Battle of the Bad Boy Vampires: Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries) versus Eric Northman (True Blood)

Those of you who know me and/or have read this blog before, probably suspected that the time would come when I would write a post that pit my two favorite television vampires (both of whom are based on characters fromnovels) against one another . . .

But WAIT!  Before you stake me, or snap my neck like a twig, please know that this is REALLY not a competition, in the traditional sense of the term.  I merely aim to illustrate some similarities between these two extremely unique and dynamic fangsters . . .

(But, before I begin, I’d like to give a shout out to the Always Brilliant Amy, over at imaginarymen, who remains the reigning queen and founder of the TV Boyfriend Olympics.  Without her, this post would never have been written.  Additional thanks go out to the Fabulous Cherie, over at myspideysenseistingling, and the Remarkable Madeleine, both of whom have a depth of vampiric fangirl capacity that knows no bounds.)

Above all else, Viking Vampire, Eric Northman, and Fangy Rebel Without a Cause, Damon Salvatore, are both EXTREMELY SEXY!  In fact, they are unequivocally sexy, no matter what they happen to be doing, at any given moment.  Whether they are . . .

 .  . . preparing for war . . .

 . . . or lounging around in bed . . .

. . . or driving around in hot super expensive sports cars, with the top down . . .

 . . . or having a little “snack” . . .

 . . . or forgetting how to button their shirts . . .

 . . . or getting dressed up for a night on the town . . .

 . . . or breaking in their new leather jackets . . .

. . . or wearing certain BLUE PANTY DROPPER articles of clothing 😉 . . .

 . . . rest assured these immortal beings are going to be looking hot, while they are doing it.

And yet, being an INSANELY AWESOME Television Vampires isn’t just about looking good.  (That’s most of it . . . of course . . . but not all of it. ;)) To be truly insanely awesome, you’ve also got to have the personality to match the looks.    And for both Eric and Damon, a fun and snarky sense of humor functions as the perfect accessory to any item of clothing (or, no clothing at all, for that matter)!

Behold . . . the funny .  . .

(Don’t worry!  I’m not playing favorites, by using a longer video for Eric than for Damon.  I just take them, as I find them!)

So, now we’ve got a handle on their looks, and their respective senses of humor.  But if you want to learn what REALLY make Damon Salvatore and Eric Northman tick, you’ve really got to watch them in action.  What follows is a comparison study of fourteen (seven a piece) arguably similar Damon and Eric scenes from their respective shows .  . .

(Note: For clips that are non-embedded, just click the internal links for your viewing pleasure!)

Let’s BITE into it, shall we?

Romantic Manipulation

In the REAL WORLD, when you look like Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgard, NO fancy hypnotic magic, or blood bonds are necessary to ensure romance.  When you want to get laid . . . all you’ve got to do is ASK!  But in TV Land, virtually EVERYONE is beautiful, and girls can be (no offense to Elena and Sookie) kind of dense, sometimes.  For this reason, both of our Bad Boy Vamps, at least initially, used vampire magic to add a little OOMPH to their respective courtship rituals .  . . with varying results.

First up is Damon, and his attempt to mesmerize Elena — the number one object of his affections — to make out with him.  The “mesmerizing” part seems to work . . . (She’s not BLIND, after all!).  But the “making out” part . . . well . . . not so much.  Because what Damon doesn’t know is that Elena is wearing a vervain necklace, which makes her impervious to vampire mind control.  He gets an “A” for effort, though!

Eric Northman had slightly better luck with Sookie, when he tricked her into drinking his blood, thereby establishing a Blood Bond between the pair.  As a result of the Blood Bond, Sookie will have uncontrolled sexual dreams about Eric (I have those ALL THE TIME!).  He will also always be able to sense her feelings (like, when she’s horny, for example ;)), and instinctively know when she’s in danger (so he can rescue her).  Well played, Viking Vamp!


Dream Walking (a.k.a. Inception – Vampire Style)

So, by now, we’ve all probably seen, or at least heard about the film, Inception, and its erudite discussions about one’s ability to manipulate the dreams of another. 

