Looks Can Be Deceiving – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Salt Meets Wound”

Hanna got bored being home alone.  So, she decided to reenact a famous scene from that old movie, Rear Window.

Welcome back, my Pretties!  It’s time for another Pretty Little Recap.  Is it just me, or does this show keep getting better every week?  I mean, here we are two weeks away from the supposed reveal of “A’s” identity, and I still have NO CLUE who it is!  NONE!  And I suspect everybody . . . even YOU!

Let’s start reviewing the clues, shall we?

What do Jesus and Humpty Dumpty have in common?

When the episode begins, the Fabulous Foursome have just taken a wheelchair-bound Hanna home from the hospital.  Immediately, we see  Hanna fussing with a very large bumper sticker on her cast.  (I’m loving her flawless blue manicure, by the way.)

The bumper sticker says “Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed.”

“So TRUE!”

Of course, the nursery-rhyming sticker is meant to cover up a much more odious message, which “A” left on Hanna’s cast last week . . .

Aria snipes at Spencer for the inappropriate nature of the bumper sticker.  (Hey, at least it didn’t say “Humpty Dumpty was run over by a car.”  Because that would have just been rude!)

“Ya, think!”

(By the way, notice how Hanna has BLACK nailpolish in this scene, and LIGHT BLUE when she gets home from the hospital . . . just sayin’.)

Spencer defends her choice by saying, it was either the Humpty Dumpty bumper sticker or one that says, “Jesus is coming  .  . . look busy.”  Personally, I would have gone with Jesus . . .

With all the TOTAL crazies who are after these girls, they are going to need all the help from above they can get!

One of the girls (I can’t remember who) holds up a stuffed panda that Hanna brought home, and asks who gave it to her.  She tells the girls it’s from Lucas.  Emily thinks this is very sweet, but Hanna doesn’t seem to agree.   As for me, I just keep wondering about that EVIL bear that we saw by Hanna’s hospital bed, last week . . .

That bear is nowhere to be found.  I’m thinking it was from Sean.  So, Lucas’ panda probably ate it . . .

The Truth is in the CARBS!

Hanna sudddenly gets this MAJOR craving for Pop Tarts, which is kind of random . . . And if this was any other teen show, it would make me think she was pregnant.  So, when the rest of the girls leave the room for a second, she takes her crutch, and uses it to empty the contents of the Marin Family FORBIDDEN CARBS CABINET!  Unfortunately, Hanna never gets to eat her precious Pop Tarts, because she finds THIS on the floor . . .

It’s a box of lasagna . . . with HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS HIDDEN INSIDE!

Hanna’s not 100% sure where this money came from, but she’s thinks its probably bad news.  Us fans, on the other hand, KNOW its bad news, because we watched Hanna’s sticky fingers mother steal it from a little old lady, during the mid-season finale.  When the girls come back from wherever it was they conveniently ran off to for the last two minutes, Hanna kicks their asses out of the house.  They seem confused by her sudden rudeness, but chalk it up to her being tired, and, ultimately, leave.  Then, as if on cue, Hanna gets THIS text from “A.”

“Like Mommy, like daughter.  Can you run from the law on those legs? – A”

(I’m thinking this “clue” is going to be a pretty tough one for the writers to explain away.  I mean, any number of high school students could have learned about Hanna’s shoplifting arrest.  Teens do gossip, after all.  But for “A” to know that Ashley Marin stole that money, he or she would have had to have been in the bank with her WHILE she was doing it . . . or at least saw the wad of cash in her car, when she was driving away.  I don’t think too many of the suspects on this show had the opportunity to do either of those things.  The plot thickens!)

When Ashley Marin arrives home from a shopping spree, Hanna confronts her about the Lasagna Money.  (I sure hope they don’t end up eating those!  Who knows where that money has been?)

Rather then be embarrassed or apologetic about her behavior, Mama Marin copes with the situation, by getting extremely defensive with her daughter.  “I HID IT IN A BOX OF CARBS!  I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE SAFE!”  She whines.

(Nice Mama Marin!  Way to make your daughter, WHO IS RECOVERING FROM AN EATING DISORDER, feel good about herself . . .) 

 Ever the wordsmith, Ashley describes the money as a five finger discount an “unauthorized loan,” one that she plans on paying back by the end of the year by turning tricks for Deputy Douchey and Aria’s dad.  Hanna, of course, thinks her mom’s excuse is a load of crap, as do I.  But she’s got way too much on her plate to deal with it right now . . .

“Maya eats everything!”

Sometimes, I have to wonder a bit about the writers of Pretty Little Liars, and just how purposeful their “dirty little jokes” are.  Take this scene for example, where Emily is having yet another awkward breakfast with her perpetual-stick-up-her-butt mom, and her way-nicer-than-I-thought-he-would-be military dad.  The family is discussing how Emily’s girlfriend, Maya, will be joining them for dinner that evening.  So, Emily mother asks if there is anything she should know about what Maya eats.  To this, Emily responds, “Maya eats EVERYTHING!”

