watch it in a whole new light 🙂
    Chuck/Blair: I ship Chuck and Blair because my best friend does, and she ordered me to ship them. However, this is a cute scene. I will send it along to my friend, who will commence to fangirl over it for what seems like eternity, and I will listen. I’m a little mad at you right now. 🙂
    Dan/Serena: Well, no one will be fangirling over this one. Cute idea, though.
    BOOTH/BRENNAN. 4EVERANDEVERANDEVER : I love you for adding this. Booth/Brennan is one of my all time favorite ships. And this is one of my all-time favorite scenes. I love Caroline for making this happen. (I don’t know that all of the circumstances behind the kiss were explained in the clip, but whatever. Brennan’s dad is in jail, and she wants to bring him Christmas, but she can’t without permission from the prosecutor, Caroline, who is “feeling puckish”). I LOVE THIS CLIP SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Thank you 🙂
    Two Random People From Gray’s Anatomy: I didn’t read this. I didn’t watch the clip. I couldn’t even do it out of respect for you, which I have. I really don’t like Gray’s Anatomy.
    RORY/JESS. YES: Ohmigosh. You shipped them too?? Maybe we ARE tv twins (with the exception of Gray’s. Like where one twin has this weird mole that no one can explain). I was SO depressed when they booted Jess. Him and Rory were endgame, for me. Thank you SO MUCH for this clip. I actually stopped watching Gilmore Girls shortly after Jess left, and I have this awesome idea for a reboot that I’ll have to tell you sometime.
    I’ve been going back and forth on wether or not I should watch the O.C. and in case I do I don’t want to be spoiled. You recommend I watch?
    AWESOME POST, including TWO of my all-time favorite TV couples. You rock.
    My email indicates that you have two more posts that I haven’t read, but we’re about to leave my grandparent’s so I’ll read them when I get home.

    • Sixty Degree weather on Christmas?! OK, now I’m really jealous of you! 🙂 That being said, I’m so glad you had the chance to experience snow and wintery weather this year.

      Because, as you mentioned, when snow first coats a city or town (before all the silly humans muck it up with their dirty shoes, pet pee, and dirty cars), it’s REALLY pretty and serene. It’s also a TON of fun to play in — something you are never too old to do, in my humble opinion. Truthfully, it’s the hassles of our daily lives — commuting, shoveling, traveling to school and work (unless you are lucky enough to get the day off ;)) — that really make us hate the snow. Oh . . . and the cold.

      I’m not a big fan of the cold, as you can probably tell. But, like the snow, there is definitely something warm fuzzy and romantic about “warming up” with the right person, if you catch my drift (Ian Somerhalder or Alex Skarsgard, perhaps?) ;). So, this post was very therapeutic for me. I could (and did) rewatch those winter scenes over, and over again! And I’m glad you enjoyed the clips, and got to see them the way they were intended to be watched, in cold snowy weather.

      LOL, I feel the same way about Pacey Witter. I still blame him for ruining all of my future romantic relationships with his incomparable, awe-inspiring, Boyfriend Awesomeness. And this “sex scene” between Pacey and Joey remains, for me, one of the hottest I’ve witnessed in my television history. (And I watch TRUE BLOOD! ;)) It’s not so much about the foreplay, or the looks, or the hot bodies, or the touching (though don’t get me wrong, those were REALLY NICE TOO). For me, this scene’s sexiness has everything to due with the couple’s history together, and how it all culminated in this perfect wintery moment. That sounds sappy, I know. But it’s totally true. 🙂

      Poor Dawson – that dork really didn’t have a chance, now did he? I love how the beginning of the series spent all this time pumping up “Dawson and Joey are soul mates. They are PERFECT together!” And then, when the two actually GOT to couple, they were as dull as cottage cheese on white bread, and ten times more annoying. They truly brought out eachother’s worst personality traits. I really can’t understand how ANY DC fan could ship Dawson with Joey, after the first season (which was the only time in the entire series that they were mildly shippable, in my opinion). By the way, if any Dawson – Joey fans are out there reading this, I’m actually really curious, as to what arguments they can make in support of this pairing . . .