In TVD world, vampires are capable of controlling other’s dreams, Inception style, as Damon does in this next clip.  (Hint: We know it was Damon making Elena’s dream, based on his creepy crow mascot hanging out by her bedroom window, near the end of the scene.  By the way, I’m SO GLAD the writers nixed that lame plot device!)

In True Blood, sexual vampire dreams tend to stem from the blood bonds between human and vampire.  Never do the writers of True Blood ever explicitly mention dream manipulation.  And yet, in this next clip, Sookie clearly KNOWS that she’s dreaming, and Eric does appear to be purposefully using the dream to send her an important message.  This particular dream scene may also give you a little sense of deja vu, when you watch a similar REAL LIFE (well . . . real TV life . . . at least) scene that takes place between the two characters, later on in this post.

(Note:  This is actually just one of THREE dreams Sookie has about Eric, and it’s not even the HOTTEST one.  I simply chose it to make a point about Damon and Eric both using Dream Manipulation Tactics on Sookie and Elena.  You can watch Sookie’s other dreams about Eric here.)


Murder By Seduction

Of course, Damon and Eric would never WILLINGLY hurt the women they love.  But they don’t seem to mind hurting others all that much . . .

In this next clip, Damon lures the unsuspecting Vicki Donovan into his lair, plies her with liquor, sexy dancing, and promises of genuine understanding and affection.  And then . . . well . . . I’ll just let you watch, and see for yourselves.

Though Damon’s motives for “murdering” Vicki Donovan were never made entirely clear, during the series, one suspects they had something to do with Damon wanting to wreak havoc on his little brother’s life.  (Damon promised to make Stefan’s life an unliving hell, after the latter coerced him into becoming a vampire, seemingly against his will).  Damon eventually “revived” Vicki from death, by turning her into a vampire, shortly after initially killing her.  Ironically enough, it was at the hands of STEFAN that Vicki met her True Death.

This picture SHOULDN’T be funny . . .  but it kind of is!

Likewise, Eric seduces and ultimately murders Vampire Talbot, to wreak havoc on Vampire King Russell Edgington’s life.  Eric seeks vengeance against Russell, for murdering his parents, centuries ago.  You see, Talbot is Russell’s “soulmate.”  Though, as you will clearly see in the next clip, vampires and monogamy don’t exactly mix . . .

(Note:  This clip is DIRTY with a capital “D.”  Parental discretion is advised, KIDDIES!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)


Hot Bod Taunting

“When you’ve got it, flaunt it!”  These are words to live by . . . even if you’re undead!  And Damon and Eric have NO qualms about displaying their “wares” to the women they love, in order to show them EXACTLY what they are missing . . .

In this next scene, Damon might be drunk, but he’s NO dummy!  He knows that, once Elena gets close enough to him to button up his strategically opened shirt, she will get a peek at those abs, a whiff of that vampire man musk, and be his forever.  Even if she doesn’t know it yet . . .

As for Eric, he takes Hot Bod Taunting to a whole other level!  Unlike Damon, who tactfully alludes to the fact that he’s a Lion in the Sack, Eric wears his HOURS and HOURS of nonstop Sexual Conquesting like a badge of honor . . . one located right below his belly button . . .


Vulnerability Due to Loss of “Maker”

Damon may be head over heels in love with Elena now, but for about 140 years, he loved her doppelganger Katherine, the woman who initially turned him into a vampire.  Damon loved Katherine so much, in fact that he risked everything to “rescue” her from the tomb in which he thought she was buried undead.  So, when the tomb was opened, and Katherine was still nowhere to be found, Damon was heartbroken.  It was the first time in the series, where we really saw this tough-as-nails vampire break down emotionally.  And when he needed a shoulder to cry on, Elena’s was the first one he sought . . .

Unlike Damon, Eric may have never done the horizontal mambo with his maker, Godric (at least, not that we know of).  But he did love him, in the way that a father loves his son.  And when Godric “met the sun” (i.e. committed suicide by burning to death) Eric felt completely lost.  For the first time in the series, the Viking Vamp cried tears of blood.  Eric was inconsolate over the True Death of Godric.  Without Sookie there to support him, who knows what self-destructive acts he might have committed?

Romantic Gestures with BITE!