I know, girls.  We can’t believe they wrote that into the script, either . . .


(For those of you who don’t understand why that comment was risque, you are probably better off not knowing.) 

Anyway, the next day at school, Emily is VERY nervous about Maya coming over for dinner, and instructs her new lady love to wear a dress.  Maya jokes that she will tell Emily’s parents that she knit her dress, so as not to appear too “butch.” But Emily is not amused.  Apparently, Emily’s parents are NOT down with the gay jokes except the ones they accidentally make, involving “eating out”.  They even change the channel when Ellen comes on . . .

They must have something against dancing!

Aria, who is nearby at the time, tells Maya that if she decides to wear jeans, instead of a dress, she should definitely IRON THEM . . .

“Nice one, Aria!  Usually, Spencer and Hanna get all the funny lines, but that one was all YOU!”

Maya does end up wearing a dress to dinner, which scores her major points with Emily’s mom.  Those points disappear, however, when Maya tells Mrs. Fields (as in Emily’s mom, not the maker of the cookies) that she doesn’t eat fish seafood.

Yeah . . . I can’t defend them anymore.  The writers definitely knew what they were doing here.   That was one FISHY joke!

“But you said MAYA EATS EVERYTHING!”  Emily’s mom cries out way too loudly.  (Oh dear!  This is starting to make me feel uncomfortable.)

Maya loses more points, when she admits that her parents didn’t get married until AFTER she and her brother were born.  (GASP!)  They also used a FELT TIP MARKER to DRAW their wedding ring. (DOUBLE GASP!)  And one of them even has a TATTOO!  (OOOOHHHH NOOOO!)  Emily’s dad thinks Hippy Dippy Maya is just a plain old riot.  But Emily’s mom most certainly does not.  In fact, she leaves the room to do THIS . . .

While in the pantry, Emily’s mom spent so long, staring at jars of food, and bawling her eyes out, I half expected her to try and POISON Maya to death, by sneaking seafood into her meal.  To make matters worse, when Emily’s mom comes outside to give Maya some leftovers, she finds her and her daughter making out, HARD CORE!

I wouldn’t eat those leftovers, if I were you, Maya.  They seem . . . fishy.

After dinner, Emily’s sweet mom kindly tells Emily that (1) her dad’s leaving again at the end of the month; and (2) Emily’s relationship with Maya makes her sick to her stomach.  (Wow, the moms on this show are the BEST EVER!  One’s a thief, and the other’s a mean-spirited homophobe . . . If Aria’s mom ends up having killed Ali, I won’t be surprised.)

She is a witch, after all . . .

 Speaking of Aria . . .

She visits Fitzy, after class to tell him that it was Bushy Eyebrows Noel who “I SEE YOU””d his car, during the mid-season finale.

Aria assures Fitzy that Noel promised to keep their relationship a secret.  But Fitzy isn’t so sure . . .

His suspicions are confirmed, when Noel stops by the class later to complain about a “C” he got on his Great Gatsby paper . . .

Noel doesn’t think he deserves a “C.”  Not with all he .  . . KNOWS.  In fact, he thinks that he deserves an “A.”

Get it?  “A” . . . (hint, hint, wink wink)

Fitzy tells Aria that Bushy Eyebrows Noel is a TOTAL psycho, who is blackmailing him for grades.  Their discussion is interrupted by Super Scary Blind Jenna (more on her freakishness later), who needs Fitzy to sign something.  “Sorry to interrupt,” she snivels.

OK . . . PLL writers, the whole “Blind Girl Knows Everything” joke is getting a bit old . . .

Aria later confronts Noel about Fitzy’s allegations against him.  Noel completely denies it, assuring Aria that her illegal boyfriend is a Big Fat Liar.  What surprises me is that Aria actually considers this for a moment.  However, she then remembers a time when Ali got Noel’s girlfriend to dump him, so that he would be single for Aria (who was crushing on him at the time).

Check out “Goth” Aria, and Not-Actually-Chubby-But-Pretending-To-Be Hanna from Flashback World!

And look!  There’s Bushy Eyebrows Noel with an Elvis Presley Haircut that’s SO LAST YEAR!

“Is there some old grudge you’ve got against me and my friends?”  Aria asks, genuinely expecting an honest answer from this d-bag. 

Noel responds by . . . walking away . . . (Hmmmmm, interesting.)


But you know who CAN’T walk away?

Even though Creepy Toby is out on bail, he’s under house arrest.  This means he has to wear a police-locating anklet, just like Lindsay Lohan.  When Emily comes to visit him, he’s trying to CHOP IT OFF.  (Riiiight, because the cops would NEVER notice a thing like THAT!)  Emily promises that she’s not the one who turned Creepy Toby in to the cops last season.  Creepy Toby doesn’t seem to believe her, because Emily never showed any signs of believing Toby, when he promised her that he didn’t murder Ali.

