Vampire Katherine just aged another year . . . – Happy Birthday, Nina Dobrev!

In honor of Nina Dobrev’s 22nd birthday, Ian Somerhalder baked her a cake . . .

Unfortunately, for Nina, Vampire Katherine (who shares the same birthday) got to it first . . .

“Mmmmm . . . red velvet blood  . . . my favorite flavor!”

22-years ago today, one of the most promising young actors of our generation was born.  (Nina Dobrev was born January 9, 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria, but moved to Canada at age 2.)  Roughly 20-years later, Nina won the hearts of two-GORGEOUS vampires, and of millions of fans wide, through her portrayal of both the headstrong and plucky Elena Gilbert . . .

 . . . and the devious diabolical (and tons of fun!) Vampire Katherine Pierce . . .

You know, I spend a lot of time on this blog extoling the virtues of the dreamy and delectable Damon Salvatore . . .

 . . . and his sensitive, yet sultry, brother Stefan . . .

But where would either of them be without the two women who hold their hearts and their humanity in either hand?

I mean seriously, without Elena and Katherine, who would these boys MAKE OUT WITH?

They’d probably have to resort to lots of Air Kissing . . .

And no one wants that . . .

So, that’s why today, in honor of Nina Dobrev’s birthday, I’ve decided to take a short break from celebrating the oh-so-sexy TVD men, in order to pay homage to the one woman who is literally the Gal Friday to EVERY GUY IN MYSTIC FALLS . . . 


Sorry BOYS!  It looks like you are just going to have to share . . .

Since most of us already know Nina from The Vampire Diaries, I thought it might be nice, for a change, to take a look back at some of her most noteworthy pre-Elena roles . . .

(Special thanks to YouTube maven sciolist2b, who has BY FAR the most comprehensive and highest quality collection of Nina Dobrev clips on the entire Internet!  sciolist, I don’t know you, but I definitely couldn’t have written this post without you!)

Mia Jones – Degrassi

Nina Dobrev’s Season 6 debut on Degrassi: The Next Generation was MY first introduction to the actress.  On Degrassi, Nina played Mia Jones, an unwed teen mother, forced to transfer to a rival high school, after her’s burned down.  Forget 16 and Pregnant, Mia Jones had her baby, Isabella at age THIRTEEN! 

Mamma MIA!

Though no where near as complex and multi-layered as the two characters she plays on The Vampire Diaries, Nina definitely got the opportunity to flex her acting chops here, as a young mother, trying to balance the responsibilities of parenting, with her desire to do typical “teen stuff” like cheerleading, parties, and dating.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a real juicy Mia Jones clip on YouTube for you to enjoy. 

However, I did find this on-set footage taken from her first day on the job.  And it’s pretty darn adorable.  All I have to say is . . . hell hath no fury like a TV baby who WON’T STOP CRYING!


Ally – American Mall

Around the same time that she was starring in Degrassi, Nina also picked up the lead role in the very High School Musical-esque American Mall, an MTV original film about mall employees who sing their feelings . . .

American Mall certainly wasn’t going to win any awards in its time (and I may very well have been the only one who actually watched it when it first aired).  However, as cheesy teen musicals go, this one was surprisingly enjoyable.  And Nina was extremely likeable as Ally, the girl who worked at her mother’s music store, but would much rather make out with the hot singing janitor her OWN music . . .

Rosabella – Mookie’s Law

Sometimes I wish I was Canadian.  Because Canadian Teen Television is just AWESOME!  I don’t think there is any country in the world (including the United States) that almost exclusively caters its media products toward the young adult demographic, like Canada does!  It seems that every time I flip the channels, I am finding another obscure (but oddly awesome) Canadian teen show, on some obscure U.S. cable channel, and wishing I had access to it when it first aired, back in Toronto, or wherever. 

Did I mention that the same 8 young actors (including Nina, of course) seem to be in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE!  It’s like one big happy family up there, ay?

Nina Dobrev starred as the lead character’s love interest in Mookie’s Law, a short Canadian film that was written, directed by and starred Al Mukadam, who — if you are a Canadian TV junkie like me — you may remember as Ray from Radio Free Roscoe.  Oh, and you can bet that Degrassi star turned Big Time Rapper, Drake, is in this one too . . .  (See what I mean?)