Who said bloodsuckers couldn’t be romantic?  Let’s face it! When guys have been on this earth for as long as Damon and Eric have been, they KNOW when they are in love.  And they are NOT afraid to show it.

In the episode Rose, Damon has just rescued Elena from an Evil Old Vampire who kidnapped her.  He also retrieved from said Evil Old Vampire her precious vervain necklace, which protects her from vampiric compulsion.  When Damon visits to Elena’s home to return the necklace, he decides that this is the perfect moment to let Elena know exactly how he feels about her. 

Sounds simple, right?  It isn’t . . . Because Damon knows better than anyone, that True Love sometimes requires us to make the most painful of sacrifices.

Eric Northman knows a thing or two about sacrifices, himself!  After all, he’s willing to DIE the True Death, in order to rid the world of the PURE EVIL that is Russell Edgington.   When you are about to die, the things that are most important to you, suddenly become crystal clear.  And nothing else matters. 

Remember when I showed you that Dream Scene between Sookie and Eric?  Well . . . IT’S BACK . . . for real, this time!

Rescuing the Woman He Loves . . . For Her OWN GOOD . . . Whether She Wants It Or NOT!

As a member of the fairer sex, I can admit, that us ladies can be pretty stubborn when we want to be — especially when we feel strong enough about something, that we are willing to fight to the death for it.  And while, most of the time, we are ABSOLUTELY right . . . there are sometimes (very rarely, of course ;)) when we are wrong.  Enter the Hot Vampires with Hero Complexes to rescue us . . . even if they have to drag us away, kicking and screaming, in order to do it . . .

In this next clip, Elena has set off on a Suicide Mission.  She plans to turn herself over to an EVIL HOMICIDAL VAMPIRE, in order to save the lives of the people she loves.  But Damon loves HER . . . and he’s not having it . . . AT ALL!

Like Elena Gilbert, Sookie Stackhouse always seems to be throwing herself into harms way.  But she doesn’t have to go far from home to find trouble.  It usually just knocks on the door, and comes right in!  In this particular instance, Sookie is unwittingly being stalked by some Killer Werewolves.  It’s a good thing her Friendly Neighborhood Vampire  is available to help her in her time of need (even if she would rather talk about Boring Vampire Beeeel, than do important things . . . like NOT GET EATEN)!

So, there you have it: seven situations and fourteen sexy scenes to compare and contrast.  Not bad, for a pair of undead bloodsuckers, right?



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27 responses to “Battle of the Bad Boy Vampires: Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries) versus Eric Northman (True Blood)

  1. I’ll admit, when I first saw this post I “read” it visually, so here are my first reactions:

    Fangs I want in my neck! Hi back at ya Damon! Mr January (as you’ll remember, Eric posed in bed for a Fangtasia calendar)! Messy eaters = SEX! Strip poker Damon! Sensei Eric! GQMFs! Leather! UNF! Blue Panty Dropper clothing! *die*revive*die*lather*rinse*repeat* Lafayette! UST for the win! The Kiss! Dancing Damon! Mommy like to Naked Eric! Hi Godric! Bye Godric! Delena playing! Oh won’t you please come in Mr Northman!

    Needless to say, I was a happy little fangirl to see this post!

    You reminded me just how much I love the way Eric introduces Sookie to Yvetta. “Sookie, meet Yvetta, my new dancer, from Estonia” “Yvetta, meet Sookie, from here” – the playful, singsong lilt in his voice makes him love him so very much every time I hear it.

    Plus I love how after the bullet sucking Eric tells Bill that Sookie was “superb”, in a tone that implies she has just given him the equivalent to a sexual favour… which I guess she kind of has, for a vampire!

    Damon and Elena had better kiss for reals soon, or I think my head might explode from the unresolved sexual tension. But if the lack of Elena action means Damon is so inconsolate he can’t muster the energy to put on a shirt in the meantime, well, that will ease my discord a little 😉

    BRILLIANT post! Now I have an easy reference point if I want to indulgence in Sookie/Eric and Delena sexytimes 🙂

    • Oooh, another good question! This is fun! I can definitely see myself dating Declan. His looks, personality, and smarts definitely match the type of guy I tend to crush on.