After Emily leaves, Blind Jenna pops up (as she ALWAYS tends to do), thereby ensuring that this already creepy scene is about to get TEN TIMES CREEPIER!

Toby tells Jenna about how Emily said she wasn’t the one who turned him in to the cops.  “She didn’t.  I did,” says Jenna matter-of-factly.  “How did you expect to prove you were innocent, if you kept running around like a fugitive?”

Then . . . she KISSES . . . HER BROTHER . . . ON THE LIPS!

OK . . . I get that they aren’t supposed to be biologically related .  . . but STILL!

Toby makes me like him just a smidge more, when he rebuffs Blind Jenna’s advances.  (See, I didn’t even call him Creepy, this time.  Baby Steps.)  “You can chain me to this porch, and I still wouldn’t touch you again,” he growls.

Blind Jenna responds to this remark, by slapping Toby in the face, and running away.  But Toby’s got bigger fish to fry than a Scary Incest Loving Sister.  We learn toward the end of the episode, that the police found Ali’s blood on the ugly green sweater Toby lent her the night she died.  This will undoubtedly make Toby the prime suspect in Ali’s murder, in the eyes of the Rosewood Police.  In PLL viewers’ eyes though, the prospect of Toby’s being “A” and/or Ali’s murderer is becoming increasingly less likely.  (After all, he has a perfect alibi for when Hanna was hit by the car last season, seeing as he was IN JAIL at the time.)


“Point, Set, Match!”

Of all the Pretty Little Liars’ storylines tonight, Spencer’s was probably the least interesting.  Because Wren wasn’t in it.  BRING BACK WREN!  In her defense, she was looking ABSOLUTELY fabulous in her 1920’s inspired hat, and matching blouse.  She spent most of the episode making out with her new boyfriend notWren Alex . . .

 . . . who, though, supposedly “working class” inexplicably owns a REALLY nice sports car (see above). 

Spencer and Alex got into a bit of a fight over the fact that Alex had the opportunity to take on a fancy tennis internship  (He could GO PRO!), but prefers to stay at home and work for his uncle instead.  Over-achieving, Harvard-bound, Spencer thinks this is kind of lame.  And when Alex throws the internship application in the trash, she looks disappointed in him.

“I’m judging you.”

So, you could imagine BOTH their surprises, when Alex is notified by phone that his internship application has been submitted ELECTRONICALLY.  Alex automatically assumes Spencer went behind his back to do this, and storms off.  So, of course, precisely NO ONE is surprised when Spencer receives that Oh-So-Predictable text from “A” that says . . . wait for it . . . “Point, Set, Match . . .”

That’s OK, Hanna . . . we thought it was cheesy too.

Back at her mansion, Spencer finds all of her NEW brother-in-law, Ian’s stuff in her living room, and chats with her dad about what a huge jackass her sister decided to marry, and how bizarre the whole thing is.  (We think so too, Spencer!)  While she’s looking at Ian’s crap, she notices a set of golf clubs with a hotel tag on them Hilton Head, South Carolina . . .

She then conveniently recalls, via flashback, that Ali had the same tags on her suitcases when she returned from her “Grandma’s House” the day she died.  And since WE all know from that video tape from last season, that Ian may well have been the last person to see Ali alive . . . this all looks very suspicious, indeed .  . .

Happy “You Still Have a Spleen” Day, Hanna!

Annoying Mona decides to throw Hanna a “Welcome Back!  You are still hot, even though you don’t have a spleen” surprise party at the Marin household.  But Hanna still HAS her spleen, so Mona has to change the party’s name.  Name changes aside, Mona arrives at Hanna’s house, under the pretense of “getting her up to speed” on school.  She then acts shocked, when a random car pulls into Hanna’s driveway.  Hanna, of course, FREAKS out.  “CALL THE POLICE!”  She yelps.

“SURPRISE,” replies the ENTIRE student body of Rosewood High . . .

Hanna tries to be a good sport about this impromptu event, but it’s pretty clear she’s not having a good time.  For starters, random people (most notably BUSHY EYEBROWS NOEL) are raiding her CARBS CABINET, which, as you recall, contains her Stolen Lasagna Money.  Then there’s her lame as heck boyfriend, Sean, telling lame stories about Hanna to anybody who will listen, and making constipated monkey faces, like THIS . . .

Then there’s Lucas, who CLEARLY did not take Hanna’s gentle bedside rejection of his advances well AT ALL!  He’s getting belligerantly wasted on “jungle juice,” and making all sorts of snide (though admittedly VERY funny) comments at Boring Sean’s expense.  Eventually, Sean gets fed up, and starts to whale on the kid.  Fortunately, Bushy Eyebrows Noel breaks up the fight.  (I can’t believe I just used the words “fortunately” and “Noel” in the same sentence.) 