      There is definitely something to be said for having LOTS of TV Boyfriends, as opposed to real ones. For one thing, you never have to be bothered with pesky “real boyfriend” concerns things like Monogamy, or Serious Relationship Discussions, or Bad Moods, or Dirty Underwear on the Floor, or Real Life. But hey, just because you have a real boyfriend, doesn’t mean you have to drop your TV ones – at least as far as I’m concerned! This is one situation where you can really experience the best of both worlds.

      I LOVE that Chuck and Blair scene! It’s so poignant and sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Chuck Bass’ cocky, highly sexualized confidence, but these rare peeks into his vulnerable side are SUCH A TURN ON for me! Plus, the way Blair is able to instantly understand exactly what Chuck is going through in that moment — and says exactly what Chuck needs to hear to comfort him — just PROVES these two are a perfect match, in my opinion. Just check out the way they lean on one another, in times of crisis. They just fit, plain and simple.

      You know what makes me love this scene even more? That it came from the much maligned THIRD SEASON of Gossip Girl. The one EVERYBODY hated! The fact that Chuck and Blair can still be hot in a season plagued with bad writing and bizarre plot twists, says a lot about the strength of the characters, and of Westwick’s and Meester’s acting abilities. Be sure to tell your Chair shipper friend I said hi! 😉

      Yeah, Dan and Serena can be pretty gross. But I still loved the scene, and it fit well into this post. (Granted, I probably would have loved it a lot more, if Chuck and Blair were in it . . .)

      I think I really have to start watching Bones, because I loved that mistletoe scene too! These two have such excellent chemistry. Then again, I feel like if I watched, I’d find myself bored by all the blah “crime procedural stuff,” and would be watching SOLELY for the Booth / Brennan moments. And that would be really bad, right? So, perhaps, I’ll just stick to the “Booth/ Brennan” moments that nice people put on YouTube for me to enjoy. It’s just more efficient that way. 😉

      LOL “Like where one twin has this weird mole that no one can explain.” LOVED THIS! You’ve definitely got a way with words Madeleine! But seriously, early Season 1 episodes of Grey’s were SUPER HOT. And Alex and Izzie (the two “random people” in this scene) had a lot to do with that hotness in my opinion. Just sayin’ 🙂

      I wasn’t a staunch Gilmore Girls fan. (I tended to watch it just every once in a while, while it aired. But have recently caught quite a few episodes in repeats). However, I ADORED the relationship between Rory and Jess. His sarcastic rough edges, complimented her neurotic fast-talking innocence, so WELL, in my opinion.

      The Rory / Jess relationship was just so much more interesting, than that blah aristocratic crap coupling she had with Logan during the college years, and her Oh-So-Typical Cute Coupling, with the Pretty But Kind of Douchey Dean, during those early high school years. In terms of sheer intelligence and heart, Jess was the only boyfriend that could go toe-to-toe with Rory — who was simply too smart and sensitive for most of her dull-as-dishwater suitors. And this scene between them was just SO sweet!

      That being said, I would love to hear your Gilmore Girls retooling idea! 😉

      Oooh, you would LOVE The O.C., I think (at least the first season of it). Granted, the show went off the rails, somewhere in the middle, but I think found the right track toward the end. Just to give you an idea of what you can expect, the show was written by Josh Schwartz, who is also responsible for creating the Gossip Girl television series. Ben Mackenzie was BEAUTIFUL, SUPER BROODY, and EDGY as Ryan Atwood. Given how we share the same tastes, I think you would love him as a new TV Boyfriend.

      And Seth and Summer were adorable, in their geek guy / popular girl coupledom! They are both so quirky and funny, in their own unique ways, and so much fun to watch! It helps that the two actors (Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson) were seriously dating at the time. So, all that chemistry between them is very real. And it SHOWS! Sure, the show is a little trashy, and some of the plots are random, and became a bit redundant at times. But the writing is smart and super snarky. This is a show that never took itself too seriously, a characteristic of it that I found pretty darn refreshing.
      Have I sold you yet?

      Thanks so much for your awesome commentary as always. I may have had more fun writing back to you here, than I did writing the original post!

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