      Interestingly enough, my favorite character, Eli, is not usually my type, but there is something about him I am so intrigued by on the show. I also think that, of all the boys on Degrassi, he would make the best boyfriend.

      Sure, he may have his issues. But he is so sweet and considerate with Clare! I LOVE watching them interact with one another on the show. EClare is the PERFECT COUPLE!

      I think a lot of Fiona’s storyline this season is going to come from her growing increasingly close to, and, ultimately entering into a romantic relationship with, Adam. The way I see it, this story is going to be HUGE, and very controversial. But, if you recall, we still haven’t learned the results of Fiona’s deposition against her evil abusive ex-boyfriend.

      Based on the promo, I suspect that it is this aspect of Fiona’s life, that will force her to turn to the bottle again. Adam is definitely going to have his hands full with his new girlfriend in the coming months! I hope he is up to the challenge. 😉

      Based on the promos, I suspect Drew (and possibly K.C.) will get mixed up with the “bad crowd” (Bianca, Fitz and Owen), and, as a result, start using some pretty heavy drugs. We’ve already seen pot, speed, ecstascy and oxycodone used by students on this show, so maybe something like LSD?

      As for Alli, I think she must get into some kind of bad trouble at her All Girls School. This causes her parents to flip out, and, possibly, take their aggression out on Sav. (This would explain why we saw him yelling at her in the promo.) As a result of Sav’s tirade, Alli will run away, and, quite possibly get physically hurt or robbed in the process.

      I definitely plan to write another Degrassi post, one day. I’m just not sure exactly when, or what about. 🙂 Perhaps, I will have more to blog about once the new season begins! 🙂

      Thanks for chatting with me! I really appreciate it.

    • Your “instant reactions” cracked me up! Clearly, we share a brain. Those were some of the same reactions I had WORD FOR WORD, when I was selecting the “illustrations” for this post. I absolutely adore the Damon Waving GIF (as you can probably tell, considering I use it so much!) Every time I see it, I FEEL like he’s waving at ME! 🙂 The matching Eric one was a real find too! At first blush, it looks like just another mundane (albeit VERY HOT) facial close-up GIF and then . . . THE FANGS COME OUT! I LOVE IT!

      I’m proud to be the source for your Delena and Sookie / Eric sexy time wish fulfillment. Trust me! You have MORE than returned the favor, with your kickass, drool-worthy blog posts. (You’ve gotta love the WordPress’ “Like” button, and its ability to provide you with countless Hot Blog Images at the push of a button!) Honestly, between you, Amy and me, we have enough Sexy Man Candy Pics and Vampire Porn to create a Hot Boy Bible (which we should one day consider compiling, by the way ;))!

      I too ADORE when Eric gets that sexy playful upward lilt in his voice. (It usually comes with a cute, very Damon-esque smirk to match, which makes it all the sweeter.) So often, Eric’s humor is delivered with a serious expression and vocal monotone (which is absolutely part of his charm, of course). It is really nice to see our favorite Viking Vamp genuinely enjoying himself, for a change!

      Another great example of this, as you mentioned, is the bullet-sucking scene. The expression on Eric’s face after it was all done, was a mixture of smug satisfaction (at having bested Bill, of course) and pure unadulterated bliss (his fangs weren’t the only things on his body that were erect then, I bet!). But, even before that, I couldn’t help but giggle at Eric’s joking, and almost childlike, in its over-dramatic flare *cough, cough I’m dying* (complete with hanging out tongue!), right before Sookie went in for the kiss/kill ;). In hindsight, it was so OBVIOUSLY a ruse. And yet that’s what makes it so enjoyable to watch OVER and OVER AGAIN!

      As for TVD, if Julie Plec has any say in it, I trust we will be getting MUCH MORE SHIRTLESS DAMON in the near future. (YIPPEE) And yet, the suggestion that this shirtlessness might come from sexy bath times with (gag) Rose, annoys me to NO END! Here’s hoping the Season 2 Finale ends with a Delena kiss, mimicking the one Damon shared with FakeElena (Kat) in the Season 1 Finale . . . only this time . . . IT’S FOR REAL!