Hanna invites a very petulant Lucas outside to talk about his feelings . . .

“You came here to get back at me for what happened at the hospital,” Hanna tells Lucas, matter-of-factly.

“You are no different from the rest of them!” Lucas yells, despite the fact that Hanna has been NOTHING BUT NICE to him, through his hospital stalking, and recent bad behavior.  “Considering what that b*tch did to me, I should have done way worse to her!”

Hanna looks horrified.  “What did you do to Ali, Lucas?”  She asks.

Lucas then admits something we all have suspected, since last season.  He was the one who destroyed that UGLY ASS memorial fountain built in Ali’s honor.  “Dying doesn’t make you a saint,” Lucas says, by way of explanation.

But destroying this fountain makes YOU one, Lucas.  MAN, was that thing UGLY!

Lucas offers Hanna the opportunity to turn him in for his destruction of public property, but Hanna refuses.  “I’m not going to call the cops.  I think we can keep this between us,” replies Hanna.

“Please don’t make me like you.  It’s too hard,” pleaded Lucas sadly, before walking away.

(Please don’t make me like YOU, Lucas!  Because, despite everything you’ve done in the past two episodes, I still DO . . . VERY MUCH, actually!  And if you end up being “A” or Ali’s killer, that will make me REALLY upset!)


After Lucas leaves, Boring Sean comes outside to stick out his tongue and sing “Na-Na Na-Na Boo, Boo!”

But Hanna uses this opportunity to question him as to how well he really knows Bushy Eyebrows Noel, who she still suspects of being “A” and/or “Ali’s killer.”  The mere SUGGESTION that his Butt Buddy isn’t Mr. Perfect, freaks out Sean.  And he gets all huffy with Hanna.  So, Hanna, who is clearly tired of babysitting cranky baby boys, when SHE is the one nursing a serious leg injury, tells Sean to leave, and take the rest of her “party guests” with him.

While Hanna is cleaning up, she hears a noise in the house, and becomes convinced she is being attacked by “A” and/or Ali’s killer.  The poor girl is nearly in tears, when her mother gets home.  Mama Hypocrite is FURIOUS with Hanna for throwing a party (which she didn’t, by the way .  . . at least, not on purpose).  Hanna’s mom then becomes even MORE furious when she finds that someone has STOLEN her STOLEN MONEY from her!

Ashley Marin takes one of Hanna’s pain meds, before stomping off to bed.  But when Hanna opens the SAME medication, she finds a letter tucked inside . . .

“You will get your money back, if you do what I say. — Sweet Dreams, A”

In the last scene of the episode, we see a “mysterious gloved hand” (Aren’t they ALWAYS mysterious and gloved?) shoving those stolen $100 bills into an UGLY Clown Bank . . .

My prediction?  The next time we see this bank, it will be in episode 4.  And it will be THIS bank, that ultimately reveals to US (if not to the Pretty Little Liars themselves) A’s identity.

And, that was “Salt Meets Wound” in a nutshell.  Sweet Dreams!



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23 responses to “Looks Can Be Deceiving – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Salt Meets Wound”

  1. Thandi

    Wow! What a great recap. I stumbled upon this site because afterellen hasn’t posted their recap yet. I think I’m a fan now. Loved the lesbian jokes.

    • Hi Thandi! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap, and understand my sense of humor.

      To be honest, I was kind of worried that people would be offended, or take those jokes the wrong way. It’s nice to know that at least one person didn’t. 🙂

      I had a ton of fun writing this recap. The writing on this show just keeps getting sharper, and sharper, as far as I’m concerned (Not to mention a bit more risque.) I LOVE IT! 🙂

  2. I’m beginning to think that A is Alex Mack-ing her way around town. That is the only rational explanation for how she has been so omnipresent yet undetected. Well, hey, their names both start with an A. That is my theory and I’m sticking with it 😉 Keep an eye out for the one person constantly wearing a hat (Remember “Alex Mack wears a hat” promos?!), and that will be the subtle tip-off of who the killer is.

    How anyone can resist Lucas’ rapid fire wit is beyond me. My chest monster snuffled awake (dormant after Wren left) with hopefulness in the very first scene he appeared in. I thought “oh, a creature like me I could play with!” The actor is doing such a great job with him. His “don’t make me like you” was such a great moment because amongst all the crazy on this show and the fairytale makeouts, a nice little dose of reality is nice every now and then. Cute charismatic geeks are SO my type!

    • Hmmm . . . you know, SPENCER was wearing that 20’s flapper hat this week ;). Maybe you are on to something, with this Alex Mack theory of yours, Cherie!