Justine – My Daughter’s Secret

You know, people joke all the time about Lifetime movies, and how cliched and lame they tend to be.  But a lot of really talented actresses got their start in Lifetime movies, and Nina Dobrev is one of them.  In My Daughter’s Secret she plays Justine, a teen who got herself roped into a romance with a VERY BAD BOYFRIEND.  (And in Lifetime movies, aren’t they ALL very bad?)

Jessica Carpenter – Too Young to Marry

As far as Lifetime movies go, this one looks kind of fun!  (For starters, neither of Nina’s two leading men in it are abusive, or “bad news.”  YAY!)  In Too Young to Marry, Nina stars as Jessica Carpenter, a girl who married her high school sweetheart, Max, at age 17.  However, she begins to doubt the decision she has made, upon experiencing the joys of drunk college makeout sessions.  (And who can blame her, when, at least based on the clips, it seems like her “husband” spends half of the movie in bed . . . just sleeping?) 

It sucks to be the “Nice Boy” in a Lifetime Movie . . . you get no lines . . . and you never get laid, until the very end.

Interestingly enough, Dillon Casey, who plays Nina’s husband in the movie, also played Vampire Noah, the first bloodsucker who tried to attack Elena on The Vampire Diaries.

But Canadians will remember him better as the often-naked Trevor Lemonde on the hockey-themed soap opera MVP.  (He lasted a bit longer on that show, than on TVD . . . in more ways than one ;))

Loren – Never Cry Werewolf

I actually learned about this film when I was writing a recap for TVD’s Bad Moon Rising episode.  I came upon the movie poster, almost entirely by accident, during my search for a solid werewolf-themed picture to kick off the recap. 

In Never Cry Werewolf, Nina plays Loren, an innocent teen who learns that her next door neighbor is actually a bloodthirsty werewolf, in search of a hot young prepubescent mate, to howl at the moon with . . .  Interestingly enough, I read on Wikipedia that the film itself is actually a shot-by-shot remake of a VAMPIRE film from the 1980’s called Fright Night.  Only here, the vampire Big Bad Villain was inexplicably substituted for a werewolf one. 

Knowing this, as I watching the following scene, where Kevin Sorbo’s werewolf character ties up a scantily clad “Loren” and threatens to turn her into a “monster,” I couldn’t help but imagine how much BETTER the film would be if Damon Salvatore was in it . . .

Sorry, Sorbo!  I’m going to have to agree with Damon on this one . . .


Rachel – Hearts of War a.k.a. The Poet

Far from starring only in teen dramas, Nina also gained recognition in feature films as well.  In Hearts of War she plays Rachel, a rabbi’s daughter who falls in love with a Nazi soldier during World War II.

Bella – Fugitive Pieces

Going along with a World War II theme, Nina alsoplayed the enigmatic Bella in Fugitive Pieces.  Bella was the main character Jakob’s sister in the film.  Bella was taken away (and eventually killed), along with the rest of his family, by Nazis during the Second World War.  Only Jakob survived the raid.  As a result of this tragedy, Bella’s youthful and emphemeral image haunts Jakob throughout his life . . .

Anna – Chloe

Nina Dobrev provided some much needed levity (and pants-lessness) to this dark and twisted thriller about the complex psycho-sexual relationship formed between a married gynecologist (Julianne Moore), and the looney tunes call-girl (Amanda Seyfried) said gynecologist hires to seduce her husband (Liam Neeson).  Nina plays Anna, the girlfriend of the main characters’ son in the film. 

While she’s certainly nice to look at, “Anna” doesn’t exactly seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.  Check out Anna’s reaction when Julianne Moore’s character learns the young woman has spent the night in her son’s bed . . .

Goth Girl – Away from Her

Of all the Nina clips I’ve shown you today, this one, from the Academy Award nominated film Away from Her is probably my favorite.  It features Nina in a way we’ve never quite seen her before.  Goth Girl is a person who most of Nina’s other characters probably wouldn’t have anything to do with . . . well, except for maybe Vampire Katherine . . .

Something tells me these two would have A LOT of fun together . . .

Speaking of Vampire Katherine, I thought I’d end this tribute post with a fun little scene from The Vampire Diaries, in which Elena and Katherine come face to face with one another for the first time.  The scene is from an episode entitled “Memory Lane” from Season 2.  Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Nina Dobrev!  Here’s hoping your 22nd year provides you with as much fun and entertainment as your first 21 have given us!



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24 responses to “Vampire Katherine just aged another year . . . – Happy Birthday, Nina Dobrev!