  2. imaginarymen

    FYI I’m all in for a “Hot Boy Bible” ;-0

    Great post – so much eye candy and Panty Dropping, snark and sexiness what’s a girl to do??

    Funny how similar they are – and how we all prefer them to the other vamps on their shows!

    And thanks for the pingback, and of course my totally cool nickname that I think everyone should refer to me as 😉

    • Thanks Always Brilliant Amy! My pleasure on the pingback. Seriously, without the FABULOUS TV Boyfriend Olympics, NONE of these comparison posts would have EVER seen the light of day. It’s ALL YOU, girl! 🙂

      Wow! Can you imagine how much MONEY the three of us would make, if we actually had the wherewithal to CREATE and SELL a REAL Hot Boy Bible? *grins and rubs hands together with glee*

  3. Aina

    I think this has been one of your best posts EVER 🙂

    • Awwww, thanks so much, Aina! That is so sweet of you to say! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      I hope you have an awesome New Years Eve, and a very happy New Year! 😉

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  6. Nasha233

    I do think the reason we like them better than their counterpart is due to their portrayers. Both Alex and Ian make bad so delicious. And the funny thing is that I love their character’s banter with the other male, be it Bill or Stefan. The dynamic and rivalry is just as fun to watch. I personally am really intrigued with Damon and stefan’s love hate relationship. While I love both, I give Damon the edge. Of course as you suggest a sandwich between Eric and Damon is a welcome.

    Thank you for this post.

    • Good point, Nasha! I would probably find a way to like any character Ian or Alex were playing.

      Yet, there is something about a deliciously morally ambiguous male, who knows how to have a good time, and isn’t afraid to flaunt his sexuality ;). In the real world, dating a “bad boy” monster-type, who occasionally likes to eat people, would be ill advised for sure. But enjoying these vamps from the safety of your television screen . . . well, there’s certainly no harm in that, now, is there? 😉

      I also agree that the Salvatore Brothers have remarkable onscreen chemistry together, and are super fun to watch. As for Eric though, I tend to prefer his platonic banter with the snarky sassy Pam, to the dour, dreary Bill. But that’s just me :).

  7. Nasha233

    Do you know that you wrote Ian and Eric as oppose to Alex. Hehehe. I totally forgot about Pam and I agree that Pam and Eric banter is far more entertaining because deep inside there is a lot of love and I think same with the Salvatore brothers.

    I recently caught a little of the young American, even as young as Ian was then, I thought he was very good, remind me of a certain young lady in vampire diaries. Lucky for her she has the bigger break.

    In the other post I told you I first caught Ian on lost, actually my very first encounter of Ian was on Law and Order:SVU. He was bad there too but I remembered when I first saw him and you really can’t turn away from those baby blues and you want him to be so good, to believe him but you knew that it was going to end bad. He was even then mesmerizing. It was a good role.

  8. ManicChick

    Damon…all the way. He’s just hotter to me, though this could have to do with the fact that he looks younger to me and therefore -as a younger person- he appears more appealing to me

    • Hi ManicChick! Damon edges out Eric in my book too. (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone! :)) And I agree that Ian Somerhalder does give off a younger impression than Alexander Skarsgard. Blue eyes and a baby face will do that for a guy!

      Interestingly enough, in terms of age, the two actors are only two years apart! Ian is 32, and Alex is 34, though I think both could pass for much younger. Must be a vampire thing . . . 😉

  9. East Coast Captain

    I´m going to come out and say it, there bad boys of their respective shows and there attractive as hell but they are completely different. For one thing, Eric doesn´t arbitrarily kill innocent people just to prove something like Damon did in the first season. Damon was very cocky as hell but he thought he was badass until he had his butt handed to him by Pearl then Elijah. Eric does not abuse women like Damon did or use them as pawns. Damon does not have the stones to stand next to the Viking. Some people have even compared Stefan to Bill, how is Stefan like Bill? He may have been dull but Stefan has not said ELENA IS MINE or try to control her or manipulate people. Besides Stefan is a better maker than Damon and so far he hasn´t turned anyone but I do agree Damon and Eric are cooler.