      I fell in love with Brendan Robinson (the actor who plays Lucas) this week too! (Not that I haven’t always been a bit enamored with the character.) You are absolutely right. His portrayal of Lucas this week was mixed with just the right amounts of snarkiness, broody angst, anger, vulnerability, and lovesick puppy-ness. And of course, he was TOTALLY channeling Seth Cohen, during his three-episode self-destructive phase on The O.C . . .

      Man, I miss Seth Cohen! At least we have his Mini Me Lucas to keep us entertained, for the next two years, and maybe longer . . . 🙂

      (Pretty Little Liars has just been picked up for a SECOND SEASON!)

  3. Anastasia

    There’s no way Toby killed Ali. There’s something about Jenna, maybe it turns out she actually isn’t blind? Ian plays a big part in the book, I wonder if he does here too.

    Noel is so evil… and there’s no way he’s A, it’s too like not a surprize. It has to be someone the girls know but don’t suspect at all.

    Btw what happened to Wilden, did he just die or something?

    • Hi Anastasia! I feel the same way you do about Noel. For him to be “A,” and/or Ali’s killer would just be too obvious, especially since ALL the girls seem to suspect him now. Toby’s out too. Because, even though he did lend Ali the Ugly Green Sweater she was wearing when she died, we already know from that video tape, that Ian was with Ali, AFTER Toby left.

      I’m hoping “A” isn’t who it was in the books. I’ve heard it won’t be. (Though I’m OK with Ali’s killer remaining the same. That was a nice twist.)

      Lucas seems like a good possibility for “A” (But NOT Ali’s killer), based on the things he knows, and when he seems to know them. For example, he’s the only one who knew about Hanna’s financial difficulties. But I like him so much, I’m hoping it’s not him. And, of course, Jenna is SUPER CREEPY, and seems to know EVERYTHING, all the TIME, which makes her a good suspect.

      Then, of course, there’s Melissa and Ian. But I’d suspect them more of being Ali’s murderers than being “A.” It would be strange for 20-somethings to get involved in high school texting taunts.

      I guess we will just have to wait and see . . .

      As for Wilden a.k.a. Deputy Douchey, I think it was sort of implied that Spencer’s mom got him thrown off the case (or at least forced him to stop harrassing the girls), during the Perfect Storm episode. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him though. He just seemed WAY too obsessed with the PLLs, to give up that easily.

  4. The more I think about the “Maya eats everything” statement, I wonder if that is true about her or Emily (ie are the bisexual). Would make their dynamic even more interesting, plus I don’t think I can recall a bisexual character on primetime; at least, not in the show that I watch.

    • I’m not quite sure about Maya. But I always thought Emily might be bisexual (though probably more gay than straight) based on what, to me, seemed to be a genuine sexual attraction to Toby, on her part.

      I like your idea about the line being a “hint” of some sort. (They DID mention it THREE times. So, there was no way that was just a coincidence.) When it came up, I just assumed it was a sly nod to the lesbian community, as well as the segment of PLL’s fanbase who are old enough to watch R-rated movies ;).

      The joke was cleverly written in such a way, that it could be interpreted COMPLETELY innocently, if the censors were ever to complain about it. Thus, giving the writers and producers the opportunity to disavow all knowledge of the “dirty joke’s” existence, if challenged. 😉

      • I would kind of love if either character DID end up being bisexual, because it truly would be a clever piece of foreshadowing.

        It is always great when the censors are beaten at their own game. Kinda like how The Vampire Diaries exec producer call everyone “Dicks” because this is a guy’s name, so technically it can’t be outlawed from a show where other profanity can.

      • So true! I was equally surprised when Lucas said the word “b*tch” this week on PLL. (Although I think “A” has “typed” the word in her taunts before, I don’t recall it ever having been said on the show.) But I guess, since that’s a “female dog,” the same principle applies. 🙂