  1. mak75231

    I wrote this little lyric for a friend of mine who co-runs a site called The Salvatore Boarding House (sung to the tune of Bruno Mars’ “I Wanna Be A Billionaire”). She was totes envious of Nina when she started playing the dual role, since she gets to do all those make-out scenes with just about every guy on the show (except McQueen, that would be, like, incest lol). I should also explain that our group refers to Ian as MD (Magically Delicious–you’d hafta be in on the joke;)). Thought it was appropriate for your homage to Nina’s birthday!

    “I wanna be @ninadobrev so frickin bad,
    Bite all of the hunks I never had.
    I wanna be covered in guys from TVD,
    Smilin next to Davis and MD.”

    (had to rearrange the names to protect the innocent make it rhyme…..)

    • That is so cool, mak! I adore your lyrics! And they are so true! Thanks so much for sharing them with me! 🙂

      Nina Dobrev may very well be the most envied woman in Hollywood! It’s a good thing she’s so talented, and such a nice person. Otherwise, she’d definitely have to deal with the wrath of us fangirls . . . 😉

      (What those teenyboppers did to Selena Gomez for dating Justin Bieber, is nothing compared to the damage a bunch a fang-banging fangirls can do, if we’re angry enough. Look how we got both Ian AND Nina to Twitter Trend on their birthdays. Now, that’s some serious power! I bet the hosts of American Idol don’t trend on THEIR birthdays!)

      But I must say (even if I can’t be the one doing the kissing 😦 ) . . . it couldn’t have happened to a cooler person. Nina rocks! As do you, mak! 🙂

      • mak75231

        Aww! That’s so nice of you to say! I am totes an amateur–you write like the wind!

        Yes, it’s GREAT that we all love Nina–it could have SO gone the other way if she wasn’t such an amazing and charismatic person. Like, if they had actually cast Elena from the books, she’d probably be dead by now! (MeanGirl) Fang-banging cougars are even more ruthless! lol

        And as far as American Idol hosts trending…THIS year? With the second night of the week up against TVD? Good luck with that!

  2. You rocked it as usual. I hope you don’t mind if I link to your post at my other blog later LOL I haven’t posted there in forever and Nina’s birthday might be a good come back. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aina

    Happy New Year! 🙂 How are you doing!?

    Well I finally finished The Vampire Academy saga and as I promised here I am to review it with you! 🙂

    I’m soo happy I read those books, they’re absolutely fantastic! I couldn’t stop reading until I finished! But the strangest thing happened to me when I was reading the last book. After spending a whole afternoon crying my heart out I finished the book and as I read them all in Spanish I download them in English so I could read some parts in English. Then when I started the last one in English I realised that the book that I read in Spanish was not the book that Richelle Mead wrote! I think I read a book written by a fan! Unbelievable !!

    Anyway, after all this blah, blah, blah…I really loved these books! all the characters are amazing! I absolutely love them all (which is really rare on me). The thing is that the end left me kind of happy-sad…I really love Rose and Dimitri (who wouldn’t??) but Adrian…he was sooooo sweet!! I felt really bad for him…And I think I was sadder because in the first book that I read he was with another girl so everyone was happy at the end and seeing that he really finished heartbroken was really sad 😦

    Too bad there aren’t Dimitris in real world….

    • Hi Aina! Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

      Thanks so much for remembering to stop, by and talk about The Vampire Academy Series with me! 🙂 Your story about the faux version of The Last Sacrifice made me think about the time when someone “leaked” the final Harry Potter book online a day or two before it was supposed to be released, along with a summary of what happened in it. The only problem was that the leaked book WASN’T Deathly Hallows AT ALL! I remember it drove fans INSANE at the time, because in that fake version of the book, whoever wrote it KILLED OFF Ron Weasely. Now that’s just wrong . . .

      And it was wrong of this Richelle Mead fan to toy with your emotions like that. So, I am mad at her (or him) on your behalf. I’m so glad you ultimately found the REAL book though.

      SPOILER ALERT (For those who haven’t completed the series – STOP HERE):
      I too was happy with how things ended for Rose and Dimitri, and Lissa and Christian, but felt terrible for Adrian, who I always adored. He was really the only character (aside from the “bad guys” of course) who didn’t get a happy ending. Wasn’t he?

      Here’s the thing though. I think that Richelle Mead WILL eventually write a happy ending for Adrian. Especially since she is penning three separate related series as “spinoffs” for Vampire Academy as we speak. The first set of books, Bloodlines will center around the Sydney character, and is said to feature one of Rose’s former love interests. I know that Mead suggested some future romance between Sydney and fellow alchemist Ian in the book, but wouldn’t it be AWESOME if she actually ended up with Adrian? Personally, I think they’d be amazing together!