    • Hey there, East Coast Captain! You bring up some very intriguing points here. But I’m going to try and play Devil’s Advocate with you, because it’s FUN! (Also, because, in case you haven’t noticed, I tend to stick up for Damon Salvatore, like it’s my job.) 😉

      You mentioned that Eric doesn’t kill innocent people to prove something. But what about Talbot? I mean, as far as vampires go, he was a pretty nice guy! (And one of my favorite secondary True Blood characters, by the way.) Talbot just happened to have the misfortune of being the lover of the guy who killed Eric’s family. And while killing Talbot made sense, in an eye-for-an-eye-type context, it still wasn’t necessarily fair to Talbot, now was it? 😉

      Damon definitely had his ass handed to him by Pearl and Elijah. But Eric just recently had his ass handed to him by MARNIE. And was arguably, at least temporarily, bested by Bill, when the latter tried to KILL HIM by packing him in cement. So, you know, nobody’s perfect. 🙂

      Damon did seem to use Caroline, Vicki and Andie at various points during the series. But it could be argued that ERIC used Yvetta for sex, even though it seems quite clear that she wanted more out of the relationship than he was willing to give. He’s also manipulated Sookie a few times. The bullet sucking situation being a prime example of this, not to mention his purchase of her home. (Sure, PART of his rationale for doing this was for her protection, but another part was quite obviously because he wanted a SEX SLAVE that smelled like “sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle.”)

      As for Damon not having the stones to stand next to the Viking, Eric does have quite a few years on Damon. He is stronger, more calculating, and less inclined to have his actions clouded by emotional outbursts. These characteristics would all seem to weigh in his favor. HOWEVER, Damon has CRAZY on his side. As a rather emotional vampire, Damon has always been a bit of a loose cannon, when it comes to fighting, in that he is rather unpredictable, and almost always willing to do what the Other Guy won’t to win. So, I actually think that a battle between these two could go either way.

      As for Stefan being like Bill. I see similarities between the two, in terms of their super serious, at times, uptight, natures. Also, both vampires experienced a VERY DARK time in their history, in which they were particularly ruthless killers. So, as a result, they try to maintain an EXTRA strict moral code, out of fear of “falling off the wagon.” Both men, at least initially, played the “Good Vampire” choice for their respective love interests. And both men had seemingly easy and instantaneous initial courtships with these love interests, whereas their “Bad Vampire” counterparts’ respective courtships were more drawn out, and began with passion-fueled antagonism.

      I agree that Stefan and Bill make better makers than Damon. After all Bill (as much as I am not am a fan), I must admit, has done a pretty darn good job with Jessica. And Stefan, though not technically a maker, has clearly taken on a rather paternal, maker-esque, roll in Caroline’s life. As for Damon, his attempts to turn to successfully turn Vicki FAILED MISERABLY. However, given all the personal growth, he’s gone through lately, I’d argue that if he was to turn someone now (like say, Elena), he would do a much better job at “parenting.” Regarding Eric, he’s actually a pretty awesome maker, as evidenced by his amazingly close relationship with Pam. For someone who, at least on the surface, seems fairly self absorbed, when it comes to his progeny, and the women he loves, even the NON-AMNESIA Eric can be quite a caring and self-sacrificing individual.

      So, how did I do? 🙂

  10. Linn

    I’m such a fickle TV vampire groupie… All winter I’ve been ALL about the elder Salavatore, borderline obsessive. When me an my friend had our biennial TV hot guy championship (we make a chart, it’s kinda like a tournament) Damon won HANDS DOWN (beating Dean Winchester in the final) Now, a mere few months later I’m all “Damon who? All i can think about is that shirtless tower of blond viking sexyness that is Eric Northman”. Out of sight, out of mind i guess… So for me who wins this battle, all depends on what time of year I’m asked.

    I suppose it’s a good thing. With all the true blood goodliness, I haven’t even noticed that I’m missing TVD (although I am very much looking forwar to its return). Damon might actually be the prettier one, while Eric is the more impressive one (also now, he’s totally adorable cute as well). I wish they could meet, allthough I don’t think Sookie and Elena would get along…

    • LOL. I think I’m still slightly partial to my Damon. However, I’d be lying if I said that spending the summer in bed with the Viking Vamp hasn’t made the TVD hiatus, a whole lot easier.