    • *they *shows because apparently my spelling and grammar is dead in the morning

  5. Secret

    Im baaack! yes it is I secret remember me? Last season? im sure yu do enough about my return on to your recap….
    Okay so where should i begin i thought it was hilarious the “maya eats everything” thing haha i remember watching the episode on Monday and thinking “hmm maya eats everything thats cool she totally isnt fat though.. wait WOAH!” That was almost as disturbing as Jenna and her creepiness( she was reeally creepy in this ep)
    Noel seems more and more suspicious.. blackmailing, lying about blackmailing to his girlfriend ( wait did they break up or not im kinda confused) but i still have a suspicion for Mona idk she just seems kind of .. fake like happy fake a sort of happy all the time ( you know when ppl are always happy you can sort of tell thier evil) think about it… The party was Mona’s idea right and when she told Spencer and Emily about the party and they were like ” i dont think she is in the party mood” or whatever they said she said “im sure she’ll be fine if you dont come”
    Hmmm okay so there could of been two things she ment by that 1) Dont come or 2) now that i said that you have to come… maybe im wrong idk but that girl is fake and weird and something going on with her
    Jenna and Toby… sigh it was already disturbing hearing Ali SAY they were doing it but to see them kiss.. no i dont think so! It was nasty and as she was leaning into him i was screaming dont do it and covering my eyes like it was a horror movie ( it was just as bad ) and no the fact that they sre’nt blood related doesn’t help.. AT ALL that is still his sister and that is still her brother
    Toby did win some points when he rejected her in the oh so funny way he did
    Lucas… ah poor Lucas… Sean is so NOT right for Hanna.. but Lucas he was until he went all psycho on me even though his smart remarks were absolutely HILARIOUS still Lucas.. come onn Ali was the biggest BITCH ever still dont take it out on Hanna if Hanna is saying she don’t want im then he should know she does ( does that make sense ) what im saying is i have high hopes for this couple.. she’ll come around im sure she will.. she is my fav pretty little liar after all
    Hanna’a mom.. oh god she made me lose all respect for her when she stole from a little old lady now i lost even more respect when she hid the stolen money in a LASAGNA BOX come on seriously and then the money SHE STOLE is STOLEN that is Karma i know it is
    That’s all i have to say.. til next Monday ofcourse

    • Hi, Secret! Of course, I remember you! It’s great to see you on the blogosphere again. Just think, we have a whole half-season of new PLL episodes to snark about. 🙂

      I agree that Mona is a solid suspect for being “A.” She has motive (All the PLL girls, used to make fun of her, back when she was nerdy and unpopular). She knows a lot of the girls’ secrets: particularly, the ones regarding Hanna (the shoplifting, the financial problems, the eating disorder), and Aria (Remember how she was lurking in the background, when Aria found out about her dad having the affair?) She also had access to Hanna at the hospital, and could have totally written on her cast, during one of the many times Hanna was asleep, during the premiere episode.

      I just kind of hope Mona isn’t “A” for two reasons: (1) I think she would be a boring choice; (2) the character really annoys me. 🙂

      Ahhh . . . Bushy Eyebrows Noel. He HAS been acting super creepy, lately, hasn’t he? In terms of his whole “girlfriend breakup thing,” you are right. That part was a bit confusing.

      I think that scene was a flashback from a party that happened the year prior, when Ali was still alive. Aria had a crush on Noel back then. So, Ali told Noel’s girlfriend at the time, something that made her dump Noel. (They didn’t show us exactly what she said.) This way, he would be free for Aria to date. I imagine the flashback was meant to show that Noel had motive for harassing the girls, thereby making him seem more likely to be “A.”

      However, I don’t think Noel actually “A,” since all the girls suspect him already. That would be kind of anti-climactic. He’s just a major creeper, I think. Nothing more, nothing less. ;).

      Speaking of creepy, Ugggh! Blind Jenna is the CREEPIEST of them all! I always assumed it was TOBY, who seduced HER. But it seems as though it was the other way around.

      It was an interesting choice, on the show writer’s part, to flip things around that way, as the female is rarely shown as the aggressor in storylines like this. (Then again, incest is not typically covered on shows like this either!) The whole scene was incredibly disturbing. But it did make me like Toby a bit more.

      Toby handled both Spooky Blind Jenna, and his encounter with Emily, really well, surprisingly. I think he’s smarter (and more normal) than most of us (including me) give him credit for. (I can’t BELIEVE I’m actually complimenting Creepy Toby!)

      I think Hanna is my favorite PLL girl too. She was such a shallow biatch in the pilot. But she’s really changed, in these first 12 episodes. I think she’s probably the nicest, and least selfish, of all the girls on the show, right now. She also has some of the funniest lines. Speaking of funny lines, Lucas was HILARIOUS, in his drunk and self-destructive mode, this week. It’s high time someone put Boring Sean in his place, and proved to Hanna he’s not the “Perfect Man” she seems to think he is.

      I love Hanna’s and Lucas’s dynamic together. I just KNOW they will end up making an awesome couple. If only she would recognize that her feelings for him are more than just platonic. But I guess she has other things on her mind right now (major understatement). Plus, he HAS been acting like kind of a dick (and a little bit of a creeper), these past two episodes . . .

      I can’t wait until next week! This show just keeps getting better . . . I can barely make fun of it anymore now! (But I manage to do it anyway, of course. ;))

  6. lala

    LOVE ur blog on this omg…i was reading another recap and saw a comment that said that a person thought the clown bank looked familiar…thoughts?