      I guess we will just have to wait and see. Until then . . . well . . . I guess we will just have to reread the Vampire Academy books to get our Dimitri and Adrian fixes. 😉

  4. imaginarymen

    I had no idea she’d worked so much! She’s only 22 for pete’s sake!! ;-0

    That Degrassi clip was cute – she looked about 12 and her little Canadian accent was really sweet.

    • I love the Degrassi clip too. And you are right! She does look really young! I think the video is from 2006, which would have made her 17 at the time . . . I think. I imagine it’s somewhat strange for actors and actresses — who begin their careers when they are in their early teens — to still be PLAYING teenagers well into their twenties . . .

      But hey, it sure beats playing “the Mom.” 🙂

  5. I love Nina, and totally wish I could hang out with her, Candice, you and Amy with a bunch of nail polish and Shirtless Salvatores at the ready. How awesome would it be to have boys like IAN and PAUL the ones most likely to crash your girlie parties?

    Tehe! The air kiss reference cracked me up because it made me think of the “pucker” and *kiss*kiss* sound Damon did in The Return. I’m not sure where the Damon tics begin and Ian ends 🙂 Which is a good thing, in my books!

    The Never Cry Werewolf film poster is so hilarious! Is it a deliberate parody or is the film just insanely cheesy but still taking itself seriously?

    • Based on the clips I saw on YouTube, Never Cry Werewolf took itself VERY seriously, lol. I’m actually curious to see it. It looks awesomely bad (except for Nina’s parts, of course ;))!

      Hey, this would be the perfect film for us all to watch at our Salvatore Slumber Party! Movies like this are the stuff drinking games are made of!

      • kirareaper

        To be honest, the actual werewolf parts looked ugly. But I loved the other parts. Especially a certain kick in a no no zone. *smirks evily*

  6. Oh! Congrats on breaking one million! I’m so proud 😉

    • Awwww, thanks Cherie! I didn’t expect it to happen for another couple of days. So, it was actually a nice surprise Sunday gift :).

      I have you and Amy to thank for it, really. I would never have been able to keep this up so long, without all your awesome, support, kind words, and good press! 😉

  7. imaginarymen

    I’d like to add to Cherie’s slumber party guest list: Julie Plec and Mandi Bierley (she’s an EW writer who basically is Julie and I – except she gets paid to recap and ogle hot boys!)

    One million??? AWESOME!! You are my Blogging Idol!!

    • Oooh, Mandi and Julie would be AWESOME additions to our Slumber party! (Maybe we should rent out a hotel suite, or something. This could get crowded!)

      I really do feel like us TVD fans and bloggers are one big happy awesomely creative family. I’ve never really experienced this kind of sense of community, while watching a television series before. I know Lost had a similar tightly-knit community. But some of those people were really snooty. Not TVD fans. We rock!

      And thanks for the kudos, Amy! Honestly, if it weren’t for your finding me, and letting me know there was someone out there who was actually reading, I probably wouldn’t have lasted a month!

  8. Pingback: The Vampire Diaries Has Found its Klaus – But Who the Heck is Joseph Morgan? | TV Recappers Anonymous

  9. pedram

    i like nina dobrev

    • I do too, pedram! She’s an excellent actress. And she seems, at least based on interviews, to be a genuinely kind, and down-to-earth person, as well. 🙂

  10. caroline

    It appears that you really like Elena and Katherine, but they’re the same person anyway 😀
    So nice blog finer than my cousin :S
    I also love Vampire Diaries I’m kind of crazy vampire movies hahahaha;)
    I love twilight too;)
    Has 5 poster at twilight;)
    But hope you post more on this blog;)
    Maybe I’ll write some more comments when you have put more on the blog 😀

  11. I love this show so much, Nina is so beautiful and the boys are sexy!

  12. kirareaper

    Wikapedia is definitely not a good source of information. I actually first watched never cry werewolf in 2008 on Syfy. I eventually bought the dvd. Kevin Sorbo played Red Tucker (the tv hunter), not Jared (the werewolf). Jared was played by Peter Stebbings. I’m not sure about the whole it being shot for shot for the original fright night, having only seen the original, but if you want good information about movies and tv shows, I’d suggest IMDb. Sorry for the correcting, but it irked me because Never Cry Werewolf is one of my favorite werewolf movies.

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