      It’s funny you mention how the various True Blood and TVD characters would get along. I’ve been working on a little TVD/TB crossover fanfiction on And, interestingly enough, when it came to Sookie and Elena, I came to basically the same conclusion that you did. While the pair didn’t DISLIKE one another per se. Sookie was a bit judgy and motherly with Elena, which prevented the latter from seeing her as a “true friend.” Actually, in my story, Elena found herself feeling much more comfortable with Jessica, than with Sookie, because they are both the same age, and Jessica is fun, perky, and completely non-judgmental. In fact, Jessica reminds Elena of Caroline, which is one of the reasons she likes her so much.

      As for Eric and Damon, they are actually about to meet in an upcoming chapter, which I’m a bit stuck on, at the moment. My instincts tell me that while Eric will see a bit of his younger self, in Damon, he will not be able to regard the latter as an equal. Eric will most likely see Damon as being overly impulsive, emotional, and headstrong. And he will view that as a liability. Damon, who HATES being judged, will probably initially see Eric (old Eric, not Amnesia Eric, of course), as a total a$$hole . . . But the two will be evenly matched when it comes to wit and snark, and will eventually come to respect one another as powerful allies to have when fighting for a single unified cause.

      That’s what I’m guessing . . . but who knows if I will actually be able to convey that in the chapter. 🙂

      • Linn

        Woohoo, I’ll head over and read it at once 🙂 Who knows, maybe it’ll rekindle my Damon obsession already now…

      • Aww, thanks so much! It’s called Have Blood, Will Travel! And as you guessed (surprise, surprise) it’s a Delena story. 🙂

      • Linn

        I LOVE it! Of course Jason and Damon would hit it off 😉 Give us moooore, it’s bound to get even better now with Eric sauntering in the door! I’m very much looking forward to the interactions between our two favourite vamps. Will also be interesting to see how rebel without a cause Damon, reacts to the formal establishments of vampire society in Louisiana. He better show Eric some respect…

  11. Sabsy

    Team Eric!
    He is 1000 years old. So he is stronger around 1000 years. Sexier by 1000 years. Over 1000 years and still so much better than Damon. I Love Him. Eric Northman Sheriff’s simply the best vampire on the world.

    • Hey Sabsy! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! And thanks for supporting Team Eric. You know, based solely on the comments I’ve received here, I’d say the fanbases for these two Bad Boy Vamps are pretty even, in terms of numbers, which, I think is kind of unusual for this kind of “match-up.”

      I was particularly intrigued by your argument relating to Eric’s age and experience at 1,000 years, making him far superior to Damon’s, at a mere 170ish. I always found it interesting that, in the world of vampire mythology, older IS generally better. Whereas, it could be argued that in generalized society, evidence of aging, at least, after a certain point, is frowned upon.

      I guess one of the fun things about vampires, is that they get to obtain all the BENEFITS of being older: (wisdom, experience, the ability to care just a bit less about what others think of you), without the negatives: (wrinkles, increased sickness, slower response time, and, I guess, most notably, DEATH).

      So, in a sense, you are right: Eric definitely has age and experience over on Damon. (I still think they are BOTH, pretty darn hot, though . . . not to mention, pretty darn OLD! ;)) Thanks again for weighing in! 🙂

  12. Kari.

    Eric!, how can you compare a mega production like HBO with CW? i mean the actors are all cool and whatever, but true blood is more than only vampires is a lot of other creatures and the plot is much more superior than the vampire diaries one.
    Give me a break, of course Eric is much sexy with his macho macho appearance not like Ian (he is indeed cute but not a man he looks more like a teenager i believe Eric is more tough, man, tall etc) therefore my vote is 100% not only for Eric, for Bill also although he is such an asshole this season but also for TRUE BLOOD!!! YAYYY 🙂

  13. Kaleigh

    Not to mention, they both have had trysts with other women to distract them from their true loves. I.e. Damon with Rose and Andie and Eric with the Estonian chick.

  14. Astrid

    Aaargh. That is really a tough call. Eric or Damon? Eric or Damon? Can I go for team polygamic necrophilia?

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