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, lala! I appreciate your stopping by and commenting. 🙂

      I hadn’t heard anything about the clown bank looking familar. But if it HAS been seen before on the show, that what definitely limit who could be “A,” as we have only seen a few of the characters’ homes before. In fact, we haven’t had the opportunity to peek into the homes of many of the main suspects. (i.e. Mona, Noel, Lucas, and Blind Jenna)

      Let’s see . . . we’ve seen inside Aria’s house, but I would be shocked if “A” ended up being one of her family members (like her brother, for instance), as they really haven’t been on the show all that much, especially since the show returned from hiatus. We’ve seen inside Hanna’s house, but I doubt she would blackmail herself. 🙂 We’ve also seen the inside of Spencer’s, Emily’s, Maya’s, and Fitz’s homes.

      If the bank was spotted in Spencer’s house, all signs would point to Melissa being “A.” Maya would be an interesting choice as “A” as well (especially since she lives in Ali’s old house, and found ALL of Ali’s old stuff in a box when she moved in — I bet there were a lot of “secrets” in that box). However, I’m not exactly sure what her motive would be yet, since she just moved into the neighborhood. Fitz turning out to be “A,” or Ali’s killer, would be a COMPLETE SHOCKER. I think fans would truly be in an uproar over that.

      Then again, it’s possible the clown bank was shown in one of the main cast members homes, and was simply stolen from it. Both Hanna’s and Spencer’s homes have been broken into during the show, and Hanna just had a ton of people over for that party. If the clown bank was stolen, all suspects are still fair game.

      Perhaps, we should check out some of the screencaps from the earlier episodes, where we saw the characters’ homes and bedrooms. Maybe the clown bank will be in one of them. Thanks so much for the great tip! 🙂 I’m very curious now . . .

  7. Secret

    Hmm looks like a new suspect is about to be revealed starting with a nice little video from the 10th ep that proved that in Rosewood being a Pedophile is totally in this year watch it if you haven’t already

  8. Secret

    by watch it i mean go to youtube and look up pretty little liars episode 123 promo you’ll see it there 🙂

  9. snottlebie

    LOL this episode.
    Maya “eats everything”. I truly enjoyed that. Yay ABC Family shows!

    Noel – Definitely not A. I mean, it’s way too obvious. I liked that the girls had like one (?) line of dialogue about the possibility of “A” being more than one person. Because, I mean, how is there this person who not only does all the crap A does but has the time/god-like powers to know when the girls stumble upon A’s schemes. It’s like: Oh I just found out the money’s gone. One second later: Receive a text from A.

    -Also: A’s texts? Really slacking. Emily hasn’t been blackmailed in months . And since A isn’t Noel, A isn’t technically blackmailing Aria either. So all A is doing is…going through the garbage to mess with Spencer and stealing lasagna boxes. I agree with you on this point – if A knows about the “borrowed loan” then it can really only point to someone seeing Hanna’s mom’s purse at the hospital? When she was carrying around the badrillion dollars? IDK.

    UNLESS: That whole panda bear scene was so random it has to have some meaning, right? And it just HAPPENED to be located in Hanna’s kitchen. Like some kind of hidden camera. Except Lucas gave it to Hanna which would be disappointing.

    UNLESS: He bought it from JennaBot. Or KenDoll. who is totally secretly dating Noel, did you see how defensive he got about his “best bud?” lol def more than 1 gay character on this show

    • Hey snottlebie! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

      First of all, THIS: “So all A is doing is…going through the garbage to mess with Spencer and stealing lasagna boxes.” = HILARIOUS! I almost spit out my drink reading it.

      And it’s SO TRUE! I absolutely miss the days of “A’s” clever tricks and texts like “Lions, and Tigers, and B*tches, Oh My!” Now, she’s just being WAY too literal with her cheesy puns. “Point, Set, Match” = LAME!

      I also think you are right about there having to be a hidden camera involved in “A’s” torture of the girls. This would be the only explanation as to why the girls always get texts the MINUTE each prank goes down . . .

      In fact, remember the episode where Wren came to Spencer’s house drunk, and the girls later found that threat written on lipstick on her mirror? I definitely recall a camera being placed inside her house, during that time. It may have even been inside the plant that Wren carried in. (Wren is not A, of course! But I kind of wish he was, so we could see him again. 😦 )

      The teddy bears (both Lucas’ panda, and the brown bear from the mid-season premiere) would be perfect places to hide cameras! And that would definitely explain why the show’s producer kept lingering on both stuffed animals, during EVERY SINGLE SCENE in which they were featured. Good thinking, snottlebie! I wonder if you are right about this . . .

      I also agree with you about Ken Doll Sean and Bushy Eyebrows Noel quite possibly being the Ambiguously Gay Duo of Pretty Little Liars. Man, are those two SENSITIVE about one another! Sticking up for a friend is one thing. But going batsh*t crazy at the mere suggestion that your friend might not be EXACTLY the person you thought they were, is quite another . . .

      The plot is definitely thickening . . . I can’t wait to see where it takes us next. (Hopefully, by then, “A” will have cleaned up her/his act, and returned to her/his former Kickass Villain status.)

  10. CRAZYLOVE345

    Wow. This 1 is like really funny. It was so friggin funny when you said if Aria’s mom turns out to have killed Ali, you wouldn’t be suprised. These moms are weirder than the dads (which is Spencer, Emily and Aria. I don’t blame Hanna’s dad for leaving. His ex is a headcase)
    When Lucas said he was the one that destroyed the memorial, i was like I DON’T CARE (that one pedistal was sort of creepy and thank goodness he destroyed it!) Brendan Robinson portrays him perfectly as the classic cute, nerdy kid falling for the IT girl. (You are right about him being like Seth Cohen. Sort of looks like him too). As far as Sean and Hanna goes, their relationship is dead. Sean is too much like a pretty boy. Wearing more make up than his girlfriend in the wheelchair is UNEXCEPTABLE!
    Emily’s date with Maya was intresting. In some ways, i feel bad for them and what Pam is putting them through is not right. (BTW Ellen Digeneries and Wanda Sykes, funniest lesbians ever!) When Pam started to go through those spices, bawling her eyes out, i was like “Great, your gonna poison Maya with shrimp and tears” The scene with Toby and Emily was sad. Toby is stuck on his porch wearing an ankle bracelet (like Lindsay Lohen lol) and Em is off to a party to celebtrae Hanna still having a spleen.
    Ezra (its weird because i know his name is Mr. Fitz to some but i refuse to call him anything but his first name, which in my opnion, is the sexiest name anyone could ever name their son :)) got quite a little staredown from Emily and Spencer in the classroom when discusiing great gatsby (the charm definately one me over with Ezra if his looks weren’t enough) and then after class when Aria wanted to “pick up Hanna’s homework”. He should have told Noel no the first time but the “in fact hes not at all who you think he is” was a nice touch to his sexy anger. I was a bit disappointed that a fight didn’t break out between Bushy and Ezra but the way things turned out went okay.
    Spencer now has Alex (Diego Boneta is EXTREMELY SEXY and has that hard-working good boy i love in a guy. Even though i miss the VERY british and flattering Wren.) and a pedofile as her brother-in-law. “Melissa trading in her pink chamapagne for a food court slurpie” was funny. But Ian is more of a pedo than Ezra is (Ezra is only 23 and is dating a 17 year old when Ian made out with seventh grader Spencer and then Alison at like 20 or 21. thats creepy and peverted) I feel relatively bad for her now that she has proven she cannot keep a guy in her life for more than a few monts (Ian, Wren, now Alex)

    • Spencer DOES have extremely BAD luck in the boy department, doesn’t she? This is why they have to BRING BACK WREN! When you really think about it, he’s the only prospective beau with whom Spencer never fought. (Sure, he screwed over Melissa. But, oddly enough, I don’t hold that against him, AT ALL! Do you? 😉

      Nor do I hold destroying that memorial against Lucas. You are right, it was SUPER ugly. And Ali seems like she was a major biatch anyway, particularly to outsiders like Lucas.

      (Speaking of Lucas, I LOVE him, and REALLY want him and Hanna to become the next Seth and Summer. If it worked for those two, it can work for these guys, right? Besides Hanna isn’t HALF the diva Summer was during the first few episodes of The O.C. :))

      That’s one of the things that’s so cool about Hanna. She’s a Queen Bee, but she also understands what it’s like to be an outsider. So, she never judges ANYONE — not her friends, not her slutty thief of a mom, and not the kids at school who are less popular than her. I think that’s awesome. Annoying Mona, TAKE NOTE!

      I think you really hit the nail on the head about why Ian seems like a pedophile, but Fitzy seems like a sweetheart, when both seem to prefer much younger women. I think the writers have purposely never been clear on the characters’ ages. But, assuming Ezra just started teaching this year, right after getting his Master’s degree, he should probably be about 24-years old. Most of the PLL girls are probably about 16 or 17. Ian’s and Melissa’s ages are a bit more unclear. . .

      But the difference to me is that Aria and Fitzy are in an ADULT relationship, whereas Ian seemed to sexually target women who, at the time, were immature, specifically because he was attracted to their youth. The fact that Ian did it TWICE (first with Spencer, then with Ali) is clearly an example of his predatory nature. With Ezra (I like the name too), I don’t think he would EVER even consider dating a 16 or 17 year old, if that person didn’t share the deep type of connection with him that he obviously has with Aria. Ezra is way too moral to seduce someone younger than him, just because he can.

      (For the record, I equate Spencer’s and Wren’s relationship to Ezra’s and Aria’s, as opposed to Ian’s and the girls, for the same reasons: maturity on the part of the girl — Spencer has grown up quite a bit, since she shared that prepubescent kiss with Ian, and a feeling of deep emotional connection on the part of the boy. I just had to put that out there. ;))

  11. Love this! So through and witty! 😉

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